i just love how they all look up to robb

On Jon Snow and his siblings

I think people tend to generalize and compartmentalize Jon’s love for his siblings as one single category, which is: he loves them all equally. This is not true; Jon is not a perfect character, he’s not a perfect brother, and he has good and valid reasons to have more affection for some of his siblings over the other.

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Hi there! 2 questions, if you have time lol who do you think had more chemistry, Ross & Rachel or Monica & Chandler? :) and what are the couples you think have the best chemistry in GoT?

These are interesting questions.

The “Friends” question is interesting because to me, Ross and Rachel are chemistry

That’s basically what their relationship is

it’s about the angst

the will-they-won’t-they

the longing gazes

It’s purely chemistry, which the list Ross makes when he compares Rachel to Julie proves because in the con column for Julie he simply writes “She’s not Rachel” so because of that, because their entire dynamic is based in them having a chemistry that doesn’t go away, I think it’s hard for any couple to have more chemistry than them.

Whereas with Monica and Chandler before they got together, it’s not that they had this intense chemistry that made their pairing make sense, it’s that they had dynamic, they had moments

they had an intimacy that showed how close they were because when Chandler wants to please Kathy, for instance, it’s Monica who tells him what to do and when Monica laments not having a boyfriend, Chandler is like I don’t know why because you’re amazing

so that when they actually do get together, it’s like well yeah because you two were working towards each other for a long time so you just fit

which doesn’t mean that they don’t have chemistry because they do, in order to fit, in order to make a relationship like that sell, you need to have chemistry with your partner but like I keep saying because I think their relationship is rooted more in dynamic than in chemistry, I think Mondler wins substance while Rosschel wins chemistry.

For Game of Thrones.

Now, you all know how I am about gazes so for me, Missandei and Grey Worm win because they communicate so much through how they look at each other because for a long time that’s all they did, they expressed how they felt about one another through how they looked at each other and that takes good chemistry

so that when they finally hook up, it’s all those gazes in that hook up

Jonsa isn’t a “couple” but the reason for my preoccupation with them is their chemistry, it’s quiet yet intense and palpable and there’s just this charge between them that makes every scene non platonic

like they make my heart beat fast.

I really hate Daeneyrs, I really do, but she and Drogo had some, like, intense chemistry, I can’t even lie about it

It’s funny I liked Robb and Talisa and I loved Jon and Ygritte (and I love that Kit and Rose are getting married!) but their onscreen chemistry isn’t as palpable as these examples, like Ygritte and Jon have moments where it’s like Kit and Rose shine through so it looks really genuine:

but that’s kind of it.

Shae and Tyrion were another couple I liked and the way that went sideways had me like what in all the fucks? but again, not palpable chemistry.

Seek Approval - Jon Snow x Reader

Just a little thing i started so so long ago based on a necklace I have that has a tree like the weirwood tree. Let us all imagine that everyone is happy and things are as they should be like before season 1 as i am so depressed right now sitting on an airport floor in Cyprus wanting to cry and needing a hug.

Wanna be tagged in anything or everything? Message me and let me know!


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You stood admiring the small silver pendant you held delicately in your hands. It depicted a small tree, a Weirwood tree and it was given to you by Jon Snow. He had saved up what little coin he could to buy you it so you could always have a piece of him with you, seeing as you had to keep your relationship rather secret - not that you wanted to.
You were a simple working girl, the daughter of the Starks blacksmith, who helped make the lady’s furs and dresses. You family had always been on good terms with the Starks despite the status difference but when Catelyn had so kindly offered you needlepoint lessons with her daughters you happily took them. Now, to repay her kindness, you worked for the family. Your father was rather stuck in his ways and wanted you to marry as well as you could (being a working girl it would be nothing extravagant but he wanted what was best). He would not appreciate you being with a bastard, but Jon wasn’t that to you.
He was caring and loyal and deep down, though if he told you, you would disagree completely, he believed himself to not be worthy of you. You deserved more than a bastard in his eyes. You deserved a loving safe family and who was he to provide that? He wasn’t. A bastard wasn’t worth loving. Of course if you had known all this you would have been outraged at him thinking such things so he kept it to himself, only dropping his smile when you would turn your gaze so you wouldn’t see how much it hurt him when he thought such things.
You remained looking at the pendant. You never really knew why he had given it to you but he wouldn’t answer you when you asked him so you let him be, supposing it was just a gift. “It’s meant to go round your neck.” Robb laughed at you as he caught you gazing at it. He was one of the very few people that knew about you and Jon,
“I know that dummy.” you shot back as a joke, “I just don’t understand why he gave it me, that’s all.”
“You know you two can not be together, yes?” Robb had taken the necklace from you and walked around you to put it on,
“I know, my father…"
"Both our fathers would not allow it. Jon is a bastard, yes, but he is still higher ranking than you.” Robb was your friend, but he would always remind you of your place - not in a harsh way, but because he cared and didn’t want you tangled up in his family too much. It would only leave you hurt.
“I know, Robb.” you sighed allowing your hair to fall back into place after he had done the clasp,
“You are a lovely girl, I cannot deny that but you must not get your hopes up too high. Jon isn’t destined for much, he wouldn’t be able to…”
“Able to what?” Jon’s northern tones came from behind the two of you. You turned quickly to face him,
“Jon, he was just trying to help me…”
“Help you with what? Leaving me?” To your surprise Jon didn’t look all that hurt by it all, “Brother, you knew how it was and I confided in you but telling (y/n) this?”
“Wait, telling me what?” Jon’s face dropped at your words ,
“Jon, I haven’t said anything but now you have too.” Robb looked between you nervously before bidding his leave quietly and quickly,
“Do you wish to tell me want is going on, Jon?” your voice was confused and worried over how Jon’s face had fell and the way he had remained so calm at the idea of the two of you parting ways. “Do you regret getting involved with me?” you asked in the spur of the moment as your panic rose inside of you and you gripped your homemade skirts in your hands. Jon moved towards you but said nothing only throwing you deeper into your rising panic as you tried to move away from him. “Answer me!” you almost shouted, you had never done that with him before.
“It’s complicated, okay!” he raised his voice equally and you flinched but he didn’t notice as he started to back away from you, “I do, yes but not the way you think.” he ran his hand through his rough hair and shook his head before turning away and towards the door,
“Don’t walk away from me” you demanded finally bringing him to a halt, “what is going on with you?” He looked hesitant for a moment before closing the door and turning to you,
“What Robb was about to tell you was I won’t be able to provide for you. I have no right to anywhere, I have no inheritance or money or home  that I truly belong.” you could see the tears begin to glisten in his eyes but he refused to let them fall. He always refused to let them fall. “I regret being the one to stop you from being with a man that will give you that. You may not be highborn but you could happily marry an honest working man who could provide for you and a family. I couldn’t promise any of that and I am keeping you from that, I have no right to do so.” His gleaming eyes never left yours as you came to your heartbreaking understanding of what he was saying.
“I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” you admitted quietly, “It may be against every rule, against every ones views and plans but I don’t want to be some farmers wife I want to be your wife."
"A bastards wife."
"If that is what it is to wed you then yes, a bastards wife.” You hated to say it but you were so adamant to get your point across you couldn’t help but say anything you could to get to him,
“Your father would never want this, without his approval…” you scoffed shutting him up to look at you as you lost your composure completely,
“What do you mean I have to wait for someone’s approval? I’m someone. I approve. So I give myself permission to move forward with my full support!” you almost laughed deliriously as he simply looked at you with an unreadable expression but with his usual pout that you found unbearably adorable making you cross the room to him and happily finding yourself in his arms again as they wound around your waist letting you place your hands so delicately on his cheeks and breath slightly in relief,
“I care about your feelings more than my own.” he murmured moving into your touch,
“I know you do and that is what makes you such a fool sometimes. You don’t have to pretend with me, Jon Snow it wont work anymore.” you pressed one gentle kiss to his lips,
“I’m just glad that you’re happy but remember the moment some honest man comes or you, you may leave. I would understand.”
“Oh just be quiet and kiss me.”

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Little Angel- Jon Snow x reader (pt1)

Imagine being a kitchen maid and feeding a hungry baby using castle food… and getting caught. You have an upsetting past and are being taken care of by the starks.

A/N- I literally just thought about this and am so eager to write it down. I hope you enjoy it… otherwise go fuck yourself..

Anywho ha… let’s get on with this.


(Y/N)’s POV

I quickly rushed into the kitchen as my stomach grumbled. I can’t believe that I overslept. It was my day to cook for the Starks. I had planned out everything last night… too bad it took most of the night to do.

Luckily for me, there was nobody in the kitchen to yell at me about my lack in punctuality.

I sighed. What shall I do now?

My stomach growls again and I am forced to bend down to grasp my hollow stomach.
If I even dare to take Stark food I will be punished, I cannot take that risk.

Suddenly I hear a cry of a baby. It seems to be coming from outside the kitchen doors.

As I open the door, I see a baby with tears running down her cheeks. My heart throbs as she crawls towards me and into the kitchen. I move myself around the baby in order to conceal her presence and sneaking her in.

I pick up the baby and out of nowhere she clings onto me. At that moment, my heart was put at rest. All the worry I had built up inside me had vanished.

“Okay, little lady. What are you doing here?” I said to the chubby little baby. I soon realised that she was too young to reply and understand and mentally face palmed.

I noticed her reach out for the bread (idk man… just pretend they eat this stuff) and realised that she must be hungry.

I looked around and let out an exasperated sigh.

I know it is wrong but I cannot let this baby starve.

I take out the bread and rip a little but off, handing it to the baby. She giggles and devoures the bread in her tiny mouth.

While she was eating I noticed something strange. The baby had not been wearing rags. She was actually dressed in fine clothing.

She must come from a rich family. Where are her parents? How did she get here?

My thoughts were interrupted by the baby violently shoving the food into my mouth. When I tried to put the food down, her smile fell.

I didn’t want to make her cry so I ate the bread. My body was soothed a little from the hunger and I felt myself craving for more.

The baby clapped her hands, clapping as she watched me munch down the bread.

I smiled.

She reminded me of my baby…. my baby that had been taken away from me.

I recall the day as if it were yesterday.

My husband was murdered infront of me, trying to protect me from Lannister soldiers. He was a brave man. Worked to protect the Starks with all of his life. In exchange they promised to keep me in their castle as a kitchen maid. We loved our baby. Those monster stomped on my baby and jabbed a spear through her fragile skull.

I flinch as I feel a tiny, warm hand touch my cheeks. I open up my eyes to reveal the little girl wipe away my tears.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with her kindness. I hug the little baby, protecting her with my hands.

“Oh, you beautiful child. Eat up. You shall become a strong girl, who shall fight your own battles.” I kiss her forehead.

I place a pan infront of her and face it upside down so that she can band her hands onto it and us it as a drum. I happily placed more food ahead of her as i ate with her.

I got carried away with all the fun and didn’t realise how much noise I was making. I noticed people standing at the door of the kitchen and shifted myself to face them.

My heart dropped as I saw Lord Robb Stark, Jon Snow, Theon and other guard staring at me mortified….. so except Jon Snow. He had a soft smile upon his face.

I curtsied out of fear. “My lord. I - uh I am sorry..”

As Robb was about to speak, Theon yelled, “You’re sorry, are you? For what?! For coming in late?! For stealing castle food?! For kidnapping a knights kin?! Which one are you sorry for?”

My heart stopped. “A- a knights kin? I d-didnt know… I didn’t kidnap her… I just-”

I was almost cut off by Theon but Jon had stopped him.

“She was not talking to you. She was talking to Robb.” He argued and then turned to me with a soft smile.

“It is Lord Robb to you, bastard.” Theon growled. I almost reached out my hand to strike Theon. I hated the fact that people would class Jon Snow as a bastard. He had not done anything to deserve it. It wasn’t his fault.

Robb cleared his throat. “I told you to stay away from trouble (y/n). Didn’t I? I know that my father has promised to take care of you to repay for your …. for his loyalty but its hard when you’re always in trouble.” He sighed.

Tears ran down my face. “I’m sorry. All I tried to do was help. That is all I ever tried to do. She was hungry… I could not just let her starve.”

Jon’s eyes fell to the ground. I could tell something bad had happened.

At that moment, a guard ran in yelling, “I could not find the baby!” He stopped as he saw her with me.

“Why..why do you need her? What is wrong…? Tell me, please.” I cried.

Theon was going to say something but Robb got there first.

“ (y/n) … the thing is… her parents, they are dead. She doesn’t have any family. We have to….she has to go. She wont survive alone…” Robb awkwardly said. I could tell that he really didn’t want me to know.

My heart fell.
“You.. you’re going to kill her?” I whispered.

Robb nodded. Jon’s head shook up.

“You dont have to. You saw how happy she was with (y/n) … you dont have to go that. I am sure that (y/n) wouldn’t mind. ” Jon urged Robb to agree.

They all looked towards me. “I want her. I will take her in as my own. Please …. don’t hurt her. She has not done anything wrong.”

Theon yells, “she is an orphan, you stupid cow! She won’t love you as her mother! She is just as much of a burden as a bastard.” He harshly glances at Jon.

I had enough of Theon. Before I could think, I slapped Theon. “Don’t you dare! How dare you insult orphans and bastards?! I am just as bad! Im a damn widow, who had lost her child! Yet you took me in with open arms! I don’t care if you happen to be close with royalty, insult them again and i WILL take away your tongue!”

Robb smiles. “You have she same fierce love for justice that he had.”

I looked down to realise I had been shaking with anger and tears were rushing down my face.

Robb agreed to letting me keep her and dragged Theon out of the kitchen, apologising on his behalf.

I cried into Jon’s chest as he ribbed my back to cool me down.

He whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, you shall be a great mother…. I know you will.”

A/N - Guys! Do you want a part 2 with Jon Snow helping (y/n) take care of the baby … OR would you rather have it as a really sad one… where (y/n) dies… and Jon takes care of the baby???

Okay guys! I realised that I am an idiot and can’t hyperlink … so pt 2 will be on my blog when it comes out. (Not out yet)
GoT Afterthoughts 7x01 (Jonsa edition).

Okay, so I had to watch this twice, as I was semi-distracted with my rugrats who haven’t mastered staying in bed after they’re tucked in, yet (or ever ..probably). For my fellow Jonsa shippers -anchors aweigh, but we’ll come back to that later ….as romance is really not what this show hinges on. I apologize in advance that this will probably hop around and be as scattered as my brain, but I’ll do my best to keep it tidy.

So right out of the gate, this season kicked off with our sweet baby murder Stark posing as crusty old man Frey and taking out all those responsible for the Red Wedding. Sweet, sweet retribution my friends, and while I gleefully squealed with joy that all those rat bastards got what they deserved, I’m almost positive that Arya will take up the books Lady Stoneheart arc, and therefore, I truly worry about her longevity in the series.

Then we see an eerie shot of the NK’s army marching forward (clearly towards the wall), and it’s massive! With fucking Giants! Giants my dudes and dolls -and quite a few of them. So a lot of people think the Wall is coming down at some point this season, but as Meera and Bran arrive at Castle Black I can’t help but wonder if the Wall even needs to come down? Remember when Bran sneakily wargged while the three-eyed-raven was sleeping and the NK touched him and then was able to instantly transport his entire army right to their doorstep? What if he can do that now that Bran has crossed to the other side of the Wall?

Back to Jonsa, as we were treated with a delightful scene of our KitN and the Lady of Winterfell (ahem, seated at his left as the King’s consort would be) entertaining their subjects of the North, as Jon rallies support to prepare for the coming war(s). They have a spat about what to do with the houses land/keeps that threw their support behind Ramsey. Sansa wants to reward the loyal houses and set a punishable example for those who abandoned the Starks in their time of need, while Jon refuses to punish the children for the sins of their fathers and is much more interested in UNITING the north. I have to say that while I understand exactly why Sansa feels this way (considering the horrors that Ramsey put her through), I’m behind Jon on this one, and judging by her facial expression after the children knelt before Jon, I believe that Sansa saw this too. And fuck that smirking snake Littlefinger always lurking around like some creepy child abductor in the shadows!

So at first this scene kind of upset me (the first time around I was more listening than watching expressions -remember the rugrats not staying in bed? lol) because I kind of disliked the two of them arguing in plain view of everyone else (ugh and ESPECIALLY in front of LF who is just waiting to stir the shitpot) -and I couldn’t help but cringe inwardly at all the rumors of this Starkbowl BS and how everyone was going to immediately jump to conclusions ….

But then we are treated to the next lovely Jonsa scene of them strolling through Winterfell (very reminiscent of a beloved past KitN and his lady-love) and the reasoning behind Sansa’s outburst becomes a bit more clear (at least to me) …her father and Robb- one tried to always be just and fair and the other was inexperienced and rash, and look where it got them? Right now Jon is all she has, and she’s determined not to see him end up the same way. Sansa knows how to play the game -she’s got the political savvy that Jon lacks and she’s damn well going to question his judgement sometimes (and yes girl, yessss! She’s come so far) -and what’s better, she CAN! Jon pretty much tells her so “of course you can, you’re my sister, but ….” He simply doesn’t want her to do so in front of their “subjects” as undermining him makes him look weak. He’s not power hungry like Joffrey -a juxtaposition that was even brought up in their conversation, with Sansa confirming that Jon is the polar opposite (shipping goggles fully affixed: she does so with the sweetest most heartfelt imploring expressive eyes - le sigh). Starkbowl is a sham! Our babies hashed this out and did not let it fester with resentment. Jon needs to LISTEN to her council (and no Jon, that would not be so bad)!

And while my shipping goggles are on, let’s talk about this tension -let’s talk about Jon marching ahead stubbornly and Sansa grabbing his arm to get his attention. Let’s talk about the cameras focusing in on that. Let’s talk about how Jon’s eyes immediately drop to their point of contact -and why is he so tense? Hmmmmmm. I think our ship has become more like a submarine (meaning that it’s a steady hum just below the waters surface) -because it has to be right now. Because they are still siblings.

Bonus (and I’m paraphrasing): Jon- “father always said that anything that comes before ‘but’ is horse shit..” Also Jon- “you’re my sister, ‘but’ …” *thank you fellow Jonsa shippers @starks-in-the-north and @cathcacen for pointing this little gem out.* 😂

This Jonsa scene was immediately followed by another bro/sis pair - Queen Cersei and Jamie - (who pretty much spent the entire scene looking at her like she done lost her damn mind). Could Cersei be the mad queen? She’s got nothing else left to lose. Oh, and Euron is a jerk … can’t wait until Yara and Theon kill his ass!

Back to Winterfell! Okay, I ship the crap out of Brienne/Jamie but Tormund’s crush on B is giving me LIFE! I simply adore that he has heart eyes for her, and it’s even more adorably adorable because Brienne hasn’t exactly had a long line of suitors. She knows that deep down she’s kinda flattered -even if she’s also annoyed! lol And my precious baby deserves a little flattery because she’s just fucking wonderful and I love her and I want her to feel special like she did that day at the dance before she realized what those rotten little shits were up to! And while I’m ranting about my precious cinnamon roll, how about her face when little Lyanna (also a precious cinnamon roll who will slit your throat) proudly declared that she would fight! I need these two babies to have more scenes together this season - PLEASE!

Wow, this is getting long and I’ve barely scratched the first couple of scenes! Sorry guys, but I’m not done ranting yet and I know I’ve jumped around and am not tackling this in any sort of order ….

Sansa and LF … my God, baby girl! Her tongue is as sharp as her wit! There is NO WAY IN HELL that I would ever believe she’d betray Jon with this weasel. She’s onto him and she is taking him down. Now, would she manipulate the manipulator into thinking this in order to take him down? Umm yeah.

Sam is not exactly having a great time at the Citadel, but he has already stumbled onto something important -a dragon glass mine under Dragon Stone. So Jon will likely go south soon. Before all of you start panicking about the leaks and “boatbang”, I advise you all that attractive people can have sex in the absence of love and if it happens, I implore you to pay attention to the context. Jon is still under the impression that Sansa is his SISTER. A sexual tryst doesn’t impede a Jonsa endgame, my loves!

We now also know where Jorah has ended up, and it looks like his entire arm is now covered. How far has it spread? I miss him!

The Hound also seems to have an important role in the upcoming battle. I’m glad that he buried that family that he murdered. I’ve always been on the fence with his character -like Jamie, he walks a fine line. I’m really looking forward to an Arya/Hound reunion. And speaking of Arya … I really enjoyed the scene of the Lannister soldiers offering her food/shelter for the night. I was kind of worried when she first came upon them because this is GoT and rape and all -but at its core, it was a very moving scene that these men who are actually supposed to be her enemies, showed her nothing but kindness.

The dragon queen has arrived. Love her or hate her, Dany’s arrival at her ancestral home was pretty moving -especially seeing the dragons circling overhead! Wow - powerful scene! The castle is fucking GORGEOUS on the outside, although the dreary decor inside leaves much to be desired. I actually really love Dany -she has definitely gotten darker since Astapor, but I still love her. I’ve had a very strong feeling for quite some time now that she would become an antagonist once she stepped on Westeros soil ….only time will tell.

If you made it all the way through my rambling madness - thanks for sticking around. Jonsa is still endgame. See you next Sunday!

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though not technically brothers, jon and robb have known each other all their lives. separated by only months (jon being slightly older), they’ve grown up together and have always been best friends. without a father of his own, jon came to idolize robb’s father, ned. after graduating high school, jon pursued a career in criminology whilst robb went into politics. one day robb wants to be the leader of the free world! these days they’re just sharing an apartment in the spice district of san myshuno with their dogs, ghost and grey wind.

Brand New Love

Word count: 688 

 You know Robb since you were children. Falling in love with him happened slowly, year after year. When he decided to go to war, you didn’t have to ask him to go. You always give him good advice.

 Your tent was near to his own, and you talked until late at night. But since the last battle, Robb is distant. Never had time for you.

 Today isn’t different, but you find him talking with some of his men, about the next battle.

 “King Robb.” You say with a smile. Robb turns to face you, dismissing those men.

 “My Lady. I’m sorry for being out of time. I should never abandon such a good friend.” Robb hugs you tight, and your heart rate increases. If you could only stay in his arms forever, you’d be the happiest woman in this world. But he let’s go of you too soon.

 “I miss you. It’s been years since we stopped talking like we use to.”

 “Years? You’re been exaggerated, my Lady.”

 “No, I’m not, my King.” You take his arm as both of you start a slow walk through the camp.

 “There’s no need for you to call me King.”

 “Then don’t call me lady.” You smile when a bird flies next to you.

 “Have I ever told you I love your smile?” His words warm your heart. Is it possible that he can feel the same way you do?

 “Yes. You always say that.”

 “Let’s have dinner together. I want to introduce you someone very important. ” You both stop, Robb’s smiling gently at you. How could you say no to him? You agree silently. “Great. I’ll ask someone to call you.”

 “I’ll be waiting, Robb.”

 His tent is warm and smells like summer. As soon as you enter he comes to greet you.

 “We were waiting for you. Come join us.”

 You follow him to his wooden table. Then you notice a woman. You know her. She was helping the wounded from the battle. You smiled gently at her, until Robb stands beside her, his hand on her waist.

 “My lady (Y/N), I want you to meet Talisa. I plan to marry her.” Robb whispers and you know he wants to keep it as a secret.

 “M-marry her?” You stutter, feeling your heart sink. When they kiss, you turn your eyes away from them. You lose your breath and try to pretend everything is fine.

 “(Y/N), are you feeling sick?”

 “No. No! I’m… I’m just dizzy. I also want to tell you something. ” Breathing heavily you clenches your fists.

 Your heart was destroyed for the first time. On the stories your father use to tell you, the girl always ends up with the love of her life. You curse your father. He should tell you the truth about the world, how it’s cruel and mean. Dreams don’t come true. What were you thinking? That you would marry Robb and then everything would perfect? No, never. You look up at him, with your smile showing all the pain you’re feeling.

 “You’re scaring me. What is it?” Robb seems really worried, letting go of his future wife and approaching you.

 “I’m going home.” The words slip out your mouth too easily.

 “Home? Why?”

 “Because I’m tired of suffering, Robb. And I decided to put an end to it.”

 “What are you talking about?” He holds both your hands in his, but you pull away from him.

 “Nothing. I love you, Robb. Goodbye. ” You turn your back on him, leaving his tent.

 Robb calls you a few times before you’re too far to hear his voice. You’re done with been around Robb, always trying to get his attention. Now you want to live, and for the first time in years, you smile for yourself. When you get home, you’ll get all the money you have, and will travel as far as you can, leave Westeros forever. No more wars, no more Stark or Lannister. You suddenly feel the urge to be free from all of this.  Free from Robb, and maybe you’d find a brand new love at the east.

A/N: This is a request from my lovely friend @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure I really hope you like it. And sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

Family Troubles (part 2)

(Robb x Reader)

“What did you want to talk about?” You ask sitting down on a bench with Robb.

He smiles, “Nothing special. I just haven’t seen you much lately, it’s almost as if you’re avoiding me.”

“Hah…yeah why would I do that.” You say nervous and laugh along with him.

“I don’t know.” His voice is serious all of a sudden, the smile that was just there gone now, “Did I do something wrong?”

“What? No! I…uhm just was a bit busy you know.”

“You have time today then?”

“Sure…” No way out of this situation now. You didn’t want to be rude or come off that cold, after all you did like him.

“Great we’re going hunting with the others.”

“I can’t hunt, I can’t even shoot a crossbow.”

“No problem I’ll teach you.”

“Robb waa…” He’s already up, walking away and waving you goodbye.

You sat on the bench for a while longer, thinking what exactly you should do from now on. Theon had been right you liked Robb if it was love you didn’t know though. There was no way to be sure it was love because you didn’t know how it felt. Theon sat down next to you with a grin. You punched him in the shoulder and gave him an angry look.

“Thanks to you I have to go hunting later.” You say annoyed.

“It will be fine, I mean I will be there how couldn’t it.”

“God I hate you so much sometimes.”

Robb showed you how to hold a bow before you went out. You didn’t think you’d be able to catch anything with your skills, let alone a moving target.

Not only weren’t bows your thing, horses weren’t either but it was one day so you just had to sit through it. You all went out into the woods, following behind the dogs who picked up the scent of some animal. People kept disappearing in different directions and you found yourself alone after a while. Not completely alone though, you could hear an angry growl behind you and when you turned around you stared into the eyes of a wolf ready to jump at you any moment.

“Oh no…” You mumble, fidgeting with your crossbow. The wolf jumps at your horse and you fall back down on the hard, icy ground. Lucky the animal isn’t really interested in you and keeps chasing your horse.

“Great, just great.” You try to get up but your feet hurts like hell when you stand on in, so you slump back down.

You hear a noise in the bushes next to you and shoot an arrow in the direction.

“Woah stop.”

“Robb? You scared me.” You lower the weapon and sigh in relief.

“I can see that.” He smiles and rushes to your side, “What happened?”

“I guess animals don’t like me.”

“Lets get you back home.”

“Please no more horses.” You whine, “Just let me sit here for a while and I can walk back on my own.”

“I promise, no horses.” He helps you to your feet and picks you up, carrying you in his arms.

“You’re going to carry me all the way back aren’t you?”

“Yes…you said no horses.”

“Robb I’m way too heavy.”

“You barely weigh anything, don’t worry.”

You look up at him and sigh. Theon had been right again, you were in love. All you could think about was how handsome Robbs face looked so close and damn had he always been this attractive, you really couldn’t tell anymore.

Does Catelyn Stark really love all her children?

Yeah, so I read my good friend starkfish’s post shaking her head at the idiotic ask about Catelyn Stark in which the questioner referred to Bran as being the only child Catelyn openly loved. (To be fair, even the person responding to this ask, who admits to NOT REALLY LIKING Cat, calls this statement out as false.)

But, love her or hate her, I can’t see how ANYBODY can think this from reading the same books I did. I don’t have time to grab my Kindle and look up specific quotes about Catelyn’s love for all her children right now (of which there are MANY), but I feel compelled to give just a brief example of the evidence on how she not only loves, but intimately knows and appreciates the individuality of each of her babes. 

In the interest of time, I’m skipping Bran, since apparently even this particular questioner acknowledges she loves him. (Sorry, Bran. I love you, too, sweet boy!)

Robb: Throughout the entire war campaign, she is constantly caught between her need to care for him, keep him safe, and give him guidance, and HIS need to be a man, a lord, and a true leader. She ALWAYS forces herself to consider his needs first, guarding her speech, and helping him to reach conclusions for himself rather than just giving him easy answers because THAT’S WHAT HE NEEDS. She constantly sees him as her child, but she makes herself treat him as the adult he must now be, and she takes immense pride in all the tiny ways he comes to remind her of Ned.

Sansa: Um, this ridiculously honorable, duty-bound woman basically commits treason to exchange the Kingslayer for her daughter–not sure what other evidence you require that she loved her daughter. But, I also love her entire speech to Brienne about Sansa–with all its little details pointing to how well Catelyn actually knew her daughter. My favorite part is when she says that Sansa may have her look, but will grow to be a woman far more lovely. She says this without ANY ENVY AT ALL. (You think Cersei wants Myrcella to actually be MORE beautiful than herself?) Catelyn honestly wants all the best things for all of her children. Whether she behaves wisely or foolishly in any given situation, she is motivated by the fact that she thinks more of them than she does of herself, and this line is simply one tiny indicator of how true that is.

Arya: The absolute agony she feels over not knowing where Arya is or even whether she’s alive or dead is palpable in her POV segments, and I’m not certain how anybody could miss that. Again, when she speaks to Brienne of her daughters, she reveals an extremely clear understanding of who her younger daughter is and what makes her tick. Cat haters like to focus on the “Arya must be considered a trial” line as evidence that Catelyn didn’t appreciate her second daughter. As a mother, I’m here to tell you that every child is a trial at some point, some more than others. Acknowledging that never means you love, understand, or value them any less. Children consider their parents to be trials at times, as well. To me, the most telling line in her words about Arya here is “Forbid her anything and it becomes her heart’s desire.” Catelyn UNDERSTOOD Arya. Arya isn’t primarily motivated by a need to be a boy or a love of all things masculine over all things feminine, but she is inherently independent and chafes against being told who she can be and what she can do. It’s an admirable quality in many ways, but one which can be very dangerous to a female in Westeros. (Look what happened when Arya stood up to Joffrey by the Trident–both Lady and Mycah ended up dead and Nymeria banished. The fact that Arya was justified didn’t change that.) Catelyn KNOWS how her world works, and understanding her daughter as well as she does, she knows Arya will struggle in it and desires to do all she can to guide her in that struggle.

Rickon: Catelyn is the one to recognize that her three year old son is a bit wary of the direwolf pups and to accept that as perfectly fine even if her lord husband feels he should get over that quickly because “Winter is coming.” In the Eyrie, when faced the tragic little Robert Arryn, it is Rickon she thinks of–noting that he is only half as old, but twice as fierce. For all that her baby might have had a twinge of fear upon being presented a direwolf pup, she knows perfectly well, even at this very young age, that her youngest son is one fierce little guy. And in spite of that knowledge, when she dreams of her children, she dreams Rickon again a babe at her breast–where she can hold him close and keep him safe as she as been unable to do in this life. And that breaks her into a million pieces.

Nah, you’re right. Catelyn never thinks about or loves any of her children except Bran. Not one bit.