i just love it when tina talks about amy

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"Perfect swift is perfect" she literally is suing etsy artists for making products that had to do with her like ??? She's not a nice person? She said that any Poehler and Tina fay have a special place in hell because they made a joke which is literally what they do? I just don't see how you like this chick I'm sorry. Not to mention she's dating that dj guy who has made multiple sexist/racist comments

[takes a deep breath]

1. i would just like to start out by saying that i am well aware of the fact that taylor swift is not a perfect person. when she does something problematic i do not ignore it and do not condone it. originally “perfect swift is perfect” was just something i tagged a few taylor posts one day and i was like “i should just make this her tag” so i did. it’s a tag.

2. she is not personally suing etsy artists. her team is. but fine, let’s assume she has everything to do with it. there are two points i want to make here - one, it’s not products that have anything to do with her. it’s products that have certain trademarks/copyrights that she has placed a hold on. two, she cannot just selectively decide what she takes action against and what she doesn’t when it comes to trademarks and copyrights. i can’t find the post right now but there’s a very in depth one that talks about the fact that stores like urban outfitters can take taylor’s lyrics/trademarks and sell them on tshirts with the excuse that “well you didn’t take action against those etsy sellers so…. you can’t single us out”

3. she’s not a nice person? she’s not a nice person? oh my fucking god you don’t have to like her but this is such a reach i just… please tell me how you came to this conclusion? how many celebrities have sent care packages to fans, have invited fans into their homes, regularly interact with fans, and have been named most charitable celebrity 3 years in a row? and, like, almost everyone who meets her gushes about how sweet and genuine she is and how amazing she is (x x x x x x). taylor swift has such a huge heart. like, try harder.

4. you know what here’s a very good post refuting like all the bullshit complaints people have about taylor

5. here’s a bomb ass op-ed about taylor you should read

6. [screams internally] okay the damn amy poehler tina fey*** thing. like, they were at an awards show, hosting the thing, joking about “taylor swift’s many boyfriends”. that’s fucking humiliating, especially for someone who really hasn’t had that many boyfriends (not that having a fuck ton of boyfriends is a bad thing). and then they go “and stay away from michael j fox’s son” like why?? why?????? why is your humor based on literally tearing another person down like i love amy and tina i really do but it was just so unecessary and a cheap shot during a time in taylor’s life when she was getting so much shit for her dating life. and so taylor said, on katie couric (i think??), “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” it wasn’t her on quote, she was talking about something someone else had told her. and, i mean…. she was standing up for herself?? also it was fucking like a year and a half ago like does this really matter anymore?

7. calvin and taylor’s relationship is none of my, your, or anyone’s damn business. you can have whatever opinion of calvin you want but she’s obviously happy right now and that’s all i care about.

8. “i just don’t see how you like this chick” why would i not. homegirl’s been there for me since i was 10 years old. her songs are so well written, so relatable, and they can get me through anything. a bad day, a crush, just plain boredom. there’s a song for anything. taylor swift understands me. and then there’s the fact that she’s an amazing role model. in the past year, taylor has grown so much and she’s become amazing. she talks all the time about being independent, about how you don’t need a guy to stand up to you. she teaches her fans to stand up for themselves and to ask for what they deserve and know their worth. i mean, like, have you heard her clean speeches? amazing. 

you don’t have to like taylor’s music. that’s fine. it’s not for everyone. you don’t even have to particularly care about taylor. but some of the mindless hate that goes around about her is just appalling.

taylor swift is not perfect. she has a ways to go with her feminism, she has done problematic things in the past. but it’s so so obvious that she has good intentions and a good heart. 

anyway this got kind of long and stuff but yeah long story short “perfect swift is perfect” is a rad tag and i hope you had a fun time reading why you’re wrong as hell