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Astro Insecurities

Every one of the 12 zodiac signs has a visceral uncertainty that is burrowed behind their carefully constructed camouflage. Whether they are overconfident, overprotective, overly shy, or just plain guarded, here is a list of what the zodiac is trying to hide…

Aries: What If I’m Not a Superhero? Aries feel compelled to verify their bravery with daring acts of recklessness. But the seemingly confident Ram uses heroism to hide the gnawing anxiety that maybe they will never be important enough to make a lasting impression on the world.  

Taurus: Will I Ever Have Enough? Taurus dreads the idea of destitution and emptiness, because being barren makes them feel lonely and inadequate. So the passive Bull seeks out ways to curb the inner hunger for completeness. Still, they wonder if their happiness is entirely quantifiable.

Gemini: Why Can’t I Finish What I Start?  Determined to get a broad understanding of their world, Geminis change course on a constant basis. But the Twins privately chastise themselves for their unfinished business, and ask why the finish line is so hard for them to reach.

Cancer: When Will I Feel Safe? Cancer aches for the day when he or she can overcome their shyness. Crabs hide inside their shell because in it they are out harm’s way. Secretly they hope for a time when they can confidently crawl into the limelight.

Leo: Am I Just Hype? Like a good leader, Leo never lets their morale fade. Instead, the Lion covers up his or her self-doubt with boastful bragging and faithful confidence. But they wonder if underneath it all, they are just one big fat fake self-promotion.

Virgo: Can I Handle It All? Provoked to prove their worth, Virgos take on many overwhelming odd jobs and responsibilities. But the fear of failure, and of never being enough worries the Virgin, who never wants to let down the loved ones who rely on them.

Libra: Why Can’t I Say No? Libra wants total agreement between friends and family to avoid argumentative confrontations. But catering to the needs and wants of others, and attempting to appease everyone in order to gain love leaves the Scales unsure of who they really are.

Scorpio: Am I Going to Get Hurt? Scorpio wants to love and be loved unconditionally in spite of all their eclipsed emotions and dark qualities. So they arm themselves against potential threats that might pierce their defensive armor and fatally wound the naturally untrusting and self-protective Scorpions.

Sagittarius: What Am I Searching For? Sagittarius aims to amass tons of knowledge and experience. But amidst their goal chasing, Centaurs are faced with the reality of their nomadic ways. They know they are meant for something more, but for once, aren’t certain what it is.    

Capricorn: Will I Leave a Legacy? Capricorns stay quiet and concentrated on their concrete goals in hopes of building a respected empire and retiring early. Deeply desiring to contribute to the world, Goats wonder if money and materials are the things they will be remembered for.

Aquarius: Why am I so Different? The world applauds Aquarians for their distinctiveness and detachment. But it is the cause of much shame and embarrassment for Water Bearers who secretly long for a day when they won’t be considered a modern day mutant without a heart.

Pisces: Will I Always Feel Lost? Pisces tries to go with the flow in hopes of being swept away to their higher purpose and true self. But adaptability has Fish questioning whether they will find their own way in this world without the influence of others.

Feel Good

Requested: Reid gets self-conscious about the fact that he’s out of shape, and tries to change that. The Reader takes notice of this, and tries to give him a different sort of solution.

The world begins and ends here. She’s forgotten that anything has ever existed outside of this moment, outside of this couch. All the universe exists in the space between them, a distance they are constantly finding new ways to close. His hands dig into the small of her back, pulling her close, her fingers are tangled in his messy hair. Warm are the kisses he places against her neck, and she sighs, turning to capture his lips with her own because it’s just not enough, she wants more. Motions so frantic somehow feel slow, as though they have somehow managed to stop time itself just to keep existing in this moment.

No responsibilities, no worries. Just her and Spencer and the electrically charged air around them. All she needs is before her.

She sits with her knees on either side of him, straddling him, and stretches up so they’re at a more even level. Even sitting down, he’s taller than her. It’s hard to say how exactly it began. It started with his hand around hers at dinner, then her palm resting against his thigh in the car, his arm around her waist as they walked up the stairs, a brief kiss on the cheek outside her apartment door, a lingering glance once they’d made it inside. Someone moved in closer. Someone else responded. And at some point they made their way onto the sofa, caught up in a symphony of soft sounds and careful, needy movements.

When she slips her tongue into his mouth, she can taste the faint hint of coffee perpetually on his breath, feels his grip on her tighten ever so slightly. God, it’s still not enough. With him, it never feels like enough. She’s never been selfish, but there’s something about her that always leaves her wanting more. Desperate to discover something new, to feel closer still to him, she moves her hands down towards his shoulders, his chest, and starts to undo the buttons on his shirt. She gets through maybe three before he realizes what she’s doing, and suddenly that strong grip is around her wrists, his fingers clenching a little too tightly around her.

“Don’t,” he whispers, eyes wide. She can’t remember the last time he looked at her with such panic in his eyes. The insistence in his voice startles her, and after a few seconds she pulls away from him, settling down awkwardly on the other end of the couch. The space between them growing once more.

When she’s certain that whatever moment of passion they had is over, she asks, “Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?”

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Can I just say that I love my mutuals?

Literally everyone I follow who is commenting on this whole Jinmin thing is defending Jin. And damnit, I appreciate that.

Oh and for the record, if you think Jin is in the wrong for this, you’re wrong. It was a bit cringy, I agree, but I hope you all realize that Jin has been on the receiving end of that (and countless other) rude jokes since the beginning of time.

I agree with the belief that Jimin is Not a delicate flower that can’t handle shit, and how Rude of anyone to even imply that. He’s a strong and grownass MAN that has come so freaking far in his self confidence and for anyone to say that one of his best friends making a joke about this (DURING A GAME OF INSULTS AND PURPOSEFUL NEEDLING) would crush his soul or something is just beyond ridiculous.

Jin apologized, Jimin was Very clearly not upset, and their best friendship is intact.

(And if you’re really still pissed at Jin, go count all the times Jin has been called a pig, or fat, or ugly (bonus points for never getting any sort of apology), and then come back to me and we can talk.)

Perfect as You Are

Pairing - Lafayette x Reader

Word Count - 2568

Summary - Reader feels bad about how she looks and hates her body. Laf is there to help.

Warnings - Negative talk, body hatred, a few swears

Tags - @futureauthor45, @small-stars, @smol-consulting-one (Ask to be tagged in any future fics!)

A/N - Okay, so this one is extremely personal to me. I’ve strugged with body image issues for all of my adolescent and adult life. So I decided to get them out. Everything the reader says is something I have said to myself.

You stood there, staring at your reflection in your full-length mirror with a deep frown on your face as you poked and prodded at your midsection and examined your arms. Today was not a good day. You’d been to the gym, which normally didn’t bother you, but today, you’d ended up beside the fittest woman you’d ever seen in your life, and it had gotten to you. Flat abs, toned arms and legs, the whole nine yards. You’d struggled with image issues for most of your adolescent and adult years, but you’d come a long way in your recovery. You’d learned to accept your body and its flaws and realized that the people in magazines were heavily Photoshopped and that nobody actually looked like that. But today, comparing her body to yours had really bothered you.

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anonymous asked:

My girlfriend is overweight. She has really low self-confidence and I don't know how to get her to see herself the way I see her. She has a wonderful personality and I tell her that every single time she gets in a mood that his detrimental to her mental health. I tell her she's not fat and so on and so forth. How do I help her see the way I see her?

Don’t just sit there and say “hey you’re not fat and I love your personality” tell her and show her that you love and appreciate her body too. She doesn’t want you to tell her that she isn’t overweight. She wants to know that you adore her for who she is and that you accept her no matter what. Let her know that she’s beautiful and be a strong force of positing and affection. Compliments, cuddling, all that

Something Just Like This

Ship: Egobang
Rating: Teen (Angst/Fluff)
Warnings: Intrusive thoughts/Self doubt
Summary: Arin tries to work through some doubts about himself

Dan crawls into bed, careful not to rouse the sleeping bear next to him. After a few moments to let the noises settle, he moves closer, burying his face in Arin’s chest. Dan sighs happily, enjoying the warmth and scent that is his boyfriend. Arin shifts a bit, causing Dan to freeze. Exhaling the breath after Arin wraps an arm around Dan, the thinner man intertwines their legs, letting familiarity take him off to sleep.

Arin keeps his pace of breathing, hoping Dan will drift to sleep and he can muse about his worries alone. He waits five minutes, maybe ten, watching Dan relax in his arms. When he’s sure Dan has fallen asleep, Arin opens his mouth, working through his worries, “Why me?”

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binder positivity by joey


anonymous asked:

Ace, Kid, Zoro, and Sanji with a chubby s/o headcanons?

Sorry, this has been sitting in my draft quite long time but I just can’t complete it. All I get is just mainly they’d love you for what you are, with chubbiness or not, because really these guys are just so sweet. And the s/o turned kind of negative ugh 

Probably my worst work so far, please be understanding.


Ace is the most supportive boyfriend and is the kind of significant other that showers his lover with love and affection. He loves seeing you smile and will do anything in his power to make you feel comfortable around him, so he’s sensitive to the changes in your behaviour when he does something.

Your chubbiness is something he doesn’t even realize. He knows that your laps are soft and makes the best pillow for naps. He knows your waist isn’t stick thin and your hips are more curvy than others. But that’s it. He knows it, and he loves it, so he really can’t understand why you’d look a little hurt when he expresses how soft and cuddly you were.

When you tell him about it, he kinds of walk on eggshells around you, because he’s afraid he’ll accidentally do something that makes you feel sad. But after he realises that just makes the opposite effect, he clings to you even more and constantly tells you how he loves your body even if you get embarrassed and tells him to stop. So really, his solution is a simple ‘I will just express how much I love you for what you are and hope you’ll come around someday’.


His behavior depends on how you feel about your body. If you’re confident and proud about how you look, he won’t hesistate to tease you every now and then about how curvy you look, or remind you about your weight when he caught you eating food or drinks with high calories.

If you have low self-esteem and finds that you’re struggling with the fact that there are extra fat on your body, he would refreain from teasing you about it in public, but in private he would sometimes purposefully lift you up like you weigh nothing, hoping you get the implications that he didn’t mind you being not as skinny as other girls.

Whichever you feel about your body doesn’t change how Kid thinks that no one should ever tease you about your weight besides him. If he ever catch someone making comment about him – well, pray that the poor guy doesn’t lose his life.


He probably loves the fact that he can use your extra weights in his workouts. He cluelessly let that slip and doesn’t really understand why you got offended, but when he finally gets it, he confronts you about it, gently this time.

If gentle persuasion doesn’t work, he just lifts you up, twirls you around, and even tosses you in the air for good measure, before arching an eyebrow and saying how he can handle you just fine, hence you don’t need to feel bad about being chubbier than normal girls anyway.

Starts picking you up for no reason at all randomly, and demands you to see how light you were to him every time. If you ever expresses your desire to lose the chubbiness, he would be a little sad (seeing as he has to look for more weights for his training now) but supports you fully, and doesn’t mind training with you.


Excessively fawn over you than any other girls ever since you started dating, so when you feel inferior because of your weight, he tunes up the compliments on how lovely your curves are and how much he appreciates them.

If you love eating, he’s ready to become your own personal chef, taking every criticism of yours to heart and tries to set up a grand menu that melts your heart everytime you’re presented with his special meals. If you’re trying to lose weight on the other hand, he makes sure he gets the delicious but low calorie stuff, and replaces your snacks with something lighter but still very fulfilling.

I personally feel like he wouldn’t mind learning to sew. He would be awesome in modifying clothes so it would look even better on you, seeing as most clothes are designed to look good on slimmer bodies. Sanji would probably be really good on it, as he feels the rinse-and-repeat gesture calming, not to mention it has some similar aspects to cooking. He would definitely do it to bump up your self-esteem.

Bottom line: chubby or not, they would act just as how they would treat their significant other. It’s your behaviour about it that makes them change how they would treat you, but by no means it would lessen their love for their lover.

Amazing (Josh Dun)

Word count: 1580

Warnings: Self-hate, insecurity, mention of fat-shaming, mentions of internalized fat-shaming

I would say it’s my first plus-sized!reader imagine but most of mine could be imagined in such a way, so it’s my first plus-size!reader specific imagine.

Also, to everyone reading this: you are perfect the way you are and I love you. Thank you for reading my writing.

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#105: The Boys Hate His New Girlfriend


This is a following part from my breakup preference that was based on If You Don’t Know:

Preference 91: Song | 5 Seconds of Summer - If You Don’t Know


“This is so weird to watch.” Ashton said as he was fixing the tie that was wrapped around his neck, having Michael on his right side and Calum on his left. “You don’t say.” Cal said before taking a sip of the drink in his hand, his eyebrows furrowing as he watched Luke opening presents in front of a massive pile of birthday gifts, having Scarlett behind him with her arms wrapped around his waist. Luke’s 20th birthday party was a blast to say at least, but not for every single person in the celebration local Luke had rented for this day. Balloons were everywhere, his family and friends had suited up in nice smoking’s and dresses to celebrate this off. For some odd reasons though, the boys weren’t enjoying everything as they probably should have. “Who invited the ostrich?” Liz asked as she approached the boys from behind, small chuckles coming from the boys by Liz’s rather rude comment about her new daughter-in-law. “I believe that would be your son.” Michael said with a chuckle as he wrapped an arm around Liz which made her look up at him wide eyed. “That? That is not my son. My son wouldn’t have such a formal party like this. The amount of guests would be decreased and people would be joining the sun outside at the beach in bathing suits with beers and barbecues. That, my friend is Robert.” Liz slurred the last part, and it wasn’t only her words that were slurred but also the class of wine in her hand. “Did you know that the more expensive the wine is, the bigger is the percentage of alcohol?” “You don’t say.” Ashton laughed, Calum taking a small sniff to the wine. “Snobbish piece of gold-digger.” Liz mumbled to herself as she took another sip. “Now Liz, don’t you think you could use some more appropriate nicknames for your daughter-in-law and be nicer?” Cal asked but that didn’t seem to please Liz. “Nicer? This is the first time she meets me and the first thing she says is: It’s so nice to meet Luke’s grandmother!” Ashton, Calum and Michael’s jaws were at the point of touching their shiny leather shoes, surprised to say at least. “Nicer is the last thing I wanna be.” She said, looking over at Luke and Scarlett. “I even had a plan but it seemed to fail.” “What kind of plan?” Michael asked confused, Ash and Cal looking just as interested as him. Liz looked back at the boys before whispering “I invited Y/N.” “You did not.” Cal almost said in a fear, but Liz only nodded her head with a rather evil chuckle. “She was supposed to celebrate this with him wasn’t she? I know she even bought at present. Would be a waste to throw out.” Ashton and Calum looked at each other wide eyed while Michael looked around at the crowd in a hurry of trying to notice you. “She’s not here sadly.” Liz said in a more timid tone, both hands now holding around the glass of wine. She took a look back at Luke for the last time before looking back at the boys. “I think I’m gonna go try get myself more wasted than I probably already am. See you later boys.” Liz slurred with a last wave, disappearing into the crowd again and leaving the boys in thought. “Have you guys thought what would happen if Y/N actually shows up?” Michael asked with a small smirk, already putting his hand down in his pocket to wrap it around his phone in a tempting manor. “I think it would end pretty ugly.” Ash said, not wanting drama to happen. “It can’t be uglier than the sight in front of us right now.” Cal said in disagree, Michael and him sharing a small wink as they took a glance over at Luke and Scarlett for the last time in disgust.


“You know, eating pizza in the morning is far from healthy for a boy like you.” Michael looked up from the pizza box in front of him to stare at Alison, his head cocking, “I mean, when I was educating myself as a fitness coach, we studied calories in fast foods and pizza were one of the worst ones.” Michael let out a hum in response, not really listening and taking a piece of slice in his hand. Calum had been gone for too long now to go pick up donuts breakfast for him and Alison and it was getting on his nerves. “Fruits and cripsbread are much healthier and you’ll get much happier by some good breakfast.” Michael’s eyes flicked between the pizza slice in his hand and Alison, his mouth going into a straight line. “I’m not trying to be rude or anything.” She commented when she noticed how Michael had changed into an awkward silence, just looking down at his pizza slice now. “You’re not rude.” He said as he threw the pizza slice onto the box, standing up from his seat. “Just a fucking cruel hemorrhoid.” He mumbled as silently as he could so Alison wouldn’t hear before he pressed the button open to get out of the backseat area, and stumbling towards the kitchen of the tour bus. “What’s happening man?” Ashton almost laughed by Michael’s sudden attitude as he sat down in front of the curly lad, a growl escaping his lips as he almost threw the piece of pizza into his mouth, chewing rather loudly as he stared at Ashton. “You know, pizza makes me happy?” Ashton nodded his head confused by Michael’s sudden exclaim, nodding for him to continue. “I want to enjoy my pizza without having facts about the massive amount of calories into my face. My life, my love, MY PIZZA!” “Michael, you’re yelling but I can see your concept. And I’m already concluding who this is about.” Ashton said, nodding his head towards the door that was now closed to the back area. “She even told me that if I keep on drinking alcohol, my body fat percentage will rise within months and I will be a chubby marshmallow.” Luke announced as he approached the boys from being at the front of the bus, but just as soon as he had heard their conversation, he wanted to join. “And she’s the one dating Calum.” Ash said in disbelief, shaking his head. “She was nice at first. But I guess everyone is that until you get to know their real self.” He added which made Luke nod, “Fun thing that Calum hasn’t noticed that yet.” “Blinded by love Luke. That’s what it’s all about. Calum lost something and he needed to get it replaced as fast as possible.” Ash explained, “The desperation was real.” Michael said as he finished off his pizza, closing the now empty pizza box. “He never really explained to us what happened that night between him and-“ The sound of the tour bus door opening made all three boys shut their mouths in shock, staring towards the entrance where Calum was now visible, with a bag of donuts in his hand. “Am I missing something?” Calum asked confused with an awkward laugh, looking between the boys and noticing the weird tension just as soon as he had walked in through the door. “No, we’re just chatting.” Ash shrugged, Michael and Luke nodding which made Calum glance at them a bit confused, yet he shrugged it off before heading towards the end of the bus. “We have to do something. I don’t know what but we’ll have to figure something out.” Luke mumbled in a more quiet voice in a fear of Calum hearing, looking between Ashton and Michael and they both nodded their head furiously, totally agreeing on Luke.  


“Where’s Mikey?” Ash asked confused, placing his beer on the coffee table in front of him to grab the joystick Calum was reaching out for him to take. “He’s up in his room.” Luke mumbled too tired of it to even care. “Why?” Calum asked, looking up towards the stairs where both Luke and Michael’s room were. “Sindy is over.” Luke answered in a small grumble, his mouth in a straight line as he locked his phone to focus on Ash and Cal. “Since when, it’s a boys’ night!” Ash said in almost a whine, his back hitting the surface of the couch cushion behind him. “I have no idea, she practically lives here.” Luke said in an irritating tone, playing with his fingers as he spoke. It took Michael faster than expected to sell your apartment so he had nowhere else to stay at the moment and Luke had a room free that he could use. Everything had sounded like an awesome idea for Luke to get more time with Michael. But now with the crow here as well, it almost sounded better for Michael to move out again according to Luke. “He’s even been skipping recording sessions because of her.” Cal’s mouth felt down to his jaw by Luke’s information which made him stand up instantly ready to go up and confront the two of them. “Don’t.” Luke warned, grabbing Calum’s arm and pulling him down again to the couch, “You don’t wanna do that. I’ve tried for a month now, it doesn’t help Michael won’t listen. Besides, I don’t think you want to interrupt them doing sheet gymnastics.” Calum let out a noise of disgust by Luke’s words, crossing his arms and looking over at Ash who had the same face as him. “Her perfume is everywhere, she freaks out when I don’t put the toilet seat down or clean the bathroom after a shower, so help me god I haven’t even seen Michael down here for video game in weeks!” “Sounds tragic.” Ash said in disbelief, running his fingers through his hair. Both he and Calum had been talking about the weird behavior coming from Michael but they had shrugged it off thinking that it might only had been a phase. It clearly wasn’t. “I just can’t stand her anymore. Just the sight of her makes me want to punch myself in the face so I can go blind.” Luke was not holding back with his words now, just wanting all of them to come out to Ash and Cal who seemed to agree on him, nodding their heads along and Ash adding; “She’s just changing him into something he’s not.” Silence felt over the boys as they looked at each other lost. “I don’t even know what we can do about it.” Cal said after some while, looking over at the screen where the game was still on, but never even started. “I don’t even know how to tell him that I don’t want him as a roomie anymore. I don’t feel comfortable in my own freaking apartment.” Luke grumbled, his fingers now fiddling around the controller in his hands. “The fans don’t like her either.” Ash added which made Luke and Cal look over at him, “How do you know?” Luke asked which made Ash shrug his shoulders. “I can just feel it. You can’t go to Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter without seeing comments about that Sindy needs to get discarded.” Luke nodded his head along but Calum furrowed his eyebrows, “When does the fandom accept one of our girlfriends?” He asked with a chuckle in disbelief, but from Ashton’s point of view, it wasn’t a question of sarcasm. “When Michael was with Y/N.” By the mention of you both Cal and Luke looked over at Ashton with wide eyes, lost for words. “You’re right man.” Cal mumbled after some while, his eyebrows furrowing even more now in thought as he looked back up towards Michael’s room.


Calum’s fingers strummed down the strings of his bass as his eyes flicked between it and his notes in front of him, practicing off some recording session notes to catch up some time while he and the other boys were waiting for Ashton to arrive. “He doesn’t answer his phone.” John said as he came back into the room with an apologizing look, but to the boys it wasn’t a surprise. “He’s probably with Gabriella.” Michael snickered which made John look questionable. “For how long does they have to be today per each day? There’s something called work or at least a break.” Without another word being said, John left the recording room again to do some other business. “John is not tolerating Ashton’s shit anymore.” Luke chuckled as the door was now closed, taking a sip from the can in his hand. “None of us does.” Michael answered, looking up from his phone to look at Cal and Luke. “Why would we?” Cal said in a tiring voice, moving the bass away to sit better on the couch, moving his legs up to rest on the coffee table in front of him. “He has become the most lazy, unacceptable, none caring and absent bandmember to date. I can’t even recognize him over the phone anymore and that’s mainly because Gabriella is the one answering!” Cal exclaimed which made Luke and Michael nod in agreement. “He doesn’t even tweet anymore. The last tweet was from over a month ago. It’s not very professional of him.” Luke mumbled, as he had noticed the lack of attention from Ashton the past months. “I just don’t get it.” Michael sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. “Which part of it? The fact that brocade has been broken and Ashton has chosen his chick before his dicks?” Luke asked which made Michael shake his head. “Not only that. More likely why he was so desperate to find someone else after Y/N that he didn’t even see what he picked up from the street.” “Of course he was desperate, he couldn’t even get himself to leave Y/N, that was the main cause of their fuckbuddies relationship.” “THEY WERE WHAT?” Michael practically screamed which made Calum’s eyes go wide and Luke almost jumping 5 feet in the air by his sudden outburst. “You didn’t know?” Cal asked confused, looking over at Michael, “Hey, neither did I!” Luke exclaimed, drying off some of the soda that was around the corner of his mouth. “When I think about it, it wasn’t Ash who mentioned it to me, it was Y/N.” Cal said after thinking about it, scratching his chin still in thoughts. “You guys still talk?” Luke asked in disbelief, looking over at Calum and he nodded his head. “Texts here and there it isn’t much but we’re still in contact.” “Does she know about Gabriella?” Calum let out a small chuckle by Michael’s question and nodded his head, “Oh she does. It wasn’t me who mentioned it though, the media spoke for itself at that point. Her first comment when she saw it was ‘How the hell did he manage to find her, on a landfill or something?’” Luke and Michael started to laugh by your rather rude quote, the two of them giving a high-five to each other. “She still doesn’t get a fuck.” Luke said with a smile which made the other boys nod. “Have you considered inviting her for our pool party next week?” Michael asked after some while which made Calum smirk. “I haven’t thought about that. But to me it sounds like a brilliant idea.” “Couldn’t agree more.” Luke said with the exact same smirk as Calum, the boys looking at each other with wiggled eyebrows before Calum grabbed his phone to open his Facebook app.

Codename: Kids Next Door Challenge

I’ve never actually finished one of these…I always start them and then write too much, or forget half way through. But in honor of the G:KND video that was posted and the resurgence of the show into my consciousness, I figured I should do something to pay tribute to my favorite kid’s television show of all time! At least to get my feelings out there…

Challenge found here:


So here it is! Kids Next Door. Operation: C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E. 










…wow that’s harder than it looks. XD

DAY ONE: Favorite Character! 

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Heyho, would you mind writing Law, Killer, Doflamingo and Ace with their S/O being self-conscious about being over weight?

{hi there! here you are, my dear } 


The surgeon’s eyes squinted. his lips pursed in a scowl. He watched from the bed they shared his s/o getting dressed. Well, getting dressed wasn’t exactly what they were doing. Being unaware of Law waking up they took off the shirt and tried on another one. The piece of cloth was too big for them, but they turned around anyway examining their form in the mirror. Another frown settled on (Name)’s face. They hated their body so much, doesn’t matter what they wore it looked horrible. For a moment they just stared at their reflection feeling disappointed with themselves. They took off the over-sized t-shirt and put on the normal one. There was no point in hiding it, they were fat and disgusting. Their lip started to tremble.

“Yeah, I like that one better too.” Deep voice made them jump.

“L-law…” They could feel their cheeks getting hot. There was dangerous glint in Law’s eyes and they could’t help but wonder if he finds them disgusting too. 

“(Name).” Law’s voice was calm, but stern. The surgeon get up from the bed, the sight of his perfect lean body made them feel even worse. Their hands instinctively moved to cover their chubby body. “I saw everything, (Name)…” Law wrapped arms around their waist pressing chest against their back. “…and it was beautiful. You’re perfect to me. Don’t hate yourself.” He whispered burying face in crook of their neck.


(Name)’s breath hitched when Killer’s fingers brushed against sensitive spot on their hip. Corners of his lips turned upwards at their reaction. Encouraged by it he let his fingers wander higher revealing more of their skin.

“Wait…” They gasped looking up at him, the pirate could see nervousness in their eyes. His hand stopped immediately.

“We can stop now.”

“No…” (Name) gulped, but didn’t look away despite embarrassment they felt, their eyes bore in unmasked face of their man. “…you showed me your face, so I want you to see me too. That was a deal, right?” 

“You don’t have to force yourself.” 

“I’m not. You should know what you’re getting into.” They let out dry laugh.

Killer only rolled eyes in response. 

“I didn’t fall for you for your body just like you didn’t fall for my face. I love you for your personality and your look is just an additional asset. So stop being so insecure because a few pounds less or more won’t change a thing.” 

(Name) stared at Killer with wide eyes lost for words. Not only he just confessed, but also said so many kind words they never thought they would hear from him. Their face lit up with happiness and they pulled him in sweet kiss.  

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oholysehun  asked:

Hi there! It's not //really// a "reaction." But, could you perhaps do what your song is, together? Like, the song that you two dance to alone, or reminds you of each other? I really hope this makes sense, because it's four in the morning. Thank you so much! (:

Sure thing sweet pea! I’ll try to use BTS songs for this just to try to intensify the feels and such make it more adorable! Also sorry that I didn’t use any songs from the new album, but I haven’t listened to it yet!! >.<

Suga and Rap Monster’s song with you would be Just One Day. Since both of them work so hard on the producing and writing of their songs a lot, they wouldn’t have as much time to be with their girlfriends as the other members. They would be focused on work most of the time so you guys usually would only have just one day together. When it’s really late at night and they’re stressed out and working, they’ll pick their phones up and probably send you a cute picture with a few lines from that song, to show that they were thinking of you. Rap Monster might send a cute picture like this

and Suga’s might just be like a cute little smile.

I feel like Jungkook’s song with you would be Blanket Kick. He seems like he’d be really shy around his girlfriend or a girl he liked for a long time. Based off the english translation, it seemed to me that Blanket Kick is a song about where you lay awake, kicking your blanket because you’re embarrassed/mad at yourself for doing certain things around the person you like, so it’s perfect for Kookie. He loves you, he really does, but since he’s so shy he may sometimes not know how to show it or he’ll say the wrong things around you. So at night he may be all shy and beat himself up for doing that stupid thing a few days ago. At times when the chorus shows exactly what he’s feeling, he may just sit there next to you, with a bright red face and quietly sing, so that you’d know that he loves you, he just kinda doesn’t know how to say it sometimes.

Jimin’s song with you would be Beautiful. He’s so greasy so most of the time instead of complimenting you he’d just sing “You’re beautiful!” over and over again until you force him to stop. In the beginning of the song it says “a normal guy like me doesn’t fit your standards” and I feel like Jimin would relate to this because he is quite self conscious. At the beginning of their debut he used to think that he was fat just because of his chubby cheeks which were freaking adorable btw, and since they’re idols they are always pressured to be perfect so I feel that he’d still be somewhat self conscious about something (whether it’s his cheeks or something else I just have this feeling about Jimin). So at times he’d feel like he wasn’t good enough for you or that you were just too pretty. Also with this song he can do the cute dance for you and be the greasy little shit cutie that he is.

Jin’s song with you would be Look Here. Look Here is one of their quieter songs, but it’s still very passionate. The way the song progresses makes me think of how Jin would act in a relationship. The song starts off by saying “It started with just simple curiosity. Showing interest towards you” and I feel like this is how Jin would act when he first starts to like a girl. Since Jin is the oldest and he acts very mature most of the time I feel as though he wouldn’t be the kind to fall in love at first sight. He may start off with just “being interested” in a girl and then later, once it blooms into something more serious, which would be around the second time the chorus comes in, it’d be beautiful. Jin seems to be the type of person who would be mature and a know-it-all around the guys but then once you two were alone he’d still be slightly shy.Not as shy as Kookie but still slightly unsure what to do. So the chorus when it’s saying, “Look here. Don’t run away.” is something that he would relate to very much. Jin would sing that to you when you guys are about to go to sleep or when you’re leaving because he wants you to stay there with him and never leave!~

V’s song would, no doubt, be Miss Right. Miss Right is a cheesy song about how the girl they found is their ideal type and they’re imagining how things are going to be like with her. V is super cute and bubbly, just like this song. Whenever you’d be feeling down he’d just give you a bear hug and sing the chorus of Miss Right at the top of his lungs (although it may not sound as good as a performance would).  

J-Hope’s song with you would be 24/7=Heaven. 24/7=Heaven is a song about a guy who can’t stop thinking about the date he has planned later. In fact, he thinks about it 24/7. This song describes J-Hope quite well right down to the beat. It’s singing parts are soft and calm, yet you can still hear and feel the passion in the rap parts. J-Hope, like Suga and Rap Monster, works hard on helping with the writing of the songs as well so if he was going to go on a date with you, or even just hang out you two may have to plan ahead. So while he was working and he was missing you he’d just remember that you guys had a date planned next week. Every day leading up to it he’d send you little snippets of the song until, on the day of your date, he finished the song and his 24/7 wishing was going to be over for a while because he was going to be in heaven with you all day!~ Sorry for being so cheesy I’m horrible.

~Admin Red

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Olli Määttä, and him pointing out your insecurities without knowing they are because your relationship is new and not noticing how upset you get and you trying to play it cool, but then one day just breaking down infront of him!!

I don’t know, man.


You weren’t fat, but you didn’t consider yourself skinny. You had this little patch of chub on your stomach that you were always self-conscious about. You were laying on your bed next to your boyfriend Olli watching TV when Olli decided to lean over and hug you around your waist and laying his head on your stomach.

“Your stomach is so squishy and comfortable. I love it.” Olli said out of the blue. In reality, this wouldn’t be an issue, but you were already so self-conscious about your stomach that you got really offended. In your mind you thought bellies were supposed to be firm and have abs, not squishy. Of course Olli had no idea what he had said because you guys hadn’t ever talked about it. You immediately got up and mumbled something about going to make dinner as you walked out of the room.

Later on when dinner was done you and Olli sat down at the table. You had made pasta with chicken. You dished out a plate of pasta for Olli and you made yourself a small side salad. Olli had woofed down almost half of his plate before he realized you were only picking at a small salad.

“Are you feeling alright?” He asked, sounding worried.

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

“Why aren’t you eating?”

“Just not hungry.”

“What? You’re always hungry. You have an appetite like one of the boys.”

“Maybe that’s the problem! Maybe if I didn’t eat so much my stomach wouldn’t be squishy! It would be firm and fit and sexy!” You yelled out as tears stained your eyes. You didn’t dare look at his face so your eyes bore holes into the table.

“Y/N…” Olli said quietly. You looked away from the table and brushed a few fallen tears from your cheeks.

“Y/N. Look at me. Please.”

You looked over at your boyfriend, embarrassed by your outburst.

“Please tell me what is going on because I’m a little lost.”

“Earlier when you said that my stomach was squishy.” You said like he was then supposed to understand.

“And I said I loved it, because I do. I didn’t mean anything negative by it.” He said slowly.

“I know you didn’t, but I’m really insecure about my stomach because I do think there’s a problem with it.”

“Y/N.” Olli said standing up and walking around the table to be near you. He knelt down on the ground and grabbed your hand, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know, but you have nothing to worry about. I love your tummy. It’s adorable and I find it sexy as hell. I find you sexy as hell. I don’t want you to think you have to be a certain way to be loved because I love you and I love your body and your tummy and the way your smile curls up on one side when you laugh and how your eyes shine brighter than the sun when you get excited about something. You’re perfect to me and I don’t want you to change at all.”

By this time your eyes were wet with tears, “You love me?” You squeaked out.

Olli’s mouth turned into a smile as he said, “Yeah, I do. A lot.”

“I love you, too.” You said, not being able to stop the smile that was creeping on to your face.

“Now, please eat something.” Olli said as he stood up.

“My pleasure! I’m starving!” you said as you turned towards the table and scooped a large scoop of pasta onto your plate.

“That’s my girl.” Olli said as he grabbed the side of your head and kissed your hair.

another thing about Kevin

Oh thing I just realized I almost never talk about when it comes to Kevin’s character is just how self conscious he is. His insecurities are sadly a huge part of his life and result in his over all quiet and shy nature, when deep down he really loves to be active and socialize. He struggles with a lot of body image issues because he feels like he doesn’t fit the “idea guy” body type he was raised to believe was the only option to be acceptable. He’s got fairly muscular arms but he’s got a roll of fat on his stomach that he really hates. He also wishes he had a smaller nose, a thinner jawline, or straighter teeth. He grew up constantly thinking he was ugly and that no one would ever love him as he is, and even in both the canon story line and the AU storylines when he’s in relationships with different characters, that insecurity never goes away. 

It’s not always consistently bad, he’s got his good days and bad days just like the rest of us; and he’s slowly becoming more confident with his appearance with the help of his friends rooting him on. Whenever he sews a new set of clothing or buys something he thought he might want to wear, his friends and s/o always cheer him on and reassure him that yes, he does in fact look perfectly fine. 

Kevin is such a strong character in so many ways, and I’ve written a lot about those ways, but sometimes I gloss over some of the other internal struggles he faces besides his anxiety and ptsd. 

Actual Things The Signs Have Said To Me
  • Aries: "I'm just gonna come in, get my shelf and my other shelf, and leave."
  • Taurus: "Stop looking at my pit stains. It's making me self-conscious."
  • Gemini: "You wanna hear a secret? I got hit by a car yesterday."
  • Cancer: "It's impossible for a guy to suck his own dick. Believe me. I've tried."
  • Leo: "I'm not fat. I'm just filled with love."
  • Virgo: "I'm gonna trick him into giving me his social security number."
  • Libra: "I'm tired of everyone saying it's the black side or the white side of the family. I'm black and white. I refuse to be segregated any longer"
  • Scorpio: "Hambol."
  • Sagittarius: "I'm actually not human. I've been sent to save the human race."
  • Capricorn: "He spelled divorced wrong."
  • Aquarius: "They have chocolate Twinkies? I want a chocolate Twinkie!!!!"
  • Pisces: "There's a blade in my watch."

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Hi Jess! I think you're awesome and I want you to know that I met a little girl today who told me that she wants to go into mortuary science and it was the cutest thing ever. Though she said it was a second choice because she wanted to be a dog first.

SHE SOUNDS AMAZING!!! Hahaha. How brilliant. I love how pure children are. They just have no issues with being honest and don’t have the same self consciousness we have as adults. I wish I could have more of that. My 3 year old cousin is such a good example. His mum asked him if she was fat and he said yes without a second of hesitation. Obviously we all thought that was bad but then she said “is that bad or good?” and he said “good” straight away haha. To him he wasn’t going to lie. He loves his mummy, he thinks his mummy is fat, therefore fat is good. He also once grabbed my tummy rolls and told me my tummy feels “squishy like playdough.” Which is brilliant because he loves playdough so to him it was the best thing ever haha. 

Also, I love finding out what people wanted to be when they were little. I’ve always been a bit quirky. When I was 4 I wanted to be Princess Diana. Not just a Princess, but Princess Diana. I had a mask of her face and I loved her. My mum tried to put my in trousers for nursery and I distinctly remember kicking and shouting because “princesses don’t wear trousers.” In a pretty brilliant, logical reply she said “Princess Anne wears trousers” and I told her that I didn’t know Anne so she couldn’t be a Princess haha. Then I wanted to be an egyptologist from the age of about 5 to 13. Most 5 year olds wanted to be police officers or nurses or teachers and I wanted to dig up pyramids. 

I’ve said a hundred times we could be just friends.
—  This was after a few years working together, about a year talking on and off as he had an on again off again girlfriend. I was sort of just the side person for when he was single, drunk and lonely. When he began talking to me, my own self worth was so low. I was a bit overweight he was gorgeous and he made me feel wanted. After a while it because something he knew he could do. I’d respond because the one hour he made me feel good and confident was worth the 3 weeks I would spend crying afterwards feeling to fat and ugly to be good enough. Tonight… he told me he met someone. I doubt it. I really believe he just doesn’t want to tell me he was never attracted to me outside of being drunk. He’s dodged the question on numerous occasions. Well tonight, in throwing in my towel and this submission is the start of me working on me- so when he does come back, I will have enough self worth and love for myself that I won’t fall into his trap.

Today, I went apple picking with my best friend and his Mom.

Today, I was okay with her taking pictures of me and was not self conscious about looking fat.

Today, I was able to hike up and down the orchard without huffing and puffing - sweating and miserable.

Today, I was able to be a normal, happy, confident 21 year old woman.

Am I at my goal? No.

Am I still fat? Absolutely.

Do I still have work to do? Hell yeah!

But this journey isn’t just about losing weight - this journey is about learning to love yourself unconditionally….which I am learning how to do every single day.

5 You Have Depression


Dan: Your phone screen lit up and chimed, startling you and breaking you away from your mindless daydreaming and nail-biting. Shit, was it really seven o'clock already? You hadn’t even changed out of your sweats or eaten a thing since you woke up in a mood this morning. 1 new message from Dan Howell. You opened the text, hoping and praying that he wasn’t asking for help with a video or anything. You were having one of your bad days and nothing in the world could’ve brought you outside. Not even Dan.

Drinks on me tonight? I’ll pick you up.

Well, shit. Rarely did Dan ever initiate anything so social; he must’ve really been feeling lonely. You didn’t want to reject his generous invitation but on a bad mental health day like this one, you had to sit this one out. You threw back a ’sorry, I’m not feeling well’ as an excuse and pretended you didn’t feel like a horrible person for it. Depression for you wasn’t manic episodes of tears and screaming or a lack of emotion or anything, it was a painful inner guilt for everything, and it only made you want to hide. With the stress of work and life, getting out of bed was an impossible task. So there you stayed in your ugly sweatpants with the evening news warbling softly in the background. It was your only distraction.

At nine o'clock, when everything in your flat had gone pitch black before you could even notice, that irritating ding dong of your doorbell scraped at your ears. You knew you hadn’t ordered anything online (interacting with the postman was a simply scary notion), or gotten any food delivered, as eating was the last thing on your mind right now. You considered just letting the guest wait and leave, but you went to the door anyway.

“Hello,” Dan said with a smile. He held a brown paper sack and a single red rose. It looked like a scene from a cheesy romance film that you frankly were not in the mood for.

“What do you have there?” You gestured to the bag, trying your best to put on a smile for him.

“Wine,” he said. You could see the awkwardness in his expression. Maybe this wasn’t his best idea. “Could I…Could I come in?”

You stepped aside to let him through, and closed the door behind him. Dan set the bag on your kitchen counter and handed you the rose without a word. It was lovely, yes, but why did you deserve it? The two of you stood in awkwardness as you tried to pretend you didn’t want to just hide. “Not that I don’t just love the company, but why did you come all the way over here?”

Dan shifted in his shoes and tousled his hair in attempt to seem casual despite his obvious panic. Oh, he hoped this didn’t ruin everything. “You said you weren’t feeling well, so if we can’t go get some drinks, then I’ll bring the drinks to you.” Your face contorted in self-inflicted shame. You’d never felt like more of an inconvenience. Why was Dan even dating you? You were just a depressive mess that deserved nothing. You wished silently that Dan wasn’t so nice; maybe then he’d give you time to wallow by yourself. “Sorry, should I go?” He asked.

Yes, you thought, not wanting to taint his view of you. To him you were the smiling, hardworking person that you put out. But in reality you felt like a big fat failure, certainly not deserving of Dan’s kind of love and affection. You started to cry, for God knows what reason, and began to lose your mind. “Stay,” you huffed, “please.”

Dan set everything on the kitchen counter before taking you in his arms, his chin resting on top of your head protectively. You let everything out, wailing about how goddamn depressed you were, how you weren’t enough for him, how it was all just too much, how you wanted nothing but to hide. You were hardly coherent but Dan understood anyway and held you tighter.

“Listen,” he started, quiet and steady, unlike you, “you are so much more than enough. You are so beautiful and amazing and kind and smart. I love you. Please don’t think that I or everyone else doesn’t for a minute. I love you.” He sounded like he was going to cry, too. But Dan was strong, your rock, and you were infinitely grateful for his company. He held you until you calmed down, and for even longer. “It’s okay.” He repeated. And it was. You were okay and Dan would make sure of that.

Phil: You woke with a start at nine o'clock out of Phil’s bed in a panic. You hadn’t meant to spend the night (not that it wasn’t a lovely time) and sleep in again, it really messed with your schedule. “Shitshitshit,” you muttered, detangling yourself from the bedsheets, trying to retrieve your clothes from the floor below. You were three hours late to take your medication, the one thing that kept you from your crippling depression. You’d be feeling the consequences any time now.

Phil yawned loudly from behind you on the bed as he propped himself up on his elbow. “Good morning, beautiful–” he greeted before processing your panic, “Is everything alright?”

You sighed, you really wanted to avoid waking him up. He worried too much. You ran a nervous hand through your hair as you slipped your boots over last night’s sweatpants. “Yeah, just peachy,” you smiled, leaning in to kiss your boyfriend before you went off. You could tell by his kiss that he really didn’t want you to leave.

“Can’t you stay a while longer? You just woke up,” Phil complained. His blue eyes pierced yours with a needle of guilt and a hint of confusion. It made you feel even worse; you couldn’t even make your own boyfriend happy.

You put your hair up haphazardly in his mirror, speaking through the hair bauble you held in your teeth, “Sorry, I forgot I had to– I forgot something…yeah,” you tried in your most convincing tone. You didn’t want to raise any concern, you just wanted to get back to your own flat and take your meds and hide, and Phil was making it harder. When you decided you were finally at the minimum level of presentability for the Tube ride back to your place, you gave one last goodbye kiss to Phil, who was now stood in his pyjamas behind you in a state of bewilderment. You gave your last ‘see you soon’ to him before he got hold of your arm.

“You’re acting weird,” he said with an uncharacteristically serious tone, squeezing your hand in attempt to calm you, “what’s going on?”

“I’m fine, Phil,” you sighed, “really.” But your face said otherwise, your emotional armor had been pierced by the guilt of worrying Phil. Why do I ruin everything? Your eyes started to water and your nose twitched. You were crying. Shit.

Without a word, Phil brought you to his chest, a hand on your hair to hold you to him and calm you down. After a minute or three, the two of you had ended up on the carpet, his shirt darkened with unsightly tear stains. You had stopped crying, but worry was still looming over your head like a storm cloud. “Please talk to me,” he whispered, “please.”

You took deep breaths as you wiped your face dry. You sighed. “Phil…” you started. You didn’t know how to tell him, you were scared he’d see you as some wounded animal from now on. “I have depression,” you blurted, “like…a lot,” you held back tears, trying to explain yourself, “I was supposed to take my medication hours ago, I haven’t missed it in months…” you trailed a bit as your vision was blurred by tears. Phil looked at you but said nothing. “It gets really bad if I don’t take it, I just didn’t want you to see me like this. I’m sorry.”

Phil tightened his arms around your crying figure, trying to protect you from whatever made you hurt. His thumb traced a soothing line on your spine as he held you. You thanked whatever power that was for your patient boyfriend. “Don’t apologise,” he said, “you don’t have to keep anything from me, beautiful. I’d still love you if you had a hand growing from your forehead.”

You laughed, more at his attempt of humor than what he said. You’d convinced yourself you were absolute rubbish, but at least Phil loved you. You didn’t say anything for the longest time. You didn’t have to. Phil walked you to the station and made sure you got home safe. When you were finally back at your own place, you found your phone was filled with messages from Phil, all GIFs of goats and puppies and ducks playing, all gratuitously cute. Of course, your depression would not in a million years be cured by cute baby animal images, but you admired Phil for trying to help, and you loved him for that.