i just love him so much it's actually embarrassing

OK, before I vent some more. Let’s talk about some scenes that J2 nailed. Sam and Dean’s awkwardness around Mary is adorable. I love how Dean Fucking Winchester tried to tell his Mom to stay home with so much hesitance and she told him ‘No’ so nicely with a 'good talk’ and how embarrassed Sam was to be Dean’s brother when Dean was inhaling pie and just how big, awkward and vulnerable he was in the last scene with Mary. I love how he let Mary get on her toes to hug him and how he different it is from when he makes himself smaller and folds himself whenever he hugs Dean. Its adorable.
I love how Dean and Sam can actually tell their Mom confidently that look, we realized we only had each other and see, this is my family, my family hunts.

And I love the extremely short - blink and you miss Sam and Dean scenes. When Sam is curling his lip and telling the Bitch to go screw herself and all his bravado of 2 days disappear the moment dean appears and his voice is so small when he says 'Dean’.
And how broken and scared Sam looks when she threatens to do everything to Dean that she did to Sam.
And the bitch tortured Dean in front of Sam. And Sam looked so scared, his lips were shaking with the emotions and fear - For DEAN. Let me repeat how Sam did his best to be brave and sassy in the face of his own torture but when its Dean standing there, blood on his face - and looking actually scared himself of the psycho bitch after whatever she did to him - Sam is terrified. And Dean, he looked so done like he was about to pass out and said he feels dead but he still made sure to actually smile at Sam. The moment before Mary entered was so tense - the bitch about to do something horrible to Dean in front of Sam and Sam was yanking on his chains by then.
Tense fucking moment. it was good. J2 were fabulous. Now only if the other storyline wasn’t more important man. A hug would have been beautiful and perfect. You know how magical J2 would have made that.