i just love how agile he is


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“Uh-huh. Right. We can do that.”

You rolled your eyes. You understood that the Doctor couldn’t help getting distracted this way, but you couldn’t imagine what would happen in an emergency.

Only his shoes stuck out from under the console- he had, somehow, with his skinny little stick-body, wormed his way all the way into the tiny maintenance hatch. Nine never would have been able to do that, you thought, feeling a twinge of nostalgia for the Doctor’s previous incarnation. If the Doctor had taught you anything, it had been that the looks did not make the man, but you could help but miss those broad shoulders and strong, workman’s hands. Not that Ten wasn’t wonderful in his own way. You didn’t think it was fair that he got to be naturally skinny like that, but there was no point in whining about it, was there?


This time, he didn’t even bother responding, although you felt like you still deserved points because his foot did twitch. You smirked. Another thing you had learned, more from the TARDIS than the Doctor, was that a little mischief could go a long way if you wanted the Doctor to learn something. He was probably the only person you knew who needed a joke as lesson reinforcement, but if it worked for him, who were you to question it? What worked, worked, and you would use what you had to. Huh. You should write a book. ‘How to Train Your 900-and-Something-Year-Old Time Lord’ would be a big hit.

“Doctor, I’ve just finished dancing naked on Raxacoricofallapatorius, so I’m gonna go take a slime bath now. If you get hungry, I mixed ground glass in the jam jar.” There. That ought to do it.

“Yeah… sure thing….” Or not.

Exasperation irritably buzzed against your brain. Well, if he was going to be like that, it was time to bring out the big guns.

“… I love you.”

You had done things in your life that you regretted. Less, since you came aboard the TARDIS, but still. You knew that feeling of suddenly wishing, beyond all things, that you could roll back the clock and change something you had said or done. Everybody did. It was nothing special. And no, for your information, it is not unreasonable to try to will an event out of existence by the power of your mind. Yes, it is ridiculous, and no, it will not work, but yes, everyone does it. As are you, in this moment, even as you wondered what possessed you to say something so dangerous.

You know what? your mind reasoned, This is no big deal. Perfectly excusable. Friends tell friends that they love each other all the time. Sure, you’ve never done it with the Doctor, but you’ve got to start sometime, right? 

“Do you mean that?” the Doctor’s voice rang from inside the console, distorted and echoed.

Oh, of course, he hears that.

“Of course I do,” you said, and it was the truth. How he interpreted it was his business.

The Doctor, quick and agile, wriggled his way out of the console, coming out very rumpled with his tie thrown over his shoulder and his hair all fluffed out in that just-got-lucky manner that was going to drive you crazy now that you had noticed it.

You didn’t know if you were blushing, but it felt like you were, so you thought fast and said the most brilliant thing that your mind could come up with! “I think you lost a button in there.”

Smart. Very smart, that was. Bravo. In your defense, you were under a lot of- oh, whatever. It’s not my job to explain you to yourself. Figure it out on your own. We’re getting to the good part.

“What did you just say?” he asked, and you did not like the look in his eyes. That wide-eyed, unblinking, very, very brown stare that would drive you mad if you let it. And you had let it, you supposed. Falling in love with him had been the worst idea ever.

“I said you lost a button.”

The Doctor looked at himself and found that, despite what an idiot your were (that wasn’t what he was thinking, but I’m sure you know what I mean), you had spoken the truth: a button had popped off of his shirt.

“Oh, bother it, that’s-” the Doctor stilled, cutting himself off. “No!” he exclaimed, pointing at you (and if that didn’t make you flinch, well, then nothing did). “No distractions this time. You said you loved me.”

“Yes.” And another astounding bout of witty banter from your side. Point, match.

“Did you mean it?”

“Of course I meant it!” Shut up!

“Then why didn’t you say so before?!”

The Doctor surged forward faster than you could back away, and his lips crashed against yours.

Now, at this moment, I would like to give you a little privacy, seeing as it’s nobody else’s business that the Doctor kissed you until you were forced to break away for air, so let’s just say that he was rather… passionate about the exchange. As were you.

The Doctor laughed at you as you panted for air. He grinned, looking completely, utterly happy.

“You know,” he said, “we could have done that ages ago if you had just said. Did I mention I love you too?”

henry x elizabeth, modern au-TWP + sevilla

The bed curtains move slightly in the mid-september air as the two of them lay sprawled across the bed. A lucky chance of timing had allowed them to fly to Spain. With the opened widow of their hotel room, Sevilla is gently greeting them with the sounds of the people and the music on the streets.
A late honeymoon. When they got married, Bess was pregnant, their company on the brink of ruin, and their purses, empty. No time or money for vacation. Then of course, the situation improved -but time was still a luxury. And after two years, they decided to be selfish for the next couple of weeks.
Her head lays on his chest, her ear attunes to the sound of his heartbeat as it calms after the passion they just experienced. Her eyes are closed as she listens. How can she express the quietude she feels in such a moment?
He watches her, thankful in his own way, and equally overwhelmed with emotion. His agile fingers plays with the strands of her long hair. It is wild with what they just did, but as they rest he lovingly caresses each strand, combing it until it falls across his own ribs and onto the linens of the bed below. The afternoon sunlight catches and plays in the gleaming rich gold of her hair.
During their visit of the Royal Alcázar Palace this morning, Elizabeth announced that she wanted another child. A little girl. I hope, she specified. He smiled, and his first thought was ‘another one already?’, but remembered how lovely she had been with a round belly and how more love was never a problem.
Looking down, Henry is taken aback for a moment at how utterly beautiful she is as she rests so easily upon him. She unwinds her left hand from the mess of sheets they are tangled in and finds the idle fingers of his right. She touches him lightly, her eyes still closed. Then her fingers lock with his and he is helpless to resist bringing hers to his lips and kissing them.
She feels the touch and shifts to look up at him, meeting his eyes. They both smile silently then. His one hand still intertwines with hers, his other wrappes itself in her beautiful hair, softly cradling the back of her skull, and gently encourages her to meet his lips with hers.

100 Reasons to Love Woozi

okay, so miss @cheollies pushed me to do it so i guess i’m doing it. normally, i don’t have the patience to put so much energy on an idol, but i have nothing to do, so why not.

Originally posted by gotmefeelingwoozi

  • let’s start on his talent, since he is an idol.
  1. his soft toned voice. it kind of the sounds like clouds. or like when you pit your head down onto a puffy pillow~ in the bridge on habit, his voice sounded so pillowy and pretty. then he projected and it just has this lovely honey-like rasp to hit, but god it still runs smooth.i went all silent and i couldn’t bring myself to speak for another whole 20 seconds because i was just so mesmerised by his voice?
  2. his dancing and how smooth and agile his movements are? he’s really light on his feet it’s really nice to watch his dance style.
  3. ok it fascinates me how graceful and wow his hips move in a way that adds some femininity to his dancing, but like in a nice way.
  4. With Me.. just that whole performance was great. i’m getting flashbacks of the thing he did with his arm and my pure soul is being tainted
  6. he’s the cold artist. there ain’t no other one, he’s thE cOlD aRtIsT – it’s Iconic™
  7. his music producing and lyrics wow. he knows how to make a bop~

Originally posted by hanwooz

  • of course, talent has less affect without showmanship
  1. following from his voice, the passion which he sings with in ballads
  2. the way he uses the mic stand/staff. he grips it in different ways and in different places to show portray the mood and his passion. it changes a lot in each song
  3. the way his face scronches (like one side of his face squishes with chARISMA),
  4. the way his jaw would clench,
  5. the way his hand would sway,
  6. the way his head would lower and
  7. the way he looks at the audience when he gets into a song or feels the beat of the music.
  8. his stage presence is subtle in a group, but PANG! he OWNS the stage when he’s up there on his own

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  • miscellaneous cute shit
  2. his natural aegyo
  3. the way he denies his natural aegyo
  4. his cringeworthy, disgustingly endearing, saccharine aegyo. (cue: oppaya)
  6. how he deadass points at other members and laughs at their misery
  7. when karma hits him for laughing, his soul physically leaves his body and you can see that shit
  8. that thing he did when he buffed his chest out at the ISACs bc jungkook did it
  9. the thing he does where he slips his hands to the back of thighs when he bow
  10. how obnoxiously he laughs. this bitch HAS to hit something whether it’s the table, clapping or other members
  11. “i don’t like skinship”
  12. *flops onto jeonghan’s back and koalas him* bc he contradicts himself too often for me to let him get away with
  13. how he goes into Soft Mode™ whenever jeonghan’s involved. HE BOUGHT HIM CUTE SOCKS. that’s the only kind of pampering i need in my life
  14. his friendship dynamic w seungcheol.  he would get all pouty and does the whole innocent thing like when seungcheol was like “he never buys me lunch” and girl,, u can HEAR his innocent voice and i  D I E D
  15. the way he’s technically seungcheol’s fiance bc mister coups d'etat decided to announce that they’re gonna be married
  16. his handshakes.. the one w joshua is sO COMPLEX. is this what boys do? spend 15+ whole monutes coming up with complicated friendship handshakes??
  17. ok i just love his friendship dynamics,, gOd we gEt it mOVE ON @ ME
  18. his habit of playing w other members’ hair. jeonghan, joshua and hansol have been victims of this an it’s soft as heck
  19. he jumps when he’s excited
  20. DENIES HIS CUTE REACTIONS,, in one fine day Japan ((SPOILERS)) he got lost and found the group and he got so excited hE JUMPED W HIS LITTLE SWEATER PAWS FLAILING AND HIS STUPUD GRIN I- W O W
  22. his love for puppies (probably why he’s friends w seungcheol)
  23. WILL OTHER MEMBERS JUST LET HIM LIVE IN HIS PART OF HEALING? they always doing some shit at concerts
  25. not to be scatterbrained, but jihoon said he doesn’t need words to describe how close he and cheol are. i love friendship?????
  26. his dying red panda screech in the karaoke vlive when they sang flying duck (not to be off topic, but somehow, seungkwan still sounded perfect and i didn’t know that wonwoo’s voice . was capable of making those noISES)
  27. when he puts on a baby voice like he did in the weird boyfriend video call thing on channel+ singing lean on me
  28. how forced that boyfriend video call on channel+ was actually kinda cute
  29. the way he hecking swIMS IN HIS COATS, JACKETS AND SWEATERS
  30. especially that one black and orange coat he wore to airports a few times. you could deflATE HIM BY HOLDING HIM TIGHT IN YOUR ARMS AND THAT IS CUTE
  31. srsly imagine huggin him and hearing a *POOFfFf*
  33. how much he is into fashion these days AND the way his fashion choices have recently transcended fashionable into questionable
  34. softest eater. he crafted the art of monchingss~
  35. the way he physically loses control of his body sometimes when he laughs
  36. the fact that seungcheol has to kill mosquitoes for him. what a pampered bitch
  37. both his tiny, reserved bopping in that karaoke live just before his birthday AND the less tiny and reserved bopping at that korean restaurant in LA
  38. his lovely eye smiles
  39. the way he PPPFPFTFFFT then laughs sometimes
  40. he said he associates himself w a red panda in a japan magazine
  41. the weird “nnaaaghhh” sounds he makes or his creaking “ahhhhhhhhhhhh”
  42. his confused face is the cutest confused face to exist. like when the one he pulled in caratland whisper challenge
  43. ok the way looking like shiro from shin chan is his thing is the cutest thing.
  44. HIS LITTLE DRAWINGS. i’ve seen a smol rose drawing, a cat drawing, WHICH SOMEONE MADE INTO A REAL PLUSHIE and i, a lee bongbong stan, just love it.
  46. when he judges someone. his face of sheer disgust is amazing. priceless. 
  47. his friendship with ailee (i watch too many jihoon and ailee interaction compilations)
  48. him singing other members’ parts or random songs at the background of videos like Lay Me Down by Sam Smith in one of their mv making videos for their Seasons Greetings, i think it is (in his ultimate manspread, but we don’t talk about that here. this is reasons to LOVE him) and other stuffs like in the chirstmas super junior Show Me Your Love cover~~

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  • miscellaneous attractive shit
  1. that look ^
  2. his ping pong skills and the amount of pride he has of it?
  3. he’s got good shoulders. like really good, broad shoulders
  4. he’s also got very defined features, even if it’s often not captured on camera and gOd the nooks and dips of his structure is Good Shit
  5. his good hands. his pretty pretty piano hands.. ; 3; his fingers are so nicely structured and boney but in a pleasant way
  6. his skin is so perfect. i swear, throughout his entire career as an idol, he has had one breakout and that was just a single pimple. LEAK YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE, LEE JIHOON.
  7. that picture where it looked like he only shaved his thighs,,
  8. ok but the way he holds himself up is like,, very masculine. how do i even describe it? like, aura. composure? idk but it’s cool and i like it
  9. HE’S SO SMOOTH WITH CARATS LIKE “we shall meet tonight in your dreams”
  10. NOT TO MENTION  WHEN HE GAVE A CARAT HIS HOME ADDRESS AND HE WAS LIKE “why does it matter?” *insert fire emojis*
  11. the time he went off on a rude fan. he was explaining something to her and she had the audacity to slap him away and i was like b i t c h  e x c u s e  m e :)
  13. 78. his general hand skills? have you see the way he spins his mic and pens? that’s secksi
  15. his adlibs;
  16. his super high harmonies (like the one in Because of You where he did that subtle super high harmonies on top of seokmin’s strong one);
  17. the way he squeezes his eyes shut;
  18. his dimpols;
  19. the way he jerks his body
  20. and the way he bends down w his body turned one side when he belts.
  21. again,, the way he handles his mic staff. as lovely and passionate it is, it is also v secksi
  22. his fuCKING LEGS are superior to the ones of a model
  23. remember his tank top in crazy in love dance practise? me too.
  24. he look great w smokey eye make up
  25. ok when he got the whisper challenge right in caratland a few times after hearing seokmin’s wrong message was pretty hot
  26. his voice sounded really nice yelling
  27. the way he shaded a fansite after she was exposed for being mean to other fans
  28. he’s really smart and witty and observant and that’s hot
  29. ok he did this dance in one of the shining diamond concerts in australia where he danced to careless whisper and i was ready for the ground underneath me to just crack and quake open to welcome me to hell that was a good video eyes emoji eyes emoji -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xTD9Dkzsn8 (you’re welcome)

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  • the couple in front of me just spilled their bottle of water and i’m trying so hard not to laugh why am i like this send help i need to get all sad and serious right nOW so let’s move on to deep shit
  1. his diligence and how he persevered through debut until now with the burden of writing seventeen’s songs. he cried on camera back then and to this day, it still breaks my heart and fills it with admiration until this day. plus, he’s often seen at the back of seventeen videos practising when they’re in their practise rooms. e.g. boom boom (santa ver.)
  2. the way he talks with his hands and stutters a lot really shows how carefully he chooses his words to articulate exactly what he means and wants to express
  3. how much he values honesty in his lyrics and the way he expresses his honesty through creative personas in songs. i heard that downpour (소나기) is an abbreviation for “memories” and don’t listen in secret ?? wow. smile flower? WOW
  4. how comfortable he is with the members warms my heart. he’s so awkward on external variety shows with a host he’s not too familiar with, but when he’s with the other members with the camera, he’s so much more playful and seemingly in his comfort zone and it just warms me how much he loves and cares for them. i mean, he recently started to open up more in variety shows and seeing him growing more comfortable in that aspect of his job also fills me with joy. what he creates in his job makes me so happy, so seeing him grow into his job is just nice to see, y’know? if you watch videos from star show 360 vs yang and nam show, you’ll feel happy for him too and that’s a good reason to love him, i feel.
  5. when he cried in caratland when they were all singing smile flower. idk it was just beautiful. the way he started crying in the second chorus then he sang his own line before the talking part and the he really really cried. it just got me thinking how much they must have been through especially through the treatment of them from the pledis staff. they weren’t very nice
  6. simple could go with lyrics, but i want to talk about it separately.
  7. the song was built around my “in this world, i’m not even worth dust” which he talked about in Orgel Live
    i was crying watching that
    i love the lyrics,,  he felt small looking at stars.  we’re all insignificant and nothing is real in a literal sense, but not depressing a depressing way.
    so trying to see things in a more simple light and holding ones and things close as priorities and that being the source of happiness unlike the whole meritocratic preached by adults and everyone around us. fortune and success is often based on luck. but our values aren’t , so the idea of focusing on those while having enough to stay alive is just so nice and that’s just one song.
    i don’t think i should talk about anymore lyrics apart from this one, or this list will never end
  8. the way he said that carats are his confidence instead of some fanservicey kinda thing in the Diamond VCR. it’s nice bc honestly, we, as fans, can’t solve their problems. well, maybe financial problems, but we can’t make stress go away, so i just kind of appreciated the honest answer and the idea of acting as this source of positivity about himself. yes, lee jihoon, you’re a great, talented dude who we all appreciate and i’m glad he feels appreciated and acknowledges and appreciates our appreciation and it’s just nice to have this realistic side of things.
In the Palm of Your Hand (Jumin x MC)

You set up a hummingbird feeder after finding out about Jumin’s childhood fascination with the bird.

Word Count: 872

Honestly, I’ve had such a bad day I think I’m ready to go into hibernation but like never wake up. But writing for you guys always makes me feel better so thank you. Have a spectacular day :)


You had been scanning through the bookshelves one day when you’d come across a dusty leather journal, a thin black satin string curling out from within the pages.

You slipped it from the bookshelves curiously, furrowing your brow curiously as you opened to reveal a darling surprise. 


Had it only been the drawings, you would’ve assumed that it was just merely assumed it was a peculiar sketchbook from your husband’s childhood.

But as you read bits and pieces of his notes, you found it was of the small bird.

The drawings were of those brightly colored birds, their small bodies coiled about the petals of flowers

There were notes about specific birds and the little names he gave them, details of their colors and patterns off to the side. 

To say the least, it left a smile stretching from ear to ear.

So much so that a plan began to brew in your head.

A plan that you began to carry out that evening. 

So when the front door opened that night with Jumin stepping through, a grin tugging at his lips as he saw you. 

He enveloped you in his arms, pressing a soft kiss to your lips as you greeted him.

“Hey! Did you have a good day?” You asked, hiding the journal behind your back. 

“It was…typical. I would say it was wonderful though now that you’re in it.” He chuckled softly. “How was yours?” 

“It was very nice! I actually made an interesting discovery today.”

“Oh, and what’s that?” 

“I found…this!” You revealed the journal, excitement painting your expression. 

He stared at it thoughtfully before his eyes widened, realization smacking him in seconds.

“Oh…oh goodness I forgot I even had this. Where did you find this?” He laughed weakly, flipping through the pages in an almost childlike wonder. 

“In the bookshelves. I had no idea you were such a bird fan as a kid!” 

“I wasn’t really. But I was always amazed by how small, agile, and simply beautiful they are. You wouldn’t think a child would be delighted by such trivial things but…I was inspired.” 

“Do you think you still would be?”

He looked up to you with confusion, raising a brow. “What do you mean love?” 

“Well…I wanted to surprise you after finding this, so I decided to just go buy a small little hummingbird feeder!” 

You snatched it from its hiding place, revealing the quaint little feeder, tiny simple patterns lining the rims.

His lips parted as if he wanted to speak but no words escaped, merely a crooked grin as he approached it, pulling you once again into his arms. 

“It’s perfect darling, I can’t wait to try it.” 

“Why wait? I got some feeder!” You lifted the glass of nectar, stifling your anticipation as the two of you made your way to the balcony, night twinkling overhead. 

You set it up properly, the nectar pouring into the dish before the two of you went off to sleep, the day never taking longer to rise.

Yet eventually it did come, your eyes fluttering open to find your husband speaking to your sleepily, shifting upwards.

“Dear, I…I think I hear something.” 

You snickered groggily, peering up. “Does it sound like your hummingbirds?”


You nearly erupted from the bed. 

You both carefully trudged to the balcony, hearing the chirps of the hummingbirds as they fought to reach the nectar first, their wings a blur as they swooped to and fro.

“Are they territorial?”

“Very. They like to have everything to themselves,” Jumin said. “only one of them is going to be able to peacefully drink there.” 

And as if a lightbulb when off in his head he reached for the glass of nectar that sat in the kitchen, removing the lid. 

He took your hand, curling your fingertips like a bowl before he poured it into your palm, smirking.

“Now, keep still.” 

You nodded, Jumin holding you tenderly, having to withhold his quiet joy as one of the birds approached you, hovering just above your fingers.

Your breath hitched as it crept closer, climbing to the tip of your palm and dipping down, drinking the nectar. 

You could hardly feel a thing. 

And as it eventually flew away, seemingly giving a chirp of thanks before soaring off, it took nearly all of your strength not to squeal. 

Instead, Jumin embraced you, giving you a chaste kiss on your cheek. 

“Seems that you’re a bird whisperer,” He hummed, resting his head on your shoulder. “Or perhaps, they see just how wonderful you are.” 

“Do you think they love me?” You joked, sinking into him.

“Without a doubt.” 

“As much as you do?” 

“Now, I’m afraid that impossible.” 


“Because I love you more than any words could possibly explain.” 

Edmund x Reader: Just a girl

Anonymous asked:
Hi! :) Could you write about a girl who travels to Narnia as well and just happens to beat both Edmund and Caspian in a sword fight? :D I just want to read about some girl power. xD But with the addition that she still won’t look down on them but is instead like “this just means I can also protect you two”? Thaaanks! :)

~Set in PC :) I hope you like it!~

“You know, I think we’d be so much better off if you’d just admit that I won.” 

“But you see, I am a man of honesty, your Highness.” 

Edmund raised an eyebrow, clutching the handle of his sword. “Honesty, Caspian? Honesty is nothing compared to the truth. And the truth is,” He took a step forward, “I won.” 

“Oh please.”

 The two boys turned around suddenly, hands still wrapped around their swords and feet still grounded. 

“Edmund, love, you wouldn’t know a winner if I shoved one in front of your face.”

You smirked, pointing your blade at the two. “But that would be impossible to do, seeing as there is no winner here.”

 Caspian frowned a little. “What are you on about?” 

You shrugged, twirling the grip of your sword through your fingers. Edmund’s eyes followed the movements. 

“Oh, nothing. Only that your methods of dueling are a lot more inconvenient than they are convenient. Which, might I say, is quite a waste of time.” 

Edmund snorted, slowly gaining more confidence as he pointed his sword at you mockingly. “Have you been spying on us?” 

You shrugged, raising your weapon as well. “Perhaps, Pevensie.” 

Then, without warning, you raised your sword and sent it crashing into Edmund’s. He, however, was ready.

 The metal of your swords collided and sent a ringing into the pure sky, one that made Caspian take a sharp step back. You swung your blade at Edmund’s cheek, causing him to jerk back slightly. You smirked at the minuscule scratch.

“You alright?” You asked sarcastically, dodging his sword as he attempted to mimic your blow. 

“I’m not losing to you.” Edmund muttered faintly, just loud enough for you to hear. 

You took a step towards the young King, moving your blade quicker and with more agility. “How so?”

 You made a sharp move, attacking the end of your opponent’s sword with your own. He was instantly disarmed, and standing there in shock like a scared puppy. 

“You didn’t answer my question.” 

Edmund rolled his eyes, muttering a small “Whatever” and stooping down to retrieve his sword. You smirked with pride. 

“No, really,” You continued, determined to embarrass him further, “How do you plan to win against me? I mean, it can’t be difficult, seeing as I am just a girl.” 

Edmund sighed, wiping his sword with his tunic to clean it. “You just love to bask in your own success, hm?”

“I mean, I can’t pretend I-” 

“Oh will you two just stop flirting?” 

The two of you turned to a very annoyed-and slightly intimidated-Caspian. 


You took a threatening step forward. 

“Do you want to end up all flustered with your sword at your feet too?”

 Caspian’s eyes widened a little bit. He realized he had made a big mistake. “N-no. I can…uh…go back inside and-” 

“You aren’t going anywhere.” You tilted your head. “Not until you clash swords with me.”

 You could almost feel Edmund shudder behind you. It wasn’t like you had hurt him, but your swift and terrifyingly sharp movements were enough to scare anyone away. 

“I’d rather keep my life.” Caspian mumbled.

You smirked, dropping your sword onto the damp grass. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, you two.”

 The two flushed boys avoided your eye. 

“Oh come on. Are you really that intimidated by a girl? Because she beat you in a fencing match?”

 They remained silent. You sighed, smiling a little now. “Look, all this means is that I’ll be able to protect you guys.” You picked up your sword, cleaning it on the grass.

“But it also means that I beat the King of Narnia in a sword fight.” You said under your breath, grinning to yourself.

anonymous asked:

HC for Paladins having a female humanish elemental s/o who can control earth, fire, water, air, ice, metal, lightning, darkness, light, and energy and is the spiritual connection between voltron and the elemental and makes voltron stronger?

~ Yo, this s/o sounds like one of original characters tho hehe. And I sense a bit of Avatar in this hc, but I’ll try my best! S/o is really OP wow. So I’m assuming that s/o has the ability to strengthen Voltron and the lions on command, and that they are in full control here soo…~


• He’ll be anxious and scared to be around her at first like, jeez this girl probably has the power to kill me.

• Poor boi is scared out of his mind when his s/o starts using her elemental powers.

• Would probably have a hard time trying to talk or communicate to his s/o, due to fear of being frozen, burnt to a crisp or electrocuted to death if he said anything to piss them off.

• Will eventually calm down when he’s with them over time, he just needs reassurance and comfort to be with her.

•  Will actually think that his s/o’s power is pretty cool.

•  Is so shocked when she shows that she is connected with the lions. 

•  Even more shocked when she strengthened Voltron using her powers.

•  He’ll eventually learn to love them.

• If his s/o can control plant growth or command different types of plants to grow from the ground he would definitely use this to his advantage.

• He’ll love to spend time with them growing different varieties of fruits, vegetables and other produce for his culinary work.

•  Would probably use their fire abilities for his cooking antics. Whenever the castle ever runs out of power from time to time, he’ll be able to continue his baking with his s/o.

•  Still gets startled when his s/o uses her powers.

•  Is at awe whenever she uses her powers.

• His lion’s defense system would strengthen whenever she’s around, which is very helpful in blocking or tanking any attacks from their opponent.

•  If his s/o doesn’t mind him being jumpy sometimes, then there isn’t going to be much of a problem with their relationship.


• Would be so anxious and suspicious of her at first. He doesn’t want anything to do with their powers, especially since he still does not know her full potential.

• He avoids her at first, and will hardly interact with them at all.

• Although he starts to warm up to her, very slowly.

• He’ll start to warm up when he sees her interacting with his lion, in a way he never thought they could.

• Like, he’ll see his lion start to purr and act like a literal cat when she’s near, like wtf.

• In time, grows fond of his s/o. 

• Feels an overwhelming attachment to her once he got to know her.

• He thinks that her s/o’s abilities are cool, and extremely helpful in the heat of a battle. Like, they’ll be surrounded by Galra sentries and then his s/o would burn them to crisp with one swift wave of a hand.

• His lion would be able to go at faster speeds when she’s around. Gotta go fast.

• Grows fond of his s/o’s powers.

• His favourite element is fire, completely in awe when his s/o starts showing or play with fire. 

• Low-key gets turned on when they play with fire.

• This girl is on fire

• Will not let his s/o out of his line of sight at all costs.

• He’ll get very protective of them, but he’ll probably never admit it.


• Would immediately be reeled in, and would be completely in awe at her.

• Like, wow she’s so cool, and so awesome.

    - “Hey girl, are you a fire? Because you’re hot and I want s’more,”

• Lots of pick up lines that includes the elements. 

• Lance please shut up.

• Would be the only one out of all the paladins who actually doesn’t think that bad of his s/o at first.

• He’ll get attached to her in no time.

• He gets anxious when his s/o is nowhere in sight when they’re in the heat of a battle. 

• Will probably need his s/o’s powers to aid him. 

• Will also be fond of his s/o’s powers.

• The two of them would probably use that power to mess with the other paladins for fun. Little mischiefs…

• He’ll brag or boast about his amazing, badass girlfriend. 

• Favorite element would probably be water, loves it when the blue liquid floats around like bubbles. 

• His lion would be enhanced in speed and agility. 

• He honestly loves watching his s/o controlling the elements, whether its fire, water, lightning, etc. he just likes watching her so much.


• Would be very suspicious of them at first, but probably has a lot of questions.

How is she able to control (insert matter)?? This doesn’t make sense at all!

• Pidge is very confused at her s/o’s power, she usually has an explanation for everything but apparently does not have one with her s/o.

• Will test or examine her s/o, a lot.

• Will grow close to them whilst examining them.

• I can feel the love blossoming between them…

• Eventually gives up when she couldn’t find the source of the power from her s/o.

•  Although, over time the two would become close friends, and eventually partners.

• Is quite used to seeing her s/o’s power. Not really surprised when seeing her s/o playing with fire or earth. She literally pilots a large green lion, that is almost a real living animal.

• Both of them would be the power couple of the team. And also the demon kids, that you’re sure were spawned by Satan himself.

• Brawn and Brains 

• Her lion would have enhanced stability when cloaking, and her lion’s endurance is increased by tenfold, when her s/o is with them.

• Favorite element is nature, lightning and energy, those are quite fascinating elements.

• Both would have fun messing with the rest of the paladins.

• Will be very attached to her s/o. She does think that her s/o is very cool, and essential to the team.

• Does not want to lose them, her s/o is just as important to her as finding her brother and father.


• Will also be quite suspicious of her at first, but not as bad as Keith’s, Pidge or Hunk’s. He does think that his s/o is a good person, but doesn’t really know her yet so he’s mostly on guard.

• Although, he quickly warms up to her and eventually become partners in such a short amount of time.

• Thinks of her as an essential and an important asset as a team. Her abilities prove to be very useful in any given situation.

• You think Pidge and her s/o is the power couple? Nope, now these two will be the ultimate power couple.

• Will probably use his s/o’s abilities to strengthen the lions and voltron, and against the Galra.

• He does like to watch them play with different elements though, its truly fascinating.

• Won’t be really surprised once his s/o starts playing with lightning or fire. He has a glowing, purple, robot arm, he fought different monsters with questionable weapons and abilities and is literally the head of a gigantic robot. Magic is not a new concept to him, and has encountered it many times before.

• His lion agility would increase, and his lion’s weapons like the jaw blade would be increased in endurance and strength upon his s/o’s command.

• You’ll never see him fighting alone without his s/o with him, these two will stick together at all costs.The only time you won’t see them fighting together would be either one of them is kidnapped, subdued, or busy helping their teammates.

• Favorite element would be lightning, or any element that falls under the plasma category. He finds it very fascinating, stunning and deadly. 

• He’ll look out for his s/o all the time, he can’t risk having her fall in the hands of Galra, or to lose them in his life.

• He doesn’t really worry about his s/o’s safety that much, he knows that she can handle herself really well, and he knows all too well that she could probably take him down with ease.

• Space dad just loves his s/o, and is more than happy to kick ass with them.

anonymous asked:

Ok another hc for the dream portal portal au. So the tests are alot of physical strength or something close to that. So max doing all these tests actually made him a hit more skilled at the camp. So like there all coming back down from one of their hikes and Max just swiftly jumps from ledge to kedge in a record time. Which just makes all the campers amazed, but really confused. Like "How the hell did he become so fucking quick." There so baffled it actually makes Max laugh a little

I… Love That?? Oh heck we’ve found an oasis of happy in this sea of angst

Max becoming skilled at things and being proud of himself for it is something we really need tbh, in the canon show or the AU

It might not undo all the pain, but hey at least it’s a small win for Max.

But YES I would LOVE to see agile, confident Max. I’m so proud of this boy??

Points For Creativity-Namjoon(Smut)

Some Sub!Namjoon to make these cold winter days a little… hotter.

Req: Namjoon bondage

Req: Bdsm smut with rapmon? Excuse my thirst haha 

Day Six of Seven Days Of Christmas with BTS! Enjoyy~

Namjoon hangs another ornament on the tree, long limbs stretching in accordance so he can reach the spots I can’t, taking the glossy bulbs from my hands with a dimpled smile. I reach down to grab a red sphere, a swift slap to my ass by Namjoon’s hand startling me, throwing him a scoff.

“It’s Christmas Eve, not sexy time.”

“Anytime can be sexy time if you want it to, baby.” He winks at me and I narrow my eyes before shoving another decoration into his hand.

“Just shut up and do the tree.” I grumble.

“I’d rather be doing you.” Namjoon shoots me a seductive glance and I roll my eyes.

“Is sex the only thing on your mind?”

He gives me a cheeky smile. “It’s kind of hard not to think about it when you totally just flashed me with your cute little christmas thong.”

My face gets red and I instinctively push Namjoon’s shirt down my thighs. “Yah! I knew it was a bad idea to wear this.”

“Awe, baby girl, it’s cute.”

I purse my lips and Namjoon gets down from the chair, stepping away from the tree to see if there are any spots he’s missed. The tree is sparkling and Namjoon looks so proud of himself I laugh.

“You did good.” I pat his shoulder, noticing how the large tree takes up most of my living room. “You’re staying over tonight right?”

He nods, not taking his eyes from his Christmas masterpiece as he rolls a strand of extra garland between his hands. “I have a schedule tomorrow though, so I can’t stay the day.”

I pout. “So we can’t spend Christmas together?”

He turns to me, throwing the garland over my neck and closing the distance between us. “Come here, baby, don’t be upset.” He keeps the string of decoration around my neck, pulling me into his warm embrace. “I’ll make sure to come here right when we are done.”

I sigh into him. “Don’t you have a dinner to attend with the company?”

He curses, obviously just remembering this. “Okay, I will be here at some point before midnight.”

I chuckle. “It’s okay if you can’t make it Joonie.”

“But you’ll be alone tomorrow. On Christmas. That’s not okay.”

“I’m a big girl.” I look up at him and smile. “I can deal with it. Besides I get you today and that’s good enough for me.”

Namjoon kisses my forehead, my temples, the bridge of my nose, peppering me with love and affection. “Well, let me make it up to you now then.” His lips slide down my nose, across my cheeks, his fingers lifting my jaw up so he can place feather light kisses along the sides of my lips.

“No.” I push him back, taking the garland from his limp fingers. “You already gave me my Christmas present. Let me give you yours.” His eyes widen and his mouth curves upwards in an excited smirk as I push him down on the chair that he was just standing on.

Plucking a piece of red ribbon from the box beside me I tie it around his eyes, making sure it’s firmly fastened at the back of his head and smiling at my handiwork. Namjoon’s fists clench and unclench in anticipation and it’s refreshingly erotic to see him being submissive instead of the other way around.

I take the garland he’d so conveniently given me and bring his wrists behind the chair, making sure he can barely get an inch of leeway before tying the ‘innocent’ string firmly on his straining forearms, binding him to the chair.

“Now, Daddy.” I purr in his ear, running my hands down the front of his buttoned shirt. “Just sit tight and let Kitten pleasure you alright?”

He growls and the sound goes straight to my core, eliciting a wide grin on my face at how worked up he already seems to be when we’ve just gotten started. I notice a small tent forming in his pants. “You like it when Kitten takes charge don’t you?” I tease him, watching his thick lips part as he breathes in roughly. “You love it when she makes you beg for her tight, wet pussy.”

Namjoon lets out a ragged exhalation, chest rising and falling as my agile fingers undo the top few buttons on his shirt, until I can see the indentations of muscle from his abs peeking out of the thin fabric.  

The carpet is warm against my knees as I bend down, playing piano up his thighs. He squirms a little under my barely there touch, a small whimper escaping his throat. “So responsive to me already?” I murmur with a smile, although he can’t see it.

“Y/N.” He warns, voice low and feral.

“Yes Daddy?”

“You’re going to regret teasing me like this.”

My lips pucker. “Now, now. Don’t make me gag you, you know how much Kitten loves to kiss you as she cums, are you really going to make me cover those thick lips of yours?”  

His tongue runs across his bottom lip, admitting defeat as I unbutton his jeans and drag down the zipper. “Hips up.” I instruct, Namjoon obediently lifting them as much as he can so I can take his pants and boxers off in one go.

His length is hard and veiny, the tip glistening in the light and it looks so big I almost just sit on it right away, rubbing my legs together. I stand up to contemplate my next move, leaving Namjoon hanging in the dark as I lift his shirt up so I can push my underwear down my thighs, the wet fabric dropping to the floor and flying across the room as I kick it.

“Kitten…” Namjoon whines for me, frustrated that he can’t see where I’ve gone.

I hum, standing over him and bending down to grab his length firmly with one hand, hearing him gasp in pleasure. “Wanna feel something?” I question and Namjoon nods his head vigorously, taking his bottom lip between his teeth in anticipation. I hum once more, spreading my legs so I can straddle him before rubbing his tip around the folds of my pussy, moaning loudly at the rapturous feeling it brings.

Namjoon rocks his hips up the fraction he can, putting more friction on my core. I sigh, getting off of him. “I guess the fun is over. Someone couldn’t keep still.”

“It felt so good.” He groans in excuse, panting lightly. “Just give me what I want, Y/N. Now.”

“Excuse me?” I lean over, hand firm on his shoulders, gripping him hard enough to leave bruises along the thick cords of muscle. “Who’s in charge here?” My breath is hot in his face, sweet from the chocolate we’d shared earlier.

He stays silent and I lean closer, feeling his cock rub against my stomach. “Answer me.” I say, clipped and short with dominance.

He sucks his lips in defiantly, refusing to give in no matter how hard I press. Slithering back to the floor I grip him once more, opening my lips a little so I can slide the very tip of his length into the warm cavern of my mouth, hearing him groan in ecstasy and then in exasperation as I remove myself.

“Who’s in charge here?” I repeat myself and the action, tasting his precum as it leaks from him in salty beads of arousal. When he stays silent I sigh, almost regretfully before continuing to tease him, kissing up his thighs and everywhere around his hard length, waiting for him to concede as I grow wetter and wetter.

Namjoon lets out a chaste ‘fuck’ getting sexually frustrated as each second passes. “Kitten…?” He ventures skeptically, biting his lip. “Please…?”

“Who’s in charge here?” I wrap my hand around the base of his shaft, pumping once in reward.

“You.” He mumbles and although I’ve heard him I decide to keep going.

“I’m sorry.” I pump him once more. “What was that?”

“You.” He almost moans, shaking at his restraints. “You, baby, all you.”

“That’s right. Good boy.” I murmur, running a hand from base to tip before smoothing over his tip with a thumb, swiping away more precum and licking the glittering expanse. “Daddy is very, very sensitive when he can’t see isn’t he?” I observe, sliding down on him, loving the way he stretches my lips and hits the back of my throat.

Namjoon groans, tilting himself up as I cup his balls, massaging them lightly, taking the entirety of him in my mouth before bobbing up and down, moaning and making sounds that I know send vibrations up him. I can slightly taste myself on him, closing my eyes and relishing in the mixture of our tastes as they settle on my tongue.  

I see goosebumps form on his thighs, the muscle clenching as he becomes close to losing himself over the edge of release. “I’m not done with you yet.” I seethe, releasing from him with a pop at the last second, listening to his ragged breathing as he squirms beneath me.

“Kitten, please, I need- I need you.”

I stand, feeling cum slide down my legs at how soaking I am before gripping his shoulders and resuming my position above him. He can’t help the smile as he realizes what I am about to do and I kiss him to wipe it off as I sink down onto his waiting length, my puckered entrance sucking him in happily.

“Wow, I got you this wet?” He smirks into me and I stop moving down to wait for him to correct himself. “Kitten.” He groans. “Pl-please keep going, you feel so good.”

I huff, sitting myself further on his cock until he is completely surrounded and I am completely full, moaning at the acute senses I get, lifting myself up before slamming back down, setting a rough pace from the beginning.

“Kitten.” Namjoon groans, throwing his head back and parting his lips in a daze of sensuality, voice lined with the velvet of my walls and the silk of sex. The fabric of his shirt rubs against my nipples, hardening them and adding extra stimulation as I bounce above him.

“Fuck, I want to touch you.” Namjoon begs, eyebrows furrowing above the thin ribbon. “And see you.”

I move a hand up to push his blindfold down forcefully with one hand, letting Namjoon get his first look at me, face lit with lust and legs spread around the chair as his cock disappears into my tight hole. “Fucking gorgeous.” He moans, eyes not being able to stay still as they wander over everything he’s missed since we began.

I go faster, gaining leverage by pushing off his shoulders with each thrust, Namjoon groans mixing with mine and our skin slapping together, rough and heady as I push him into complete submission beneath me.

Namjoon groans my name over and over as he gets ready to cum, half in pleasure and half in frustration as he knows he has no power and can’t move as he waits, budging and clawing against his wrist restraints in futile effort to get back in control while I fuck him.

“Kitten, please- I- will you let me come?” He forces the words through gritted teeth and I catch his chin in my hands and force him to look at me.

“Let me watch you do it.” I say, eyes flitting around his face as his throat works and eyes squeeze shut as he stiffens below me, a muscle feathering along his jaw as the final buildup begins. His lips part and his eyebrows pinch together, so sexy and so indescribably beautiful as he moans for me.

By some miracle I fall face first into release as he does, my body tingling and disembodying itself to become doused in streams of lively pleasure, waves of undeniably hot ecstasy tearing through me. I cry out Namjoon’s name, feeling him release his warm seed deep inside of me, cum overflowing from my and onto our sweaty legs.  

“How creative of you.” He gasps as I cum down, his length soft inside of me. “To use Christmas decorations to tie me up with.”

“I know right.” I suck in lungfuls of air. “I thought I was pretty clever.”

“You’re also hot as hell. I don’t think I’m going to be able to leave tomorrow.”

I laugh into his chest, reaching my arms around to untie him, rubbing his wrists gently, which are red from the pulling and writhing. “Why not?”

“Because now that you’ve untied me, I can punish you for teasing me. And I don’t think it’s very kind to leave my girlfriend alone if she can’t walk.”

My mouth goes dry and stomach drops. “But… I thought you liked it.”

“Oh I did. Very much.” He nods, eyes glinting. “But I can’t let you get away with it.”

I smile, holding up the garland in my hand. “Mercy? Points for creativity?”

He lifts me up and chuckles darkly, sliding out of me with ease and glancing from his cock, slippery with my juices and then to me. “I don’t think so baby. This is going to be one very merry Christmas.”

Fucking 65 degrees in my house and now I’m burning up *cries* hope you’re enjoying the collab with @tramngo99 so far! Much love~~

~Admin Eggplant

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I found the proposal fic with Bucky reading to Steve: "his heart was going like mad and yes (Or, How Steve Rogers Fell For Prosecco—and His Fella, All Over Again—In A Single Afternoon)" by hitlikehammers // It's super cheesy (in a good way) and nicely written. Steve and Bucky are at a spa just enjoying themselves and being in love <3

his heart was going like mad and yes (Or, How Steve Rogers Fell For Prosecco—and His Fella, All Over Again—In A Single Afternoon) by hitlikehammers

Bucky lowers himself against Steve’s body, boneless and yet still agile as he speaks against Steve’s lips:

“And how he kissed me.”

And Steve doesn’t need a damned engraved invitation. Steve doesn’t need to be told twice.

Mulder has strong manly men on his mind and all over his face as he tries to entice Scully to join him on a nice trip to the forest.  It’s hard to see but he’s wearing the soundproof tie.  He probably just didn’t want to hear Scully turn him down, but he’s excited to see Scully smile so he takes it off. Season 1 is adorable; it’s still just a big adventure and they smile. Just look at her smiling, CC, and think about what you’ve done to her.  These kinds of smiles don’t come back until the Season of Secret Sex, so maybe that’s a hint, Chris.

Mulder doesn’t wear a tie for the rest of the episode but that won’t stop me. 

They both look awesome in their fashionable cold weather forest gear.  Thanks to some sabotage by a dirty greenie they have a nice hike in the forest.  On behalf of greenie protestors the world over, I assure you that anything that may cause injury directly or indirectly such as tyre spikes are a huge no-no.  These dirty tree huggers aren’t following the peaceful protestors code.

Inside the cabin I’m having flashbacks to Ice and praying that Mulder will start undressing again.  Instead he just inhales a baggie of weed.  He’s acting a bit silly and still having fantasies of Scully being “that stoned” when she informs him it’s just bay leaves and even if it was dope, sniffing it wouldn’t work.  Mulder finds something else to sniff/lick/feel that isn’t Scully. I love how sensory Mulder is.  

As Scully’s hoisted up to check out a giant cocoon, Mulder’s eyeing it off wondering whether it was made of silk and how many ties he could get out of it.  Then we’re treated to Mulder displaying his boyish agility, naïvety  and broodiness over and over while dressed in the same jeans and sweater.  What a montage that would make.  He loves that Scully’s wearing his shirt, and he has a bit of a casual grope in the hope that she’ll get the hint and take it off for him. He goes back to pouting when it doesn’t happen.

At the end it seems fitting that the stupid greenie who ran over his own tyre spikes was consumed by the ancient glowing bugs, even if he was trying to prevent the release of the bugs to begin with.  Mulder and Scully had that Jeep a-rocking before getting a room at the  quarantine station.   Everyone in my house has ADHD so I can imagine what it must be like to be confined in a small space with Mulder for an extended time (without doing the wild thing).  Quarantine must be hell for Scully.

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So the olympics are here (literally for me because it's in Brazil, but whatever), just imagine this: narnia characters (Pevensie's+Caspian/Eustace/Jill/Digory/Polly/etc) and sports, what would they play? favorite sports? why? would they do everything to go where the games will be? how would the narnia olympics be like?

It’s been so long since I’ve read the series that my knowledge on Jill, Digory, and Polly is seriously lacking. For now I’m just going to do the character’s I’m most up to date with, sorry!!


  • ah good ol’ Petey boy and his brute strength
  • reference the scene in Prince Caspian where he’s in the row boat
  • he discovers that he actually loves rowing
  • broad shoulders plus ripped biceps plus determination equals an olympian
  • when he mentions his interest later in Narnia, Lucy forces him to row her in a boat up and down the river
  • back in England he practices every day
  • and when he goes to university he gets placed on the rowing team
  • Peter dedicates every win to Lucy
  • when the olympics come on television, he attempts to watch every event
  • he tries to learn how to become a better athlete but also just likes watching other people set records


  • most would think archery
  • but no, Su is into a far more intense sport
  • badminton
  • she is the queen
  • in primary school it was her favorite unit in gym class
  • her competitive streak shines through and she gets upset at herself for losing
  • Susan is the one that introduced the game to Narnia
  • it started with the centaurs, who got so into it they formed their own intramural team
  • they play the satyrs every Friday
  • badminton becomes such a popular sport that Su has to dedicate one day a week to teach the nation how to play
  • and thus, she moves up in the ranks from player to coach


  • fencing
  • Ed had the idea to apply his swordsmanship skills from Narnia into his life in Europe
  • he joins a fencing club
  • and he’s spectacular
  • between the Golden Age and Prince Caspian, Edmund becomes a seasoned fencer
  • so when he returns to Narnia he teaches Caspian that it’s actually a wonderful way to teach soldiers how to handle a sword
  • did I mention he would give his left kidney to be able to go to the olympics in person and not just watch them on tv
  • he begs all year to no avail
  • it gets to the point where he contemplates sneaking on a plane


  • her grace and agility leads Lucy to floor gymnastics
  • she’s surprisingly flexible
  • the coaches love how willing she is to learn
  • Susan’s competitive flair is present in Lucy too, although it isn’t as obvious
  • criticisms really bother her
  • front flips? no biggie
  • back flips? too easy
  • all around ridiculously talented
  • in Narnia, she attempted to teach the beavers how to do cartwheels
  • long after the Pevensies are gone the beavers still summersault


  • golf
  • a dad sport but still his favorite
  • Eustace doesn’t have the highest aerobic capacity
  • a friend mentioned in passing that he could play it because he wouldn’t have to run, and it won over his heart
  • he doesn’t think it’s boring at all
  • although he claims he doesn’t, Eustace loves how preppy the clothes are
  • plotted to sneak on a plane with Ed to see the olympics in person
  • it fascinates him that some people are so remarkably fit


  • marathon swimming
  • Caspian has lungs that can hold an unbelievable amount of oxygen
  • anyone who has ever challenged him to a swimming contest always walked away horribly embarrassed
  • he grew up swimming laps in the ocean
  • the Telmarine legend is that teaching a child to swim in the same water will bless them from drowning
  • by the time Caspian takes the throne, the Narnian olympics have been established
  • he refrains from taking part in the events because he doesn’t think it’s a king’s place to participate
  • really he knows he’ll kick everyone’s ass and doesn’t want to be a jerk

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Paladins react to a super strong s/o?


  • “Holy shit.” – Lance when he saw you lift Keith with ease.
  • Lance is always showing off your strength to other people like, “Look how strong my beautiful S/O is I love them.”
  • Whenever Lance starts to get a little annoying you simply walk over and pick him up and it shuts him up right quick.


  • Keith is sort of stunned into silence when he realizes just how strong you are.
  • Keith is very quick and agile, but is a little lacking in the strength department, so he asks you to coach him.
    • He was as red as a tomato when he asked you.
  • Whenever you’re demonstrating to Keith how to do a certain exercise he catches himself staring at your toned body and “Keith are you okay you’re turning red.” “I’m fine!”


  • Hunk is pretty chill with it, “Yeah I have a super strong S/O, got a problem with it?”
  • You’re the one encouraging Hunk to come and train with you, but he prefers to take naps instead.
    • A few kisses will get him to come with you though, he can never resist.
  • Hunk makes sure to cook you healthy meals with plenty of protein to keep your body fit and strong.


  • You’re pretty much Pidge’s designated heavy lifter (Hunk is free at last)
  • She pretty much calls on you to lift heavy things that she’s working on, or has you carry her on your shoulders if she’s trying to work on something up high.
  • In exchange for making you do her heavy lifting for her Pidge lets you bench her.


  • Considering the fact that Shiro is also rather strong himself he’s very surprised at your strength, but loves you nonetheless and is super proud of you.
  • Did someone say workout buddies? It’s nice that you’re both there to spot each other when working out.
  • After working out together you two will sometimes take showers together, and things may or may not get heated.

Oh my gosh, this is the cutest question ever!  Also, earlier this summer I would’ve totally said we’d all just be unicorns, but I think now my opinions have changed.  Just a little. 

Great Uncle Ford could still maybe be a unicorn!  He’s all mysterious like that.

But now to my friends! Let’s start with Candy and Grenda, cause those are easy ones!  I can totally see Grenda being a bear, cause while she’s super cute and cuddly, she can also break a rock with her skull!  Bears…bears can do that, right?

And Candy would definitely be a sugar glider!  They’re tiny and precious but also really social animals, and I bet they’re mega smart too.  Plus, can you imagine Candy gliding through the sky on magic marsupial-wings? Cause I certainly can.

Moving on to my family!  Dipper would totally be a cat.  Not only does he sneeze like a kitten, but he makes the same grumpy faces, too!

Okay, okay, I’m joking…Kinda.  While he has all the goofy features of being a skittish little kitty, he’s also got all the good traits too!  He’s curious, playful, and an awesometastic friend when you need one.  Maybe I should promote him to a larger cat level!  Like a lion!

…A baby lion.

Next up is Great Uncle Ford! I kinda take back what I said about him being a unicorn…Looking back, he kinda reminds me of an owl!  He’s smart (like that one from Winnie the Pooh!) and talented (like…like a maraca owl!) and like I said, pretty mysterious.  But beneath all that, he’s a super cute fluffy owl who just needs a hug!

Also, he never sleeps—like, ever.  It might be time for a slumber party intervention…

But I can do that later! Moving on to Grunkle Stan!  Earlier this summer I would’ve said he was like a troll-goblinsaur, but Dipper says those are mythical creatures, not animals. 

So if I had to choose…how about a wolf?  He might seem kinda rough around the edges and scary at first, but it turns out he’s really cuddly once you get to know him. Plus, he’s super protective, which is also wolf-ish, and really really loves the people in his family!

Also, he has grey hair, and wolves have grey fur, right? It’s destiny!

Finally, I can’t leave out Wendy and Soos! Wendy strikes me like a fox or something—y’know, agile, red-headed, and something that might bite you if you mess with her friends. Maybe.  Either way, she’s just super awesome!

Meanwhile, Soos is undoubtedly a giant panda.  I think he’s got secret panda powers too, like the ones from those cartoons—y’know, the ones that are like forest spirits or something and make all the trees and plants grow? Well, whether he does or doesn’t, he’s still a panda in the sense that he’ll let you sleep on his tummy. I would know—I’ve tried it!

And of course, I would be…drumroll, please…


Me and Waddles would be the piggiest buddies in the world, can you see it?  We’d go on pig adventures, have pig dance parties, and rid the world (and Grunkle Stan’s freezer) of all bacon!  Forever!

So thanks for the question, friend-o!  I’m gonna go see if I can become a pig now…or at least work on that slumber party for Great Uncle Ford.


P.S. Oh, I almost forgot Pacifica!

…You know what, she can totally be the unicorn.

10 Things I Hate About You [Part 2] - Theo Raeken Imagine

A/N: I’m so glad I was able to get this posted tonight! I’m hoping I can post a chapter/part each night until this short series is finished up! I’m starting to think it may be closer to four parts instead of the two/three I estimated yesterday. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! Send me some feedback! 

PART ONE, for those who haven’t read it yet. :)

Originally posted by coloursong

Not knowing what to say, you stood, unmoving, on the middle of the dock.

The night breeze picked up loose strands of your hair, blowing them haphazardly across your face. The goosebumps on your flesh had become amplified, spreading now to the exposed skin of your chest. Never before had you felt insecure in his presence, but now with Theo standing so dangerously close to you, the rough palms of his hands smoothing over the soft of your cheeks, you were growing increasingly conscious of the thin, flimsy pajamas you were wearing.

You weren’t exactly sure if he had been expecting a celebratory kiss or a congratulatory handshake, but apparently your reaction wasn’t satisfactory.

“Are you not happy?” he questioned, carefully observing the planes of your face for a telling expression. “Isn’t this what you wanted?”

Burying your face in your hands, you let out an exasperated, tiny sob. Theo gently but powerfully removed your hands, his eyes glued to your own.

“Talk to me.”

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Sequel: Blast From the Past

Request:Secret Organization Part 2? :)

Word Count: 1,261

Here it is, I hope you like it!

Read Part One Here

“Y/N Y/L/N.” The voice is one you will never forget. Ever. It still haunts your dreams, snapping you to wakefulness; horror in every syllable he utters. And yet, this time, it is not dream.

“Damien,” You force a smile onto your face, “I thought you were dead.”

“Precisely what I wanted you to think.” You can hear the cocky grin in his words, but you still don’t turn. He wouldn’t kill you from behind. It’s not his way.

“Where did you go?”

“I learned things, Y/N,” He says, stepping closer to you – his breath ghosts against the back of your neck, but yet, you remain as stone, “Things that made me bigger, stronger, better.”


“Ever the critic, are you not? No, Y/N, quite the opposite. I’m far from inebriated. My senses are like a cat’s, I can move faster than you would ever believe. Everything… the colours… Y/N, I’m more then human.”

You’re shaking on the inside – oh, on the inside you’re trembling and screaming; you know what this man is capable of. You’ve seen it for yourself a thousand times.

“Leave me, Damien.”

“Don’t you want to know what I did to make myself to much better?”

“No. I have nothing to do with you. Didn’t your lovely little gang members tell you how many of them I slaughtered?” You laugh mirthlessly, and he begins to circle you like a vulture at its prey.

“You always were my favourite. So agile, so bright. So able. Y/N Y/L/N, so trusted, so valuable. What happened to you?”

“I woke up.”

“Then go back to sleep. It’s easy.”

“I don’t want easy!” You snap, only now whirling on him, “I want right. I want justice and your little organisation isn’t just. It’s merciless and whimsical. I want no part in it, now or ever.”

“You used to.”

“I was sixteen. You manipulated me into becoming a killing machine, you’re lucky I don’t take you down on the spot.”

“Then try.” He sneers, his nose crinkling unpleasantly. You’ve seen that look before – it clearly states that you’re screwed.

That’s confirmed exactly less than a second later when he launches himself at you – pouncing like some sort of animal. You just barely dart away from the brunt of the impact, but he catches your wrist, swinging you around so you can’t get away. You can’t fight him – you’d have difficulty taking him on back in the day and although you’re stronger than you’ve ever been, he seems to have some sort of animalistic power rallying inside him.

“Damn it!” He growls, twisting your arm. You manage to yank it from his grip, however, ducking out and underneath his elbow.

Sam and Dean are out here somewhere. Sam and Dean can help. Sam and Dean have guns and might not get slaughtered here.

“You think you can escape, but I was the one to teach you that you can only dodge for so long.”

“You haven’t seen me for a while, Damien. I’ve changed as much as you have.”

“You wish, darling.” He chuckles, darting at you again. This time, he takes you down, and you collide with the floor like a sack of potatoes. You roll over but he’s already on top of you, his hands grasping at your throat. You gargle out a protest, sweeping him from on top of you and digging your nails into his wrists to get him off.

“You’re rusty.”

“You’re going down.” You retort, voice raw. He hadn’t had you for long but he’s got a strong grip.

“Y/N!” There’s a cry of panic from the doorway and you glance over to see Sam stood, framed, with his brother not far behind.

“Not your fight!” You yell as you take a blow to the cheekbone, which snaps your neck to one side. You wince as you regain your balance.

He’s about to launch himself at you again as you stagger, but two gunshots ring out on the rooftop and he shudders, before crumpling to the side with little grace – nothing like that way you’re used to seeing him move, all poise and purpose.

Just like that, it’s over.

You brush your fingers over your cheekbone, knowing full well there’s going to be a huge bruise there by morning. Sam and Dean cross over to you quickly, assessing the damage.

“What the hell was that?”

“Sam, Dean, meet my old Master. He ran the thing I was part of.” You gesture to him with a smile, “I’d love to further introduce you, but he never goes anywhere without a couple of lackeys and I’m willing to bet they’re not so far away, so we should make a break for it.”

They share a look before deciding to trust you, and the three of you sprint down the stairs and back to your motel room. Grabbing your stuff, you make it to the car before anyone sees you.

“Sorry about that,” You say quietly, once on the road, “He… I don’t know what he was trying to do.”

“I do.” Sam says, turning to look back at you, “He’d been injecting demon blood.”

“How do you know?”

“I’d heard reports. Didn’t want to throw rumours around, but yeah…”

“Damn, Damien. Always was an egotistical idiot. Thanks for helping me out.”

There’s a moment of silence where Dean acknowledges your gratitude with a nod, before he looks directly at you in the rear-view mirror.

“What did you even do?” He asks, “In your ‘organisation’?”

“I told you. I killed people and got bounty for it.”

“What kind of people? How did you kill them?”

“Dean,” Sam chides warningly, “You don’t need to know-”

“The leader of the group was jacked up on demon blood, Sam. I want to know what the hell she was doing with them.” He snaps, and you raise an eyebrow.

“First off, I didn’t know about hunting or any of this until after I left, so screw off with that idea. All of my skills are mine and mine alone.” You reply, tone equally harsh, “And we killed all sorts of people. All bad people, I think. Bank robbers and murderers and the like. I usually stabbed. Clean, easy to identify, hard to track if you’re careful. Sometimes poison if I could get away with it. Once I dropped a chandelier on a guy.”

“What constitutes a bad person?

“I didn’t know anymore. That’s why I left. It was mindless killing, Dean. I was given a name and they’d be dead. Judge me all you want. I know what I did, I know how bad it was, I know it was probably unnecessary, I know, trust me.”

There’s total silence in the car, not even broken by the radio – you’d told them to keep it off until you were out of tracking distance, just in case. You know all too well how thorough the group like to be.

“At least you left.” Sam says softly, and you offer a smile in response.

“I’m just trying to right the wrongs, you know? It’s why we’re all here.” You reply, running a hand through your hair, “Let’s just get the hell away from here. Another mile or two and I think you can probably get your beloved radio back, Dean.”

I just love that Penn is really talented at and enjoys dancing. It makes sense how this would make him good at agility and acrobatics when it comes to his missions. I feel like Penn probably took dance lessons when he was younger and really loved it, though he likely doesn’t get to do it as much since he took over the part-time hero business for his parents. This is why I love the so so much; we get these skills from characters, and it looks like we might’ve come across one of Penn’s greatest abilities and interests.

I hope this ability is shown again soon, or we get more information behind it. I’d be really depressed if this was only a one-episode kind of discovery.

Desperate Hope


  Piercing sounds of steel against steel reverberated inside the grim hall. Left and right and up and down his Falchion swung, hopelessly defending himself from the sharp edge of her sword. Each step he took slid backwards, legs horribly bent and apart to achieve such fragile stability. CLANG and CLANK and SLING and CRIIIING echoed viciously into his ears, scraping right into his mind until nausea kicked in his throat.

  Oh Gods no…

  Chrom didn’t want to fight back. He honestly didn’t. But as doubt that had taken root in his heart thickened anew, his will to fight withered pathetically. The sight of her face sent him reeling in despair. The sound of her manic cackling broke what’s left of his beating heart.

  Amidst the darkness that swallowed them whole, all he could was her, crystal clear and perfectly disoriented.

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watch out for old dudes

not explicitly spoilery, but this is based a bit some magic from 6x09, this silver fox!Captain Charming manip I did last week, and @optomisticgirl‘s comments on said manip: “one day I will need a fic from you about some spell going horribly wrong and this happening to CC. Just putting that out there on my infinite wish list hahaha”. well: wish granted. and I couldn’t wait for Friday. so here’s a 1.8k words of CC/CS/Snowing crack/feelz.

They knew they shouldn’t be poking around Gold’s shop. It rarely ended well. And there was probably something hypocritical about the deputy sheriff engaging in breaking and entering. (A blind eye could be turned to the pirate, however reformed he might be.)

But both David and Killian knew that the Dark One wouldn’t gladly or even willingly hand over the wand they needed, so while the imp was distracted in another part of town, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

But they should have known that the shop would be booby trapped. It was far too simple to get in—wouldn’t one assume that the Crocodile had some anti-metal hook provisions set up on the edifices? Quite easily, Killian smashed one of the door windows with his substitute appendage and Dave had the door open seconds later.

Quietly, they crept through the store, careful not to touch anything lest they give away that they’d been there. Belle had told them of the hidden drawer behind the counter where Rumpelstiltskin kept the wands and other similar magic objects, and it wasn’t hard to find the false panel on the back of the fixture.

David’s hand hovered over it before pushing the release, suddenly a bit wary of how not difficult this heist was. He glanced up at Hook, searching for affirmation, who simply nodded in a silent go ahead.

David pressed on the wood, and the drawer slid open, releasing access to the wands…but also a shimmery powder into the air that quickly blurred both men’s vision and burned their lungs.

Coughing and sputtering, they both collapsed on the shop’s floor.

Some time later, a buzzing sensation woke a very sore David. He slowly came to, staring up at the pawn shop ceiling and feeling very stiff as he pulled his phone out of his pocket. It was Emma, no doubt wondering what had taken them so long.

“Hello,” he answered, his voice sounding much more gravelly than usual.

“Dad? Are you okay?”

Slowly, he sat up. “Yeah, we’re fine, I think.”

“Did you find the wand?”

He glanced at the open, untouched drawer next to him, and saw that the Elder Wand was still there; a finger tap over the drawer told him it was free for the taking. “Yeah, it’s here.”

“Great. Meet us back at the loft, okay?”

“Sure.” They said their goodbyes as Hook started to shift in his spot on the floor.

David grabbed the wand, but paused for a moment when he did; just when did his hand start to look so…old? He knew he wasn’t the spry young thing he’d been back on the farm, but had his hand always been this…wrinkly?

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anonymous asked:

I was just wondering, how would you rank the members of seventeen in terms of their dancing? Like based off of stuff like execution, facial expressions, groove, etc.? [This can also be based off of personal taste :)] Thank you ^-^

Oh no this one requires research. Now you’re in for it. Thank you so much for the question OMG

Let me say that there’s no dance hole whatsoever in Seventeen, and it scares me a little. These boys have gone through so much training and practicing that even the “worst” among them is sharp and on point constantly. It tripped me out for months and months and I worked so hard to find any sort of flaw, panic during a mistake, even just one slip up. Because that’s how I spend my nights. But in reality, Seventeen is an amazing group full of amazing dancers.

Of course, the obvious choice for #1 would be Hoshi… But it’s not my personal opinion at all. xD

1. Dino

This video is my literal lifeblood. It may seem like a strange choice, but I honestly think Dino is the best dancer in Seventeen, mostly for his detail. The insane amount of expression control he has blows my mind every single time I watch that video, and one thing that really jumps out at me is how he STICKS his moves. One of the things that bothers me most watching other people dance (and watching myself dance sometimes) is when they don’t end their moves completely, and the move just kind of flails into it’s death. For him, when the move ends, it ends. My mum, when she was giving me pointers, told me to think of the time when a move reaches the point of it and to make sure it hits that. Kind of like when you’re playing a dance game and the moves are shown along the bottom and the ending point of where your hand should be has a tiny impact around it so you know to pump your fist in the air. Kind of like that? Anyway, the point is, Dino’s dancing is very sharp. Knife cut. And his expression control is insane. He hits the beats perfectly and is always right on where he needs to be.

2. S. Coups

Whaaaaaaaaaaat??? I think Coups is a better dancer than Hoshi? Than Woozi? I think probably why Coups is ranked so high on this list is because… He has no right to be as good a dancer as he is. For one, he’s a rapper, not even dance line. For another, it doesn’t really seem to be an interest of his. But I really enjoy watching him dance, mostly for two reasons. One, he seems really aware of what’s going on around him on stage. Why does that matter? It gives sort of an effortless air to his dancing, making it seem like he doesn’t think about it at all. Two, he has a lot of natural strength, and he doesn’t look like he does. For both of these, I’d like to point to Shining Diamonds (which is one of my favorite choreographies ever, by the way). Watch the sort of carefree way he moves on stage and mouths along to the words. A lot of the time, you see him look at the member whose turn it is. It gives him a feel of knowing exactly where to be when, but still has the natural added “swag” relaxation. Also, just a quick mention at the end here, but what I really love to see is Coups messing up on stage. Because you don’t see him panic until after it’s over. The situation happens, he deals with it hardly without even thinking, and then he panics. not only is it adorable, but his quick thinking is insane and amazing.

3. Woozi 

I feel a bit bad for Hoshi now… But Woozi is a phenomenal dancer. For all of Coups’s reasons, his easy control of the stage and his natural strength times like 50. Woozi is so dang confident on stage, and it kills. It’s not Coups’s casual approach, in fact it’s almost snarky, the way he makes it look like it’s nothing. The only arguments I might have with Woozi’s dancing is that some of his moves can look too jerky, which in fact isn’t a bad thing because like I said it means e sticks his moves really well. Also the argument that he can dance well and sing live and make it look like a breeze. Why is he so good at everything?

4. Hoshi

OTL… Why is the choreographing genius so low? Well, if you look at it this way, he’s in the top third of the group, which makes him better than more than half of them. I think what I love best about Hoshi’s dancing is the life that he puts in it. It’s not exactly the amount of expression control as Dino’s, but each of the movements feel so alive. He’s having fun, and you can tell, which is a great quality to have in dancing. Honestly, less than his dancing, I’m so in love with Hoshi’s choreo. It’s clever, well created, and so perfect for the songs. But since that’s not what you asked about, I’m not awarding him points for it. What I will say is that when I was little, my sister made up terms to describe my other sisters dancing styles, and they were “loose fish in a slinky pond” and “stiff stick in a pit of buttered snakes” (I wish I was kidding. Isn’t that catchy?) and Hosh balances each of those sides perfectly. His dancing is firm and sticks very well, and when he needs to be agile he can be. Only arguments… Hmm. He could be a little more engaging. Dancing should be entrancing but also fun to watch. And occasionally he’ll nail it with little smirks or eye contact, so it’s not like he never does that.

5. Joshua

Haha… Remember how I said it annoys me when people don’t stick their moves? You know how this list has (sort of) been logical choice? Well, screw that. I just really freaking love to watch Joshua dance. He looks like he’s having fun and dang it all, I’m having fun watching him. He puts hardly any strength behind his moves, sometimes he’s too loose, but he’s just so smooth. I like the way he moves around the stage a lot because of how smooth his movements are. You did say it could be personal preference and this one is entirely that. Joshua is charismatic, and I love it. Maybe he’s not the best dancer, but his stage presence is amazing in that he brightens up any dance he does and he has fun and that can make even the dance you’re worst at out to be amazing. Also, extra fancam because I feel the first one doesn’t count

6. Mingyu

This is where it gets interchangeable for the next few, but… Also @ fandom all I want is one good Mingyu Rock fancam. That’s all. Since I can’t find one, here’s a full group Rock fancam. The point is, I really like Mingyu’s dancing. It’s very intense, but also extremely clean cut and his expressions are on point. I definitely like how strong his movements are, and I’m a little in awe of his spacial awareness, since he’s so tall. It can be hard to estimate and do your moves when you’re surrounded by other people, especially with gangly legs or long arms. Mingyu’s biggest problem is only that it doesn’t look easy for him. Not that it looks hard, exactly, but it doesn’t look effortless either. He has very good focus, though, and I enjoy watching how much strength goes into his movements.

7. Jun

Again, no fancam of the member specific, but I just love this performance… TT-TT To be honest, Jun’s really a lot higher on the list, since a lot of people really rank about the same, including Jun and Mingyu. For Jun, While his dancing is spectacular, it’s not the best thing about his performance at all. Jun’s biggest thing is his flawless control of the stage. Because of his acting background, I think Jun is really good at managing expressions and knowing exactly where to look and what matters when you’re doing a performance. His execution is nearly perfect, and he hits all of his marks really well. The problem in his performance is pretty much only that he hold a lot of tension in his shoulders and neck, so it makes it seem like he doesn’t have control of his entire body. If you watch him and Hoshi do the same movement, it’s pretty obvious because Hoshi’s head will move naturally, when a lot of the time Jun’s head will stay locked in one place while his body moves. Kind of… Like a chicken? That’s a funny image.

8. Jeonghan

I know it’s a part switch, so it’s kind of cheating, but this perfectly demonstrates what I want to say about Jeonghan’s dancing. I was a little on the fence about wether to put Jeonghan or Wonwoo first, since they rank about the same, but I decided on Jeonghan. As for Jeonghan, he’s by no means a bad dancer. In fact, he nails a lot of his moves and he makes it seem easy. His expressions are good and charismatic. The only problem is, he’s by no means a great dancer. There’s not a lot that stands out about his dance performances. And that’s not bad at all. After all, he’s a vocal, not a dancer. While he’s a good dancer, he’s not awful but he’s not spectacular either. Watching him is fun, though, and makes for a good show. In general, he’s relaxed and fun, and is a solid good dancer.

9. Wonwoo

I kind of spoiled this one already. But Wonwoo is next up. Personally, I like watching Wonwoo dance. Like Jeonghan, he’s a solidly good dancer. But his moves are occasionally messy, as he doesn’t put a lot of power behind them and he doesn’t usually stick all of his movements as well as he could. but again, he’s by no means a bad dancer. In fact, I find him really surprisingly agile, with those long freaking legs of his. A lot of his moves can seem awkward and stiff, but he’s very flexible in his range of motion.

10. The8 

It’s a bit surprising that I’m putting a member of Performance unit down this low, especially one of the few who has actual experience in competitive dancing. But to be honest… That’s pretty much my main argument with the way he dances, the fact that this bubblegum pop feel that Seventeen has just isn’t what he’s used to. In fact, I find his breakdancing and his Hip-Hop to be amazing and super talented and great to watch. But this whole lovestruck boy thing isn’t his jam. And that’s fine. In fact, it’s good that he can manage so well in a dance that isn’t his style. Still, I love to watch some break dancing The8.

11. Seungkwan

My biggest fault found in Seungkwan’s dancing isn’t exactly a fault either. In fact, Seungkwan’s dancing matches his personality perfectly. The fact is, Seungkwan and the last two members are the ones I find who have little natural dancing ability. That doesn’t mean they can’t dance. They work very hard and it shows. In fact, one of my biggest surprises coming in to Seventeen was the fact that they can all dance. It’s something you just don’t see. But these last three are the three that have to work at it. And you can tell. Seungkwan’s dancing clearly doesn’t come easily or naturally to him, but it’s adorable, slightly off kilter, and very focused like he’s trying to remember really hard and not mess up. Hardworking, cute, and endearing, just like his personality. Plus, with the added bit of his variety-sense, the dance matches the over-the-top style.

12. Vernon

No, this isn’t some drawn-out “White boys can’t dance” joke in the making. I think Vernon’s like Seungkwan, in that dancing doesn’t come naturally, but he still tries hard. Vernon’s biggest problem, I think… He’s too swag for his own good. Every hand movement just drips with swag, and every facial expression with derp. It’s not a bad thing, though. It fits his personality great, and he’s a rapper so it’s not going to waste. He’s very casual on stage and natural and that’s great, but he just doesn’t have the raw natural talent for dancing. The fact that he works so hard is amazing, even when he gets a bit lost.

13. DK

Okay, the fact that DK is last on the list proves that there truly is no dance hole in Seventeen. I mean, he’s pretty great at dancing himself. His expressions are great when he’s out front, and it helps that he’s practically swimming in good looks and great smiles. The only problem I have with DK’s dancing is you can tell it’s hard for him. You can tell how nervous and scared of messing up he is. Whenever he’s not in front, he’s controlling his breathing and looking to the ground. But, again, being nervous doesn’t make him bad at dancing. Actually, his dancing is almost perfect. His expressions are flawless when it really matters the most, and he sticks his moves often. Plus, his vocals are really truly great.