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"Perfect swift is perfect" she literally is suing etsy artists for making products that had to do with her like ??? She's not a nice person? She said that any Poehler and Tina fay have a special place in hell because they made a joke which is literally what they do? I just don't see how you like this chick I'm sorry. Not to mention she's dating that dj guy who has made multiple sexist/racist comments

[takes a deep breath]

1. i would just like to start out by saying that i am well aware of the fact that taylor swift is not a perfect person. when she does something problematic i do not ignore it and do not condone it. originally “perfect swift is perfect” was just something i tagged a few taylor posts one day and i was like “i should just make this her tag” so i did. it’s a tag.

2. she is not personally suing etsy artists. her team is. but fine, let’s assume she has everything to do with it. there are two points i want to make here - one, it’s not products that have anything to do with her. it’s products that have certain trademarks/copyrights that she has placed a hold on. two, she cannot just selectively decide what she takes action against and what she doesn’t when it comes to trademarks and copyrights. i can’t find the post right now but there’s a very in depth one that talks about the fact that stores like urban outfitters can take taylor’s lyrics/trademarks and sell them on tshirts with the excuse that “well you didn’t take action against those etsy sellers so…. you can’t single us out”

3. she’s not a nice person? she’s not a nice person? oh my fucking god you don’t have to like her but this is such a reach i just… please tell me how you came to this conclusion? how many celebrities have sent care packages to fans, have invited fans into their homes, regularly interact with fans, and have been named most charitable celebrity 3 years in a row? and, like, almost everyone who meets her gushes about how sweet and genuine she is and how amazing she is (x x x x x x). taylor swift has such a huge heart. like, try harder.

4. you know what here’s a very good post refuting like all the bullshit complaints people have about taylor

5. here’s a bomb ass op-ed about taylor you should read

6. [screams internally] okay the damn amy poehler tina fey*** thing. like, they were at an awards show, hosting the thing, joking about “taylor swift’s many boyfriends”. that’s fucking humiliating, especially for someone who really hasn’t had that many boyfriends (not that having a fuck ton of boyfriends is a bad thing). and then they go “and stay away from michael j fox’s son” like why?? why?????? why is your humor based on literally tearing another person down like i love amy and tina i really do but it was just so unecessary and a cheap shot during a time in taylor’s life when she was getting so much shit for her dating life. and so taylor said, on katie couric (i think??), “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” it wasn’t her on quote, she was talking about something someone else had told her. and, i mean…. she was standing up for herself?? also it was fucking like a year and a half ago like does this really matter anymore?

7. calvin and taylor’s relationship is none of my, your, or anyone’s damn business. you can have whatever opinion of calvin you want but she’s obviously happy right now and that’s all i care about.

8. “i just don’t see how you like this chick” why would i not. homegirl’s been there for me since i was 10 years old. her songs are so well written, so relatable, and they can get me through anything. a bad day, a crush, just plain boredom. there’s a song for anything. taylor swift understands me. and then there’s the fact that she’s an amazing role model. in the past year, taylor has grown so much and she’s become amazing. she talks all the time about being independent, about how you don’t need a guy to stand up to you. she teaches her fans to stand up for themselves and to ask for what they deserve and know their worth. i mean, like, have you heard her clean speeches? amazing. 

you don’t have to like taylor’s music. that’s fine. it’s not for everyone. you don’t even have to particularly care about taylor. but some of the mindless hate that goes around about her is just appalling.

taylor swift is not perfect. she has a ways to go with her feminism, she has done problematic things in the past. but it’s so so obvious that she has good intentions and a good heart. 

anyway this got kind of long and stuff but yeah long story short “perfect swift is perfect” is a rad tag and i hope you had a fun time reading why you’re wrong as hell

You say Taylor Swift is boy-crazy and only dates for new break-up songwriting material, but she’s probably had the same or fewer relationships as any other 25-year-old. Also, it doesn’t fucking matter how many relationships she’s been in anyway because that’s slut-shaming. She very publicly called out John Mayer for abusing her, something that’s very difficult and takes a lot of guts for victims in abusive relationships, and yet people still take his side. Saying that she only enters new relationships to break up and write more songs is fucking rude and immature. You really think she wants to go through the pain of a break up all over again only to sell a new record? She writes to deal with the pain. It’s therapeutic for her. More than 2/3 of her songs are about things other than breakups, and a significant portion of those aren’t even about romantic relationships at all, but you still say she’s boy-crazy.

You say she’s not talented, but industry experts, like David Foster, a producer who’s worked with some of the most talented people in music, like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Josh Groban, Toni Braxton, Natalie Cole, and countless others, would disagree. Her most meaningful and well written songs usually aren’t played on the radio. She’s certainly not an opera singer, but she’s an extremely talented songwriter and I’d bet a better singer than you.

You say Taylor Swift is childish for writing songs like “Better Than Revenge” and “Bad Blood” which “attack” other women and contain slut-shaming lyrics. First of all, she’s apologized for the slut-shaming lyrics many times. Also, I wasn’t aware that just because you identify as a feminist, you have to be best friends with every other woman on the planet. She’s never said “I wrote that [insert song here] about [insert name here] because I don’t like them”. She doesn’t name names. It’s all speculation. You say Taylor Swift is weak for responding to negative comments made about her in jest, like when Amy Poehler and Tina Fey joked about her love life at the 2013 Golden Globes. You act like one person made one joke about her one time and it made her upset. Are you forgetting that Taylor was being slut-shamed constantly by pretty much every single media outlet and late night talk show host for all of 2012/2013? This is someone who publicly called out her abuser and was just trying to find happiness in her life, not hurting anyone, and she was being torn apart constantly for every word that came out of her mouth, but you still say she’s weak and childish.

You say Taylor Swift is greedy because she took her music off Spotify and wrote that letter to Apple demanding she and other artists be paid for their music. First of all, she’s made it clear that she’s makes plenty of money from touring (her 1989 Tour has grossed over $100 million and it’s barely halfway through) and she’s trying to use her power and privilege as one of the biggest names in music to stand up for the lesser known musicians who cannot support themselves from touring and need people to buy their music. Also known as, people who might not eat or have a roof over their heads without it money from streaming services and such. She wrote a song for a boy who died of cancer based off his mother’s journals, named the mother as co-writer of the song to give credit where she felt credit was due, and donated all the proceeds to a foundation dedicated to helping children with cancer. She donated all the proceeds from her song “Welcome to New York” to NYC public schools. But that’s barely a drop in the bucket of her charity. She continues to donate more to charity than any other celebrity, but you still say she’s greedy.

You say Taylor Swift is selfish and mean because her team takes down copyrighted audio and sends letters to fans selling stuff on Etsy. You realize that you cannot selectively enforce trademarks, right? If she lets fans sell things with her trademarks but tells large companies they can’t do that, large companies who want to use those same trademarks will take her court over it and say that’s not fair to them. Her record label could have chosen not to trademark her logos and lyrics (most of her lyrics are not trademarked anyway fyi), but her record label didn’t, just like all record labels do with every artist, because they don’t want some large company capitalizing on something they own. Beyonce does the same thing. Nicki Minaj does the same thing. You just don’t hear about it because for some reason everyone always picks on Taylor. Her label also happens to have a very strong belief that music has value, more so than other labels do. People act like she’s personally going through every Etsy merchant and lyric video on YouTube and saying “I don’t like that. Take it down. Ruin their life” while laughing evilly.

ALSO, people have been saying she’s suing people, which is a flat out lie. A cease and desist letter is MUCH LESS severe than being sued. It’s just a formal way of saying “Hey, what you’re doing is illegal, and we really don’t want to make a big deal out of this but we don’t really have a choice, so could you please stop?”. I’ve known people that have gotten letters like that from movie studios and record labels for torrenting. It’s very rare that something actually happens, even if the behavior doesn’t stop. Getting sued is actually receiving a summons to appear in court on a certain date and is MUCH WORSE than getting a silly cease and desist letter. She (or her management team rather) is required to send those letters, but you still say she’s terrible for doing it.

You say Taylor Swift is a fake person, but where’s the evidence? Everyone that has ever met her can confirm she’s one of the sweetest and most genuine people they’ve ever met. All the people in the industry who spend time with her behind closed doors can confirm it as well. You think all these super-famous people she brings out as guests would do it if they didn’t respect her? Nicki Minaj, Fall Out Boy, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Justin Timberlake, Joan Baez, Alanis Morissette, Natalie Maines, Beck,  Jennifer Lopez, Train, Julia Roberts, Chris Rock, Mary J. Blige, and John Legend are all guests she’s had and are all huge and well-respected names in the music and film industries, and they don’t need to suck up to some fake bitch for fame. If they didn’t like her and didn’t want to be there, they wouldn’t be, but you still say she’s fake.

You say Taylor Swift is an attention whore because of all the stuff she does for her fans. She just wants good publicity, right? She visits kids in the hospital with cancer all the time, but you only hear about it every once in a while. She doesn’t need to do everything she does just for good publicity. She could donate some money on occasion and take pictures holding babies and she’d still be viewed as a good person. She doesn’t need to do nearly as much as she does to help people. Sending gifts to fans and recording videos about it makes the fans who receive those gifts feel so special. A kid in the hospital with cancer who gets a huge anonymous donation will be appreciative and grateful, but a kid in the hospital who gets a huge donation and a visit from their idol will be ecstatic. She talks to her fans on the internet and makes them feel like she cares. She’s talked people down from suicide. There are literally people, wonderful people, who would not be alive today if it weren’t for Taylor Swift, but you still say she’s an attention whore.

You say she plays the victim card, but she’s constantly being attacked for everything mentioned above by the media and people that don’t even take the time to know her.