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More passive-aggressive convos between Kusanagi and Munakata, please? *v* Basically they arguing about everything, especially the persons they have in common (Fushimi, Awashima, Mikoto in a magical verse in which everyone is alive xD).

Everyone loves a good passive-aggressive Munakata-Kusanagi conversation (I love how much they politely dislike each other). This could be in one of those ‘Mikoto lives’ AUs where it’s now post-ROK and everyone is alive (…except Totsuka, I guess. Sorry Totsuka), Munakata still likes to occasionally stop by Bar Homra for a drink and to check up on things which ends up leading to him and Kusanagi constantly interacting and having conversations about various happenings in the lives of their friends and fellow clansmen. Most of the time Munakata and Kusanagi have developed a decent enough rapport that they can manage a drink and a smoke with only the occasional bit of mild unpleasantness but whenever the subject comes up of one of the people they have mutual strong feelings for the two of them start politely sniping at each other again.

Like say Fushimi and Yata are having some of their usual drama and Fushimi in particular is being stubborn and backsliding a bit, Kusanagi’s aware of it because Yata’s mentioned as much. Yata wants to talk with him but Munakata sent Fushimi out on a mission some hours away and he won’t be back for a couple days. Munakata stops in the bar then for a drink and Kusanagi finds a way to not-so-casually bring up that maybe there are some missions that can be handled by normal clansmen too, especially when a certain person would probably be in a better place if he stayed home and actually talked things out with the source of his recent stress. Munakata plays confused as he takes a sip of his drink, noting that as a government entity Scepter 4 regrettably does not have the luxury of skipping out on assignments for reasons of personal drama and besides, perhaps a few days away will give someone a better perspective on things and Munakata would likely have a better measure of that outcome anyway than Kusanagi would. With all due respect, of course, and Kusanagi just smiles pleasantly even as he’s gripping his wine glass so hard it’s amazing it doesn’t break.

Then Awashima, maybe this is like in their short after story where they went out together and then got pulled away by emergencies in their clans, Munakata has been trying to play matchmaker for poor lonely Awashima-kun and he is rather displeased that Kusanagi left her so easily, like every mother knows that sometimes one needs to let one’s children handle themselves (imagine some bird made a nest in the sign of above the bar and Munakata says all this as if in reference to the baby chicks that Kusanagi’s trying to figure out how to relocate in a gentle and safe way). Kusanagi just laughs tightly and says that well, kids will be kids and anyway, it’s not as if there wasn’t a mutual decision made by two caretakers to both go to their children if a situation becomes too dangerous. And of course Kusanagi can’t resist adding something along the lines of, well, by Munakata’s own reasoning if Munakata’s allowing his chicks to fly without their mother then it shouldn’t concern him if one flies off with a bird that Munakata doesn’t like the look of, right. Munakata smoothly replies that he does not consider himself a mother bird but rather a King, and of course a good King wants to be certain of the happiness and safety of his clansmen because even when they aren’t talking about Mikoto Munakata can’t resist making a not-so-subtle dig at Mikoto.

And they do talk about Mikoto of course, probably a lot to the point that half the time they forget Mikoto is actually there in the room with them, trying to have a nap on the couch and probably wondering if he should just burn them both because Mikoto does not get the point of the passive aggressive fake polite conversation technique. I imagine well over half of Munakata and Kusanagi’s conversations end up looping back to Mikoto and the events of season one eventually, like any time Kusanagi advocates for letting people do what they want over what Munakata thinks is the best course of action Munakata loves to point out that this appears to be Kusanagi’s favorite tactic and how we can’t all be so disregarding of the consequences as to allow destructive forces to run wild without being reined in. Kusanagi pours him another drink while noting that Munakata much prefers to control things regardless of the feelings of the people around him, my, some people would call that the true qualities of a tyrant over a King. Over on the couch Mikoto sighs, gets up and heads upstairs to sleep because he’s never going to get any rest with all this shitty fake politeness flying around.