i just love his smiley laugh face

Bts reaction s/o kissing them to get their attention

A/N- Aww this is such a cute request. I would absolutely love to do this reaction for you anon 😀Hope you like it. Happy Reading!



Jin would be embarrassed and awkward about for sure. He doesn’t seem like the type to show affection in front of everyone so when you did exactly that he would feel a bit awkward.

You had been trying to get his attention all night long.Nothing worked. But as you watched him laugh and have fun with the boys you couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. So you walked over to the couch where he was sitting. You lifted up his chin and turned his face towards yourself and gave him a little peck. That got his attention pretty good. “J-jagi..” He mumbled with a stunned expression on his face. You shrugged in response. You could see his ears getting red which meant he was embarrassed. He thought it was really adorable what you did, but that didn’t stop him from feeling awkward.


Yoongi wouldnt care a whole lot if just kissed him to get his attention. I think he would be smug about it because he would be reassured that you really did care if he paid attention to you or not. 

Yoongi had been ignoring you all day for some reason. You finally had enough and asked him why he was ignoring you. You grabbed him by his wrist pulled him towards yourself and gave him a kiss. You tried to pour all your frustration in that kiss and he felt it. He smiled against your lips. “Stop being a jerk” you told him. He chuckled and looked in your eyes. “I am not ignoring you y/n, I am just stressed” At those words you kissed him again. “Better?” You smiled up at him. “If I get kisses like this every time I get stressed and not pay attention to you, then I shall do this everyday” he would smile his specially gummy smile at you.


I think he would be taken aback initially because it would be so sudden but he wouldnt be too embarrassed about it like Jin. I can see him erupting into giggles at your behaviour because he would find it very adorable. 

Namjoon had been busy the whole day. He was getting phone calls from here , there and everywhere. As a result the plan to spend the day with with you had been sabotaged. You stood on your tippy toes in front of him and pouted. You pointed to your lips and he immediately understood. He chuckled and bent down to give you what you wanted. “Any specific reason for trying to kill me with your cuteness today y/n?” he smiled warmly. You shook your head and walked away happy that your boyfriend paid a lil bit of attention to you.


Hoseok would be really happy if you did it spontaneously I think. He would be into cute displays of affection like this so he would love it that you tried to get his attention with a kiss, and he would oblige right away. 

He was busy texting his sister, which was okay with you, but you wanted him to pay attention to you too. You moved closer to him and looped your arm around his neck. “Hopie” you whispered and kissed his neck. He chuckled lightly, however he was still texting. You sighed. You took the phone from his hand and put it on your side of the bed. You cupped his face and kissed him. “ Did my jagi want my attention?” He asked in a cute voice. You nodded. “You are way too adorable for me to ignore you” he would lightly tap your nose, and give you a bear squeezy hug, and leave kisses all over your face making you giggle.


He would be surprised when you kissed him out of nowhere, and he would laugh. But he would just die internally at how cute you were being and get all shy and blushy (cue fluffy chimchim)

You were very hyper for some reason and Jimin had his hands full with you. He went to take a breather, but again you followed him out. “Chimchim..” you tapped his shoulder. When he turned to look at you, you hid behind him and tapped his other shoulder. When he turned around you placed a kiss on his lips. “Jagi!! Stop it. Why are you doing this to me?” he would whine and hide his face in his hands making you laugh. “Because I love you” you would kiss the hands that were placed on his face and run away. He would sigh and just give up with you but he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling.


I think he would be a lot like Hoseok. He would be just be all giddy, giggly, and smiley. He wouldn’t get enough of your kiss so he would ask for more and then you would have trouble on your hands. 

He was busy playing overwatch (haha no surprise). He wasn’t paying attention to you and also broke his promise of cuddling. You went up to him and hugged him from behind and tightened your arms around his torso. You kissed his shoulder, and made your way upto his neck. “Y/n that tickles” he warned you and laughed. You changed your mind and sat on his lap. You kissed his cheek lightly and his cheeks tinted a shade of pink. “My lips are pretty too. They deserve a kiss as well” and he would pout. When you kissed him softly he would kiss your nose softly in return. “For distracting me your punishment is… A tickle attack!!” and then he would proceed to tickle you filling the house with sounds of laughter.


Kookie would get shy as soon as you kissed him. He would smile and he wouldn’t be able to contain the butterflies that were erupting in his stomach because of it. He would just giggle and blush because it was the most adorable thing ever.

He was completely immersed in the movie that you guys were watching. He didn’t respond when you asked him what he wanted for dinner. You snaked your arms around his neck from the back of the couch and started leaving kisses on his jaw. That didn’t do anything, so as a last resort you popped your head in front of him which scared him a little. While laughing you pecked his lips. “Are we back to reality yet?” You asked while smiling. His face flushed red, and he looked down trying to avoid eye contact with you. He nodded his head. “So what do you want for dinner?” You asked as you finally had his attention. “Anything” he replied, but he didn’t care what you gave him because his heart was reeling with happiness.

Hope you liked this one. It was a really cute and adorable request. I loved writing it, so thank you for requesting anon. Send in other requests if you got some. Dont be shy 😊❤️

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I know it's almost the end of fear friday, but I'm gonna prompt anyways. Also, awesome blog!!! post-CW Tony and Peter are together, and he has joined the Guardians in space. They have become his 2nd family. But he's waiting for them to leave him eventually cause he thought the Avengers were his family and look what happened there.

Thank you so much ! :)


“Tony i need your help.” says Peter when the monster comes directly towards him.

“Kinda busy myself Starlord.” replies Tony and flies around the monster. It looks like a octopus but its green and really slushy. Tony hates it.

Monster in space are even weirder than on earth.

“Tony for real…” begins Peter but then the monster buries him under one of his…tentacles and Peter is gone. Tony screams at that and the next moment the monster gets him, too.

It takes every one of Tonys weapons to kill it and then Tony sinks to the ground.

“Petey?” he asks worried but there is now answer.

“What the fuck happened?” says Rocket who lands next to him. Tony shrugs. He can’t speak.

“I am Groot.”

“Yeah i know i saw it but i don’t believe it.” says Rocket to Groot and Tony leaves his suit. He runs around, looking for Peter.

“Guys! I got him. He is here.” says Gamora and Tony sees how Drax help her to get the tentacle away from Peter.

Peters eyes are closed and Tonys heart stops. Oh god. This is his fault!

“We need to take him to the ship.” says Gamora and Drax carries Peter. Tony feels numb. He follows them but doesn’t say anything.

“Do you feel his pulse?” asks Drax when Gamora check it and she nods. But she looks still so worried.

Nobody speaks to Tony when they go back to their ship.

Tony knows why. He fucked up. Again.


Half an hour later Tony is in his room on the milano and packs his things. He is going to leave. It was his fault and even if Peter is not dead he is only hurt because of him.

Tony wanted to face the monster and shot it down. That why he didn’t help Peter. But thats a ridiculous excuse.

There is a knock on his door and Tony looks up as Yondu comes in.

“Hey son.” he says and then sits down on Tonys bed. Yondu is kinda Peters father and he will definitely beat Tony up for that stunt.

“Hi.” mumbles Tony back. Sometimes (only when he is alone and had a bad nightmare) Tony images that Yondu is like father for him, too. Well technically he is his father-in-law.

He is not sure how old Yondu is exactly but he always treats Tony really well. That is going to change now.

“So you wanna leave?” asks Yondu and points at Tonys suitcase.

Tony nods at that and Yondu sighs.

“Why?” asks Yondu and Tony can’t help but sniff at that. He doesn’t want to cry in front of Yondu.

“Look son. I know you feel bad about what happened to Peter. And believe me when i say that he will be okay. He is sleeping but you can go see him if you want.” says Yondu and Tony looks still at his suitcase.

“I…hurt him.” whispers Tony when the first tear falls on one of his shirts.

“No you didn’t. The monster did.” says Yondu and he sounds really carefully. Its almost strange.

“Why don’t you hate me?” says Tony then and Yondu laughs.

“Because your are my family.” says Yondu and shrugs.

Tony snorts.

“We are all family here. And sometimes bad things happen in a family, but that only makes us stronger you know? I know that Peter can’t talk about his feelings very well. He gets that from me. But i know that he isn’t angry at you. And he wouldn’t want you to leave.” says Yondu and Tony looks at him.

He is still crying and Yondu smiles sadly at him.

“I had a family once.” whispers Tony then. He is not talking about his parents, because that wasn’t a real family.

But the avengers. And he fucked that up. They left because of him.

“They didn’t deserve you. But Peter is much happier with you and i know that you are happy here, too. So don’t run away because of one mistake. God knows how many i made and Peter is still saving my ass on a daily basis.” laughs Yondu and he holds his arms out.

Its rare that Yondu does that. But Tony loves his hugs. He cuddles into him and breathes.

“Thank you.” he says and Yondu just laughs.

“Peter also gave me that for you.” says Yondu and holds up a paper. It just says ‘Yes i still love you, asshole’ with a smiley face. Tony laughs.

When they had their first fight as a couple Tony had said that he would only believe Peter if he wrote his ‘i love you’ down as proof. It was a silly thought but since then Peter does it every time.

“He still loves me.” says Tony and he pets the paper carefully. Then he puts it on his wall. Yondu laughs.

“I can’t believe i’m saying this but we all love you, you damn human idiot.” grins Yondu and Tony sticks his tongue out at him.

“And now get your ass over to Peter!” says Yondu and Tony runs out of his room.

Yondu shakes his head at the boy and starts packing his things back in the cupboard. What a mess.

Hoseok’s Affection

And now it is time for our hope, our angel (I really adore that introduction) a total sweetheart who is actually just a puppy in human form like how is someone so sweet and cuddly and pure but then he can get on stage and fucking own it every second he’s on there teach me your ways sir bc that’s impressive as fuck, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • V v playful v v loving v v sweet and caring and always wants you to feel loved every single second of the day
  • The type of boyfriend to send you flowers but then also the type of boyfriend to walk in with that flower hat from House of Army and just be like I AM the flower
  • He doesn’t care who initiates the affection, he’d be more than happy to hug you first and he’d be equally as happy if you hug him first
  • We’ve seen plenty of both cases, there are a lot of clips of the boys being really affectionate with him, I think it’s bc hobi’s someone you can be comfortable around and just make yourself at home with him and you very quickly realize you don‘t have to be shy or hold anything back like if you wanna give him a hug go give him that hug he will love and adore every second of it
  • He’s a really affectionate person as is and he’s got a lot of really playful affection
  • Will absolutely try to get you to do the Lady and the Tramp food kiss (this literally isn’t even a head canon this is actual canon I fucking love him so much how is he real)
  • No available seats??? No proBleM boYfRiend!HoBi to The RescUe
  • He’ll be more than happy to either get up and give you his seat or let you sit in his lap or he can sit in yours maybe you don’t even gotta worry
  • Hobi is the type of boyfriend that isn’t just a boyfriend but also a best friend, someone you can talk to about anything and everything, someone you can go out with and be really fancy in a restaurant but also someone you can chill out with and be in sweats around and just watch some shows maybe a movie
  • Will 100% call you cute about 185 times a day
  • “Look at my love, my cutie”
  • “Did you see my cutie’s newest selfie did you see it”
  • “Are you witnessing the cuteness I am rn my bby’s so cute”
  • We’ve seen how cute and giggly he gets and he gets all squirmy and just he’s so cute how is someone so cute ?!?!?!?! plz explain it to me bc I don’t get it he’s so lovable and smol and cute and I wanna hug him
  • He’s such a hugger oh my lord
  • I’m just gonna leave this video here or this one or this one bc if that isn’t the cutest fucking thing what is
  • Hugs are some of his favorites tbh he would be so so happy to just sit and hug you for like an hour, talk about your day and his and be able to make each other feel all the love
  • He has a few different hugging styles as well
  • He’s got his super happy hug for when he or you gets home and it’s not super quick but it’s also not a very long hug it’s a few seconds of him squeezing you super tight to make you laugh and most likely kissing your cheek a few times
  • He’s got his I really really missed you hugs where you’re both whispering how much you love each other and hugging each other really tightly and his arms are around your waist and he’s so warm and it’s a v v necessary hug to have in that moment
  • Loves loves loves back hugs, he’d be so happy to have your arms around his waist or his around yours and his head on your shoulder or leaned against yours
  • Surprises you by back hugging you a lot, he’ll come into the room, realize you hadn’t heard him and sneak up really quietly to hug you and scare you a bit before you get all happy again
  • Cuddler for su r e
  • He loves spooning, he loves being the big spoon the most
  • He doesn’t mind being the lil spoon but he doesn’t really like not being able to hold you too but there are some days where maybe he’s had a longer day or a rough day and he needs to be held for a while, being the lil spoon is v v comforting for him
  • But more often than not, he’s gonna go for the big spoon
  • He loves being able to nuzzle your neck or your hair and being able to have his arms around you and hold you close and know you’re right there next to him he doesn’t care if his arm falls asleep he loves being the big spoon so much
  • He would be s o so so so so so so happy whenever you gave him any affection at all but especially when you stroke his hair or rub his arm bc he has that sleeping habit where he strokes his arms or his chest and we’ve also seen him literally whine and get kook to stroke his hair so he could go to sleep
  • If you let him rest his head on your chest or your shoulder and just play with his hair or rub his back or even just toy with his fingers, he’ll be so happy and probably fall asleep on the spot after some pillow talk
  • His kisses are always really sweet and are normally meant to get you laughing or smiling at least
  • The sweeter softer kisses are saved for when it’s just you two, they last longer than the others but they’re just as love filled and he’s got his hands cupping your face and he’ll really gently move your hair out of your face and sometimes he’ll end it by giving your forehead a kiss and he always always always whispers “I love you”
  • But his other kisses are v v playful and normally are done in rapid fire to get you smiley and happy and they still have a lot of love in them of course bc this is hobi, when he’s in a relationship, I have zero doubt he’d be his all into it
  • Will buy a new chapstick/lip balm and make you kiss him a bunch to see if you’re okay with the flavor
  • He doesn’t go for hand holding as often, it’s more of a you’re sitting next to me and my hand was next to yours so I’m just gonna hold it for a bit or like when he’s leading you somewhere (or vice versa)
  • It happens the most when you two are sitting next to each other, he just can’t resist it your hand’s right there his is right next to it how does he not just close that teeny tiny gap and be able to give your hand squeezes
  • He definitely prefers the whole interlocked fingers hand holding but he’s not gonna complain if you just hold onto his hand bc then he can also rubs lil circles into the back of your hand
  • Lets you play with his hands all you want bc have you ever seen his hands that is an example of beauty my friends
  • It happens a lot in the early morning/late night when you two are barely awake and he’s giving you a really soft sleepy smile while you toy with his fingers and trace shapes into his palms and it’s one of those moments where he isn’t jumping off of the walls and he’s so happy and relaxed and he could honestly fall asleep bc he’s so content and warm
  • Onto PDA levels
  • He will a l w a y s have his arm around your shoulders or yours around his
  • He doesn’t mind holding your hand as you guys walk around but there’s just something about being to have you right next to him and being able to lean in whisper things to you and he just really likes the closeness of it
  • He would give you so many hugs, regardless of the location you guys are at (unless it’s something series like work or school or something like that)
  • Like that’s how you two make waiting in lines more interesting, you hold each other really tight and occasionally mumble something to the other
  • He’s A okay with kisses in public but just not the serious kisses, it has to be something playful or just a quick lil peck bc there are some things he wants to keep private
  • May try to get you to wear couple shirts or some couple bracelets and will probably succeed in getting you to wear it bc how do you say no to that sweet face
  • Would a d o r e it if you wore his clothes, whether it’s in public or at home like this one time, he’s on tour and you send him a picture and you happen to be wearing one of his hoodies and he almost screams bc he thinks that’s so sweet and cute
  • “My closet is yours that hoodie is yours take it wear it forever”
  • Affection with hobi is playful and loving so much love he’s so head over heels he’s so cute and sweet
Dear Journal,

Sirius and I painted the living room today. We were kinda bored of the beige colour. We chose a light blue because we definetly needed some change!

“Babe is this shirt worth keeping?” Sirius asked me, looking for an old shirt ready to be ruined.

“No I love that shirt on you! Why don’t you paint shirtless?” I chuckled.

“Oh are you trying to get me naked honey?” He asked, smirking.

“Maybe..” I laughed.

We were singing out loud to some muggle bands. It was really fun! While he was painting around the big windows, I dipped my finger into the blue paint and drew a smiley face on his bare tanned back. He turned around quickly, wondering what was going on and I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Did you just draw on my back with the paint?” Sirius asked, sassily.

“No..” I laughed.

“You’re in deep trouble my love..” He said, tickling me.

I was laying on the covered floor, laughing really hard. Sirius kept tickling me no matter how many times I begged him to stop.


“Okay Okay… Now we need a shower to get that paint off.” He said, smiling down at me.

He was holding himself over me and kissed my lips.

“You have blue paint on your nose.” He giggled.

“Oh do I?” I laughed.

“Yes.. It makes your freckles pop!” Sirius said, smiling.

He carried me to the bathroom and sat me on the counter near the sink.

“I hope that this blue paint will come off because we need to pick up Teddy at the Train station tommorow..” I said.

“Well let’s find out..” Sirius smirked.

He lifted up my shirt and I removed my trousers. The bathroom was steamy and the shower’s glass was all fogged up. The burning hot water felt amazing on my skin. I looked at Sirius who was standing under the water, brushing his fingers through his hair. When he catched me looking, he drew a smiley face on the glass which made me laugh. He was always there to make me laugh. We got out of the shower and dried ourselves up. We were standing in the humid bathroom in our boxers. I was brushing my teeth and Sirius was sitting on the counter, looking at me. When I was done, he instantly layed his hands on my cheeks and kissed my lips softly.

“Babe you need to shave, your cheeks are scrashing me!” I said, giggling.

“Oh.. But I don’t feel like shaving.. I’m too tired to do it.” He pouted.

I waited a good five second and gave up. He looked way to cute with this puppy pout.

“Okay fine! I’ll do it..” I said.

“Yay! I love you!” He said, smiling.

“I love you too.. Now stay still and stop moving, I don’t want to cut you.” I said, standing in between his two hanging legs.

I was working slowly so I wouldn’t hurt him and he was staring at me. His eyes never left my concentrated face.

“Here, all fresh and clean. Now you can kiss me!” I said, brushing my cheeks against his soft ones.

“Aren’t you the best husband ever!” He said.

I smiled and kissed him again.

June 4th 2014

saying i love you: in awe, the first time you realized it

saying i love you series masterpost

“You look great,” Even promised, chin on Isak’s shoulder. Isak frowned at himself in the mirror, tugging at the sleeves of his sweater. “Besides, they won’t care how you’re dressed, they only care that you care about me.”

Isak nodded nervously to show he was listening, then tried patting down a stray curl that was not agreeing with the rest of his hair.

“Seriously, Isak,” Even huffed a laugh, turning to place a kiss on Isak’s cheek. “We’ve gotta go, lunch will be ready soon.”

“Okay,” Isak said finally, giving up on his reflection and following Even out of the bathroom.


“I’m not one to usually say I told you so,” Even started, a mirthful grin on his face. Isak was happy to see his boy so smiley, and didn’t even roll his eyes when Even continued with, “but I told you so.”

“Yeah, yeah” Isak agreed.

“They really loved you,” Even squeezed Isak’s hand. “Especiailly Mamma. I think she might adopt you.”

Isak snorted. “That might make this a little weird.” He held up their intertwined hands.

“Yeah, maybe,” Even shrugged. “Maybe she’ll just start paying you.”

Isak laughed, then yawned. Outside the window of the tram the sun was setting, and Isak was surprised he’d felt comfortable in Even’s apartment with his parents for the majority of the day. He hadn’t felt judged of left out, and he got along with Even’s mother and father well. It had been a successful meeting. He yawned again and rested his head on Even’s shoulder.

He hadn’t expected to fall asleep, but he awoke suddenly to a nudge on his arm. He slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Even. His fringe falling on his forehead after a long day of fighting against hair product, his eyes bright blue and no longer with dark circles underneath them, a soft smile on his lips as he whispered Isak’s name.

In a moment, Isak realized he wanted to wake up to this view every day for the rest of his life.

The thought hit him like a freight train, and he felt his breath hitch, eyes widening.

“Baby?” Even asked quietly, seeing the change in Isak’s facial features.

Isak breathed out, lips turning up at the corners. He wanted to see Even’s face every day for the rest of forever. His focus on the now was great, and it was healthy, but –

He suddenly wanted to think about the future, too. A future that had Even next to him every morning and every afternoon and every night and-

“I’m in love with you,” he whispered.

Even’s face froze, and Isak wasn’t even sure he was still breathing. Somehow, he didn’t feel any nerves as he awaited Even’s response.

After a moment, Even’s face broke into a wide smile, his eyes crinkling at the corners.

“Yeah?” He asked, cheeks flushed with happiness.

“Yeah,” Isak confirmed, smiling.

Even huffed a gleeful laugh, pressing his smiling lips onto Isak’s, before pulling back and whispering,

“I’m in love with you, too.”

BTS REACTION - when their gf is very shy

Hello, hello. I’m so sorry we’ve been completely gone lately, but the admins are having a bunch of school things to do and university related stuff so please don’t be too mad at us.

Rap Monster

He would love it. Every time you’d face the floor blushing shyly he would smile big and tease you very lightly: “jagi, don’t be shy” while suffering on the inside: wah, she’s so cute.

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You’d be the most precious thing in the world for him. Every time you got shy he would try to make you feel comfortable right away, holding your hands and appreciating how cute you are, definitely wanting to protect you from the world.

Originally posted by vubbletae


He would easily become squishy around you. Seeing your cheeks reddening because you got shy was something he totally liked.

“You don’t need to be shy… wah, you’re just too cute”

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie


He would be really playful. All of his happy side would explode: he'd try to make you less uncomfortable by causing your laugh, although I believe he would love to tease you too. Maybe even pinching your cheeks.

“Wah, thank you, I know I’m great but you don’t have to be shy”

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He would probably try to pretend he doesn’t think you’re ripping his heart with your cuteness, but would majestically fall when keeping it cool *gif*

Originally posted by chimcheroo


A lot like J-Hope, he would try to make you smile and forget your shyness. V would spin you around and do faces to get you to laugh, taking your hair away from your hiding red cheeks.

“Jagi, you’re the cutest. I love you.”

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He would get shy himself. Jungkookie would love you being shy, getting all smiley thinking you’re cute. He would definitely try to tease you, but would end up just admiring you and kissing your forehead or your cheeks.

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~ADM Jam

Sleepy Bear

“You need to go to bed earlier. I always hear you pacing around at night!” I laughed looking at Dan through the camera.

“I’m a busy guy, Phil. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep, other times I’m fearing for my life because of demons,” Dan joked. “But that’s a good segway to introduce the Surgery! Hey Aled.”

“Hello boys,” Aled smiled sliding in between us.

“Could you tell us about your show tonight?” I asked handing over my microphone.

“Well, like Dan said, we’ll be talking about sleep issues. If you’re a person who has trouble sleeping at night, you can give us a call and talk to us about it,” Aled said eyeing Dan. “So why can’t you sleep, Dan?”

“I dunno,” Dan smiled, raising an eyebrow. “I just always freak myself out before bed so I’m just sat there clutching onto my duvet waiting until the sun rises.”

“Then you could call us! We’ll have a nice little chat about it.”

“Of course,” Dan nodded. “So that means don’t call for us anymore. All lines are going directly to the Surgery. Bye Aled.”

“Bye guys.”

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Each member's cutest trait and/or feature?



tbh i think it has to be mj’s lips and smile. mouth??? general mouth area i guess, lol. his lips are TO DIE FOR (i would die for mj’s lips) and his smile is just so wide and beautiful that it stretches out my heart, too, and i adore it.


i just like the curve and sharpness of jinjin’s entire face. like, he has perfect proportions??? idk he has such a sharp jawline and his nose is PERFECT, something about it is just absolutely perfect, and so he looks all seductive and shit, but then he grins and he’s a toasted fluffy marshmallow whom i love


THAT LAUGH HE DOES WITH HIS MOUTH OPEN. THATS IT. THAT MADE ME ABSOLUTELY FALL IN LOVE WITH EUNWOO HOT DAMN he’s perfect in the face i know i know, but his laugh??? doesnt get enough love.


ok so i love moonbin’s voice, how it cracks a lot and it seems both high pitched and low pitched at the same time and when he yells or screams it just gets lost??? if you get my drift??? idk fam he has such a unique voice and i love listening to him talk.


tbh with rocky, it’s his eyes. he has very striking eyes and that boy really knows how to use them! when he’s all smiley, he looks soft, but then he poses or models and - oooh my fave is when he dances and his eyes are so PASSIONATE, you can feel everything with his eyes.


his height. idk why it’s so endearing to me. he’s just this giant, overgrown dork and it’s the cutest thing to watch his ridiculously long limbs flail about when he acts like an idiot, i love yoon sanha the tallest son of astro

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Westallen for the ship meme please :3

Who said “I love you” first:  Iris, and Barry’s mouth just dropped open and he made a deflated-rubber-chicken h’awww sound before clearing his throat and saying, “Iloveyoutoo.”

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Iris alternates between an artsy shot of The Flash, suited up, back to her, as he looks out over the city and a picture of Barry holding a baby goat and laughing; Barry has a Will Smith-esque picture with himself gesturing at Iris.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Barry’s handwriting is universally indecipherable, so he’s a smiley face guy.  Iris writes little reminders like, “2PM, coffee, Jitters;” “11AM, dentist, :(,” and “9PM, drinks, :D” One day Barry wakes up to “New Suit Day!!” which is a massive spoiler as Barry has heard no talk of this, prior.  So Barry just zips off to STAR Labs in his boxer-briefs because “NEW SUIT??” and Cisco makes a much louder rubber-chicken h’awww sound because he wanted to tell him, but then Barry scoops him and Iris up in a hug and he forgives him.  (The suit is incredible.  Barry sleeps in it for like a week.)

Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Barry is constantly bringing back little mementos from his trips, anything from cool leaves to “guess who got SUGAR GLIDERS?”

Who initiated the first kiss: Depends on which timeline.  :D  Either way, pretty universally, they both lean in at the same time.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning: “Good morning.”  “Did you even sleep last night?” “Mmno.” *Iris hauls him back down to bed.*  Barry likes to make breakfast for her (read: them; he’s a hungry fella!) and they’re both “yeah we don’t have time to lounge in bed cool cool.”

Who starts tickle fights: Iris.  And oh man do they last.  Westallen ticklefights are week-long, no-holds-barred fights.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Barry actually knocks on the bathroom door, da-da-da-dum-dum, and Iris rolls her eyes, taps back twice (dum-dum), and sure’s it.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Iris.  Barry knows she’s the real hero.  Especially because he’s always hungry and equally always happy to see her.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Barry walked into a wall twice (the same wall, no less) and said at least four jumbled up approximations of words before they even got out the door.  But they still had a lot of fun.

Who kills/takes out the spiders: Barry is sitting on the porch, puppy-dog hopeful, when she comes home from work.  Iris lifts both eyebrows, takes the rolled-up newspaper he hands her, and returns five minutes later to drag her nerd speedster boyfriend inside.  

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Well once they get the whole speedster strength alcohol rolling, Barry’s definitely the more verbally effusive, but Iris is super cuddly, so I’d say it’s kind of a tie.

Promise (Barry Allen x Reader) Part 6-6

Fandom: The Flash TV Series (season 2)
Pairing: Barry Allen x Fem!Reader
Summary: lthough you’re not a metahuman, you feel like you have the power to walk across a flat, stable surface, but always finding something to trip over. You always hated your clumsiness but maybe not everything is bad.

Warnings: mentions of traumatizing event; nightmares; a little angst; fluff
Word Count: 1603

A/N: I’m sorry it took more than I thought it would, but I wanted it to be perfect. It turned out a little sappy and not 100% as I wanted it though but whatever. I can’t believe I finally finished my first ever multi-chapter. Yeah, me! Let me know what you think and I apologize for any grammatical errors that may occur.
Stay Cute, XP

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Group/Member: Seventeen/S.Coups

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 383

Summary: #17 “Stop it! It tickles!”

Requested: Yes; anon said, “17 with S.Coups fluff?”

Author’s Note: S.Coups would be the best boyfriend ever you cannot argue with me on this.

- Admin Lara

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These are my final thoughts on Brendon’s Livestreams: he sucks at it, I mean he doesn’t know what to do BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT MAKES IT SO REAL. He just laughs and makes squinty faces, he plays with his sounds , more squinty faces, the lips pout so many time could have actually killed me, more playing, reads some comments , laughs and the circles goes on. I love it. I feel him.

Btw the whole time I was like: smiley boi me likey.
Not to mention that right after tonight’s one Dallon’s came on and he is sO DAMN HANDSOME. And nerdy, very nerdy. I lov’ em both so much.

The Different Parts Of Louis Tomlinson

sooo i’m sure there must be about a thousand masterposts on louis but i decided to do just one huge, massive masterpost because i just wanted to get all of louis in one thing. seems impossible bUT LET’S DO THIS!

(this is long as fuck and i’m not even sorry)

(credit to the owners of the pictures and gifs used in this thing; i do not own anything besides the stupid comments, if you want credit to be given to something of yours let me know here!)

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tbh its not finished but i had to post it :)))))

okie to start we will begin with bradley will simpson

i thought id ease you in with a lovely smile bc holy moly u fine

i think someones been doin the marrajuanna





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soranokuma  asked:

I just love how Henry tries to keep Ben either laughing or smiling in the whole interviews. And during the tour, when someone told them to keep facing each other for a moment, Ben couldn't even hold a straight face omg. All he wanted to do was smile or laugh while Henry kept his cool and just smile at Ben so passionately. These two will be the death of me soon enough omg. I love how caring Henry is to Ben. This is not bromance anymore, this is "straight out love" - Henry Cavill said that :P


Guilty as charged, everyone’s invited to their wedding in June. 


So I met Troy Baker last Saturday.

What a lovely guy! He’s honestly one of the sweetest, funniest, most interactive, and genuine stars I’ve ever met. I saw him perform an acoustic set and his singing was beautiful. He gave a really inspirational speech which really helped me. Then in my photo shoot he was so sweet and got really into the pose and I got to hug him afterwards (he makes me look so tiny!) Later when I met him again at the autograph desk I was still holding my self-made ‘No Pun Intended : Volume Too’  from The Last of Us for my Ellie cosplay when he signed the Joel print for me. He saw it and went “There it is!” as he remembered it from my photo shoot with him and he picked it up and looked through it. I pointed out how I put the jokes in and he was like “Wait you made this? You actually made this?!” and I said “Yeah! I made it from an old quiz book thing I had as a kid. I edited all the cover together and spent last night adding the puns in.” He pointed at the cover and was like “So…” so I explained “It took me forever to line up all the spine, I printed it so many times trying to get it right.” He was so impressed, I didn’t even think it was that wow myself! He was like flipping through it an examining it and then showed it to his wife Pamela who was sat next to him and he was like “Look at this! She made this!!!” and she smiled. I pointed out all the jokes and he quotes one of Joel’s responses to the jokes, I can’t remember which one I think it was either “I don’t know, what?” or “I don’t get it” in the Joel voice and it was amazing. I pointed out the “People are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow” as my favourite one and he laughed, he liked it too. AND THEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, HE SIGNED MY JOKE BOOK. I was so stunned (especially since his autograph was £20 so I was getting a second autograph FOR FREE?!?!) and also I could believe how much he liked the joke book and how impressed he was with it!!

He drew the two dots first so I thought he was just gonna draw a smiley face or something but I think he wrote “sigh”, amazing. I love Troy, he’s such a brilliant person to meet. I prepared myself to talk about The Last of Us and how it’s my favourite game and everything but all that went out thewindow and we just geeked out over my book! Best day ever!


Jhope, Jhope, Jhope, Jhope has changed a lot. He’s bright and has become hopeful like his name. I think it’s because he is more loved than he was before the debut. He’s bright, he laughs a lot. Though it’s too much sometimes, he has good energy that affects everyone in a good way and I think he is awesome. So you might think he’s always nice and innocent but… inside his smiley face, there’s an evil living there.” -173cm anonymous guy

Love Song - Imagine


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11 - Fluffy Ending  Angst Ending  Depressing Ending

Member: Woozi (and other Seventeen members)

Genre: Fluffy

You quickly went to your notes on your phone. You had just gotten an idea for lyrics of a song you were working on. So you quickly grabbed your phone, sat on the hard wood floor, and typed them up. You could hear voices coming on the other side of the practice room door. You quickly finished typing, set your phone aside on the ground next to you, and stood up. The door opened and all of the members walked in with big smiles on each of their faces. You saw Hoshi first. “Hoshi, your hair … it’s blue!”

“Yeah,” he said still smiling from ear to ear. He walked closer to you, still looking at his newly colored hair. He hugged you tightly.

“It looks really cool,” you said to show that you liked it. You then caught the eye of The8. “Are you back to cotton candy ice cream?”

“Yep,” he replied also with a smile. You laughed at his happy expression. You hugged him along with the other members.

“We all missed you Y/N,” S.Coups added as you hugged him.

“I missed all of you too.” You had just gotten back from your two week trip from your hometown in California. Your friend was engaged and you flew out from Korea for her wedding. You were so happy for her, but you missed their Boys Wish concert. You had worked with Seventeen starting two weeks before they debuted. You were able to help around a lot, doing a little bit of everything. You went to cosmetology school so you were able to help as a stylist. Since you had also tought at a dance studio at home before you moved to Korea, you were able to help out with chorography. On your free time you also wrote and produced songs just for fun, it was something that you loved to do. As you kept saying hello to everyone welcoming you back, your eyes kept wondering around the room, searching for your boyfriend. You two had started dating right before their second mini album release. You finally saw his face, bright and smiley. You ran towards him and wrapped your arms around his neck. He squeezed around you placing a kiss on your head.

“I think I missed you the most,” he stated. You laughed into his neck, eyes closed, never wanting to let go. After a hug that seemed to last a lifetime, he pulled you way to look at you. Your eyes searching his, both of you acting like you hadn’t seen each other in years, not remembering what the other’s face looked like. You then froze. He looked at you concerned.

“Your hair is … purple.”

“You don’t like it?” he asked, displeased with your reaction.

“No, no, it’s different. It’s going to take me a while to get used to it. You’re no longer my pink haired fairy,” you said with a smile. He smiled back and hugged you again. You had missed each other so much.

“Hey what about me?” You turned around to see Jeonghan, arms open, with his cheeky smile.

“You could put any possible color of hair dye in your hair and you will still look like an angel,” you chuckled as you hugged him. You then pulled back and played with his hair a little. You then felt arms sneak around your sides and squeeze. You turn your head to see Hoshi still smiling. “Are you ready to work?” you ask smiling back.

“Of course!”

“Great!” you look across to Woozi smiling at you in his own state. Hoshi lets go to set all of his stuff down on the far wall. Everyone follows him, except Woozi who walks towards you. He kisses your forehead wrapping his arms around you and picking you up.

“I missed you so much Y/N.” You smile and kiss his nose.

“I missed you too.”

“Why can’t Woozi hyung hug us?” You turn your head resting on Woozi’s shoulder to the other side to see who’s words they belonged to. You see D.K. with a frown on his face. It was true he, only hugged you. You remember when you asked him why he would only hug you, cuddle with you, and hold your hand.

*Flashback to two weeks into their Boys Be promotions*

He thought about it for a little before he responded. “You make me happy and you help me be more relaxed, especially with all the promotions. I am comfortable around you,” he paused for a second looking at you, his eyes searching your face. “But, the main reason is because I love you.” He then kissed you. You rested your head on his shoulder and he put his head on yours.

“I love you too.”

*End flashback*

Everyone, including you and Woozi, laughed at D.K.’s comment. Woozi then put you down, kissed you, and grabbed his items he put on the ground when he first walked in to put them with everyone else’s things. You walked over to the stereo and grabbed your phone off of the floor where you had left it. You plugged it in and started to play music that you could all stretch to. You were not able to get rid of the smile on your face. You were so happy to be back.


Three hours into practice you rushed to your phone, unplugged it from the speaker, which made a really loud, uncomfortable sound that echoed throughout the solid room. “Sorry,” you said quickly, without any emotion in the word, you were too focused to write down the lyrics that had popped into your head. You opened up your phone and went to notes to start typing.

“Writing another song Y/N?” Mingyu asked with a chuckle. You looked up from your phone for a split second, to glare at him. He burst out laughing, along with the other members. They were used to it, you and Woozi sometimes suddenly would try to scribble down or type up lyrics, an idea or something to try out later, or even record weird sounds and beats into your phones. You quickly tried to type the rest of the lyrics that were in your head, tuning out the whole room. You jumped when you felt a hand on your back. You turned to see Woozi squatting behind you, peaking over your shoulder to see the lyrics that you had typed so far. He gave you a nod of approval and a smile. You quickly turn back to not be distracted by your boyfriend and forget the last few words in your head. As you finished typing the lyrics you pressed enter a few times and typed for him to see: I’ll show you the rest later and the beat that I already made. You looked back at him and he smiled and nodded in agreement. You both got up. He went back to his spot and you went over to plug in your phone again and started the music from the top.


When practice ended several hours later, you followed Woozi, who was held your hand tightly to his studio. He typed in the four number code to enter. He had given you the code a couple months ago, he wanted to make sure you felt trusted by him. You opened the door and held it for you to enter first. As you walked in you remembered the first time you had entered this room. It was before you even started dating.


You had already had felt feelings for Woozi even though you had only worked there for a short time. You had ever since you first saw him, it was like love at first sight which you never believed in. You were never really a romantic, and you still weren’t. You thought it was really cliché and it was impossible to fall in love with someone when you first saw them. It took more than that to love someone. (Although, to be fair, it was when you were first introduced to him. He was so cute and nice to you. He was so welcoming and seemed genuinely happy that you were joining “the team”.) They were debuting in a week and everything was always so hectic. It was the first time you all had a day off to rest, to help calm everyone’s nerves. You wanted to do something nice for him, for being so kind to you since you had started working there. You remembered when Mingyu made everyone their favorite drinks. Woozi’s and yours was tea. So you texted him asking if he was at the studio, figuring because he spends most of his time there. He replied a couple seconds later saying he was. You knew where the studio was, but you had never gone inside before. You made two cups of tea, one was for him, because you knew he would be tired and possibly be singing his cute little heart out. The other one was for you. You were going to go to the conference room straight after to work on a song. Once you finished making them, you made your way towards the studio. You knocked on the door and he opened it, his face was first confused, then happy and bright. You smiled back.

“Hi,” he said softly through his sweet smile.

“Hi,” you repeated back to him. Your cheeks were now hurting from smiling so much. “I thought you may want some tea,” you said holding out one of the mugs. He looked down and took the tea, his hands brushing against yours. You could feel your face getting warmer and his ears turned a light shade of pink.

“Thank you,” he said before taking a small sip the tea, pushing the embarrassment aside, although his ears were still colored. “Do you want to come in?”

“Oh, no it’s okay, you’re probably busy.”

“It’s okay, come on.” He turned and walked back, deeper into the studio. He grabbed another swivel chair from the corner and pulled it up next to his. You could tell it was awkward when you both sat down in silence.

“If you want to work, I can work to, I was going to go sort out some lyrics and I have on my phone after I dropped off the tea,” you suggested.

“That sounds good, I need to go through some stuff on my phone too.” You took your phone out of your pocket and opened it. He watched you, and once you had found the note with the lyrics you wanted to go over, you looked up at him. He quickly looked away and his ears became a hot pink color, which blended in with his hair. He snatched at his phone and quickly went to his notes as well. Ten minutes in, you started to take in your surroundings. He had earphones and headphones everywhere, just sitting around the room, one pair of headphones sat on the keyboard next to the desk, and he had his toys lined up under the huge computer screen. His computer was on but no windows were open. There was a picture of him and all of the other members. And then you saw that you were in the picture too, smiling with them. You thought it was weird being apart of his screensaver. You had only been working with them for a week and they haven’t even debuted yet.

He could see out of the corner of his eye that you were looking at the picture. He again got embarrassed and his face turned the color of his hair and his ears became bright red. He opened up the song he was working on and grabbed earphones that sat at the corner of his desk. He plugged them into the computer. He put one earbud in and offered me the other. I smiled at him and he responded with one too. I took the earbud and put it in. He took the mouse in his hand and clicked the buttons on it a couple times and the music started. It was a soft song. It had a great beat and I started to tap the table to the beat and he smiled. The harmony was beautiful and the lyrics were deep and meaningful. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he froze for a second. He then relaxed and put his arm around me, which angled down my back and he placed his hand on my waist. He pulled me closer and I looked up at him and he smiled back down at me. Little did you know that he deeply loved you then too, from when you had first introduced yourself.

*End flashback*

You were so happy to be back with him and you couldn’t wait to share your song with him. You quickly took your phone out of your pocket and opened up the lyrics that you were working on. He closed the door behind him and looked at you excitedly. You held your lyrics out in front of yourself and started to sing tapping your foot to the beat you were using for this song. When you finished you looked at him, hoping he liked it. You as usual, always searching for approval, and you definitely got it. He looked astonished at you. Not just at your song, but you. Your beauty and how happy you were. You were just illuminating. It seemed like everything in the world was right. No one could fight or feel sad, the world was just, happy.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered. You smiled and looked down at your feet embarrassed. You never really liked getting complements, you didn’t know how to react to them, it just made you feel awkward. He quickly shook his head to escape the world he was in, “the song is beautiful.” He felt bad because he knows how uncomfortable you can get, so he went up to you and grabbed you into a hug and propped his chin on your shoulder. “I’m sorry,” he said into your ear.

“It’s okay, … I love you,” you replied. You kissed his cheek and squeezed his sides but you pushed him back and looked at him still wanting to get feedback on your song. “So what did you think?”

“It was incredible,” there was sudden perk in his expression. “I think that was the best song you have ever created!”

“Well, I’m not finished with it yet,” you said happy that he liked it but didn’t want you, or him, to get too excited before it was actually finished.

“I want to show you something too,” he said smiling. You followed him over to his computer and he turned it on. The screensaver was now just the two of you. It was from your first date and your smiles seemed to go for miles. You both stared at it for a bit and then looked at each other recalling the beautiful memory. He then proceeded to pull up a song he was working on too. He seemed so happy, happier with this song than any others that he had made. You grabbed the extra chair from the corner and rolled it over next to his. You sat down, ready to hear. You reached across him as his eyes were glued to the screen and grabbed the earphones and plugged them in. You put one in your ear and held the other out for him to take when he was ready. A couple more clicks of the mouse and he swiftly grabbed the earbud and put it in. You listened to his new song, it was magnificent, enchanting, blissful, and yet fun. You were so happy just listening to this song. Although it didn’t have any lyrics to it yet, you knew that with the potential it already had, it would be a huge it with everyone. You could feel Woozi’s gaze on you the whole time that you listened, with your eyes closed, just imagining. Thinking of how lucky you were to be here. In the studio with your boyfriend, sharing each other’s work.

When the song had finished you looked at him. He was still staring at you, taken aback by how his luck had created him to be here too. You smiled.

“I think this is the best song you’ve made.” He smiles delighted with your response and looked back at the screen. You kissed his cheek and he exited out of the window and stood up.

“Come on, let’s go back to the dorm. I’m sure everyone wants to see you.” You nod and grab your phone, rolling the chair back to its lonely spot. He turned off the computer and stood up to greet you, already waiting in the doorway. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed you. “How did I get so lucky to have someone like you in my life?” You blushed, burying your head into his neck. He kissed your head and unwrapped his arms, and took one of your hands in his. He squeezed it tightly closed the door and you both made your way back to the dorm.


Two days later we had a day off and Woozi texted you asking for you to come to the studio. Once you got there, you typed in the code and entered. Woozi sat facing the computer. “Come here,” he said not turning to you. He already had the chair pulled up so you closed the door and sat down. He was working on the song you listened to a couple days ago. He was labeling where the members would sing based on the beat, and the notes of the music he had already created. Then you saw your name in with the members.

“Wait, hold on, I think you made a mistake.”

“No I didn’t.”

“No, not in the song, it’s incredible, but you put my name in to sing. Woozi, I’m not one of the members,” you added with a chuckle.

“No, you’re not.” He typed your name again in another area.

“Woozi, what are you doing?” He stopped typing and finally looked at you with a cheeky smile.

“You’re going to sing and perform with us,” he stated before turning right back to enter in more names.

“No, I’m not. Woozi you’re being crazy,” you said with a worried tone.

“Yes, you are. I talked to our manager, and I talked to all of the members. They all love the idea.” You stared to get really excited and you had a huge smile on your face.

“Really, are you sure?”

“Of course,” he turned to face you again. “We all know how great you are here, but the world should know how amazing you are.” You kissed him and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I love you, and the whole world will fall in love with you too.”

“Thank you,” you said, your eyes now watering from joy.

“There’s only one thing you have to do.”

“What?” you asked loosening your arms to give you more slack to lean back and look at him.

“You have to help me write the lyrics,” he smiled.

“Deal,” you said as you kissed him.

You were so in love. You would have never thought that he could ever break your heart, until he did.

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This series is going to be a little more on the “not so violent” side. It has a lot of angst but a different kind. I hope you all like it! Continue to give feedback! It always makes me happy to know what people are thinking about it and if they like it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

**Note: I just want to say that I am so proud of Seventeen and all they have accomplished! I was crying with them! I love them and I know that they are going to continue to make us proud! They have worked so hard and deserve everything! Fighting!❤️

Post-It Notes: Youngjae (GOT7)

• okay but imagine youngjae leaving you cute little notes and sticking them on your stuff
• on the mirror in the morning he’ll remind you how beautiful you are
• when he visits you at work, he’ll see all the paper work you have to do and will remind you to keep fighting by placing a bright post-it note on top of the piles of work
• or when you forget something real important at home and he’ll drop it off with a note saying something like “you forgot these papers again! love you~
• you’ll have a certain drawer in your office that’s just full of post-it notes!!!
• "hey I saw something on top of your dresser you should check it”
• when you do it’ll just be another note saying “i love you”
• not like it’s a problem thooo lmao
• when you’re stressed out and on the verge of tears, he’ll draw a really messed up smiley face (how is that possible?!?)
• and stick it onto your forehead
• you’ll reluctantly laugh
• he’ll let you cry into his shoulder, not caring that his shirt is getting wet
• okay im done
• jk no I’m not
• him making you your fave lunch and sticking post it notes all over the containers
• “made with youngjae’s love”
• “youngjae your youngbae made this”
• “i lalalalalove you”
• oKay now im done fosho

Airport Love (Luke Imagine)

Request: Luke sees you at the airport as a fan and falls in love.

Sorry I’ve been such an inactive piece of shit. Just been kind of hating my writing recently, but I hope you all like this one! Thanks for requesting lukeyyomg !


He didn’t know why you were so different.

Luke had probably met thousands of girls at airports, and really never looked twice at most of them. Not because he was an ass, but he just didn’t have enough time and wanted to keep everything fair. But when he saw you standing there, you just stood out, with your contagious smile and bright eyes, as if just witnessing his presence made your whole day. It did of course, but Luke never really understood the impact him and his band could have.

As they made their way through the throngs of people, Luke made sure to take extra time with everyone, because he didn’t want any fan to feel inferior to others or think he liked some appearances better. Luke thought the whole process was kind of fragile, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything.

You were the last one in the line of people, and by the time he made his way to you, he was being shoved straight into the van practically. He pushed past his guard, stopping right in front of you and ignoring their calls.

“Hey!” He smiled brightly, chuckling as you gawked, before quickly gathering your wits and grinning back.

“Hi Luke! I love you!” You yelled over the mess. His body guard was pushing his shoulders, forcing his body to abandon your area. Just as he left, you stuffed a piece of paper with you twitter into the pocket of his hoodie, and within the same minute, his car was driving off. You sighed, feeling disappointed but knowing it wasn’t his fault, and made your way to the exit.


In the car, Luke was in a pissy mood. Having picked up on it, the boys didn’t comment, instead keeping conversation to the minimum.

“It’s cold as balls out,” Michael groaned from the backseat. He then proceeded to make every small penis joke he possibly could, adding to Luke’s aggravation more. With an annoyed sigh, Luke unzipped his hoodie and chucked it back to Michael.

“Shut the fuck up!” Luke snapped, the whole car quieting down.

“Jesus Luke,” Ashton mumbled as Michael put on the sweatshirt silently. Guilt invaded Luke’s system, but the idea of spending four hours driving to the venue in the small vehicle made him want to flip all over again. He hated the rush, the forced movement. He wanted to take his time.

“Sorry,” He finally mumbled, sliding down in his seat. Everyone kind of nodded, and all was silent until Michael spoke up a few moments later.

“There’s this crumpled piece of paper that was in your pocket,” He told Luke, dropping the wad into the youngest’s lap. Luke unfolded it, and immediately put the twitter handle into his phone.

He recognized your picture almost immediately, and the more he read the tweets, the stranger he felt. He thought you were absolutely hilarious, and beautiful too. He followed and refreshed your twitter page until you began your freak out. Luke Hemmings noticed you, of all people. This was the best day ever.

“Hey, can we give someone concert tickets through twitter?” Luke asked suddenly. His manager looked back at him, nodding slowly.

“We can give them through a radio station that’s local. I just need the twitter handle and I’ll call the station so they can get backstage passes.”

“Cool. This girl really deserves some passes. She was really polite.” Luke showed his manager your twitter, and by the time they got to the venue, all the necessary actions had been made. Luke smiled to himself, watching your excited tweets appear as the news made its way to you.

“You in a better mood now that your girlfriend got tickets?” Calum asked Luke suddenly as they sat in the dressing room mucking about.

“My girlfriend?” Luke sputtered. He wasn’t that obvious, was he?

“She’s kinda hot,” Michael said from across the room, stuffing pizza in his mouth. “Better make sure she’s legal though.”

“Her twitter says 18,” Luke responded, ignoring the previous comment. He didn’t want to like her, he didn’t have time for a relationship. Yet, all he wanted to do was get to know her. “I don’t know, but when I saw her, I just felt really weird inside.”

“Love’s a beautiful thing, man,” Ashton says from his seat. “It makes you feel like that.”

Luke kept quiet after that. Love at first sight wasn’t real, but he did believe that there was definitely an attraction there. He hoped that once he talked to you a bit during meet and greet time, he would realize it was just some weird crush that meant nothing.


Time flew, and before you knew it, you were walking back and taking pics with 5sos. They were as nice as they seemed, and talking with them was like watching a sitcom, as they were constantly mocking and laughing at each other. The only one who acted shy was Luke, but you had expected that, even though he seemed friendly at the airport and outgoing.

“Alright, 5 more minutes!” Someone shouted, and you quickly gave all the boys one last hug. When you got to Luke, you held on extra tight, and he didn’t seem to want to let go either.

“Thank you,” You whispered in his ear, your body seeming to fit perfectly with your arms wrapped around him.

“For what?” Luke whispered back, fearing you somehow knew exactly what he had done to get you there.

“For you. Your personality, your smile, your effort,” You said, starting to feel a twist in your gut. “I love all of you guys of course, but I don’t know Luke,” You laughed softly. “There’s just something about you that never ceases to amaze me.”

He squeezed you extra tight, and then held you at arms length. “We should become friends.” He found himself saying. “DM me your number. I mean, you know, if you want.”

Your eyes were wide as saucers, not believing his honest smile and attitude. “I’d love that,” You giggled.

No sooner had you left his arms, you were shuffled out of the room. The concert was amazing, but you were excited to get home. After sending your number, you got a text.

‘Hiiiii it’s Luke :-)’

You laughed at the stupid nose in his smiley faces, responding immediately. Your texting turned into continuous messages, and eventually you would call each other every other night, feeling like best friends. He was incredibly sweet and down to earth, and even though sometimes you accidently woke him up due to time zone differences, he always acted like it was no big deal. Three months later, he was back in town for a couple days, and you felt exhilaration fill your soul as you waited for him at the venue, him having already gotten you passes. You didn’t realize how nervous you were until you rubbed the sweat from your hands to your jeans, trying to calm down.

You heard him before you saw him, and once he turned the corner, the biggest smile stretched across his face. It seemed like suddenly your stomach flipped, and an easiness spread through your bones. His smile felt like home. It was like looking directly into a miracle, and seeing everything that makes it good and special.

Before you could stop, you were running for him, and he caught you in an embrace almost as tight as your first. Your lips immediately found each other, and you sighed content against his mouth as your whole world seemed to click around you. When your kiss broke, Luke’s eyes were shining as he moved his lips to your ear, lowering his voice.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since I first fell in love with you at the airport.”