i just love how he bites his lower lip

Rain on wet pavement at 2 a.m. Is how I wanna feel. Does that make sense?
And I could tell you how he tasted on my tongue, sweet like tea with entirely too much honey.
I could point to the mole on his lower back and tell you it resembles how feeling the first rain drop fall on your cheek during a summer storm is.
Or that when he’d kiss me it’s like I was air and he was starving himself of oxygen just so he could bite my lip.
Loving him was loud, drunk with laughter, his eyes glassy, cheeks rosy.
He’d vomit up all of the bad things he thought into my hands, tears like a torrential hurricane.
God he was a bad storm,
words that struck like lighting,
closed off and far away,
brooding clouds and grey eyes that made you want to look away but you couldn’t.
Brief but Blazing

Category: Public places 
Rated M

Ron made his way down a corridor in the ministry. He was frustrated and if there was one way he knew how to solve the growing problem hiding below his robes it was to have row induced blazing sex with the women he loved.

Entering her office Ron caught sight of Hermione working away at her desk, her dress shirt unbuttoned lower than it usually was, her hair was wild and bushy just how he liked it and she sat biting her lip as she twiddled her quill in her fingers. Desire pooled below Ron’s trousers.

“You didn’t come to see me at lunch.” Ron said his voice husked with anticipated desire.

“Oh sorry Ron I’ve been really busy today.” She flashed a feable smile up at him before returning to her work. 

“Too busy for your husband. I see how it is Hermione” Ron said coldly.

“Don’t start Ron, I don’t have time for this. I said I was sorry.” Hermione said staunchly.

“Oh yeah blame me as usual, it’s always Ron’s fault isn’t it.” He knew he almost had her.

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making out with Sebastian Stan would include

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  • coming home after a long and tiring day of work
  • walking into your bedroom and seeing that Seb is lying on your bed taking a nap
  • quickly taking a cute picture of him
  • him sleeping on his front, with his hand cuddled under the pillow
  • looking like an angel
  • tacking off your shoes and spooning him from behind
  • him turning around to face you
  • “hi, angel, how was your day?”
  • hearing his deep sleepy voice
  • “it’s better, now that i’m with you”
  • “i know how to make it even better”
  • him rolling on top of you
  • placing small kisses on your neck
  • feeling his lips move from your neck to your lips
  • him holding your hand while kissing you
  • as he really loves it when you blush, he’d do some things to make sure the color pink doesn’t leave your face
  • you whimpering during the kisses because he’s just too damn good
  • him biting on your lower lip
  • feeling his tongue lick your lips
  • your tongues fighting for dominance
  • him winning
  • playing with his hair
  • him caressing you cheek with his fingers
  • light moans leaving his perfect lips when you tag on his hair
  • “is it better now?”
  • “yeah, way better. thank you, darling”
  • him rubbing his nose against you
  • placing lil cute kisses all over your face
  • hearing him giggle

Brett: I can’t believe my eyes. 

You: Hey, look, you may just throw it away—

Brett: What? No! Do you know how happy I am right now? I think I can’t sleep tonight.

You: Huh?

Brett: Oooh I love you, Y/N.


Liam: You shine like a freaking sun. What happened?

Brett: *bites his lower lip, knoks on the table and looks at you* 

Liam: *follows his gaze* Finally. I was beginning to think that he was right and you really didn’t care.

Knock First

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Group/Member: iKON/Hanbin

Request: you and hanbin are virgins and are having a heated makeout session, but it gets interrupted before anything happens

Your hands snaked under Hanbin’s shirt as the kisses between you two became more intense. His hands firmly rested on your lower back as he puled you closer to him. You moved your attention to his neck, leaving kisses and love bites down to his collar bone. His hands pulled at your shirt but he stopped himself.

“What’s wrong?” You shyly tucked your hair behind your ear as you looked anywhere but his eyes. “Um, I just. How about my shirt just stays on?” He rolled his eyes at you and he smiled sitting up on the bed. “Babe, why are you so self conscious? You’re beautiful. In fact, you are so sexy.” He smiled as he pressed his lips to your neck, kissing and biting similar to what you did to him. A small moan left your mouth and you were almost shocked. You had never done that before, in fact you and Hanbin had never done this much before, and you were a bit nervous. You both were virgins, and you knew you wanted to be each others’ first, but you weren’t sure if you were ready for that to be right now.

“Trust me, you have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of, you are beautiful.” He moved your hands and slowly pulled your shirt over your head. You covered your stomach, but he moved your hands. “You’re beautiful.” You two continued kissing and Hanbin messed with the button and zipper on his jeans. He then broke the kiss as he pulled them off, you getting rid of your leggings. He pulled you back into his lap, and his attention went back to your neck.

Again a soft moan escaped your lips, and you knew this was it. This was really going to happen. You and Hanbin were going to- “Hey Hanbin do you-”

You and Hanbin quickly puled the covers over yourselves and you pretended to be sleeping as Bobby entered the room. “Oh sorry, are you guys sleeping?” “Huh, what?” Hanbin rubbed his eyes as if he had been woken up and Bobby apologized, saying he’d just wait until Hanbin was awake. Hanbin groaned as he rolled over to look at you. “I’m sorry about that, I forgot Bobby stayed home today cause he was just getting over being sick.” “It’s okay, it made things more exciting. But next time, let’s make sure no one is home before we try that again.” He laughed as he leaned down to kiss you. “I agree.”

Head Over Heels (2)

We’re best friends, but I think I’m in love with you AU

Word Count: 919

For @laschatzi who convinced me to write a second part. I have a feeling that you aren’t going to like this… (hides) 

First part can be found here 

The rest of the day flew by in a rush. The clock on the wall seemed to loom over her like a dark storm cloud, thundering and raging. Her stomach was fluttering around. She bites her lower lip nervously.

Only half an hour left.

Would this be super awkward? After all, it wasn’t every day that you realized that you’ve been secretly in love with your best friend for years.

Would he realize something was up with her?

She could just imagine how that conversation would go. She could even hear his mocking tone.

“Wait. You’re in love with me? I knew it!”

She already wanted to punch him. Then, before she knows it- it’s six o clock and she’s on the subway ride home. She listens to calming music. 

Trying to think of anything other then the way he smelled, or the way his elbow would gently brush against hers. She murmurs a curse under her breath. This was impossible. She was going to crack and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

She’s hardly been home ten minutes when he arrives at her door. His hands are jammed in his pockets and he’s smiling at her. Her toes are tingling.


“Are you ready?”

She nods and he begins telling her excitedly about the movie they are going to see. But she’s not really listening.

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