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Giving a break from Tumblr !

Goodnight/ good afternoon dear loyal ,truly and kind friends,Leaving here just a simple note: im going to be away from all my blogs for an  undertermined time .I just want to say how greatful  i am to some of you for  being so kind and having a bit of your time for me .At this moment, i feel and think i dont belong to Tumblr in any way.I will miss you but i hope to return in a better spirit.My thanks and my love ,kyrah .hugs :)

NCT When You Like Cuddling Up to Them

Requested by: anonymous ;))) (omg wowie it’s sure been a while since i’ve updated i hope you didn’t forget about this request omg sORRYY)

Submission: “Hi sorry for forgetting the unit! Guess I was too excited lol~ I’ll re-request^^ NCT 127 + Kun reaction to when their s/o loves cuddling up to them randomly just because they like being close! Thank you again ^-^”

Genre: fluff

961 Words


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Hi there! So I love your WCIF reply template. I'm assuming it's a Photoshop psd you have set up? Smart object maybe?? If so, do you have a tutorial on how to do that or could you briefly explain? I just started learning Photoshop and I'd love to figure out how to make nice WCIFs :) Thanks for your time! :)

I sure can! :D I chose the very basic and simple way because I didn’t want to to go to a lot of trouble over it, to be honest. It’s just a simple png I paste my preview on, nothing too fancy. ahah I had to re-write this “tutorial” three times because it was way too long each time for no reason, I hope this one will do the job. :s If there’s anything, I’m here to help, no problem! ❤️ :)

  1. Download a font you like and install it in your Font folder.
  2. Open Photoshop > file > New… Because 540 is the default size display of the dash, I prefer to use this width. Height is as you like and Transparent background to adapt to your theme color. You can use another color, of course.
  3. With the Text tool, write whatever you’d like to (I simply wrote wcif), you can change the color, size and the position as your liking. You can then double-click on the layer to add effects on your text (I used Drop Shadow).
  4. At this point, you can save your template as a .png and open it whenever you need to use it. :)
  5. For the round preview, I just open the picture I want to use, encircle what I want to show with the Elliptical Marquee Tool and copy/paste it on my template.
  6. Resize it with edit > Free Transform > W % and H % and just like the text, I double-click on the layer of the preview and add the Drop Shadow effect.
  7. Select all layers > merge layers and save as a .png tadam! :)

And not just gender binary.

Literally all binaries.

People LOVE either/or scenarios. It makes things easy. You’re presented with two sides and you pick the side that most aligns with your thinking or morals or preferences.

Coffee or tea.

Dogs or cats.

Trump or Clinton.

Girl or boy.

But people fail to recognize how COMPLEX every situation is, and binaries KILL complexity.

You can like coffee AND tea, or maybe you prefer coffee in the morning and tea at night, or maybe you only drink coffee on the weekends, or maybe you prefer hot chocolate over both those options.


You would NEVER say that a person is truly and completely good or bad (except in the case of a few very specific circumstances, think Buddha or Hitler, although even then Hitler wasn’t always awful to everybody as we have seen in that one video that went around [i.e. evil can masquerade as reason when well and logically presented] and Buddha did that starving himself for 40 days thing and also founded a religion based on the idea that life is suffering, so not perfectly “good” either, but that depends on your definition of good).

So why would you assume that everything else is so simplistic as to be a this-or-that, either/or scenario?

Everything is SO MUCH MORE COMPLEX than just selecting between two options.

Why would you dare boil it down to having to make one choice between two?

Where is the logic in that?

Where is the fun in that?

What, you would rather live a complacent existence because it’s EASY?

You’d rather say “I’m a cat person” than talk about what kind of dogs you like too and why?

You’d rather say “I’m a Republican so I’m voting for Trump” than analyze situations that exist outside your little bubble?

You’d rather say “I’m a boy/girl” than consider all the intricacies and nuances of the gender spectrum, of gender “expression,” of misogyny and patriarchy, of why so many cisgender girls grow up hating the color pink before they understand why that happened?



I’m a human. That means I’m not perfect. I’m growing. So is everyone else. You can’t just say this person is good and this person is bad.

The only binary I will EVER accept is the closed-minded vs open-minded binary.

Because the closed-minded will be content with their strict binaries.

And the open-minded will realize that nothing is that simple.

And if your waitress asks if you’d like coffee or tea, you’re allowed to ask what other drinks are on the menu.

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I like how Wikipedia is like "The entire Simpson family was designed to be easily recognized in silhouette." but in reality Matt was just a lazy fuck who hurriedly scribbled the designs and was like "ehh whatever they'll clean it up" but they didnt

BHHBWh YEAH he made them distinguishable from each other which is good character design but they still look really funny and simple i love it

Positive things about the SU fandom

- Low quality screenshots of a character in the background captioned ‘reblog if u agree’

- Those harmless ships that get little attention but have a few super dedicated fans

- Random posts at 3AM that just say “i love [character] so much??” like they were sitting there thinking how much they love that character and made a post about it. So pure

- The livebloggers

- Old fans interacting peacefully with new fans

- THEORIES. The simple ones, the complex ones, the ones that open your eyes, the ones that are really reaching – they all had thought put into them and you know that each one had that ‘oh!’ moment where they realized something new

- Fans with differing OTPs supporting eachother

- The pro-redemption crowd

- That strangely peaceful steady stream of content during a hiatus

- The entire community getting super excited on the day a new episode is gonna air. Like you can just feel it radiating around you

This fandom has it’s fair share of demons, but at the end of the day, there’s really somethin’ special about this fanbase.

hux: the Resistance may try, but they’ll never get past Starkiller’s shield!  

officer: sir the Resistance is here


sorry but ratatouille’s ending is such a perfect ending. i gotta be honest: even with movies i adore, the ending doesn’t tend to be my favorite part, even when they are good. i’m usually all for the middle, the journey, the action. 

but this fucking ending is an exception. just put it on and i’ll tear up over that brilliant representation of how just one little thing (such as a simple bite of simple food) can bring back the most nostalgic childhood memories full force, in an instant. that great speech by ego, where he finally understands what gusteau really meant when he said that anyone can cook. that cozy little restaurant they end up opening. that beautiful, soothing song in french. ego, no longer a respected critic but clearly much happier, walking into the restaurant knowing the truth and asking remy, ‘surprise me!’, just. it’s so good. i love it.


Thank you

When frustration comes over her she usually begins to cry, thank god her teacher is there to give her an excuse to get out of the room and just breath. 


halla. halla. 


Barry White Jr, a 5th grade English teacher in NC, has a special handshake for each one of his students

“I started with one simple handshake last year with a 4th grader. She would wait for me every morning before she’d go to class. She’d get in trouble sometimes for being late because she’d wait on the handshake. 

This year I started making handshakes with the kids at recess. It was just one or two students and then it became contagious. I saw how much it meant to them, so I said, ‘Come on. Everyone come on.’ Then it was my full class, then it was kids from other classes. Now I have 3rd graders wanting to do it too.”

it’s nice to see teacher who are more than just uniform, who care about their students, as the individual people they are and want make learning and school enjoyable for these kids and encourage them. I wish every student, regardless of race, would treat every teacher, regardless of race, like this!

Swings instagram:

Why do I like this kid so much

He’s very straight forward, and sometimes he’s a little irritating, even when meeting someone new, he will just put on his earphones and listen to music, he might be a little naive but I feel like he’s always staying beside silently looking at everything objectively, or you can say positively, without having any bad thoughts. He’s more of a soul person than a brain person. When I’m having a hard time, he’ll always just come over without saying anything then lie on the sofa and sleep. Once he wakes up he’ll say “I’m going now” and he’ll just leave. All my younger brothers are just like typical guys so we never do kisses to each other but you know what? I do it everyday to this kid that’s gonna turn 27 soon kekekeke I think I might be the biggest giri fan. Let’s all love our dog-cat Giriboy more.

@giriboy91 idiot beggar-boy

Seems like the more I travel the less I need these days. I love refilling banged up gallon water jugs that have lived a hard life in the back of my truck at the store, while getting funny looks like we’re hobos. Or just cooking simple meals in a skillet over campfire coals every night. Those sort of details ground a man into what’s important. Now I clearly see it ain’t about getting to an epic location, or having the neat camera, it’s about how well you loved everyone along the way. Guess what I’m getting at is you don’t need a fancy rig or bunch of prefect gear to get out there and live it.

I love you. I think I’ve loved you since the moment we met, I was just too afraid to admit it. Because how can you possibly love someone when all you know is that their laugh sounds like old records on a Sunday and their favourite colour is blue? But damn, do I ever love you. I love the way your voice changes when you talk about your passions. I love that you’re passionate about everything from ankle socks to global warming. I love that life is simple with you. Ever since I met you, there have been no questions. The answer is always there. It’s you.

“When I met him I was not looking for love. I wasn’t looking for anything honestly. I wasn’t planning on falling for anyone so suddenly. But as soon as I saw him that was it. I guess things just happened. I found him and I found myself wanting to spend more and more time with him. It was so simple. I think that’s how the best relationships happen. You’re not looking for anything and then all of a sudden you realize; You have something. The only problem is people can fall out of love just as quickly as they can fall in love.”

-s.g // excerpts from a book ill never write #69

“how did you know that it was over? that you should leave him?”, she asks her best friend.

“simple. i asked myself two questions: do i love him? and, does he make me happy?”


“yes, yes i love him. but no, he doesn’t make me happy. and just being in love with someone isn’t enough. if that someone can’t make you happy, all the love in the world can’t help you. you will just end up destroying yourself for someone who isn’t even worth it.”

—  e.s. // all the love in the world can’t help you.

While I was commissioning @littlestpersimmon anyway,* I decided to indulge myself and get one of my faerie prince AU Dex.

Fic: The Huntsman and the Bard
Length: 9863 words
Rated: T
Summary: In which Dex is the son of the Autumn Queen, but he tired of leading the Wild Hunt for her, so he escaped to the mortal world. He’s just trying to live a simple, unassuming life, which is going great until one Derek Nurse, travel writer, shows up wanting to do a magazine cover story about his pumpkin farm.

I like to imagine the above illustration is Dex before he ran away, dressed to lead the hunt and not particularly happy about it.

*Go commission them! They have a new puppy and therefore new vet bills to pay.

Shout Out Post for Mystic Messenger

I feel like some people in the mystic messenger community don’t realize just how amazing this game is. There are so many things it does besides allowing you to talk with fictional characters. Many people struggle with their own problems - everything from failing a test to coping with suicidal thoughts and actions - and this game is a perfect way to counteract some of these problems in a positive way.

1. For starters, a simple pun can brighten the player’s day. If you are having a panic attack because of school, there is a good chance a couple mystic messenger puns could brighten your day.

2. Also, the hyper-realistic interactions with the characters allow them to act as real friends. When you don’t have a real close friend, mystic messenger provides the closest thing to that as possible. Furthermore, the extreme variation in personalities of the group also encourages the player to feel like themselves rather than, well, an MC. It encourages individualism.

3. (Warning: this is only going to get darker from here) Okay, I know this is usually taken as a joke in the MysMe community, but let’s get real for a sec. Everyone knows the persistence with which the characters ask MC if she has eaten. The constant positive encouragement is a good way to convince the player to care about their health (and they usually have facts to back it up tbh). I deal with body dysphoria and the support has convinced me more than once to care more about my physical and mental health than my appearance. These fictional elements of our lives have a REAL PHYSICAL IMPACT. Even by making the player smile there is a physical impact.

4. Mystic Messenger has also taught me to try understanding that things get better. Watching how the characters live their lives allows the player to reflect on their own life. Your life can be hella hard, but it’s best to work towards the future. Even if you can’t take to that advice, it’s a good way to ease your mind for a little. I can’t thank cheritz enough for creating the game how they did.

Conclusion: This game has improved my quality of life. So the next time Yoosung makes a joke or 707 writes you something in binary, take it to heart. They may be fictional, but they have been more supportive to me than everyone else in the past couple months.

Also, tell me if there is a series that has improved your quality of life in the tags (games, books, tv series, etc). A series that has literally save my life is Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki. A game that has improved my quality of life is Mystic Messenger by Cheritz.

If you actually made it to the end of this, thank you.
Hope you enjoyed ~ 01100100 01100101 01100100 01100101 

elmikelatis  asked:

I love how you paint eyes!! is there anything ✨special✨ you do when you paint them??

Haha thank you! I don’t know if it’s anything that special but I decided to do a mini tutorial on it since I’m working on a new drawing just as I type this ♡

Note: This is all made on Paint tool SAI.

Step one: I add a basic eyeball color and a simple shade (I’ll blend them smoothly later on)

Step two: Same for the iris, a base color and a darker shade (I usually add a new layer with a purple-ish color in multiply on top of base color for this and then merge them) 

Step three: Blend the colors in a way that the base color is not lost. I added another multiply layer to give more depth to the top corner of the iris. 

Step four: Add a new layer in “luminosity” and select the base color, then add subtle lines on the base of the iris.   

Step five: I create yet another luminosity layer, but this time it’s on top of the lineart and, depending on the light source add some sparkle to the eye with a white-ish yellow.

Step six: Define the edges of the eye with a color darker than the base for the skin.

Step seven: Set the lineart layer to “preserve opacity” and select a brown-ish color. Now, with a soft brush paint the edge of the eye lightly. 

This wraps it up. I simplified the process and kept it as short as I could haha. In the end it was a tad long but I hope you find this useful!!

The contrast between the two of them. The open, unfiltered honesty of Alec almost astounds Magnus. From the get go it’s been this way with them. Alec surprising Magnus. For the simple reason that Alec is just so blunt, innocent and a little bit naive. The heavy weight of how Magnus looks at Alec as he confesses his love. Like he’s watching this extraordinary, young, beautiful man discover everything for this first time. And the look of disbelief on his face comes from the fact that he can’t believe he gets to experience these things WITH him.

All of the shit that Magnus has been through, all of the heartbreak, all of the LIFE he’s seen. It weighs so heavy on him, especially here. While Alec is all nerves and anxiety and just pure, unfiltered, raw, gut instinct and EMOTION. Magnus is measured, sure, compassionate, awed and steady. Just how different they both are, in everything, but especially this moment is incredibly beautiful. It’s interesting. It’s unique. It’s captivating. It’s everything.