i just love how they all look up to robb

On Jon Snow and his siblings

I think people tend to generalize and compartmentalize Jon’s love for his siblings as one single category, which is: he loves them all equally. This is not true; Jon is not a perfect character, he’s not a perfect brother, and he has good and valid reasons to have more affection for some of his siblings over the other.

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Brand New Love

Word count: 688 

 You know Robb since you were children. Falling in love with him happened slowly, year after year. When he decided to go to war, you didn’t have to ask him to go. You always give him good advice.

 Your tent was near to his own, and you talked until late at night. But since the last battle, Robb is distant. Never had time for you.

 Today isn’t different, but you find him talking with some of his men, about the next battle.

 “King Robb.” You say with a smile. Robb turns to face you, dismissing those men.

 “My Lady. I’m sorry for being out of time. I should never abandon such a good friend.” Robb hugs you tight, and your heart rate increases. If you could only stay in his arms forever, you’d be the happiest woman in this world. But he let’s go of you too soon.

 “I miss you. It’s been years since we stopped talking like we use to.”

 “Years? You’re been exaggerated, my Lady.”

 “No, I’m not, my King.” You take his arm as both of you start a slow walk through the camp.

 “There’s no need for you to call me King.”

 “Then don’t call me lady.” You smile when a bird flies next to you.

 “Have I ever told you I love your smile?” His words warm your heart. Is it possible that he can feel the same way you do?

 “Yes. You always say that.”

 “Let’s have dinner together. I want to introduce you someone very important. ” You both stop, Robb’s smiling gently at you. How could you say no to him? You agree silently. “Great. I’ll ask someone to call you.”

 “I’ll be waiting, Robb.”

 His tent is warm and smells like summer. As soon as you enter he comes to greet you.

 “We were waiting for you. Come join us.”

 You follow him to his wooden table. Then you notice a woman. You know her. She was helping the wounded from the battle. You smiled gently at her, until Robb stands beside her, his hand on her waist.

 “My lady (Y/N), I want you to meet Talisa. I plan to marry her.” Robb whispers and you know he wants to keep it as a secret.

 “M-marry her?” You stutter, feeling your heart sink. When they kiss, you turn your eyes away from them. You lose your breath and try to pretend everything is fine.

 “(Y/N), are you feeling sick?”

 “No. No! I’m… I’m just dizzy. I also want to tell you something. ” Breathing heavily you clenches your fists.

 Your heart was destroyed for the first time. On the stories your father use to tell you, the girl always ends up with the love of her life. You curse your father. He should tell you the truth about the world, how it’s cruel and mean. Dreams don’t come true. What were you thinking? That you would marry Robb and then everything would perfect? No, never. You look up at him, with your smile showing all the pain you’re feeling.

 “You’re scaring me. What is it?” Robb seems really worried, letting go of his future wife and approaching you.

 “I’m going home.” The words slip out your mouth too easily.

 “Home? Why?”

 “Because I’m tired of suffering, Robb. And I decided to put an end to it.”

 “What are you talking about?” He holds both your hands in his, but you pull away from him.

 “Nothing. I love you, Robb. Goodbye. ” You turn your back on him, leaving his tent.

 Robb calls you a few times before you’re too far to hear his voice. You’re done with been around Robb, always trying to get his attention. Now you want to live, and for the first time in years, you smile for yourself. When you get home, you’ll get all the money you have, and will travel as far as you can, leave Westeros forever. No more wars, no more Stark or Lannister. You suddenly feel the urge to be free from all of this.  Free from Robb, and maybe you’d find a brand new love at the east.

A/N: This is a request from my lovely friend @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure I really hope you like it. And sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

Does Catelyn Stark really love all her children?

Yeah, so I read my good friend starkfish’s post shaking her head at the idiotic ask about Catelyn Stark in which the questioner referred to Bran as being the only child Catelyn openly loved. (To be fair, even the person responding to this ask, who admits to NOT REALLY LIKING Cat, calls this statement out as false.)

But, love her or hate her, I can’t see how ANYBODY can think this from reading the same books I did. I don’t have time to grab my Kindle and look up specific quotes about Catelyn’s love for all her children right now (of which there are MANY), but I feel compelled to give just a brief example of the evidence on how she not only loves, but intimately knows and appreciates the individuality of each of her babes. 

In the interest of time, I’m skipping Bran, since apparently even this particular questioner acknowledges she loves him. (Sorry, Bran. I love you, too, sweet boy!)

Robb: Throughout the entire war campaign, she is constantly caught between her need to care for him, keep him safe, and give him guidance, and HIS need to be a man, a lord, and a true leader. She ALWAYS forces herself to consider his needs first, guarding her speech, and helping him to reach conclusions for himself rather than just giving him easy answers because THAT’S WHAT HE NEEDS. She constantly sees him as her child, but she makes herself treat him as the adult he must now be, and she takes immense pride in all the tiny ways he comes to remind her of Ned.

Sansa: Um, this ridiculously honorable, duty-bound woman basically commits treason to exchange the Kingslayer for her daughter–not sure what other evidence you require that she loved her daughter. But, I also love her entire speech to Brienne about Sansa–with all its little details pointing to how well Catelyn actually knew her daughter. My favorite part is when she says that Sansa may have her look, but will grow to be a woman far more lovely. She says this without ANY ENVY AT ALL. (You think Cersei wants Myrcella to actually be MORE beautiful than herself?) Catelyn honestly wants all the best things for all of her children. Whether she behaves wisely or foolishly in any given situation, she is motivated by the fact that she thinks more of them than she does of herself, and this line is simply one tiny indicator of how true that is.

Arya: The absolute agony she feels over not knowing where Arya is or even whether she’s alive or dead is palpable in her POV segments, and I’m not certain how anybody could miss that. Again, when she speaks to Brienne of her daughters, she reveals an extremely clear understanding of who her younger daughter is and what makes her tick. Cat haters like to focus on the “Arya must be considered a trial” line as evidence that Catelyn didn’t appreciate her second daughter. As a mother, I’m here to tell you that every child is a trial at some point, some more than others. Acknowledging that never means you love, understand, or value them any less. Children consider their parents to be trials at times, as well. To me, the most telling line in her words about Arya here is “Forbid her anything and it becomes her heart’s desire.” Catelyn UNDERSTOOD Arya. Arya isn’t primarily motivated by a need to be a boy or a love of all things masculine over all things feminine, but she is inherently independent and chafes against being told who she can be and what she can do. It’s an admirable quality in many ways, but one which can be very dangerous to a female in Westeros. (Look what happened when Arya stood up to Joffrey by the Trident–both Lady and Mycah ended up dead and Nymeria banished. The fact that Arya was justified didn’t change that.) Catelyn KNOWS how her world works, and understanding her daughter as well as she does, she knows Arya will struggle in it and desires to do all she can to guide her in that struggle.

Rickon: Catelyn is the one to recognize that her three year old son is a bit wary of the direwolf pups and to accept that as perfectly fine even if her lord husband feels he should get over that quickly because “Winter is coming.” In the Eyrie, when faced the tragic little Robert Arryn, it is Rickon she thinks of–noting that he is only half as old, but twice as fierce. For all that her baby might have had a twinge of fear upon being presented a direwolf pup, she knows perfectly well, even at this very young age, that her youngest son is one fierce little guy. And in spite of that knowledge, when she dreams of her children, she dreams Rickon again a babe at her breast–where she can hold him close and keep him safe as she as been unable to do in this life. And that breaks her into a million pieces.

Nah, you’re right. Catelyn never thinks about or loves any of her children except Bran. Not one bit.