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true love

Request: Running from the beast and getting attacked by the wolves and the beast comes to save her and realizing the reader is in love with him which saves him and turns him human again

warnings: violence 

a/n: I changed this request up a bit just so there was a little more context, feel free to request more beauty and the beast!

Four months.

Four months you had been prisoner at this castle.

Well you weren’t truly a prisoner.

You were free to roam the castle, you had made friends with the servants, you had even made friends with the Beast himself.

The only rules?

You can’t leave the grounds and you cannot under any circumstances enter the West Wing.

Well where’s the fun in following rules?

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I think Grillby would be more relieved than angry Aster. He's mad because he thinks you lied to him remember?(In addition to the Crispy situation). Besides Grillby is a good guy, he's not going to hold it against you or Sans just because he was created and not born. Grillby loves Sans! And even if he doesn't take it well at least you'll know you did the right thing by telling him the truth.

“………….oh fuck it all.”

-“H-He better be half the man I think he is, or we’re out. All or nothing.”

I love Sidon more than the next person. I make references to him constantly in real life, driving my family mad. I love Link and his cute ponytail, his excited smile when he cooks, and I am excited to ship them both. But, I have seen people be extremely rude to Mipha’s character because of the ship. I love Sidlink a ton, but Mipha is my pure little baby. I love her and her tons of jewels, her beautiful eyes, her sweet smile, and how she cares so much for Link. Please respect Mipha and love her as a character, and your Sidlink wishes. I doubt she wouldn’t be on board.

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It breaks my heart because Jimin used to be so self conscious and it must have been hard for him to believe that he is truly loved by his fans. I hope he isn't too affected by the "death threats"...

Anonymous said: I can’t believe this actually did reach Bangtan -_- I mean, of course I’m happy that they’re taking security matters more seriously and everything, but I’m really upset for Jimin, like, imagine how he’s feeling, now. And he’s probably scared, too. I know I would be, even if this anti is basically just a 12yo with too much time on their hands. I’m more upset at the fact that they know than about the anti, tbh -_-

it certainly would reach bts and bighit considering how lots of fans mentioned bts account and even made a worldwide trending hashtag, and bighit is known to be quite active in monitoring the sns. i personally don’t agree with fans mentioning bts’ account (bts_twt) into this, because 1) it contains heavy graphic images and 2) it makes them anxious and scared, how can they enjoy performing knowing someone is threatening (jokingly or not) to take their life :/ mentioning this to bighit would be enough, no need to directly drag bts into this, agencies are there for a reason and it’s so that the artists won’t have to handle these things.

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Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

Who asks the other on dates: 
Harry! He’s the one that surprises Niall by taking him on helicopter rides over mountains and plans long romantic evenings together. Niall chooses to spend his choice for date nights cuddled on the couch with a beer and a movie.

Who is the bigger cuddler:
Openly? Harry. Secretly? It’s Niall. Harry constantly pulls Niall onto his lap, just holding him and breathing him in. Harry loves to slip his arms around Niall when he least expects it; constantly starts tickle wars (or snog sessions) that Niall pretends he doesn’t love. But Niall enjoys the nights where they are together in their own bed the most, snuggled up behind Harry, just enjoying the closeness. 

Who initiates holding hands more often:
Niall, because he likes the private intimacy of being able to hold hands with Harry in the comfort of their home. Harry grounds him, like nothing else, so it’s just so easy to press up to his side, or place a hand on his back, or entwine their hands together.

Who remembers anniversaries:
Harry remembers the anniversaries like they’re his favourite song lyrics, constantly reminds Niall of them weeks, months before they actually come, but that doesn’t mean that Niall forgets. He’s silent in his knowledge, pretending to be surprised when Harry takes him on some extravagant trip across the world. Just nodding whenever Harry complains about Niall’s bad memory.

Who is more possessive:
Harry, because he likes the way he can fold his big hands over Niall’s hips at the club, watching as others frown in jealousy. Likes sucking hickeys into Niall’s neck because they’re together and Harry really likes when everyone knows about it.

Who gets more jealous:
Niall, because Harry is beautiful in that untouchable way that everyone wants, and sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming, knowing that so many people want Harry, even if Niall knows he’ll always come back to him.

Who is more protective:
Harry is protective, more so than Niall I think, because Niall is a person who looks after others before looking after himself. And sometimes Harry has to be that person that looks after Niall, but he loves it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who is more likely to cheat:
Neither ‘cause this is a shitty question and neither would cheat.

Who initiates sexy times the most:
Harry, whether it’s a not-so-subtle bite under Niall’s jaw, or a complete hand down his pants while they’re in the middle of doing something completely mundane, like watching tv, Harry is the one who is constantly trying to lure Niall to bend him over the couch. ;)

Who dislikes PDA the most:
Like showing PDA? I’d say Niall? Neither of them is super comfortable with it, because of the way that everyone constantly tried to have an opinion about their relationship when they first got together, so they aren’t the most affectionate couple out in public. But I think Niall would get more annoyed when Harry is trying to touch him or kiss him, and Niall just wants to run away from all of the stares that are coming their way.

Who kills the spider:
Harry, surprisingly, because if he doesn’t then Niall will just let them live in the house, and fuck if Harry’s gonna’ let that happen.

Who asks the other to marry them:
Niall tries, but Harry thinks that it’s not fair that only one of them get to propose, so he does it as well a few days later, just in the quiet atmosphere of their living room, unlike the private, romantic dinner on the pier where Niall decided to pull out his ring the first time. (Niall secretly loves Harry’s ridiculous quirks, but pretends to be annoyed when his long emotional proposal speech is interrupted by Harry, who wants to do this proposal thing his way too, and Niall tries to be angry, he really, truly does, but Harry’s pleading face gets him every time.)

Who buys the other flowers or gifts:
They both do, but Harry likes to surprise Niall with experiences, like scuba diving or traveling to Hawai’i, big, grand gestures that they get to enjoy together, and Niall likes to send Harry boxes of chocolates or flowers to the recording studio or set that Harry is in, and then refuse to admit that he sent them.

Who would bring up possibly having kids:
Niall, because they’ve been skirting around the idea for a while but he knows that Harry doesn’t want to be pushy, so he brings it up, late one night while they’re curled up in their bed. Harry is giddy, grinning into the curve of Niall’s neck as he hugs him, and Niall just can’t wait for the joy that their child will bring to them, and to the world.

Who is more nervous to meet the parents:
Niall, because he knows how protective Anne and Gemma are, and he’s not scared they’ll dislike him, knows they don’t dislike him, but is just a bit afraid that they’ll think he isn’t good enough for their son and brother.

Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry:
Niall, ‘cause Harry is a drama queen when he’s upset and Niall knows that he sometimes has to just let him brood for a few hours. But Harry always wakes up in the middle of the night, still annoyed but feeling slightly guilty about it, dragging Niall back into their room until the morning when they can talk it through.

Who tries to make up first after arguments:
Niall tries his damned hardest after fights to make it better, because he hates to see Harry cry, and sometimes he pushes his own feelings under the rug when Harry is upset.

Who tells the other they love them more often:
Harry says the words more, whispers them against Niall’s ear or screams them out of the window of their car, likes the way the words curl off his tongue and the way they make Niall go pink and blotchy. Niall says I love you with soft touches and discrete smiles and breathy moans, using his actions rather than his words to express himself.


Every Thursday, like clockwork, Will visits the Drake Hotel and goes to room 101. He lies down, takes off his clothes, and waits for the same greeting he receives each time. 

“You grow more and more lovely each time I see you again.” 

The words should not make him blush but they always do, the genuine flattery and not fakeness something he’s starved for in this business. 

“Hello, Hannibal.” 

The smile as Hannibal removes his clothes grows wider, never looking away from Will once even as Will rolls onto his belly to let his best customer view the merchandise. 

Because that’s what Will is: merchandise. 

He can’t fool himself into thinking otherwise, the feeling of them coming together is just sexual chemistry and the affection he feels for Hannibal as they tease each other after is just something he can’t give into. 

Hannibal is the only customer he falls asleep with, the only one Will feels comfortable beside, and when he wakes up to an empty bed beside him every Friday he tries not to feel abandoned. 

Transaction over. Merchandise procured, used, and finish with. 

They go through the motions of this for nearly a year before it all comes crashing down because Will takes a job someone else couldn’t. 

Lord how he hates bachelor parties. 

He hasn’t done one since he was young, too old for this shit but smiling fakely throughout. 

The voice is immediately recognizable the moment he hears it, Hannibal’s angry purr, “I see you’ve gotten yourself entertainment, Frederick.” 

Will stops his gyrating, smile vanishing upon seeing Hannibal’s darkened gaze. 

“A lot older than I wanted,” Frederick, the groom teases, “But look at that ass.” 

Will can barely make it through the rest of the night, feeling Hannibal’s gaze on him, and when he’s told, “Next time, send someone better,” he feels humiliated. 

He doesn’t go to the hotel on Thursday, he’s so angry, and receives calls he ignores telling Hannibal, “I’m busy tonight.” 

It’s a transaction, he shouldn’t feel ashamed, there is no need to feel as if he’s betrayed someone. 

Yet over the course of the week till the following Thursday, he doesn’t feel ashamed. He feels heartsick, because he misses Hannibal. There are a number of clients between him and Will barely goes through the motions. 

He cancels appointments from Monday through Thursday, shaking with fear as he opens the door to room 101. 

Hannibal is there, nearly an hour early, his anger a physical thing that makes Will want to apologize. “Hanni…” 

“Take off your clothes, I do not wish to hear you speak.” 

Will does, feeling worse and worse the more naked he gets. The touch of Hannibal’s hand to his back makes him moan, leaning back into it as he’s pushed down face first on the bed. 

He didn’t expect the restraints, but he doesn’t speak, letting Hannibal tie him up with what look like expensive ties. 

“I was starting to think this was something it wasn’t,” Hannibal says coldly, tightening his knot, “I will not make that mistake again.” 

Nothing about what happens next is loving, even the fingers inside him as Will is prepared. Hannibal is relentless, drilling into him with fingers and hissing, “Quiet,” when Will moans. He bites his lip and Hannibal whispers, “If you come, I will not come back next Thursday.” 

Will shudders, gritting his teeth as Hannibal opens the condom. 

“You looked horrible debasing yourself for them,” Hannibal sneers, “Dancing like a common whore.” 

Will closes his eyes and Hannibal grips his cheek, “Look at me.” 

He meets Hannibal’s eyes and licks his lips, but doesn’t speak. 

He’s not supposed to. 

Hannibal enters him in one quick thrust, Will biting on his lip to keep from groaning as he’s fucked hard and fast. He shudders into every touch, leans and melts against Hannibal who bites at his skin when he cums. 

Will doesn’t, sweaty and desperately silent as he waits for instruction. 

Hannibal pulls out and unties him, not speaking and tossing down the money as he starts to dress with his back to Will who watches. 

When he’s done he looks at Will with sad eyes, “Say something.” 

“I missed you.” 

Hannibal drops his tie in surprise, but looks away. “Missed my money, I’m certain.” 

Will swallows, “No, I missed YOU.” 

Hannibal takes a breath, closing his eyes. “Do you remember the first time we met, Will?” 

Will’s voice is thick, “Yes. You slit that man’s throat in that alley and then picked me up in the Fuller Bar.” 

Hannibal’s surprise is evident. “You saw?” 

Will nods, “Yes. You,” he sighs, “Hannibal I think I’m in love with you. I know it doesn’t mean much, but….” 

Hannibal rushes to him, grabbing onto Will’s cheeks as they kiss passionately. Will moans, clutching his neck as he cums so hard he’s dizzy. Hannibal pulls back, smiling, kissing Will’s chin. “You orgasmed from my kiss.” 

Will shivers, “You were so cold, I needed your warmth,” he laughs, “God I’m…” 

Hannibal kisses him again, biting his lip before pulling away. “You are all mine,” he runs his hand down Will’s chest, “And I do not share.” 

Will likes the sound of that.  

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do you have any tips for managing OCs better?-- I have this one main OC and I love him to death, he's going on 3 years old now, and I kinda wish I had more of a variety to choose from when I think of my OCs, not just this one guy in particular. But when I make new OCs, even though they're really good ideas imo, I end up losing interest in them and putting them away, but I'm not sure why. do you know what i could go? sorre if this is confusing or hard to answer ;v;

Ah I’m so sorry for the late reply!! I’ve gotten so many messages that I replied to privately, this one must have slipped my sight!!

About managing ocs better, what personally motivates me is to make them interact with other ones!! Not with other ones as in your own ocs, but with other ones ocs!! I personally always never lose interest in my ocs when I make them interact with my bfs ocs!! Since the development and how they interact isn’t predictable and it’s so much more fun!! I wish you the best of luck that this way will work since keeping ocs and seeing them grow is such a nice thing.

other ways to keep ocs are to fill out cute silly character memes that can be found on deviantArt, create an aesthetic blog for them, create a blog for them in general, etc etc!!

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"maybe he’d be turned into a Beast when he attempts to kill Genji." zenyatta is the witch who transforms him


The enchantress that forces the prince to become the Beast is actually pretending to be a beggar in Belle’s village who lives all on her own in the woods, and everyone assumes she’s just a woman who never found herself a husband and now has to beg for scraps in the village. (They assume this because she wiped everyone’s memories of the prince and his castle and their loved ones who worked there.)

Anyways, I could totally see that being Zenyatta, or maybe even Mondatta? They’re not looked down upon for not being married or anything like that, but maybe they live a non-materialistic lifestyle with no earthly possessions, and the villagers just think it’s hella weird + worth ostracizing them over since they don’t contribute around town. 

Then at the end, when Hanzo learns to love someone (i.e. get his head out of his ass) Zenyatta brings him back to life + brings Genji back to life too, because @ that point he knows Hanzo has seen the error of his ways. 

While we’re at it, Gabe could be Maurice and….well, I don’t know who the hell Gaston and LeFou could be, or who anyone else could be, but you get the point. A Beauty & the Beast AU could totally work with enough tweaking.

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kirigakure saizo x mc (unnamed)

a/n: i love requests so much and i’m so honored to receive them. like honestly i can’t even explain i just love them so much. this one is for @naerial from this list, prompt 16 - kiss upside down

Their life, it seems, has something of a routine to it; a domesticity that he imagines most people would find uncomfortable, but that he has fallen easily into and feels himself softening against more and more.

It’s the little things that make it up — how she leaves water and a rag out for him to clean himself with at night, as if she can sense when he’s coming back to her; extra dango made between the other dishes she’s cooking for the rest of the Clan; all his secret hiding places that aren’t so secret anymore.

It’s the last of these that has taken the longest to change, simply because he has many places to hide and many ways to do it. Once, he managed to escape from even Sasuke for almost three straight hours, until he got bored and revealed himself. She, however, knows him better than Sasuke — she finds him so easily it’s almost frightening.

Unless he really, really tries.

And, well, what’s life without excitement? He can’t let his little lady get bored of him now.

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Jaune, while going after Cinder to avenge Pyrrha, sees Emerald and develops a huge crush. He goes to Mercury and asks his advice, because Merc and Em are besties.

That ask alone made me laugh, I love it.

Just like Mercury. He doesn’t take Jaune seriously at all. That dork hitting on Emerald? Yeah, why not. He even gives him adivce because watching Emerald smash that idiot into tiny pitiful pieces will be so much fun. He tells him not to do anything cheesy, maybe make his intentions clear, but not to make a move apart from that so everything is up to her and she doesn’t feel pressured into something that scares her. She will say no anyway. 

But she doesn’t. No one is more surprised than Mercury. 

He still tells him “I’m going to kill you if you break her heart. You know I’m an assassin, right? I’m dead serious.”

A Promise (Tony Stark x reader)

10 Days – 10 Stories: Day 9 – Tony Stark

Summary: You have broken up with Tony a while ago but suddenly, he’s sitting in front of your apartment and wants you back.

A/N: This is my first ever Tony Stark imagine! Man, I really loved writing it, I just hope it turned out alright :)

Word count: 1,571

(Y/N) = your name

Warnings: angst, a kiss


* * *

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So let me get this straight, the supergirl writers stopped a healthy relationship after a whole season of build up (Karolsen) to have Kara with someone who guilt trips her into loving him?
Look I don’t know a lot about relationships but K*ramel seems so unhealthy. It took me a while to appriciate Karolsen, it actually took me untill the season final but I will never support K*ramel, they can even bring Adam back or just leave Kara single but please no more Mon-El.
Don’t get me wrong, I like Mon-El as a single character and Chris Wood is an awesome actor but Mon-El just isn’t right for Kara.
This is coming from a Supercorp shipper who doesn’t care if the ship get’s canon.
(Please ignore my English 🙂)

Hatered|| Skate Maloley

It was a typical night. I was hanging with my best friend Stassie, her boyfriend Sammy and our friends. Although I didn’t count one as my friend. Skate Maloley. He was a cocky arrogant asshole. He tried to get with every girl.

I got up from the couch and went into the kitchen and grabbed some more drink. I poured myself some more liquor and took a quick sip. I felt hands snake around my waist.

“I like a thirsty girl” I hear skates raspy voice whisper in m my ear. I purse my lips in disgust. I turn around out of his grip and face him.

“Is that all you think about is sex?” I say.

“Especailly with you” he winks and grabs my ass. His hand didn’t even cover one ass cheek.

“I just love your ass” he says. I smack his hand away.

“Can you not I don’t think you want this bottle broken on your head…thanks” I say and start to walk away but he grabs me and pulls me back spinning me and my drink spills on his shirt. I laugh.

“Maybe next time you won’t touch me"I say and walk away. I sit down next to stassie. About a minute later skate walks in and he is shirtless. I clench my jaw. He was muscular and I couldn’t help but admire his tattoos.

"Like what you see ma?” he smirks.

“In your dreams Maloley.” I roll my eyes. I still managed to get in a few glimses of his tattooed body.


The next night Rupp was having a party at his houseand I was meeting everyone there.
Stassie and Sammy went to go dance a d went to go grab myself a drink. I poured myself some of the purple juice in the punch bowl. I looked up and saw skate. He was talking to a bunch of people. He smiled at something one of them said. His smile was genuine. It was a great smile. But that didn’t matter…he wasn’t a great person. The next thing I knew I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and looked to see JJ.

“you scared me…” I say. He laughs a little. I watch as skate goes and dances with another girl. I roll my eyes.

“You know i think he likes you.” jj says. I turn and look at him.


“Skate” he says. I can’t help but laugh.

“That’s funny. Guys like him don’t like girls like me”

“What do you mean girls like you” he asks.

“Girls who don’t put up with billshit and don’t always give in to sex. I’m not shallow like all these girls. Besides guys who like other girls don’t dance with whatever that is” I say pointing to them. Besides him….I mean he’s so cocky and arrogant…but he’s smile is warm and the way he talks about his career is attractive….omg what. Y/G get that out of your head. It took me a no it’s to realize jj walked away. I needed to stop watching skate dance with that girl. I walk around and find someone to dance with. I find this attractive guy and we dance together. I felt the heat of eyes burning into my soul. I looked to my left and noticed skate watching me. I shook it off and continued to dance. The guy then grabbed at my ass. I wasn’t all that comfortable with it. I was gin a speak up when I felt a hand grab my wrist and pull me away from the guy. When u caught up and looked up I realized it was skate. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

“What the hell” I say.

“Your just gonna let him grab your ass but when I do it I basically get threatned but he doesn’t.” he says angerily. I roll my eyes.

“Its not if your business."I say.

"Right because some complete stranger grabbing at your ass is something you want. You had an uncomfortable look on your face…why didn’t you speak up…hell you did to me. Like what the fuck Y/N.” He says still angry. How did he know i was uncomfortable.

“Because I don’t like you. I hate you. Anytime I get to speak up to you is great cause your an asshole. So fuck off skate. This isn’t your problem.” I retorted back. I started to walk away when his hand grabbed at my wrist and pulled me back.

“If you hated me so much then why were you staring at me dancing with that girl. You watched me like a hawk….don’t think I didn’t notice.” he says.

“Because your just using her. It disgusts me.” I say. He moves closer.

“If you hate me so much then why do you still hang around me?” he says.

“I don’t hang around you…i hang around my friends…you just are there…like a disease.” I say. He continues to move closer.

“If you hated me then why are you not moving away from me…why are you letting me get closer” he says. I was at a loss for words. Why was I letting him get closer to me? I looked away from him. I had no answer. His hand grips my face and pulls it up to look at him. I look into his eyes. His eyes were soft and inviting. I bit my lip. He bent down and put his lips on mine. Our lips moved in sync. He pulled away for a few seconds.

“You really hate me don’t you” he smirks. I grab at the back of his neck.

“Let me show you how much” I say pulling him down and kissing me.

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Hey Jenna :) I'm kind of a socially inept weirdo and I'm finding it difficult to write believable interactions between characters that don't feel forced - I've started trying to interact with others in social settings to inspire more realistic dialogue & body language - could you suggest anything else I can try? Thanks for everything you do :) sending you love & light as always <3

1. People watching.

2. Psychology. Research, take a class, learn learn learn. An understanding of psychology is SUPER helpful for creating characters and relationships. 

3. Read your dialogue out loud. See how it sounds when verbalized.

4. Interview people. Just ask them what they would do in certain situations. It never hurts to ask. I’m constantly rolling over toward Cliff and asking him, “would a guy really say this?” His answer is usually something along the lines of If a guy is a douchebag, yes or If he’s a decent guy, yes. Which is even more helpful, because I can see if his answer coordinates with the character’s personality.

Hope this helps :) 

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I love how well written that first hc was. If possible could you add Saeran to it?

no problem!!

for context, the original request was:  Hello may I request a scenario? Can you write about Jumin, Zen and Saeyoung having to save MC after she gets caught struggling in deep water while swimming? Good luck for your blog! 

original post is [link: here]!
⛅I imagine it would take a lot of convincing to get him in the water
⛅similar to Seven, he probably doesn’t know how to swim
⛅but even just being in the shallow end is more than he’s willing, for a while
⛅he’s a bit more amenable to it when you buy him a wetsuit instead of swim trunks so he won’t have to be shirtless (vulnerable), even if you’re the only person who’ll see him
it especially helps when he sees what you look like in a swimsuit
⛅so, finally, he caves and you two go to the pool
⛅it’s not very warm out and it’s the morning of a weekday, so you’re the only ones there
⛅one of his conditions for going was that you and him had to be alone
⛅he’s not willing to learn to swim, or to play with the pool toys Seven offered you, but the water does feel nice, and he finds himself relaxing and enjoying it a lot more than he’d thought he would
⛅you were having the time of your life; even before you started going out with Saeran, you hadn’t been swimming for a long while, and you didn’t think at all about how unaccustomed to it your body had become
⛅that was… bad plan
⛅it was a combination of cramps and exhaustion
⛅you were farther from the pool’s edge than you’d thought, with Saeran back in the shallow end and not paying you much attention
⛅he figured it out pretty quickly, though, when your splashing turned hurried
⛅he’s immediately out of the pool and circling around to the deep end, as close as he can get to where you are
⛅he doesn’t even think about it before jumping in and only at the last second does he remember that no, he cannot, in fact, swim
⛅so he holds onto the edge with a death grip with one hand while stretching as far as he can to grab you with the other, somehow managing to catch your elbow and pull you closer amidst your panicked flailing
⛅for a long while he simply holds you against him, one arm on the pool edge and one around your waist, attempting to comfort you
⛅he’s trying really hard not to get upset himself, because he knows it’ll only upset you more, but “that was terrifying, MC, and I thought you said you could swim?????”
⛅at least he manages to refrain from saying “I told you so”. it’s progress
⛅he is incredibly a bit overprotective for a few weeks, taking care of all the chores and errands and nearly smothering you with his own dry, sarcastic form of concern
⛅you do appreciate it, though, because you know he’s trying to comfort you as best as he can
⛅but good luck ever getting him in the pool again

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Hank's s/o seeing him go blue for the first time and when he expects them to tell him to get out of their lives they grin and run up to hug him "oh my god you're even more of a softy a big blue softy in fact... but please for the love of god if you shed stay off the couch or vacuum it" and they just smile up at him and all he can do is let out a watery chuckle because his s/o loves and accepts him for who he is


tbh i feel that this would be @haankmccoy

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*gives logan a cookie* shhhhhhhhh you deserve ir

I’ll take it considering I have to deal with Morality even more now

Just kidding, I love him really

- Logan