i just love how he strokes the hair out of her face

okay but please can we talk about how adorable sleepy stiles is? like one day in the future when lydia and stiles share an apartment together and it’s really cold outside and stiles is out late and comes home when lydia’s already in her pyjamas in the livingroom watching a movie and he’s so tired and so glad to be with her again so he just flops on the couch and snuggles to her, his limbs tangling everywhere completely entrapping her and she starts to protest bc he’s cold form the outside and dirty from the whole day but he just buries his face into her neck and mumbles something about how warm and comfy she is and then his lips brush her collarbone when he sighs happily and lydia can’t help but smile because her dumb boyfriend is so damn adorable and she loves him so much and even though the position they’re in will get really uncomfortable real soon she doesn’t care a bit so she just strokes his hair as he falls asleep and idk okay i have a lot of emotions rn okay good night

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Hey! I absolutely love Sakura's long hair! Can you write a fanfic with SasuSaku's meeting after a long time, her hair has grown longer and Sasuke just .. adores it! ^^ Tnx!

Short Hair, Long Hair

day 10: haircut (or rather… quite the opposite. in memory of her cherished long hair) 

“Sakura…” he smiles softly as he sees her for the first time in a long time. It has been two years and her hair has grown out to past her chest. His eyes lingers to her chest and he glances back up again with a faint blush on his face. “Your hair… you grew it out,” he comments.

She nods with a smile as she strokes the bottom of her hair with her hand, musing over how long it is now. It has been awhile since it had grew to that length. Almost eight years in fact. 

He could only stare at her. The way her hair fell reminded him painstakingly of his late mother. Sakura notices that he was staring prolongedly at her and a faint blush also crosses her face. “A-ah, I usually tie it up. I must have my hair tie somewhere…” she quickly states as she finds a hair tie in her bag and begins to tie up her hair.

“Don’t!” he stops her as he holds onto her wrist. “It’s… nice like this.”

Sakura blinks twice as she places her hand down, or rather he lowers her hand. “You really did like girls with long hair, didn’t you?” she asks, rather amused.

Sasuke glances away from her. “Not all girls…” He glances back at Sakura and sees her bringing a nervous finger to the ends of her pink locks. She twirls a strand of her hair around her finger and sighs.

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