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Anon:  Heey ~ Can I have a request? The reader is Hermiones one year younger sister and tells her that she fell in love with Draco? Hermione don’t approve it to in the beginning but when she sees how Draco takes care of her she let them be together? Love~

TITLE: Accepting
AUTHOR: @wolf-of-azkaban07

Turning the page of your book, one of your favorite Shakespeare plays, you tugged the blanket you brought out with you to the black lake closer. You loved to relax by the black lake after class, the sun slowly setting on the horizon just above the forest, light reflecting off the water. You would catch the giant squid once or twice swimming lazily around in circles. You smiled as you felt an arm snake around your shoulder.

“Knew I’d find you here” a voice you knew all too well said “What are you reading?” You turned to see the white-blonde haired slytherin 

“Shakespeare” you smiled when Draco’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion “You know who Shakespeare is Draco; we talked about him the other day”

“Oh is he that famous muggle writer bloke?” He asked, smirking when you started laughing. 

“Yes, that famous muggle writer bloke” Draco’s face suddenly turned serious.

“Are you laughing at me?”

“No” you replied not very confidently, making the smirk on the slytherin’s face more profound. You knew the blush on your face was turning redder by the minute. Draco made a wolfish grin when you jumped slightly as he lifted you into his lap, your book falling out of your hands and closing; the page you were read lost.

You frowned at him “You made me lose my page”

“I’m sure you’ll find it again” Draco waved off casually “Anyway, you’ve probably been reading for ages, it’s good to take a break”

You and Draco spent the hour cuddling and exchanging kisses every now and then. You loved these moments, with just you and Draco, both you kept your relationship a secret. This was because of obvious reasons, he was Slytherin and you were Gryffindor. The fact that you were Hermione’s younger sister didn’t make things easier ether. You hadn’t told her about Draco, you knew she wasn’t going to be accepting, he bullied her and her friends. Not that you let him get away with it, you have had stern rants with him in the past. It was just getting so hard to keep it secret; you knew Hermione was going to find one way or another. As it started to get darker, Draco helped carry your things back to castle before dinner. 

“I’ll see you later” he said softly planting a kiss on your temple. 

“See you later” you replied smiling up at him, he smiled back and kissed you once more before sauntering down the corridor.

What you didn’t see just round the corner was a girl with wild curly hair, Gryffindor tie, books in hands with a very displeased expression on her face.

The next day, it was thankfully Saturday so you decided to look over potions as it was one of your weaker subjects. You were quietly working when a heavy Hogwarts a History book slammed down onto your desk. Jumping in your seat you looked up to see your sister, Hermione, with a very disappointing look on her face.

“Hermione, what’s wrong?” you asked sheepishly slightly afraid, Hermione won nearly every argument you two had with each other.

“Don’t ‘what’s wrong’ me! Please explain to me why I saw you kissing Malfoy last night on my way back to the common room?”

Your stomach started doing somersaults, you had no idea Hermione was looking. You furrowed your eyebrows “You know it’s rude to stick your nose in other people’s personal business” you retorted turning in your seat.

“I am not sticking my nose into your business, I’m giving you advice” Hermione said stubbornly crossing her arms “Stay away from Malfoy”

You frowned up at her and stood putting your book in your bag “Why? He makes me happy, why can’t I see him?”

“He’s a bully that’s why! You’re only going to get yourself hurt, stay away from him”

You were quiet for a minute or two before roughly slipping your bag onto your shoulder “No”

“I’m sorry?”

“I said no. Maybe if you gave him a chance and actually got to know him, you’ll realize he’s not what people make him out to be” with that you stormed off, hair bouncing off your shoulders, leaving a surprised and taken back Hermione.

The next day you avoided Hermione. You couldn’t believe her; yes you knew she wasn’t going to be ok with it but to command you to stay away. Surely she would have been happy for you? Despite the fact that it was Draco, you’ve been there for her, why can’t she be there for you?

Draco knew as soon as saw you Sunday afternoon that something was up, of course you assured him that everything was fine and that you were ok. You really didn’t want him marching over to your sister and start arguing with her, they had enough arguments as it is.

So instead you sat in library just the two of you studying together as there were assessments coming up. Draco was currently taking you through the key points of potions. You leaned into your side a smile on your face, his arm loose around your wais

On days like these Hermione liked to get out a book and relax in the library for a few hours. When she walked into the library to find a desk to sit at she didn’t expect to see Draco and yourself sat together studying. Hermione was going to go over there and speak her current mind but something stopped her. You looked so happy sat there getting help with your studies, Hermione knew you struggled sometimes and felt pressured because of Hermione’s work ethic. But seeing Draco there helping you, made her realize how much he cares for you.

So instead of marching over there like an angered lioness Hermione walked past and smiled when you looked up. You smiled back, noticing that Hermione is slowly starting to accept yours and Draco’s relationship.