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If you saw my Writing Prompt Wednesday post, I mentioned that a few folks have suggested they’d write ficlets to the prompts - including me! It feels a little weird to write to my own prompt idea? But whatevs. So…here, have my first ever Tumblr fic…because I epic failed at the goal of “write a ficlet” but I did write a short story…

Prompt: ever since you moved in as my roommate I’ve been sneaking peeks of you wearing your towel to and from the bathroom, and recently it seems like your towel has been riding lower and lower on your hips and OMG are those pubes AU 

(Destiel, NSFW behind the cut)

A Hundred Days

Destiel, Explicit, 7,200 words. No tag warnings, this is pretty vanilla. 

AO3 | FF.net

Day 1

Looking for a roommate had been a wrench, had forced Dean to acknowledge that Sam was gone, that Sam wouldn’t be coming back. At least, not unless his relationship with Madison fell apart completely, and as much as it had hurt to move Sam’s things out, as much as he missed having his brother around, Dean couldn’t bring himself to wish for the relationship to crash and burn. Madison made Sam happy, and Sam’s happiness was what mattered.

Dean had left the room open for two months, “just in case.”

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