i just love how increasingly indignant she got as time went on

Yesterday, someone asked @theprincessleia for a Pre-ESB fic in which Han kisses Leia during an argument to throw her off. The kisses start off small, but get increasingly more passionate.

Well, anonymous follower of Ju, I hope that this fits the bill. If anyone else wants to try, I’d love to read your interpretations of this prompt! It was a super fun one to write!

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anonymous asked:

pretty woman bellarke prompt??? or (this is v specific lol) bellarke as hollywood ex fiances cast in a angsty romantic film where the characters get married and bellarke are uncomfortably hyperaware of how they came so close to having their actual wedding whilst acting it.

i bet these memories follow you around

Clarke had really hoped the Regency era costumes would make this whole situation less awkward. At the very least, a distraction from the fact that she was playing Elizabeth Darcy to Bellamy’s Fitzwilliam Bennet. When the script for this flipped version of Pride & Prejudice had come across her agent’s desk, she knew she had to do it. Even when she found out her former fiancé would be playing opposite her, her interest in the project eventually overpowered her trepidation. She was a professional, damn it. She would handle it. 

Except, she hadn’t counted on Bellamy looking quite so good in his own era clothing or being quite so polite. Anger and the cold shoulder was what she had been prepared for. It wasn’t like him, to be simply indifferent. Bellamy ran hot or cold, no in between. Neutrality was her thing. It had been three years though; she had changed, gotten better–whole, healed–so maybe he wasn’t the same man she had known back then either. 

“Clarke, you ready?”

She turned to Harper, today’s production assistant and gave her a tepid smile. “Be there in a sec.”

Harper wandered off to round up the rest of the cast for the Netherfield parlor scene. Dawdling at the edge of the set, Clarke caught Bellamy walking around the couch with slow, even steps. Even with his head down, she could see him muttering his lines under this breath as a way to warm up for the scene. She couldn’t help but smile; at least his prep routines were the same. 

When Harper beckoned to her a second time, she took a deep breath and stepped into the spotlight. Finn and Wells were already at their marks, and she took her place by Finn. Bellamy nodded at her as she passed by, and she did the same in return. So very, very neutral.

Then Kane called action, and his switch flipped. Bellamy was charming, sharp, mischievous, the perfect depiction of someone who pushed all of Darcy’s buttons–and her own, to be honest. She had never seen him in a role that was so very him, and it made every day on set harder. At this point, she didn’t have to muster up very much feigned tension in her scenes with him. He had her on edge with his smile, tone of voice, his very presence.

But, she could handle this. She could.

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Celebrity Crush (1/1)

Happy birthday present to my dear friend @captain-swan-love! I don’t usually write fanfic so forgive me if this sucks. It also hasn’t been beta’ed so sorry for any typos. Hope you like it!

Title: Celebrity Crush
Rating: M (sexual references/situations but no explicit sex scenes) 
Summary: Killian finds himself extremely confused while watching an episode of a TV show called House M.D., especially when a very familiar face appears on the screen. Captain Swan smuff with a bit of Captain Cobra and Captain Cobra Swan. Set sometime in the near future.

Sometimes Killian Jones couldn’t quite believe this was actually his life now: spending the day trying to elaborate solid plans to defeat the villainous threats against Storybrooke, surrounded by hope and the heroes who always managed to find it. Coming home to Emma and feeling that same hope consuming him whenever she smiled, something she had been doing increasingly more these days. He was certain she thought no one was watching her, but he could never miss it whenever the edge of her lips curled upwards. Sometimes it happened from intently admiring Henry from afar, other times from the taste of cinnamon on her hot chocolate and almost always whenever they were making love, as she tenderly whispered in his ear how much she loved him and the way he made her feel. He was a fan of every part of her, but her alluring smile never failed to make his heart race, rejoicing over the fact that, out of the billions of people in the world, in all the realms, Emma Swan was his True Love.

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