i just love how wrapped up she is in herself

I can’t wait to be in the presence of my girlfriend, to hug her, to kiss her - while feeling the warmth in her eyes as the love is shown.

To interlock my fingers with hers while all I can think about how beautiful she is - not just outside but inside too. To see her eyes light up and the grim on her face when I tell her I love her - it gives me butterflies every single damn time.

To feel her wrap her legs around me and kiss my hand while giggling away to herself. To kiss her forehead while running my fingers through her hair while she’s drifting off to sleep and repetitively repeats “ew” every time I kiss her.

To have her laid next to me all night and pull me closer when I’m awake but she’s asleep, without even realising it’s them little things that make me fall more and more in love with her.

And I could cry a million tears - not because I’m sad. Because when I’m with her I feel complete, like the world is no longer trying to ruin me, throw thugs at me. Because when I’m with her - I’ve got everything I’ve ever wanted. When I’m with her I feel light and fluffy, full of love and happiness.

I can’t wait to wake up next to her, to tell her it’s morning and she can’t go back to sleep while she tells me there always time to sleep. I can’t wait to kiss her again and tell her I love her while laying there and I thinking I’m the luckiest girl in the planet. And wondering why I left it so long to make the girl i dream of, To make the girl I’m crazy about, to make the girl I’d walk the world for, to make the girl I’m truly and madly in love with mine.

All I’ve ever wanted to go Is come home to you after a long day, wake up next to you which usually end up in you spooning me. To tickle your back and kiss your forehead. To buy you flowers even though you ain’t that much of the romantic type, but you accept them and love them the same because you know I’m hella gay and full of romance. To take you out - whether it be day trips of for something to eat.

And I cannot wait to show you off to my family and friends - to the world. To say this is my girl and after two years we’ve finally made it work, we’ve finally got there.

Two years on and I still feel like the same love sick teenager the first time I stayed with her, the first time I kissed her and held her hand, my love never changed if anything it grow.

And baby I am madly and madly in love with you.

—  My thoughts.

So how about this for 6.04:

Killian can’t move in the morning he plans to because of a crisis that they have to spend the whole day solving. 

It’s finally night, Killian stops at the ship and then goes to the house, walks in the door. Emma turns from the stove where she’s making cocoa, smiles that soft, beautiful smile and goes to him.

He wraps her up when she buries herself into him and the two of them spend a few moments just breathing together. 

“I’m home, love.”

“Yeah you are.”