i just love hoshi so much

What I especially love about Seventeen is that they never make fun of others’ looks. In the era when it’s trend for idols to mock own members for skin tone, size of eyes or appearance in general putting them in uncomfortable situation for sake of being funny, Seventeen not only avoids doing so but supports and praises all of it. 

When Soonyoung wondered if he sees world differently with small eyes, members around him didn’t find it amusing. When Seokmin tried to be funny saying the fact he ran into door is why he looks this way today, Seungkwan yelled at him that he’s handsome. Not to mention the fact no one makes fun of Mingyu’s skin tone but instead they compliment it. When chinese members feel shy to speak in korean, they encourage them. The list could go on in infinity, but you got the point.

Seventeen members have mere respect for each other. They never fail to give credits to any single one of them. This is one of billon reasons why I love these kids.

interstellar, a zodiac series: 12/13
kwon soonyoung

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First Reaction vs Now - Seventeen Edition

First 3 videos I watched: Very Nice Dance Practice, Mansae Dance Practice and Adore U Dance Practice

then: manly body A+

then: who is this pretty girl
now: who is this pretty boy

then: okay I swear I see a white man
now: what a Good Meme™

then: *searches height on google*
now: it’s a lovely day to appreciate Lee Jihoon for all that he does

then: i just remember when everyone fanned him at the end of very nice.
now: a smile that brightens the darkest of days

then: first boy to catch my attention!!!
now: nobody will ever love Mingyu as much as Mingyu loves Mingyu

now: a sophisticated cat

then: his gaze actually intimidates me
now: a sweet peach who’s grown up so fast

then: for some reason i didn’t like hoshi!!! frick @ me!! i suck. 
now: amazing choreo and sex appeal

then: a cute boy next door
now: Diva /red alert/ make way/ no time for peasants 

now: an angel

then: really caught my attention in the VN practice video. woah woah woha. he was SO good
now: awkward (and adorable) beansprout

The 8
then: awe oh my goodness he is so precious
now: look out it’s thughao 

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How Seventeen Would Kiss You

this is my first time writing something like this so let me know how you like it! i wrote this with a lot of help from @jisoodrinkssopretty so go follow her. she wrote the entire wonwoo part and bits and pieces of dk, mingyu, minghaos as well.

- destinee


Well Seungcheol’s forearms are no joke so I imagine him like wrapping them around your waist like so tightly? Until you guys are like completely flush against each other and can feel every part of the other person’s body bc that’s just how our coups likes it. He’s probably a really slow kisser in the sense that he likes taking his time coaxing your lips to move. Idk if that makes sense but that’s how I imagine seungcheol would like to kiss you. Favorite toe of kisses are open-mouthed kisses ngl.

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Okay so i know Jeonghan is sometimes a brat but he’s also rlly chill and lazy so he’s going to be giving out lazy kisses and he’s kinda lax doing it. like he’ll literally wrap an arm around your shoulder give you like a quick kiss to the forehead because he can’t rlly be bothered to reach your lips. BUT WHEN HE DOES it’s so nice and like slow bc he’s in no hurry lol and he’ll like run his fingers up and down your spine because why the heck not. He’s very touchy during kisses.

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Joshua’s probably that person who tilts your chin up gently with his knuckles so he can look into your eyes as he leans in and then he lets your noses brush really softly before he presses his lips against yours and his eyelashes are long so they’ll tickle your cheeks and it’s a wonderful experience I bet. Every kiss with him gives you butterflies. I also feel like he’s a biter but we won’t get into that. but, like, hickies and stuff okay bye.

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JUN. I personally think jun wouldn’t cup your cheeks but your jawbone. Like you know,,, his thumb is behind your ear and his fingers are in your hair? yeah that sounds nice. then he’d bring you in and kiss your forehead then your nose then he’d probably pull away and pretend he didn’t want to kiss you on the lips but when you pout he gets all teasing like “well if I’m that irresistible to you~” His favorite place to kiss you is your shoulder; he loves kissing your skin so much.

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Hoshi is probably gonna try and make it playful tbh. like you think he’s gonna be all romantic but sometimes he just wants to pepper kisses all over your face and skin (comPLETELY AVOIDING YOUR LIPS) until you get frustrated bc who doesn’t want soonyoung’s lips amirite? So then he’ll just giggle in your face and run off and you’ll chase him like “soONYOUNG!!!” Then he likes to grab you and tickle you until he’s hovering over you and I think you know where I’m going with this…

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I feel like Wonwoo would just randomly give you back hugs and kiss your cheek and maybe if you turn around in his hold he’d give you a proper kiss but I think he’s more of a cheek kisser than anything. Even though he’s not really into kisses that much every now and then like maybe if he had a bad day or just missed you he’d grab your hand and lead you to the couch and he’d sit first, then pat his leg or something so you’d sit on him and he’d just kiss you slowly and make sure you knew how much he cared about you. Throughout that kiss he’d probably lift your shirt up a little bit and rub circles in your skin with his thumbs.

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Woozi definitely wants to dominate bc of obvious reasons, like he wants to be in charge. So his kisses are probably more aggressive but like who’s complaining lol. He’ll grab your waist but not like scoups does, oh no. He likes to grip the sides of your hips and pull you into him. Then he probably tries to smirk or smth and you think it’s sorta cute but shh don’t tell him bc he’s trying to be seductive. then like his hands end up in your hair bc he likes how soft it is. He likes to untangle your hair while the two do you are kissing bc it distracts him from how fast his heart is beating.

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When I think of Seokmin I always think of smiles and happiness bc wow this boy is full of laughter. Honestly he’s probably a super sweet kisser, and it’s kind of like the two of you are married because he’s always giving you chaste kisses here and there that never lead to anything more?? ever?? BUT sometimes he just really needs to feel your lips against his and that’s when he just kind of doesn’t pull away after a peck. Instead, he’ll slow the pecks down and prolong them, until he’s successfully turned a chaste kiss into a makeout session. Heaven knows he’s going to smile while kissing you, then he likes to lean against your forehead as he giggles quietly bc this boy is just so giddy to be kissing you.

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Okay so I can see Mingyu being super sweet as well but he’s also a bit awkward so he would probably start out smooth and then mess it up (at least in his head it’s messed up but you don’t care bc it’s cute and sentimental). Okay so he’ll probably like brush your cheekbones gently with his knuckles or something, just to kind of get you flustered at his little gestures. But then he kinda ruins the smoothness by completely misaligning himself and bumping his nose into yours. Anyway once the kissing actually starts it’s amazing. He’s probably a person who gets into it too quickly and ends up scraping his teeth against yours but it’s cool he slows down eventually.

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Minghao probably loves to kiss your neck. Honestly his favorite thing would be to give you a back hug and just continuously peck the nape of your neck. If it’s not your neck, it’s your collarbones. Minghao just loves to feel your skin against his mouth and yeah but when he does kiss your lips be prepared. He pulls moves out of nowhere like where was he hiding all them? no one knows he only uses them on you and you definitely aren’t opposed. He likes to squeeze your waist because it makes you part your lips and that’s when he can show you just what he can do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I imagine that Seungkwan would be all about the fluffy/cutesy aspects of a relationship. His gestures would be really heartfelt, and he would pay you a lot of attention to show you just how much you mean to him. He would want to hold your hands and then pull you in and give you a lil peck then like smile to himself before leaning in and giving you a velvety kiss. He is also a huge advocate of hand kisses. Wants to kiss your hands 24/7. Your palm, your fingers, your wrists, Seungkwan finds your hands very pretty and kissable.

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Vernon is the whole reason I made this post like I promise I’m a Jun girl but sometimes Vernon makes my heart just go zoooommm. Anyways,,, I bet Vernon is one of those people that cups his s/o’s face when he kisses them just saying. It’s true tho, like he’s got the hands for it and his biceps would flex naturally as he pulled you closer. It’s probably sort of sloppy and innocent because he’s not used to it, so you’d like hold onto his wrists and gently maneuver him to get a better angle?? if that makes sense like you’d have to help him bc he’s still too shy to move the kiss into deeper territory.

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It’s hard for me to see Chan in a romantic light bc I see him as a bff and not a bf but that’s about to change!!! I think he would be the sweetest kisser. Probably cups the back of your neck and is already cheesin before his lips touch yours because he’s just so happy to be kissing you. His style is probably a mix of vernon’s and jeonghan’s tbh. He’d be a bit shy but also pretty slow because he likes to take his time. He wants every kiss to be perfect because he’s just a tad bit insecure that you might think he’s a bad kisser. Spoiler alert: you don’t think he’s a bad kisser at all. Bonus: He’s a huge supporter of giggly eskimo kisses.

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seventeen ✗ the office quotes

✎ so i just randomly thought of this and bc it’s my favourite show i though eh why not.

seungcheol: “i feel like all my kids grew up, and then they married each other. it’s every parents dream.”

jeonghan: “occasionally i’ll hit somebody with my car. so sue me.”

joshua: “i signed up for second life [ a computer game ] about a year ago. back then my life was so great that i literally wanted a second one. absolutely everything was the same… except i could fly.”

jun: “wikipedia is the best thing ever. anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. so you know you are getting the best information possible.”

hoshi: “sometimes i start a sentence and i don’t even know where it’s going. i just hope i find it along the way.”

wonwoo: “i love catching people in the act. that’s why i always whip open doors.”

woozi: “i don’t hate it. i just don’t like it at all, and it’s terrible.”

seokmin: “would i rather be feared or loved? easy. both. i want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

mingyu: “when i discovered youtube, i didn’t work for five days.”

minghao: “people say, oh it’s dangerous to keep weapons in the home, or the work place. well i say, it’s better to be hurt by someone you know, accidentally, than by a stranger on purpose.”

vernon: “society teaches us that having feelings and crying is bad and wrong. well, that’s baloney, there’s such a thing as good grief. just ask charlie brown.”

seungkwan:  “it’s a real shame because studies have shown more information gets passed through water cooler gossip than through official memos. which puts me at a disadvantage because i bring my own bottle to work.”

chan: “nothing stresses me out. except having to seek the approval of my inferiors.”

girlritchey  asked:

This is my first time actually requesting something anD ITS TOTALLY OK IF YOU SAY NO I JUST REALLY ENJOY YOUR WRITING LIKE I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CHARACTERIZE EVERYONE SO WELL like I've read other one shots and fics before but yours are literally amazing bUT aNywHOrE IgNoRE tHAt what I was hoping to request was a friends to lovers Soonyoung ❤️❤️ I just love your friends to lovers and I love my little 10:10 bean so much and I just think it would be adorable! Love you mom!!

aww thank you for the many compliments !!!! i love you too~~
find woozi (here), wonwoo (here), s.coups (here), dk (here), jun (here), joshua (here) & the8 (here) ~!

  • you and hoshi took physics together and ended up partners for the big final project
  • which was hilarious because you two had never talked. like ever. the whole sem had gone by and when you sat down together you both had to be like “umm what’s your name again???”
  • but hoshi is sociable and doesn’t make it weird ,,,, actually he’s super funny too,,,,,,
  • and when you’re over at his house to plan the project he references a spongebob meme and you’re like oh my god,,,,you know that meme an hoshi is like,,,,,,,,i konw ALL the memes
  • he really does. he shows you his camera roll and you’re like oh my god
  • also you’re look who’s that pointing to a picture of a boy sleeping with toothpaste drawn all over his face and hoshi is like hehehehe that’s seokmin he’s dumb. he’s my best friend
  • but soon enough,,,,you and hoshi are friends
  • even when the project ends and you guys get a good grade and you think physics class is coming to an end so you guys won’t take again
  • WELL THINK AGAIN hoshi sees you on campus and is like HEYYYYY MEME BUDDY
  • and you’re like ohkbvda but it’s nice to have a friend so happy all the time
  • until one day when you find hoshi ,,,,and there’s isn’t a hint of a smile on his face
  • and he’s sitting in the cafeteria,,,,fiddling with his fingers and ignoring whatever lunch he’d gotten
  • and it feels so weird,,,,to see him looking so,,,,,,down
  • and so you sit beside him and you’re like whats up and hoshi shrugs and is like nothing really and you’re like,,,,,,hoshi,,,,,,you eat lunch in like 15 seconds and talk with your mouth full and right now you’re literally ignoring the food,,,,,something must be wrong
  • and hoshi lets out a sad chuckle but he’s like “it’s nothing, it’s just,,,,,,,”
  • he kind of shifts in his seat and is like “,,,,,,,is the only good thing about me,,,,,,that im funny?”
  • and you’re kind of speechless because,,,,,you’ve never thought of hoshi as someone ,,,,insecure of himself
  • but here he is,,, eyes cast downward,,,,,voice so??? small
  • and when minghao and jun walk by saying hello to him he switches on this fake smile that’s gone when his friends are
  • and you’re like “hoshi,,,,you know you’re more than that. so much more.” and he quietly mumbles “like what?”
  • and you frown and you’re like “WELL number one you’re smart,,,we passed that project together!! you’re a great friend,,,,,you’re creative,,,,,,and - and you’re really handsome!!!! like you know this right-”
  • and hoshi almost falls from his seat when you say handsome because he looks up and is like,,,,,,,are you complimenting me??? and you go a little pink in the cheeks but you’re like u-um!!! yes!!!! i mean!!!!! ive always thought you were handsome!!!! lots of people do-
  • and hoshi ,,,you can see he’s now biting back a smile and you’re like HOSHI I MEant IT-
  • and hoshi shrugs his shoulders and is like “oh you meant it in a friendly way?” and the answer ‘yes’ is on your tongue but the reality is,,,,,,,,that’s not true
  • you didn’t just mean it in a friendly complimentary way,,,,you meant it because,,,,,,,,you’ve seen hoshi
  • his sharp features, lean figure, beautiful eyes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and you’ve always wondered,,,,his lips look so soft,,,,
  • so you stutter,,,you hesitate but you tell the truth
  • “no,,,,i mean it because i like you.” 
  • this,,,,literally makes hoshi’s mouth fall open but the smile is now on full display and he’s chuckling and you’re like hoshi im not jokin-
  • and he leans over the table to press his lips to yours quickly and you’re like !
  • and he sits back and is like “you’re the first person to call me handsome you know,,,,”
  • and you can’t believe it but you’re like o,,,oh
  • and hoshi is like “from now on, i want to hear it more. from you. only you?” and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,what does that mean,,,,,,
  • and hoshi is like “i know im not good at much,,,,but as i think id do a decent job as your boyfriend??” 
Their crush gives them a dorky/cute nickname (Seventeen)

S.Coups: -Scoops. He wouldn’t be able to function when he heard your voice say it. You were just so cute to him- “this is just so cute”

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Jeonghan: -Handsome. He loved it because he was normally called pretty so when his actual crush referred to him as handsome it warmed his heart- *gif*

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Joshua: -Joshy. He wasn’t used to but when you cooed it to him he was very much getting into it- “Joshy? I think I can like that from you”

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Jun: -Sparkles. It was random and neither of you really knew why you called him it but he was happy about it- “what the heck does that even mean?”

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Hoshi: -Star. He always made you smile as you would call him Star he would shake his head and correct you-”you’re saying it wrong again. I am your star”

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Wonwoo: -WooWoo. You mainly said it when you wanted something from him and once you used it he was putty in your hands- “what do you want Y/N?”

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Woozi: -Composer.  You called him many things but always when he was working on songs he was your Composer, it would make him blush and everything. He would pose for you then get back to work- “is this good? I have to work more though”

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DK: -Sunshine. He would even respond to it because you have called him it for so long- “did you need something?”

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Mingyu: -Mingy. The boys would start teasing him about it because you would follow you around. He wouldn’t let them get away from it- “are you Y/N? No then you can’t call me that”

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The8: -Fate. He would smile when you unlocked your phone and ‘Fate’ would come up and he would tease about it- “so does this mean I will be your fate in the end?”

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Seungkwan: -Kwannie. You would do it when you were super tired, so he would take care of you and he knew it would always work on him- “you’re the only person I want to have be cute. Do you want me to hold you?”

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Vernon: -Mac. It was a throw back to the line that made no sense to you from Ah Yeah at one point. He didn’t care too much, it was cute to hear from you- “are you going to call me that forever?”

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Dino: -Love. It had no real meaning it just seemed to flow out of your mouth at the end of a comment to him and the boys always questioned it- “I mean it sounds like it means more but sadly we’re still only friends”

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Seventeen reaction: Climbing on their lap and snuggling them

Request:  Seventeen reaction to their crush climbing on their lap and snuggling into them when they’re tired with Jun, Woozi, Jisoo, Mingyu and Hoshi?

A/N: Omg I love this request so much :D Thank you for the request anon, enjoy! xx


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I feel like he’d turn into such a squishy little Joshua and just curl up with you. While you buried your face into the crook of his neck he’d gently stroke your hair with his fingertips and maybe sing gently, every now and again taking time to kiss the top of your head or appreciate how adorable you looked exactly where you should be: next to him.


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He’d think you were just the cutest thing in the whole world, with your eyelashes fluttering together and the way your nose would scrunch just a little as you got comfy in his arms. He’d wrap his arms around you and make sure you were comfortable before resting his head on top of yours and allowing you to drift into a sound sleep.


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He’d make sure you were comfortable by grabbing a blanket and popping your head on his lap and putting the blanket over you. That way he would run his fingers through your hair in a way that sent shivers down your spine as he felt you fall asleep but it also meant he could watch tv or go on his phone without disturbing you.


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At first I think he’d find it so endearing and sweet as sleepy, groggy you latched onto him and snuggled into him. He’d be more than happy to cuddle with you until he realised if he needed to move, sneeze, use the bathroom, breathe that he would risk waking you up which is the last thing he wanted to do so he’d stay still as a statue (bless him).


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I feel like he’d find it pretty funny how you’d suddenly become all sweet and clingy but he’d relish the fact you wanted to be with him. Before you could fully fall asleep, he’d pick you up and take you to bed, making sure to tuck you in and ending up spooning you, caressing your snuggled arms and keeping you safe and warm as you drifted off to sleep.



Happy birthday Soonyoung! You’re not going to see this, but I just wanted to say was that, thank you for being born and for being the way that you are. You’re personalty, your dorkiness, and your handsomeness was the reason why I fell in love you! Really, thank you so much! I hope you spend the most happiest day with your members. Again, happy birthday Soonyoung! I love you so freaking much!  ♡

picking a bias in seventeen

so i was like “guys, i finally did it. i mean, i love you all, but i picked a bias,” and they all just gathered around and was looking at me like “ok bitch so who is it?”:

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“well, damn. okay then.  it’s hoshi.“ i look over and see him all happy and shit but the others look pissed tbh:

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i try to explain that i needed a bias because 13 was just too much even though i still had love for all of them, but they weren’t having it at all.:

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so jun was like “okay girl, you got it. i mean you was saying that i did the best body rolls, but it’s cool. i wish y’all the best.”:

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then the8 was like “oh, true? damn, that’s wild. i remember you saying something different, but imma let you rock.”:

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dino don’t even say nothing.  he just look at me like, ‘i’m not finna put you out on front street but you know what you said.’:

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mingyu just like “i mean i guess if you like short guys. you told me tall was your type, but you do you.”

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s. coups look kinda confused, but he’s clearly still upset. “so it was all a lie, then?” i try to comfort him and he just like “nah, nah. ion fuck with liars.”

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wonwoo just looking at me like he hope my first born dies and i get the clap or something.:

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vernon looks disappointed but deep down he saw this coming because he knew i don’t fw guys that young.  he low key feel bad that dino ain’t know.:

Originally posted by badgxoxc

woozi checked out of the conversation as soon as he heard mingyu say something about tall guys.  and joshua just judging me mad hard bc he remembered me sliding in his dms not too long ago.

Originally posted by badgxoxc

seungkwan is offended af but he try to laugh it off and crack jokes.  “ByE gUrL! are you kidding?!”:

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dk look like he trying not to cry and it makes me feel some type of way because i never meant to hurt him.:

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i finally look at jeonghan and this mf is tying up his hair.  he’s heard enough of the lies and he’s ready to fight.  if he wasn’t already mad because of me, now he’s mad bc he got a stingy ass pony tail since they cut his hair.:

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so before i can even react, he the first one to start throwing punches.  then the others join in and these mfs jump me.:

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i call out to hoshi for help, but he’s mad bc he ain’t know i was spitting game to the other members.  so he just sitting there like:

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so, seventeen beat my ass and then wrote a song about it.  you may have heard the tune.  the original title was “cheatin’ ass hoe”, but pledis wouldn’t let them release it without a different name, so now it’s called “don’t wanna cry”.  to this day, my bias list and my wig are still fucked up.

vernon using you ↴
  • prepare for some angst guys
  • vernon was given a task by jihoon and pledis
  • to compose a song that’d be on svt’s new album
  • but vernon had no inspiration
  • he had no idea where to start
  • and jihoon was too busy writing his own songs to help him
  • “what wrong man?” 
  • mingyu looked concered
  • vernon sighed before answering
  • “I don’t even know where to start on this song”
  • mingyu sat up before asking
  • “what’s the concept you’re going for?”
  • “romance? first love? I don’t know”
  • vernon rubbed his face in stress
  • “have you even experienced those things?”
  • mingyu let out a chuckle but it didn’t ease vernon
  • “no” vernon was salty
  • how could he expect to write a love song
  • without experiencing love first hand?
  • “maybe you should try” mingyu suggested
  • “who? I have less than a week”
  • vernon’s mind was racing, desperate for ideas
  • “what about y/n?” 
  • “no, no way!” vernon shook his head
  • “come on dude, you guys have been friends for so long”
  • vernon stood silent before responding
  • “I don’t see her that way, she’s like a sister to me”
  • vernon and you had been friends for six years
  • “just try, there’s no way a male and a female can be friends that long without catching feelings”
  • mingyu was really pushing the idea
  • which only made vernon consider it even more
  • “where do I start?”
  • mingyu explained the steps to being romantic
  • he gave him tips on asking you out to lunch dates and movies
  • so vernon took his advice into action
  • he asked you out to lunch at a famous deli in seoul
  • you showed up in your best attire
  • you knew vernon was too busy for you
  • but that didn’t stop you from catching feelings for him
  • you’ve seen him in his worst moments
  • and of course a girl with a crush would dress up to impress
  • “you look amazing y/n”
  • vernon stood when he saw you
  • “thank you, not too bad yourself”
  • vernon helps you sit and pushes you in
  • you’re confused at first because he’s never done this before
  • you both were always comfortable around each other
  • and he seemed a little tense
  • “what’s wrong? are you okay?”
  • “yeah! why? I can’t treat my best friend nicely?” 
  • vernon laughed and you blushed
  • his smile lit up the whole world
  • and it sent electricity through your body
  • you and vernon ate lunch together
  • and afterwards you both went to see a movie
  • vernon paid for the popcorn and drinks ofc
  • “here” he handed you the popcorn
  • but it slipped out of your hands
  • both you and vernon bend down to collect the wasted popcorn
  • but your heads bump
  • you and vernon make eye contact 
  • and you laugh while you rub your head
  • vernon’s expression was surprising
  • he examined your smile and your eyes that lit up
  • you were beautiful
  • and for the first time, he saw you more than just a friend
  • “vernon? you okay? hit your head too hard?” 
  • you touch his forehead 
  • and he flinched underneath your warm touch 
  • you look at him confused
  • but vernon was feeling a thousand feelings all at once
  • “im sorry”
  • he clears his throat and continues to pick up the popcorn
  • vernon arrived back at the dorm
  • and mingyu perked his head up, eager for details
  • “how was it?”
  • vernon drops the keys on the table
  • “I think I like her” 
  • he couldn’t believe it himself
  • “I think I didn’t understand my own feelings”
  • vernon was in love with you
  • but he didn’t know it
  • “dude this is great! this could be a good song!”
  • days passed and vernon was spending so much time with you
  • more than usual
  • but you weren’t complaining
  • you loved when he gave you attention
  • and you couldn’t help but think he has feelings for you too
  • it was friday and vernon called you up for a day at the beach 
  • you happily agreed 
  • vernon picked you up and you both drove off
  • “the guys are meeting us there later, is that okay?”
  • “yeah that’s fine!”
  • you both arrive and vernon sets up with towels
  • you removed your shoes and headed towards the beach
  • but vernon’s hand stopped you
  • “y/n I need to tell you something”
  • your stomach dropped
  • your immediate thought was negative
  • “yes?”
  • vernon guides you to sit down on the towels he set up
  • vernon’s hair blows slightly in the wind
  • and his stare was towards the sea
  • you admired him even more
  • he cleared his throat before speaking
  • “I like you, a lot”
  • he finally turns his head and looks at you
  • you almost choke on air
  • taken aback by his blunt confession
  • but you were washed in relief 
  • “I like you too” 
  • vernon’s eyes didn’t leave yours
  • and it was only seconds before he closed the space between you
  • with a kiss
  • it was like everything you had imagined
  • everything you hoped for
  • he pulls away and rests his forehead on yours
  • you both smile at each other
  • “now lets go play”
  • he gets up and removes his shirt
  • he begins to run towards the water
  • you gave him a head start while you removed your cover up
  • but you hear vernon’s phone ding
  • “hansol! you got a text!” 
  • “check it for me!”
  • you followed his order and picked up his phone from his backpack
  • you read the message from the lockscreen
  • jihoon: so did it work with y/n? were you able to catch feelings for the song?
  • your mouth dropped
  • your hand dropped the phone
  • your heart dropped
  • everything dropped
  • tears threaten to spill from your eyes
  • everything vernon’s been doing…
  • was for a song?
  • you didn’t even want to face him
  • you grabbed your bag and slipped on your sandals
  • and you ran off the beach
  • “y/n! where are you going?!”
  • vernon runs but you’re already off the beach
  • he stops at the towels and reaches for his phone
  • he read the message and sighed heavily
  • “oh god” 
  • he threw his phone and rubbed his face
  • days passed 
  • and you kept ignoring vernon’s calls and texts
  • until vernon had enough of it
  • he went up to your place and knocked on your door
  • he wanted to get the misunderstanding clear
  • you open the door and it reveals vernon
  • but anger rises up in you as soon as you see him
  • you attempted to close the door but he stopped you
  • “let me explain myself”
  • “why? so you can use me again?”
  • he sighed before looking straight into your eyes
  • “please”
  • “three minutes”
  • you remove your hand from the door and let him in
  • “I was tasked to write a song, and I was stuck. It was supposed to be about a first love, but at the time, I had no idea it was you, until that day at the movies, when I saw the way your eyes lit up, I knew I had more than just friendly feelings towards you. And I know your feelings are way too precious and I shouldn’t have played with them, but now my feelings are real. And it took me a while to figure it out because I was so confused! But now I realize -”
  • vernon took a closer step to you and spoke softly
  • “I realized that I love you”
  • you were heartbroken his intentions weren’t real at first
  • but you knew he was being honest 
  • you could tell
  • and vernon was never good with feelings
  • he was just confused
  • and he didn’t understand
  • and you couldn’t lie to him
  • you felt the exact same way no matter how bad he hurt you
  • “I love you too”
  • you barely heard your own voice
  • but vernon sure did
  • he quickly pulled you into a hug 
  • quickly kissing you after
  • “I don’t deserve you after what i did”
  • he rubs a tear off your cheek
  • but you just smile at him
  • “of course you deserve me”
  • you sniffed and vernon smiled warmly at your cuteness
  • “I love you so much” he hugged you tight
  • “I love you too”

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THAT WAS SO FUN TO WRITE! I hope you guys enjoyed it! x.

Can I just rant about something real quick

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I literally like

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Love the ethereal being that is 

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Kwon Soonyoung

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Seventeen’s performance team leader and choreographer

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actual dork

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naega hosh

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sexy mofo recently though like chill please

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holy fuck

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whO ALoWed THisS

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-Admin Yeonie

Seventeen: Reaction to you showing them your lingerie

Aww yes the beautiful life of a writer can i call myself writer????? Is that okay?? Am i allowed to do that???
You see i actually would have added some GIFs but i write everything on my phone and it does not work????

Man who cares anyways.
Thank you and enjoy!



S.coups would just stare for like solid 5 minutes. And then either blush really badly or take you then and there. It depends highly on what sort of lingerie you’re wearing. If it’s something sexy he would be all daddy but if it’s something cute he’d be a blushy mess.

Jeonghan would love it sooooo much. I mentioned before that everything that is somehow really beautiful to him can make him rock hard in a second.

Wonwoo would get all sensual and really touchy. Slowly tracing his fingers along your skin and looking at your eyes while doing so.

Mingyu would straight up moan really loud. This boy gets turned on by everything you do and when you wear things like it provokes him even more. Get ready for a really wild night *wiNK WONK BABY*

I don’t know about you but in my opinion Seungkwan would get happy about it. Like this innocent happy???? He’d be soooo happy that you would do these things for him. I’d make him feel appreciated.

Vernon would have a similar reaction like Seungkwan. He also would get happy and everything but he’d also take this chance to show you how manly he is.

Hoshi the little sunshine would blush sooooooo bad. His body would be ready but his mind would be blank. He wouldn’t be able to have a straight thought hELP THIS BOY.

Dk would react just like Hoshi but would giggle alot. Giggling, scratching his head and fidgeting alot.

Don’t get me started on Jun. This man would take you then and there and i’m not kidding. I even think that lingerie is one of his many kinks tbh. This man is no joke.

I swear i love Woozi so much. This lil bean would stutter and blush so much you would have to get him a glass of water. It’s weird because i think he’d be into light BDSM and seeing hin react like would be quite interesting.

Minghao would react just like Mingyu. Moaning loudly and stroking himself through his pants. Would pull you close to kiss you but rather rough just like the night you’re about to enjoy.

Last but not least comes our Joshua. He is in my opinion one of the most sinful ones when it comes to sex in seventeen. So seeing you in lingerie preferably in black or red would make him proud to call you his.