i just love how much ann loves that leslie loves her so much

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oh boy Ladrien kills me every day. The way that boy looks at Ladybug, he must feel so self conscience and naked and you can tell just how MUCH he loves her. Ladrien destroys me, I love it so much and I really enjoy your writing.

Thank you!

I actually made a text post screaming once because I felt personally victimized by the way Adrien looked at Ladybug in Jackady



Ladrien is the angst ship in my book and I ADORE Ladrien angst but I also love imagining Ladybug calling Adrien all the ridiculous nicknames Leslie calls Ann in Parks and Recreation.

Like they know they love each other but they aren’t dating and it’s completely ridiculous? And everyone sorta figures something is going on between them but they don’t really question it? Like “hey Adrien how’s Ladybug doing?” and Marinette spits out her drink but no one notices because that’s how this show works apparently—

A Little Help From My Friend

Anonymous requested: Hi! Can you do an Ann Perkins (Parks and Rec) X fem!reader where Ann is jealous because the reader hangs out with Leslie so much but Leslie is just trying to get the reader to ask Ann out already and Ann goes to Ron for help?

Fandom: Parks and Recreation
Pairing: Ann Perkins x reader (ft. Leslie and Ron)
Word count: 1k

A/N: That got so cheesy at the end I’m sorry yIKES

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I absolutely love your blog! I've gone through all the VC cannon and so many of the wonderful fanworks, but now I'm having withdrawals! Is it strange that my solution is to watch Rise of the Guardians? I mean, Jack Frost IS a cheeky undead optimist who's trying to find his purpose in the world :P My real question is, are there any Lestatesque/VC-esque books or movies you'd recommend? I agree that OLLA and What We Do in the Shadows are fantastic >:D

Merci beaucoup, glad you like this thing! You want more?

You do, I see >:}

I’d agree w/ you about Jack Frost, he’s forced into his immortal status by accident, too, and he’s orphaned and has to figure out what to do w/ himself, too. Jack and Lestat are definitely both cheeky undead optimists! And yes, OLLA and What We Do in the Shadows are fantastic, that’s for sure! Those movies were very much the VC movie we had been waiting for, with different facets of VC-adjacentness. OLLA more for the aesthetic and WWDITS more for the comedy.

I don’t think that any ONE movie or book (or book series) has all the ingredients that make up that unique VC flavor but there are many that are adjacent. I knew this was going to end up being a masterpost, that’s why it took so long. Also I restrained myself from any Tom Cruise movies. He should have his own masterpost ;D

*cracks knuckles* Okayyy… SO, 

VC-Adjacent is more doable than Lestatuesque, bc everyone’s headcanon of Lestat varies and we all know how attached I am to Tom Cruise So I’ll give you one Lestatuesque rec and the rest are VC-Adjacent.


Blade Runner (1982) - this movie is mentioned in canon (QOTD). AR had wanted to cast Rutger Hauer as Lestat. But he was too old when they finally got IWTV into production D: so watch this and see her vision for Lestat.

Over and over [Armand] watched Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, fascinated by Rutger Hauer, the powerfully built actor who, as the leader of the rebel androids, confronts his human maker, kisses him, and then crushes his skull. It would bring a slow and almost impish laugh from Armand, the bones cracking, the look in Hauer’s ice-cold blue eye.

“That’s your friend, Lestat, there,” Armand whispered once to Daniel. “Lestat would have the… how do you say?… guts?… to do that!”

In no particular order* 

(and @annabellioncourt​ helped me out here, so wherever there’s an *, those are her recs that I agreed with)(and there are other movies I love obviously, but I tried to limit this list to VC-Adjacent only; and I couldn’t think of any of my fave books that come close enough to fit in here).

Vampire movies:

  • *Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) - Well this goes w/o saying, and it also shared movie!IWTV’s Michele Burke as head of the makeup dept ;D
  • The Lost Boys (1987) - @skeletalroses​ is kind of my authority on this one, and >>>this movie is cited as a major inspiration for WWDITS.<<<
  • What We Do in the Shadows (2014)- Including it on here bc of reasons, this is a very classy documentary of several vampires flatting together in New Zealand as a big coven ball approaches.
  • Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) - Including it on here bc of reasons, this is a very classy film of several vampires visiting together in Detroit, Michigan, and Tangiers, Morocco, as the world is slowly taken over by the “zombies” (not actual ones, metaphoric ones). And there are alot of parallels between the married couple and Claudia Ava, who is thirsty all the time and above the law bc of course she is.
  • Shadow of the Vampire (2000) - It’s a behind-the-scenes fanfic of the filming of the legendary Nosferatu! Mostly horror w/ a dash of comedy. Bonus: Eddie Izzard.
  • Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995) - Yeah I love Leslie Nielsen, fight me. It’s a Dracula parody. This will never not be funny.
  • Jennifer’s Body (2009) - well she’s not really a vampire but she eats ppl, so close enough. I love the dynamic between Jennifer and her best friend, how you’re not sure whether Jennifer wants to bring her into this, or just terrify her, but there is something kind of Akasha-esque about this creature.
  • Let the Right One In (2008) - the original is better than the US remake (Let Me In, 2010) but they’re both worth watching. Child vampire! Choosing a new BFF! She has to respect the Being Invited In Rule, tho.
  • The Little Vampire (2000) - a cuter child vampire, w/o much of the angst of being a child vampire, overall super cute and I had to include this bc of Jack Frost. 

Other Horror movies/shows:

  • *Crimson Peak (2015) - @annabellioncourt​ says: “would be a fair addition because of the atmosphere of it as well as its campy factor”
  • Hannibal (2013-2015) - the TV series bc #murder husbands, like c'mon. One pushing the other into being more murdery and the other resisting it. @cloudsinvenice informed us that “Bryan Fuller was a huge IWTV fan growing up - there’s a Nerdist podcast in which he describes how, at the age of 13, he phoned Anne Rice because he wanted to work on the IWTV screenplay. The story is a gem and starts about 32 minutes in, but the whole thing is really great.”
  • The Walking Dead (2010-current) - my new drug, group dynamics, fighting for supremacy, survival, romance, killing!
  • Sweeney Todd (2007) - It’s pretty goth, it has some comedy, it has murder, it has ppl pining for each other. Also, a musical. My fave is the whole By the Sea song sequence bc Helena is trying so hard!
  • The Witches of Eastwick (1987) - Jack Nicholson is the devil and wants to make his own harem of 3 powerful witches what could possibly go wrong? There is a hilariously awful scene in a church. Jack approaches Lestatuesque levels of charm as he courts these women, and then there’s supernatural stuff going on. 
  • The Addams Family (1991) - Gomez and Morticia have the kind of ship Lestat would kill for. He would probably dig their aesthetic to some extent, too. Also murderous kids, who are encouraged to be murderous. ONE HAPPY FAMILY.
  • Black Swan (2010) - something about this, maybe the aesthetic, feels very Theatre Des Vampires.
  • Beetlejuice (1988) - Alec Baldwin! Looked like this once upon a time! But mostly, ppl dealing with being dead and not having a very helpful ghost w/ the most trying to help them. When it works for him.
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - campy, musical, murdery, I still don’t really know what it all really means but it’s fun. Dr. F can be compared to Lestat, in that he’s lusty, charming, glamorous, materialistic, bossy as hell, has a real mean streak, tries to make the perfect lover for himself and fails at it over and over… an essay could be written comparing them. @laurasking is my authority on RHPS.

Other movies/shows:

  • Phenomenon (1996) - Telekinesis and someone dealing w/ acquiring it, and how his community treats him bc of it. THIS IS CUTE so like, yeah, much further away, I almost didn’t include it. Gonna lose my reputation over this rec OH WELL it’s your fault, Anon, bc Jack Frost.

Anime - recc’d by my best friend:

  • Vampire Princess Miyu - “similar atmosphere" 
  • Witch Hunter Robin - “quite gothic”
  • Otogizoushi - “very atmospheric" 

Annbellioncourt’s Recs bc she is classier than me:

  • Byzantium (2012) - Neil Jordan’s first vampire movie since IWTV
  • Wolfman (2010) - “its cheesey, but its atmospheric, spooky, and bloody”
  • The Hunger (1983) - “is one I always suggest to people wanting more”
  • The Bloody Chamber And Other Stories - Angela Carter
  • Carmilla - Bunch of adaptations of this.
  • A Taste of Blood Wine -  Freda Warrinton
  • Blood Opera Sequence -  Tanith Lee
  • Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
  • Fevre Dream (yes its spelled fevre) by George R. R. Martin (yes, its THAT Martin, and his take on vampires is Very Good.)
  • Sunshine by Robin McKinley
  • The Delicate Dependency by Michael Talbot
  • The Hunger by Whitley Scriber

Voice of Louis - or, “I’ve had to listen to that, for centuries.”

@annabellioncourthad cited the following as similar to Louis’ voice in IWTV:

  • “Oscar Wilde’s era of the very late 19th century, which is what most people think of today when they think “Victorian writing.”

“Similar in voice (though not subject) would also be:

  • Matthew Arnold (read some of his essays, and tell me that’s not how Louis talks),
  • Wilkie Collins
  • Henry James

Moar recs from her under Spooky Book Recommendations

Anyone can feel free to comment or reblog this with their own recs *u*

parks and rec: mbti style

Leslie Knope: ENFJ

Leslie is the epitome of the ENFJ stereotype; passionately warm and loyal, to the point of scary intensity. Never sleeps and is hyper-organized, yet her personal life is something of a jumbled mess. She always remembers everybody’s birthdays and knows exactly what kind of gifts to get them; very ENFJ.

Ben Wyatt: ISTJ

At first I thought he might be an INTP but Ben Wyatt is an excellent example of an ISTJ and of how ISTJs are often misunderstood or too easily dismissed. He is patient, loyal, hardworking, and consistent; yet Ben Wyatt is, like every ISTJ I’ve ever known, a massive nerd. And sometimes, the duty-fullfilling ISTJ gets tired of duty fullfilling and wants to make claymation instead.

Ron Swanson: INTJ

Ron Swanson is the most INTJ an INTJ can get. Extremely antisocial and private, he enjoys his own kind of lifestyle regardless of what others think. He doesn’t force other people to live by his standards, but is not afraid to voice his opinion when people display stupidity or wrongdoing. He, like other INTJs, can often at first be mistaken for a cold, unfeeling robot, but secretly does care deeply for the very few select people he loves.

Chris Traeger: ENTJ

ENTJs are very good at making the gears work, and their obsession is overanalyzing everything they do AND everything others do to make sure they are doing it in the very best way possible. Chris is an excellent example of an ENTJ in their most fitting role: the boss of everyone. Chris is very definitive in his speech patterns, and likes for everyone to do their job according to the rules. He strives for perfection in all areas.

Ann Perkins: ISFJ

ENFJs are often uncannily attracted to ISFJs; such is the case with Leslie and Ann. Ann is, like most ISFJs, surprisingly outgoing for an introvert; but obviously is much more inward-focused than an extrovert like Leslie. She is patient, kind, loyal, and motherly towards Leslie, Andy, and most of her other friends. She is organized but sometimes enjoys breaking free of the boxes she places herself in, just to prove to herself and to others that she can.

April Ludgate: INTP 

Honestly, April was probably the hardest to type. In the end I decided on INTP; she is not afraid to come across as quirky or weird; in fact, she enjoys leaving a memorable and / or weird impression on people. She is extremely private and introverted, but she is fiercely loving and loyal to those she is close to (i. e., Andy). She hates displays of affection (just like every other INTP I know) and whenever she admits to emotion other than disinterest or disgust, it’s reluctantly. 

Andy Dwyer: ENFP

Andy is sweet and lovable; a veritable golden retriever puppy dog. He is easily distracted and isn’t afraid to like what he likes and say and do what he wants. He is sometimes goofy and ridiculous but that’s just the ENFP personality; Andy, like most ENFPs, has a vast and intelligent inner world. He enjoys wild flights of fantasy and expresses affection in an almost absent-minded but very genuine way.

Tom Haverford: ESTP

This was almost too easy. Tom is opportunistic and likes the finer things in life. He lives in the moment and often it seems as though he is simply shrewdly turning every situation to his advantage and using his friends, recklessly and selfishly living in his own lavish style. But Tom actually does care about his friends and he can buckle down and work when it’s something he’s interested in. However, this doesn’t mean he can’t still treat himself to the best moisturizers and pocket squares.

Diane Lewis: INFJ

Diane Lewis is composed, self-aware, very intuitive, and gentle. It is obvious from her speech patterns and body language that when she confronts someone, it is not because that is what she would naturally do, but rather because she has trained herself to do so after years of being trampled on. She is patient and forgiving, but she has learned where to draw the line. She is an excellent example of a mature and healthy INFJ.

Jerry Gergich: ISFJ

I have nothing to say about this. Dammit, Jerry. 

Donna Meagle: ISFP

Donna is extremely sensuous and enjoys things that are exciting, mysterious, and stimulating. She is fiercely private, but not many people realise just how little they know about her, because she tells people just enough to throw them off and keep them from asking questions. She enjoys a bit of drama in her life, and loves to shock people. She’s very sensitive and caring towards Jerry when nobody else is, but in her unique own way.

Craig Middlebrooks: ESFJ

Like most ESFJs, Craig cares a little too much. He feels passionately about literally everything and feels that it’s important that others know how he feels about things. He cares very loudly for his friends; even ones he’s just met, he claims to adore vigorously. He likes to experience and process things through his senses and he enjoys being organized and making strong connections with other people.

Lucy: ISTP

Tom’s girlfriend (and, eventually, wife) Lucy is a great example of an ISTP. She is extremely laidback and chill, going with the flow and taking opportunities as they come. She jokes around a lot and doesn’t mind Tom’s faults or shortcomings, but accepts him for who he is. She’s loyal and extremely caring, sticking with Tom through thick and thin. Man, I love ISTPs.

hi pals!! hmm i got a few request for one of these n i thought it’d be a good idea 2 tell u about some of my fav blogs. im not the traditional type so instead of listing loads of my fav blogs im just listing a few nice ones along w a lil comment. a lil more personal n i highly suggest u go follow these lovelies. 

some bigger blogs i lov:

@girlfig: first person i ever followed n we have the same name !!! 
@faebee: always spreading positivity n has the cutest lil face 
@flowury: bean!! the ootd queen!! {v proud of coming up w that}
@oatbee: dog enthusiast n always makes me smile seeing her posts 
@lovlae: idk smthg about maya makes u feel all cozy inside :*)
@pockhy: everything is so cute n lil lights up my dash 
@beanleaf: lil cutie
@frogbum: so gosh darn cute 

people i lov seeing on my dash:

@exciting: always has something good 2 say n UR face,,.. an Angel
@spicegrl: kenzie is such a beauty n lovely girl in general
@katelynsgnarlyblog: katt’s og posts are kind of the cutest ??!
@buzzflower: has a glow 2 her,,.. n have U seen her face ?? another Angel
@honeytub: that one posted w her tangled in the lights,, how Cute 
@craftkiddo: real life Fairy  
@honeyknot: warm n cozy vibe 
@partlypeachy: her lil precious face will brighten Ur day ,, guarantee
@rosepouts: idk man she just has great posts 
@blushfig: always makes me :-) 
@lovbun: told me i resemble adelaine kane so much lov 4 cass

people that helped me gain followers / notes
( ppl i tag my stuff in n they always rb n are supportive)

@indexinyan: wht a beauty she is n always is so cuute
@vodkaart: since day 1 reblogging my stuff n being so nice aaa
@cloudiebub: precious Angel that deserves so much lov !!!
@peachisty: such a doll n so nice 
@sleepygogh: wht a cute blog n cute vibe goin on 

people i am close 2 n talk 2:

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@crayoncrush: mm we are not uber close but they are so nice n reach out 
@dancyplants: all we send each other are puppy vids/pics but i mean :,,)
@berry-bub: one of the cutest beans,, so much lov for kat!!!
@moon-kiddo: so supportive n one of my first followers :,,,)
@soft-mel: what a bb!! 
@cafeblossoms: maranda wht a cutie patotti
@honeywaffle: an Angel n so sweet 

and lastly people i know irl n appreciate:
( and thx for not talking abt my blog irl )

@carrier-kitten: ur way 2 nice 2 me n a mini lynn gunn 
@sarcasm-in-a-trashcan: o hey art kid
@snhoot: BRI!! MY GAL!! so glad i met u n hav become so close!! ur the leslie 2 my ann ;-)
@imaloser74: thx for teaching me all abt kpop n having Cool hair
@pixiebitch99: thanks for dealing w the crazy car rides w me ,, 

n the list goes on n on,,.. i just wanted 2 say that i am so thankful for all of u lovely ppl. ur all so amazing n im so lucky 2 have met u. happy new yr!!

**im so sry if i didn’t tag u, i still lov u !! 

Yes Please by Amy Poehler: My Castmates and Friends

RASHIDA JONES (ANN PERKINS): Rashida is my old friend and chosen sister. She is my wife for life. I loved the scenes where it was just Ann and Leslie figuring out a problem. I would go sit on a fake apartment set and be friends with Ann and then go sit in my real trailer and be friends with Rashida. It was so easy to play being in love with Ann because next to my mom and my possible future daughter, Rashida Jones is the prettiest person I have ever met. She is also beautiful inside. We had so many deep conversations about our real lives in our fake offices. Rashida can speak on everything from Rodarte to Rodin to Rhodesia. I am so proud of the real friendship that Leslie and Ann had on-screen. It was important to both Rashida and me to show two women who supported each other and seemed like they would actually be friends.

  • My favorite moments on set: Rashida and me singing and dancing between takes.
  • A lot of people don’t know: Rashida shares my obsession with miniature fake food.
  • I laughed the hardest: The time Rashida and I (Ann and Leslie) had to try to pin Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) down and feed him medicine in the “Hunting Trip” episode.

NICK OFFERMAN (RON SWANSON): I met Nick Offerman in Chicago in 1997. He had dyed his beard bright orange and his hair was shaped into two devil horns. He looked terrifying. He was doing a production of A Clockwork Orange with some cool theater company. Nick has real theater training and complete control over his instrument. This is why Ron Swanson is one of the best characters ever to be on television. He can do stillness like no other. He is incredibly professional but also giggly. We both talk about how much we love our jobs at least five times a day. He adores his wife and takes nothing for granted. He is someone I would run to when the zombies attack because he can build a boat and is great company.

  • My favorite moments on set: Blocking scenes with Nick in Ron’s office.
  • A lot of people don’t know: Nick is crazy for his two poodles.
  • I laughed the hardest: The time Ron Swanson tried to push Leslie up onto a podium while the entire cast was slipping on ice in the episode “The Comeback Kid.“

AZIZ ANSARI (TOM HAVERFORD): Aziz was a UCB wunderkind who had already had his own sketch show, Human Giant, before he joined Parks. He is a keen observer of the human condition and a lot sweeter and quieter than you would imagine. Like Tom Haverford, he is a total foodie and part-time culture vulture. Aziz and I spent a lot of time together building the world of Pawnee in those first couple of seasons. We stood together in a dusty pit and did our first television promos with a bunch of wild raccoons. We once shot a scene where Aziz had to run the length of a golf course and he barely broke a sweat. He has the stride and work ethic of a long-distance runner.

  • My favorite moments on set: Hearing my kids call Aziz “turkey sandwich.” I think it’s because he was eating a turkey sandwich once? Either way they think he is hilarious.
  • A lot of people don’t know: Aziz went to business school.
  • I laughed the hardest: The night Aziz and I spent shooting in a van during the episode “The Stakeout.”

AUBREY PLAZA (APRIL LUDGATE): Aubrey is my devil child and my girlfriend in crime. She will do anything for me, and me for her. She was an NBC page and made up facts during her studio tours. She was an SNL intern and smoked cigarettes with the set painters. Her great work as April Ludgate turned what could have been a one-note performance into a deep character study. Both the character of April and person of Aubrey are secret softies. When I was going through my divorce and sad about coming back to Los Angeles, Aubrey dressed up as an alien and surprised me at the airport. She is a big-hearted warrior and a good and loyal friend. She speaks Spanish and gets the most sleep of anyone on our show.

  • My favorite moments on set: Hugging Aubrey and asking her if she was eating enough.
  • A lot of people don’t know: Aubrey has a shrine to Judy Garland in her house.
  • I laughed the hardest: The scene in the “Two Parties” episode where April discovers that the illuminated penis hat she is wearing is helping her as she digs to bury stolen artifacts.

CHRIS PRATT (ANDY DWYER): Chris had the best audition I had ever seen. No one knew his work and he came in and crushed. He is a comedy savant and a natural actor in a way I have never really seen. Each take is different and hilarious and completely unexpected. His character was only supposed to be on the show for six episodes, which seems ridiculous now. There are long discussions in the writers’ room about how much Andy knows and doesn’t know. Chris is exactly how you would expect him to be in person: friendly, open, and very strong. When we were going through tough times we would text each other, “How’s the weather?” He also likes hunting and country music. I’ve learned a lot from watching him. He constantly reminds me to stay loose and have fun.

  • My favorite moments on set: Watching Pratt do physical comedy. Nobody falls like Pratt. Nobody does pratfalls like Pratt falls.
  • A lot of people don’t know: Chris actually plays the guitar and has helped write Mouse Rat songs.
  • I laughed the hardest: Any time Andy got distracted in the middle of listening to important instructions, like in the episode “The Trial of Leslie Knope.

ROB LOWE (CHRIS TRAEGER): I can’t believe I am Rob Lowe’s coworker, let alone his friend. For the first few weeks after I met him I hounded him with questions about his movies. The scene when Sodapop comes out of the shower in The Outsiders was a very important moment in my adolescence. Rob gives wise advice and loves to talk about show business. He joined the show at a time when our status was very shaky and he helped keep us on the air. He is a committed father and has great wisdom about raising two boys. He delighted in the rigorous physical challenges we put him and his character through. He played Chris Traeger as a wide-eyed lunatic and loved every minute of it.

  • My favorite moments on set: When Chris Traeger would have to go from standing still to a full sprint in less than five seconds.
  • A lot of people don’t know: We have a nickname for Rob. It’s RoLo, and he loves it.
  • I laughed the hardest: When Chris Traeger played “air banjo” in the backseat during the “Road Trip” episode.

RETTA SIRLEAF (DONNA MEAGLE): Retta can sing opera and cry on cue. She is a very warm person who does not suffer fools. The character of Donna Meagle has grown because Retta keeps adding small details in the fine work she does. I love how Donna is the only character who really holds her own against Ron Swanson. I love how she has nothing in common with Leslie Knope but tolerates her anyway. When we were rehearsing in the first few weeks of the show, Greg Daniels had me give a tour of the office and introduce everyone to camera. Retta, whom I barely knew, was sitting at Donna’s station pretending to be on the phone. I came over and checked out the stuff on her desk and noticed a yellow leaf pinned up on a bulletin board behind her. I asked her where it came from and she deadpanned, “Outside.”

  • My favorite moments on set: Retta talking about anything she loves or hates.
  • A lot of people don’t know: Her aunt is the president of Liberia.
  • I laughed the hardest: When Donna Meagle cried after a bullet hit her Benz in the “Hunting Trip” episode.

JIM O’HEIR (GARY/JERRY/LARRY/TERRY GERGICH): The character of Jerry is allowed to be such a loser because Jim the person is such a winner. He is sweet and funny and has the best timing of anyone on our show. He is a fine actor from Chicago who made what could have been a bad one-joke character into someone you root for and against. In real life, teasing him is okay because we all love him. In the show, Gary/Jerry/Larry/Terry is married to Christie Brinkley and has a gigantic penis. He is my parents’ favorite.

  • My favorite moments on set: Everybody making fun of Jerry.
  • A lot of people don’t know: Jim has a huge tongue.
  • I laughed the hardest: When Jerry suffered a “fart attack” in “Halloween Surprise.” Jim played it so real and it was ridiculous.

ADAM SCOTT (BEN WYATT): Adam is my TV husband and I couldn’t ask for a better partner to fake come home to. The characters of Ben and Leslie have gone through so much together and I feel so lucky to have had Adam by my side. The fact that people cared about our TV love story is because Adam is a tremendous actor; he listens intently and always makes me better. Ben-and-Leslie scenes were exciting and nerve-racking to shoot because we all cared so much about making them work. Adam is a kind person who loves his family and cares about the people he works with. He also speaks slowly and tells really long and boring stories and someone needs to tell him to cut the shit. Adam always has fresh breath for kissing scenes and a very dry sense of humor.

  • My favorite moments on set: Any time Leslie and Ben kiss.
  • A lot of people don’t know: Adam grew up in Santa Cruz and insists it’s totally acceptable to drive barefoot.
  • I laughed the hardest: When Ben had a kidney stone and lost his mind on morphine in the “Partridge” episode.
  • I cried the hardest: When Ben got down on one knee and proposed to Leslie.

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is a fantastic show. If you aren’t watching it, you should be. If you are watching it then good job. And if you’ve finished watching it then go back to season one and start that baby all over again. Seriously, I’m on my fourth re watch now and it only gets funnier and more excellent each time.

I wanted to write an in depth essay about the merits and achievements of Parks and Rec, something meaningful and articulate. Instead, I have decided that the best way of showcasing how great it is, is just to give you the definite list of reasons why you should all be watching Parks and Recreation.

1) Leslie Knope/Amy Poehler

Parks & Rec is centred around a small town local government parks department representative called Leslie Knope. Leslie has enormous amounts of ambition, loves waffles, friends and work (in that order) and seriously enjoys her job. She’s a wonderful friend to all, completely optimistic about everything and an out and proud feminist (“if I had to have a strippers name it would be equality”).

What makes Leslie different to a lot of female characters on television is not that she is driven and succeeds. In fact, she doesn’t even always succeed, for example (spoiler alert) getting voted out of office in season 6. The thing about Leslie is that she takes her failures on the chin and always makes the best out of a bad situation. She is never embarrassed by them and she always motivates herself to do better.

Basically, she is a well rounded woman who has flaws like the rest of us. It is a rarity to see women, especially in comedy, with these character traits. Leslie is strong and independent, but she is also human and relies on the people around her too.

2)  Female Friendships

Speaking of Leslie’s support network, female friendship is something which Parks and Recreation  excels in. From Ann and Leslie’s beautiful friendship to Leslie’s mentoring of April (and April secretly loving it) Parks and Rec really gets the whole sisterhood thing. The women on the show constantly support each other, respect each other and they never argue about boys (with the possible minor exception of Ann and April…damn you Andy). Leslie’s Galentines Day tradition really underscores this incredibly written portrayal of female friendship (Valentines Day for girl-friends = Galentines Day).

Parks also recognises that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but even when Ann and Leslie have a full blow snakejuice fuelled argument - they both realize they are wrong and reconcile together;  their friendship means more than their pride.

3)  Healthy relationships

Another type of relationship which Parks and Recreation wins at is the romantic kind. Throughout the series, most of the main characters get into serious and not-so-serious relationships both with each other and guest characters. Whilst each relationship is incredibly different (can’t really compare Andy & April to Chris & Ann) they are all portrayed as healthy and loving. In season 2, Ron’s ex wife Tammy shows up and they rekindle (if you can use that word) their affair. It quickly becomes apparent that, whilst incredibly funny, their relationship is damaging to Ron and his happiness. The parks department all support Ron in breaking up with Tammy, none more than Leslie and in the end they prevail. Parks constantly shows the importance of friendship in relationships, as well as respect and trust.

Also if you don’t ship Ben and Leslie then what are you doing with your life?

4) Supporting Cast

Never have I watched a show where I love every single member of the supporting cast. I *literally* cannot pick a favourite character. They are all well rounded, funny, interesting people with their own views of the world. They band together like a little family, one that I think we would all love to be a part of. The creators of the show spent so much time developing all of the characters individually, and it’s a unique touch that makes Parks and Rec that much more special.

5) Chris Pratt

Okay, I do not have a favourite but Andy Dwyer/Chris Pratt deserves his own shoutout. Andy is hilarious, simple, caring and loyal. He was only supposed to be in the first season, and after splitting up with Ann - his character was supposed to leave Pawnee forever. Could you imagine? I for one can’t envision an Andy Dwyer-less Parks and Rec and thank goodness neither could Mike Schur and co. Andy has a fantastic heart, and what makes him even greater is that some of his best lines were improvised by Pratt onset.

6) It started life as an Office spin off but is wayyyyyyyyyyy better *

Parks and Recreation started life as an Office (US) spinoff. As much as I like The Office, I am eternally grateful that Parks got it’s own path for television. The thing is, Parks and Rec is so much better than The Office. Instead of downcast characters that spend all day winding each other up and tearing each other down, Parks and Rec is filled with positivity and characters who are always supportive of each other. The humour in Parks comes from the situations that the Parks department find themselves in, not from chastising each other (apart from Jerry/Larry/Gary). Even then, we aren’t laughing at Jerry because we know that he has a beautiful wife and a massive penis (spoiler!)

7) Celebrity Cameos

Celebrity cameos are far and few between but when they happen, they are amazing. It’s not the definitive reason to watch the show but seeing Jon Hamm as the office intern, and watching Leslie meeting Michelle Obama are certainly in my top 10 TV moments ever.

8) You will feel like part of the show

Due to the way in which Parks and Recreation is filmed, mockumentary style with minimal lighting/staging, the characters really get a chance to interact with the camera in their own ways. From Tom Haverford’s surprised grin to Ben Wyatt’s exasperated plea for help, it helps us get a better insight into these characters thoughts and feelings. It also makes us feel like Leslie and the gang are talking TO us rather than around us. It’s beautiful.

The seventh season is currently airing so you still have time to catch seasons 1 - 6 on Netflix before the finale!

DISCLAIMER I do like The Office! You have to admit, it just isn’t Parks is it?

anonymous asked:

What are your 10 or so favorite Leslie/April scenes? Love your blog about as much as I love the show...which is A LOT. Both this place and the show itself make me far happier than most people would understand :)

Awww you’re so sweet! This show is amazing and everything I do is to highlight how great it is.

Okay this is an AMAZING question! There’s never enough love for the relationship between these two.

The first that comes to mind is dumb but in Ron and Tammy, April is texting and Leslie is like stop that, who are you texting, April says she’s texting her and Leslie has the dumbest smile.

Seriously how cute is that?? That’s adorable.

Okay the whole bit in The Possum when they’re in Ann’s bed and April opens up to her about Andy. 

It’s sweet and genuine, you really see how much April dislikes conflict, and it’s very very sweet that the first time we see April being openly emotional on the show, it’s with Leslie. Also Leslie being all “Any time you wanna talk about boys…” and April is all ewww Mom you ruined it, no!

This bit at the end of Andy and April’s Fancy Party is amazing, when April says “I just wanted to say that I’m really glad you’re here, I think you’re awesome and I love you.” Melts my heart every time.

CAN YOU NOTICE A PATTERN? Leslie thinks April is so cute when she’s emotional. And she’s right!

The next one isn’t really a moment so much as a general vibe: April was REALLY supportive of Leslie’s campaign. She was there to help, she wanted Leslie to win, she was the amazing assistantdaughter she was always meant to be. Actually she tells Tom in The Debate that she cares about things: “I care about Andy and Champion and I want Leslie to win. Also, I like sleeping.” Seriously, how telling is it that she mentions 3 people/dogs only, and Leslie is up there in her list of things she cares about?

I love the episode Leslie vs. April because it has tons of content between them but I think my favorite part is still when they reconcile and tell each other they’re sorry and they love each other, and April is so CUTE she’s embarrassed that Ann is there.

How amazing is it to think that she might be comfortable saying these things to just Leslie? I also particularly love that Leslie completely understands and accepts her discomfort and leaves it at that. Not to mention that this is also the episode where they give us this:

Also in Women in Garbage, I love that when Leslie is starting to lose hope, April is the one who tells her that they have to fight against the men who think they’re better than women, they can’t just lose, they have to work harder, and it’s so telling that April learned so much from Leslie already even though she pretends not to. I love that Leslie is such an amazing influence on people and especially April in that way. And Leslie is so proud of her too.

The whole London double episode is a huge fest of April/Leslie moments. Two moments I love in particular:

April is being weird and says that she’s Odie the dog, Garfield’s enemy, and Leslie just rolls with it.

April sees that Leslie isn’t happy and is feeling down and she goes out of her way to try and make her happy again. And all that while being totally truthful cause Leslie IS all these nice things.

Another amazing Leslie & April episode is The Wall. It really shows how much April has grown: in this episode, she’s the voice of reason. She’s the one telling Leslie what is reasonable, she’s trying to comfort her, she’s being nice and supportive. Great great stuff.

Okay so one of my very favorite episodes, Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington, is basically THE Leslie/April episode. They were literally saying goodbyes to all the characters in the last part of the show and this is April’s last goodbye before the finale and it’s very telling that they chose to have that episode focus on herself and her relationship with Leslie. Aside from this jewel:

my favorite part is when April says that she’s found the job she wants but hasn’t told Alyssa because she wanted to ask Leslie if it was a good idea first. And Leslie is SO EMOTIONAL about it, like, April actually asking her for help and guidance and advice????? But she doesn’t need it anymore, she’s great, she’s amazing, and she can get any job she wants!

And obviously their discussion in One Last Ride is great. It’s not the first time April needs guidance from Leslie, and in big decisions like this, when she’s doubting herself, she needs her momboss (not so much boss anymore) to tell her what she thinks. And I LOVE that Leslie is very neutral about it. So much so than the first few times I saw the finale, I often interpreted her “I don’t know if you should have kids. I really don’t.” to mean “yeah maybe you shouldn’t” instead of the open-ended “It’s entirely up to you” that it is. Because we all know that Leslie wants grandgodchildren anyway so we know what she really thought (I mean, she keeps telling April she’s fertile, if that’s not a mom kindly letting her daughter know she’s ready to be a grandma!), but she let April be her own person, make her own choice, and it’s amazing.

And of course, this:

Caity's Last Many Words on Parks

Thank you. For reading these, for caring about what I have to say, for letting me indulge in talking through my feelings about this show. The first time I wrote one of these posts was after Harvest Festival - my feelings boiled over so much I had to write about it. It’s helped me ever since. I’m going to miss doing it.

Let’s talk about this perfect finale, shall we?

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robertdoc  asked:

Fic prompt: After the 2025 Parks reunion, Leslie and Ben walk around City Hall, wind up in the same room they hashed over the budget in 15 years earlier, and get even more nostalgic over what's happened since - Leslie in particular after Ben's latest gifts to her. Bonus for Leslie getting overwhelmed and thankful enough to try and give Ben an Ann like nickname.

Linked arm and arm, Ben and Leslie walk down the still familiar hallways of City Hall. 

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anonymous asked:

Can we ask you your favorite Ann/April scenes too?! I think their relationship evolved a lot more than it's given credit for!

That’s a great question! Their relationship isn’t really talked about that much because it’s not as deep or caring as others but there is some good stuff there.

There isn’t really much to say about them S1 and 2/3, because S1 April is almost a non-entity and S2/3 April hates Ann with a passion.

I still need to mention the moment when Ann is angry with April in Flu Season because April is being a little brat. So she finally lashes out and April doesn’t really apologize or anything and Ann is like “You know what, I don’t care! But you shouldn’t take it out on Andy because he really likes you and he did nothing wrong!”. JUST HOW NICE CAN ANN BE ? April has been a brat all day, possibly longer, and she’s still trying to hook her up with Andy? It shows that Ann really doesn’t hold a grudge that much and she’s so kind and pretty. I know she says she’s starting to hate April too just a second after but still, that was a very nice thing to say. Love that. And April agrees with me:

Also in S3 actually, I like that April still acknowledged that Ann was with Andy for a long time and came to her when she needed help to deal with him when they were kind of fighting in Road Trip.

I like the special touch that just like April was invited to her party in Greg Pikitis, Ann was invited to Andy and April’s party in Meet n’ Greet.

This is a detail, but I also really like that April and Ann obviously put their differences apart to plan the campaign for Leslie in Citizen Knope.

Then begins the blessed moment I’d been waiting for all my life: April set up Ann and Tom together in Operation Ann. YOU MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW THAT I’M A SUCKER FOR HAVERKINS. I LOVE THAT SHE DID THIS. HAVERKINS WILL NEVER DIE.


Then in Ben’s Parents, Ann is telling Andy and April about how Chris is very sensitive because he’s doing therapy and immediately April is like “Why don’t you date him?” => my babe looking out for her arch enemy, that is so cute. I also like that Ann’s first thought when Chris was sad was to ask April and Andy for help.

Okay Bailout is THE Ann and April episode, the one where they hang out the most. And I love that not once but several times April goes out of her way to actually make Ann happy: obviously the “Time after Time” moment but also the baby naming book. What a cutie.

I love how in The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip-Off Classic, Ann is just so caring towards April, almost motherly, and just goes along with all of April’s weirdness. She’s just so kind, I love that. And they had SOME sort of bonding in that car.

Obviously, one of the best moments is in Recall Vote, when April was sad cause she missed Andy, then it brings out the cute in her and she just tells Ann and Chris they’re cute.

YES. YES THEY ARE INDEED. Then she goes out of her way to just say nice things to Ann, how Chris is gonna treat her well because he was so nice to her today. Adorable.


Their last scene together in One Last Ride is also great, like, how nice does April have to be to just compliment Ann’s kids with no prompting? Love it.

So yeah. Love that April grows as a person and learns to be kinder to Ann because she’s just a good person.