i just love his hair in this scene :)

NOt to be totally off topic after the day’s events (even tho I’m gonna be), but Descendants 2……

Uma, Harry, Gil, and Dizzy are good beans and I love them all.

My grandson was kinda nasty but I was still crying every time he was in a scene.

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Look at him  W I G G L E.

(But I yelled when he ate the gum. I can appreciate how over the top he is, but he needed to chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill.)

UMAAAA was lovely and the acting rocked and her hair!!!! She looked kind of like a Jelly fish and it roooooocked. (So did her song. I have a thing for large groups of people dancing as a single BEING apparently.)

Gil and Dizzy were just complete beans and nothing bad should ever happen to them.

Also, near the end of the battle scene where Harry jumped into the water after his hook…. I was so prepared for Uma to be angry or something. But she wasn’t??? So good. She helped Mr. Nasty out and there was only like one or two of those “villain gets angry at henchman scenes,” which were only very minor instances. A good and pure villainous companionship.

I want them all back.

(Also, Jay’s bun killed and I’m not afraid to admit that I loved it)

(and my grandson’s guyliner. A++. Does and wears wings better than I ever will)

(His “speciality”)

Pictures of the Eros costume popped up again on my twitter tl and I scream a bit every time I see it BC LIKE



Yuuri could obviously fix his hair on his own without problems but it’s so sweet that Viktor just takes over all of these things AND THEY OBVIOUSLY LOVE IT AS WELL and tons of people already discussed it but the act of brushing someone’s hair has a much more intimate history in Japanese culture as well

THESE TWO ARE SO PURE THEY CARE SO MUCH FOR EACH OTHER ON EVERY LEVEL AND OBVIOUSLY ENJOY ALL OF THESE SMALL THINGS THEY DO TOGETHER A GREAT DEAL I love how their relationship blossoms so seamlessly in the moments we don’t get to see in the show


Tell me goodbye

The video is simply just so beautiful it leaves me breathless. It’s beautifully made and beautifully filmed. The aesthetic in this video is insane and completely breath-taking. 

But like all those cute, tender moments the video focus on in the relationship: the way Shawn holds her hand so tightly. The way he kisses the top of her head so lovingly. The way his arms slips around her body teasingly yet so warmly. The way he looks at her with a loss of words because she’s just that beautiful to him. The way he always holds out his hand for her to take, holds out his hand to make sure she’s always there with him. The way his fingers wraps into her hair. The way he pulls her closer to his chest simply just because he can. 

I love how they showed this relationship so loving and warm but also so fun and easy and free. The scenes where they are running and laughing and biking around, almost acting like kids not caring about anything else in that exact moment than enjoying being young and in love with. 

I’m in love with the idea of a relationship like that. I’m in love with the idea of it being them against the world no matter what people say or think. Like in a crowd full of people, his eyes are still drawn directly to her. It’s not even his own choice, it just happens. He always just finds her. He doesn’t even know how, but his eyes will always catch her first. 

I’m in love with the idea of them creating their own little crazy world and their own little spontaneous adventures late at night at the Eiffel tower or running around the empty streets and dancing with each other at midnight, just because they feel like it. Just because they feel like being free and act a little crazy with each other, because that is how they make each other feel inside. 

I’m in love with the idea that a simple car ride or a boat trip or a train journey or drinking coffee, can be such a loving and intimate moment to share between them, simply because they’re sharing it together. I’m in love with the fact that those everyday things turns into just as much of an adventure, because they want it to be. 

I’m in love with the idea of the relationship they’re showing in this video. A perfect mix between being wrapped into their own little safe world and taking on the world together because they can, because they feel like it. This video is just beautiful. That’s all there is to say. 

And just thinking about this might be how Shawn imagines his relationship to be when he’s touring, it just makes my heart melt. Thinking about how this might just be how he pictures it; bringing her along on adventures, having her support him and dance her heart out at his shows, but also escaping the world entirely and just be the two of them in piece. This is beautiful.


“You fucked the dairy goat?”

love how in the WW film when diana starts fighting with her costume in full view, her hair becomes more curly. and sure, she had it in a bun or ponytail for most of the movie so maybe we just couldn’t tell, but it’s clear the production fluffed it up for her wonder woman scenes so it looks more heroic and majestic, and all i can think about is diana’s hair doing its own thing whenever she’s in full WW mode. bruce and clark just staring for a bit before joining the fight because

clark: is that… supposed to be possible
bruce: too many variables. will investigate

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what are some things you wished had happened on the show before lexa died? i don't mean just clexa moments, but like, developments for her as a character

i have so many 

  • Lexa interacting with her people and how that plays out in times of peace? I would have loved to see her go down into the marketplace, or even just sit on her throne and listen as her people came to her with issues, complaints and disputes
  • more depth regarding the spiritual role of the commander–I would have liked to see her during a ceremony or a holiday or celebration or something? fulfilling some sort of role? (Well we got a TINY BIT with the wanheda ceremony and ascension day but it should’ve been more)
    • Lexa teaching Clarke about grounder culture, lore, and legends.
    • Or teaching her nightbloods and Clarke sitting in. 
  • Lexa and her handmaidens! I feel like the Handmaidens were alluded to multiple times but we didn’t see them.  
    • And I wanna see them bathing her but that’s just fanservice for me,,,
  • Lexa flashbacks! I wanna know what the fuck they alluded to with her and Queen Nia??? Roan implied that Nia wasn’t the only one in the wrong but the show just dropped it after that line? What comparable shit did Lexa do? Also I wanted to know more about Costiaaaa
    • also her family? either flashback or meeting them in person. 
  • Lexa Going To War in like. a Real War vs. the ice nation, and I wanted to see her in a Real Battle, not CoL garbage.
  • Also Wounded Lexa. like a serious wound but she survives it. 
  • LAUGHING i wanted to see her laughing for real?
  • Honestly just Lexa establishing a legacy of peace for her people and being remembered for it; being able to create a cooperative society for all of the grounder groups 
  • An episode opening with her and Clarke in bed together in the morning, like I’ve seen Thousands of Times for straight ppl
  • Speaking of Clarke their entire s3 arc about forgiveness and falling in love again should have been stretched out over the entire season
  • And personally I think Lexa’s whole head vs heart arc should’ve stretched out longer into season 3 as well; she’s had a lifetime of being taught that love is weakness…. and then pretty much all the development regarding that happened offscreen in the three month gap? no. I want more. 
  • More scenes blurring Lexa & The commander
    • We got some scenes of her being Vulnerable when she was in Heda mode in s2 but I want more
    • Lexa with her hair loose, in her nightgown/pajamas kicking ass? pinning an assassin down and holding a knife to his throat?
    • Or an attack on Polis happening while she’s sleeping and she doesn’t have time to change, just charging out of the room in her pajamas snarling orders at people. Sitting in her throne with her hair loose, wearing a tank top in shorts or The Nightgown™ holding a sword across a lap or a dagger in her hand interrogating one of the other leaders or strategizing 
  • Lexa with her hair in one loose braid draped over her shoulder. just cuz she’d look pretty. 
  • LEXA DURING WINTER - all draped in furs and cloaks with snow glittering in her hair 
  • Lexa in the Polis Tower Library 
  • Lexa hunting 
  • Lexa eating tbh 
  • fffff Lexa deserved to say “I love you” to Clarke. Her entire arc was about love being weakness and then love being strength; for her to not even be allowed to say “I love you” to Clarke, to verbalize that, was really disappointing and pretty glaringly obvious considering what a huge part in her character arc that was? Like not only do I think she deserved to say it for the sake of their relationship because I love Clexa, but she deserved to say it simply for herself and her own development as well. 
  •  I wish she had been thrown from power as the commander, survived, and have to go on a campaign to regain her throne; learning how to navigate the world in order to get shit done when she doesn’t have Incredible Authority Over Everyone and An Army At Her Back. 

i’m sure i’ll think of more but that will do for now

Andrew looked as he always had, and Neil knew his face as well as he knew every iteration of his own.
Despite that, something seemed different.
Maybe it was the sunlight streaming through the window, making Andrew’s pale hair shine brighter and his hazel eyes seem almost gold.

(andreil fanart)

Mark Tuan as Boyfriend



  • staying quiet and just trying to make eye contact with you when he wants attention
  • will do and say stuff just to see your reaction
  • staring in your eyes often, because he’s really grateful to have you
  • randomly telling English phrases to you
  • tenderly massaging your back and wrists when he thinks something is wrong
  • cupping your face regularly
  • the silence with him is not awkward especially when you are shy too
  • Mark is getting jealous pretty easily because he thinks that he’s not good enough for you
  • he will teach you new stuff without making you feel uncomfortable because of your ignorance
  • while listening to music together he’ll make fun of the rap parts of the songs imitating them to make you laugh
  • calling you with so many cute nicknames

        Dates with Mark:

  • not the type of dates including eating a meal; I just can’t imagine him in a restaurant
  • he’ll be more up to playing basketball or skateboarding with you
  • maybe he’ll take you to an amusement park, will buy cotton candy and will feed you with it
  • dates with him are somehow almost always ending up with rain at random; he’ll keep you dry under his jacket and will kiss your lips; raindrops falling from his hair on your face while he pulls you closer to his body
  • going to the cinema to watch action movies or thrillers; he loves to look at your facial expressions during the most intense scenes

        Sex with Mark:

  • Mark’s favorite place to leave kisses on is your belly
  • doing everything like in slow motion, because he wants to feel and explore every inch of your body in detail
  • he’s going crazy when you kiss his neck
  • much lip biting
  • Mark loves to examine new intimate experiences; his favorite is placing a blindfold over your eyes to make you melt under his touch
  • his moans are manly and even sexier when he tries to hold them



I have a lot of feelings about this headcanon and I really need to talk to you about this. Okay? Okay, good.

We all know that the metamorphmagus gene is in the Black bloodline, right? I mean after all Tonks was a metamorphmagus and her dad was a muggle, therefore she had to inherit the gene from Andromeda, who’s a Black.

Now, what if DRACO had inherited the gene?



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Garmadon: La-loyd?

Lloyd: That’s right, your son, and it’s Lloyd

Garmadon: No, L-L-O-Y-D, I named you

Lloyd: You ruined my life [throws mask thing to the ground]

Garmadon: Pft, That’s not true, I have not even been part of your life, how could I ruin it? I wasn’t even there


[makes this face while the wind blows his hair like every dramatic scene]

I expected LEGO Movie humor and it already has by just a few dialogue, and I’m loving it


If there was a boy and a girl… and they were in love with each other, really, properly in love, and they could prove it, then they would be given a few years together, before they began their donations.

Not a secret anymore

Gifs not mine ——> Credit to the owner

Requests open

Hi! You are an amazing writer💕 I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you are Tony Starks daughter and are dating peter Parker and you both try to keep it a secret but tony finds out and is upset and threatens to take away peters suit and kick him out while he doesn’t let you leave his sight or something? Much love!

“(Y/N) we really need to start doing our science project or we are going to be screwed” I try to move (Y/N) Stark, my secret girlfriend and the daughter of my boss, who is currently straddling my lap as she kisses my neck turning me on.

“C’mon, you are with the most intelligent girl of the school. We can work on it later Peter” I sigh knowing I’m not going to win this fight. “Also my dad is with the Captain discussing very important matter so they will be busy for the next hours and I have disabled F.R.I.D.A.Y” 

She keeps on kissing me making me weak, she has been my weakness since I met her almost a year ago. We have been dating for almost sixth months in secret because of who she is. When I first met him his dad, also my boss, stated very clear that (Y/N) was off-limits but hey… I’m not good at following the rules.

As we continue kissing a knock on the door interrupt us and I wasn’t able to do anything because the door was being opened by the father of (Y/N) who was watching me furiously and staring at my almost naked body considering I was shirtless and (Y/N) was disheveled and with red cheeks from the heat of the situation we were.

“You have one minute to put your shirt back and give me your fucking suit because you are so out of this team Parker” I open my mouth surprised with his reaction. I knew he was going to be mad at me but this?

“Dad I can explain P-” As (Y/N) was about to speak Tony interrupt her now fully screaming at the both of us


“Mr. Stark we were just making out” His faces makes a flinch signaling me that he is getting more mad “Sorry…I mean I love your daughter seriously and-” another voice interrupt us as Steve, the Captain, enters the room watching the scene in front of him

“What is happening? The team is worried someone’s is going to die here” 

“Just my dad being irrational!” (Y/N) screams 

“Shut up young lady, you are definetely grounded forever!”

“Okay everybody calm down” The Captain again talks “Tony are you seriously mad about Parker dating your daughter? You know he is the most responsible guy we have ever met, he adores you and aspires for the best”

“Mr. Stark I love (Y/N) I swear I will never do anything to hurt her” He tugs his hair full of frustration

“She will always be in danger with you Parker” This time (Y/N) hufss

“Dad, don’t know if you know but I’m your daughter! I’m always in danger! I live in a tower full of superheroes, who do you expect me to date? A lawyer?” Tony laughs signaling us that his anger is passing away

“I will have a strict no fucking in my tower policy okay? And Parker, you and me are going to have a long talk so put your shirt on because I’m taking you with me”

“Yes sir” I kiss goodbye (Y/N) and the Captain nods at me. I’m so happy that we are not a secret anymore.

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More pjo au doodles!!

Lance charms everyone who crosses his path… Especially giant underworld puppies that just want someone to love them

Kuro honestly doesn’t like anything related to the underworld.

Hephaestus kid Pidge!! With long hair, at first ;D

Hephaestus kid Hunk! The sunshine child rivalling the Apollo kids!

Also, godly siblings Hunk and Pidge!! <3

And at last, Kuro fighting with a scythe! Not his actual weapon, but what a waste of my power it’d be for me to not include a scene of a Hades kid fighting with a scythe, right?

Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by in the chat and everyone else who watched the stream as well!! <3 I really appreciate you guys

Do not repost without permission.

have you ever been in love? part 2 - reggie mantle

word count: 2.596

warnings: swearing, 

plot: happens about 2 days after the Vday quiz and if I summarize more I give away the plot

a/n: so i wasn’t planning on writing a 2nd part for HYEBIL but it was heavily requested and it’s Ross’s bday so,,,it happened

“Who’s this guy?” The bright screen of a phone was pushed in your face, causing you to groan and close your eyes. “Sorry.” The guy next to you muttered before toning down the luminosity.

The first thing you saw upon opening your eyes was an Instagram picture of you and Reggie Mantle. He had his arm around you and there was a dashing smile on his face. You were kissing his cheek and looked happier than ever.

And you were happy.


“That’s Reggie, he was my boyfriend.” You spoke before pushing the phone away from your face.

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i just need some dnp cuddling with phil nestled into dans arms and his head resting on dans chest or like dan petting/massaging phils hair i just wanna see phil being soft and getting pampered by his bf please

// i see things about sub drops but never about dom drops. can you write phil with a dom drop please?

| 30 Days of NSFW: Day 1 (cuddling (naked)) |

“You’re beautiful,” Phil mumbled, mindful to not dig his hands too hard into Dan’s hips no matter what reassurance he needed. Dan’s body was littered with bites and cuts and bruises, all of them treated and the worst of them tucked under bandages. 

Worthless, good-for-nothing whore, isn’t that right, baby? Just my little cocksleeve, a mindless cumdump… Phil could still taste the words on his tongue, spoken to – no, snarled at – the boy in his arms no less than thirty minutes ago. Phil whimpered again, tightening his arms around Dan’s waist and pushing his face into Dan’s chest, mindful of his injuries.

Injuries Phil created.

“I love you,” Phil mumbled into the soft, slightly sweaty skin of Dan’s chest. It was too warm for clothes, too warm to be pressed together like they were under the blankets of Dan’s bed, but Phil didn’t care about the heat. Only cared about the steady thump, thump thump of Dan’s heart against his ears, the steady rise and fall of Dan’s chest against his. Dan’s heart stuttered and his breathing quickened and Phil shot up, concern etched into the furrows of his brow as he gently took Dan’s cheeks in his hands.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt? Fuck, stupid question, I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do? Fuck, I knew I- I knew I–” Phil wrung his hands,  shaking his head as he mumbled to himself. He reached out, then quickly retracted his hands, shaking his head more. He only stopped when Dan gently took his hands in his, smiling up at him.

“It’s okay, Phil,” Dan said, taking Phil’s palms and laying them against his own chest. “I’m here. It’s okay. You didn’t hurt me. I love you.”

“I’m sorry,” Phil muttered, ducking his face into the crook of Dan’s neck. It smelled like lavender soap and mint shampoo and Dan. Phil breathed in deep before pulling back, shuffling himself around until he lay, once more, wrapped in Dan’s arms with Dan wrapped in his.

Carefully, ever so carefully, Phil brought his lips to a raised red line on Dan’s chest. From Phil’s belt, early in the scene. “I love you,” Phil murmured, pressing a kiss to the top of the line and delicately dragging his lips down the length of it. “You’re perfect. Beautiful. I’m so lucky, I’m so happy with you.” Dan’s hands found themselves buried deep in Phil’s hair, not pulling, just grounding.

“I love you,” Phil said again, pressing another kiss to a bruise on Dan’s ribs. Another one, to the aide plaster covering a particularly deep cut from the metal buckle of Phil’s belt. “I won’t hurt you. It’s okay. You liked it. you liked it, right?” He looked up at Dan, his eyes wide and oddly vulnerable.

Dan leaned down to press a kiss to Phil’s nose. “I did,” he reassured his boyfriend, one hand still massaging Phil’s scalp while the other danced down to rub soothing circles into Phil’s hip. “I loved it. I love you.”

“You loved it. You love me,” Phil repeated, still somehow needing to convince himself of this fact. Reassure himself.

“You love me. I love you. You loved it. I love you…” Phil repeated, still pressing kisses to every injury he could find on Dan’s body, even the ones that were mostly healed. He shuffled even closer, sliding one thigh between Dan’s just to be physically closer to him, to be wrapped up in him even further as Phil slowly drifted off to sleep.

“I’m back,” was the last thing he said before his eyes slid shut. “And I love you.”

“I love you too,” Dan whispered back before he too was out like a light.


Finally finished! XD A set of Rumples that I started weeks ago to go with my Belles! These were super fun to draw and I love how they came out! 

My personal favorite is little Spinner!Rum but I still can’t decide if I love or hate his crazy disco shirt in the fourth one! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Enjoy!


pairing: kai parker x reader

word count: 1431

a/n: not requested, just something i was thinking about. listen to this

One moment you were watching Alaric and Jo give their vows, the next you were lying in rubble with a distinct ringing in your ears. 

You could hear people screaming, crying, shouting, but it was like they were being muffled. You tried to move into a sitting position but stopped when a sharp pain struck through your back. You shifted your muscles and felt something lodged between your hip and spine. Eyes struggling to focus in the brightness, you pushed through the pain and managed to sit up, but your hands and arms now stung from the cuts of glass shards.

“Miss me?”

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