i just love him so much i can't even handle it

Okay but–

So imagine Moana growing up and Maui visiting the village every so often until it becomes like normal, right?

But then since Moana is the chief and what not they start talking about an heir and stuff!! And now all the village dudes are like excited but terrified if trying to ask for Moana’s hand in marriage.

Because like
1. She totally went out by herself and came back a hero.
2. Maui - a demigod - is like her older brother. 3. She is badass all by herself.
4. She is this amazing woman who isn’t afraid to he herself.


I don’t think I will ever get over the fact that Rick ASKED her for the gun. Like even with the stakes so high he is literally sitting there making sure that she is okay with his decision.

He respects her as an equal so much and when they disagree they talk it out and he opens up and lets her know how scared he is of losing her or anyone else. Even though Michonne doesn’t want to agree with him, she can’t argue that he is right and respects him enough to admit that and try.

I just love how their love for each other was built on mutual respect and it continues to show. No matter how dire the situation gets we still see them respecting each others decisions and even when they disagree they discuss it and don’t try to leave the other out of the loop and are able to admit when they are wrong.

I’m just so happy that this is the romance we get for them because I honestly couldn’t see it any other way.

Every time I think I’m over Daesung he freakin pulls me back in. Let!! me!! live!! my!! life!!

anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered an AU where Megamind turns to prostitution instead of super villainy? It would probably be pretty dark- his initial clientele would be alien fetishists and Psycho would be on the scene, but then he would eventually gain allies and revolutionize the Metrocity sex industry. Cue an ambitious investigative reporter wanting to go undercover for an expose on the city's shockingly progressive sex trade.

–honestly I think it would be too dark for me to write. (or probably even read,)((Set is a delicate plant who can’t handle darkfic for megamind.))

touch is just such an important thing for Megamind, and he dislikes his own body so much, and his ideas about sex and love (in relation to himself) are so intertwined with each other that I think trying to do sex work would end up being really emotionally and psychologically damaging for him. (maybe even physically damaging; like I said, he hates himself and his own body; it’s quite possible he would deliberately let clients hurt him.)

((I don’t have a…moral objection to darkfic or anything, but, like I said, I just–can’t. even if this had a happy ending–which it could!–I still don’t think I could handle it. and also megamind/anyone who’s not roxanne squicks me out DD: like I said, delicate plant.))

jajalone mentioned mark2young2jae in a photoset “got7europe: GOT7 EVERYONE! Why is jb judging in the first gif can’t…”

Why is jb judging in the first gif can’t youngjae do the doggie in peace smh @mark2young2jae

Don’t be too harsh on our poor Jaebummie, darling! Jinyoung and Jackson have been getting onto him about the heart eyes lately, and Mark keeps messing with him every time he notices them, so sometimes Jaebum must resort to covering his usual response to Youngjae’s antics of heart eyes and smiles…

with an attitude of judgement instead.

[GIF by got7europe]

Not that it’s super effective because I can still see that little smile peeking out at he watches, and he’d probably be doomed without those sunglasses… but at least he’s trying to be less obvious than:

His attempt at judgment is just our poor, love struck leader trying to handle his overwhelming affection in any way that he can!

CLAMP Thoughts

This just came to me one night, but Kurogane came from such a loving home. His parents loved each other so much, and they extended so much of that love to him as well. And for a while during the journey, Kurogane’s cold exterior kept everyone at arms length until he realized that Sakura and Syaoran are children. They’re only 14, and yet they are experiencing some intense things. So before he can stop himself he adopts them. Just like his father before him, he’s fiercely protective of both of them, and even though he acts like taking care of them is such a hardship, he truly loves them both. Which is why he’s so concerned about Fai’s plans for the present. He doesn’t care what Fai did in the past just as long as his current decisions don’t put his children at risk.

Think about the gentle, yet firm way he handles Sakura and the “tough love” treatment he gives Syaoran. Now think about Syaoran finding out he’s going to be a father. Sure, he’s going to be thinking of growing up with Fujitaka, but what if Syaoran channels Kurogane when training his son. What if he gives R!Syaoran head rubs to show affection because that’s what he remembers Kurogane doing, and Kurogane was just as much a father to him as Fujitaka.

Now think of every time Kurogane gives R!Syaoran a head rub, he feels a lump build in his throat remembering all the times his dad did the same. And one day Kurogane comments on it. And when R!Syaoran explains Kurogane grunts and walks away, but he does so to hide that the fact that Syaoran saw him as a father figure makes him feel like he’s gonna cry. And there’s no way in hell he’s crying in front of the kid.

Think about the real implications of Kuro-daddy.

thorin loves bilbo so much??? like so much. he wanted to share his kingdom with him, gave him an incredibly valuable thing at the height of his sickness, trusted him exclusively (even above his own family) and didn’t accuse him of taking the arkenstone at all in botfa bc he trusted him so much, smiled at him like he was his whole world when bilbo showed him a freaking acorn… 

and bilbo loves thorin so so much??? he wanted to get him out of erebor when he saw it wasn’t good for thorin mentally (or physically), concerned about his eating and sleeping habits, got so desperate to keep him away from harm and out of war that he gave away the arkenstone to his “enemies” when he knew what it meant to him, but it was all to protect thorin…

they both just… love each other so much

Aaron Tveit appreciation post :)

Although he’s not on social media, therefore he can’t see this, I’d really like to take a few minutes and say thank for him - well, for everything…

First of all and most importantly: thank you for existing. And by that, making me exsisting more too.

Thank you for delighting my life. Thanks for whenever I feel a little down, all I need to do is looking at your face and my day is already made. Thank you for your beautiful smile and your shining eyes that could really end even the most horrible and cruel wars.

Thank you for your beautiful and melodic laughter that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I wish I could hear it more, and especially: live…

Thank your for all that passion of yours for your job. Watching you makes me want to reach some serious goals in my life. You give me so much motivation, I can’t even tell how much. I’m so thankful you can share all your talent with us, I can’t imagine what I’d do without having your voice in my life…

Thank you for being the cutest person I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how you manage to look so sweet all the time but I’m so glad you do.

Thank you for being the most adorkable, life-ruiner piece of shit on this Earth. I don’t know what I would do without some of these ‘big Tveit moments’:

…well, my life would certainly be so much more empty.

Finally, thanks for being so kind to all of us. I haven’t got the chance to meet you in person yet, and I doubt I ever will, but I’m never gonna give up. But until then, thank you for everything. You made me a whole different person than I was, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that. Whatever you do, you’ll always have my support, and I know it means nothing to you - but it means the world for me. Keep being my main inspiration, and give me more cheerful moments.