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10 Characters I Would Kiss

I was tagged by the wonderful @kenobi-and-barnes and I can’t believe I have to narrow this down to 10 lol. And I didn’t know if this was specifically cinema characters, so I just did all the characters I’ve ever met :)

1. Bucky Barnes (yall knew that was coming) 

2. Rhysand (from the ACOTAR series; he is literally perfect, if you haven’t read these books by Sarah J Maas YOU FUCKING SHOULD)

3. Jamie Fraser (he is my book boyfriend, he is the purest of them all; the books and tv show are amazing pls do yourself a favor and go consume them)

4. Will Turner (bc who wouldn’t want to kiss someone prettier than your own damn self?)

5. Cassian (also from the ACOTAR series; he’s my angry jerble, my sexy warrior hubby, and he must be protected at all costs) 

6. Percy Jackson (I love Logan Lerman who plays him in the films, but I love the Percy I imagined in my head better) 

7. Scott McCall (Tyler Posey OWNS this role, mostly because I think he and scott are very similar in general weirdness and goofy-ness but yeah, Scott is the biggest cinnamon roll puppy ever) 

8. Stiles Stilinski (I love this character, like he is my spastic sarcastic soulmate and I LOVE him; i will personally fight anyone who hurts him) 

9. Robb Stark (I’m a huge GoT fan and Robb was too pure, too precious, too pretty. He deserved better. I also am in love with Richard so)

10. Rowan Whitehorn (from the Throne of Glass series; seriously just read all of Sarah J Maas’ books, she writes these beautiful powerful tattooed fae men; i want them all)

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Word Count: 1316

Warnings: fluff, Y/N and Jughead are out of high school my dudes so it’s cute

A/N: I really liked this request, someone requested I do one where they are out of high school. I’m pretty sure they wanted them to have kids and such but hey, what’s the rush. I made them right out of high school and I think it’s adorable

    Light poured into the room through the curtains and shined on the bed, illuminating Jughead and Y/Ns faces. Jughead groaned, tightening his hold on Y/Ns waist, pulling her closer to him. She slowly opened her eyes, stretching slightly and looked around for her phone to check the time. When it was no where to be found, she relaxed back into the bed. Judging by the orangey tones of light lighting up the room, she assumed it must have been early in the morning.

    “Juggie?” Y/Ns voice softly sang, trying to wake the raven haired boy next to her. He took his hand that was wrapped around her waist and slowly started running his fingers through her hair.

    “Are you trying to put me back to sleep?” Y/N giggled, and Jughead opened one eye, a small smirk taking shape on his face.

    “Depends, is it working?” he asked, his voice low and raspy. Y/N rolled her eyes and cupped his cheek.

    “Nope. Sorry Jones.” she teased, and his eyes fluttered shut once more. His hand flew from her hair back to her waist and he pulled her into him once again.

    “Well you should go back to sleep.” he mumbled, sleep slowly taking him away from the conscious world once again. “Or at least lay in bed with me.”

    “We have things we have to do today, there’s no time to just lay in bed.” she murmured, doing her best not to let sleep take her too. Between the cozy white sheets that were drowning her and Jughead, the lack of sleep she had gotten that night, and the warmth and closeness of Jugheads body that she adored so much, she almost fell asleep right then and there, but the responsibilities of that day were nagging her.

    “Come on Juggie, let’s get up.” she said, sitting up and throwing the covers off them. Jughead grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her down onto the mattress again, she bounced against it with a laugh. Before she could get up and escape, he quickly climbed on top of her, and laid on her.

    “Juggie! Get off of me!” she laughed, trying her best to move him.

    “Not until you agree to lay in bed with me…” he said, and she sighed.

    “We can’t though, trust me I wish we could.” she whispered, drawing lazy circles on his back. “But you’ve got your interview for your new novel today-”

    “I can do it another time.” Jughead interrupted, dead set on laying in bed with Y/N for the rest of the day.

    “No you can’t.” she chuckled. “You’re a big time writer now, you’ve got to get used to these interviews and such. We aren’t in high school anymore, our days of laying in bed, watching old movies all day every day are behind us.”

    “We graduated a few months ago, I don’t think we have to jump right into adulthood.” he teasingly argued, lifting his head to look at Y/N.

    “Oh I definitely agree, one hundred percent.” she giggled, nodding her head. “I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to fully jump into adulthood, all I’m saying is that we’ve got some responsibilities to take care of today, and then after wards we can lay in bed and watch movies all we want.” she smiled up at the messy haired boy beaming down at her, and he rolled his eyes and kissed her.

    “Fine. Will you be coming to my interview?” he asked. “I mean you are a very important character in my novel, being the narrators love interest and all.” he said, leaning his forehead against hers.

    “Id love to, but-” she was cut off by a kiss, and when Jughead pulled away, she was met with pleading eyes.

    “No buts, please come watch. I’d feel a lot better if you’d come, I mean you helped me through all of this. You were the only one who totally believed in me.” he begged, and Y/N sighed.

    “I’ll have to call Betty and Veronica and ask if I can switch our brunch plans to just normal lunch plans.” she said, and Jugheads face lit up.

    “Anyways won’t it be fun to see your man brag about how he solved the Jason Blossom murder case and wrote a book all at the same time.” he whispered in her ear, earning a giggle from Y/N.

    “Oh definitely, and then I can swoop in and tell them that all the actual solving of the case was done by me.” she joked, grabbing his face and pulling him down for another kiss.

    “So not true though,” he said in between kisses, one hand on the bed next to her head to stabilize himself and the other running through her hair. She pulled away and stared lovingly up into his eyes.

    “A little true, it was like half and half.” she said and he rolled his eyes. “Oh come on, you know that’s true! You even wrote it in your book.” she laughed.

    “Okay okay, you got me there.” he said, laying back down next to her. She turned on her side so she was facing him, and she stared up at the boy she loved so much.

    “I can’t believe high school is over.” she whispered, and he looked down at her.

    “Yeah, its crazy. I mean, we both decided college was a no go, which means, we are done with school. We are now adults…” he trailed off, staring at the ceiling. For a few minutes, they sat in silence, thinking and enjoying each others company. “We moved out, and we are starting a new chapter of our life.” he said.

    “There’s no one Id rather start my new chapter with.” Y/N said softly, and Jughead pulled her up so her head was laying on his chest.

    “There’s no one I’d rather start with either. As long as I have you, I know that I can get through anything that life throws at me. I mean hell, look at what you’ve helped me with already. I was a misunderstood, bullied, homeless, damages kid, and then you came around and you did things no one else would. You loved me, you took care of me, you stood up for me, you believed in me, and now I have a published book, a book tour, a house….” he trailed off again, holding Y/N tighter. “I have a life I’m proud of, and I owe it to you.” he whispered, and Y/N sat up and kissed him.

    “You’ve helped me too, Juggie. In more ways than you know. I love you.” she said, pulling away. Jughead opened his his mouth to respond, but just then Y/Ns phone went off, making them both jump. Y/N scrambled to the edge of the bed, and reached under it patting around until she touched cold glass. She pulled it up, and realized it was just an alarm. She turned it off, and looked at the time, jumping out of bed.

    “Oh god, Juggie, you’re going to be late! It’s 8:30 and you’re supposed to be there in an hour!” she yelled, running to the closet to look for something to wear.

    “So, we have an hour.” he said, dragging himself out of bed.

    “It takes about 45 minutes to get there, plus it’s downtown so we have to find parking!” She ran out of the closet with a white button up and a tie, and she threw them at him. “Get dressed.” she yelled as she started back for the closet. Jughead grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him, and kissed her head.

    “Relax, if I miss this one then so be it.” he smiled. “There’s no need to rush, we’ve still got the rest of our lives.”

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what i want for the raven boys tv series:

1. A. DIVERSE. CAST. like give me some reece king and amandla stenberg thank you (also no lucky blue smith bullshit)

2. obvious but a good storyline!!!! holy shit this is important like look at all the book to movie/tv show adaptations and TELL ME how many of them follow the book. like, none. the books are there and i don’t see why you need to change everything.

3. GOOD!!! SETS!!!! sorry but the settings make up for lots of bad tv shows like… not only how pretty/aesthetic it is but like you know how cabeswater/monmouth/etc etc all have a certain mood yeah

4. i want the relationships (and friendships) to be super realistic like !!! dont rush into it and please make it soft and also BISEXUALITY EXISTS BUT DONT MAKE IT DEFINE THEM YKNOW THANKS


6. small details make everything more enjoyable for me. the coke shirt? the wireframe glasses? ronan’s tattoos? YES PLS

7. NO ERASURE OF CHARACTERS like please you dont see henry in all the chapters but everyone loves him so YOU SEE HOW IMPORTANT THESE SMALL THINGS ARE

8. a good soundtrack im BEGGING

9. bluesey blUESEY BLUESEY


yes so obviously i want this as close to the book as possible because well… the books are already THERE

tbh i wasnt thrilled to hear that this was being turned into a show but i am really giving it a chance now i just want it to be a good show that isnt THAT popular and mainstream but still gets recognition for what it is without it not being meaningful and soft and just an overall good show please !!!!! this series means so god damn much to me !!!!

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #132 - Good Will Hunting

Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

1) I find it interesting how when the opening credits say, “Written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck,” it says Damon’s name over Affleck’s character and vice versa.

2) The first character in the film we really get to know is Stellan Skarsgård as Gerald Lambeau.

You get that Skarsgård has good intentions, even though he is a massive pretentious asshole who hits on his students and judges people not based on how happy they are but more their position in life. A janitor is a failure. A community college teacher is a failure. Any other opinions be damned. He’s not EXCLUSIVELY a bad guy though. You understand his intentions are good and he does learn as the film goes on, but damn if he isn’t just a prick for most of the film.

3) The first tavern scene is a nice way of introducing us to Will and his friends. It creates a sense of community between them and South Boston, a sense of character for every member of the group, and their relationships with each other.

4) Matt Damon as Will Hunting.

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Will is a character who you really get to know over time, and that’s very nice. At first he largely keeps to himself and we get that he doesn’t care about power or prestige. At first that’s a noble thing, but then we learn that this is born less out of humility and more out of fear. Will is a flawed character. He convinces himself of all the disadvantages of somethings, of the shame of it, because he is petrified. His world, his life with his friends, that is safe for him. That is home. And he doesn’t really risk to go for more than that because of his fear of rejection (identified by Robin Williams’ Sean Maguire later in the movie). I think this - along with the beatings he sustained as a child - fuels the aggression we see (and later hear about) when he picks a fight with an old kindergarden bully for no other reason than he just felt like it (and then doesn’t stop until the cops show up).

But Will is SMART. And not like a little smart either, but incredibly intelligent. He’s not afraid to show it either, he doesn’t hide it when he feels a need to use it. But he doesn’t brag about it either. He is not in his friends’ faces with it with an, “I’m so much smarter than you,” attitude. Matt Damon - the film’s cowriter with Ben Affleck - plays Will’s many facets very well. This film is incredibly well cast and most of the actors when you’re watching them don’t FEEL like actors. They feel like the characters, totally and completely. Damon as the lead is no exception.

5) Can I just say: I LIVE for scenes in movies and moments in life where some pretentious condescending asshole is put in their place totally and completely? It’s so cathartic!

6) Minnie Driver as Skylar.

Can I just say I LOVE Skylar, even if she is at risk of falling into the category of manic pixie dream girl on paper. Minnie Driver’s academy award nominated performance in this film just makes her so much MORE than that! I love everything about Skylar: how she approaches Will at the bar and calls him an idiot for not asking her out, how she is able to hold her own against Will’s sense of humor and occasional bullshitting, her laugh, her honesty, her heart! The first time I watched this film I was in awe - more than anything else - with Driver’s realism in the part. She and Damon have knockout chemistry that not only suggests to you their heat but their friendship. It is totally believable that they fall in love in such a quick time, and that is because they work so fucking brilliantly with each other. There is sincerity, trust, comradery, humor, an ability to be themselves around each other. I believe Damon and Driver dated for a while after meeting on this film, and that chemistry shows. I just…gah! I love it so much!

7) Classic.

Will [to the douchebag from the bar]: “Do you like apples?”

Douchebag: “Yeah.”

Will [placing Skylar’s phone number on the glass between them]: “Well I got her number.”

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8) The way Lambeau treats Will is…interesting, to say the least. At first it seems like he looks down at him. Like he’s his savior and he knows it. There’s a scene where after they’re done doing math together, Lambeau ruffles Will’s hair. Who the hell does that? It changes as the film goes on. You realize that Lambeau grows to understand that Will is truly an unmatched genius, but early on it’s…weird.

9) The string of psychiatrists Lambeau takes Will to see is very telling and very entertaining. It shows how smart Will is, but also how abrasive he is. How he scoffs at authority and the need for help. It’s a funny scene but it greatly tells to Will’s deeper struggles.

10) Robin Williams as Sean Maguire.

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Williams won his first and only Oscar based on his performance in this film, and damn if it isn’t clear why. Williams is chameleonic. Yes you know its Robin Williams playing him, yes he brings some of his trademark improv comedy (more on that later), but you don’t SEE Williams. All you see is Sean, and that is incredible. Damon and Affleck took a character who could have easily been just the token mentor. The Obi-Wan to Will’s Luke Skywalker. But they did more. They gave Sean his own struggles, his own grief, his own desires, his own conflict, his own arc, and made a truly compelling character who can hold his own against Damon’s Will.

You learn a lot about Sean as the film goes along. You learn how his life is defined by his love and loss of his wife, you see that he is able to relate to actual people, that he hates the MIT snobs. The dude chokes Will out for insulting his wife at one point and is the first therapist to kick Lambeau out of his session. Meaning he takes his time with Will far more seriously than the other therapists.

The chemistry between Williams and Damon is on par with the chemistry between Driver and Damon, although of a fundamentally different nature. Williams as Sean is able to sift through Will’s bullshit, knows when he doesn’t need to put up with it, and is able to slowly make this character who is so afraid of rejection comfortable around him. I think it’s the key relationship in the film, and I love it.

11) Danny Elfman’s score in this film is beautiful. Elfman is known for his more macabre work through collaborations with directors like Tim Burton and Sam Raimi, but here he creates a hopeful and sincere melody which carries you through the film like a leaf on the wind. I think it’s great.

12) The scene where Sean is talking to Will on a park bench is somewhat iconic, but I think it is very powerful for one key reason: the filmmakers decided to keep it on William’s performance for most of the scene. They did not cut between him and Damon, they let his acting and his heart carry those minutes and it is incredible I think. You can watch for yourself if you so desire:

This is my favorite line from that monologue:

Sean: “You’re an orphan right. Do you think I know the first thing about how hard your life has been - how you feel, who you are - because I read Oliver Twist?”

People like to say they know what other people are going through, but unless they have personally they don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. Thank you to this film for having that line in there. I love it.

13) According to IMDb:

The lines in the scene when Sean talks about his late wife’s farting antics were ad-libbed by Robin Williams. That is why Matt Damon was laughing so hard. If you watch the scene carefully you can notice the camera shaking a bit, possibly due to the cameraman laughing as well.

14) This film does an excellent job in balancing the aspects of Will’s life. We get the perfect looks at his relationship with his friends, with Skylar, with Sean, and with Lambeau. There’s not too much and there’s not too little, it’s just right.

15) It is interesting to see how Will lets his guard down with Skylar in some regards while also keeping it up in some ways (namely, lying about how he has 12 brothers).

16) I love Skylar’s story with Will’s friends.

Minnie Driver is gold.


Lambeau [after Sean says they should let Sean go down his own path]: “It worked wonders for you didn’t it?”

Sean: “Yeah it did you arrogant fucking prick.”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)


(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

I have a lot of strong feelings on this matter, can you tell?

18) I love how Will explains the way his brain works. How he says Mozart and Beethoven could just look at a piano and play, that’s how his brain works with history and numbers and science and stuff. It actually makes a lot of sense despite being pretty vague.

19) Get ready to have your heart broken by Will being a fucking idiot.


20) Will’s whole monologue about why he doesn’t take a job with the NSA because of what COULD happen and one hypothetical leading to another is just a perfect example of him using his intellect to rationalize his fears in a bullshit way.

Will [in a session with Sean]: “Why shouldn’t I work for the N.S.A.? That’s a tough one, but I’ll take a shot. Say I’m working at N.S.A. Somebody puts a code on my desk, something nobody else can break. Maybe I take a shot at it and maybe I break it. And I’m real happy with myself, ‘cause I did my job well. But maybe that code was the location of some rebel army in North Africa or the Middle East. Once they have that location, they bomb the village where the rebels were hiding and fifteen hundred people I never met, never had no problem with, get killed. Now the politicians are sayin’, “Oh, send in the Marines to secure the area” 'cause they don’t give a shit. It won’t be their kid over there, gettin’ shot. Just like it wasn’t them when their number got called, 'cause they were pullin’ a tour in the National Guard. It’ll be some kid from Southie takin’ shrapnel in the ass. And he comes back to find that the plant he used to work at got exported to the country he just got back from. And the guy who put the shrapnel in his ass got his old job, 'cause he’ll work for fifteen cents a day and no bathroom breaks. Meanwhile, he realizes the only reason he was over there in the first place was so we could install a government that would sell us oil at a good price. And, of course, the oil companies used the skirmish over there to scare up domestic oil prices. A cute little ancillary benefit for them, but it ain’t helping my buddy at two-fifty a gallon. And they’re takin’ their sweet time bringin’ the oil back, of course, and maybe even took the liberty of hiring an alcoholic skipper who likes to drink martinis and fuckin’ play slalom with the icebergs, and it ain’t too long 'til he hits one, spills the oil and kills all the sea life in the North Atlantic. So now my buddy’s out of work and he can’t afford to drive, so he’s got to walk to the fuckin’ job interviews, which sucks 'cause the shrapnel in his ass is givin’ him chronic hemorrhoids. And meanwhile he’s starvin’, 'cause every time he tries to get a bite to eat, the only blue plate special they’re servin’ is North Atlantic scrod with Quaker State. So what did I think? I’m holdin’ out for somethin’ better. I figure fuck it, while I’m at it why not just shoot my buddy, take his job, give it to his sworn enemy, hike up gas prices, bomb a village, club a baby seal, hit the hash pipe and join the National Guard? I could be elected president.”

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21) One of my favorite scenes in this film is Chuckie’s reaction after Will says he’s going to stay in south Boston his whole life.

Chuckie: “Look, you’re my best friend, so don’t take this the wrong way but, in 20 years if you’re still livin’ here, comin’ over to my house, watchin’ the Patriots games, workin’ construction, I’ll fuckin’ kill ya. That’s not a threat, that’s a fact, I’ll fuckin’ kill ya.”

He is like the only one - between Skylar, Sean, and Lambeau - to actually get through to Will. And that is because he speaks Will’s language. It’s one of my favorite character moments in the film.

22) I do really love the climax of the film (Sean telling Will, “It’s not your fault,” for his foster dad beating on him and Will breaking down into tears) even if I’m aware of some of it’s flaws. This is a turning point for Will, but if he were in therapy in real life this wouldn’t be the end. Also most therapists don’t treat their patients this way. But that’s the beauty of fiction: we have this thing called suspension of disbelief which makes movies fun to watch! :D

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23) I think the ending for this film is quite lovely. So many different ideas from earlier play into effect, Will goes to make up with Skylar (headcanon: he gets her back after much groveling and attempts to convince her he’s changed), and what Matt Damon said was Robin Williams’ best improvised line in the film.

Will [in a note he leaves for Sean]: "Sean, if the Professor calls about that job, just tell him, sorry, I have to go see about a girl.“

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Good Will Hunting is a classic of cinema. It features excellent writing that features a heartwarming story, supported by incredible performances across the board. Williams, Damon, and Driver are all particular standouts, but the film is just so good. Perhaps a little overrated, but still incredible. Go see it!

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hiiii can you write something where you're famous as well and a really negative article about harry comes out and you want to take it down so you and your team talk to whoever posted it but they demand a story of yours instead and you give them something really personal and then harry finds out? (sorry it's so specific it's based on a dream I had haha)

This Is Going To Kill Him (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: There is a rude article written about Harry, and Y/N using the power she has in Hollywood (she is well known also), takes down the article and shares a personal story about herself to hopefully help others, and even posts a loving picture talking about the ‘real Harry Styles’.

Requested: yes

Warnings: partial swearing, mention of depression, insecurities, and eating disorders

A/N: Y/B/F/N= your best friend’s name

Sorry I have been inactive over the weekend, I’ve been busy this past weekend, but I’m back! Again, thank you for all the support and love you all give to me. Thank you soooo much! Requests are still open, and I will be updating my series this week!

“This is going to kill him”, Y/N says as she puts the laptop on the counter in front of her, gets up, and walks over into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“I’m sorry for coming over here so early” Y/B/F/N says looking at the clock that reads 8:37am, “I just thought you would want to know, so you can maybe prevent Harry from reading it”.

“Thank you for showing me. It’s just so frustrating how someone can write absolute trash that has no actual facts or truth to it, and can just destroy someone’s character and not even get in trouble about it. Yes, I know we have right to freedom of speech, but that doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole. Like this” Y/N says walking over to the living room to grab her laptop again and reads the article,

“Harry Styles spotted out with girlfriend, Y/N. We use the term girlfriend very, VERY, loosely, as you have seen Styles’s track record. But Y/N may be different as we have seen them together more than two minutes, we mean, weeks. We don’t understand what Y/N sees in him. We over here on WEGOSSIP, couldn’t date someone who has been with over thirty of forty women before us. Harry doesn’t even deny it! In one of his latest interviews, the interviewer asked what the boys are looking forward to when they go on their break, and Harry said how he sleeps in different beds every night, and it will be nice to sleep in his own bed on his time off!”

“That’s not even all he said, or what he said, or what he meant!” Y/N says angrily. “He said he misses sleep in his own bed because of tour they have to move from hotel to different hotel every single night. He miss familiarity.”

“Not to be insensitive, but, this is what comes with fame. Don’t you think Harry is used to it almost by now?” Y/B/F/N asks cautiously.

“You’re right to an extent. People will lie and be cruel and hate you, but this article, the people who write it get paid for it. They aren’t just being what people call haters, but they are professional article writers who are destroying someone’s character.” Y/N says.

“It just hurts, because it reminds of like four years ago, when I found Harry reading mean comments people wrote about his performance. Harry was performing, and he didn’t have breath control when he hit a note, so he didn’t hit it like he usually does.  He was beating himself up all night after the performance. He secluded himself from everyone in his room. When I walked in, I found his phone screen smashed across the room and him with his hand in his hands. He was in tears. He believed all the nasty things people were saying about him. He actually looked me in the eyes, and asked me if he was a good enough singer. We weren’t dating at the time, just friends, but it hurt to see him like that, so insecure, so broken. He was so close to giving up doing what he loved because of people’s opinions.” Y/N says sadly.

“This article isn’t just hating on him, they are trying to destroy him. I mean look at the title of the article “HARRY STYLES: ROLEMODEL OR MANWHORE?” Y/N says pointing to the screen.

“So, what are you going to do?” Y/B/F/N asks.

“I have connections to people who can order to take it down. But after, we will give the attention that Harry deserves, we will show people who the real Harry Styles is. The loving, caring, gentlemen he is.” Y/N says smiling.

~On Clever News, at 3:47pm~
“Y/N is possibly one of the best girlfriends in our books”, Mariam reports, “Recently today the internet went into a frenzy when a false and hateful article went out about our favorite dimpled green eye cutie, calling him a manwhore, and misquoting him.”

The YouTube video cuts to pictures of snippets from the article, and Mariam explaining what the article said, and showing where the article had misquoted him.

“Awful right?” Mariam continues as the video shows her again, “But miss Y/N was not having it. One of our favorite singer turned actress, shut that article AND website down.”

Again, the video cuts to the public statement that the article writers put out saying they are pulling down the article, and posting a very personal story about her, which Y/N requested herself happens, in which it talks about Y/N dealing with her struggles of loving herself, and being bullied in high school.”

“In the article she says,

“In school I got really badly bullied. It all started in middle school when I was taller than all the other girls. I went through puberty earlier. I remember the girls making fun of me because of my height, my acne, braces, and my glasses. I stopped eating, I stopped talking to people around me. In high school it just got worse. My body type wasn’t right, my style wasn’t right. It seemed not matter how much I changed myself, I didn’t fit in. Then one day, I got really sick of stories where the prince always saves the girl. Why couldn’t the girl save herself? So, that’s what I did. I changed my story. I lived life on my own terms, I saved myself for myself.”

“So incredibly inspiring” Mariam says, “but, she didn’t stop there, after the article was released, she wrote a loving caption to a picture she posted shortly ago about her boyfriend, saying…”

“My love, there are many people who are hateful. There are many people who are always going to find something wrong with you. But you have taught me to just love. I love you so much. You have been nothing but a respectful gentlemen, and boyfriend to me these past months we’ve been dating. I am so lucky to have first met you on X Factor, to becoming really close friends over the past few years, to now soulmates these past few months. I love you with all of my heart Harry Styles, never forget that.”

“And she even started the Hashtag #ILoveYouHarry, which is now trending internationally, with fans flooding Harry with support, and love”.

“Ugh”, Mariam jokes around groaning, “Can you feel my heart melting?” she jokingly asks.

“Tell us what you think in the comments below about…”, and before the video could end Harry shuts it off.
Harry brings Y/N into his side, and kisses the top of her forehead as they sit on the couch.

“You didn’t have to do all that.” Harry says finally breaking the silence, “It wasn’t a big deal, interviewers make those rude passive aggressive comments all the time”.

“Yeah, but, I have the platform to tell people that it’s not okay. That we need to treat each other with respect. That it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what skin color you are, what social class you are, what gender, religion, or sexuality you are, that we are all equal, we are all human, and we all deserve respect.”

Harry looks deeply into Y/N’s eyes for a minute. Y/N has never been the one to speak a lot, she is usually the listener, while Harry is the talker.

“What?” Y/N says blushing away from the gorgeous green eyes staring at her.

“I love you. I love your heart, your passion, everything. Every day, you just give me another reason to love you. God, Y/N I just fucking love you.”

“I love you too Harry. Never, ever forget that.” Y/N says while snuggling into his side looking up at him.

“I won’t baby.” Harry promises, kissing her forehead.


I hope whoever requested it, liked it! Thank you again for everyone that have been so supportive! Love you all! Requests are open on my blog! Have a great Monday! xoxo

Honestly it’s so obvious that Rowan was never intended to be Aelin’s endgame or even a romantic interest at all. In HoF, it was made clear that Aelin had only friendly feelings for him and he for her, but somewhere along the way SJM adopted some sort of faerie dominance fetish (as displayed in 4/8 of her works) and completely dropped all other love interests because of it.

a hungry sleepless night with phil - reaction & timestamps

0:07 “next to my bed”
it physically hurts to hear him call it “his” bed even though it’s actually his because he films videos here but omg i can’t comprehend so many LIES

0:45 - i like the little effects and animations he does throughout the video because they obviously take time to edit and are not really necessary but he’s a wonderful creative boy

1:18 - throughout the whole segment in this room you can hear how weirdly and dully the sound bounces off the walls. as if there wasn’t even a window there (i know there is one here, we saw it). this is the sound of an empty and small space. btw how come he hasn’t hung those pictures yet, has he been waiting to do it on camera or anything? though ofc i may be overthinking, they are not the most organized people

1:57 - leaving your bedroom already because there’s literally nothing to show, eh, phil?

2:08 - dan mention number one. plus, he likes to tease dan, isn’t he?

2:43 - dan mention number two. i don’t know what to say, i just want to count

3:09 - i don’t feel like the fandom had been requesting dream daddy as much as dnp have been saying. they are really excited to play it, and strangely phil seems more chill with it than dan, who will probably make really silly jokes to make up for his awkwardness and embarrassment

3:41 - the door handle aka another thing phil is scared gonna fall off. and, dan mention number three. also, funny how he’s drawn his fringe on that skeleton, premium comedy

4:26 - cherry. don’t even. just, no.

6:09 - E SEW TOWER. i love him

6:38 - that’s not a glass, that’s a fucking vase, wtf

7:12 - forgeting junior mints. just fucking hilarious

7:26 - phil doing pranayama. wrongly. i kinda wanted dan enter the room and go “that’s NOT how you DO THAT” (btw i have no info about dan actually knowing stuff about yoga but that would be cool)

8:07 - dan mention number four

9:17 - raise your hand if seeing phil sew would literally ruin your life and now you just want for him to do a live show while sewing patches, buttons, and sock holes

9:34 - dan mention number five. he stole a header idea from him which would be cute if it wasn’t so sad, you both literally spend too much time together, get a life! (im not serious pls stay conjoined)

final thoughts: idk if anyone actually expected him to do a sleepless night in the moon room, not so soon that’s for sure. i think we just didn’t expect him to lie so directly. well of course he may still sleep in this room from time to time, for whatever reason. but hey, we’ve just seen how much effort dan put into “his” room while phil, being in his 30s, still had the exact same decor for all these years. the strangest thing is that he expects us to believe it all.

but i dont want to turn every vloggy type of video into a long analysis of their personal lives and completely dismiss the creativity that went into making it, that’s why i’m gonna say that even though it wasn’t his best a sleepless night video, it was definitely entertaining and lovely and very “phil”

Loved this comment on RDJ’s Facebook page today, under this ‘80s shot of him with the kitten on his shoulder:

“ 1 - 3 cats is ok. If RDJ gets to 10 or more cats, wears old baggy clothes, weird glasses and big hats, then we have to worry about you.”

So…in other words, he’s just about 8 cats away from having us worry about him?

David Bowie, rated by the level of badassery and fun

Baby Bowie: he’s shy, he messes around with mime, he’s an ultra nerd. Still gets super many Valentine’s Day card and climbs out of windows after coitus. Pimply and already a music nerd. 2/10

Mod Bowie: still a music nerd, will never change, but now with a fashion sense. Sharp-ass hair line, smashes gravel on the floor of his vocal booth, makes gnome jokes with his only friend, Gus Dungeon. 3/10 but only for fashion sense.

Space Oddity Bowie: has a perm, which is always a mistake, pimply noodle, cries about his girlfriend and accidentally writes a hit in the process, is one hit wonder. Tries to make the stylophone popular but fails. Mmmhhhh 1/10

The Man Who Sold The World: Now he’s wearing dresses, gets a gun pulled on him. 7/10 THAT’S MY BOY

Hunky Dory Bowie: “I’m gay” but has wife + kid on the way A SOLID 10/10 MY FRIEND

Ziggy Stardust Bowie: oh boy where do I start all the glitter and that haircut and the sexy onepieces, and the everything, it’s all very uncool kid becomes hot over summer, he still falls off amplifiers and hurts himself accidentally, 9/10

Aladdin Sane Bowie: rad ass makeup, has lipstick on his face, will continue to inspire a ton of generations to put lipstick on their faces, too, and all while just existing on paper / sleeve. Schizophrenic baby and very unhappy. Not very cool bc I am sad for him. 2/10

Pin Ups Bowie: -1/10

Diamond Dogs: ahh yes we love censorship, also pissing off Mick Jagger, dog dick, 1984 fanfic, but in musical form and in a “jk jk stop screaming abt copyright” way. 10/10

Young Americans/ the Gouster: unhappy, but with a gf now, records an album that every executive hates. That’s always good. Also cuts off The DeepFreeze err I mean DeFries thanks to John Lennon his new homie. Bros for life. Also dares to be a bigger diva than Aretha Franklin by continuing to be pissed about not getting a kiss from her at the Grammys. Approves of NB people (“Ladies, Gentlemen, and others”). He’s petty and I love it. 7/10

Thin White Duke: he has a fashion sense but seems to be an asshole, I will fight him, he’s really uncool for almost dying, 2/10 and that is for STS

Berlin Bowie: chill, lowkey, has facial hair which makes for a good joke. Pisses off more executives who now want Young Americans II and want to give him a villa in Philly for it but nope. Pettyboi knows what he’s about. Loves Brian Eno. Art hoe. Iggy eats all his food. Still pretty lowkey. LOW haha! Mmh a solid but not good 4/10 there are barely any good fun stories?

Scary Monsters Bowie: didn’t want to make a hit album until 1983 to piss of Defries but accidentally made one “oops my hand slipped” Bowie, creates point of reference for his career, … apart from good music there’s the Elephant Man and Baal, which I am a slut for, but it’s just not? A very exciting time? Also he’s sad because John. Gets divorced and custody, both happy things. Still, afraid he gets 1/10 not very awesome

Let’s Dance Bowie: boy oh boy is a popstar never not funny esp when he never even wanted to be a singer? But for real he gets really hot and rolls around naked on a beach what more do I even want. Also a really good pop album. Rich as fuck, still very modest about how much he got for being EMIs newest bitch to bring home the bacon. Love it despite questionable fashion choices, 5/10

Tonight Bowie: Is very sad, mocks himself in the Blue Jean extended video. What kind of self-drag, that is so fucking next level, also Screaming Lord Byron is so out there I love it. Also Labyrinth and the Bulge falls into this era. Awakens whole generations of girls and boys. This is his informal legacy, his codpiece and goblins. Also “my cock is still raw”. REALLY FUN. 8/10

Never Let Me Down Bowie: lets everybody down. Is very sad, wants to quit music I will give him 6/10 though, for the entirety of Glass Spider, and his weird Pepsi-scientist

Tin Machine Bowie: fuck me left and right Tin Machine may be trash in other areas but in terms of stories it just seems so wild??? Popstar goes garage band. The interviews are super funny and Bowie essentially started it with Reeves to find himself again but I guess he found it really useful to piss people off too. Flirts with every journalist probably to make them blush and flustered, is really happy, has so much sex he gets F U CKIGN R R RRIPPED, hip moves, sax cunnilingus, err I lost track, 10/10

Black Tie White Noise Bowie: boring af in terms of stories sorry bby 1/10 the one point is for writing an album for your wife

Buddha of Suburbia Bowie: the guy who everybody forgets about but he makes good reasonable decisions like getting rid again of Rogers, getting Mike Garson back, loving music again. I will give it a 5/10 for the hilarious bush kicking and other fuckery in the Buddha of Suburbia video.

1. Outside Bowie: I will refrain from vomiting a bunch of words about sexiness here but like he is so witty? Art hoe? Loves Brian Eno and sex a lot? How can a sober person be so fucking fun?? Loves to piss off people, has a lot of OCs, but how many fun stories do I have for him? Well there’s the Minotaur jacking off thing, and the wallpaper designing, and the Andy Warhol imitations. Weird segues on the album, he gets points for that too, but overall he gets a measly for Outside 7/10, gotta stay objective here.

Earthling Bowie: HIS LOOKS ALONE ARE SO FUCKING FUNNY ASKHFJADJS, David Bonion/ the Bohawk ah god I love it, how he pissed off the one host by playing Scary Monsters despite being told not to and getting banned, is a even bigger dork, wears HORRIBLE suits, odd fashion choices, webchats like oh my god  9/10

‘hours…’ Bowie: he is this guy who wrote a snuggly album but also played Julian Priest, our MAILF, murderous artist I’d like to fuck, is a, I quote, “hot blooded male who is in love with Lara Croft”, … makes a video game and has self inserts of him AND THE WIFE!!!, fucking hilarious in interviews, really gives less shits than ever with every year that goes by… 6/10?

Heathen Bowie: he is very awesome with an ass that won’t quit and suits and god he just. Won’t. shut up about his daughter. Or wife. But have you heard about the human being him and his wife made. Kinkshames live on stage and tape, GET REKT, 10/10

Reality Bowie: my oh my fun stories? HOW ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT IS IN THE BEHIND THE SCENES MATERIAL??? He is just a fun kid, he releases albums like it’s nothing, boy is on fire, quick-witted… what are fun stories about Reality David Bowie idk he imitates a lot in interviews and is just overall a hoot 9/10

Gap Years Bowie: he gets 10/10 for the outfit with the big coat and turtleneck don’t judge also all the “questionable” (aka for the kiddo) movie choices, SPONGEBOB.

The Next Day Bowie: hi I am not retired you motherfuckers wake up wake up, is a really cute and genuine person, smells like perfection, but no fun stories. :( 3/10 for the super unexpected album drop like YOOOOOOO

Blackstar Bowie: THE CLOSET JOKE ASHFJDKAS also how he planned the musical before he got sick that’s a bloody good story, there’s just so much, like, how he made his death into art, into a project he always wanted to do, and managed to hide being sick for 1.5 years like???? How? Über-trickster, also how he died at 69, sung of his cock and made my day, … 11/10 despite the very un-fun death part

get to know me tag

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

tagged by:  @thatnerdyblondegirl @everythings-koreanpop @jindongdongie @marksseunie @imjaebumtrash  (like AGES ago and im just now getting to it, im sorry!) (but super thank you for tagging me :))

1. Nicknames: Chaka and Emi-chan (but only from my parents)

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Aquarius

4. Height: 4′ 9″ (and a HALF)

5. Time:  currently 9:03pm

6. Birthday: February 17th

7. favorite bands: 
Kpop: Got7, BTS, Kard, Seventeen, Monsta x, BlackPink, Twice, and more
western/english: Cage the Elephant, Grouplove, AltJ, Muse, RHCP, Glass Animals, Panic at the Disco, etc

8. favorite solo artists:  i don’t listen to many Solo artist. I mean maybe GD, IU, Hyuna. Non-kpop: Robert DeLong (i love him omg)

9. Song stuck in my head: I had New Face - PSY stuck in my head like all day today omg

10. Last movie watched: Valley Girl…. (its a stupid 80′s movie and one of nic cage’s first movies and its just dumb…)

11. Last show watched: Currently watching South Park because i dont have to pay attention to it.

12. When did i create my blog: just checked; January 21st :) omg my blog is 6 months old holy crap

13. What do i post: i try to be purely got7, some other groups may sneak in smh :/

14. Last thing googled: “tm” (idk)

15. do you have other blogs: yes but i abandoned it. It’s super unorganized and ugly and it went through all my phases. I abandoned it when i made this blog. rip

16. Do you get asks: every now and then (ily to all who come into my ask box)

17. Why did u choose your url: mark in a pink hoodie tugs at my heart strings

18. Following: 133 incredible blogs

19. Followers: 7,608 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20. Favorite colors: white and pastel lights are my aesthetic :)

21. Average hours of sleep: idek dude

22. Lucky number: 7 and 3 (if it had to be one number its 21 because 7x3)

23. Instruments: I play drums mainly. I can also play bass guitar. I used to be the drummer in a band with friends :)

24. What am I wearing: light blue t shirt top with those trendy holes that everyone wears now and dark blue jean shorts,

25. How many blankets I sleep with: 1 with lots of stuffed animals :D

26. Dream job: this question stresses me out

27. Dream trip: a forever trip in japan

28. Favorite food: Japanese food: I eat Somen and Tarako spaghetti a lot 

29. Nationality: Japanese 🎌

30. Favorite song now: Hola Hola - KARD !!!

Tagging: @2jaekisses @shownx @jajajaebum @flanneljinyoung @got7doubleb
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anonymous asked:

Hey!! Could I get a match up for Bayformers and TFP?? I'm a bisexual, 5'8, curly brown hair and green eyes with glasses. Very quiet around new people but once I'm comfortable around them I become this silly, sarcastic person who loves to laugh and have a good time! I love to write stories and draw and swim! If somebody's looking for a fight I'll fight back if it means protecting the people I care about. (Thanks so much Hun! <3)

I match you with: Bayverse Bumblebee and TFP Wheeljack!

Bayverse: Bumblebee might have thought, at first, that you just didn’t like him or were scared of him, but once he learned it was just because you were strangers, he understood. He loves how silly you are and always beeps out a laugh at your jokes. He’s fond of joking around with you and having a good time. All of your hobbies are something he loves to watch you do and he loves to read or see what you’ve done. When you want to go swimming he might get in the water with you depending on where your swimming, so you might be able to swim around your giant robot boyfriend! If he can do anything about it, he won’t let you fight. He really doesn’t wanna see you get hurt, even if he knows you can take care of yourself.

TFP: Wheeljack loves your sarcasm and he lives for it. You two often share the sarcastic quip, usually at Ultra Magnus’ expense. You’re ‘fight me’ attitude when it comes to being protective is something he can work with, he’s all for that. He knows you can take care of yourself and usually lets you, but he keeps a close optic on you and /will/ step in if he has to. Thinks how shy you get around new people is about the most damn adorable thing he could have ever damn well seen. Your hobby to write isn’t something he’s particularly interested in, he gets bored too easily trying to read, but if you’re comfortable reading out loud he’s all for listening! Loves the things you draw and hangs them /all over/ the Jack Hammer. It’s a little embarrassing sometimes. He will never get in the water with you but will compliment your choice of bathing suit and watch you swim. 

anonymous asked:

we all know how much luke cares for his loved ones like if you weren't really drinking a lot of water everyday, luke would freak out and he'd start making you drink 8 glasses of water or or or he'd be heading to the grocery store and you're like 'i want a salad!' and he'd turn around giving you a look like 'cmon be honest' and you'd go 'i want a bag of m&ms' making him grin and coo 'there you go'

M&M’s are just always in my house if I’m honest kdngfkhn but true he’s cute and caring 

Dialogue Prompts

1) “No, you can’t do that!” “Watch me.” 

2) “What are you doing?” “I’m leaving.” “Forever?” “Get out of my way.” 

3) “Please don’t do this.” 

4) “Look, I know you don’t want to listen right now but hear me out.” 

5) “You selfish son of a-” “Watch your language there little girl.” 

6) “I didn’t do this! You have to believe me!” 

7) “I don’t love him, I never did I never will.” 

8) “Stop lying to me.” 

9) “Did you hear?” 

10) “Stop treating me like this!” “Like what?” “Like I’m broken glass!” 

11) “I don’t care, I don’t care about anything anymore.” 

12) “No one will ever love you.” 

13) “Darling, you’re never going to escape me.” 

14) “I was protecting her.” “Well you didn’t do a very good job, now did you?” 

15) “Over there!” “You’re seeing things.” “No, I swear! I saw him!” “No, that’s a bird.” 

16) “Please don’t make me do this.” 

17) “I just want to be free … “ 

18) “I don’t understand … Why would you do this?” 

19) “That is not the person I knew.” 

20) “Listen to me! Please!” 

Better In Time 4

Since I haven’t written in a long time, here’s an extra long chapter to get you guys through until part 5. Please be patient while I go through my own stuff right now, and to be honest I had no clue where this story was going until now and was actually going to stop writing because it seems not many people were as into it as I thought. If you have ANY feedback please send it in. Even just to request part 5, it means so much you guys don’t even know. Ok enough blabbering let’s get into the story.

Part 1 2 3

Better In Time 4

The whole next day I had thought about who this girl could be. Calum before mentioned girls that came before me but briefly, never in full detail. They were either one time dates or people he had small crushes on but got over them, and they weren’t someone that he full on dating like me. As I laid on my bed with my arms across my face, I decided to ring Marissa to get the down low on this girl. Knowing her she’d have all the answers.

“Hey Y/N, you need something?” She answered after 2 rings.

“Uhm, well, sort of. If you can help me?”

“I’m all ears.” I sighed before answering her.

“Does Calum…does Calum have a uh, girlfriend?”

She slightly laughed but not in a comic sort of way, but more of an annoyed way.

“You know about Kiera huh?”


“She was his first real girlfriend for a good chunk of Calum’s life. I watched them spend every waking moment together for almost 4 years since they were young kids. Calum doesn’t talk about his relationships to anyone, he just builds up those harsh emotions and hurt from being rejected and dumped and stores it away. I keep telling him some day he’s going to find the perfect girl but will create assumptions about her based on what he’s experienced in the past, and blow up on her. He never listens.” She said in a monotoned voice. It seems like she’s stressed this idea hundreds of times and now talking about it doesn’t do any good.

“Do you know why they ended?”

“Well, like I said Calum never talks about his relationships to others, barely to the guys or me. So I had to observe and see what happened. About a month ago I found out she was playing him their entire relationship. Her friends, because they were all so wealthy, bet $50 every year she stayed with Calum. Girlfriend ruined him, but hey she got 200$.” She joked but her voice sounded hurt. I knew Marissa, and how much she cared for Calum like her own sibling. Anyone that hurts him, hurts her.

It all had finally hit me when she mentioned how she kept stressing him to not bottle up feelings and assumptions or else he’d snap on the wrong girl.

The wrong girl was me.

I never knew Calum had so much hurt and anger plastered into him, so whenever we fought I just shot back every nasty word and action I had in my body, not even thinking about how something like that could trigger the hurt some other girl caused. And I was too stubborn to even consider his own feelings after he hurt mine. I had just assumed because Calum never talked about Kiera that there never was a Kiera, and that I was his first real girlfriend. This could be a major key in fixing our relationship! I could finally understand him, and be more considerate of him and work out our problems better and teach him that bottling up emotions will only end in disaster.

“Y/N! Are you still there?” Marissa slightly yelled into my ear, snapping me out of my deep thoughts.

“Uh yeah! Sorry. T-thanks for telling me. It seems like I’m invading his privacy but…”

“Dude I get it. Plus, I know you’ve been getting closer to him, you at least deserve that much. Cal doesn’t open up to people as fast as he has with you, you’re something special.” I blushed at her compliment, thinking of the wondering feelings of being head over heels in love again with this boy.

“Hey, I gotta go. Mom’s bitching at me to eat dinner. Talk to you tomorrow!” And she hung up, leaving me with my clouded mind.

Through tonight another thought had come to my head. The first time Calum tried to kiss me, I backed up and left early to go home because I felt embarrassed and couldn’t stay around any longer. However, because I kissed him, I stayed longer than I should have, and heard the conversation between him and Kiera. If I had let Calum kiss me the first time, I would’ve known about Kiera before hand, and I could’ve known about Calum harboring feelings. A simple few minutes really makes a difference whether you believe that or not. It’s like when you miss your bus or train to work by 1 minute, but then you hear that train derailed and everybody in their was killed. If you would’ve made it there a minute earlier, you could’ve been killed, but something before that stopped it from happening. I had to talk to Calum about Kiera before it’s too late, and get him to open up and share his feelings instead of letting it crumble him down.

“Woah look at that huge fish!” Calum yelled entering the aquarium, looking at the large cylinder shaped tank in the center of the room filled with fish the size of your thumb nail to the size of a tire. He ran straight to it with a smile so big it made his dimples shine through from miles away, and he touched upon the glass in awe. I brought him here to hopefully learn more about Kiera, but I’d make sure he’d have a good time before asking so he’d be in a better mood. This was also my favorite place to come to, so it was a win win.

“I know, he’s been in that tank for years. I use to come here when I was 8 and I even gave him a name. Swimmy.” He scrunched his eyebrows and laughed again, keeping his eye on the fat fish.


“If I have to repeat it again I was 8!”

We watched around the aquarium some more looking inside at all the wonderful creatures sea life had to offer. Calum’s skin glowed even in the dim lighting, and his face shined whenever he pinned his nose against the glass to get a better look in the smaller tanks. He was like a kid again, enjoying the animals and being just as fascinated by them as me.

“So, why’d you bring me here?” I couldn’t just say I brought him here to talk about the girl that ruined love for him as he knew it. ‘Oh I just brought you here to get you in a good mood before ruining it by asking you about the girl who used you for money and then left you.’ Yeah, that’s smart.

“Well, I love this place. Being surrounded by the water and all the animals that inhabit it. I’ve always been interesting in marine life. And being near this much water, I don’t know…calms my mind I guess. I just wanted to bring you here to experience it.” I shrugged. I wasn’t necessarily lying. I did tell the truth; I loved this place and marine life, but it wasn’t the only reason why I wanted specifically him to come with me.

“I love it, I feel like a little kid again learning about the animals and watching them swim around and interact with one another. Thank you.” He said smiling his genuine smile, and slipped his fingers through mine seemlessly. I couldn’t even feel it, until he looked down waiting for approval, and I smiled gripping his hand in mine.

We eventually ended up outside near the tadpols, tiny sharks, and other animals with the guides to teach kids more about them. Beyond the railing that showed the end of the outside portion of the aquarium was the great wide ocean. Calum leaned against the railing and stared, letting the slight ocean breeze whip across his face and he closed his eyes with a smile. I figured now was good a time as any. Here goes something new.

“Calum…” I breathed heavily, “who’s Kiera.”

I brought my eyes to his face seeing his side profile, and instantly his jaw clenched and his nostrils flared. He turned on his side, leaning one arm against the rail and one arm shoved in his pocket. He huffed and cocked his head before answering.

“How do you know about her? Huh! Who told you!” His slight outburst scared me, and reminded me of how much worst his yelling could get. It took an army in me to stop the tears from even starting.

“N-nobody! I heard you on the phone that one night we kissed and I heard the conversation-“

“It was Marissa! I knew it! Can’t trust anyone these days!” He flung himself off the railing with his arms up in the arm before walking towards the stairs down to the ocean that was clearly marked ‘employees only’. I quickly followed after him.

“If you would just open up and explain to me who she is then this conversation would be over by now Calum!” He started quickly walked down the steps with me close behind him.

He quickly turned to me and said, “I don’t ever want to talk about that bitch ever again don’t bring her up.” and turned back walk down the steps again. I stopped in my tracks with all the anger and hurt from Calum and I’s fights that would soon come if I didn’t stop this. I was a ticking time bomb, and I just exploded.

“Well maybe if you’d just stop surpressing your feelings and holding them in you wouldn’t be such a depressed mess inside!” I screamed from the middle of the stairway, while Calum was just about to reach the bottom. He stopped, one foot in front of the other. His hand was gripping the rail, and I could see his shoulders bobbing up and down. After a few seconds I spoke up again, seeing as he wasn’t going to.

“You can’t keep doing this to yourself. You’re holding in every emotion from this girl and eventually those feelings are going to come out and scare away your soulmate if you don’t stop. She’ll end up being the one who got away Cal.” I slowly walked closer to him down the staircase, my voice softer but still audible. It felt like the world had stopped for us. The trees were blowing with the steady wind making slight crunching noises and the oceans mean waves had calmed to a simple crash on the shore. We didn’t hear anyone’s voices even though they were right above our heads. I got close enough to Calum to touch him, and placed my hands on his shoulders, feeling his tension drain away.

“I want to help you forget Cal. I want to help you remember what real love is again. I want to make sure you know you’re valued and actually mean something to me, not just dollar bills. But I can’t do that if you won’t open up to me, please…talk to me.” He turned to me with droppy eyes and a frown stretched out on his lips. I brought my hands to his cheeks and rubbed under his eye.

“She used me. For money Y/N…for money. I just…I felt so betrayed and felt like I was worthless and that I’d never truly be loved…” He began rambling, so I pulled him into my chest running my hands through his slight curls, just listening to him finally pouring his heart out in words.

“And you’re right. If I keep holding my anger and hurt inside I’ll someday blow up at someone who means a lot to me and scare them away. It’s just so much easier that way, to me I felt like I was making everyone’s lives safer that way.”

“But Cal you’re wrong. The next girl you’ll hurt because of the assumptions you’ve built up about love and girls is going to seriously break that person and their assumption on love. It’s going to be a domino affect.” I was finally telling him in a calm way all the feelings I had during our rough patch, the things I was always afraid saying because of how angry he’d get at me for feeling the way I did. He was understanding, and a flame grew in my heart knowing this was the start of fixing it all.

“I don’t know about you but…I’m falling for you every second I look in your eyes.” His dark brown ones couldn’t be looking any deeper than they were right now, and I leaned my forehead against his, hearing the waves behind us.

“Me too Cal, me too.”

I've started reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass and...

And omg I’m in love with it!!! Seriously I’m only 8 chapters in and I’m pretty sure my otp is Dorian and Celaena (not sure if I spelt that right..oh well) like they are so cute and those notes about the library adorable!😍😍😍📚📚📚📚

But like then there’s Chaol Westfall and I love him too and I don’t know what to do like usually I’m good at knowing who I want together but this book is just too good for me to really know

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Pregnant Ruby headcanons because let's face it your headcanons are the best and always cause a mixture of happiness and tears😘

*rubs hands together* remember that you asked for this

•Ruby and Liam had a lot of reservations about having kids at first because the government said that IAAN would stick around for a few generations and the kids who didn’t get abilities died, and neither of them would be able to handle that

•which was pretty heartbreaking for a while because WOW did Liam want kids like really it was ridiculous

•Ruby really wanted them too but it was so weird to her to think that she actually could because she spent so long thinking she’d spend the rest of her life fighting and running

•when she found out the first time she couldn’t stop shaking

•all 5 of the (positive) tests she took were laid out on the counter in front of her for a good 2 hours before she could even move

•ruby’s half whisper, on the verge of tears voice saying “can you come home” = the scariest phone call of liams life

•he doesn’t even realize he’s crying while he stares at the tests until she wraps her arms around him

•so yeah they were definitely freaked but over the moon nonetheless

•Ruby has all the weird cravings

•liams always more than happy to go get them and she feels bad but literally every 3 am craving he’s in the car in .5 seconds

•she gets really big and eventually the doctor puts her on bed rest bc walking around is exerting her too much

•Ruby was not happy about that at all oh my god

•half their conversations from that point forward are
“Liam I’m just stretching my legs for a bit, it’s fine”
“going on a 2 mile walk doesn’t count as ‘stretching your legs’, you know what the doctor said: no stairs, no lifting, and no more than 10 minutes on your feet”

•she appreciates it but WOW does she get angry

•Ruby Daly has badass shit to do and being on bed rest is getting in the way of that okay

•about 3 months in she turns into the horniest human being alive and practically jumps Liam like every 3 minutes

•he’s always afraid to hurt her and asking if she’s okay and if it feels alright and she’s just like “I swear to god if your pants aren’t off in 3 seconds I’m divorcing you”

•also she gets v bossy

•and SO hormonal she goes from crying maybe once a year to crying at literally everything

•things pregnant Ruby has cried at:
-Liam telling her good morning
-absolutely nothing?? one time she was just sitting there and all of a sudden she was bawling
-cute dogs
-an ultrasound
-chubs proposing to vida
-Liam saying “love you” at the end of their phone calls
-their dog putting his head on her lap
-the sink getting clogged

•Liam freaks out every time he’s like “sorrysorrysorrysorry what did I say I’m sorry are you okay”

•at the 8 month mark Liam gets SO jumpy

•she’ll breathe heavier than normal or wince or blink and he’s like “AREYOUINLABORDOWENEEDTOGOTOTHEHOSPITALILLGETTHEBAGSCALL911”

•she uses it to mess with him lmao one time she spills a glass of water on the floor and screams and tells him her water just broke and he literally passed out

•when the baby actually does come though he’s so freaked out he’s calm and it freaks Ruby out

•for the first few weeks of having the baby they’re a mixture of excited and terrified because they have one of the first babies with both parents having IAAN and the government probably knows it too

•which basically means both of them take the max paternity leave and then some before they can bear leaving the baby alone with Liam or Rubys parents and even then they call every 20
minutes between the both of them

•she uses the baby bump as an excuse to steal all of liams clothes because she doesn’t want to buy maternity clothes, basically pregnant rubys outfits are all one of liams flannels and some leggings
Cute little thing (8/10/17 )

The first week of school is coming to a close, and I’m more than satisfied with how it seems to be going.

Today during lunch, it was me, Glasses, and another one of my friends and we started talking about just really personal stuff. And even if I wasn’t talking, I could see him staring at me and I’d lock eyes with him. He kept asking me questions about my family and just what I like to do, and the entire time he never looked away and honestly it was great. I’m not trying to read into it romantically or anything because that’s just not healthy; I just really appreciate people like that. Especially when you’re relatively close. Oh and his laugh is extremely adorable.

To an amazing Junior year, lots of fun times, and building meaningful relationships with those I care for!

Family {23}

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing? Fluff!! Lots and Lots of Fluff!!

Words: 1,411

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

Who’s ready for date night!?

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Hot Dudes Reading

I love procrastinating on actual fics by writing these little guys.

Stiles dashed up to the subway car, jamming his shoulder into the door just as it was starting to close, and let momentum carry him down into the nearest seat after stumbling inside. The seat was right next to someone, and he thought about moving—the train car was practically empty, which was a goddamn miracle at 8:30 in the evening—but instantly reconsidered when he twisted his head and caught sight of who was sitting next to him.

Tall and broad, with thick-rimmed dark glasses and a heavy layer of stubble that Stiles could only describe as artful, he was engrossed in a paperback and completely unperturbed by Stiles’ acrobatic entrance. Stiles was no stranger to ogling hot guys on the train—hell, it was practically an official hobby—but this was something else.

Inspired by the sight next to him, Stiles opened Instagram on his phone and started scrolling through one of his favorite feeds. But after a few minutes, all of a sudden his phone was being yanked out of his hand, and the guy was shooting him a murderous glare. It was mostly in the eyebrows.

“What the—”

“Who are you?” the guy demanded. “Are you stalking me or something?”

“What the fuck?” Stiles yelped, holding up his hands. He’d had his fair share of interesting experiences on the subway, just like any New Yorker, and this one was quickly climbing the list. “No! I’ve never seen you before in my life. What the hell is your problem, dude?”

“Then why do you have a picture of me on your phone?”

Wait, what?

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By @carrotslices! To name 10 songs I’m groovin’ too these days! Thanks bro <3

1. ‘Throw Me Away’ by Korn

2. ‘Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)’ by Looking Glass

3. ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons

4. ‘Robots’ by Flight of the Conchords

5. ‘Drop it Like it’s Spock’ by K Face

6. ‘All Time Low’ by Jon Bellion

7. ‘Twisted Transistor’ by Korn

8. ‘Sovengarde Song’ by Miracle of Sound

9. ‘Shoot Him Down’ by Alice Francis

10. Literally the entirety of Starset’s collected musical compositions including past, present, and future creations. But I’ll just link to the stuff available.

Thank you for this one, I fucking love to babble about my favorite music ;U;

@lornagonigall, @robdyke (why the fuck not!), and uhhhhh… @typical-atheist-scumbag if you wanna. You’re up guys!