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The Thirst Order’s Greatest Hits Collection!


Lo is known, I think, primarily for her Kylux/Reader work, so I’ve included one of those, here—but she has great work outside of that, too. Her work gets straight to the fucking (hohoho) point and is just excellent smutty fun.

Whenever I Want: This is a Kylo Ren/Hux/Reader threesome—and it’s one of those that, despite me not being into Hux, like, at all, I find myself still thinking about.  I think that alone is a testament to its hotness—but it also has some good, nasty shit like cum-sharing and snowballing.

Kylo Gets Off: The title is self-explanatory. We all love Kylo Ren jerking off. But getting nearly 1000 words of it is such a blessing. He jerks off to the thought of fucking Hux and Reader at the same time. Usually I don’t like sharing someone’s fantasy spotlight, but I love this.

Punishment: I’ve recc’d this before on, like, two other lists, but I won’t stop reccing it, because I love it so much. This was, I think, one of the first sub!Kylo fics I read and loved. I still think about the line, “It’s so good,” he answered. “So warm and fucking wet…” Like, kill me please.


If you’re looking for weird stuff, sad stuff, or bloody stuff, Jinx is your girl. Not only does she have unique takes on certain AUs—her writing is fantastic. Her descriptive language is dark and poetic and beautiful.

A Full Confession: Okay, this seems self-aggrandizing, but hear me out. Almost all of the ideas in this fic, and a ton of the gorgeous/tongue-in-cheek imagery come from her. It’s easily some of her best writing, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to check it out for that reason.

Exposed: I really love vampires. I really love Kylo Ren. So why not both? This is the answer to that question. Good imagery, hot sex. Is there any more we can ask for from a Vampire!Kylo fic?

The Angst Files, Chapter 3: All of the chapters in this collection are great, but this one is a favorite. Not only for the idea of Kylo Ren getting hard from his own tears, but the sex is visceral, too. A Sad Boy Sex Hall of Famer, for sure.


Maybe even more than she loves writing Kylo Ren, Beth loves writing Ben Solo. Her Ben Solo work is fantastic, and I’ve included one of my faves. Her smut is raunchy and her dirty talk is nasty as fuck. She pulls no punches.

Frozen NSFW: Beth will probably kill me for putting this here, but oh well, I’ll face death bravely. Frozen NSFW is a fantastic collection of dubcon/noncon scenes as Reader navigates her life as Kylo Ren’s new sex slave. And Kylo is just… an asshole. A hot, sexy, asshole.

Solidarity: I’ve recc’d this before, too, but, look. I said this was the greatest hits, goddammit. The sequel to another piece she so thoughtfully wrote for me, you’ll find doggy-style dubcon inside. I frequently think about the line, “Fuck this is the perfect little cunt. I think I need this to greet me at the end of every day.” Christ.

A Hasty Landing: Just one of many great Ben Solo pieces, this is one of my faves because of the intimacy and heat captured. I love the way Ben is written—snarky and naughty and fun.


It was hard narrowing down the list of Fae’s fantastic works to just three. There’s so much by her that I truly love. She’s incredible at laying down themes in even the shortest one-shots, her characterization is always engaging, and her imagery is unique and evocative.

On the Desk: I’ll be honest. I’ve probably gotten off to this thing like five or six times. Professor AUs are hot, but this is just beyond everything I could want from one. Professor Ren is dirty as hell.

Okay, Fine: No smut in this—but it’s one of my favorites. A twist on the sweetness of a Coffee Shop AU, this fic instead features  an antagonistic relationship between Kylo (in his triplet form) and Reader. Enemies to Lovers, perhaps? Great dialogue, great characterization, great narrative. It’s good-feelsiest fic around.

Don’t Tell Kylo: In this fic, you’re double-teamed by Organa Solo triplets Ben and Matt. This fic is a perfect hallmark of Fae’s style—it’s hot with a consistent thematic foundation and strong emotions.


Because Kat is known most widely for Love is a Four Letter Word, I wanted to take this time to point out a few of their other excellent works. Kat’s narrative style is so immediate and engaging, and their language has the ability to drag tears of out of me, which is, like, unheard of.

All Tied Up: This work is heavy noncon. Reader is kidnapped by the twisted triplets and horrible things happen. You should absolutely not read this if it isn’t your thing, but I could not fail to recommend it because if it is your thing, it’s fucking hot as hell, and you’ll love it.

On Display: Reader is fucked against a window by Kylo Ren, an officer gets off to the show. Exhibitionism/voyeurism are one of my big kinks, and this piece just… hits all the right spots. One of my faves.

Infraction:  In relative terms of the Kylo Ren fandom, this piece is older. But it’s still one of the hottest in my memory. It has one of my favorite lines in fanfiction ever: “Yes, you would. You’d never leave, the only thing you’d ever have to do is get fucked.”  *SWEATS*


I’m going to imagine Tora will be shocked I even included her, but she hardly gives herself enough credit. She’s been the only person who’s managed to get me to enjoy Hux outside of a Kylo/Hux/Reader context. Her sense of humor and sass come through brilliantly in her writing.

Valentine’s Day: I have to be honest. I really enjoy these Hux drabbles. As mentioned, Hux isn’t my guy. But the banter and snark here makes me think maybe he could be my guy.

Untitled: Another Hux/Reader drabble, which I won’t title as “this is dumb” because it isn’t. There’s great sexual tension captured between Reader and Hux, and the unexpected cigarette burn is so salacious.

De-Stressing: This piece is Kylo/Reader—and there’s daddy kink. Look, y’all know I don’t typically go for daddy kink, but this one is enjoyable. If it’s your thing, this is right up your alley.

You Should Have Known (Smut)

Request: “smut. smut. smut. love em. (😂) maybe something with needy!Shawn, coming back from tour (like a really long time) and you meet him at his parents house, and the boy just wants to fuck you there, but you say that you can’t bc hey “we’re at your parents house Shawn!” but the lil pervert is so damn needy and he ended up fucking u in his teenage bedroom (a lot of doggy style pls, thanks!)❤” 

“and with the needy!Shawn request : thigh riding please!!! thank you so much!”

Oookay I had to put my own spin on this, mostly because these types of fics have been done before, but I hope you still like it. 

So uh, enjoy the ride.

The anticipation kills you as you make the final turns on the way to Shawn’s parent’s house. Aaliyah wanted to see him when he got back to Toronto and to be honest you weren’t going to argue with her. You figured once you guys were finished with dinner, you and Shawn would head home and catch up. Lots and lots of catch up. 

You think you’d be used to this by now, the extended periods of time away from each other, but you’re not. And while phone calls and FaceTime make things manageable, there was always that one element that was missing. Him

The giddiness inside you sparks up as you pull into the driveway. Finally. You take one final look at yourself in the rearview mirror before making your way out of the Jeep. You’re not even halfway up the yard when the front door swings open and you’re greeted by the sight of your boyfriend rushing towards you. Without missing a beat his lips find their way to yours as he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you into him. The familiar feeling of home washes over you as you stand there wrapped in each other. Eventually, you break the kiss and pull away to a dopey smile on his face and he takes in the sight of you.

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This is my little angel, Snickers! We call her Mingo more often though. She’s a sweet dog who’s very anxious. We got her from a shelter like our other dog, and she is pure bred! Isn’t that wild! She has a hormone collar and usually a thunder shirt on cause she’s just so nervous all the time! I love her to bits though. Whenever I’m upset, she jumps in bed with me and licks my hands. Right now I’m sick and she won’t leave my side. 10/10 good doggie. I love her so much and think she is very cute. I love seeing everyone’s dogs on here so I thought I’d share my angel ❤️


Some photos in my camera roll from a farmers market in Nice, France 🇫🇷❤️

Part 9 - The Boy from New York

Recently I got off from Grindr for quite sometime. I met this guy from Instagram actually..He liked some of my pics from my IG so I returned the favor of course. He texted me. 

Dylan : Hey hey :)

Me : Hello there

Dylan: you are cute. Are you in KL ?

and on and off we texted. We talk about music and beaches. He asked me out to grab a coffee nearby a famous cafe in KL. And so we met yesterday late afternoon. The conversation was pretty good. He’s actually a Chinese, born and raised oversea and studying in New York now..came to KL just for travel purposes. He’s 21 , cute with a good looking face and charming personality. Despite us being 21 and 20, we talk about politics, recent news : United, music and even about my relationship status etc. 

Dylan : Hey do you wanna talk some where else ? maybe we could hang at my place, I could show you some of my books and i can make you some tea too

Me : yeah sure. Since I don’t have any plans tonight anyway (I was doubting that maybe he’s hinting for my ass but Im okay with it)

When we reach his apartment it was pretty cozy and decent with a view of the KL city. He continue our deep conversations about ‘Open Relationship’ and he knew that I am in a relationship currently. I was sitting on the floor leaning against his bed while he was sitting on the bed giving me a massage on my shoulder while we’re talking. Until I rest my head on the bed looking at his eyes (purposely just to act cute haha sorry if it sounds too slutty) and he was shy 

Dylan : dont look at me like that haha. Im shy

Me : ( I didnt said anything but just smile and laugh at him while looking at him)

Dylan : you’re so cute you know that ?

He gave me a kiss on the lips and the next thing we knew was we’re kissing passionately on the bed. I was on top of him while he’s lying on the bed. His hands were grabbing my ass and slowly removing the buttons from my shirt. And the moment when I remove my shirt his hands reaches for my chest and squeeze my nipple, licking it slowly as i moan because it felt so good. And before I remove his shirt he said

Dylan : hold on I need to check if I still have it (rushes to the drawer)

Dylan : i still have the condoms. (Gladly Smiling)

Me: Hey but I havent wash it tho…

Dylan : do you wanna go take a shower ?

Me : (moving towards him and gave him a kiss) Sure :) gimme a some time

As I was washing my ass in the bathroom. I was thinking, ‘holy shit I didn’t thought of getting a dick tonight !) After I finish washing up. he turned off the lights in the room but he lighted up a candle along with the view from the window. It definitely sets up the mood for sex even more ! He held my hand and lead me to the bed start kissing me from the lips to the ears and neck. God I love his deep English Accent ! it turns me on so much ! all the way to playing my nipple I was in cloud 9. he took the lube and started touching my hole. As I lean next to his ears.

Me : You’re lucky. I just shaved yesterday :) (Whispering next to his ears)

Dylan : Fuck I love your ass. So Smooth !

as he finger me slowly and I moaned. And we were in a 69 position so that he could play with my ass while I suck his cock. As usual tops loves the blowjob that I gave. he was pretty impressed with my skills too.

Me : fuck me now please. I want it now

He took the condom and wore it we were in a military sex position as he slowly put his cock inside of me it felt so good. He was holding my legs up in the air kissing it and thrusting his cock inside of me..as I moaned shyly looking at his handsome face. He loves my ass so much that he moan too while fucking me. Running his hands all over my body while fucking me. While Im stroking my own wet cock I told him I’m close Im gonna cum soon. And I did. I know its pretty fast but it was just TOO HOT !

Me : I am sorry I just could not hold it anymore.

Dylan : its okay. Do you still wanna continue ?

Me : of course. let me make you feel good too.

Dylan : Alright. How would you like me to fuck you ?

Me : (Smirking) Doggy hehe.

I was in position ready for him to fuck me from behind. As he slaps my ass while fucking me gently in and out of my hole. While my face is just lying on the bed enjoying his cock in me. I swear the sex was so good.

Dylan : God I fucking love your ass. 

Me : yeah fuck me from behind.

Dylan : Fuck yea.

As he moaned as he cum in the condom. My ass was so wet. Like really wet. We cleaned up in the shower room together, help him out to change the covers of the bed sheets.

Dylan : Hey you wanna grab dinner or something ?

Me : No sorry. I need to head home.

Dylan : sure. You in a hurry ?

Me : not really but just wanna be home at this hour. Just in case if my boyfriend ask me my whereabouts :)

Dylan : Sneaky. well I really enjoyed. Hope you do too.

Me : See you next week :)

PS : please stop asking if the stories were real or not. Its real. xoxo

Erik Lensherr (Magneto) Sex Headcanons

•Daddy Kink? Daddy Kink
•Erik is a total dom
•But he loves when you ride him
•Just watching your face as he
pleasures you gets him off super
•His favorite positions are doggy and missionary
•Missionary because he LOVES eye
•He loves pulling on people’s hair
•Dirty talk is huge too
•Sometimes when he’s hitting you
from behind, he’ll pull you up
straight and whisper dirty things in
your ear
•He will smack your ass
•Not even just during sex, Erik is an
ass man
•He will have sex with you literally anywhere
•Closet? Sure. Elevator? Sure.
Hank’s Lab? Sure.
•Not much an after sex cuddler, but he’ll wrap one arm around you, just to be comfortable


I woke up late again so that’s why this imagine is going up late! Also, I won’t be posting imagines this weekend meaning requests won’t be open until August 2nd! Hope you guys understand!!


type:Joker x Reader
plot: while J and Frost are out on a heist, you invite Frosts Wife over to hang out, leading to her bring up old stories about jokers crazy flings.
“I’ll be over in about 15 minutes love, okay?” Her voice rang into the phone, causing a bit of an echo on your end. “ Great, I can’t wait for tonight”, you squealed as J walked out giving Frost and than you a weird look.“Doll anyone coming over, I should know about”, he sighed laying his hands on your waist and looking at you,a look of confusion and love in his eyes.“Just a girlfriend that’s all”, you giggled stepping up on your tiptoes to kiss his lips quickly before heading back to your room to change. Yelling and than a door slam, as you could tell J and Frost had left for their Heist. It was going to be a dangerous mission, so you knew inviting someone over, would take your mind off. Especially her, since she knew all about the worried feeling. Lost in your thoughts you didn’t even hear the door ring, or her letting herself in. “Yeah know
y/n, J would have a fit if he found out you left the door open. Oh it’s not my fault, you joked before going over to give her a hug.“It’s good to see you, Rose” you sighed melting in the hug. Rose was Frosts wife, and also one of your closet friends. Every since you and J became official he wanted you to be surrounded by people he trusted, it also helped that Rose and you hit it off right away,literally. On the first day you met, you were fighting with J, resulting in you throwing your devil chocolate cake at J but ended up hitting her. After staring in shock she smirked and commented on how it could use a little orange zest, and ever since then you two have been inseparable. “So there I was right, Frost shaking uncontrollably stuttering to say I do, in the middle of the alter with the priest tapping his foot, and than in comes a drunk J strolling down the middle and sits on my mothers lap, and starts talking to her like she’s Santa. I swear the look on her face was pure mortified”. As she finished the story there was tears in her eyes from laughing, your legs were sprawled over her lap and you couldn’t stop snorting. “I remember this one time”, she started after finishing her laughing fit.“ This one time J had this girl over, poor girl wasn’t the brightest and no matter how many times we tried to help she wouldn’t listen. So one night she shows up at our door since we only live one floor down from you guys, she shows up complaining some girls in J’s bed. So I walk her up and she opens the door to see some J fucking some chick doggy style on the couch , so she starts screaming and freaking out only for him to look her dead in the eye with the most serious tone and goes "Don’t worry doll she’s just my cousin”, and the bimbo believed it, strolled into the bedroom laughing about how she over reacted and saying how much she loved him.“By now both of you were on the floor in a laughing fit, just as the front door creaked open. A look of surprise was on both J and Frosts faces as they walked in to see you laying on top of each other laughing, ” I know your freaky doll but was Frosts wife, I don’t think he’d appreciate it”. J smirked to himself as he walked into the kitchen.“ Don’t worry doll she’s just my cousin”. You called back, dying of laughter as Mistah J gave you both a disgusted and clearly annoyed face.

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Germany reacting to finding his S/O asleep on the floor cuddling his dogs? (also keep up the amazing work, this blog is awesome! i always feel kinda guilty when i send asks cos you probably have tons and i don't wanna stress y'all out or anything. love you!)

Oh darling wow thank you so much~!! There’s no need to feel guilty hun! We do what we can. ^.^ Thank you again for the compliment on our blog and for sending in this cute ask! Have I mentioned that I love doggies? Hopefully once I get my own place, I can find myself a dog or kitty cat~!

Germany would be absolutely delighted at coming home to see his s/o asleep with his doggies~! To him it’s not only super adorable but it just shows how much his s/o loves his dogs (and that the dogs love them back), which is definitely important to Ludwig. He’d take a moment to just watch his s/o and doggies sleep, a light smile on his face. This would really make him feel like he’s found someone he wants to be with for a long time and his chest would fill up with warmth. He’d try his best to be quiet and let his s/o continue sleeping until he is ready to go to bed himself.  When he wakes his s/o up (probably by waking up the dogs, who will bark excitedly at seeing their awesome owner) he’ll apologize softly but he doesn’t want his s/o spending the night on the floor. That’s how you mess up your back, s/o!  So he’ll bring his s/o over to his bed and they’ll fall asleep, cuddling with each other and the fur babies.

-Mod Lily

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Your dog is adorable!! What's his name? Can you give him more pets when he wakes up? Please?! Also can you post more pictures of him? I will also take this time to thank you for the gift of hanella. It is my absolute favorite pairing and you voice them so well. I love it so much. Thanks for the amazing work and time you put into your writing!

:) Thank you Anon.

I will put more about my dog under the cut so anyone that doesn’t need to see the cutest dog in the world can skip over it.

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heyladysherlock  asked:

I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY YOU ARE A DOGGY MOM! And man, is he handsome or what?! So precious. Way to go! :) xoxo

thank you so flippin much!!! i had put it off for so long, but knew i’d be all in once it happened. he IS so handsome, right? i’m so smitten with him, i can’t see past my own love for him to even see how other people see him? ugh, he’s just the best. i really appreciate your support & enthusiasm!!

he’s back with his family now after a sleepover here, but we’ll have him back soon. they’re leaving for london in the middle of june, so in hopes of easing the transition, we’ll do a few back & forths to acclimate him in between.

but, man, he’s got my heart.

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A written version of the pregnant reaction thing would be cute, if you have time!

Yup :)




“What? Like a kid. Wow… WOW! YES! I DID SOMETHING! God, this is the greatest accomplishment of my life! I can’t believe this. Wait say it again please, I need to be sure,”,


“Wait what did you say? A kid? I’m still a kid! Okay, don’t think I’m gonna hate the kid doll. You are pregnant. Wow. I don’t hate it, I just don’t like it at all and it’s terrible. Whatever, at least your boobs are gonna get bigger,”


“Oh. Woah. Um, okay. This doesn’t seem so bad. I mean I’m no stranger to raising kids and the kid is going to have a great mother. Yeah… this isn’t that bad at all,”






“What did you just say? So how- does that mean? So are we going to have to like, come up with two names, a first and a second? Also, are we gonna have to decide godparents? Oh, my god, I am going to be a dad. Like, I’m actually going to have a son. Wait, I am right? To be completely honest, I have no idea what’s going on but I’m excited!”

i have a lot of pet peeves but one of my biggest are those slapped-on reddit link headlines onto photos that were obviously staged or made after the fact

i just saw a dog compilation post of these on my dash and one of them was like “my dog hates fireworks so we built him a pillow fort!!” and the image is literally a photo of a pillow fort with a dogs head shittily photoshopped into the hole

like anyone can do this shit. just take a picture of your dog and cat sleeping next to each other on your couch and add something whimsical like “My neighbor’s cat loves my dog so much he came in through our doggy door and plopped down next to my dog on the couch!!” overlaid onto it and BAM heres all the upvotes and retweets and reblogs!!! congrats were all stupid as shit and humanitys fucking doomed.

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  • Nicknames: Uh, really only Xia (Thanks Blossom~)
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Height: 5′5
  • Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Nationality: English/Irish (the two fams claim both ahah)
  • Favorite Fruit: MANGO. 
  • Favorite Season: Winter
  • Favorite Book: Percy Jackson by Rick Riordon or the Book Thief
  • Favorite Flower: Snowdrops
  • Favorite Scent: Mint or even just the smell of cooking? Honey!
  • Favorite Animal: Wolves! They’re family animals and ugh i love
  • Favorite Color: Dark green (didn’t even need to change this)
  • Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa?: Hands down tea. I have a cupboard of tea. 
  • Average Sleep Hours: 6-7ish, less in the summer cause heat. 
  • Cat or Dog: Hmm i love both but i lean towards dogs just cause i love my doggy so damned much, she’s a dork. 
  • Favorite Fictional Character: Percy Jackson (Childhood man.) or Grantaire. Guo Duan just for the shout out to the smol man. 
  • # of Blankets: one
  • Dream Trip:  So many places. But Italy, South Korea, Anywhere with history and culture! (basically everywhere…)
  • Blog Created: I do not know… maybe a year ago?
  • Favorite song at the moment: Ohhhh… Non Kpop its probably Despacito (not the jb one.) or Ed Sheeran- Shape of You… Still high key in love with Tonight by Zhang Yixing, King of Music.
  • Number of followers: I don’t really mind but not that many.
  • favourite bands: Exo, All Time Low and Seventeen
  • favourite solo artists: King of China and record breaker Zhang “I’m not cute” Yixing
  • song stuck in my head: ??? (zyx) the beat really wiggled its way into my head
    last movie i watched: Oh wow… um, The fall?
    last tv show i watched: Peaky Blinder’s oh wait no! Last week tonight!
    what stuff do you post: Yixing,exo, occasional memes and bad jokes 
    when did you blog reach its peak: Oh damn has it even reached a peak yet??? But maybe my Go Fighting Post about Puppies and Yixing, or during Operational Love? No peak yet…
    do you have any other blogs: Yeah, a fandom one i made a few years ago and now i don’t know how to switch my main and side blogs…
    do you get asks regularly: Not really but sometimes and i always love to read them
    why did you choose your url: I am a sucker for a good Pun. Yixing being my soft silly Man (who need to be watched when he has his hair up with dark eyebrows.) and Jongdaes kitty smile and caring personality.
    following: 508… i gotta clear up
    posts: I don’t know how to find but a lot?
    hogwarts house: Slytherin/Hufflepuff (Probs Slytherin)
    pokemon team: Instinct (the yellow one, its been so long)
    favourite colors: green,purple,grey and blue
    lucky numbers: 8
    what are you wearing right now: Pajamas! plaid bottoms and a white shirt.
    dream job: Musician…but we’ll see how that goes sigh. If not i have no clue, maybe teaching!

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What would Kakashi do if his girlfriend called him 'Alpha' in bed? Do you think he'd like it?

Oooo! I think he’d like it, he’d probably stop all sudden movements and be like.

“W-What did you just say?” Then they’d blushed and say it again and then he’d blush and flip them over in doggy style and give them a fucking of a lifetime. Say something about how much of an alpha male he really is in bed, probably something corny but their partner would fucking love it! I mean Kakashi loves dogs so I wouldn’t be surprised. But I also feel like he has….other kinks. :)

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Hello! I don't use Tumblr and generally lurk in fandoms, but I just wanted to say I'm enjoying your blog! My love for the epic hot mess that is Ward Meachum was unexpected to say the least, so it's great seeing other people who enjoy his character as well! I don't have any interesting headcanons to request, but can we take a moment to appreciate Tom Pelphrey and how adorably devoted he is to his (also adorable) dog? You can tell he loves her so damn much and it warms my heart!

Tom’s love for Sasha warms the cold cockles of my heart. They’re so precious together. Thank you so much for your kind words!

if you guys think i didn’t start to cry the other day when my the head of the doggy day care we send my dog to called and said “can norton come on thursday? his best friend is coming on thursday.” you’re wrong

and if you think i haven’t been emotional all day thinking about norton playing with his “best friend” - then you’re wrong again

So usually I wouldnt beg for help but this is for our dog. Sirius is very sick. She has a hip dyslapsia which means her hip isnt working as it should. She has pain while long walks or playing too much. Siri is only two years old and has to take medicine when the pain is to much. When she doesnt get that operation she will die young which would be a shame. She is so full of life and always happy. She loves to get pet and just is amazing. My mom would be heartbroken if she had to leave early. In the pic thats her when we were out! You can already see that the hip isnt function that well.
Itd be amazing if you could share this if you cant donate !!!
Thanks so much 😊💕