i just love how they look like children around their parents

i just kind of realized something. you know that one song kass sings about zelda being in love with link? and how he says his teacher left poems around hyrule for the hero to find? i was thinking about how paya writes in her diary if link is in love with zelda. did she grow up hearing that? if that song kass sings is like a folklore type of song, does that mean there’s like a legend about the princess and the hero being in love? do people commonly gather around campfires and sing tunes about their eternal love? do parents tell their children bedtime stories of the romance between link and zelda? like, there’s also the traveling couple in the game who are looking for a silent princess to swear their love to each other. since the flower represents zelda, i wonder if it’s some type of like thing where couples are like “you’re the princess to my hero!” does this mean link and zelda are the brangelina of hyrule

okay but that one stydia scene in the new episode looks like stiles and lydia are at a parent/teacher meeting because their little girl pulled a stiles and scared all the children with werewolf stories, possibly going around biting and “turning” the other four year olds and they just look at each other like “oh god, how are we going to get out of this one” 

kurrybyun  asked:

Can I request one where Akashi cheats with the reader escape a toxic arranged marriage. Just like that one scenario you mentioned in a post not too long ago. Also, if it fits into the story can the ending be angsty? Like the wife finds out and Akashi can't see the reader anymore. Also, thanks in advance. ❤︎❤︎

I will be putting this under a cut just in case, as I know this could be a sensitive topic to some people. Here you go! -Admin Fyre

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