i just love it how he puts himself between them

the way vox machina expresses their pain and sadness is so diverse and interesting because none of them react to negative emotions in the same way and it’s honestly refreshing to see how they all handle it

vax is the most obvious; he runs. he never was given the tools he needed to deal with emotions so he tries to put as much distance between himself and emotions, be it emotional distance or literal distance.

vex is more subtle, at least until recently. she buries her pain. she lets it build up in her until it overflows, and even then she tries to hide it from the people she cares about. that’s why the archfey’s words stung so badly; he knew she put up a confident front so nobody would realize what was really happening to her—what HAD happened to her.

keyleth is the other member that’s easy to read because, unlike vax who runs, she embraces it. she’s made the pain she feels part of herself, blames herself for the smallest things. she cries and gets angry and she has panic attacks but above all else, she directs it all at herself.

percy’s hurt is destructive. destructive towards others but self-destructive above all. he’s… interesting, because as much as he thinks of himself as the smartest person in the room, there’s this underlying current of self-loathing that never truly leaves. the worst is that he KNOWS that he’s like this, and he goes out of his way to try to change only to sabotage himself in the long-run.

grog gets angry. that seems like an obvious one, and it is, but there’s a softer kind of hurt when it’s his friends getting hurt. the most obvious moment is when he shut down completely when he saw pike impaled with craven edge and knew it was his doing, or the way that he cries when pike leaves or comes back. grog is angry and brash and he cares too much about his family, and they bring out a softness in him that’s unexpected.

pike loves her family more than anything and has always been quieter. her pain is quiet too, keeping anything that hurts inside because she cares and doesn’t want to worry her family. she has her moments of anger and brashness, of course, but for the most part she keeps up a happy face.

and scanlan. scanlan laughs it off the way he does with everything, but it still weighs heavy on his shoulders. he laughs but he still tries to reach out and fix things because he feels the heaviness of it all.

An Idiot in Love Final Part

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Part Five

           “What?” It felt as if something dropped within Bill.

           “You’re not in love with me,” Dipper sighed, removing himself from Bill’s hold and putting as much distance as he can between them. “It’s just a spell.” Pine Tree’s eyes staring beyond Bill as he spoke.

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anonymous asked:

Honestly junkrat coming across makeup for the first time and just rubbing all of it all over his face hes got like lipstick on his forehead and he probably stabs himself in the eye trying to put mascara after roadhog tells him how to do it properly

tb h i instantly thought of this

^^^ junkrat when he has access to makeup tbh

also i love?? that roadhog knows how to do it properly? thats perfect honestly

hes like no thats not how you use it let me show yoU and jr’s like “….mate youre… heh… actually pretty good at this shit”