i just love his reaction afterwards

@yorukoyamirai Yeah that’s true! I like the professional chef bits where he’s trying to bake “cookies” or he’s making that food at Vrepit Sal’s but those moments where he’s talking about food and the rest of the team just kinda looks at him like he’s some weirdo just reinforces that stereotype that big people like him just like to gorge(?) themselves on food. Like, I KNOW his mentions of food are from the standpoint of a chef and I love that about him because I admire the intelligence that he possesses but it’s the reactions he gets from the other characters (i.e. the part in one of the last episodes of the second season where everyone says they’re thinking of stopping Zarkon but they just stare at Hunk when he mentions food (and he does bring up a valid point afterward that not everything has to be about Zarkon and that they should be able to relax once in a while)). He himself isn’t the problem, it’s the reactions he gets from others that set that whole oversimplified “oh all he does is want food” vibe and it doesn’t help that he’s already an underrated character as is. It gets kinda tiring, I want more moments were he does what he does and he gets applauded for it. I probably should have worded that better :0

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first and foremost, the haruhana interview when mingyu said he couldn’t live without jihoon and jihoon said mingyu is a babo dongsaeng. their dynamics are so amazing, the height difference is a wonderful bonus [clutches heart weakly]

and also that time when mingyu kissed jihoon on the head SCREAMS they’re so pure, and mingyu’s reaction afterwards was so pure too i love jigyu so much cries

OH AND THE ICONIC JIGYU MOMENT when jihoon was sitting on a chair and mingyu had his arms wrapped around jihoon’s legs and jihoon like,,,fell down on purpose and then ends up laying on top of mingyu and they just laugh it off like lil pups and im here flipping my laptop and getting cardiac arrests like ? ? ?? ? ??? 

there’s just so many tbh TAT 

You’re a cruel one, Touka.

I thought this was an interesting choice of words to describe Touka. In Ch. 120 of TG, Touka hits him and calls him trash. What is Kaneki’s reaction to that? Nothing. He takes the beating, and he even mulls over her words afterwards, eventually deciding that she’s right, he’s being selfish, and that he wants to return to Anteiku, where he is loved.

In this chapter (Ch. 72 of TG:Re), Touka simply calls his name and tells him that she’ll see him later, a subtle reminder that he has people who love him waiting for him. And this time, Kaneki’s reaction is to call her, or her words at least, cruel.

I’m not saying that Touka should continue physically beating sense into Kaneki (although I don’t think she should be dragged to hell and back for it either, because she was shown regretting it and clearly has learned from the incident), just pointing this out because it says a lot about Kaneki, I think. Kaneki, who is used to being physically and verbally abused, takes her first intervention nonchalantly. This kindness, this gentleness, this faith in him that Touka is showing now –– it’s something that Kaneki is not used to (he has people who treat him well of course, like Hide, but he simply doesn’t internalise kindness the same way he does abuse).

My take on it would be that when Touka hit Kaneki, when he saw how much he had hurt her by leaving, he must have felt awful, but at the same time, he used that to validate his view of himself, that he’s not worthy of receiving love and kindness. So seeing how much faith Touka has in him now, compared to their last proper encounter where she took her anger out on him, takes him by surprise. 

He wants to die for someone in order to feel like he’s worth something, but here Touka is, telling him that he is worthy and he is loved without needing to go to such lengths. She is being cruel in this instance because she is deconstructing his reasons for seeking a glorified death. She is being cruel because she’s no longer enabling and validating Kaneki’s view of himself as worthless. She’s calling out to the part of Kaneki that doesn’t want to die, that wants to go back to all his friends, making it harder for him to tell himself that this is something he must do. After all, why would he need to die to prove his worth if he already has people who love him?

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Jimin, Jungkook, and J-Hope reacting to you backing hugging them affectionately? Like, you're their crush, and this happens often with ONLY them, but you just love skinship! Thanks~

AWE, That’s cuuuute~ I love back hugs. ^_^ Thanks for the request! Enjoy!


J-Hope would probably scream because you scared him, but would laugh afterward when he found out it was you. The first time you do it to him starts off a war of back hugs, and you two would go back and forth, feeding Hoseok’s crush on you. It’ll take his members to wake him up, and tell him you like him too, which makes him ask you out with a back hug.

Jimin, I see, being very shocked, and confused as to who it was, and when you tell him, with a giggle, that it’s you, I see him smiling, but being even more shocked. He’d be hella happy, and when he figures that the more you do it, the more you like him, he’ll start randomly doing it to you, and when he knows your blushing and smiling, it’ll give him confidence to ask you out.

Jungkook would be a blushing mess. He’d be so happy and thrilled, but also so shy and nervous. He’d be curious as to why you always did it, and his Hyungs would probably have to convince him that you really do like him. He’d probably be so excited about your crush on him, he’d do something weird with his hands and be a huge, smiling mess.


Hope you liked it!!! ^_^

~Admin VJinHope<3

i love the complexity of male relationships tho because i just watched the gmm where rhett and link eat all the different peppers and after the second to last pepper when link has his head in his hands, rhett’s instinctive reaction, initially, is to check that link is alright (“are you ok?”) then right afterwards to makes fun of him (“you’re not a risk taker huh?”) and then immediately scold him (“DON’T TOUCH YOUR EYEBALLS!”) and there’s just like this whole palette of different reactions happening in rapid succession and it’s adorable, rhett just doesn’t know what to do with himself

Korra rewatch with fandom newbie

So I’m staying with my cousin who has terrible internet so I’ve been showing him Legend of Korra on my hard drive. He’s never seen Avatar or much TV really and not involved in any fandoms and I fear I have created a monster.

We just finished Book 3 last night but his reactions in the previous books have been insane. 

-he was absolutely convinced for several episodes that Asami was Amon and freaked out when she zapped her dad. (And punch my arm for a solid 20 seconds afterwards)

-He has an unholy hatred of Mako for some reason and I can’t convince him otherwise. I honestly don’t know how to change his mind.

-He absolutely loves Korra, said that he has never been more attached to a female character and that she’s an adorable badass.

-He doesn’t want any of the Krew to get together, or so I thought until I asked him what ones he would be okay with. He instantly went “Korra and Asami should just be gay together because no one else is good enough for them.” And I’m sitting trying not to die laughing.

-Role on Book 4, we binged watched Book 2 and 3 yesterday. I am so ready to film is reaction in the finale. He’s going to actually die. He has no idea. Seriously he is treating Asami and Korra like his babies in every freakin scene. 

If only he had the gaydar detector then he might not have a mental breakdown at the end of Book 4. He really doesn’t think it will happen. Muhhaha