i just love how much he appreciates his fans

I don’t think namjoon realizes just how much international fans appreciate him for speaking in English for us. Especially in his vlives. Like, even if it’s just a sentence or two, he goes out of his way to acknowledge us and talk to us in English even though he doesn’t actually have to, but he does it because he knows the language and loves us. It really means a lot, and I hope he knows that.

One of the main reasons why I love Thomas Sanders is because he absolutely loves anything and everything that anyone makes for him and he will reblog and post them with paragraphs of gratitude and appreciation for that person and their work. I know how much it means to someone when they’re work or words are recognized by the very person that inspired them to make or do it, and that’s why I admire him so much. He doesn’t let himself wander from his fan base and remains connected and grateful for every single person that follows him. He’s just the sweetest and I’m glad to have him as a fellow Hufflepuff :)

ALSO, one more thing and then I’ll shut up.

“Louis” comes on and tweets about how much he loves and appreciates the fans on Twitter and we all fawn over him and die. 

Then, hours later, he posts this picture of this No Name Band some people assume he wants us to support. 

It’s manipulative of our emotions. 

Louis loves us. Real, live, human Louis. I’m not arguing he doesn’t at all. I’m saying they use his social media to manipulate us into feeling loyal and devoted because “Louis” recognizes and appreciates that, he JUST said so!!!

Like the band if you want to like the band. But at least recognize the underhanded way in which it’s being marketed to us, using Louis’ image as a tool to do so.

Louis himself said we know what this kind of shit means. 

omg ok so i always see oikawa having fan girls n all that cute stuff but ,,, what if ushijima also has his own fanclub (since he’s a famous vball player—maybe even more famous than oikawa) and imagine how cute it would be …

ushijima not understanding why he even has one because a) he’s just playing for himself b) what’s the point of this?? but anyways he tries hard for his “wakafans” (as tendou calls them) and !!! the first time someone asked for a picture there was like a big space between them and ushijima’s smile was so small and awkward but so cute and aaaaa

but since he’s kinda got the hang of it, he always puts an arm around them to make them comfortable and always says thank you for the gifts he receives and even messages them when he goes home to tell them what he thinks of it …!!!!

please imagine ushijima with his own fanclub and him appreciating them so much in his own awkward lil way

Look how much I love you (Zen Smut)

Rated R
Smutty AF
A little angsty?

You and zen had been walking around the mall all day. Not doing much, just appreciating your time together, until some fans recognized zen and came running up to him.

“Zen can we get pictures?!? “Will you sign this for me?!?!” You looked up to your boyfriend of five months face, at first he was taken off guard, but then quickly smiled and agreed to what his fans were asking. Of course the small scene had drawn the attention of others and soon enough there was a small crowd of about 20 people wanting pictures and autographs.

Normally this didn’t bother you, you had been stopped. By fans with him before, it just made you slightly disappointed that you couldn’t have one day alone with the man you love.

He removed his hand from the place where it was interlocked with yours to take photos and sign things. He politely listened to the little things his fans would say to him. You looked out into the group of people in front of you. A majority of them were young girls, about your age give or take a few years. They were all so thin and pretty.

You shook the negative thoughts from your head. Zen loves you. Right?

You lost your train of thought when you heard some fans whispering to each other. “Is Zen really dating her? She’s not even that pretty, he could do better.” You felt your happy attitude from earlier today drain from your body.

They were right though. Zen could do better. You were on the verge of tears when you felt a rage hand wrap around yours again. You looked to see your handsome boyfriend smiling down at you. “Ready to go princess?” He asked smiling. You nodded up at him pushing into his side slightly.
Once you were back at the home you and Zen shared he left a soft kiss on your cheek, “I’m going to take a shower babe.” He said leaving you and walking to the bathroom, taking off his shirt as he went. His body was perfect. Didn’t he deserve a girl that was just as perfect?

You walked into your guys’ bedroom and laid on the bed thinking.

You heard the shower shut off and the door open, Zen walked in with a towel around his waist.

You quickly flipped yourself over facing away from him so he would t see the tears that were now streaming down your face. You could hear him opening drawers and changing his clothes. When you heard him stop you assumed he did what he always does and stopped in front of the mirror to take a look at himself.

You casually flipped back over wiping the tears off your face, fighting back the ones that threatened to come out. You watched him mess with the t-shirt he had put on. While you were busy staring at him you didn’t even notice him looking back at you. “Y/n, why is your face all red and puffy? What’s wrong?” He asked turning back to you.

“What, oh nothing.” You said wiping off your face again looking away from him. “Babe I know you’re lying, tell me.” He said not giving up on.

“It’s just…” you sighed “your so perfect and I’m so… not perfect. Today I heard some girls who wanted your picture saying how you could do better and I just, don’t you agree with them?” You said tears welling up In your face again.

“Y/n, you couldn’t possibly believe I think that, and how could you think that about yourself? You are perfect.” He said to you his red eyes sincere. “I guess I just don’t see it.” You muttered yo yourself. “Well if you don’t see it then I’ll just have to show you.” Zen said wiping your face dry and pulling you up in front of the mirror. “All of this,” he said gesturing over your entire body “ is perfection.” He slowly lifted your sweater up and off of your body looking at your top half in the mirror seductively. “This is beautiful.” He said running his hands over your now exposed stomach down to your jeans.

Undoing the buttons and pushing them down your legs, you kicked them the rest of the way off, quickly realizing where this was going. “This is gorgeous. He said running his fingers along your legs. “And this,” he said running his hand over your panties “is my favorite part.” He said quickly moving his hand into your (f/c) panties.

He rubbed you gently kissing your neck as you tilted your head up. He used his other hand to grab your head and push it forward forcing you to look at yourself, and him behind you, in the mirror. “Your so perfect. I want you to see what you do to me.” He whispered in your ear staring into your eyes in the mirror.

He then moved unhooking your bra and throwing it across the room. Reaching around to grope your breasts. You let out a small moan. His fingers moved as he slipped two of them inside you causing your knees to weaken. You let out a louder moan as you fell back on him slightly. He took the opportunity to attack your neck, leaving hickeys. He removed both hands for a moment. Sticking the two that he had been using on you in your mouth. You sucked them clean as he pulled away to remove his shirt and boxers. Bringing his hands back to you as he pulled down your panties swiftly.

He aligned himself with your entrance looking at your face in the mirror. Your lips parted slightly as you closed your eyes in pleasure. “I love watching the faces you make.” He said slipping into you. “You just look so pretty when I’m in you.” He moaned pulling out and slamming into you again. “I don’t want your eyes to leave that mirror, not until you realize how much I love you and how beautiful I think you are, got it?” He said smoothly. You nodded moaning in the process.

“Good.” He said, as he began to slam into you more rapidly. You started moaning louder. You two looked at each other in the mirror.

You moaned louder. “Zen.” You gasped out. The sight of him filling you from behind drove you crazy. You could hear him moaning behind you. His hands sat on your hips keeping you in place. “Y/n” he moaned into your ear.

His thrusts into you got more sloppy, you were reaching your high and so was he. He suddenly moved one of his hands grabbing your face and forcing you to look at his face in the mirror. “Do you see it now?” He said breathing heavy. You nodded. “Good. Now cum for me” he moaned into your ear. Barely above a whisper. That was enough for you though. And you rode out your orgasm he pulled out of you shooting his load up onto your stomach.

Quickly he spun you around kissing you hard. “If that doesn’t prove how beautiful you are to me, than I don’t know what will” he spoke. Pulling away from the kiss. You smiled up at him. Pulling him back to the bathroom. “After that you need another shower. And so do I” you said turning the water on. “ ohhh round two?” Zen giggled behind.


Jackson truly is a pure hearted person.. he literally translated his post into 4 different languages, including one he is not fluent in just because he performed in that country. he really just wants to get the message across to as many people as possible of how thankful he is and how much he appreciates his fans 😭😭😭 what a sweetheart

i just want you all to know that caspar lee loves and appreciates his friends a lot and is not scared to express his affection and tell everyone how proud he is when his friends do great things, and he’s full of compliments and hugs and love and he is also a little awkward bean and a giant dork and he just wants to make people laugh and smile and doesn’t take anything for granted because he’s so constantly appreciative and in awe of his fans and everyone who supports him and i love him so much

here’s a thought...

Calum never gets the credit he deserves.

Like yes he is extremely loved and respected throughout the fanbase, but he’s not appreciated like he should be. Whenever he does the slightest thing wrong people are all over him saying how vial he is and how much of a whore he is. Like if Calum were to trip and fall while meeting fans people would be like, “OHMYGOD IS HE FUCKING KIDDING ME?? HE HAD TO LEAVE EARLY TO GO GET AN X-RAY BC FUCK HIS HEALTH I DON’T EVEN WANT HIM TO TALK WITH ME JUST TO GET A PICTURE WITH HIM OMG WHAT A RUDE FUCK I HATE HIM….still love you though Luke!!!!!” Like he legit met fans with luke and they all crowded around luke but not Calum…like he was there to say hi to them…calums also in the fucking band believe it or not! But, when he does something amazing- like idk if you guys ever heard the fucking songs dayLIGHT OR ANYTHING BUT THE KID O W N E D THE SONG BUT I DON’T REMEMBER PEOPLE FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT BUT A N Y W A Y S- it gets ignored so easily, like people are just sitting there like “who calum”. AND ITS ANNOYINGG!!! bUT whenever 5sos realease a song with michael singing on it, all those same motherfuckers hop right on in to michaels lane and make themselves cozy. firstly, fuck out of my lane. secondly, you are actually a fucker if you do that. don’t even try and fight me on saying calum isn’t under appreciated. Don’t. because it happens everyday. groupie rumors, and the fact that he was flipped off for asking fans to live in the moment and put there phones away, and the fact that people don’t even care about talking to him they only want a picture (cough bitches at the state champs show in aus couGH)!!!!!! he’s been ignored for too long and i aint having it anymore. calum has been nothing but a kind ass person. he’s been there for the fans, for the music, for the boys, and never is he nasty to fans. i’m not kidding if you want to fight me on this my messages are open for discussion, bc i’m ready to fucking fight someone. the boy needs more respect. if by any slim chance in hell calum sees this, i hope he knows how loved and appreciated he is by me and by so many. i really love and want to meet and hug him and tell him this face to face. and to all you jackfucks out there who treat calum like dirt, please exit to the left!!!!!!!!! srry this is so long tHX TTYLLL BITCHES!!!!!!

i just rewatched that video when kris left that day and suho accepted the award, all alone and he was so strong? he was giving his best not to cry, he made sure to thank everyone, thank exo, thank the fans and then he had to stand there all alone for the whole encore. he deserves so much respect and love alone for that day and just imagine how much we should actually appreciate him for so many years

anonymous asked:

It's 12:31 am and im thinking how much i love donghyuck. Soon my heart will burst with the amount of love i have for that boy and i just want him to be happy and have fun and i want to give him all the bright skies and watch his eyes twinkle from all the love he receives

!!!!! ahhh omg that is by far the cutest message ever!!!! T_____T i am s o loving this whole ‘love and cherish nct’ concept!!!!!! haechannie is def lucky to have such a sweet and dedicated fan like u!!! 💞🐻 haechan’s one of my top bias wreckers, and i love anything advocating appreciation for the precious boy!!!!! 💛😿

anonymously tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about.

Vik Appreciation

Can I just say, no one can really argue with the fact that Vik isn’t the hardest working Sideman. He literally has three channels, two of which he uploads two videos, and the final he uploads one video, every god damn day. He makes sure his fans are entertained as hell. He literally probably only sleeps 2 hours, and spends so much time editing as well. He can be one of the calmest sideman, along with the most sleep deprived with how much work he does.

Vik, we appreciate all the work that you do and we love you.

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Ana your Jinki's eye appreciation post just made my day, I'm nearly crying and smiling like an idiot! You are so right! His eyes are beautiful! Every SHINee member is so wonderful, my heart feels like it's going to burst thinking about how much I love them :c

jinki’s eyes are just a tiny fraction of the solid beauty he was probably carved from detail by detail - and although I am really but really glad I made your day you know what? let me make your night too. think about it this

my heart feels like it’s going to burst thinking about how much I love them :c

is exactly how they think about us, too; so let your heart do its thing and burst all over the place because you are loved right back by the five most beautiful beings in this universe. ♡

Drunk post about how much I totally love Lin and his kindness that allows him to include us, meager fans, into deep parts of his life. Appreciation post about how much Lin does to incorporate his fans into his life and his explanations for his song process, his life influences, and even his son’s daily rhymes. Appreciation post for Lin bc he acknowledges both his ups and downs in the music industry, what to do in times of struggle, and how to disregard self doubt. Appreciation post for Lin and his reminders that he is a human being, able to make mistakes and live a life entirely his own. Appreciation post for Lin and his ability to be unashamedly his own person and for showing his fans that it’s okay to be you, mistakes, doubts, achievements and all.

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I was reading the tags in one of your posts and saw you saying CNU was underappreciated until this era. I didn't know that at all because I'm a new BANA, so I wasn't there to see what was going before, and I liked CNU before this era. But I am happy to see lots of love coming his way. He's such an awesome person and singer, and he deserved more love and recognition. Also, I want to give you a shoutout for being one of my fav. B1A4/CNU blog. Glad that I followed you. Let's talk soon ❤ Chrissy

Hi Chrissy~!

Maybe I worded my tags a little funny, but it wasn’t so much that CNU was under appreciated until this era (I’d say Solo Day era was when I actually began to notice a nice increase in CNU fans), but more so this era really just helped him take off, with people more aware of his songs (and how handsome he looks with the red hair! lol). 2011-2013 I’d say his popularity was pretty low, especially compared to Jinyoung, Sandeul and Baro, but since Solo Day he’s seems to have gained a good amount of followers, and this era really helped with that.

You’re so right though, he is really awesome at all that he does! I’m happy more people are seeing that!

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m so appreciative of the kind words, thank you~ 💖😭💗 it really means a lot! Anytime you want to talk, please feel free!

Andrew Scott panel

Andrew Scott was an absolute sweetheart! He was so lovely and thankful of the support from all of the fans there, and I truly enjoyed his talk.

Here’s a list of some of the things he talked about:

- He talked a lot about getting into the “playful” side of Moriarty.
- One of the funniest set stories was when he and Ben were filming the IOU scene, and during one take he said IOU in a robot voice and Ben just looked at him like “what the fuck.”
- He talked for at least a minute about how much he appreciates fandom as a source of great creativity. He got very enthusiastic applause for that.
- I can’t remember the quote exactly, but a drama student asked him how he deals with nerves, and he said he deals with it by telling himself, “Don’t worry about nerves, because one day I’m going to die.” Freaking great.
- He talked about how much he loved working on Pride and how important it was to him.
- He doesn’t think Moriarty would want Sherlock to join forces with him because that would end the game. He thinks Moriarty is obsessed with Sherlock and the game.
- He sees Moriarty as a very solitary man with no friends.


I feel like most people are Ren biased just cause hes different and hes a pretty boy image and easy to pick out of the group but he should be recognized for more than just that. He should be recognized and appreciated for how strong he is in the face of adversity, how confident he is in his personality and how he doesn’t take judgement from anyone and how he gives his fans such hope and strength just by existing and being him. He shouldn’t be loved for looking like a girl, he should be loved for everything surrounding that and so much more.

alright I hate to chime in on drama because I don’t ever like to fuel the fire. but Ashton makes it so clear how much he loves and appreciates his fans. He makes snapchats so often to update everyone and they always end in him telling everyone that he loves him. The majority of his tweets are thanking his fans for letting him live his dream. He’s kind to every fan he’s met and he sacrifices so much to make sure we know he’s rooting for us. So often people ignore this stuff, which is fine. I cheer Ashton on enough to make up for the people who seem to forget how much he does for us. However, it’s the worst to notice all these things he does daily to make sure everyone knows that he cares, and then see half the fan base only take note when he says something that could be twisted to make him look bad. If you’re upset about something Ashton supposedly said, fine. But it is not fair to only pay attention to these certain circumstances instead of all the wonderful things he does for his fans daily. Not only is Ashton under appreciated, he just seems targeted and it’s getting old.

Harry has always done everything in his power to make sure their fans know how much he loves and appreciates them.  From giving everything he has on stage to stopping in the rain to take pics. From the lovely supportive and inclusive speeches during shows to treating even the most intrusive and insistent fans with kindness and respect.  We have never even had even the slightest indication that he has anything but love for his fans, and for that jackass Wootton to imply otherwise just shows that he clearly is as far from in the know as it is possible to be.

Zayn is always so so grateful of his fans, he acknowledges all the hard work we do on social media, he always looks at fan art and other creative things we do, he is always active with us on social media and better yet, he just constantly reminds us of how much we mean to him and I just really appreciate him for doing that, he’s the sweetest 💞