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Greatest/sweetest ranking of BL movies/series that you don't wanna miss!!

UPDATED: As of November 3, 2017 !!!!!
Hi guys!!! been addicted by Bl movies/series/webisodes/ and even short movies and these are my rankings of it from best to worst xD

Takumi-kun series movies - especially series 2,3 and 5. A big DaiMao fan here xD
***Together with me the series (Bad Romance 2) - shocks! this one is hot! characters packing abs, ultra shrewd beyotches and amazing plot! Yihwa is my ultimate goddess!
 Love Sick Series 1&2 - PerWin, PhunNoh, and OmMick are my ships
HIStory webseries: Obsessed - the title says it all! if you loved Gloomy Salad Days and loves a whole lot of kiss scenes then you will definitely love this! very nice chemistry next to my beloved DaiMao <3
***2 moons the series -  Wayo has the longest hair uke I’ve ever known! hahaha. i’m dying to have two hot guys clamming over me too hahaha. ForthBeam is my otp!!! although their story hasn’t progress yet these season.
***Me Chong Chang Dau (My Monster in Law) - woohoo my very first vietnamese BL! I was a bit reluctant at first but I really love them! very funny and family orientated. They are also sooo sweet!
SKAM - oh shocks whoever told me to watch this is an angel! love love love love it to the max! who knew norwegian Bl can be this good?
Like love Series 1-2 -I love the uncut scenes the most. And the story gets better xD 
Uncontrolled Love 2 - the directors are very mean. i really thought this was a sad ending…but it was not! love the possessiveness the kiss and the after credits <3 

***Advance Bravely (Shi bu ke dang) - oh my goodness! another chinese series aiming to break out hearts for another banning! grr. But angelic people have been posting uncut english subs on youtube weeeeee~ this one’s packing with hot bishies with abs tooooo! must watch!

Make it Right the Series - Very Funny and Sweet!! Kyaa! TeeFuse and BookFrame are my OTPs very much like Lovesick!
***Love love you (Love’s Coming 2) - Finally! I have watched this! yatta~ but I got mixed feelings for this one. Because at the time that I watched it, I am already rooting for OffGun pair (Honey Puppy). I wished that they have more kissing scenes than the bestfriend urgghhh. ooops spoiler *wink*
*** Make it right the series 2 - There were missing scenes, I don’t know it just seems that the story is rushed and some questions are left unanswered. I would like to post questions about it later :)
Junjou Pure Heart - sweeeeteeest ever!  really, those awwww moments xD
Fanatic Love - Game themed BL coming through! I loved the side characters especially the sister <3 Must watch!
Waterboyy the movie - a must watch especially to those fans who have been missing love sick series xD Ngern-oppa is sooo hot here.
Uncontrolled Love- Finally, Master x Servant BL!!! the uke is soo cute and seme is sooo possessive can’t wait for the second part!
My bromance:the reunion - this is the series remake of the movie my bromance. and thank goodness that in the first season nobody dies! a different conflict altogether but still the same plot.
Counter Attack Web series - QingYu for the win xDD. they are sooooo married. I also recommend their photoshoot sessions, more kissing scenes than the series xD loving the doctor’s cow licked hair, kawaiiii xD
Addicted/Heroin Web Series - Sweetest punk I ever watched really. I wish for uncut scenes! and I demand a continuation!
Ame to kisu - Love this movie! it made me read the manga and you will love how cute the uke is and how the story was very well portrayed in the movie
The right man - there are only a few BL movies/series who would portray the love of a parent and their worries. i loved this film because other than the love story unfolding, the relationship between the mother and the son progresses too <3
Yandaixie No.10- honestly, the story has a lot of promise! it was very good but I didn’t like how the first season ended being them still in bad terms…then hearing that there won’t be a second season!!!! or so i heard.
SOTUS - hazers! hihihi. if you’re ooking for a cute-tsundere uke then this is what you’re looking for! it has the all goody kissing scenes and a very good college plot. very recommended
Love’s Coming - Nai x Gump xDDD
Love Place 2(Shiawase no Katachi)- A continuation of Love Place 1. Finally an English sub that I’ve been waiting! Typical BL story, most of the time you can read in a manga but you can feel the characters feeling very deeply!
Grey Rainbow - Has every thing I want in a BL,marriage, sweet moments and even a kid! and it also has something I didn’t like…death! why!?!
Doushitemo Furetakunai - the story is great and is really based on the manga. Loved the characters. this is my first BL ever just forgot to post teehee :P !!!
HIStory webseries: My Hero - so this is one of the ghost themed BL. Comedic. but I do not like that the ghost girl experienced all the sweet moments using the boy’s body. oops spoiler. BTW the seme is sooo hot *wink*
To you for me–chocolates - I laughed at this BL so much. It really portrayed the case of miracles to two people that should be in love. wonder when it will end?
Paternity Leave - you’ll love it, Mpreg xDD
eCupid - movie about the greatest app for semes who take advantage of their uke’s love xD
Just Friends? - hottest and sweetest forbidden love I have ever watched!! sadly it was tooooo short for a very good plot movie xD
*** Honey Puppy 1&2 - the reason why I cringe when Love Love you the movie came out! hahahaha. The first season may not have that much bl romance but it is necessary so that you will get the story on the season 2. The hetero couple there, is so sweet too that you wouldn’t mind if it is not a full BL series.
Udagawachou de mattete yo - sooo cute! as in supeer!!! one of the best live action next to Doushitemo Furetakunai <3 <3
HIStory Webseries: Stay away from me - brother’s theme! yehey! though I wished for more sweetness. the eyes of the uke seem to catch my attention a lot in a not so okay way. but I STILL LOVED IT.
Two Weddings and a funeral - I loved the comedy aspect of it. It mainly focused on the life of gays and how the ‘two weddings” conquered it with love. but why Tina !?!?! why ?!?!?!
My Bromance - I love the on-relationship scenes but I just hope the ending was not when one dies. I bawled for this one,it’s like rising you up,then pulling you dooown,why!?!?!?waaah! But the story was really good!
Happy together - loved the couple sooo much! being 6 years together, those fights and make-ups seems like a typical married life 
Oppressive Love - half-horror and half BL and they actually became a couple! to bad the older brother had to possess him…ooops spoiler ;-P
Ai no kotodama 2
Bad romance the series - another side story BL but because they started the series already together and the ending was so sweet so it is okay.
I’m here our twelve years is a reincarnation legend - short shounen ai chinese BL. if you’re on to watching just the sweet, innocent stuff, then this is good for you :)
Takuya and Joon jae “the lover” - you may be a bit disappointed because it is missing some smexy moments like kissing and “you-know” but the story is great with lots of laughs and sweetness. hoping for season 2 
Love Complex - this is a thai series but the BL part is a side story and doesn’t develop much though it is still on the first two episodes. some of you may not like it because it is on a side story but promise, the main story is very funny.
Docchi mo Docchi - may be low budget, but that romcom theme was perfectly executed xD sooo funny xD
Itsuka no kimi e - loved the story so much. It was like reading Junjou Pure Heart again xD soooo cute! Wishing for more kiss scenes though. 
Ai no kotodama 1
Seven Days Monday-Thursday, Friday-Sunday - perfectly executed as of those of the manga
Hollyoaks (Ste and Harry) - lots of problems; closet gay, HIV, parents are against, even teachers then there are also cocaine involvement. wut?! haha but the story and how they still get back together is what makes it great. 
Diary of Tootsies - Very very funny!! as in very funny! but they left Gus and Top’s story hanging, which is what I’ve been waiting…sigh
Fujimi orchestra live action - it’s like the BL version of Nodame Cantabile. the movie needs a sequel. it’s not that they did not end up together but the movie ended with the seme still pursuing the uke xD 
Go go go G boys - very funny, packed with hot bishies. Last part after credits is a must seen
Farewell my ghost boyfriend - short movie. I’m not on vote on the new ship. i still wish there was some kind of miracle for the ghost. huhu 
Love Place - I preferred the part two (2) than the first one, more Bl action, though it is still not translated
Boku no Kareshi wo Shoukai Shimasu - was hoping for more kiss scenes xD
Gloomy Salad days - ep13-14 only. Hidoku Shinaide story, bully and the bullied. You’ll be hoping for more.
Love of Siam - honestly, a good plot, really. It just needs some tweaks on that bad ending,urgh. Hoping for season 2 to change it.
I’m yours - a one-sided love of a robot to a human and he’s quest to help the guy to achieve love. it was badly cut, I don’t know. it was missing some parts when I watched it so I am still heavily confused.
Love next door 2 - Watched XD but still looking for subs. but very promising especially in terms of comedy and hotness.
Mr x and I - First Season: First and Second story only, the other two has horrible ending, I advise this to those who do not wish to see a sad ending. Second Season: Loved the ending, hated the hetero guy, urggghh
Princess Princess D - actually, this is a live action adapted from a shoujo manga. full of fanservice and crossdressers and will leave you laughing at the clichès and corniness. 
Love next door - the story escalated quickly and the ‘love’ (sweetness) I was searching for was too short in the plot.
A Pair of Love - so-so xD
Time line - Watch the first couple only, and/or the last one. never ever the second one, it still gives me goose bumps till now
Me my familiar people - uhhh…actually I didnt quite get the story. it was soo confusing. its like he has s*x to another then I don’t know maybe his bestfriend too?
Teacher and student - because I was expecting that light, romantic theme I was deeply disappointed by that twist as it turns out to be too psychological. One of my least favorites next to Kindan no Koi. 
Kindan no koi - simple……i hated it. the plot twist at the end was just tooo much, really, too much. Still a good movie though, but definitely my least favorite.

This is an edited list XD those with *** are newly posted as of Nov 3, 2017. Will update for more lateerrr! Ask me for links if ever you are interested xDDD hehehe

Do you ever think about how JK was like “I know to much about Newt even though he wasn’t really a part of hp.” so she writes a tiny handbook. Then this tiny handbook becomes a 5 film movie franchise. 

So then I go and see it. And I fall in love with Newt. 

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And Tina. 

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And Queenie.

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 And Jacob. 

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And all of Newts beasts. 

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And then I’m like NEWTINA!!!! 

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And it’s all because JK developed the character of the author of Harry’s first year textbook just a little too much. And that’s makes me happy.

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"How would you feel if I gave you your copy in person?" And the smile Tina gives Newt like means the world to her is just aaaa


Okay, so this scene, guys, this scene… The chemistry is off-the-charts, it’s so sweet and awkward but in a good way, like it fits both the characters individually really well too because both Newt and Tina are awkward people.

I love that Newt just HAS to hold up the boat leaving to come back and say “How would you feel if I gave you your copy in person?” - like, the boat is ready to leave and everything but Newt is all “nope, got to do this, now or never”. He looks a little nervous too when he says it, and really relieved when she says “I'ld like that!”, like really happy and relieved and :3

Tina’s smile though! Gosh, isn’t it just the most radiant and beautiful and pure smile you’ve ever seen? Newt even seems a bit taken aback by it, in the best way possible, like he does something similar to a double take and just smiles back at her, totally entranced. There’s definitely a good few seconds where they make eye-contact and just smile at each other. I have the personal headcanon that Newt is totally in love with Tina’s smile, that her smile stays the same over the years no matter how old they grow together, and he makes it his personal mission to make her smile like that as often as possible.

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I love them so much!!!!!

First of all, I love them as individuals.  I love how they’re both passionate but shy and awkward, and how people generally don’t understand them but they are who they are anyway.

I don’t think either of them intended to find a romantic partner and I think it’s so wonderful that they’ve found each other (although it’s going to require sacrifices, I know – the other side of the coin of them unexpectedly finding each other is that they built their lives without taking that into account).

I love all of their interactions.  JKR has improved SO MUCH in how she writes relationships since the main 7 books.  The combative-to-lovers trope was executed perfectly.  It felt really natural and realistic (by natural I don’t mean smooth – I mean how characters like them would naturally act).  I loved how they were looking at each other over the dining room table and how they slowly learned to trust each other more and more.  And of course the scene where he saves her is so beautiful.  Because it’s still so in character for both of them – “Are you crazy??” but she realizes she needs to trust him and then he’s there and he catches her.  And then when he grabbed her hand!!  Like, it made sense in the moment, but afterwards I was like… hmm.. that’s kind of odd, isn’t it?  But they were holding hands because of what they were for each other in that moment.

And then the scene on the roof!  It was cute.  And how Newt asks her about Credence in the Blind Pig.  And then of course the Occamy scene… there’s a moment of sexual tension when he slams the lid down onto the teapot.  And then when she asks if that’s everything that came out of the case and he says That’s everything. And that’s the truth it’s so so important.  Because up until then, she trusted him as much as she had to – but when he says that, that’s the moment she begins to actually trust him.

And then!!  The scene at the docks!!!!  You can see in her face how much he means to her already.  When he looks away from her, her face crumples, and when he looks at her, she can’t help but grin.  And when he tucks her hair back!! Wow!! She is so happy!!!!  

I just think it’s so lovely how they’re able to move past their initial impressions of each other.  I love how they’re able to trust each other enough to be vulnerable.  Tina’s shield is her officiousness/aggressiveness, and Newt’s is averting eye contact.  In the roof scene, they start to let these shields drop, and at the dock scene they’ve completely dropped them.  Tina is letting her emotions be completely bare – she’s alternatively distraught and elated and that shows on her face with absolutely no attempt to disguise it.  And Newt holds her gaze for several seconds which?? Wow!! As someone who also struggles with eye contact, that’s really hard – but he felt so comfortable with her that he was able to do it!

I love what they are for each other.  Tina is so, so enthralled by Newt’s creatures and he sees that and I think it’s so thrilling for him to be showing them to someone who was initially so predisposed against them but who’s obviously now so blown away by them and by him.  Newt, who until now has thought of humans as the most vicious creatures in the world, sees this person who’s tough enough to fight Grindelwald but compassionate enough to give up her career for a boy she’s never even really met.  And Tina sees in Newt someone who’s equally compassionate and equally tough, who’s sweet and awkward but also badass and attractive but above all caring, whether that means cradling a newborn creature in his arms or Apparating across rooftops taking bolts of lightning on behalf of an Obscurial.

They’re both very complex people, with a lot of dualities.  Tina’s a tough-talking Auror who feels comfortable walking straight into the investigative team meeting but she’s also insecure and sometimes a bit ridiculous (hiding behind her desk).  Newt is a scientist but he also seems to have something beasty lurking beneath the surface.  But the duality they both share is that of being both badass fighters (Tina as a duelist, Newt as more of an adventure hero) and being deeply compassionate.  Which, as I’ve said, isn’t really a duality at all.

send me a ship and I’ll tell you my brutally honest opinion of it

au where credence actually got took in by newt and tina and jacob wasn’t obliviated but still gets to work in his bakery happily

  • credence keeps apologizing for every little mistake he made, as he can’t help it. newt and tina reminds him it’s alright but they won’t force him to stop apologizing.
  • credence vents to tina as he knows she’ll listen and won’t judge him in anyway for it, never.
  • newt giving him a decent pep talk whenever credence is low on self-esteem, credence doesn’t really find it helpful but he appreciates it for newt taking out time of his own to make him feel better.
  • when credence has an episode, tina and newt will gently ask whether or not they can come over to comfort him. the two will fully respect if credence denies.
  • newt and tina letting credence know his abuse was valid, and it wasn’t his fault. 
  • newt and tina letting him know that crying doesn’t make you weak, and it is totally okay, and there is bravery in being soft, even if you don’t feel brave at times.
  • often credence needs alone time to himself, so newt and tina give him that. though they will leave his food by his door if he doesn’t want to leave his room.
  • newt allowing credence to follow him into his suitcase, and even teaching him about the creatures he owns. credence is also allowed inside the suitcase anytime as long as he asks newt, no matter how unholy the hour is, because newt knows if human companionship doesn’t suit at the moment, the beasts will help.
  • newt and tina both decided to teach credence magic themselves. credence doesn’t mind him being home-schooled as he finally gets to learn magic. newt and tina being supportive of him learning at his own pace, it doesn’t matter how slow nor how many mistakes he makes.
  • sometimes jacob and queenie will come over and surprise credence with a ton of delicious pastries and food, making sure he is well-fed and satisfied. (even though newt and tina already bloated him always)
  • tina and queenie giving credence advice on how to deal with problems such as to socialize with strangers, overcome some of his fears, etc.
  • jacob and newt telling stories of their wacky adventures to credence. jacob sometimes exaggerate it and newt would correct him, but credence finds jacob’s version amusing and entertaining.
  • jacob telling him if situations look bad, it’s alright, it happens. just pick yourself up and keep walking on, because soon something great is bound to happen, especially when you least expect it.

credence barebone receiving lots of love and care from parents newt and tina + aunt queenie and uncle jacob

Easy to love

Not sure if I gonna make a long fic out of this or just let it like a one-shot.
Still I hope you enjoy it anyway.

When Newt finally meets Director Graves (the real one) he’s outside MACUSA talking with Tina and Queenie about his book. He’s so excited he managed to publish his book and he could bring a copy for the Goldstein sisters he doesn’t notice the man standing close to them nor the way he’s looking at him. Newt’s too immerse and happy telling Tina every single detail about how he encountered a unicorn on his last trip. And he’s smiling and laughing and moving his hands in front of his friends trying to explain, showing the passion and love he has for his creatures in every word that comes out of his mouth. He’s happy and excited of course he doesn’t notice the way the man’s breath caches when he looks at him, he doesn’t notice those dark eyes following every gesture, every move he does.
In fact, nobody notices but Queenie who knows it’s Director Graves before she sees him because his thoughts are loud and clear and full of emotion and they’re all directed at Newt. She smirks but tries to hide it and somehow Tina notices and becomes visibly tense when she follows her sister’s look and sees her boss standing right there.
“Good morning, Director Graves” she manages even though she’s clearly nervous and that’s when Newt stops talking and feels the eyes on him. He shivers but force himself to look up (he knows people doesn’t like when you don’t look at them in the face but it’s really difficult for him) and his eyes met with Graves’ but the intensity of the look makes him blush so he can’t help but look away.
“We were heading to work… I was planning on finishing that last report today,” Tina starts babbling waiting for some kind of response or scolding but Graves just turns his head at her reluctantly like he hadn’t noticed her till that very moment.
He frowns and Tina looks even more mortified.
“What are you talking about, Goldstein?” He asks but even as he’s doing so his eyes lay on Newt again.
“The report about the illegal muggle cars and-” but she gets shushed by her sister.
“He’s not interested in that, at least not in this particular moment, you’re waisting your breath” Queenie explains looking at the director with a mischievous smirk on her face.
Suddenly Graves tenses and looks at her with something close to alarm that quickly turns to irritation.
“Miss Goldstein, how many times have I told you to stay out of my head?”
“I swear I’m not in your head, but you’re thinking too loud. People are more easy to read when they’re experiencing strong emotions.” She explains and doesn’t seem affected by the murderous glare Graves gives her. Tina, on the contrary, is almost trembling.
“Miss Goldstein,” Graves warns at the same time Tina lets out a mortified “Queenie please.”
But the woman ignores both of them and turns to Newt who was trying to escape the place as quiet as possible but got caught by Queenie.
“He wants to know your name, honey.” She whispers kindly and gives him a push towards Graves.
Newt’s face feels hot again but manages to look at the director once more whose irritation seems to evaporate the moment his eyes make contact.
“I’m Newt Scamander,” he introduces himself and offers his hand “it’s a pleasure to finally meet the real you, Mr Graves. I mean-” he babbles and stops when he realises his mistake. He looks at Tina for help but feels even more worried when sees the horrified look on her face.
He’s ready to apologise but the words get stuck in his throat when a hand covers his. He dares to look up again and finds (to his and Tina’s shock) that Graves is grinning at him.
“The pleasure is mine, Mr Scamander.” He says and hears Queenie chuckling behind him. Graves doesn’t let go of his hand. “Although I’d like for you to call me just Percival since your brother is a good friend of mine.”
“Oh” Newt blurts out, because he gets distracted at the feeling of a thumb caressing his knuckles. But the sensation disappears quickly and the hand lets his go. “Then you should call me Newt.”
“Newt,” Percival says like he’s savouring the word “your brother used to talk about you a lot.”
Newt arches his eyebrows with curiosity; he didn’t know that. He wonders what kind of things could Theseus say about. His brother had always been kind to him, he had taken care of him when their parents died and had always supported him, even after the incident in Hogwarts. He’s kind and patient even though Newt ended up being the family’s disappoinment.
He knows Queenie is hearing his thoughts because she suddenly looks sad and worried.
She opens her mouth like she’s about to say something but Newt decides to talk to Percival instead.
“What did he say?” He asks.
Graves looks at him and smiles; his eyes shine with something close to amusement like he’s hiding a very entertaining secret. Although that grin disappears when Queenie approaches and takes Newt’s arm.
“Well it seems Theseus was right after all, don’t you think Mr Graves?” She comments smirking playfully.
“Miss Goldstein,” Percival warns but is ignored once again.
“Right about what?” Newt asks because he can’t help being curious.
“You’re easy to love,” she says and winks at something behind him but Newt doesn’t pay too much attention to it because he’s busy blinking and looking at her with confusion.
And then he laughs because the whole thing is so ridiculous.
“Of course he’d say something like that,” he breathes through his laughter. “Theseus loves me too much to accept the fact that people just don’t like me.”
“That’s not true,” Tina finally speaks. She seems to have recovered from the shock she suffered earlier.
“They find me annoying,” Newt says calmly and then tries to smile reassuringly at her. “But it’s okay because I have my creatures and Theseus and you two.” He continues looking at the sisters.
Percival seems like he wants to intervene but is interrupted by Picquery’s arrival.
“Director Graves, Auror Goldstein I need to talk you two in my office,” she speaks and even though her tone is not harsh it’s a clear order, one that has to be obeyed immediately.
“See you two at dinner then,” Tina says looking at Queenie and Newt who nod at her.
She follows Picquery right into MACUSA and enters with her quickly. Graves on the other hand, looks like he’s about to do the same but hesitates and takes a few steps towards Newt instead.
Percival looks flustered? No, he can’t be, he’s the Director of Magical Security and one of the most powerful aurors in America.
“I would like to read a copy of your book, if you still have one left,” he lets out but it doesn’t seem like that’s what he tried to say.
Newt’s so happy to find someone else caring about magical creatures that he practically beams at him and of course misses the tender look Graves gives because he’s too busy searching in the pockets of his coat.
“I think I have one in my case, if you wait here-”
“Actually I was thinking that maybe we could see each other later today… You could choose the place… to discuss about the book.” Percival suggests.
“Really? You want to talk about my book?” Newt can’t contain his excitement. “I didn’t know you were so interested in magical creatures.”
At that, something changes in Graves’ eyes like he finds the conversation really amusing for some reason.
“Well, I think it’s clear he’s interested in something related to the book, sweetie,” Queenie comments chuckling. Graves glares at her.
“I’ll see you later, then?” Newt asks, oblivious. “At your office?”
“My office? I was thinking of something more… I mean…” He looks at Newt like expecting some kind of response or a sign of understanding but honestly the magizoologist feels lost.
Graves sighs.
“My office it is. At five is okay?”
“Perfect.” Newt agrees.
Percival grins like he just drank a bottle of Felix Felicis and returns to MACUSA.
“See? Easy to love.” Queenie winks and Newt frowns at her because he doesn’t see how Theseus words have to do anything with that.

I have this headcanon that Queenie would tease Tina about Newt. She’d be like, “So Teenie, how did it go at the harbor?” And then she’d read Tina’s thoughts and say, “He touched your hair and said he’d give you his book in person?!” She would be so happy for her sister, while Tina would just be so flustered about it all. Queenie would constantly ask Tina when Mr. Scamander will come back, but Tina doesn’t really know, so when he finally comes back, Queenie would be like, “Certainly took your time didn’t you?”

So after kk-sis posted this list of the web extras for Detentionaire, I wanted to look them all up on YouTube. Thankfully they all were there (if…varying in quality) so here’s a masterlist for anyone else interested. 

Obviously they’re all also on the Teletoon website but region-blocked to Canada.

Descriptions mostly copied from kk-sis’s list.

alsooooo….if you don’t watch Detentionaire….some of these shorter videos might help you decide if/that you want to…..just saying~

(I’m also saying the Tina ones are especially good for this purpose, if mildly spoilery. They do make more sense with the episodes as context, but they do well at hinting at the show’s overarching plotlines.)

(Just also saying)

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Candy corn, vampire & black cat 👻 -Tina

@justraulesparza <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Halloweeeeeen, babayyy!!! :)

🎃Candy Corn: What is your favorite kind of candy?

CHOCOLATE! Oh my goodness: all the chocolate. I love dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate with crisps, chocolate with peanut butter, chocolate with nuts, chocolate with candy coating… just… all the chocolate. All the chocolate.

👻Vampire: What is your favorite supernatural creature?

DUDE SIRENS. Like, how are Sirens NOT badass? For those unaware: in greek mythology, Sirens would sing enchanting songs and seduce sailors into exploring their area & would cause their death via the having them sail ships into a storm / the rocks / or as according to Da Vinci: “The siren sings so sweetly that she lulls the mariners to sleep; then she climbs upon the ships and kills the sleeping mariners.


🎃Black Cat: Are you superstitious?

Nah. I mean, it’s fun, I have fun with the black cats and no-walking-under-ladders and I tell my kids them all the time but… nah… lol, I’m just not. I believe in a lot of paranormal activity, but not necessarily in the spooky “ooOooOOooo” sense lol.

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I really need to know you guy's fbawtft ships and why you ship them, i have an insatiable curiosity.

ahhhaha eeeh, okaaaay. also whoops, turned into a semi newt scamander character study for a second xDD;;

I’m definitely on the good ship Honeybun (which is what I call Jacob and Queenie because, uhm, pastries and she says Honey a lot. And I HATE portmanteaus and I don’t care if JK said Jakweenie for them, I refuse xD) because… because… did you see them. thats why. They’re adorable and so infatuated with each other and they have such chemistry right away and are just DRAWN TO EACH OTHER. I dunno, they were magical and too fkin cute.

and then I’m all about that Newt/Credence idgaf. People are calling it Crewt, I haven’t decided what I want to call them yet. This one is harder to explain tho… see

I’m all about Morally Gray Newt Scamander. Like he’s weird about what is and isn’t important to him and he doesn’t consciously decide to hurt people but sometimes he doesn’t give a shit about the well-being of others. Or humans at all sometimes. Or using magic in front of them for the sake of his beasts. He literally does not care about himself or others where his creatures are involved, he was down to fight the entire roomful of like, wizarding world leaders just to protect his case. And he didn’t destroy the obscurus he captured. coulda just let it go and let it die without its host and he didnt. and its definitely implied with the Jacob scene that it could attach to a new one.  Newt is absolutely batshit okay xD he’s all chill on the surface but its like hes SO CHILL he isn’t chill. He throws Jacob in some filmsy leather padding and is like, COME FACE A HORNY 12,000LB CREATURE THAT COULD EXPLODE WITH ME, WHEEE.

anyway, he knows exactly what Credence is, has seen the level of destruction his obscurus can cause, knows that he is extremely unstable and hurting and instead of letting the gov’t handle it, is like 'HERE HOLD MY CASE, PROTECT IT, IM GONNA GO HELP HIM.’ But is he helping him for Credence? Or for his own fascination? Because he clearly cares about people a hell of a lot less than he cares about his creatures. And he was in complete worshipful awe of Credence when he was obscured? in obscurus form? whatever. 

and Credence, he knows he is destruction and “wrong” and that all these people think he should be destroyed. Except for Graves, because he wanted to use him for that power, and then except for Newt who shows this incredible kindness and passion for all these crazy ass dangerous creatures that the world has decided are better off dead. Newt, who SURROUNDS himself with them and is actively working to make the wizarding world stop seeing them as something that shouldn’t exist, something that needs to be hunted and destroyed. Who spends all this time advocating that nothing in his case is dangerous no matter how much they think they are. Newt is someone who could throw himself completely into caring about and for someone like Credence.  

AND THE DYNAMIC BETWEEN ‘you are utterly fascinating’ AMORAL NEWT AND ‘he’s the only one that truly accepts what I am and how dangerous’ CREDENCE IS SOME GOOD SHIT, SUE ME OKAY BYE.

(also credence and tina in a domestic, non romantic way. like gimme those two in a comfort fic and none of that intimate healing shit either, just tuck him in and make him cocoa and buy him clothes and be his mom and protect him and make him happy then Im happppy. omg someone write me a fic where he is so so loved and as he starts to believe it he begins to stand straighter and straighter, no more bowed head and hunched shoulders, omfg creeeeddeennnccceeeee. -sobs for days-)


Saved You! *Part 2*

Newt Scamander X Reader

Word Count: 889

Requested: @sweetlittlequeer


*Part 1*

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You were sitting with Niffler in your lap, fiddled with the bracelets on your wrist. The ones that you really didn’t want to lose were charmed so that they didn’t come off. You watched as Newt excitedly showed off the animals to Tina, you sighed you knew that Newt was just happy to show other witches his findings after all he was doing all this to ensure that the beasts were safe but you couldn’t help but realise how easily he had warmed up to her , even after she had almost got him and his beasts killed. You worked on your relationship with him for ages before he’d even be able to say more than one word to you. The Niffler nudged your arm and you looked down at him, he grabbed one of the bracelets on your arms “You want that one?” You asked looking at him, he tugged it slightly and you unclipped it, he climbed onto your shoulder to reach his nest with was above you, he appeared again afterwards and settled in your lap. “You know there’s nothin to be jealous of.” You looked over at the woman who had saved you before.

“Sorry, I never got your name.” You smiled at her and gently played with The Nifflers fur.

“I’m Queenie.” She smiled.

“(Y/N), Thanks for your help.” You nodded. “I’m not sure that he’s managed to say that yet.” You gestured Newt.

“He likes you.” she noted looking at the Niffler.

“I bring him shiny things, Newt tries to keep him away from them.” You shrugged. “I guess he appreciates it.”

“Where did you meet him?” she asked.

“Who?” You asked.

“Newt.” she clarified.

“Oh we met back in Hogwarts before he got kicked out, I met him and well we had a one-sided conversation for a time before he started to actually talk back, he was shy, when he left I still wrote to him and some time after graduation we met up.” You explained.

“So you’ve known him for a while?” Queenie asked.

“Well, I don’t just date people I met yesterday.” You answered a playful smile on your face. The Niffler grabbed at your trouser leg and you looked at him as he runs towards Tina and grabbed her wand without her or Newt noticing. It waddled back over to you clutching the wand in his front paws. He then proceeds to run off with it “Umm… Newt I think he ran off with something important!”

“W-what?” he asked looking over at you.

“The Niffler just run off with a wand.” You shrugged leaning back.

“What?” he asked. You point in the direction of the little creature who was scuttling towards the entrance of the case. You stood up and started to stroll towards the entrance, you had stopped a few different places that he would choose to hide. You jogged up the ladder.

“(Y/N)!” Newt called you following out up the ladder. “Where are you going?”

“To find Nif.” You answered using the nickname that you had given him.

“We should go together,” Newt suggested.

“It’s probably better that we don’t, he’s getting smarter, he’ll expect that so I’ll look for him at the jewellery stores and maybe you guys can find somewhere else to look.” You suggested turning and leaving the apartment. You actually found the wand dumped outside a jewellery store close to the apartment and you found Nif in there, you managed to coax him out with only a few items in his possession. You went back to the apartment throwing Tina her wand before taking the Niffler back to his cage. “You need to stop getting in trouble, even if you are trying to help.”

“What do you mean by that?” Newt’s voice asked as he walked up behind you.

“Nothing.” You answered shaking your head, Newt noticed you were about to walk away so he gently placed his hands on your hips and stepped forward.

“What’s got you so quiet?” he asked squeezing your hips.

“I…Nothing.” You answered.

“You what?” Newt asked turning your round and brushing the hair out of your face.

“Look I know it’s stupid but I’m jealous okay?” You asked hoping that the conversation would be dropped and he would walk out but you also wished that he’d stay.

“Of who?” Newt asked.

“Really?” You asked

“Sorry, it doesn’t matter what matters is that I love you and I only want you,” Newt confirmed moving his hands from your hips to your face stroking his thumbs over your cheeks.

“Well, then how have you managed to be so comfortable with Tina in just a day!?” You asked.

“Because I care a lot less what she thinks of me, than what you do.” He answered and you looked up at him. “I need you to stick with me, so I need to be careful that’s why I’m still so nervous around you, I need you to know that I love you and all I want is for you to be safe.” You smiled looking down and Newt lifted your hand from your chin and leant forward. You pushed forward and kissed his lips smiling.

“I want you close.” You concluded, he smiled shyly looking down and burying his face in your neck.

“You got me.” he mumbled.

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MyMusic Season 2 Finale

The MyMusic season finale is here, and I’m going to react to it bc some crazy shit always happens on that show.

ps. Tina is so overly pregnant so if she doesn’t give birth in this episode she’s literally going to be rolling around next season.

Here we go.



If straightedge hurts Scene I swear I’m opening a can of woopass 

Scene is too good for Straight edge anyways


Lee Newton as Country is better than anything 


*cue theme music* WHAT ARE YOU OFFERING?!


I love how the nerdy trio are so happy around each other 


Nerdcore just TELL HER 

Nerdcore can be my best friend

Where are Techno and Dubstep they haven’t been on this for like forever?


It’s a season finale, Metal won’t leave…





that was the cutest thing, they are the cutest family 


Update: Intern 2  Flowchart is looking mighty dapper


i swear to god if scene marries straight edge…



fucking straight edge i swear

Intern 2 Flowchart go give Scene a hug




hahaha indie

I’m totally Indie throughout this whole scene



yes scene dump his ass

harry potter reference ftw

Lainey Lipson is a fine good actress


poor scene 

Intern 2 Flowchart don’t you dare leave I love you


coffee in the face of course yup…

poor intern 2 flowchart

aw intern 2 flowchart and scene are my favourites, i love how close they are

i totally ship them i dont even care

“you’re a very special girl” Fine Bros you’re killing me

soooo many scenetern 2/ scenechart feels

i want them to kiss but i know they won’t







is this what it’s like when an otp goes cannon

is this happening?!?


oooh scene and intern 2 flowchart are going at it

she finally got her perfect first kiss hahAHAH NOOO


we’re not getting techstep too are we?

i swear to god this is too much

tbh im still getting over scenechart to care

they are still cute though



I’m legit crying

Jack Douglass you are killing me

is that the end?


that ending though, i’m still screaming



im so done with that show

Seriously though, everyone on this show works their butt off to create interactive media for all of us to enjoy and behalf of all mymusicians we all really appreciate it. It really is a fab show that I look forward too every week and all of the cast and people behind the scenes should be really proud. I hope we’re lucky enough to get a Season 3.

Thanks FineBros, stay culkin

“[Following the divorce from …..] I had forgotten how to live. I had just lost all myself. I realize now that part of the low self esteem was..yes, being 58 and having to start all over again. The other part was just that I had lost myself, that I was so busy working and going and taking care of everybody else that I just forgot about Tina.”

When I read she had found someone to make her happy after everything, I literally couldn’t stop smiling. She literally went from thinking she wasn’t worthy to learning to love herself then someone else again, even though [as she mentions] her age had her thinking “no chance.” If there is anything to take out of this…. DON’T GIVE UP EVER. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, trials, tribulations, they’d come and go! Congrats to Miss T on her nuptials, I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER YAAAAS 💙

curls-cat  asked:

So like I just randomly got Boyz 4 Now feels about how supportive a big sister Tina is about Louise's crush and I love it so much she's just like 'you wanna slap him? Okay we'll make this work for you' and it's great Tina's amazing

heck yes heck yes

and I really love how their dynamic sort of flips in boyz 4 now, you know? like usually in their relationship, louise is full of confidence and surety and always acts decisively whereas tina tends to be slightly more unsure of herself, yeah? but in boyz 4 now, louise is the one who’s completely caught off-guard and feeling confused and vulnerable and I just love so goddamn much how tina is so there for her and so ready to help her out and guide her through this new and confusing moment in her life.

it’s just great

I dk why but as much as I ship Newt/Tina I was really happy that they didn’t kiss during the movie? Like at their final scene I almost thought they were going to kiss and I just really didn’t want them to?? I dk how to explain it?? I was so glad that they left that till the next movie maybe?? because instead we get to see Tina being so happy waiting for him to come back and Newt is just being his cute clueless self and I dk.

I hope everyone at Roosterteeth or associated with them has a nice day. I congratulate Geoff on officially being “old as dicks”. I hope that Millie, Teddy, and all of the kids enjoy the hell out of their summer. I wish Kerry and the RWBY team luck and offer them much love. I apologize to Miles for my urge to kick his ass over RvB, but thank him and the whole team for the wonderful season. I hope every troll out there leaves Mica, B team, and everyone else that gets frequent hate alone cause its bullshit. I hope X-Ray and Vav is fucking stellar, and that we get to see Mogar in it. I hope the Funhaus losers do something exceedingly stupid and have a great time doing it. I hope that people leave Ryan and Meg alone, both are in committed relationships and Ryan is fucking super dad, imagine how Gav and Laurie feel about this bullshit. I hope Tina and Ray get some awesome donations while streaming. I hope RTX and RTXAU prep goes super smoothly. I just love this losers so much and wish them all the best because they’ve made me so happy and are all just fucking fantastic.

Chapter 24: How To Love


I felt my stomach rumble and not in a good way. Well, is there a good way? Its either you’re hungry or you’re sick. It rumbled in pain. Maybe it’s something I ate. I got a bottle of ginger ale and started drinking. Maybe I’m getting my period. It’s late anyway.

“Hey babe. You ready to go?” Chris asked me as he walked in the kitchen.

I set my ginger ale down in anger. “The fuck you mean ‘you ready to go?’ Nigga I’ve been ready with your light bulb looking ass!”

“Damn Rueche all you had to say was yes. Shit coming at a nigga’s neck.” Chris muttered in anger.

My face softened and hugged him. “I’m sorry. I’m getting my period soon, so-”

“Shit!” Chris sucked his teeth.

“What?” I looked up at him.

“I’m gonna spend a week without hitting.”

I hit his chest laughing. “Shut up and let’s go.”

We drove to the studio where we met up with the crew. Everyone was either working, cracking jokes, or both. I felt an undescrible agony in my belly. I discreetely stepped out and ran to the bathroom. I rushed over to the toilet and released everything I ate. I wiped my mouth and rinsed it out. I went outside to see Tina.

“Karrueche, are you ok? I heard you throwing up.” She questioned full of concern.

“Yeah. I think it’s just food poisoning.” I responded waving it off.

“Food poisoning, my ass.” Tina snapped. “You’re pregnant.”

I laughed. “What? Tina, you’re funny. I can’t be pregnant.”

“Take this pregnancy test. We got to make sure.” She handed me a pregnancy test.

I took it out of her hands. I’m not pregnant. I can’t be. Am I?

After I took it, I put a timer on my phone and waited. What if I am pregnant? Shit, me and Chris are too young for kids! What am I gonna do? Calm down, Karrueche. You’ll be fine. You’re probably not even pregnant. The timer went off scaring me. I looked at the test and my heart dropped. Two lines. Shit, I’m pregnant.

I stepped out carrying the pregnancy test.

“Well?” Tina asked impatiently.

I looked up at her with tears surfacing. “I’m pregnant. I can’t be pregnant! I’m too young! Chris’s too young! Oh God Chris! He doesn’t want a baby!”

Tina shushed me. “Calm down. We’re just gonna drive to the abortion clinic. You get an abortion and it’s like you were never pregnant.”

I held my stomach. “Kill my child?”

“Yes. It’s what best for you and Chris. If you love Chris, you’ll do it.”

I gulped and agreed. “Ok.”

We went back to the sound room and everyone looked at us. I looked down because I was afraid I would cry. Is killing Chris’s baby really love? Or is the opposite? To be honest, I’m still new to this thing they call love.

You had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart
Never really had luck, couldn’t ever figure out
How to love
How to love

“I’m helping Karrueche pick out an outfit for the party.” Tina told them. “We’ll be back.”

“Oh ok. We’re about to head my house anyway.” Chris stated.

“Kae, are you ok?” Kim asked me.

“I’m fine. Let’s go” I walked outside.

Chris doesn’t want kids. Me neither, well not until my late 20’s. Do I really want to do this? Maybe this is what he wants.

You had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever
Now you’re in a corner tryna put it together
How to love
How to love

For a second you were here
Now you over there
It’s hard not to stare, the way you moving your body
Like you never had a love
Never had a love

Tina drove to the abortion clinic and dropped me off telling me she’ll be back. I swallowed hard and went inside. The nurses led me to a room and I changed into a robe and laid on the table. As they prepared everything, I thought about every obstacle I’ve overcame. From childhood to now.

When you was just a youngin’ your looks were so precious
But now your grown up
So fly it’s like a blessing but you can’t have a man look at you for five seconds
Without you being insecure
You never credit yourself, so when you got older
It’s seems like you came back ten times over
Now you’re sitting here in this damn corner
Looking through all your thoughts and looking over your shoulders

Meeting Chris, becoming friends, and confiding in him. Our first kiss. When he told me he wanted to be my boyfriend. The first time we made love. He’s the first guy I loved. I can’t kill this life we created together. I can’t.

“Ok Karrueche this is gonna be a litle pinch-”

I jumped off the table and ran out the room. I put my face in my hands and sobbed. I can’t. This is our baby. Our child. I always dreamed of being loved by someone. A baby, a man, anyone.

Oh, you had a lot of dreams that transformed to visions
The fact that you saw the world affected all your decisions
But it wasn’t your fault
Wasn’t in your intentions

I put on my clothes and Tina picked me and we drove to Chris’s house.

“So did it hurt?” She asked.

“I wouldn’t know. I didn’t get it.” I replied walking in the house.

“You stupid slut! I tried to do you a favor! Chris would never had a child with you! You should’ve got that abortion!” She spat in anger.

I felt tears coming and I let them fall. I heard gasps and I looked to see the crew and Mama J standing there. I started to hyperventilate and ran out the house. Their disapproving looks made it pretty obvious. I have to abort this baby.


We were all chilling in the kitchen because mama was gonna cook us some of her bomb ass food. Suddenly, we heard Tina yelling and we rushed over there.

“You stupid slut! I tried to do you a favor! Chris would never had a child with you! You should’ve got that abortion!” She spat in anger.

I looked to see that she was yelling at Kae who had tears in her eyes. What the fuck is going on?

Kae looked up at us. She started hyperventilating and she ran out. Tina turned around and put on a fake smile.

“Hey guys!”

“Drop the act. Spill it, Tina.” I commanded.

“CB, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tina played dumb.

“Don’t play dumb. Why the fuck were you screaming at my baby?” I stood in front of the door preventing her from leaving.

Tina sighed. “Fine. Your little girlfriend is pregnant. She was afraid you wouldn’t want the baby so I told her to abort it to save your career. But her dumb ass didn’t get it. Happy?”

Ty stepped to Tina. “Don’t call my baby sis dumb. Aight?”

“Knowing Kae, she probably changed her mind and went to go get it.” Seiko reported then looked at me.

“Why would she still get it!?” I questioned angrily. “Doesn’t she know I love her?! Does she even love me?”

“She does love you, baby. She just doesn’t know how to love.” Mama told me.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “What?”

“It will make sense later. Stop asking questions and go stop her!” Mama commanded.

“Let the bitch get it!” Tina snarled.

Mama slapped her and everyone went ooh!

“Don’t you ever call her out of her name again!”

I hopped inside my lambo and drove to the abortion clinic. I asked for Karrueche and they gave me the room number. Please let it not be too late. I burst through the door to see a doctor and a white woman on the table. She screamed at the sight of me. I awkwardly looked at the slip of paper.

“Oh, that’s an 8 not a 3.” I said to myself then looked back at them. “My bad y’all. Continue sinning.”

I stepped out the room and burst in another room with Karrueche laying on the table.

“Chris! What are you doing here?!” She inquired in an upset voice.

“Better question is what are you doing here. Karrueche, baby, I love you. I’m not gonna let you get rid of this life we created. We’re young but fuck it. I’m gonna take of our beautiful baby.” I touched her stomach and she smiled up at me.

“So are we not performing the abortion?” The doctor questioned.

We both looked at him sideways.

“Oh yeah. After my boyfriend just said all that to me, I’m still gonna go through with it. Because I’m deaf.” Kae spat sarcastically as she got off the table.

I chuckled. Kae’s sarcasm never fails to amuse me. She got dressed and we walked out the room. She rested her head on my shoulder and I held her hand.

“You ain’t doing shit, you hear me? I don’t need you putting stress on baby Bonquisha.”

She looked at me with an eyebrow raised.


“You heard me.”

She smiled at me and looked back down. I kissed the top of her head.

See I just want you to know

That you deserve the best

You’re beautiful

You’re beautiful