i just love his smile okay

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Tomco fanfic idea: remember how marco did that high kick during a fight one time, that takes slight pratice so that means Marcos flexible, can tom come over when marcos doing yoga And be like GOOOOOD DAMN THAT BOI IS FLEXIBLE AS SHIT

OMG! This was so much fun to write about! I really really really loved it! It was so cute and I made up a bunch of poses just as an excuse to get my boys close together! I hope you enjoy!

“Okay so hold me by the waist like this.” Marco showed Tom. Tom blushed when Marco moved against him and smiled. “And make sure to hold me tight or I’ll fall, and I lean back.” Marco explained. Tom gulped and nodded, being this close to the human boy was doing SOMETHING weird to him. Maybe he was allergic to humans. His skin felt hot and it was becoming difficult to breath.

When Marco leaned Back Tom felt his heart flutter. It was like they were dancing and he was dipping the human down n a romantic motion. When Marco reached up and wrapped his arms around Tom’s shoulders that did it. Tom felt himself choke up and he dropped Marco, jumping away.

“Ow!” Marco cried. “What was that for? You dropped me on purpose!” Marco accused. Tom felt his heartbeat quicken and he cleared his throat.

“Y-yeah!” Tom snapped, trying to sound sassy. “I dropped you because you’re annoying.” He mumbled, looking away. His face was turning redder. Marco grumbled and got up.

“Come on! You promised me you’d help.” Marco reminded. Tom threw his arms up.

“Fine! Fine!” Tom groaned. Marco pulled him close and Tom felt that same blasted feeling swell up in his chest! He growled a little and Marco intertwined their arms. “What sort of stupid thing is this?” Tom asked.

“I lean forward and you support me.” Marco explained. Tom’s eyes widened when Marco leaned over close. Their faces were so close; Tom could lean in less than an inch and kiss the human.

Tom shook his head and snapped out of his thoughts. This was stupid! Why was he thinking about KISSING Marco? Marco was the worst! Tom looked over and he choked when Marco smiled a little bit. He felt his knees go weak and Tom literally fell backwards. Marco gasped and fell on top of the demon.

Tom opened his eyes and gasped when he saw Marco was on him looking down, concerned. “Tom! Are you okay? You fell, did I hurt your knee or something?” Marco asked. Tom felt his face heat up more and more.

“I’m… f-f-fine.” He coughed. Marco sighed in relief.

“Oh good.” He smiled then went back to that annoyed face. “Then why did you drop me AGAIN?” Marco asked. Tom snapped out of it and pushed Marco off of him, he crossed his arms and turned away.

“I dropped you because you’re stupid body is so boney and wiggly you slid right out of my hands!” Tom made this up. “You’re so dumb.” He jabbed. Marco rolled his eyes and stood up. Tom turned around to see Marco was holding his hand out for Tom to take it.

“Well, a we get finished?” Marco asked. Tom took Marco’s hand and felt his heart race at the warmth. Marco offered Tom a warm smile and the demon practically melted. He couldn’t do this anymore. All these new feelings were so weird! Tom ripped his hands away and looked down so Marco wouldn’t see how red he was becoming.

“I-I gotta go!” Tom exclaimed.

“I thought you said you were free today?” Marco asked. Tom bit his lip.

“N-no… I um… I lied! Bye!” Tom practically yelled and ran out of the house, tripping over everything on his way out. He knocked over the coat rack and then slammed the door behind him. Marco sighed and watched Tom go.

“That boy ain’t right.”

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Could you do an imagine where the boys first time sleeping with their girlfriend and how they would feel about it? Thanks. Love your work btw.

glad you enjoy my work


     “you look tense leo” you said while looking at him laying on the bed 

“w-what? I-I’m not tense what are y-you talking about” leo replied while chuckling shyly 

     You just laughed a little and got on the bed with him, you snuggled up closer to him and you could feel him tense. You leaned your head towards his chest and looked up to see his face and you kissed his nose.

“don’t worry, you don’t have to be shy leo” you said while smiling at him

“o-okay (y/n), sorry” he said and kissed your lips 

     “no need to apologize” you said and cuddled into his chest. Leo blushed a little but he liked the feeling of your body against his, he was happy you were safe in his arms.


     You played down on your bed and turned off the light getting ready for bed. Once you were all tucked in and ready to sleep you suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around you from behind. You were very surprised to see your boyfriend raph spooning you from behind. 

“hey babe, sorry for scaring ya” he said while smirking

   “w-what are you doing here raph?” you asked and started to blush

Raph just yawned and closed his eyes “I wanted to sleep with you, thats all” he said

   Before you could protest any further you saw that he was already asleep and you just sighed and continue sleeping. Deep down raph was actually squealing because he finally got a chance to sleep with you and boy did it feel good. 


     He was a blushing mess the whole time from walking towards you room until you two were laying on your bed. He didn’t dare to make any moves because he was too scared and shy to do it so you ended up doing it yourself. You moved closer towards him and you could see that he was slowly moving backwards as well.

“what’s wrong? do you not want to sleep with me?” you said while pouting

     Donnie felt guilty and so he hugged you tightly and he blushed a darker shade of red “s-sorry, I was j-just a little shy” he answered

You just chucked and continue sleeping so did he.


      he was so hyper the whole time. You almost thought that he wouldn’t be able to sleep because of all the energy that he had inside him, but alas he ended up sleeping anyways. You two cuddled adorably and he held you tightly not wanting to let go.  The whole time mikey couldn’t stop smiling like a nerd and you just chuckled.

The next morning you woke up because you wanted to pee and you saw that mikey was still sleeping. You heard from the others that he was a extremely deep sleeper so you didn’t have to worry about waking him up. You tried to stand up but sadly mikey had an iron grip on you, like you were literally pulling his arms of you and he still wouldn’t budge. Well rip you buddy

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I DID AND I DIED first because of namjoon speaking english omg he’s so cute when he gets all smiley ;______; my heart.

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1P Germany with an S/O who has never done anything sexual/romantic and asks him, very reluctantly and shying, to teach her how to kiss? Rip please make it cute.

((Just note i don’t know German and with anxiety of getting it wrong and offending people I’m not going to write anything in German for this like pet names and endearing words sorry))

Ludwig blushed when she asked this. “Are you sure you want to?” After a moment to ask that it’s okay and his s/o nodding he smiled warmly. He gently took his s/o to the couch and sat him/her/ze/them on his lap. “I’m not sure how to clearly explain this my love but purse your lips and lean them against the other’s like this” with that he closed the gap and softly kissed his s/o and kept his hands on his s/o’s hips. His s/o gently kissed back and wrapped his/her/hir/their around his neck, softly kissing back. When they pulled away he smiled softly “want another lesson?”

the beginning of taking flight is such a rollercoaster for keith like:

here is he, extremely worried about lance, watching him closely

he is so eager??? to let him out of the pod??? (you can already see allura going “wtf chill boi”)

tfw u get scolded for wanting your boyfriend out as soon as possible (pidge is judging him too)


“I just want to see my bf allura is that too much”

always by his side

he’s the last of the group to leave the pod, which means he stayed in front of it all alone for a bit


and last but not least…..the look of betrayal™ after he sees lance flirting with allura

this guy is in love wake up america

The Sweetest Protector (Newt X Reader)

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@2heures requested:  Could my request be that one of newts beasts harms the reader and he freaks out and lots of fluff please !

Hopefully I was able to fully answer your request! :D

Warnings: Fluff. So much you might die. Read with caution. PS–this is more of a drabble, I guess? Not sure how proud I am of this story, but if you like it, give it a heart… Because I can be self-conscious about my stories ;-; (i’m a sad person, okay? okay.)

Newt was in all of his glory, as he jabbered on and on about all the beasts he loved and adored. You could see just how passionate he was about it just by how he moved. His hands constantly moving, the way he smiled, all the way down to how he was standing.

“You see, my dear,” he said enthusiastically. “Dragons are actually quite intelligent creatures. You can tell when they’re thinking hard when their pupil’s dilate.”

You watched this man that you had let yourself grow quite fond of, showing you a picture of a dragon that he sketched. “And how intelligent are dragon?” You asked, smiling at the man, who was rubbing his hands in excitement.

“Very!” He exclaimed. “It’s just that dragons have a very different way of learning. Look here, see how I noted in my journal that this particular dragon is very acute to sound? It’s like dragon’s are most intelligent in their strongest field, be it hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing.”

You gently tugged at Newt’s arm, and he looked down at you curiously. “Hello, what’s wrong?” He murmured, taking the book out of your hand and tucking it under his arm.

“Can you show me a dragon?” You asked innocent.

Newt bit his lip, and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Ermmm…” He fumbled. “Well, I guess Ophelia can be seen… It’s just that… Well… Um, she’s not the most tamed right now, you see.”

“Ophelia? You actually have a dragon? I was expecting you to say no!” You awed, watching Newt awkwardly avoiding eye contact. “I thought you said they were too dangerous!”

Newt rubbed his hands to keep himself distracted, from your weirded out gaze. “Well… I never said I DIDN’T have one… It’s a Scottish Ice Back! It was alone!” Newt pleaded, looking guilty and blushing bashfully.

“Newt. You have to show me. You’ve been going on and on about how amazing dragons are, and I want to see it!” You told him, reaching out for his hand in a comforting manor.

“Wait, you’re not mad at me?” Newt asked curiously, scratching his head.

“Why would I be, silly?!” You laughed, smiling up at Newt.

Newt looked a little a taken back, but smiled a sweet smile at you none the less. “Alright, let’s see her.”

Newt never let go of your hand as you made your way to one of the many world-like exhibits. You actually were surprised he was holding your hand, actually. He could be extremely shy around you, and he often avoided eye contact and especially stuttered, if you smiled at him. He was usually quite clumsy, and often made a fool out himself when around you. Like once he fell off a chair and ran into a wall, all in the course of a few minutes. It was ridiculously adorable, the way he got all flustered up, bashfully stealing glances at you, forgetting what he was going to stay, and always smiling.

“Ophelia?” Newt said softly. He was looking around big rocks covered with snow.

You were a bit nervous, not going to lie. You scooted closer to Newt, which made Newt extremely aware of the 3 inches of air space between the two of you. He seemed to grow a bit nervous too, but more from the close physical contact. “Where is she?” You whispered, almost not daring to breathe.

“She’s shy,” Newt said, ruffling his hair away from his eyes.

The two of you were practically sneaking now, searching for this dragon. “This is intense,” you murmured. You closed the gap between the two of you, fully freaked out by the silence.

Newt was more fully freaked out that you were now basically hugging him. He kept drumming his free hand on his thigh, nervously looking down at you. “You know… I don’t know if this—err, the best time… T-to tell you, but… I wanted—”

Newt was cut off by you placing your hand on his mouth. His face turned a tomato shade of red, but you were too busy to notice. “Look, Newt!” You hushed. You jerked your head to the left.

Newt looked to see a rather large and fat dragon watching them. She was completely white, blending in perfectly with the snowy background. Newt let go of your hand, and slowly walked up to her. “Don’t worry, mummy is here, Ophelia,” Newt chided softly, looking lovingly at the ice dragon.

Ophelia nodded in a majestic way, and slithered closer to Newt. She circled Newt and snaked her head against Newt’s hand affectionately. Newt sighed in contentment, and began to pet her. “That’s right, mummy is here for you,” Newt murmured.

You watched Newt pet her, and felt a tinge of jealousy. How was he so good at this?! You walked up to Ophelia and held out your hand. Newt took your hand and faced it palm down. “Palm down, Y/N,” Newt whispered to you.

Ophelia looked at you and then made a noise like she sneezed. A weird sort of mist shot from her nostrils and engulfed your hand. The first thing you noticed was that your hand felt like it was in an ice box. Then it felt like you were touching dried ice with your bare hands. The next thing you knew was your hand was burning. You looked at your hand, which was trembling. “Newt!” you squeaked in shock. Your eyes filled with tears, as the burning grew more intense.

Newt looked at your hand and then said sternly, “Ophelia! That is no way to act! I’m sorely disappointed in you! You should be ashamed of yourself!” He crossed his arms, glowing down at the dragon.

“My hand, Newt!” You whimpered in pain.

Newt took your cold hand and began rubbing frantically. “The one cure for this is friction, Y/N,” Newt explained rapidly.

Your hand slowly began to gain feeling again. Your hand was still twitching out of control, but at least it wasn’t hurting anymore. You were completely speechless. “Bad girl!” Newt shouted at Ophelia. “Very bad girl! Don’t ever do that again!”

Ophelia seemed to sense Newt’s displeasure and slithered slowly away in shame. “It’s okay, Newt,” You intervened.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Newt said. He looked almost in tears, having to yell at Ophelia and then having you hurt. He was such a sensitive man with a heart of pure gold. Newt did a daring thing, and slowly wrapped you in a hug. “Are you okay?” He asked breathing in your sweet scent.

You nodded, tears spilling down your cheeks. You were a little frightened, you weren’t going to lie. You were glad Newt was there and knew what to do. You were especially glad for his warm hug. “Let’s go back up, and then come down to visit Ophelia again a little later,” You comforted Newt.

Newt nodded and said upset, “I’ve never yelled at my babies before. I feel horrible.”

You rubbed Newt’s back, and murmured, “It wasn’t your fault, Newt. You were just protecting me.”

Newt still looked a little upset, but he smiled a small smile at you. The two of you began to walk back, and Newt asked timidly, “Can I hold your hand again?”


imagine keith struggling with his crush on lance and having no idea how to approach the guy, so he resolves to asking him directly about it but pretending it’s about someone else.

“so there’s this guy i like…. and you’re really good okay at flirting so i thought i could ask for your help”

lance gets suspicious bc they haven’t met many people in space (and also i love the idea of lance figuring out and having fun with it) “sure man no problem! you could use some of my pickup lines if you want! what’s he like?”

and keith tries to give this really vague description of lance which eventually ends in him just gushing about lance. “he’s such a funny guy” “i love his smile” “he’s brave and generous i admire him” “we um..started off with the wrong foot and now i can’t stop thinking about him” “my favourite color is blue like his eyes” *blushes even harder than before*

lance, smiling knowingly: wow sounds like you got it real bad

keith: i just want him to notice me you know? i really want to do something *sighs*

in the end lance tells him “who knows maybe he likes you back and doesn’t think your hair is that bad” before going out of of the room leaving a very lovestruck keith on the floor


#But look at how Simon immediately adverts his gaze to Luke #How he becomes unsure of himself and frightened and he looks at Luke for support #Obviously we don’t see Luke’s expression but you know he’s looking Simon right in the eyes perhaps has small smile on his face or a nod #He’s reassuring Simon letting him now that it’s okay, he’s there for him, clary’s there for him, he’s not alone #And Simon is still scared you can see his hesitance even after but he takes the bravery that Luke offers and he gives a small smile to Jocelyn #Anyways I just wanted to cry over how much these two love each other, how supportive Luke Garroway is and how he provides comfort to anyone without even using words 

A Phone Call
  • Shitty: Hello?
  • Jack: Shitty. Bittle just did the cutest thing.
  • Shitty: What?
  • Jack: He sent me this pie, right? And the top is shaped like a heart. A heart, Shits.
  • Shitty: Okay? That is pretty cute.
  • Jack: I love him so much, Shits. I think I love him more than the Stanley cup.
  • Shitty: Woah, wait, what?
  • Jack: He's perfect. His smile is like sunshine. One time, he hugged me, and my knee pains were gone. Gone, Shitty.
  • Shitty: I think that might have been a byproduct of you straightening up to hug him, Jack.
  • Jack: No, and see, his hair-
  • Shitty: Jack, I love you. I really do. But you've gotta stop.
  • Jack: Stop what?
  • Shitty: Stop calling me just to tell me how much you love Bitty. Why don't you call Bitty and tell him all that?
  • Jack: I do. Every night. Also in the mornings. After games sometimes. Sometimes after lunch.
  • Shitty: Holy shit, Jack.
  • Jack: *choked up* I love him so much, Shitty.
Day6 As Things My Non-Kpop Friend Has Said About Them
  • Sungjin: "Okay but he totally has that "ruthless businessman who's super cute and devoted around his pretty wife" vibe"
  • Young K: "I would date the shit out of him holy crap he's hot AND he looks like he would treat me right"
  • Wonpil: "He's so hot wtf if he smiled and asked me to sell him my soul I would just give it to him for free"
  • Dowoon: "I feel like he has girls falling at his feet but he doesn't care and just loves his dog."
slowbro sprite rating

as suggested by @hero-pons


not sure about this sprite, i feel like if you were looking at it w/out knowing what slowbro is you wouldn’t recognize that’s its tail. still cute though. 5/10


this is better. clearer. looks like he just dropped a contact and is bending over to look for it. i hope he finds it! 6/10


he found it! look how happy he is! i love him. 10/10


he dropped it again. 7/10


he’s happy again! he’s so excited to be here. happiness goals tbh?? 10/10


he’s waving hi to you because he’s so glad to see you again! how nice. shellder looks like he’s working through some things but it’ll be okay. 10/10


so cute??? looks like he’s doing a blep. this happy boy brings a smile to my face. 9/10

black/white/black 2/white 2

another happy boy, now wiggling a bit in his excitement. impatience, maybe? either way, i love him. 8/10

xy/omega ruby/alpha sapphire

looks very spaced out, as slowbro tend to be. i support him. please help your local slowbro by reminding them to close their mouths. 7/10

bonus mega slowbro

please help him/10

First Reaction vs Now - Seventeen Edition

First 3 videos I watched: Very Nice Dance Practice, Mansae Dance Practice and Adore U Dance Practice

then: manly body A+

then: who is this pretty girl
now: who is this pretty boy

then: okay I swear I see a white man
now: what a Good Meme™

then: *searches height on google*
now: it’s a lovely day to appreciate Lee Jihoon for all that he does

then: i just remember when everyone fanned him at the end of very nice.
now: a smile that brightens the darkest of days

then: first boy to catch my attention!!!
now: nobody will ever love Mingyu as much as Mingyu loves Mingyu

now: a sophisticated cat

then: his gaze actually intimidates me
now: a sweet peach who’s grown up so fast

then: for some reason i didn’t like hoshi!!! frick @ me!! i suck. 
now: amazing choreo and sex appeal

then: a cute boy next door
now: Diva /red alert/ make way/ no time for peasants 

now: an angel

then: really caught my attention in the VN practice video. woah woah woha. he was SO good
now: awkward (and adorable) beansprout

The 8
then: awe oh my goodness he is so precious
now: look out it’s thughao 

(thank you for reading!!)

like okay John says he was helping Mrs Hudson with her sudoku after he put the balloon John there in his chair but…… the SECOND Sherlock says “John ??! ?!” John is There and pops out from the kitchen like uh. He was standing in there, quietly just watching Sherlock and maybe having some tea to pass the time, watching Sherlock with the clients with a small, fond smile on his face. he loves him. he was so pleased when Sherlock called him and he came out with that smug, almost amused smile at his own masterpiece and how he’d been watching Sherlock literally for so long now to finally come out and join him.

and Sherlock kept that balloon there all the time. a lil piece of his john. made by john :>

Dating Barry Allen Would Include...

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  • cuddles all the time
  • being friends with Cisco and Caitlin
  • you knowing his the Flash
  • him being very protective over you

  • you calling him Barr
  • Cisco putting you two a ship name

  • awkwards moments
  • you always being worried about him

  • spooning
  • having to stand on your tip toes to kiss him

  • wearing his clothes
  • passionate make out sessions

  • him giving you the best hugs
  • him getting jealous when some guy is hitting on you

  • then he gets super clingy over you
  • you rolled your eyes and just smile to yourself because you find his jealousy adorable and cute

  • him always showing you how much he loves you
  • you comfronting him when he’s sad or depressed

  • sweet kisses
  • him getting embarrased when his friends catch you up kissing or having a couple momento

  • you finding his awkwardness adorable
  • him always make you smile

  • coffe dates on jitters
  • forehead kisses

  • movie marathons
  • romantic dinners

  • him being a giant dork and you loving it
  • him getting nerdy and rambing science facts

  • “I am getting nerdy again am I?”
  • “yeah, but it’s okay, your the cutest nerd I know”

  • asking him to sing to you
  • and he refusing, then you pout and he can’t resist and ends up singing to you

  • visiting him on STAR Labs
  • him going to other earths and your dopplegangers are together in all of them and him knowing that you and him are meant to be

  • “I can’t imagine my life with any other person, I love you (y/n), It’s always have been you since the day I laid my eyes on you”
  • “I love you too Barr, and I want spend the rest of my life with you”


Weak- Cassian Andor

Originally posted by fuckyeahrebelcaptain

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Prompt: #47: “How am I supposed to do anything when you’re looking at me like that”

Warnings: None, just kissing and angst. My usual MO. 

A/N: Okay so I know this has primarily been a Percivan Graves content blog for a while now, but I couldn’t resist. And I had a lot of encouragement so thank you xD I hope this turned out alright…he’s a difficult character to capture but I really, really loved writing this! Let me know what you think!

I heard footsteps coming up the ramp and turned to look over my shoulder. I smiled as Cassian poked his head around the corner. I should’ve expected him to turn up at some point. He seemed to know me better than I knew myself. I’d gone to the ship in an attempt to be alone, to gather my thoughts before tomorrow. Sleep was evading me, the way it always did before a big battle. Only this time it was different. I had a feeling about this particular battle, though it was a feeling I didn’t want to dwell on for too long. Cassian was about the only person I wanted to see right now anyways.

“Shouldn’t you be resting, Captain?” I asked, going back to cleaning my gun.

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signs as 2jae things that happened within the FIRST week of never ever promotions

aries: it’s just a microphone guys pls 

taurus: i’d rather stare at you than this cake we’re supposed to be making

gemini: wHOOP wHOOP

cancer: he snatched my mic but instead of being anger let me just give him heart eyes and finger hearts

leo: wow that’s not part of the dance jaebum but okay ig


libra: jaebum clinging onto youngjae as per- oh wait no now its youngjae clinging onto him hnNNGG OKAY


sagittarius: youngjae’s aegyo attack which has jaebum a smiling mess (we’re all yugy in this situation)

capricorn:lets take pictures together for the first time in 2000 years to remind everyone we’re still the cutest

aquarius: lets take a photoshoot together for the first time in 200 years to remind everyone we’re still the hottest

pisces: “not to be repetitive but we really are the hottest boyfriends…we’re also vocal kings so there’s that

listen okay no les mis headcanon is ever, EVER gonna make me smile as much as the “leslie knope is enjolras’ mom” i dont care how cracky it sounds i dont give a shit i just want, a nice fic, where he brings grantaire home back to meet the parents and its full of LOVE and LAUGHTER because he was raised by leslie knope and ben wyatt okay?? like the minute they step thru that door enjolras is in his passionate Yelling About A Cause Mode™ discussing, grantaire isnt sure what because they keep yelling over each other, with his mother, and ben is summoned by the sound of his SON and his WIFE debating,,, something about the senate, he doesn’t know either, but he’s like oh hey hi, hi you must be grantaire, enjolras, enjolras, ENJOLRAS, care to introduce us, and enjolras is blushing and hes like, oh my god yeah grantaire this is my mother leslie and my father ben, guys this is grantaire, hes great and i love him, and im JUST VERY EMOTIONAL ABOUT THIS



  • Oh boy she freaks out, she’s running around trying to find out what happened/ why they’re upset. 
  • she keeps zooming in and out of the room with various items to try and cheer them up. She’s brought hot chocolate, wrapped them in a blanket, and brought in items they know S/O enjoys
  • When none of that works she practically tackles S/O in a hug, and she refuses to let go until they feel better
  • “It’s okay love. I’m here for you whatever it is.”


  • Honestly he’s not the best at dealing with crying people, he just doesn’t know how to react. What he does know is that he doesn’t like seeing S/O upset no matter what
  • He would bring out his steel trap and do his little puppet routine with it, he juggles his bombs, he tries everything to get a smile on his S/O’s face (His emotes)
  • When that doesn’t work he runs off as fast as he can to ask Roadhog for help
  • Seeing him leave makes S/O more upset till he comes running back into the room and hugs them. 
  • He lets them cry on his shoulder, while reassuring them that he’s there and everything’s okay