i just love how vague this relationship is

On Writing Believable Romance

Anonymous asked: “Do you know how to make a fictional relationship realistic?”

I don’t know that there is one perfect answer to this. You can follow all the “rules” and still not pull it off. What I think is most important is that you believe that these characters are real people and you believe the bond they share is real.

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As a reader …

It’s often put out there that it’s totally normal and acceptable to rephrase a client’s queries to be easier for you to read, or to be a “better” question in the tumblr tarot community’s collective eye …

But I say … be careful of that. Sometimes the question that is asked is actually the question that needs an answer. A common example - “does x have a crush on me?” or “how does x feel about me?” is almost always rephrased as “how do I make x like me more?” with this assumption that that is the actual query. Right now, I’ve got this friend, I have no romantic interest in him but he’s been tossing vague signs pointing towards him liking me. It’s not a big enough thing that I’m going to be like “yo dude, don’t be falling in love with me ok?” in person, but I MIGHT consult tarot for a confirmation. If I WERE to check in with a tumblr reader and they just switched it to “how do I make him like me more?” Well. That’s a useless question for me. Another situation I came across was a client asking the same thing - does x have feelings for me - and the cards showed a current relationship being hidden away from them. A reading telling them how to chase that person would just not be helpful! They needed to see that the person, despite all signs, wasn’t available.

Point is. Check in with querents to flesh out the situation before making assumptions & changing the question, if you don’t like how it’s worded. Or - make sure your guidelines are covering that to begin with (“when asking what someone feels towards you, please include the current nature of your relationship & source of confusion for you.” for example). Not doing so could lead to your answers not being as helpful as they could be!

As well - a lot of my growth as a reader came from challenging my limits as a reader. Places where I wanted to go “no, I don’t do that sort of reading” and instead tried it - I’ve had amazing results and was able to pinpoint where my personal boundaries actually are, instead of limiting myself to the common lines of “what tarot can do.” Trust me, it goes SO MUCH FURTHER than you know, if you let it.

About the skeptics and the haters

I’m not terribly active in fandom. I usually just lurk, observe and follow on tumblr and twitter. I’ve really only been here since 2014, so I haven’t been following Benedict’s career from the beginning. After discovering and enjoying Sherlock I watched and listened to as much of his film, radio, theatre and television work as I could; I started reading interviews and watching out for public appearances via the media. I was interested in his personality, and his talent. I had no idea and didn’t care about who he had been dating. Until then, I hadn’t heard of the Cumberbitches, or Benedict’s status as the internet’s boyfriend. It wasn’t a shock to me when I read that he’d recently married Sophie Hunter. I didn’t get upset or angry, or feel entitled to know every detail. Celebs have lives outside of their work, and often get married. They are not the property of their fans. They do not owe us anything of their private lives.

Fandom was a new world for me. I’d never been on tumblr or twitter before joining the Sherlock and BC fandoms. I gravitated to the people and blogs who celebrated their love and passion for Benedict’s work, and shied away from the negative opinions (who needs that?). It was brilliant to see all the creative discussions and amazing fanart and fics inspired by the show and the actors. I was vaguely aware that there were people who believe Benedict’s relationship with Sophie is a “showmance”. I’d heard that there were fans who think his two children are fake. However it wasn’t until I stumbled upon that dark corner of tumblr – where, like a sewer, all the disgusting shit trickles down – that I realised just how rotten some parts of fandom can be.

Somehow or other, I ended up reading one of those poisonous blogs (someone referenced something and I got curious). I discovered another, and another, each one feeding off the others. Call me naive, but I was shocked that some people dedicate whole blogs to spreading their vile hatred and groundless rumours about an actor they have never even met (or certainly don’t know well) and the woman he has chosen to marry. These bloggers variously claim that they care for Benedict, that they are concerned for his welfare and career, are “saving his life!”; or that he has sold out, become an arsehole, a puppet, a money grubbing attention seeker. And the lies they make up about Sophie are even worse.

Every tiny snippet of speech, expression or body language is “analysed” and interpreted negatively to fit their twisted narrative (psychologists call this confirmation bias) and in a sick version of the telephone game, these bloggers egg each other on to lower and lower depths of depravity. From a psychological perspective, it could be fascinating but I’m not a psychologist and I just can’t understand this behaviour, or what it must be like to have this outlook on life. If your hobby is to sling shit and tear people down, I hate to think how pathetic the rest of your life is.

When these bloggers ask “If you think this whole thing looks sooooooo very real, why do you feel the pressing need to read through skeptical blogs such as mine and then send in asks to defend the realness of the holy union that the Dismals present in your mind?” and “if I’m so wrong, [why do] you lot feel the need to read my blog?” or post a meme which says “You don’t like me but still find time to watch everything I do” (oh, the irony!); my answer is this:

Reading these bitter, jealous, hateful excretions, I have the same reaction as when I see my cat vomit on the floor. My instinct is to clean it up before the bile stains the carpet, and send the cat outside so it can’t do any more damage. (The poor animal can’t help it and doesn’t know any better, unlike these supposed adult bloggers.) It’s a shame it’s not so easy to deal with the haters.

People like gatorfisch, annashipper, aeltrileaf, teacupdragon and fakerbatch (to name just a few I have come across) might claim to have freedom of speech, to be allowed to express their opinion. However they are treading a very fine line between opinion and defamation. And they actually want attention for this shit? They will be lucky to escape legal action if they carry on. I just hope their lies have absolutely no effect on Benedict and his family, or on any other person they decide to target with their hate and libel.

These blogs are the festering boils on the face of fandom. If left unchallenged, their disgusting lies and illogical rants may injure the reputations of innocent people, as well as the fandom itself. That’s why we won’t leave them alone.

Avitus Rix

So, we know Avitus doesn’t exactly have the most content in Andromeda. We know he’s been subject to the live end of the “bury your gays” trope. But there are a lot of things about Avitus that suggest potential for him being a deeper character in ways that aren’t fully fleshed.

1. He was Saren’s protoge. When you talk with him on Havarl, he’s shown to still respect Saren, and defends him, even to the point where he almost seems to know Saren wasn’t doing what he did out of his own will, despite the council having covered it up. Losing Saren the way he did likely hurt him similarly to the way losing Macen does.

2. He shoots a Roakaar in the head after shooting him in the gut, after muttering something about a shot to the gut being a painful way to die. This is a very small thing, but seeing as he and his team were alone on Havarl for what was likely months trying to survive, ammo was probably extremely precious. He didn’t know at that point that they’d been offered a way off-world. He chose mercy over conservation of ammo. It was a short, but telling intro.

3. He’s especially secretive about the nature of his relationship with Ryder at first, on Havarl. He’s insecure about it, for any number of reasons, including having experienced homophobia. I do realize this could just as easily be bioware trying to be vague about having a mlm relationship, but it doesn’t mean it can’t also suggest something about his character.

4. When you ask him how he feels about what happened to the Turian ark he says “I’m not really a feelings type of guy.” Which is a curious statement given how deep his love for Macen is, despite continuing to be vague about it even after it’s obvious. He’s not used to being vulnerable, or maybe he just isn’t, doesn’t let himself be. Maybe not with anyone but Macen, and now he’s gone.

5. Up until the moment SAM tells them otherwise, Avitus believes Macen is alive, because SAM hasn’t passed to him yet. He mentions this on Havarl. Once he finds out, you can hear him fall apart in his voice. Being pathfinder, accepting SAM, becomes accepting Macen’s death.

Overall I think Avitus is a character that has experienced a lot of loss in the worst ways, and probably feels a little lost himself. He’s uncertain, insecure, and hesitant, but comes through time and time again. I also get the feeling he’s an astoundingly empathetic character, despite his claim to the opposite. I wish we had just a little more to go on for him, a little more chance to befriend him, a little more time to see him grow and find a way to be happy despite the circumstances.

The signs as stuff my friends have said pt. 5
  • Aries: A mosquito bit me in the forehead, and now it looks like I have a third eye
  • Taurus: Interesting fun fact: Despair tastes vaguely like strawberries
  • Gemini: Fuck me… Not an offer though
  • Cancer: I just imagined you lifting a car and sneaking away like “hehehe”
  • Leo: As a british person that uses the currency “pounds”, I find it mildly funny when you guys say your weight, because it’s like saying how much you’re worth
  • Virgo: When a mommy duck and a daddy duck love each other very much--
  • Libra: My relationship is in between of “Wow, you’re a moron” and “Holy hell, I didn’t know you could be this sweet”
  • Scorpio: Because I’m a kinky guy who needs a daddy and money
  • Sagittarius: I roll with it like I roll sushi. Not at all
  • Capricorn: I’m always a slut for the Onceler’s sexy table crawl
  • Aquarius: I read “japanese” as “jalapenos” and got mildly confused for a second
  • Pisces: Avocados: Best fruit! Should win an award for best fruit

anonymous asked:

i feel like because we haven't had a video of Dan talking about how hopeless love is (falling in love, staying in love, growing old with the person you love, and the scariness of realizing how hard and hopeless it can be to meet all of those requirements) we can just take that as proof that he is in love. (with phil ofc)

i think the biggest indication dan is in a relationship is the fact that he obviously would have complained about not being an a relationship. there would be a video out by now outlining how sad it is to be alone on valentines day or the struggles of being single. he’s the type to complain about that stuff. but the only things even vaguely hinting at him being single are old vyou answers that just say things like “i do not have a girlfriend,” that fake dating app video, and the like…. dan’s 25 and in perfect position to complain about not being in a relationship or witnessing all his friends pairing off or how love is a sham but nothing of the sort has graced the channel danisnotonfire. it’s interesting to say the least

Writer's Meeting for Chapter Eight:
  • Head Writer: okay, so let's go over what will happen in this one.
  • Person 1: We've got Cooper drama, Blossom drama, Fred drama, and Jones drama.
  • HW: what about our ambiguity levels? How's that looking?
  • Person 2: we've got a vague scene with Archie and Val, where's she's just randomly at his house.
  • HW: I like it, but I'm not sure we've ruined enough relationships...
  • Person 1: well we were also thinking we could completely fucking destroy the Romeo & Romeo thing we have going between Joaquin and Kevin, and go for the other cliché.
  • Person 2: The "This Relationship Isn't Real I'm Just A Spy" cliché.
  • HW:
  • HW: I love it.
  • HW: AND we can just randomly have Archie say that they're boyfriends!
  • HW: lol the viewers will be so confused

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ofc trimberly + maybe cranscott ? :0

who would be the one to randomly adopt a puppy without consultation

w trimberly def kim bc she l o v e s animals w a passion, trini pretends to hate it when she comes home w a puppy but whn no one’s looking she baby talks thm //w cranscott billy would!! animals love him bc duh who wouldn’t??? n he hates to see anyone n anything unhappy, jason lovs that his bf is so compassionate but also they have s e v e n dogs but still whn billy comes back w another jason jus melts

who would force the other to take aesthetic pictures of them

kim again lol, she’s rly hot; everyone knows tht, th rangers know it, alpha knows it, zordon knows it, she knows it, n also trini is bad w technology and sh finds it rly cute how she struggles w even jus focusing th camera // jason prbly! his nickname among th rangers is captain prettyboy for a reason and he lovs th pictures billy takes

who would do stuff they think is stupid just to make the other one happy

kim!! bc trini is Emo tm and she doesn’t smile oftn so kim goes out of her way to do things to make her smile, evn if she doesn’t see it like snd trini snaps n thn send a text saying “opn yr snap in private ((;” for trini to thn open a picture of their dog w a bra on its head // billy would!!! anytime tht jason seems off or they have a rough training day he yells “the kiss of life!!” nd smooches him

who picks out the horror movies to watch just so the other will cling to them

trini does,, she thinks she’s smooth whn she picks em out but always ends up either falling asleep halfway thru or getting supr scared and latching onto kim’s arm // jason does this one but prbly only once because it prbly really scares billy but he doesn’t like th whole touching thing too much most of th time so they jus end up putting a funny movie on while jason holds his hand

who is constantly studying and who is constantly trying to distract them

kim studies and trini is Clingy constntly and tries to get her to pay attention to her,, she usually goes over to kim’s house undr the guise of “studying for their biology hw” but does everythin in her pwr to get kim to do anything else w her // billy studies bc he’s super fuckign smart and loves learning, n thn whn thts coupled w hanging out w his bf he’s all for it!!!! but whn jason starts pitching othr ideas he’s def not against that either

who initiates the facetime calls whenever they’re separated

trini prbly bc she’s still vaguely in shock that she’s Dating Kimberly Hart, and whn they’re apart she realizes how Real their relationship is n how much kim rly means to her, n calls kim jus saying things like “yeah so i couldn’t figure out th hw???” and kim sees right thru it but plays along bc she!!! just!! loves!! trini!! sm!! // both? prbly for differnt reasons tho! jason calls a lot bc he ends up remembering that billy was dead n it snds him into a state of panic thinking abt it n th only thing tht really grounds him is seeing and hearing him. billy calls bc he’s jus such a pure guy, n an evn bettr bf, n he likes to check in on jason jus to like say good morning n ask how his day was 

who is more likely to storm out after a fight and who is more likely to cry when they do

trini is def prone to storm out bc thas jus how she know to deal w things, she needs her space at times bc she’s figuring things out n when she n kim fight it scares her that she might lose her n kim cries bc she feels like she’s a bad gf to trini and is scared she mmight have driven trini away // billy would prbly storm out bc although he’s good undr strss he def doesn’t Like it; he likes having a game plan of sorts n knowing how to navigate his thoughts n feelings n when he n jason fight thngs get messy in th sens that they get confusing for billy bc he doesn’t read cues tht well so he needs distance; jason cries bc he gets scared that he’ll lose billy aftr everything and he fears he might have made billy uncomfortable w smthn in their relationship (i.e. too much too soon sorta thing)

who stays up way too late binge-watching their favorite shows

both!!!! they stay up together watching thngs like carol n trini’s always in on The Gay Memes n whisprs “harold, they’re lesbians” n kims just????? so confused???? who is harold??? // jason does!! and billy knows he does bc jason always texts at like 4 in th morning saying things like “billy i can’t BELIEVE this, candi (fromm th real housewives of atlanta) just!!! did something really fcuked up!!!” to th point where billy has his phone set to send jason a text at midnight saying “please go to sleep, jace, you already know tamara’s gonna wreck vicki, you can finish it in th morning”

who bites the other’s ear when they’re feeling frisky

kim, but she’s almost always frisky bc she l o v e s how blushy trini gets because she’s a huge flirt and honestly, cause of trini’s death: melted into a gay puddle bc kim is jus s o hot // billy ? mayb i feel like billy usually iniates intimacy because jason likes to let him be touchy on his own terms and it makes jason, jus fall apart bc hhholy shit

who sprays the other with water when they’re washing the car

kim, again bc she’s a huge flirt but it backfires when she realizes tht trini isn’t wearing a bra, but Is wearing a white shirt and she jus…. dies but trini gets back at her by getting throwin th sponge at her which ends up hitting her directly in th face bc she’s still frozen like th useless gay she is // jason! he likes messing around a lot bc it brings out th playful side of billy he completely adores 

who has more fun decorating the house during holidays

this one is prbly actually trini! bc around th holidays her family is too focused on celebrating to pester her with their questions and kim isn’t Against decorating, but she def was nevr that interested til trini came home w christmas lights and insisted their lil apt needed some holiday cheer // billy!!!! he loves the holidays and although his fav thing to do for thm is bake (he’s a phenomenal chef) he also loves decorating and despite th fact tht jason is an Edgelord and doesn’t care too much for all the festivities he can’t resist whn billy asks him to help hang up th mistletoe 

who is more likely to give the silent treatment when they’re mad at the other

kim is th master of th silent treatment and Everyone in angel grove knows it, she can go on for years if she needs to really and trini is jus like….fucc this is it….i’ve fuckt up! // jason gives th silent treatment but since billy doesn’t really read th cues that well he ends up jus thinking that jason is sick or smthn and whn he shows up to jason’s door with his famed chicken noodle soup,, jace jus can’t be mad at him 

who plays with the others’ hair more

trini l o v e s playing w kim’s hair it’s so soft and she absolutely adores the way kim’s face just softens when she does it, and kim jus prbly fuckign nuts whn trini plays w her hair // billly !!  to th point where he jus stims by playing with jace’s hair and jace is more than happy to oblige

who is more likely to climb all over the other one when they’re bored

kim!!!! she just flops onto trini and while trini complains abt kim crushing her, she secretly loves it whn kim lays on her bc idk she likes feeling kim’s weight on her bc it reminds her of how There and Hers she is // jason prbly, he always asks abt it first but once he is Certain that billy’s okay with it, he’s On Top of It, literally and whn billy’s okay w it,,, man is he okay w it, he loves how affectionate jason is and how much he cares abt billy feeling comfortable w their intimacy 

who tries to kiss the other as often as they can

kimm, she kisses trini as much as possible bc her lips are so s o f t and she makes th cutest face right before they do // billy actually bc he rly likes th way jace sighs into their kisses and th dazed look he gets when he pulls back

who pouts when the other one tells them to shut the fuck up

oh this one is def kim esp bc evn when trini tells her to shut up she blushes and it really doesn’t help her case and kim jus loves it // jason! he jus can’t help it and less so whn billy jus smiles and crosses his arms, pretending to b mad

who initiates the sex and who walks away when the other is riled up

i feel like kim does both bc it’s jus so satisfying to her to see how wrked up trini gets and it’s downright adorable how she lets out a little huff whn kim walks away from her // they both initiate equally but billy is k n o w n for teasing jace n leaving him flustered for a long time to th point where th other rngers make jokes abt how he rly is th red rangers bc of how flushed he gets

who always forgets the umbrella and who holds it when they actually have one

trini doesn’t even own an umbrella bc she’s jus Too Cool for thm and despite kim constantly leaving one behind for her she never takes it bc she jus prefers to get wet bc again, she’s Emo tm and kim holds it whn they do ! n she makes a point of it to trini n always says, “ see, it’s not tht hard” // jason always forgets even when billy texts him to say it’ll be raining that day and he also holds th umbrella, specifically he holds it ovr billy bc th umbrella’s too small for both of thm and jace is a Gentleman whn it comes to his bf

who demands showering first in the mornings

bitchc they showr togthr, always kim’s idea and trini jus abt imploded th first time she suggusted it // billy!! bc jason always takes up th hot water and whn they shower togethr they get Nothing done n dammit jace billy has things to do stop trying to make shampooing look sexy

who sneaks into the shower with the other one in the mornings

kim sneaks in typically and trini pretends to hate it but they still always end up getting jus a little…distracted // jason! but it’s always jus to do things like brush his teeth bc there’s only one bathroom but he doesn’t want to intrude Or inturrupt billy so he just sneaks into get his toothbrush + th toothpaste and brushes his teeth in th kitchen sink 

who prefers riding the roller coasters and who prefers playing the games

kim loves roller coasters and trini loves games, but u see, kim likes games as well but trini LOAthes roller coasters, not necessarily bc she’s afraid, she just ha t es how nauseous she gets during and aftr riding thm // jason likes th roller coasters and billy likes the games, although they don’t have a Strong preference. billy mainly likes the games bc jace always insists that they’re all unwinnable shams and billy likes to prove him wrong and makes a point of cheating th systems for each 

who will text the other one thirty times in a row until they respond

kim!!! she always blows up trini’s phone over small things jus saying things like “trini. trin. triniii. babe. i just saw a bird. babe” and at first trini jus feels bad bc dmn she left to play black ops n now she’s got 17 texts abt how american cheese doesn’t deserve to be a cheese but she gets used to it and makes a point of responding accordingly // billy does without realizing sometimes, he texts th way someone talks (if tht makes any sense, like instead of one long text just th connected thoughts in one text n then other thoughts in anothr text) and jason is jus like damb i didn’t think someone could text sm abt how messd up it is that spideypool isn’t canon 

who always forgets to charge their phone overnight

trini prbly bc she either falls asleep befroe she gets the chance to or she jus listens to music until th battery dies which leaves kim on th other end of their texts like damb she isn’t responding to my text abt how much i wnna be gay w her,, macklemore didn’t die for this // billy def does bc he isn’t on his phone that often so he typically jus lets it die and jason’s phone is just constantly charging bc he ltrlly nuts whn billy texts 

who comes up behind the other and slide their hands into their back pockets

kim! like i mentioned, she’s a h u g e tease and lives for seeing trini blush beet red at the slightest sign of flirting // billy bc jason has a rly nice butt and literally who wouldn’t do it if they knew he would b into it??

who tries to get hugs from the other as often as they can

both, they love hugging each othr to th point where whn they’re joking they jus waddle places while hugging bc they jus don’t wanna let go?? // jason! esp whn billy is doing something tht requires concentration bc he scrunches his nose whn he thinks hard abt smthn and jace jus can’t help it 

who is louder and who constantly has the tell the other to be quiet

kim definitely, she is also supr clumsy and falls a lot and trini jokes abt it constantly but finds it exceedingly endaring // jason is ltrlly so loud,, he has No chill and billy jus wnts to lwr his volume but also lowkey loves tht jason gets loud whn he’s talking abt smthn he’s passionate abt 

7/23/17 recs

Rare Ships on Ice opened its collection today, which is really exciting!!!

1. I’m That Flight You Get On (International) by Anonymous || Rated M, 8.6k (WIP)

Lowly third secretary of the Acirema Embassy in Glen City, Eglen, Yuuri Katsuki gets stranded along the side of the main road in the small, provincial capital. Lucky for Yuuri, he’s not about to freeze to death thanks to the kindness of a well-dressed stranger, Viktor Nikiforov, who offers him a ride home in a sleek black, government-owned vehicle. If only Yuuri spoke better Eglenian, he would’ve maybe figured out Viktor meant a ride to his home, not Yuuri’s apartment?

  • This!!! Is!!! Hilarious!!!! This fic has a completely fictional but modern setting that’s well, developed for all the character’s roles, and uses language barriers for maximum misunderstanding and hilarity. It’s a wonderful laugh, wonderfully written, and I really am looking forward to the second chapter. The flashforwards in the middle of scenes can be a bit abrupt for me, but overall I really enjoy this fic and have a shitton of secondhand embarrassment for absolutely everyone.

2. Across the Universe by Anonymous || Rated T, 8.5k (WIP)

In an alternative universe, Yuuri has just won the GPF at Sochi — and he’s miserable. He lost everything that mattered to him several years ago when a tsunami hit Hasetsu, and after throwing himself into his skating, he’s achieved gold, but the win is hollow without others there to share it. Things change when he’s transported to another universe, where GPF champion Victor Nikiforov is about to drown himself in the Black Sea. According to legend, only those with a deep connection can draw someone from across the universe. But Yuuri and Victor have never met before in their respective worlds; perhaps someone out there knew how much they needed each other.

Written for Yuuri Week 2017, with each chapter based on the day’s theme.

  • I’ve seen an only vaguely similar premise before, but I really like the idea that this au is based on. It’s an interesting setup so far, and I really look forward to how Yuuri and Victor’s relationship starts and develops, as well as how this Yuuri adjusts into the life of the lost one. 

3. Just Look, Don’t Touch by oh_fudgecakes || Rated M, 21k (WIP)

In which Ice Castle Hasetsu shuts down when Yuuri is seven, he never follows Viktor’s career as a kid, and he grows to idolise Viktor (and eventually fall in love) anyway.

Nineteen and full of hope, Katsuki Yuuri starts working at a strip club to fund his dreams of pursuing professional pole dancing as a performer and competitor. Stripping is nothing like he’d expected. At his lowest point, he meets twenty-three year old Viktor Nikiforov, who turns his whole world around in a single act of kindness before retreating back into the world of competitive figure skating. With new funds and new inspiration, Yuuri begins climbing up the pole-dancing ladder with one eye on Viktor Nikiforov’s achievements. He knows Viktor Nikiforov is going to make history, and he wants to make history right along with him.

  • I learned a lot about stripping and pole dance from this fic?
  • It feels really realistic, and is pretty informative in a way that isn’t infodump. The realism helped ground me as a reader into the AU’s setting, and possibly this fic might have ruined similar aus for me forever. The characterization feels really true to the characters, especially Yuuri, in how he ends up a pole dancer instead of an ice skater. It’s really interesting, all the dynamics that we’ve been shown so far (including the one between Yuuri and all the OCs) are really nice, and I look forward to future developments!

4. If U Seek Amy by Anonymous for DefiantDreams || Rated E, 8k

“YOU SAID NO?” Phichit exclaimed, his voice rising in tone and hysteria. Yuuri turned and watched as Phichit took a deep breath, as if trying to compose himself. “Are you crazy? I mean, you turned down the sex god himself, Christophe Giacometti?”

In which Yuuri and Chris discuss Britney Spears and Yuuri’s sex life, or lack thereof.

  • A product of the rare ships on ice, this one is chris/yuuri and is really enjoyable! It sets up their relationship in canon-verse really nicely (imho) and while it’s canon-compliant and thus they don’t have a romantic relationship, I still think it’s quite a good read, esp if you ship them/want to see more of them. I especially love the various references the author used. 

5. Matched by Anonymous for pageleaf || Rated T, 9.3k

If three men are all in love with each other, in how many ways can there be a couple?

(Hint: Polyamory.)


Chris and Yuuri match on Tinder, but they’re both in love with Victor Nikiforov (and Victor Nikiforov is in love with them).

  • college au which everyone is in love with each other and it all works out. it’s mostly relationship setup, and flows really nicely, and in general I enjoy reading this OT3 and feel like the author brought out some of my favorite parts of their dynamic. The Chris/Yuuri aspect is especially cute!
community 7x06: introduction to extraterrestrial relations

a thing i know in my heart to be true: jeff and annie definitely dressed up as mulder and scully as their first official couples’ costume on halloween, to really take advantage of their height difference and honor annie’s fbi internship. and jeff definitely threw some hissy fits over having to downgrade his hair to Fox Mulder Hair Levels.

did he wear a floppy wig? did annie try to re-shape his own beloved hair into an insulting imitation of mulder’s inferior mane? i don’t know, but i feel in my heart of hearts that community season 7 could have given us a THRILLING episode about it. in this hypothetical universe, i am the queen of community season 7.

this episode would also feature:

  • jeff and annie getting in a fight in the middle of the halloween dance because jeff cannot shake the humiliation of being seen with mulder hair. halloween is supposed to be an excuse for him to show off his handsomeness even more than usual. he cannot quite reconcile himself to choosing fun over choosing an opportunity to look cool, even if he knows in his heart of hearts he would rather have fun with annie.
  • “you seriously think it’s a handsomeness downgrade to dress up like david duchovny?” annie demands
  • “you seriously think it isn’t?” jeff says, appalled
  • “i don’t get why you’re being such a baby about this! we planned these costumes months ago! you were excited about it then!”
  • “i can’t just be david duchovny for you, annie. i’ve been me for over forty years. i’m not going to pretend to be your dopey dream guy just because you want me to! i am what i am; what you see is what you get. and most women, by the way, would be thrilled to get this.”
  • “how many years are you over forty, exactly? i’m just checking, because you may be in the running for WORLD’S OLDEST BABY.”
  • “you’re really gonna throw that label at me? DONALD TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT.”
  • “well, at least he’s willing to go out in public with bad hair!”
  • the crowd gasps in horror at this, the worst burn that has ever been inflicted upon a human being.
  • annie goes on, “and david duchovny isn’t my dream guy! it’s–”
  • “don’t say it,” jeff implores desperately. “annie, i beg of you, don’t say it. you know there’s no coming back from this–”
  • jeff reels back like he’s been punched.
  • “in guardians OR jurassic world!” annie digs the knife in.
  • “i hope aliens abduct you,” jeff growls.
  • “me too!” annie cries. “it’ll be a nice break from you!”
  • and annie storms out of the cafeteria.
  • “go winger! don’t let her chang you!” yells guess who.
  • “mulder and scully are fighting,” the dean announces over the mic from where he’s dj-ing. “i repeat, MULDER AND SCULLY ARE FIGHTING.”
  • “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” yells garrett
  • (and it goes on)

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this is purely a 'if you have the time' question!! but how would a scenario play out if the detective is putting on chapstick and it just so happens to be the agents fav fruit flavour (smell? i'm not sure lol) and they end up watching sorry if this seems totally weird haha, no pressure to do this :) i love wayhaven and am cheering for you from the sidelines!!

I suppose it depends on what point the relationship is at :D

If the crushing stage…

A would probably watch closely and have some very vague thought about wishing they could be that chapstick before quickly turning away and trying to concentrate on other things (and failing…) :D

N, in the crushing stage, actually would be very similar to A in this situation- but probably be a little more practised at hiding their gaze, lol.

F would probably take it as an excuse for getting a bit closer. Likely walk over to the MC and be like, ‘You got that everywhere’ and then run their thumb around the edge of the MC’s lips to ‘clean it up’ and then grin and walk away.

M wouldn’t exactly be backwards in coming forwards about it, as usual, lol. Probably walk over to the MC and ask, ‘If you’re putting that on, you must be asking for someone to have a taste’ with a very enticing bedroom-eyes look on their face and running their tongue over their lip, lol.

Thank you so much for the ask and the support! :)

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Do, Jefferson and Hamilton get married in the vague reincarnation au like, after college or like do they talk about it??

I dont see why not
I see there relationship in this au as being kinda off and on like
You have two really opinionated men, very smart, and dont agree on much. They dont always ‘fit’ they argue a lot and it can be exhausting. A lot of their college time is trying to figure out how they fit together. And sometimes they dont
But at the end of they day these are two guys that just, for whatever reason, love each other and above all want to be together
They’ll figure it out, they’re pretty smart assholes

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I don't think you're homophobic, a bad person, or any of that and am sorry you're getting outright hate BUT I think you're missing a lot of the point. I am not going to presume that you aren't LGBT, but I am unsure if you understand how LGBT people are irritated at how het pairings as "overt" as v*****ri are typically accepted as they are (/cont)

(cont) yet so many gay pairings portrayed in the same vein are “ambiguous” or argue that it isn’t canon. The “they’re DEEPER than romantic love” is also hurtful as people aren’t discriminated against for friendships and erases what makes them so special to LGBT fans.

(cont 3/3) Essentially, I think although you have good intentions in trying to be objective, with what I said in mind when you add separate commentary such as pointing out that soulmates can be platonic or the late night drama thing it does deeply hurt people, because it sounds like you’re trying to downplay them—intentionally or otherwise

Hello! First of all, thank you for making a concrete example and articulating your point logically!

I’m taking this occasion to write a long reply that encompasses my view of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship also with regard to heterocentricity. It’s long, but hopefully it’s exhaustive… 

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♤: Taking a bath together -- RebelCaptain please :D

from this prompt list - nonsexual acts of intimacy

this almost got angsty but I held back :P also, not sure how canon bathtubs are in the star wars universe (google just made me wanna buy a star wars tub mat from walmart) so let’s just pretend :D also TY FOR THE PROMPT!!!!! I love your rebelcaptain prompt responses so you totally kinda of preempted this mess :D

word count: 881 read on AO3 (cause mobile read mores are borked)

tags: fluff, established relationship, vague desc. of injuries/wound patching (I swear it’s vague), in which Cassian is a hopeless romantic sometimes

They’re caked in blood and dirt as they exited their U-Wing, Jyn more so than Cassian, as usual. It was in her hair, splattered across her cheeks and her fingertips were stained a faint rose –-his own blood — from where she’d helped him patch up his shoulder. Thankfully, the rest was neither his nor hers, but the byproduct of a Stormtrooper who dared to corner her too close, the same one who’d shot him moments before.

He’d never seen her react so quickly, one strike from her tonfa and he was down, her attention focused back to him before the ‘trooper even hit the dirt.

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  • okay, i know we all want Andrew’s pov in the series and Kevin’s would also be great, but just consider:
  • all of the other Foxes
  • just imagine how much different the books would be from their points of view???
  • imagine Matt’s pov
  • we’d fall even more in love with Neil than we already are, because Matt just looked at him and went “This is a precious child that I am now adopting”
  • we would get so much more about Dan
  • what would we think about Andrew, though??? like, we all know about the whole drug thing, so maybe he’d redeem himself in our eyes in the later books of the series, but he would be so controversial in the fandom
  • actually, all of the Monsters would be
  • his mom seems like an interesting character and we’d see more about her
  • and also what his struggle with drugs was like, we’d know so much more about that
  • and imagine Allison???
  • the second book would be really drastically different, tbh? so much of it would be about her recovery from Seth’s death
  • wait, would we hate Seth less??
  • also, how do the Foxes actually look? Allison would definitely actually give us more than a vague description
  • and her parents, what about her parents??? also, she was bulimic so how did that effect her during the series???
  • what would we think of everyone else in general?
  • on a side note, just all the snarky and salty comments
  • also, Dan’s pov
  • how much more would we hate the Monsters? because, Matt at least somewhat understood their motivations, but Dan was furious
  • and we would just fall so much in love with Matt overall
  • also, her whole relationship with Renee, according the extra content and all, is complicated and I want to see how that goes in her pov? like, by the time the books take place, they’re pretty close, but how did they get that way?
  • imagine Nicky’s pov?
  • just all of us wondering why the twinyards aren’t nicer to our problematic baby???
  • we would see him search up parenting tricks on the internet and use them on the twinyards 
  • (there’s this one hc about how he would probably go around with gold stars to give to the twinyards and just, imagine that quietly going on)
  • and how much more would we absolutely hate his parents??? because we only see them for a little bit of them and their effects on Nicky from what Neil can see, but there would be so much more from Nicky’s pov
  • he went to a conversion camp and we’d see more about that
  • Erik!!! so much more about Erik
  • also, Aaron’s pov
  • i know a lot of us hate Aaron from Neil’s pov, but how much would we hate Neil from Aaron’s??? for at least a little while, the majority probably would??? unreliable narrators, right?
  • what would we think about Andrew? be very confused for the majority of the books?
  • falling in love with Katelyn
  • actually knowing more about their relationship, because we have like zero clue about them except for the fact that they’re very in love? what motivated Aaron to get involved with her despite his deal with Andrew, how reluctantly did he start liking her?
  • the upperclassmen??? would his aura of saltiness around them translate into snarky inner monologues??
  • more about Tilda and how awful she was?
  • and, Renee’s pov
  • we’d get to see her inner conflict and how she’s trying to be better
  • we would get to see Andrew frustrated over Neil, bc we all know he ranted to her at least once or twice
  • i mean, most of what we could explore in her pov is explored in son nefes, which is honestly a gift, so this part is a bit short
  • just, her being great and her friendships with everyone?
  • so, overall, just how much different would the series be from the povs of the other Foxes?
“Previously On,” framing, and character priorities

i have A Lot Of Thoughts about rvb15x5 “previously on”

So it seems pretty clear that Joe Nicolosi is aware of trends in the fandom, at least to a certain extent. He’s made a lot of parallels in his story with what fans have been talking about. And it makes me wonder if his choice to describe the reds and blues’ 10 months of retirement in a single extended flashback was related to that understanding. It very well might not have been, but it definitely works out great for us, especially for fic authors. We have just enough information about what happened–relationships that developed, things that changed, a huge number of jokes that built on each other with fantastic momentum–that we get a strong sense of what that time was like. But we don’t have many details. And that gives us each an opportunity to fill in that missing time with our own guesses. Which is honestly such a gift! 

For example, we know Carolina ended up being chiller and more friendly and more jokey, and closer to the reds and blues (the reds in particular). But other than a few scenes where we see that happen or where we see the results of it, we don’t know how she got to that point. And that’s okay! That lets us step in and say, “Here’s what I think happened. What do you think?” And there’s enough leeway in there that it’s hard to say that any of us is wrong. We can all build off what is there to make our own stories, and we all have enough context for the setting to understand what each other is going for. And what was stated as canon is so interesting and new that it’s really inspirational–I haven’t felt this driven to create fic or art in a long, long time, but now it’s easy to think of things to write about. I love it. I love what this has the potential to do to the fandom. I want to read a million fics about the water park and about why the hell Carolina cares about Wash’s beard so much and about Grif being a master teacher of laziness and about all of it! 

Which brings me to my other point: the way Joe has framed the things that are most important to the Reds and Blues. A lot of people were frustrated with the way that the story glossed over the battle at the end of s13. We got less than a minute of vague description of what happened. What was that? We don’t get a beautifully choreographed, exciting fight scene? What a copout! And I definitely understand that feeling. Red vs Blue’s had some really fucking awesome action in it for the last five or six years, and I love it and want to see more of it. It’s kickass. 

But when the show began, there wasn’t much action. It was just the characters talking. It was all about their thoughts and their relationships (and about how they were assholes. That too). And that’s what it feels like it is again. The reds and blues spent a very short time talking about the fight, and a much longer time describing the insane utter nonsense they’ve been doing for the last ten months. Doesn’t that kind of tell us what their own priorities are? They care about the random bullshit a lot. They value the fights less.

And yes, this is simplifying it. Of course it would take a lot of time to describe ten months passing, and less time to describe a battle that took less than a day. And of course this isn’t the only reason they don’t want to talk about the Charon battle. They lost Epsilon in that fight, of course it’s a sensitive topic. But that kind of makes my point, too. They value their relationships with each other highly, enough that losing someone (even someone that they pretty much all complained about at some point) is significant and painful enough that it wipes out their desire to brag about how badass they were. 

I dunno. This is all just my opinion and definitely not me trying to tell anyone they shouldn’t be disappointed if they expected more detail or to see the fight themselves or anything like that. But tl;dr it works for me because it’s carried across in a way that furthers our understanding of the characters and of what they want and value. (Now, if later we see a flashback of the fight in a different context, I would be all for that. I’m just personally fine with it not happening here.)

anonymous asked:

I was wonderin if I could get your thoughts. Want to write from Ophelia's pov but I really can't get a grip on her character. She loved Hamlet - but did he undermine her? Repress her like all the other men of her time did, and that was why they split? Did he just become blind to her 'madness'? WAS she mad? Would she have thought his quest silly and self-centred? Did she aspire to greater things she couldnt achieve as a woman? (stay tuned 4 part 2)

part 2: How did the men in her life let her down /exactly/? she’s not super fleshed out and I could use some thoughts. For e.g. I’m also writing about Desdemona and focusing on abusive relationships, but it’s much harder to pinpoint a specific subject matter for Ophelia (the idea is giving voice to victims of patriarchy in literature) just because all the text on her is very vague e.g “she was oppressed” like ok gimme some to work with here pham. Anyway would love your thoughts/take on her <3

Sounds like an interesting project… and lots of questions to answer!

I assume you saw this post, which covers some of the problems you address, but I’ll try to answer your questions more specifically.

Insofar as Ophelia is a fictional character, some of your questions are unanswerable. There’s nothing in the text that can give us an accurate assessment of what Ophelia would have thought of Hamlet’s quest and whether she aspired to greater things, for instance. That can be up to you as a creative writer to imagine.

As to why they split up (if they were ever exactly together), the indication is that Ophelia broke off the relationship with Hamlet because her father and brother told her to: ‘as you did command / I did repel his letter and denied / His access to me’ (2.1.105-7). It can’t really be blamed on Hamlet. That’s a typical instance of patriarchal values dictating a woman’s life and how she ought to appear before marriage, and how she ought to act towards men who might not marry her. If the obsession with virginity and purity didn’t exist, then there would be no need for Ophelia’s father and brother to monitor her activity and look out for her. But it’s important to note that Polonius and Laertes’s words and actions are also dictated by patriarchal values that they didn’t make up themselves. Objectively, one can say she was let down by them, but as far as they’re concerned (and as far as Ophelia’s concerned too), they’re looking after her interests.

As for Ophelia, she never actually says exactly what she thinks of Hamlet. She only says that Hamlet has been courting her, but not her feelings. In fact, she says to her father ‘I do not know, my lord, what I should think’ (1.3.103), suggesting either that she’s intimidated by her father, or that she doesn’t have much of a mind of her own (itself an interesting indication of her position). Basically, the text leaves quite a lot of leeway for actors to play her as they like: she could be clearly in love and grudgingly obeying her father and brother, she might be confused, or she might just be going along with whatever she’s told (feeling for Hamlet because he feels for her, stopping seeing him because she was told not to). She does later say that seeing Hamlet mad makes her ‘of ladies most deject and wretched’ (3.1.154), and since Hamlet killing her father is enough to send her mad, she is probably quite fond of him. I don’t say she didn’t love Hamlet, but unlike characters like Juliet or Desdemona, she never says anything passionate to or about Hamlet.

There’s nothing in the text that would suggest Hamlet is undermining Ophelia, but he does insult her and her gender, especially during the nunnery scene (3.1.141-45). Telling her to go to a nunnery isn’t insulting in itself, but he goes on a whole tirade about women and their ways that would be nothing but confusing from her perspective. She does end up putting it down to his madness though, so she doesn’t seem to take that to heart: ‘O, what a noble mind is here o’erthrown!’ (3.1.149).

The text does suggest that Ophelia really does go mad, and that the madness is caused by the death of her father at the hands of her lover: all of her songs after she goes mad are about death and sex. This is the biggest hint of the kind of oppression she’s been under: she never talks about sex before she’s mad, which shows that her madness has freed her to talk about the things that actually concern her. This suggests that the patriarchal values that dictate her constrain her not to talk about sex. But you’ve got to remember that Hamlet and Ophelia are never on stage together after she goes mad, so there’s nothing for him to notice. The last time they spend together is in the Mousetrap scene, Hamlet goes to England, and when he returns, she’s dead.

I think the important thing to remember with Ophelia is that there are more men in her life than Hamlet, and that patriarchy and oppression don’t necessarily manifest in certain actions. That is to say that the men in her life don’t have to have let her down for her to be oppressed by patriarchy. This is because, while it can lead to abusive actions and particular instances of mistreatment of women and abusive relationships, patriarchy points to the larger systemic oppression of women that prevents them from acting freely, it’s not necessarily about individual men. There are some moments when this becomes clearer, for instance when she is made to act a certain way (and not see Hamlet) because of social expectations, or where it turns out that the suppression she feels is so strong that the loss of her father is enough to drive her mad, but it’s not like there are exact and specific instances of abuse and repression in Ophelia’s case, because what she’s suffering under reflects a much wider problem caused by the values of the patriarchal society she lives in but that neither she nor the people around her are necessarily aware of.

I’m afraid Shakespeare isn’t simple. Nothing is black and white, and being a victim of a situation often involves forces much larger than a few individuals and their lives.

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Hi! First of all, I love your meta for Turn amc. It brings me a lot of insight into things I would have missed the first time around. I saw a post recently that equated Anna and Hewlett having screentime this season to be as horrible as Arnold or Simcoe given prevalence in the show, and I can't get it. Some ships aren't for everyone, but I get frustrated when Hew's name is thrown together with men who have been abusive when his and Anna's relationship is built on complete and total respect.

Thanks for your kind words about my meta! I gotta say, I’ve started all sorts of different ways to respond to this. It’s difficult because even if I’d seen the post you refer to (I don’t think I have), I don’t feel comfortable talking about anyone’s post behind their back, as it were. It’s also difficult because in the end, I think it’s best if we just try not to let ourselves be bothered by such things. We all get to like and dislike different things — which is as it should be — and nobody is ever going to understand every other person’s preferences. (Nor do we need to understand them.)

With that said, I sympathize with your frustration in a general sense. And ultimately, I think the best way I can respond is simply to offer you some positivity by gushing about just a FEW of the reasons that I love Hewlett and his relationship with Anna so very, very much.

I love that, as you said, this is a relationship built first and foremost on mutual respect. Heather Lind herself described it in those exact words. I’ve loved our brave, sad, lonesome Anna since the very beginning, and all throughout the series, we see her suffer continual disrespect at the hands of so many other characters: Richard, who sees her as a whore; Selah, who sees her as a possession, and Simcoe, as a prize to be won despite her objections; Abe, who broke her heart supposedly for the sake of honor yet still seems content to keep her as a piece on the side, who remains jealous and possessive of her even when she’s cut off the affair, who refuses to respect her wishes and her autonomy; even Ben and Caleb, who each at different times doubt her abilities on the basis of her sex. And then there’s Hewlett. Awkward, unlikely Hewlett, who first finds himself attracted to her because he’s so struck by her courage. I fucking LOVE that, you guys. So many fictional romances are based on nothing more than lust or some vague sense that Designated Male Lead and Designated Female Lead are in love, never taking into account actual personality traits, and I love love love that Anna and Hewlett’s relationship is developed by scene after scene of them actually, like … talking. Hanging out. Getting to know one another. Stargazing while having an intellectual discussion about morality and science. Playing the harpsichord. Collaborating on military strategy — and god, how beautiful that despite how little the other Culpers seem to value her input half the time, Hewlett trusts Anna and takes her ideas seriously. Because he respects her, dammit, just as she respects and admires him for being “a man of honor, of intellect, of kindness.” His proposal explicitly cites his respect for her, and her apology in 3.08 cites her respect for him. I love that even in season 1, when they were nothing to each other, he’s curt and impersonal with her but never cruel; I love that even in 3.08, when he has every right to be angry and hurt, the rudest thing he does is sit down before she does. I love that even when Hewlett was pretty much just an antagonist, he was never a villain, and I love that his relationship with Anna has allowed us to explore both of these wonderful characters in such new and interesting ways. It’s been so unspeakably rewarding to see them both grow so much as they’ve opened each other’s eyes — and ours — to the moral complexity of this war.

Neither Anna nor Hewlett is faultless. Nobody is, especially in times of war. But he has never mistreated her, she has mistreated him only to save his life, and they have both sacrificed dearly for each other. Not because either of them demanded or even expected sacrifice, but because they each cared about the other’s safety more than their own happiness, their own reputation, or showing blind loyalty to their side in the war. And I love that they have gone from being near-strangers on different sides to caring about each other so much.

Not liking Annlett is fine. Not liking Hewlett is fine. I have no desire to tell people what to like — nor to demand that they not express their opinions, positive or negative, on their blogs. But in my view, Annlett has deeply enriched the thematic complexity of Turn, and at the very least, I don’t see how any canon-based analysis could come to the conclusion that it’s somehow wrong to enjoy this ship or to want it to have screentime this season. So let’s just shrug, carry on liking what we like, and remember all the reasons to love Hewlett and Anna and their relationship. And I for one will continue hoping for oodles of Annlett in season 4.