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I could sit in this chair beside him forever and just watch how his hand moves as he writes. I could watch the veins beating beneath his skin, signalling life with every movement. I could watch how his eyelashes flutter as he stares at his page, I could watch how his forehead creases in concentration, how his mouth parts slightly in thought.I could tell you he shifts his weight to the left when he’s writing, I could tell you he shakes his leg when he’s nervous.
And yet I could never tell him all the things I notice. I could never look back into his brown eyes and tell him I’ve noticed and counted each freckle on his face just because I wanted to. I could never tell him I’ve spent exactly 284 days watching how he moves and in those 284 days somewhere along the line I fell in love. I could never tell him"
UtaPri Season 4

Just watched today’s episode and… 

Oh. My. God. I’ve. Never. Been. So. Disappointed.

Now let me clear up the misunderstandings here first, the episode itself was great. We got to see Syo being all passionate and actually helping someone out of his egoistic shell, but guys aren’t we forgetting something?

This. Series. Is. Supposed. To. Be. A. Reverse. Harem.

Yeah I’ll probably get a LOT of hate for this but let’s face it guys, WHERE IS HARUKA NANAMI!?!?!? She is the main heroine of this show yet she barely has 2-3 lines in each episode. Why? 

I will be lying if I said I disliked any of the episodes so far. But to be completely honest with you, the first episode got my hopes up A LOT. Yes I am stupid to expect stuff without even knowing what the producers have in mind but I did not ask for the main heroine to be treated like a background character??? I might be getting impatient, I mean we’re only on episode 4 right now but I don’t think I am gonna expect much from the rest of the episodes really.

Why am I so salty right now? These are the reasons why:

Okay I get that Haruka already has a huge harem with 11 guys and she doesn’t need more aka HEAVENS. Then why have the same group literally kidnap her on the first day and ask her to come with them? Like it doesn’t make any sense?? There’s barely any interaction between Haruka and the Heavens members (so far). If they pulled out the 1st episode solely for fanservice then I am disappointed beyond words.

In season 3, Haruka had a huge character development. 

So what happened now? Isn’t Haruka gonna try to understand the Heavens members to write a song for them? So far in Season 4, there’s NO mentionable interaction between them. Why? Are they gonna avoid this development in her character completely? That’s in no way being fair to her character.

Tbh I am aware that I might be overreacting for someone who has no idea what’s yet to come. The production house might just be trolling with us. They might be getting STARISH have the members of HEAVENS warm up so it’s easier for the Queen to mesmerize them with her charms. But I really don’t like the idea of it all being squeezed up in one or two episodes and the animators going like “We’re done with adding more people to Haruka’s harem!”, like nope that’s not how it works. UtaPri is supposed to be a unique show where the heroine is the pillar that keeps the people around her standing. No I am not saying I want all the UtaPri characters to rely on Haruka for good. I just want to see her playing a role (no matter how small) in getting HEAVENS and STARISH understand each other better. 

I am also aware of the fact that we don’t know the HEAVENS members very well yet, and having them interact with Haruka + STARISH members while actually introducing their (Heavens’) personalities and having the audience understand their POVs is not easy and can’t be put in one single episode. But how about actually balancing it all while having Haruka pop up once in a while with actual dialogues and not just “Ichinose-san…” “Syo-kun!” like nope. This is not what I love her character for. Her boldness and straightforward personality is what draws me in and I wanna see more of that. 

I am still not expecting much from this season considering the direction it’s heading to rn, yes I’ll be hyped up for the upcoming episodes but it won’t be as much, knowing my queen won’t be getting much screentime (which sucks more than anything). I am curious to see how this season turns out, if it continues on like this though all my hopes for the past year will be let down completely.

To those of you complaining about this rant - I’ll say it one last time


P.S: I love all the songs so far so NO complaints about that. (Most favourite is still gonna be Maji Love Legend Star though.)

          “–Okay, you’re gonna have to slow down. What did you just say came alive?” Peter asked through the phone, holding it slightly away from his face. He knew that she was doing a bit of sticky fingering, and as much as he wasn’t a fan of it, he turned a blind eye for the sake of their love. However, it sounded like this wasn’t a regular kind of night in the least.

          “Should I come over there?”

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Xahlia looked up at Aiden when his words reached her ears. It was the first feeling of relief she’s felt since she heard the news of the engagement. She couldn’t help but return his smile efre running up to him and wrappin her arms around his neck in a tight hug as she buried her face in his neck.

 “I love you. I know I should have said it sooner but I just… I love you.“ Xahlia kept her face buried in Aiden’s neck as she spoke, needing only him to hear her words at the moment.


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“Dean…she’s gone. We think she went looking for you, I don’t know. As far as I know, she won’t even answer to Sam.”


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