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why don't you like the new beauty and the beast?

lol i knew i was going to get this sooner or later 

  • ok so like belle is my favorite disney princess ever so i have the platinum edition dvd and the barbie doll and the dress and a bunch of other shit that my mom might have given away but regardless i worshipped this movie for a good portion of my life so my expectations were very high 
  • while i love emma watson as an actor i personally did not see her as belle. like, i thought i did in the promo pictures and stuff but for some reason when i watched the movie her tone was just off from what i’d imagined it to be and i couldn’t really grow attached to her character
  • the movie felt like an exact carbon copy of the original. like, other than the tidbit about the beast’s abuse, i felt as if i was watching the exact same movie, just with more cgi and real people. and that bothered me given how well the cinderella remake fleshed out the original. 
  • speaking of cgi, it was… not good. when the beast transformed i couldn’t even focus on his body i was cringing so hard at the transformation sparkles and shit, and then idk about you but i personally didn’t like the castle staff’s designs. 
  • the yellow dress is literally my favorite dress in like the history of ever and emma watson turned it into a $100 joann craft project so when she came on in the dress i wasn’t crying bc of tale as old as time i was crying bc the dress was an affront to the expectations i’d built up for my eyes. 
  • i don’t. even want to get started on the le fou issue like i can’t believe disney actually thought that was sufficient representation like what. 
  • the prince is supposed to have this pretty, childish face and let’s face it dan whatshisface looked like a circus artist (not that that’s bad, in fact, the makeup was gorgeous) at the beginning of the movie and like a hobo once he transformed so i didn’t really find him attractive at all. 
  • tbh the irony in this movie is that the one part of it i genuinely liked was gaston like can you believe the one thing i enjoyed was the character who was a douchebag that’s how frustrated i am with this whole mess. 
  • i want to go back to the cinderella remake like that was such a god’s gift to man and the dress was gorgeous and the cgi was believable and the story was fleshed out and i don’t understand what happened between that movie and this one but it was obviously not to my satisfaction. 

if any of my followers enjoyed it, then i’m glad you did, and i don’t mean to offend any of you !! this just wasn’t the remake i was looking for at all :(((((


01. It depends on the person, honestly. But for me, my top 3 favourite stuff packs are Cool Kitchen Stuff, Movie Hangout Stuff and Backyard Stuff. The worst ones for me personally are probably Luxury Party Stuff and Perfect Patio Stuff. Everything else is just kind of mediocre or average. But don’t take my word for it! Everyone likes different things in their games, and it all depends on how you like to play your game. For example, I’m not a huge fan of Get Together, mostly because I don’t play with clubs and my sims rarely go to parties, but some people love it! It’s all about perspective and play-styles.

02. I have one but don’t use it.

03. I don’t currently, but I was thinking about repurposing BOXOFPIXELS to be a cc finds blog.

04. The blushes I use are on my RESOURCE PAGE.

05. HIGH WAISTED SKIRT by CRAZYCUPCAKEFR (this is one of my favourite skirts!)


07. When I edit screenshots, I have a layer of selective colour that makes the reds in a photo more vibrant. Usually that affects the blushes I use.



To the all edits makers out there may I have your attention please!!

Now that i got your attention!!! lately I have seen lots and lots of stolen works on Tumblr and this make me so sad as a person who make their own stuff we all put effort and time and much love in what we do whether its a gif, graphic, fanart ANY FORM OF EDIT and people just come save it and post it and claim it as their own with cold nerves!! some of us has given up and some stopped doing what they love because of this fuckry. So when we see our work is been re-posted we go ask them to delete but let me tell you something when you do that it won’t fix the problem if the post got notes you gotta ask all of them to do so which is lots of work and maybe some of them have their ask box closed huh!!! 

SO how we gonna fix this all you have to do is click HERE a sidebar window will show up don’t close it few question will show answer it and you can report the theft 

That’s it you’re done just wait for them to email you and pretty much within 24 they will take the post down and it will be gone from every blog if you didn’t get a replay just do it again but don’t spam them. 

SO PLEASE Signal boost this like crazy because even Drawing is been stolen and they claim it as their own and I am so mad because drawing TAKE LOTS OF FUCKING TIME to do!! So whether you make edits or not just reblog it!!!

Shoutout to some of my favorite PJO/HoO blogs and role model bloggers!

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You guys have inspired me with fanart, fanfic, theories, humor, interesting random tangents, stories, edits, roleplays, and other stuff. I’m so happy that there are people like you guys out there to brighten up my life when I log on. I love seeing you guys on my dash, whether the posts are PJO/HoO related or not. Any mentions or ‘thank you for asking this’ really helps me to be more positive during my day, even just seeing updates or extra things added to a tag that I follow make my heart soar. It’s amazing how you guys can be so awesome, and I constantly have to remind myself that you guys are human just like everyone else. I admire your talents so much and I love you guys! Obviously my blog won’t be able to be like all of yours, because I post other fandom things and random stuff, but I love your blogs and wish mine could grow to be as great as yours! Keep on being awesome, you guys will always be great in my mind! If I met you guys in real life I would probably freak out and faint or something. Part of me wishes I could be friends with all of you and chat with you guys constantly, but I know you guys have lives too, and I would probably ramble to much. Like I’m doing now. Anyway, love you guys, you inspire me, you’re amazing and awesome and perfect and special and wonderful and I believe in you guys way too much for strangers I’ve never personally talked to. Love you guys! <3


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