i just love mike chang. okay

“Hop, I still don’t understand why you’re so upset. Just try and take a deep breath, okay?” Joyce rests her hand on his, letting out a sigh. “It’s not like it’s an engagement ring.”

Hopper’s nostrils flare at the mention of it. “This still crosses a line, Joyce, and she needs to know it. I’m going to talk her-”

“Oh, you’re not going to make her take it off, are you?” Joyce grabs his arm and pulls him back to the kitchen table. “It’s a harmless piece of jewelry. Besides, I haven’t seen her this happy in a really long time. Well, up until you decided to yell at her.”

“I- I shouldn’t of yelled, I was wrong to do that, okay?”

“Oh?” Joyce face perks up in a smile, “are you admitting you have faults now ,Jim?”

“Maybe. But I still don’t see why we’re gonna let them get away with this. Neither of them are ready for it, they’re just too young.”

“Hopper,” Joyce sighs again, “It’s a promise ring. They’ve been dating for over a year now, he gets her jewelry all the time.”

“Yeah the necklaces and bracelets, that’s all fine, but it’s a ring, Joyce! And she came in wearing it on her left hand! A promise ring, doesn’t that mean they commit to the relationship forever?”

Shaking her head, Joyce rubs the back of Hopper’s neck. “No, no. I mean, usually, I think it’s something like that, Will told me the word promise has some special meaning to the two of them. I’m not really sure what it is, but it isn’t what you’re thinking.” As for walking into the house wearing the small silver band on her left hand, that made Joyce raise her eyebrow. El brushed it off as a mistake, that she simply didn’t know that was the tradition for engagement rings. Joyce knew that Mike and El were smarter than committing to a marriage while they were still in high school, but she had a clear memory of explaining the tradition to El when she married Hopper a year later.

“She’s only sixteen, Joyce. She shouldn’t be committing to anything! Especially not a boy!” Hopper was clenching his fists now, his head turned from Joyce. She tries to touch him, but he just distances himself further from her.

“I thought you liked Mike.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Hopper shrugged it off. “Wheeler’s a good kid, I just didn’t think he was this dumb. You don’t think he’s pressuring her into anything or-”

“No, Hop-” Joyce attempts to stop him, but he was already so upset and on a roll. She just had to let him work through it.

“I trusted that kid that he wouldn’t do anything to her or do something as dumb as misleading her and this counts as something Joyce, and if he tries to pull anything else I can personally arrange his funeral because Sarah is not going to-” He stops mid sentence, face flushed red and out of breath. The air between them was humid, the silence hanging in the heat. Joyce heard Hop swallow. Quickly he turned his face from her, wiping a tear she’d already seen.

“I-I” he stutters, eyes wide in shock, “I haven’t had slip like that in years.”

“Oh, Jim,” Joyce’s voice cracks and she swallows, blinking away hot tears of her own. “Is that what this is really about?”

Silence, then-“Watching her grow up is so hard, Joyce. It’s like the older she gets the closer I am to losing her. She only has two years left for school, and then she’ll move out for college, and you and I both know that promise ring isn’t going to stay a promise ring.” Tears were flowing down his red cheeks and slowly he let his head fall into his hands. “I just don’t know if I can lose another daughter.”

Something in Joyce broke. El hadn’t been Sarah’s replacement, but to Hopper she was a second chance. A chance to be better, to be there more often, to be the father El never had. But deep down his heart still ached at the remembrance of Sarah, at what he couldn’t do and what he couldn’t stop. Joyce wraps Hopper up in a hug, which was awkward as she was so much smaller than him. But Hopper’s sobs quiet, and Joyce lays her head gently on his shoulder.

“Jim,” she whispers, “Jim, it’s okay. It’s going to be okay. Yes she’s growing up but, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to lose her. No, no, please, please don’t think that.”

“I guess I’ve been preparing myself for this day, I just didn’t expect it’d be so soon.” sighs Hopper.

Joyce flat out whacks his shoulder for that. “Now listen to me, Hop, El looks up to you more than you know and loves you more than you think, and no ring from Mike is gonna change the fact that we’ll always be there for her if she needs us. And when she leaves us, she’ll always come back. It’s what she’s good at.”

Hop sniffs, but Joyce catches a glimpse of him smiling, if not laughing just a little. “You know you’re a lot better at this than me, Joyce.” With a real smile, he bumps her on the shoulder. “I got a second chance to be a parent and I almost blow it over something stupid.”

“Nonsense,” Joyce whacks his shoulder again. “You’re doing fine as a parent. What’s that thing that Lucas says when he’s trying to compliment someone? Oh, I just had it-”

“You’re the shit,” Hopper laughs, “He says you’re the shit.”

Joyce snorts, bringing an even bigger smile to Hopper’s face. “That’s right, that’s what he says. Well then, that’s what you are at parenting.”

“I’m the shit?”

“You’re the shit” Joyce nods, poking him in the shoulder.

Hopper lets out another sigh. “I should probably go talk to the kid. Tell her I didn’t mean it and that she can wear the ring, but on her right hand.” Standing up, he ruffles Joyce’s hair and begins to make his way back to El’s room.

“Hey Joyce,” he looks around the corner back at his wife. “You’re the shit, too.”

Life is like candyland, there are many paths to take. Sometimes you run into Lord Licorice, but the end will always be candy castle.“- Jack Barakat

"I’m not even on drugs, I’m just weird.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Everybody goes through some bullshit. It doesn’t matter how you measure it, it doesn’t matter how it weighs out to someone else’s bullshit. The fact of the matter is that you have to press on and you have to smile, and you have to figure out how you’re going to keep trying.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Jack and I are going to have sex. If anyone wants to join, hit us up. Uh, oh. I see some parents back there like "oh hell NAWWW” but you know what? Everyone has a little sexual side to them. Even your parents. After all….they did make you-“ Alex Gaskarth

"I have a confession to make: Jack Barakat is the love of my life”- Alex Gaskarth

“Therapy is about every kid’s nightmares when people are telling you that you need to get help, but all you you really want is a hug”- Alex Gaskarth

“Never underestimate a girl’s love for her favorite band. Never think, even for a minute, that she won’t defend them to her death. Because it’s not just the music that makes that band her favorite. It’s the guys, the gals, it’s the fans. People of whom she interacted with thanks to that band. That band might saved her life or maybe made her smile everyday. That girl’s favorite band, they’ve never broke her heart. They have yet to leave her. No wonder she finds such joy in her music”- Alex Gaskarth

“I want you to fucking pinky promise me you won’t do it. No fan of mine will kill themselves. Don’t do it for me, I love you.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Music is the soundtrack to every good and bad time we will ever have. It becomes our soundtrack-” Alex Gaskarth

“Be real, because a mask only fools people on the outside. Pretending to be someone you’re not takes a toll on the real you, and the real you is more important than anyone else.”- Alex Gaskarth

“I know deep inside that being older won’t make me any more mature. Because I will always be an immature little kid in on the inside.”- Jack Barakat

“Finding the perfect person won’t make you fall in love. When you see an imperfect person perfectly, that’s love.”- Alex Gaskarth

“I will never deny a fan hug while my heart is still beating.”- Alex Gaskarth.“Do not let any motherfucker tell you that you aren’t beautiful.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Guess what? You can do it.”- Austin Carlile

“I give a damn.”- Pete Wentz

“Breathe, remember, it’s just chemicals.”- Alex Gaskarth (about panic attacks)

“Beauty isn’t judged by the size of your jeans.”- Jack Barakat

“The closest friends are the ones you’d take a bullet for, but they’re the ones you constantly feel you could put a bullet through as well.”- Alex Gaskarth

“I hope you can find someone out there who can you help you the same way.”- Tony Perry

“Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.”- Austin Carlile

“I myself have dealt with self harm. I was young and alone and I got beat up on all the time. And I cut to ease the pain. I realized I wasn’t the only one I hurt when I cut. I found to wait it out, that it gets better. I wrote music instead of going to the blade. I found out that my little brother, Mike, looked up to me and I wanted to change for him.”-Vic Fuentes

“Just wait things out, things won’t be bad forever, I promise you.”- Vic Fuentes

“Keep your head up high, beautiful.”- Vic Fuentes

“You are beautiful.”- Tony Perry

“If you let go a little, you will have a little happiness. Let go a lot and you will have a lot. Let go completely and you will be free.”- Oli Sykes

“I love you.”- Vic Fuentes

“It’s going to be okay,”- Vic Fuentes

“I love you”- Jaime Preciado

“Life sucks sometimes. But it all happens for a reason and a higher purpose.”- Zack Merrick

“It’s more important to be yourself and to turn into the person you aspire to be than it is to let people change you.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Life’s too awesome to waste your time thinking about someone who doesn’t treat you right.”- Jack Barakat

“Keep being crazy; keep being loud. Be yourself because the only thing you have in life is yourself and your friends.”- Zack Merrick

“Music has become my driving force behind my life. It, to me, can fix bad moods, bad days, even bad people. It is the beat of my life.”- Rian Dawson

“Music’s become my life.”- Austin Carlile

“Keep listening to music. It gets you through everything, I promise.”- Mitch Lucker

“You have many options in life, never make giving up one of them.”- Austin Carlile

“Wrists are for bracelets, not for cutting.”- Kellin Quinn

“Ladies, if someone touches you and you don’t want them to, feel free to punch them in the fucking face.”- Billie Joe Armstrong on rape

“We believe in open mindedness.”- Chris Motionless

“Nothing’s sexier than smile.”- Morgan Joyce

“You don’t have to be 75 pounds to be beautiful.”- Chris Motionless

“It hurts because it matter.”- John Green

“Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.”- Johnny Depp

“Follow your heart and chase your dreams until you catch them. Negative people who say you can’t do something are only speaking for themselves.”-Jake Pitts

“Don’t give up.”- Andy Biersack

“Be your own person because no one can take that away from you. No one’s ever going to be you.”- Austin Carlile

“Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.”- Ashley Purdy

“Normal is a setting on a washing machine. Nobody wants to be that.”- Ashley Purdy

“You don’t have to smile to be happy.”- Zack Merrick

“I receive a lot of letters on tour and read about a lot of people hurting. Hang in, keep cool, and stay who you are. Things will improve.”- Alex Gaskarth

“You don’t always get the waterfall shortcut in Mario Kart. That’s life.”- Jack Barakat

“Tragedy has struck….we are out of peanut butter.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Never started our band in the hopes of saving lives, started it for gun. But the fact that it does…God bless.”- Jack Barakat

“We don’t offer you any solutions necessarily but we definitely offer you a minute to escape.”- Alex Gaskarth

"Be yourself=very punk.”- Patrick Stump

“Stay strong, believe in yourself, and be good to others.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Your uniqueness is your strength. Remember that. Don’t mold yourself to others or to what others think. You’re an individual. You’re special”- Austin Carlile

“You have many options in life. Never make giving up one of them.”- Austin Carlile

“Don’t do drugs, stay out of gangs, and wear condoms.”- Vic Fuentes

“Don’t ever let the media tell you what your body is supposed to look like. You’re beautiful the way you are. Stay beautiful. Keep it ugly.”- Gerard Way

“Just give things time and you will leave the ones who don’t deserve your friendship in the dust. Fuck ‘em.”- Vic Fuentes

“Be strong. We got you.”- Jaime Preciado

I Would Get Beat Up (For You)

WC: 1534

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It was half past one in the morning when you showed up at his doorstep with tears threatening to pour out of your eyes at any second. You refused to talk about what happened because you knew Michael would go insane. He let you lay with him in bed, he let you cry your little heart out, and let you scream into his pillow. He let you empty all your feelings out to him and he carried them with a strong back. After all, he was in love with you–he would conquer his biggest fears for you. He’d go head on into the storms for you. He loved you and he would do anything for you.

Even if anything meant getting beat up in an ally; even if anything meant ending up with a bloody nose, a black eye, and various cuts and scrapes all over his body.

He found the jerk who made you cry a week after you came over. Michael knew that it would only make matters worse, but he needed to get something off his chest. He couldn’t win the fight with brawn; he couldn’t land the man in the hospital but he sure could give his ego a few brutal punches. Or so he thought.

“He laughed in my face,” Michael mumbled to you as he sat on your toilet seat while you cleaned him up. You didn’t question your best friend at first–you just wanted to fix him–but then he made the mistake of mentioning your ex’s name. Michael explained that he saw him while he was walking over to your place, and that’s when the idea had struck him. “I just wanted to talk to him,” he explained in a hushed tone. “He broke your heart, so I wanted him to feel your emotional pain.”

You shook your head. This was your fight, not his; this was your life, not his.

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Steampunk AU

Steampunk AU where Levi is Humanity’s Strongest fighter pilot of the royal army. Eren, Mikasa and Armin run a courier service, and they end up dealing with the military a lot. After the fall of Shiganshina and the deaths of Hannes and Carla Jaeger, the trio enlist in the army as a way to feed themselves. Flight, after all, is all they’ve known.

The war begins in earnest, and rumours regarding Grisha Jaeger’s defection causes Eren to be pulled into the special ops squad in an effort to get information on Grisha Jaeger’s whereabouts. 

Eren’s surprising talent at manoeuvring fighter planes lands him under Levi’s wings. Humanity’s strongest is shorter than he’d expected, but every bit as skilled and charismatic a leader and teacher. Eren notices the way those hands (deft when manoeuvring buttons and levers and vials) curl around a cigarette, and tries not to fall too hard for his commanding officer.

Levi, in turn, tries not to see the talent and drive brimming in those eyes, and how Eren reminds him of himself. 

After the war, they both think, I’ll tell him.

So basically just them in boots and heavy canvas and goggles. Eren with dogtags and his standard-issue trousers tucked messily into boots and Levi sitting on the roof of the bases’s watchtower smoking. Smoke, and memories of a broken house and a missing father. Hanji and Armin doing cryptology and intercepting enemy intel. Eren’s excitement when he finally manages to pull off one of Levi’s flight manoeuvres. And, ultimately, love, because it started out as admiration, then respect, but when are these two not drawn to each other, forever, an eternal push-pull of fighting and honour and mutual respect, where each compliments and pushes the other to be better, to fight harder? 

Making Changes- Chapter One (Camila/You/Lauren)

Making Changes- Chapter One


“Mom? What’s going on?” I prodded, this was never good.

She looked up peering up into my eyes and letting out a sad sigh, “Me and your father got a call from the base in Florida this morning,” my heart dropped, “Go pack up your stuff because we’re moving back to Miami.”    

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Big Ego Part 3 - Requested (Michael)


ebismyname said: Part 3 to big ego please!!! It’s awesome!!!

And hemmingsdie asked for a part 3. Hope you like it! Read Part 1 and Part 2 first if you haven’t. 

“Please don’t go, babe”, you give Ashton a look, but still through your shoes in your suitcase.

“Yeah come on (Y/N)”

“Sorry Cal”, you put your clothes in the case, trying to make a neat pile of it.

“Stay (Y/N)”, Luke now begs. You sigh and sit down on the bed.

“What is the point of me staying? I can’t fix Michael for you. I tried and I failed”

“Hey and what about us? We’re still here too”, you smile to Ashton. “Stay for us, we’re your friends too”

“I know”, you sign to the boys to come and sit on the bed too. “I would love to stay for you guys, but I think it’s going to be too hard with Michael around”

“You don’t have think about him. He made life hard for us, let him hurt a little, if he has any feelings left that is”, you laugh and jug your shoulder against Calum’s.

“Cal he’s your friend”

“Yeah maybe”

“Boys come on”

“What’s the point (Y/N). And now you’re leaving again”

“Cheer up Lukey!”, you put your hands on the corners of his mouth and pull them up. “Smile”, you laugh. He tries to resist and fight it, but he can’t and he starts laughing too. “See that’s what I’m talking about. I need to see that smile Hemmings. I need to see you all smile. Don’t give up on him yet”

“We’ll try”

“I love you guys”, you say pouting.

“Love you too”, the all say in sync.

“You guys must be in a boyband”, you laugh and they pull you into a group hug.


You zip up your suitcase and sigh thinking about your last conversation with Michael. A soft knock on the door pulls you back to reality. “Michael?”

“Can we talk?”, you nod and let him in. “I can’t stop thinking about the stuff you said”

“I’m sorry I was so harsh”

“Don’t be, I deserved it I guess”, he shrugs and sits down on a chair. You take place on the other chair a cross from him.

“I guess so too”, you shake your head a bit. He clearly doesn’t realize it all yet.

“Do you remember that time we went to the beach and you buried me in?”, you nod smiling. “You gave me boobs and everything”

“You looked stunning”, you joke, making him glare at you.

“And then when I finally broke out, I through you in the sea”

“I was still wearing all my clothes”, you smile big thinking back.

“We had a great laugh”

“Yeah we did”

“And that time we had detention”

“God yes!” you laugh. “You had such a bad influence on me”

“We still had a good time”

“Yeah if you can call scraping gum of desks a good time”

“If I remember correctly you were rolling on the floor from laughter”

“Because you kept making stupid jokes!”, you look at him. Your eyes locking with his. “Where is that Michael gone too?”

“He’s sitting right here”

“I think there is still a bit of prick in you, he can’t be gone just like that”, you see Michael is hurt. You stand up and kneel before him. “But you’re on the good way, I can see that”, you try to reassure him, placing your hands round his.

“I love you (Y/N)”, he moves closer. His lips approaching yours.

“What the hell are you doing?” you pull back, standing getting away from him.

“You said you liked me”

“I did, yes. I had feelings for you, but they changed when you changed”

“You said yourself that I’m changing to my old self again”

“That doesn’t mean those feelings will come back to Mikey, I’m sorry. That proves my point, the old Michael would have listened better. All you heard was a shot to get some and the first opportunity you saw, you went for it. God what is wrong with you!” you almost yell.

“I’m sorry okay?!” he shouts.

“Listen Mike, I love you too, but just as friends. That’s all I can give you now, friendship. Okay?”

“Okay”, he smiles a bit too cocky to your liking.

“Lose that big ego Michael, it doesn’t suit you”, you swing your hands round his neck, giving him hug to say goodbye.