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mini bawson smut fic

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When they first get together, they disappear into each other for a few weeks. They are that couple that do everything together, touch constantly, sit-on-the-same-side-of-the-booth sort of couple. The sort of couple that would be annoying if they weren’t so sweet. They also become the I-need-you-now-right-now-all-the-time sort of couples.

The day after he retires he shows up at her place and kisses her before she can greet him. It’s like floodgates open up. Like every intense look, every charged conversation, every touch had been building to this and as soon as they let themselves be together, they get addicted. He’s addicted.

Mike feels like he tastes nothing but her skin for days, like he’s living off her and her off him. 

They spend hours memorizing and learning, becoming experts in each other. Mike knows that Ginny will lose her mind if he whispers to her about how good it feels to be inside her; he knows that if he bites on her shoulder she’ll whine like she’s dying; he knows that if she’s riding him she’ll tune him out completely and do whatever she wants to chase her pleasure. 

It’s heady, intense, as beautiful as it is obscene. 

He’s on top of her, kissing her deeply, rocking into her body in a lazy way that makes her twitchy and impatient. But he knows she loves it just as much, loves to exist with him, connected and together.

She moans wonderfully and tries to buck her hips into his, but he stops his movement, muscles tensing with the need to thrust, but the sounds she makes are worth it.

“Impatient, Baker?” He says with a cocky smile.

“Shut up and do that thing I like, old man,” she tries to be assertive but she’s breathless and her voice sounds raw.

“What thing would that be?” He rocks his hips again, watching her eyes close and her head tilt back. He doesn’t mean to be smug, but there are a lot of things he does that she likes. 

“Mike! I swear to go-” she chokes out a breath when he starts rocking into her in earnest, hitting that spot inside her that makes her forget her name and inevitably leads to angry red marks blooming along his back from where she can’t help but claw at him in ecstasy.

He loves it, craves it, needs to make her feel this way. Needs to make sure she knows, deep down, just how well he can make her fall apart.

And he does, over and over and over again.

Like he said, he’s addicted.

Man I’m so freaking glad I ship wincest. I don’t have to search for hidden subtext or try and obsessively find “proof” for my ship. Nope. I have brothers who sold their soul for each other, who defeated the devil because of how strong their love was. I have soulmates who wouldn’t put anything infront of the other, who would leave behind anything and anyone else, whose love is stone number one. My ship is the greatest love story ever told.

Wincest is so awesome.

Sin aimed the sniper rifle at Boyd and looked through the scope, tracking Boyd’s movements across the room with it. “Hey, you.”

Boyd paused, looking over at Sin with warily narrowed eyes. He didn’t know what to make of the mixed messages of a greeting and a gun but he did know he didn’t want to get into another fight.

“Hey,” he said in return after a beat of silence.

Sin held up a plastic bag. “Would you like a gummy bear?”

Boyd eyed him. “Sure,” he said after a moment, and walked over.

—  Evenfall, Sonny & Ais