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request:  can you do a fluffy scenario where you like to play in the rain but Suga finds it childish and you convince him to play in the rain with you and he ends up having a lot of fun (maybe at the end a little smutty but you can do it if you want) I hope this isn’t too much I love your blog <3

word count: 1.9k

author’s note: i’m reposting everything i have written on hoseoksgal onto this new, writing blog. well … this took a turn. this is very overdue and by no means fluffy at all but it is what it is… -ally


Another groan. Another giggle.

Yoongi couldn’t help but be annoyed at the weather. Even more so he was annoyed with the fact that you would not stop playing in it. You tried to persuade him to join you, but he just shook your hand off of him, sighed, and continued walking.

It was understandable why he was upset. Walking home from his studio the day before his mixtape release would be stressful on anyone. But you couldn’t understand why he was taking it out on you. Throughout the entire day he had just seemed so irritated by every little thing you had done, even snapping at you for dropping the cap of your water bottle. This day was supposed to be one filled with excitement as the final preparations for his mixtape were finished with. But no, instead it was a dreadful day just walking in the rain.


“Min Yoongi,” you stopped right in front of him. “I know you’re stressed but please try and have fun with me. Today is a celebration, if anything. Not just another day for you to be grumpy.”

The only response was not. You were right and he hated to admit it to himself. But that wasn’t going to stop him from being annoyed with the weather. He looked towards the sky, today of all days.


He absolutely would not let himself admit how cute you were being right now. You were wearing a black dress that he bought you, instantly making it one of his favorites. He would also not admit the tightening in his pants when you twirled a little too hard and your underwear was exposed. There was no way in hell he was going to join you in your silly actions.

But he did.

Now the sounds of splashing were coming from the two of you together. It was something that no one would have ever thought of doing. Dancing with Min Yoongi of all people, outside, in the rain. Giggling to yourself at the thought, he looked at you and raised an eyebrow.

“Oh my god. You look so cute!”

“I am not cute whatsoever.” He protested.

“Okay sure.” That was your response as the two of you linked hands while approaching a stop light.

You noticed that Yoongi was looking around. There was no way of telling what he was looking for until the grasp he had on your hand suddenly tightened and he ran you off to an alleyway that was close by.

Before you had a chance to ask what was going on, you were pinned against a wall with a leg between yours and a hand roughly squeezing your ass.

“You think you can parade around here and not expect me to see what you’re doing? You didn’t wear shorts under that dress on purpose. I specifically bought it for you because it was short, and now you decide to tease me with it? What am I going to do about this, hm? Those were the only words you heard before he left you standing there in a puddle of your own wetness.

Turning around to look at you, he cocked his head to the side as if asking if you were coming. There was no way you were passing up a chance like this. Finally, you thought, your ploy actually worked and you were once again going to see the dominate side of your boyfriend you constantly longed for. It wasn’t like Yoongi avoided showing this side of him to you, it was more that he was just a gentle being in everything he did, including activities in the bedroom. Hell, you even had to ask him to tie you up the first time because the foreign thought never even crossed his mind. You even felt a little bad. You knew the stress he was under, but you also knew that this would help him in more ways than one. He would finally be able to release some of the pent up anger he had residing in him over the past few months. Despite the feelings of guilt, you were happy for whatever was to come.

Finally reaching the house, Yoongi only demanded, “Upstairs. You know the routine.” before you even had a chance to take your shoes off.

“Yes Sir,” you answered.

Walking up the stairs you did a little jump out of excitement. It was happening after who knows how long, and it was going to be intense. Stripping off your clothes and walking over to the drawer that held your best lingerie you debated if you even needed any. Chances are that it would be ripped off as soon as he walked in the bedroom so you decided against it. Instead, you placed the choker on your neck that you knew was his favorite and assumed your regular position on the bed. Face down, ass in the air. The spanking you were in for would be brutal, but it didn’t matter.

“Would you like to tell me why,” he entered the room, “you thought it was a good idea to tease me, today of all days? Kitten, you know I don’t appreciate it.” He took off his belt and set it on the bed next to you, now only in his boxers.

“Have an answer for me?” He was not behind you, one hand on the belt, the other on your lower back. “I’m going to take that as a no, then.”


The sound of the belt against your porcelain skin rang out through the room. Mixed along with the sound of your moans and Yoongi’s breathing.


“The sooner you answer me, the sooner the fun starts.” You knew that. You also knew you didn’t have an answer for him. There was no way of just stating you did it because you wanted to, that wouldn’t satisfy him.


“Since it looks like you don’t have an answer for me, I’ll stop for now.” You let out a sigh. The spanking was quite enjoyable if you were honest, but there was no way of telling how far he would go. Especially tonight.

Flipping you over so you were now laying on your back, he grabbed your collar and forced you to the floor. Right in front of you was what you had been waiting for. At that moment the only sight you wanted to see was him. Every inch of him. Slowly pulling down his boxers for you and taking his length into his hand, he tapped the tip onto your mouth waiting for you to open. When you finally did, he instantly moaned out of relief.

“That’s my girl.”

Bobbing your head along his length, you could almost feel him twitching inside of your mouth. It hadn’t even been that long since the two of you had had sex but he was a sensitive one and always had been.

“That’s enough.” You released him from your mouth and nodded with a sly smile.

“You’re smiling because you’re getting what you want, huh?” You only nodded.

Next thing you knew, he roughly grabbed you by your arm and threw you on the bed. With a squeal of excitement leaving your mouth, the thoughts in your head of what was to come next only left you dripping, even more than you already were.

“So wet already,” he said while slowly climbing on top of you. “Do I even need to play with you? It seems like you’re ready for me now.”

“Please,” you moaned. “Please touch me. It’s been too long since we’ve been like this. I’m desperate.”

And you really were. There were countless times you had snuck off while he was in bed just to touch yourself. Anything to help you push away the naughty thoughts of him that you had in your head. He was too much without even knowing it sometimes.

“Only if you’re a good girl.”

Then with warm heavy hands, he spread your thighs open. The wetness from your sex now dripping down your thighs. He could see that and he smiled. Slowly dipping his head down until it was parallel to the place you wanted him to touch you that most. With hungry eyes, Yoongi’s mouth began attacking your clit. He was relentless in his licks and would not stop even if you begged him to although you never would. Just as you were about to hit your climax, he stopped.

“Yoongi,” you moaned, “Come back.”


He got up from his position and began to look at you intensely. With one eyebrow up and a hand on his chin he finally spoke, “How should I take you? Hm? From the back, maybe with you on top? You decide.”

Knowing that no matter what position you picked he would eventually take you the way he wanted, you chose to be on top at first. Hoping to get a little more satisfaction out of him than usual.

Moaning out of pleasure as you slowly rested down on his length, you began to ride him. Slowly at first until you saw him getting irritated at your movements.


“You better pick up the pace before I decide to change things.”

Nodding in agreement you began to bounce faster. The pleasure erupting from your core was indescribable. A mix between your clit rubbing against Yoongi’s skin with each downward movement, and the feeling of Yoongi’s length inside of you had you almost in shambles. It was almost too much stimulation and you two had just begun. Noticing the increased moans coming from your mouth, Yoongi reached down and began rubbing your clit.

“It’s too much.”

“Too bad.” He continued until tears began to form. “Time to switch.”

He grabbed you by the hips and put you to the side of the bed motioning for you to get to the center and flip on your stomach. Abiding by his rules you did just that. This was a position Yoongi often favored, since he was now able to control your movements.

Not even waiting for you to adjust, Yoongi had began his quest for ultimate pleasure.

Moans filled the room. The sound of the rain pouring outside and the cracked open window made the atmosphere humid. You were both sweating, but that didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was the feelings. It wasn’t only sex that you were exploring, it was a new side of each other neither of you had seen before.

Skin continued to writhe against itself and Yoongi began picking up the pace. You could tell he was close. His groans were getting even louder and he had even grabbed your hair.

“Yoongi,” you moaned.

“Hold it.”

Respecting his wishes you held off your climax for as long as you could. Expecting him to take longer you were surprised when the two of you came at the same time. It was something that had never happened before.

“Oh my god,” you breathed as you flopped down on the mattress. “What just happened?”

Getting nothing but a groan from Yoongi, you looked over to him and patted his cheek.

“Cheer up buttercup. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and your mixtape is sure to be a hit.”

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You know what I miss in Doctor Who and hope to come back when the next Doctor arrives? The Doctor being heroic, compassionate, and apologising sincerely for something that goes bad or any dark actions or errors he makes. 11 and 12 often act casually when people die and even be a bit rude about it. I know we all love a dark Doctor and the Doctor knows that he can't save everyone but I don't know, I just miss his more selfless and sympathetic nature. :)

Same. This was what I liked so much about Nine and Ten. Yes, they struggled sometimes because the Doctor is a flawed character who has lots of negative traits within him, but they were always ultimately called out by the narrative for acts of cruelty or selfishness, and were shown to be heroes by small acts rather than huge gestures. For example, in Ten’s final episodes (I know people have mixed thoughts about those), although Ten does a load of heroic stuff there and the Time Lords are there, and the Master, the ACTUAL heroic act of the episode is when he steps into that radiation chamber for Wilfred. He is scared and he wants to live but he gives up his life for a little old man because it’s the right thing to do. 

Remember when Nine wanted to torture the Dalek in Series One? He was called out by Rose and the narrative for being just like them, for being no better than the Daleks themselves. The hero was Rose for showing compassion and empathy, and the Doctor was shown to learn from her example and change his own ways. 

I miss that side of him too. 


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Hihi. Could I ask for some angst pls? As the 1st year anniversary approaches, Ushijima's female s/o has a realization and tells him, “I couldn’t make you fall in love with me. I thought I could do it, I really did, but… But I know you… And this isn’t love.”

I don’t know why, but I feel like I can write good angst for Ushijima..

It came as a shock when Ushijima actually accepted your confession. He was quiet and reserved while you were more talkative and outgoing, you’d never think he’d accept it, though you kinda knew it was a one sided love.

You spent the next few months trying to woo Ushijima over even though the two of you were dating, you just knew that he wasn’t in love with you. 

You were desperate for his love, you did everything for him. Attended all his games and cheered for him, walked with him home, made him small bento, everything. 

But it still didn’t work.

“What are you trying so hard for? You’re already dating!”

“He always acts like that, don’t think too much of it!”

“He’s just too shy to tell you he loves you, I can tell he loves you.”

You sat on your bed thinking about what everybody said to you when you tell them you wanted to win him over some more, but even you could tell he wasn’t in love with you.

Why were you trying so hard for his love when you knew he never loved you back? 

Tears filled your eyes as you looked at old pictures of you and Ushijima. You looked so happy but you remember all the effort you put into that date to make Ushijima happy. 

Everything was going to waste.

Looking out the window, you let out a sigh as you thought about your anniversary tomorrow. It was surprising but also nice to know that you made it through one year, but none of it really mattered anyway..

As you met up with Ushijima early in the morning before school started, you asked him to meet you in front of the gates after his practice ended and like always, he agreed.

The sun began to set as you looked up at the orange sky, eyes gazing over the multiple colors that made the day so beautiful. You turned around when you heard a group of voices chatting away and in front was your boyfriend.

“Hey,” You say happily as he nods at you in acknowledgment. “Let’s get going shall we?” You bid your farewells to the team before you head off with Ushijima, silence surrounding the air around you.

“Happy anniversary (Name),” Ushijima says and you blush a little, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear, “You remembered.” 

The quiet walk continues for a few minutes before Ushijima speaks, “Is there something you want to talk about?” You look up at him before you look back down with a smile, “You could tell huh?”

Stopping in your tracks, you turn to face him and let out a shaky sigh as you hold his large hands. “Wakatoshi-kun, thank you for being my boyfriend. It’s made me really happy.” 

“Of course,” he responds but he notices the tears forming in your eyes as you struggle to spill the words from your mouth, “I’m probably terrible for telling you this today of all days, but I just couldn’t keep it away from you anymore,” you say with an uneven breath.

“When you accepted my confession a year ago, I was ecstatic. I was never so happy before, but as the days passed by, I could tell you weren’t in love with me the way I was with you, so I desperately tried to make you fall in love with me.”

Ushijima listens intently as you share your heart-wrenching story with him. Your small hands shook in his and he could see your body trembling as tears slowly fell from your eyes.

“I couldn’t make you fall in love with me. I thought I could do it, I really did, but… But I know you… And this isn’t love.” Finally, your eyes look up and meet his as you let go of one of his hands to wipe away your tears.

“We can still make this work (Name),” Ushijima responds, but you shake your head. “I don’t want you to force yourself to love me. It should come as a natural thing.” 

Letting go of his hands, you wipe all the tears from your eyes before you smile up at him, “Thank you for this year Wakatoshi-kun and, I’m sorry.” 

Turning on your heel, you pick up your school bag and clutch it tightly as you continue your way home. Ushijima looks down at his hands and notices how some of your tears fell on his hands. 

He didn’t know why, but he wanted to run after you.

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Did you just get that feeling during the show that Katara and Zuko had feelings towards each other that went beyond than "just friends" like I seriously do think they liked each other more than that, but Bryke fucked everything up, like Zuko saving Katara from the lightning, his reaction and how he threw his life for her SCREAMED love, and Katara's face and her tears and then her constant teasing him that shows she likes him and her being by his side before he went to see Iroh ugh so much love!

I did. It was so apparent in the latter half of book three that Zuko and Katara cared deeply for each other, even if only platonically. And… platonically or not, the chemistry between them was far more obvious than anything contrived between Katara and Aang.

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The Italy brothers, Spain, Austria and Prussia come back home to see a mess a friend made trying to make a cake for them, how do they react? (I love all the cool imagines you do btw)

North Italy: He’d be super happy, and he’d probably be even more delighted by the mess, strangely enough. The chaos would show just how hard his friend had tried, and he’d love that!

South Italy: It’s the thought that counts, especially for him. He’d be touched by the caring gesture, and wouldn’t really care about the mess - as long as he wouldn’t have to clean it up.

Spain: He’d truly appreciate his friend’s attempt, even despite the mess. He’d help them clean up, and then suggest going out to a nice cafe and eating a cake together there! He’d pay!

Prussia: Truly moved by his friend trying to do something nice for him, Prussia would return the favour by letting them help him clean up! He just really likes cleaning up.

Austria: He’d seem unimpressed, especially when offering to show his friend how to make a cake properly and then doing so no matter their response, but inside he’d be pleased.

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I just love Kraglin's outfit 😍 Imagine teasing him by pulling that zipper slowly in a heated makeup session. He'd start grinding into you even more, grabbing at your thighs or ass while you're teasing him with kisses, love bites and wondering hands, ghosting over his his crotch. He can't take it anymore and turns into daddy Kraglin and pins you to the bed only to slide your panties to the side and take you fast and hard. The whole crew can hear your screams of pleasure😏😏😏👌


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even also knows that there isn't a lot he can do about isak's insomnia, but he can help him be less stressed (bc they both know he's less likely to sleep if he's stressed) so he makes isak talk through things with him. school stuff? they talk through a plan on how to get it all finished. money issues? they talk about even working some overtime and isak getting money from his dad. "if there's something bothering you, talk to me about it so we can work it out" and they talk through his anxieties

yes! i love this! i was just talking to @isisisak about it in fact, and she suggested that even would want isak to talk, isak would be against it at first because it’s uncomfortable to say out loud what’s bothering him, it always feels stupid and inconsequential, especially because even’s probably got more important things to think about.

eventually though, even will sit down in front of isak, take his hands and hold them tight, and tell him “talk to me, i’m here.” at first isak will say “it’s nothing, don’t worry” but even will keep trying, not pushing too hard but gently encouraging him, perhaps using things he’s learnt in his therapy sessions and saying “just say what comes to mind for five minutes, and thats it” and eventually the words will come flowing out of isak, and even will be there listening and holding his hands tight through all of it.

where he can give suggestions, he does, and where he can’t he just listens, but isak feels so so comforted by even’s presence, and his listening, and it ends up with isak crawling forward into even’s lap, and curling up, and even will rub his back and kiss his hair to calm him down because what he just said took a lot out of him, but now he’s said it all, it’s all out in the open, and he’s drained, but what he really needs is sleep, which comes easier now, and then when he wakes up again everything will seem a lot better


The song The Way with Jax x reader

I love the way you make me feel I love it, I love it I love the way you make me feel I love it, I love it

You smile up at Jax as your hands cupped his cheeks and you rubbed his beard, loving the feeling of the softness and roughness at the same time. He leans down and kissed you his hand cupping your cheek and you felt the coolness of his rings press against your skin gently, both of you smiling as you kiss.

Say, I’m thinking ‘bout her every second every hour do my singing in the shower like do she love me, do she love me not? I ain’t a player, I just crush a lot

Jax grinned loving the softness of your lips that always drove him crazy, you never saw the soft side of the bad boy only when you two were alone, you loved the bad side but you loved the soft side even more. Butterflies grew in your stomach but you keep smiling, enjoying his lips.

You give me that kinda something want it all the time, need it everyday on a scale of one to ten I’m at 100 never get enough, I can’t stay away. If you want it, I got it, I got it everyday you can get whatever you need from me stay by your side, I’ll never leave you and I ain’t going nowhere because you’re a keeper. So don’t you worry, baby you got me I got a bad boy, must admit it you got my heart don’t know how you did it and I don’t care who sees it, babe I don’t want to hide the way I feel when you’re next to me I love the way you make me feel I love the way, I love the way baby I love the way you make me feel I love the way, the way you love

He closed his eyes and deepens the kiss his hands going to rest on your hips holding them firmly, your cheeks turn pink as you got warmer. Your arms went around his neck firmly as you felt him take your breath away, he forms a cheeky grin on his face. After a while of kissing he pulled away and you guys catch your breath, he smiles down at you seeing the way your cheeks were bright pink and your hair was slightly messy.

Oh, so crazy you get my heart, jumping When you put your lips on mine And honey it ain’t a question, (quick question) Cause boy I know just what you like. So If you need it, I got it, I got it every day Be your lover, your friend, you’ll find it all in me Stay by your side, I’ll never leave you And I ain’t going nowhere cause you’re a keeper

You slip on his leather with a smile “how do I look?” He just grins and placed his hands on your hips, “sexy baby” he pulls you down on his lap and you gasped at the sudden movement but he laughed. His blue eyes brightening even more as he looked you over he ran his tongue over his bottom lip, your eyes following his tongue. His hands went up and down your sides as you felt his lips go on your neck, he planted a sloppy trail of kisses down your neck. Your hands grip the back of his shirt as you closed your eyes and let out little whimpers, you tilt your head back to allow him more access he smiled.

Uh, I make it feel so fine, I make it feel so fine I hope you hit me on my celly when I sneak in your mind You’re a princess to the public, but a freak when it’s time Said your bed be feeling lonely, so you’re sleeping in mine You come and watch a movie with me “American Beauty” or “Bruce Almighty” that groovy Just come and move closer to me I got some feelings for you, I’m not gon’ get bored of But baby you’re an adventure so let me come and explore you

He sucked a few hickeys on your neck and you felt his hands slide up your dress you blushed even more, you try to smack his hands away but he just grips your thighs. “You know better” he mumbled lowly against your skin and you slide your fingers in his hair gripping it lightly. His fingers found your panties and he pulled away from your skin a smirk on his face, “mmh lace? My favorite” you opened your eyes and look down at him with bright cheeks “i thought you would like them” he licked his lips. He played with the little bow that was on the front of your panties and you felt massive butterflies in your stomach, along with the clenching of your thighs.

So don’t you worry, baby you got me I got a bad boy, must admit it You got my heart, don’t know how you did it And I don’t care this is it babe I don’t want another way to feel you next to me I love the way you make me feel I love the way (I love the way) I love the way Baby I love the way you make me feel I love the way, the way I love you The way I love you The way I love you The way I love you uh, uh uh yeah I love the way you make me feel I love it, I love it I love the way you make me feel I love it, I love it The way I love you

He picks you up and turns around he lays you down on the bed with a smile and dark blue eyes, “you are in for a ride baby” he said and you just smile “come on then, bad boy”.

Feel Like Making Love

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Summary: Dean is eager to get home to (Y/N)….

Request: Hmmm… Dean x reader smut based on ‘Feel Like Making Love’ by Bad Company?

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam (Friend)

Word Count: 1137

Warnings: SMUT (unprotected sex, nsfw), fluff, language

A/N: First smut written so I hope it’s good lmao

Key: Most of the italics are the song lyrics

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Alfred Pennyworth should have his own annual comic that just highlights what he’s been up to between the times we see him in the assorted Bat Family comics. Or even covers some of the events in those comics from his perspective.

Think of the sass, the burns, the propriety, the sass, the sheer badassery that is Alfred. The man can go from polite butler, to fun grandpa, to emergency surgeon, to sassy ex-ranger in a heartbeat.

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whatever you do DON’T imagine waking shawn up on a lazy saturday morning. DON’T imagine his adorable groggy voice as he says “no cmon just five more minutes”. DON’T imagine him grabbing your face and kissing you so you would stop leaving kisses all over his. DON’T imagine him slowly getting up and out of bed, mumbling “you’re so lucky i love you”. DON’T imagine his bed-head hair and how soft and fluffy it is. DON’T imagine him grabbing a hoodie and slipping it over his head, making his hair even messier. DON’T imagine him slowly making his way down the stairs because he’s still tired and that’s when he’s most clumsy. DON’T imagine him coming up behind you and slipping his arms around your waist and just placing his lips on your neck as he waits for you to finish making your tea. DON’T imagine him getting the sugar from the top cabinet because you’re too short to get it, and when you’re done with it he puts it back in the exact same spot so he can help you get again next time. DON’T imagine the way the sunlight hits his beautiful brown eyes, making them light up. DON’T imagine him pulling you into him as you guys sit on the couch turning on the tv. DON’T imagine him slowly running his fingertips up and down your arm because he’s not really paying attention to what’s on the screen. DON’T imagine him falling back asleep because you two had a late night and he only got 4 hours of sleep. DON’T imagine setting your mug on the coffee table and cuddling up to and laying with him. DON’T imagine listening to his heartbeat as you slowly fall asleep on his chest and feeling how warm he is. Just DON’T imagine any of that okay. DON’T DO IT!!!

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This mxxxxxfxxker Jiyong went and straight said "see you... after army" in his concert and laughed and I'm like sEE YoU aFtEr aRmY!!*!*!*, don't fucking play with my feelings like this Jiyong, no more please!!!!!!!!! I still love his ass though lmao

(Wow didn’t realized I had this ask lol)

Even though it’s just part of the ment he needs to say I think part of him really wants to ask us if we could endure a little longer until they all return. 🤧😩

I just went to see Cars 3 and I just have to say: thank you Pixar. I grew up watching Cars, and Doc Hudson was my favourite character without question. Thank you for honouring him with this movie, and giving even more insight into this amazing character

Thank you for Lightning McQueen, and the finishing of his journey, with him coming full circle as a racer. Watching his evolution of character in the first movie always brought me to tears, and this follow-up did exactly the same.

Lastly, thank you for the characters and town of Thomasville Speedway. Louise, Smoky, Junior, and River were amazing to watch every second they were on screen. Thank you for telling their stories and bringing back the people many of us didn’t know existed until now.

From the bottom of my heart to Brian Fee, John Lasseter, and the rest of the Pixar team. Thank you.

Also um listening again to The Midnight Fox, i love how even episodes that don’t have Nureyev at all are still full of his presence;

when Vicki is trying to explain to Juno how she could regret turning her girlfriend in to the police even though she murdered someone…

And she’s talking about how you should treat love like it’s worth something, and how you only get a few chances at real love and true friendship, and you should value that. I think her words were “treat those people like they’re worth something”

And really, it just echoes Juno and Nureyev so much already, and SO much more so by the end of S1, because Juno is too dense to see it, but he treated Nureyev’s love like it was worthless, and tossed him away like trash. (I love how much you sympathize and understand what he did, because Juno is miserable, but still)

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Ok I picked Masamune. I'm in lol. It seems interesting. I feel like I'm doomed. 😅

Hahahaha! Welcome LOL.

He’s flirty, and bold, and reckless. I love him so much. Like I just saw him in the prologue and went all “This. This is it. I will love him”. And I did! I’m on chapter 3 on his route now, and he is just making me love him more and more. I hope you like him as much as I do!

He just have some lines that make me go all jkshdsjfhghjg. He also supports MC so much and he is so kind to her even though he teases her a lot. It kinda feels like they’re best friends because they get along so well. And it’s so adorable the way he teases her and how she gets mad.

I could spend hours talking about him XD

“Regular Dopey Cat”

Hello everyone! A lot of people seemed to love my first Dopey Cat drawing and @samantha-massey even asked to do more faces! So, I did!

Dopey Cat is so adorable, right? He’s even cuter with his little tongue sticking out! But, doesn’t this Dopey Cat look a little fatter than the other one? Ok, who fed him the burritos? XD

Well, what do you think? I think animals are much easier to do than humans! (At least from my experience.) Do you have any requests? I’ll be happy to try! Just note, I have 6 drawings on my to-do list. But there are only 3 confirmed! And those are the rest of the Dopey Cat faces, which are very easy and quick for me to do! So don’t be afraid to ask! :)

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Skippy when you say she would off been perfect for him if she was Canadian surely PH was also delusional to think he could marry a Divorcee living in a civil union who does stimulated sex scenes for a living . Personally think she was just a dirty secret . I think he's lonely he needs to find someone that loves him just for himself.

No, I should have been clear….perfect if she was Canadian…for him.  First impressions if you will.  Worth pursuing.  If she was Canadian, her chances of being accepted would not be a problem.  PA daughter in law is Canadian.  But, obviously there is more than that.  She in no way…even if she was Canadian be acceptable given her character.  She was just a booty call for sure.  He is lonely, understandably.  His friends are married, starting their own families.  W is married.  He would be lonely.  But running around with booty calls, is not going to give him the life he is seeking.  Prince or no prince, a persons reputation matters.  I’m sure there are many lovely women available who wouldn’t bother with him, due to his reputation.  He better get himself together, sit back, and when he least expects it the love of his life will show up.  You won’t find them when you are looking… all he will keep finding is MM over and over again…thank you😊

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This isn't relevant to anything, just wanted to share a thought. I've heard the "what loving God would torture someone eternally for not believing in Him?" argument countless times, and (besides the fact that salvation is unfairly in OUR favor AND the justification that humanity is evil) God is God; even if He's considered "evil" by someone's standards, they are powerless to do a thing about it. (1/2)

(2/2) Who has the more power to enforce their moral standards? God. And His existence isn’t contingent on Him being viewed as “good” or “evil” by mere human sinners. I don’t think He’s evil, of course; this is just a rebuttal to that “argument” (which is more of a subjective emotional appeal) - if one believes morality is subjective, then it boils down to whoever can enforce their morality. And the answer to that is obvious.

Typically, I’ve found those who hate God the most are the ones who live the most debauched lives, because deep down, in the very depths of their soul, they can’t shake the feeling that what they’re doing is wrong, and so they lash out against that one ultimate authority figure like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

But yeah, that’s the gist of it. And anyways, God isn’t evil. He’s the antithesis of evil. The reason people go to hell if they don’t accept Christ is purely because of their own actions. God does not force us to accept Him, or else the acceptance would have no value, since it was forced. We have to choose to accept God, and to accept that yes, our actions have consequences, and if we keep living a sin filled life with no effort made to change it, then we will suffer the ultimate consequences.

And people hate the very concept of consequences.

Overworked - SF9 Inseong Scenario

Author: Ellie
Word count: 873
Prompt: Hey there!!! Can you write a scenario when you’re feeling down lately and Inseong take care of you, take you out and is very supportive/sweet? thank you so much ♥♥♥
Notes: I’m back! I had to cut this short or risk delving into puns about ‘desserts’ being ‘stressed’ backwards.
Also, shout out to anyone doing their exams now or soon! Hang in there!

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