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Kind of a weird question but do what makes you love Taylor? Don't take this the wrong way, but if I had just randomly met you, I never would guess that you like Taylor Swift as much as you do. Is it her personality, her intelligence, etc.?

well, obviously i love her music/song writing, but other than that i love her personality. i love how she has always remained respectful towards everyone, how she has always treated her fans extraordinarily well, and how she goes out of her way to be unfailingly kind to people even if they are complete strangers. i love how she has kept her dignity in the media eye, especially how she has always had a sense of eloquence and maturity that many celebrities lack. i also love how intelligent she is, i think it is often overlooked but she is the CEO of her own brand, and she manages it extremely well… she isn’t a puppet who sings, she knows exactly what she is doing and she is the boss, she doesn’t take orders or play to a pre-designated image. i also love how genuine she is, it doesn’t ever seem forced when she interacts with fans, and she seems to truly care about people. i love that she donates money, oftentimes anonymously, to help people, and doesn’t go out seeking a pat on the back whenever she does a good deed. she is also an amazing role model to young girls (and boys) everywhere, and even when she gets shit for everything she does she never sinks to their level, she turns the other cheek and keeps on doing what she does. i admire how she has managed to stay sane and grounded after everything, she has been in the spotlight for about 10 years now and it is remarkable that she doesn’t have an ego the size of her career.  


Many of her songs are not about her own personal experiences with love — about half are inspired by her friends’ relationships. “I’m fascinated by love rather than the principle of ‘Oh, does this guy like me?’” she says. “I love love. I love studying it and watching it. I love thinking about how we treat each other, and the crazy way that one person can feel one thing and another can feel totally different,” she says. “It just doesn’t take much for me to be inspired to write a song about a person, but I’m much more likely to write that song than do anything about it. You know, self-preservation.”

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anyways the balcony scene is so pure cause its anakin just looking at his wife in awe and love, padme talking about her future plans for the baby and anakin's never been so happy. he looks at her and the world is stopped. shes so beautiful, he's in love. if star wars had taylor swift, wildest dreams or you are in love, would probably be playing in the background

really!!!!!!!! that scene is so pure and good and wholesome i just don’t understand why people give it so much shit……….like ofc the dialogue is corny they’re a pair of happy dorks in love!!! and it shows how far their relationship has come. in aotc anakin would say something dumb and immediately wince and get embarrassed while padme stared judgmentally at him, but in rots they say dumb mushy stuff to each other and laugh about it because now they’re completely comfortable around each other. they don’t have to try to impress each other anymore or put on an act, they can just be themselves together and i just wish we’d had more simple domestic moments like that before everything went to shit

Alright, I've had enough.

Taylor Alison Swift, born at 8:36 am, Wednesday December 13th, 1989, is a good person. IS A GOOD PERSON. (repeat for emphasis.)
Although, Taylor Swift may be one of the most misunderstood artist in today’s music culture. Sure, she writes breakup songs, and she admits to that. But, she’s not the only one. Here’s a list of artist today who write at least 50% of the songs on their albums about love/breakups.
• P!NK
• One Direction
• Katy Perry
• Adele (Actually her album 21 is 100% about one ex.)
• Bruno Mars
• Justin Bieber
• Austin Mahone
• Ed Sheeran
• Carrie Underwood
(There are many more but here’s a few examples.)
So there’s that argument. Let’s keep in mind that I did do the math, and out of the 82 songs Taylor has written (by herself may I add, along with co-writers on a few.) and released, 59.5% ARE NOT BREAKUP SONGS. She also has songs about:
• Eating Disorders
• Cancer
• Bullies
• Fitting In
• Depression
• Growing Up
• How fame isn’t all what it seems
• Friends
• Etc.
She writes a lot more than just about love. Moving Along, A popular argument attempted to put out is “Taylor Swift dates too much.”
• Joe Jonas
• Jake Gyllenhaal
• Taylor Lautner
• John Mayer
• Harry Styles
• Connor Kennedy.
Those have been her only boyfriends since 2005. As a 14 year old girl, I can say I have liked, or “dated” more than seven people since 2010. She’s 23 and trying to find love, its not even our business, but I’d like to say: Damnn Taylor, go get it, all those guys are attractive 😃 If Taylor is 23, gorgeous, and a multi-millionaire, if I were her I’d have a lot more than seven smokin’ hot famous exes. But enough with my creepiness.
Next topic. Taylor Cares a lot about anyone and everyone. At most of her concerts, she has a 100% free meet and greet after the concert for the most enthusiastic and energetic fans selected by her staff members.

Taylor Doesn’t like to RT or Tweet fans on Twitter because she likes to keep everything fair.

She once held a meet and greet that was free to anyone who wanted to come. She wanted it to last a few hours, but she ended up meeting fans for 14 hours. IN HEELS.

Taylor once spent over $400 on pizza for fans waiting outside her hotel room because they “looked hungry.”

The song “Long Live” is a tribute from Taylor to her fans, band, and anyone who has supported her along the way.

During award show speeches, Taylor never hesitates to thank her fans. Example; “and to the fans; you are the longest and best relationship I’ve ever had!”

In 2012, Taylor wrote a song called “Ronan” about a 3 year old boy who passed away due to pediatric cancer. She sold it on iTunes, and every penny made on the song went to childhood cancer research.

Taylor was named most charitable artist of 2012, and 2013.

She never trash talks people, although the media likes to twist what she says to make it seem like she does. She’s a total sweet heart and a total goofball. Let’s keep in mind, as stated before, she writes or co-writes ALL of her songs, and she’s won 175+ awards, including 7 grammy’s.
She doesn’t walk around drunk, high, strung out, or half naked, and yet people STILL slut shame her? She’s a twenty three year old girl writing about her feelings of course there’s going to be breakup and love songs in the mix! She’s simply expressing herself, and all she gets is hate for it? She helps a lot of people, and I’m one of those people. She’s inspired me to play guitar, sing and write songs. But most importantly, she saved my life. She’s made me stronger, and she’s connected me with my best friend. She was there for me in my roughest times, and through her music, it was like she understood me. I know, maybe it sounds crazy to you. “How can someone who you don’t even know save your life?” You don’t even know. She saved me and one day I want to thank her for it. And I know for a fact I’m not the only one who’s life has been changed/saved by Taylor Swift.

So I’m going to wrap this up now, even though I could go on for hours. So, next time you’re thinking about hating on Taylor, trash talking her, saying she dates too many people, calling her a slut, etc, consider who you’re around and remember all I’ve said. Have your own opinion, I’m 648% okay with that just please, please don’t hate her around me. She means the world to me and 10 times out of 10, I’ll defend her. Thank you, From a proud Swiftie who defends her idol.😊

taylor swift is just so passionate about what she does like literally everything whether it’s the music aspect or the business aspect or how completely and utterly invested she is in our lives it’s just so inspiring and beautiful and i hope that one day i will love whatever i decide to do with my life as much as taylor swift loves what she does

  • person: why do you like taylor swift so much??
  • does that answer your question?

On Tuesday evening I was contacted by Taylor Nation first on Instagram and then again on twitter about them saying how they saw I was going to the show and how huge a fan I was and that they wanted to meet me. I had to give my info by the following day but like I literally replied on twitter with in a second lol. I was freaking out so much and had like no one to tell. Ali called me on Wednesday while I was at work and said how excited she was to meet me and how they were gonna give me a “special shirt” and just thank me for being an awesome fan and then she said I would just have to email her me and my groups info and like SHE KNEW I WOULD BE GOING WITH A GROUP OF 5!!!! She said she would call me back on Friday because they had to scope out COTA and find a good meeting spot and time, plus they were also going to that swiftie meet up and didn’t want to miss it! So I still didn’t directly know I would be meeting T, just thought we were getting merch but something wasn’t adding up lol anyway so I finally tell my group and I couldn’t even focus my whole shift like all I did was text them the entire time and I like sent my email to TN right away and just the days dragged by until Friday lol, sure I was in Dallas by Thursday but it was agonizing waiting for the call and all the info. On Friday I went to the Taylor Swift Experience at the Texas State Fair and RIGHT before I entered Missy called me!!!! I had been thinking too they would call me around the time I visited it, it was fate honestly. Missy told me how we had a meeting place and what time to be there and how the place was HUGE so we should get there earlier to scope it out but then she goes “we have ANOTHER surprise for you! We’re gonna upgrade your seats!!” And we had regular GA so it was amazing however with Lotte having a wheelchair I wanted to make sure we would be able to and that it would work for her so she said they would find a way or spot to put us! (We ended up having ADA upgrades that then no one at the place could even find so we just went into pit and even though it wasn’t the platform spot where all the others got upgrade it was still an amazing view and better than where we would’ve originally been) Anyway, so then Missy says we would have to take a tram after the meet up for the shirts and then she goes “oh and we’re gonna email you a waiver to sign for this!” And I was like WTF!!!! Like why would I need a waiver for a shirt and an upgrade/tram ride, something doesn’t add up but I was dying and told my group everything after and that we needed to sign it ASAP. So now for the show Saturday, we got there around 1 and ended up skipping the Swiftie meet up after hearing TN was giving those upgrades there and obviously since we already had upgrades it wouldn’t be fair to go plus Missy had said if we saw them there we couldn’t go up to them and say like thank you or acknowledge any of this so we just sat near where we needed to meet up until 5. The time was dragging but also flew by, I honestly thought I was gonna throw up like there was still no direct info we were meeting Taylor but we were all still hoping. 5PM rolls around and we go line up with a group of about 30 others plus the radio contest winners and Ali and Missy show up. Ali is literally my favorite person and she remembered meeting me at Gillette. So then they start going through the line and checking everyone in and you can see they have a print out with everyone’s pictures!!!!! They had a super old picture of me and of my friends from when we posted like a “See You In Texas” post for Taylor right before she left Tumblr, so we get checked in and they give us bracelets and our upgraded seats. After a little while we get brought down this little hill where these tents are set up and the radio station people are already in there waiting so we had to wait outside because Ali and Missy were like “That groups a little different from ours, we aren’t doing what they’re doing” and then we get let inside and get our merch bags and honestly I was beginning to panic after they said we weren’t doing what they were doing like obviously they were meeting Taylor bc they won contest which meant we really were just getting “special shirts”. I felt like my emotions were going everywhere like I was so excited but sad. And then Andrea walks in and she thanked us for being huge fans and said that she AND TAYLOR had another surprise for us and that Taylor REALLY wanted to meet us and literally everyone started screaming and crying like it was really happening we were meeting Taylor. We also all found out we were HANDPICKED to meet Taylor by TAYLOR HERSELF!! How crazy is that!! So we had to leave all our stuff in the first tent and get wanded down but then we’re in line and like my group was the FIRST group from TN’s group in line and we were freaking out so much. We had been like somewhat told we were getting individually photos and we were all trying to figure out our poses it was crazy. When we were walking into the next tent we passed by Andrea, Scott and Scott B and Andrea remembered who I was and smiled so big at me and thanked us for being there. So after that we just played the waiting game inside this room that reminded me of Loft 89 by it was like different furniture but still had the same vibe and had food but it most likely wasn’t for us or for any fan really(think it was for staff to eat and relax tbh) since there wasn’t a loft type thing last night. So we’re talking to everyone around us and we’re all like trying to tell each other not to cry so our makeup wouldn’t get ruined when all of the sudden it’s our groups turn! But then they said it would be the 5 of us going in and we were like we were told singles, and they continued to say it would be the 5 of us so then we wanted to break the group up so it could be more personal but they ushered as all in together and then LIKE THE TAYLOR SWIFT WAS RIGHT THERE STANDING IN THE BACK AND SHE DIDNT LOOK REAL AND SHE SMELLED SO GOOD AND WAS SO TALL AND SHE HUGGED ME SO TIGHT AND TOLD ME HOW HAPPY SHE WAS TO FINALLY MEET ME AND THAT SHE LOVED ME I COULDNT BELIEVE I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS HER!!! There was so much going on like it was 5 of us but we all tried to say things we wanted but honestly no one really remembered what to say so we all just kept saying we loved her and she was smiling so much. Then I remembered to bring up the blog and how she brought us all together and I mentioned 1989costumes and she was like “omg yeah I love you girls, you’re killing it!” And we freaked out! But then it was time for our photo like we were getting rushed by the people running it so we couldn’t really pick a pose so we just made it work for the 5 of us, though I do wish we had a little more time for it all. We took the photo and the camera girl like checks to make sure everyone looks good before letting us go so that was a plus! We hugged Taylor one last time and she was still talking to us and her team was trying to get us to leave but like literally SHE WAS STILL TALKING and then I was the last one to hug her again and we walked out and got our autographs and we started crying and freaking out. Like it didn’t hit me that had just happened so I wasn’t really crying but I was freaking out so much on the inside and felt like throwing up lol plus I kept crying so much before going in for the photo i think I had no more tears lmao so we get out and go back into the other tent and Ali was asking us how it all went and took photos of us and then the people who were recording us the entire time asked us for an interview. We have no idea what they were recording for but they were !!!! They even recorded our actual meet and greet with Taylor!! Once all the groups were out they brought us out into the tram and they basically told us we would be cutting everyone already in the pit so we had to stay together (obviously we had that ADA which then we couldn’t get to lmao) and we get to the concert and we had the greatest time ever and like she didn’t perform as long as it was like estimated but she was sick and it was more of 1989 than GH but HOLY GROUND AND SPARKS FLY WERE PLAYED!!! And that’s kind of my story. I don’t think I’m forgetting everything I mean the day happened so quickly after we got lined up to meet her but it was amazing and I’m so thankful for getting the opportunity to meet her, it’d been a long 10 years and I literally got to meet her during her like anniversaries week at her only show of 2016! @taylorswift


I hate thinking about your pretty face covered in tears, but I know why you’re crying because I’ve been in your place. This isn’t a high school thing or an age thing. It’s a people thing. A life thing. It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t end or change. People cut other people down for entertainment, amusement, out of jealousy, because of something broken inside them. Or for no reason at all.

It’s just what they do, and you’re a target because you live your life loudly and boldly. You’re bright and joyful and so many people are cynical. They won’t understand you and they won’t understand me. But the only way they win is if your tears turn to stone and make you bitter like them. It’s okay to ask why. It’s okay to wonder how you could try so hard and still get stomped all over. Just don’t let them change you or stop you from singing or dancing around to your favorite song.

If they don’t like you for being yourself, be yourself even more.

Every time someone picks on me, I’ll think of you in the hopes that every time someone picks on you, you’ll think of me… and how we have this thread that connects us. Let them keep living in the darkness and we’ll keep walking in the sunlight. 

Forever on your side, Taylor.

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how about The Best Day, Never Grow Up, and Everything has Changed?

Eden!! Nothing but beautiful Taylor choices from you, no surprise.

The book you wrote me in response to my question was amazing by the way, I just wanted to say. I love when you write on Taylor. :D

The Best Day is completely lovely. Every personal touch is so incredibly specific but because of that I (and so many others!) can relate to it so much more than if she had just been broad and vague. All the little touches and flashes of vivid memories stand out so clearly to me because they so perfectly parallel my own in the feeling they evoke if not in actual fact. Lines like I’ve got my big coat on and look now- the sky is gold are so honest to me because same?? I remember details like that. And I remember the feeling of safety that comes when you’re with someone you love and trust. And then, coming home and feeling all torn up about teenage problems and your mom making it better? Yes I’ve been there too, a lot of times. This whole song is about her own personal relationship with her mom, but the gratitude and the love in it are so familiar to me because I feel both all the time for my family in general and my mom in particular.

Never Grow Up. OH MY GOSH. Thank you for asking this!!! I!!! Yes. I relate to this 100%. When I first heard it I started crying because it resonated so strongly with me. Of all her songs that hit me on a personal level this one hit me in the gut the most. I was 15 when I first heard it and I was in bed listening to the album with headphones in the dark. So I was kind of perfectly placed (in my life and in that moment) to be really affected by that song. It perfectly articulated a fear I didn’t even know I had- about change and growing up. And to hear those same fears in Taylor, that same concern about the passing of time, the urgent desire to capture everything and remember it exactly as it is before it disappears forever, just snapped something inside of me. 

As I’ve gotten older and less fragile and moved away from my former high school state of always-being-on-the-verge-of-tears-or-jubilation (though who am I really kidding?), :D the song doesn’t mean exactly the same thing to me anymore. It doesn’t have the same exact effect on me. I don’t cry because obviously, I have grown up. I’m less emotionally raw. But there’s still a part of the song that gets me every time. When everything drops away and the song switches to first person and to Taylor alone in her apartment, surprised at how cold it is, turning on her night light, vulnerable and alone. i mean!!!! it’s just!!!! To me it’s still one of her most poignant moments because you can see her, Taylor the girl, with her Wealth and Success and her Brand New beautiful Apartment, in that moment, be alone and cold and scared. This was one of the first times I realized I really loved her. And now I’m going to cry.

Everything Has Changed-  Ugh yes yes yes!!!! I always relate to her I’m-in-love-with-a-person-but-it’s-not-a-relationship songs the most because I’ve never had a relationship but I’ve definitely had crushes. :D The whole chorus is so beautiful. I love the way it blends tiny, ordinary moments with these disproportionately huge statements of love. Because that is what falling in love with someone (or just having a crush) feels like! All I know is we said hello - okay tiny little moment - and your eyes look like coming home. < That’s not a proportional reaction but it’s true! But! LIke!! I know!!!! All I know is you held the door- again, tiny everyday moment- you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours. - < < disproportionate statement of love. Like! That’s a ridiculous suggestion!! It’s way too soon. But it’s just- that is how it happens. Someone does one thing and it’s sweet and perfect and in that moment you feel like you know the whole person and you love them and you would never say You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours but it’s how you feel. What I am trying to say is that yes, I relate to this because i have had this kind of crush before. :D

I   C A N ’ T   S T O P   L O V I N G   Y O U; and it is sad how much i wish i could. i am sorry, i just can’t take any more of this pain, it is killing me. you’re killing me. 35 tracks.

do i wanna know - arctic monkeys || skinny love - birdy || kiss me - ed sheeran || the last time- taylor swift ft. gary lightbody || damn your eyes - alex clare || i love you five- never shout never || counting stars - onerepublic || boston- augustana || secrets - onerepublic || down - jason walker|| to build a home - the cinematic orchestra || she’s got you high - mumm-ra || almost lover - a fine frenzy || she will be loved - maroon5 || i need your love - calvin harries ft. ellie goulding || sweather weather - the neighbourhood || in my veins - andrew belle || medicine - daughter || your song - kate walsh || all i want - kodaline || look after you - the fray || 505- arctic monkeys || say you like me - we the kings || wish you were here- avril lavingne || stay - rihanna ft. mikky ekko || arms- christina perri || say something - a great big world ft. christina aguilera || the a team - ed sheeran || who you are (ed sheeran cover) - jessie j || let her go- passenger || give me love - ed sheeran || i always knew - the vaccines || just another girl - the killers || vulnerable - secondhand serenade || i wont give up - jason mraz ||


Better Man is sad. It isn’t a love song. It’s a song about losing the one person that you thought you’d never lose. It’s about being pushed away even though you’re holding on so tight. It’s about knowing when it’s time to walk away and not hold on any longer. 

Below, I’ve highlighted parts of the song that stick out to me. I’ve kinda just put context behind certain lines – for the people that either don’t understand them or may be reading them a different way than I am. 

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I know I haven’t been on this blog in a while, but here’s an update that I am asking everyone to please read. As some of you may know, I was diagnosed with pediatric cancer at 16 in 2014. I went through 7 months of chemo radiation. I lost all of my hair, lost my ability to walk, had a feeding tube, and just overall felt terrible. In April of 2015, i finished chemo and was all set and ready to start my Senior year of high school in August. In September, I got to see one of my favorite artists of all time, Taylor, in Columbus, Ohio. I had been waiting YEARS to see her, and it was truly one of the best nights of my life. I continued to run this blog, up until January of 2016, when my 9 month post chemo scans showed relapse of my cancer. I was devastated. I had to put everything on hold and restart chemo. I had 40 days of inpatient chemo, spaced out as 5 day every 3 weeks. The chemo killed my immune system, so I was stuck in quarantine and had to miss events like graduation practice, senior picnic, senior pranks, and senior skip day. I lost all of my hair again, and overall wanted to die. I finished chemo and radiation in August of 2016, but my post chemo scans weren’t clear. My liver tumors were gone, but new nodules showed up in my lungs. My doctors didnt know what it was, so I had to have part of my right lung taken out and was inpatient in the hospital for another 8 days, with a chest tube. On October 17, 2016, I found out that the nodules that were taken out were all pneumonia, and that I am cancer free. Throughout all of this, Taylor has helped me. I still love her to pieces. I was recently at a CancerFREE Kids gala where I was honored as being a pediatric cancer survivor. There was a silent auction, where I saw an autographed picture of Taylor. Immediately, I bid on it, and kept it up all night, but at the last minute of the silent auction, was outbid and lost the picture. I was devastated to say the least, really hoping that I would my idol’s autograph meant so much to me. I’m writing this in hopes that if it gets enough reblogs, Taylor will see this and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to tell her how much she means to me. I love her with all of my heart, and Taylor, if you see this, I love you so much and you mean the world to me.


So yesterday, I was lucky enough to finally be able to see Taylor again! (* my 4th time overall, but 1st time in a quite awhile because physically, I haven’t been able to make it because of my CP) I know some of you have been waiting to hear my stories from my experience at the 1989 Tour last night and I’m sorry it took so long.. I didn’t get home till 4 this morning and I was dead tired, but I’m here! Haha 

Let me start off by saying she killed it! She was so extraordinary * as always. The show was filled with so much energy and love from beginning to end.. she rocked Ford Field and I feel so privileged to have gotten to spend part of my birthday weekend with Tay and so many other beautiful people.. that I just can’t believe how lucky I am. While it would’ve been awesome to get to say hi to Tay herself.. it’s okay that I couldn’t. The fact that she follows me here and does so many extraordinary for all of us, is more than enough for me.. thank you taylorswift for being all that you are and for giving me such a great night, for being my hero, and for loving me in the way you do.. it means the world to me!

  I was fortunate enough to meet this beautiful lady. (Mrs. Andrea/ Momma Swift) Words cant describe how much love I have for her and her entire family.. she treated me with so much compassion and love that I still can’t even believe it. Literally, surrounded by Security Guards.. she got down on her knees and just opened her heart to me and showered me with so much love and affection, it made me feel so important and special. I’m so happy that I was fortunate enough to be able to tell her exactly what she meant to me and what Taylor has meant to me in my life and that I appreciated her for sharing her baby with all of us.. before she had to leave, she kissed me on the cheek and told me that Taylor appreciated me, just as much as I did her. Just a surreal experience and an amazing night. *I can’t recall the conversation entirely because I literally felt like crying.. it took everything I had to keep it together* 
Momma Swift is simply magnificent. I can’t say enough good things about her, so much love for her!

honestlybelievedinyou/Chloe and I, FINALLY got to meet in person! I’m so excited to say that we actually got to be in the same place.. we’ve been friends for around 6 months, looking forward to many more YEARS! =]

Thank you taylorswift for a wonderful night and for everything you do for us. You are such a gift in this world and words can’t express how much I appreciate you. Love you and everyone here so much! Enjoy the rest of the tour and cannot wait to see you AGAIN <3

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People often ask me what I love about Taylor Swift or why I love her.

Most of the times I don´t answer or just say “well, she´s amazing”. Because I have no idea how to put all the reasons in one sentence.

Truth is: I became a Swifty because of her music. Her songs are relatable and I felt like I get to know her through them (if that makes sence). I was very emotional listening to her songs, but the reason I fell in love with her was that she is such a wonderful and caring person.

I love her so so much. She helps me through a hard time and listening to her songs always cheers me up. The days are going better when I´ve heard a song of her in the morning - no matter which.

To me, she is the most beautiful girl in the world, almost a perfect human being.

Taylor is so down to earth and so good to everybody she meets. And that is why so many people want the best for her.

Seeing her smile makes me happy in a way nothing else can. I watch interviews with a smile on my face and performances with tears in my eyes. When I´m with her I can forget all the pain I´m feeling. She taught me to be fearless and to believe in myself no matter what I´m going through.

So I just want to say thank you, @taylorswift , for making me stronger. You´re the reason why I am who I am. And I wish you knew that I´ll never forget you as long as I live. ♥

“I’m never the first one to pull away from a hug because I don’t know how much that person needs it.” TS

Just think about the significance of that statement for a moment.  Taylor never let’s go first because she’s thinking first about the person she’s giving love to and how much they might need it.  Too often I’m the one who lets go first, mostly because of my own insecurities, we all know Tay has insecurities too, but she puts them aside to make sure the people she’s with get the love they need.  I for one am going to try and do that more.  

LA Night 5// Woman Crush Wednesday

I really don’t know where to begin. I think i will just start out by once again thanking alltimeswiftie for being so kindhearted and loving. Without you, last night would not have happened and I will always be so grateful…..beyond grateful….for the beautiful act of kindness you blessed me with. Thank you so much Jamie. The world needs more people like you.

Basically….I held one of the biggest secrets of my life for about a week. Around Thursday, Taylor Nation reached out to me and called me Tuesday basically as the arena doors were opening saying “Taylor is SO excited to see you!” I only told a few of my closest friends and my mom and cousin…..and the Lady at Jamba Juice who was handing me my smoothie as i was crying on Thursday, seconds after getting the message. (I’m just gonna breeze through this part because i don’t know how much I’m allowed to tell.

ANYWAY… i originally had PIT 1 tickets (again thank you so much alltimeswiftie) but when I picked up my ticket from the Box Office, my ticket said BSTAGE and i was beyond confused?????? But completely okay with this type of confusion????? i didn’t dwell on it too much. Then I met up with its-a-swiftie-metafour, twopaperairplanenecklaces (who gave me the shirt and socks to give to Taylor….AKA some type of Mission Impossible-type shit) and the lovely bitch herself swifternet…..what a time that was. Love you guys so much.

Doors open and I get to the meeting place ASAP. I’m in line when i spot Grace Helbig in line as well. I freak out a little because she’s hilarious af but i didn’t want to bother her so I watched from afar lol. I also stood in line in front of Siedah Garrett (one of Michael Jackson’s former co-writers. I had the most amazing conversation with her, her Manager, and Scott Swift (who soon came out to say ‘hi” to everyone and give out guitar picks. I absorbed so much from the conversation we had about the music industry and all of the problems with it and how hard Taylor is working to make it better for every artist who is just trying to do what they love. He also started talking about how excited Taylor is about the tracks she’s thinking about for the next album and how much she loves the process of making something new. “She can’t stop…she doesn’t want to” is what he said when we started to talk about how she only has one more album left.Then he talked about stocks and my mind drifted because……numbers….when do I ever like to talk about numbers?

So after a few minutes he looks me up and down, smiles then says “You’re so tall Taylor is really going to love you”. I smiled back and said “Thank you” then we got a picture together and soon enough I was in the Loft 89 area. 

Fruits and pizza were on the tables, the photobooth was accessible but literally all i did was talk to Siedah about her shoes and watch the clips on the flat screen about 94 times while i tried to figure out why i was so surprisingly calm and composed?????? just chillin on the couch surrounded by label people and what not……and here i am….some heaux from Tumblr…..alright.

Finally a woman comes inside and tells us that Taylor will be coming in and will talk to each of us and take a picture. It still hasn’t set in. SOOOOOOOOOO Taylor walks in, followed by Andrea a few moments later and she legit like BURST through the room “HEY GUYS!!” and i knew from that moment i was not gonna make it….i started looking around for the nearest exit right at that second but she was standing in front of it so i was screwed.

blah blah blah blah she meets everyone in front of me

i try to ease my way towards the far corner of the room before she can get to me

im backing up, looking backwards

then i hear it

“Oh my God you’re gorgeous!”

i look up and she’s standing legit right in my face i couldn’t process shit her eyes were so blue i couldn’t

“Wh-what what thank you so much what”….literally all i could spit out…i take another step back but she keeps getting closer to me lmfao 

“I didn’t know you were like a model??!!!” 

“You’re a model please Taylor”

“You’re so stunning and striking”

then i took another step back and ran into the table behind me and she reaches out to help me and is like “Hahahaha I do that all the time” then we both look at the table and she’s all “This table is so dangerous…but i love it so much it’s so….” then we said “chic” at the same time (LOL) then we literally spend a solid two minutes talking about a table that clearly has something against tall women yet is far too aesthetically pleasing to get rid of.

Then she’s like “Oh my God Kimani I am soooo happy you’re here tonight the show is going to be insaaaaaane”

“Taylor come on, you already killed me last night, we can’t take anymore of this”

“Well if you couldn’t handle last night then you’re really not going to make it tonight. I. AM. SO. EXCITED”

“…..this is honestly completely disrespectful Taylor”

“I think it’s disrespectful that i’ve had to keep this a secret from you guys for so long”

“Please stop”

then we both laugh and everyone in the room looks at us because tbh our laughs sound almost alike and in that moment i felt like i was just talking to an old friend i hadn’t seen in a while

“Where are you at tonight? I want to make sure you’re at the front of the house” then she turns to her assistant (i think???) and is like “Is she at the front of the house?” and the lady says “Yeah she was already moved” then Taylor “Great because you HAVE to see this” then i just smiled at her and was like “thank you” 

then i like frantically waved my hands in the air and im like “WAIT WAIT WAIT SWIFT how much do you know????” she just starts laughing again and im looking at her like

finally she’s like “Oh I know A LOT” and i just start shaking my head. Then i ask her if Calvin knows anything and she starts thinking and she’s like 

“Well….he knows *i love your blog a lot….but he doesn’t know YOU” then she starts to chuckle and im all “Oh God”

“Actually i wanted to make sure Calvin i standing right next to you tonight” AND THIS LITTLE I CAN’T EVEN SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING SHE STARTS CHUCKLING AND DOING THAT SMIRK THING AND IMLIKE 


“He won’t know hahahahahaha”

now im like freaking out like shit this woman is actually trying to kill me tonight she legit has it out for me 

then i remember the things Lia gave me and im like “Oh! speaking of…..i come baring gifts…this is from Lia and pretty much the rest of the tayvin squad” 

so i pull out the socks and she’s like “Oh my God….a cat and a poptart….two of my favorite things”

then i pull out the shirt and im like “now this one i’ll let you open for yourself i don’t know…”

so she unfolds the shirt and reads it

and her eyes get HUGE and she loooks sooooooo excited like when she does this thing

 and she’s like “OH MY GOD YES YES YES THIS YES THANK YOU” and she was soooo stoked about that damn shirt i couldn’t help but laugh and she’s like “this is so great” then she looks at me and she’s like Im supposed to sign something right” and she gets the picture and signs it “KIMANI”

started from the bottom


now we’re here


and she’s like chuckling while she’s signing it and she’s like “this is probably the creepiest signing ever” and I start laughing too and im like “Well you’re not wrong”

then we take the pictures (she took the fighting one with me pulling her hair to help me win a bet with my cousin……she was like “oh my god here, pull my hair” and she just handed me a chunk of her hair????? lol) then she’s like okay let’s take one like we’re obsessed with each other too

after the pictures she’s like “Im sooo glad you’re here Kimani tonight it going to be great” and im like “thank you for everything Taylor” and we hug again and she smiles at me and says “thank you” and keeps going

and that was when i realized everyone in the room was watching us the whole tiime

it was amazing.

then i asked a woman there if we had to go to our seats and she was like “No, Taylor wants you to stick around for the backstage tour” i shat myself.

Austin was standing in front of me talking to some guys and i would be lying if i said i wasn’t checking him out tbh baby boy is a YES

Before we go on the tour, actually, Austin was heading out and he sees me and he like….introduces himself to me like “Hey I’m Asutin” and i’m like “Hi, I’m Kimani” and he just smiled at me and we took a picture then he told me to have a good night and that my friends is how you actually get the girl…..one step closer

So we go on the tour and Andrea shows us around and tells us about how she and Taylor came up with the stage design while sitting around drawing (and eating???) during the planning process and how the huge monitor that shows all of the visuals is one of the biggest flat screen in the world (fun fact kids)

then at one point Andrea was walking next to me and she rubs my arm and moves her arm around my waist and hold me while she walks and she looks up at me while we’re walking and says “you are so gorgeously tall” and i smile back at her and say “thank you so much, you’re honestly the best” and we were just walking and smiling at each other and that was just the most amazing and warm feeling ever. Mama Swift is legititmately a batch of freshly baked cookies i love her so much i will always love this woman with all my heart.

the tour ends and i hug her. i tell her thank you for her strength and support and just….everything. she thanks me for supporting Taylor so much. We take a picture and she hugs me one more time before leaving.

I go to the B-Stage and watch literally every fucking celebrity in the world pack into the sound booth. 

I’m getting lazy now so im just gonna list characters and what occurred with each of them

Burns: Made eye-contact. looked me up and down. noticed his beard is a lot thicker in person. he leaves the sound booth. we legit had a stare down it was great

Jack Antonoff: Thanked him for making such an incredible album and how Wake Me is one of my favorite songs ever. took a picture

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: didn’t take a picture but i told him his character on Modern Family (Mitchell) is my Mom’s favorite and he laughed and said thanks

Serayah and her squad kept looking at me at some points so i avoided looking back because that was intimidating

Jamie is beautiful

Charlie was in his own world during Love Story and when i turned around he was right behind me so i asked him for a picture and he was like “ME???” and i laughed and was like “YES YOU!” and looked like an excited little kid stg he is so adorable. he took the picture and he was so happy then him and the guy next to him were like “we were all just back here watching you!” and then i look behind them and Calvin was looking straight at me and i was like FUCK so I like apologized to Charlie and the guy and they were like “No no no we love watching you dance” and then i was like okay it’s time to turn around now Love Story is too much of a jam to miss.

Everytime i turned around i could see Calvin perfectly because of my heels and he was always either watching Taylor really intently or whispering to Burns…and when Taylor was closest to the B-stage his dorky ass would just be standing there smiling…..it was magical…i was in a Tayvin sandwhich. When she was talking about illuminating everyone in the crowd she looked right at him and mimicked his accent a little and was like “yeaaah??” and she smiled at him and i could hear him laughing behind me. it was like one of those things where there were literally thousands of people in that arena but these dorks were pulling out inside jokes in the middle of a performance i was so offended @ Tayvin i want in……rude.

she pointed to the crowd during IKP and i thought that was so beautiful of her because honestly for us it really is always her and no matter what, for her, it’s always us.

she mouthed “I love you” to him while leaning in forward on the balcony situation thingy before Clean though and did a little wave to him while she mouthed it after she talked about feeling okay with yourself no matter what other people say about you and at that point i was liquid.

everyone was exiting and i finally just waved at him…no more beating around the bush. i didn’t even ask for a picture, i just waved. then he waved back and almost ran into Andrea and i was like “shit that’s your fault Kimani” but he just put her hand on her back and let her go in front of him and she smiled and patted his cheek super sweetly and was like “thank you” and he looked down with his hand still on her back guiding her and smiled at her and in my head i was like GIRL IF YOU DON’T KEEP THIS MAN I AM SUING OH MY GOD

then i went home

never cried

i was completely calm the entire night except for during the performances

Taylor Swift made sure i had the time of my life

and i did

thank you for EVERYTHING Taylor

(*) reworded to avoid chaos

We met her and genuinely she is one of the loveliest people we have ever met — so down to earth and just the nicest person ever. ” Jesy Nelson told us. “And would literally do anything for you.“ “I had no shoes,” Perrie recalled. “We thought, ’Oh we would rock up in heels.’ Little did I realize I’m like Bambi on ice when I wear heels so I was like ’Oh I need some shoes and she was like, ’Wait a minute,’ she went to her wardrobe, brought back a basket full of boots, heels, shoes, everything and was like, ’Is this OK?’ And I was thinking, she is so nice. She didn’t have to do that. She’s just so genuine. You don’t realize until you meet her and you’re like holy crap how does she stay so on top and so nice and so genuine? She’s really, really lovely.” [On advice Taylor gave them] “To always stick together as a group,” Jesy said. “She said what she loves about us is how much we are such a unit and she loves how there is no one in the group that is like, ’Oh look at me.’ She’s like I love that you are four and that’s how you should stay and that was really nice.
—  Little Mix on performing with Taylor Swift (x)

Hey taylorswift. We have a strange thing in common. We both named one the greatest things in our life, Olivia. (It’s okay, I can refer my little sis to a cat mainly because she thinks she is one half the time!) This is my baby sister, there are 14 years between us, and she is the brightest light in my life. I love her more than words can describe. She is my mini swiftie side-kick, and isn’t she just the cutest! I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that we are going to the 1989 Glasgow Concert in June together as #TheSwiftieSisters!! It’s going to be the best sister day out ever. I have been singing your songs to her since the day she was born and now she loves you just much as I do. She really is the most precious thing I have in my life and I cannot believe how lucky I am that we can share the experience of the 1989 Tour together. See you soon Swift!


I JUST MET KARLIE AND I AM SO SO HAPPY!!! she said “is that a Taylor swift shirt?” and I said “yeah! taylor actually followed me on tumblr a week or two ago!” and then we talked about how i share a name with taylors cat, then we discussed how SVU is both me and taylors favorite show, and then she told mE THAT SHES GOING TO TELL TAYLOR THAT SHE MET ME AND THAT SHES GOING TO MAKE A TUMBLR SOON AND IM GOING TO CRY ALL OVER AGAIN I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL