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Arashi Live Tour 2015: Japonism
└ MatsuJun Appreciation Post (1/?) ♥

Here’s my Jensen op from Minncon 2016.  

It’s taken me the longest to upload because it makes me so happy and yet so fucking emo every time I look at it.  This man, this fucking man right here… there’s just no fucking words honestly. When I went to Chicon14, I was so hyper focused on Jared, because he is such an inspiration to me and it was like a dream come true to be in the same space as him.  I largely only had eyes for him that entire weekend, because he’s like the goddamned sun and I couldn’t take my eyes away long enough to properly appreciate Jensen the way I should’ve.  And then after Chicon14, the #AKF campaign started up and subsequently so did Jared’s openness with the fandom about his own struggles with anxiety and depression.  That whole campaign has meant worlds to me, as it has so many others.  But then the whole Jibcon6 thing happened, where Jared had made the decision to sit it out and take care of himself instead.  And there came, Jensen, unwavering and strong–carrying on the show for his friend, because of his friend. Bottom line: it just really spoke to me.  

Jensen is an image of strength to me and utmost loyalty, two things that I admire and strive for in my own personal life.  My love for Jensen has grown in leaps and bounds, doubling and somersaulting in my chest, with every day that goes by–because he cares so deeply for those he loves.  He carries them, unquestionably, without ever losing a stride and he is everything that I hope my own friends can find in me.  And more importantly, I hope that he knows somewhere in his heart that we all love him and thank him for being such an amazing support and friend to Jared and his journey to always keep fighting. More than that, I hope he knows that we carry him too.  And that we hope he always keeps fighting (right alongside Jared).  

So that’s what I was thinking when this picture was taken.  And as luck would happen, my bracelet is perfectly visible with those words, my hand on Jensen’s arm–saying ‘I got you, too.’ 


It’s time for me to tease you...

With fanfiction that is ;)

This is a little blurb from a Sabriel piece I’ve written, it was inspired by one of the September prompts for the @gabriel-monthly-challenge . (I’m SO EXCITED for the blog the prompts to be posted, I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. It’s less than a week away now! AHHHH!)

(That’s an actual gif of @waterkiss37 @ashiewesker and myself. I’ll let you guys guess who’s who. I’m George.)

The entire thing will be posted September 1st, but I wanted to give you all a sneak peek. This will also fit into my Sabriel In Color series as Blue. (Side Note: I already have Gold written, I’ve started on Black, and I have an idea for Orange but I’m holding them all for appropriate seasons. Yes, I know I’m a horrible person.)

Anyway, without further ado, here is your teaser for Blue!


Sam was never a big car guy, but when he spotted that car even he had done a double take.

“Where did you get this thing?”

“Oh, you know, just something I snapped up along the way.” Gabriel huffed on his fingers and polished them on his chest, making Sam’s eyes roll. “You like?”

Sam stepped closer, bending himself in half to peer in the window. The car sat low and Sam looked like a giant next to it. “Who wouldn’t?”

Gabriel held out the keys, swinging them in looping circles over the tip of his index finger. “Wanna drive?”

Sam stood up to his full height and looked down at the angel. “I don’t think I’ll even fit in this car.”

Gabriel threw the keys, knowing Sam would snatch them out of the air, and he did. He sauntered around to the passenger side and slid in, the heavy metal door clicking shut. He didn’t bother to answer Sam’s concern. Sam would fit in the car, he’d make sure of it, even if he had to snap the car larger, he would.

He smiled when he saw Sam reach out, he heard the metal sound of the handle being pulled and then Sam slid his long frame behind the wheel. His legs bent at awkward angles, contorting their length as they fit the wheel between them, and then his eyebrows raised slightly in surprise. “Not as small as I thought it’d be,” his hands gripped the wheel, running around it before he slid the key in the ignition and turned her over. She purred softly back at Sam.

“Yeah, well, that back seat it pretty much useless. Don’t be planning on ravishing me back there, I don’t think we’ll fit.”

Sam chuckled as he slid the car into first gear and pulled her out on the road. “Shut up, Gabe.

loving ships that are not straight is a mess honestly bc yes there are some people who love them and relate but then there’s the straights who are just fetishing them and you gotta figure out who is who and sometimes you end up following someone for that ships content but then you see a lot of sexualization of them or just things that make you v uncomfortable in general and like??? i just want this ship to be happy??? i’m just here bc i relate and it’s great to have representation for once??? why do some straight people have to ruin everything??? 

remember that video of junhui singing mom by ra.d at the boys wish concert and the fans were yelling his name and pictures of him and his family were shown in the background and he hit the highnotes and everyone cheered and he got emotional and started crying and the fans saw and cheered yea i do and i love junhui and he killed it his voice was amazing he loves his mom so much and deserves the world :’)


Part 11-Blake and Norman basically argue the verbal version of ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ much to the frustration of everyone else in the room.