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Izzy, thank you so much for replying! But yes, Joker is absolutely the father figure of Beast's daughter. He spoils her, calls her 'princess', and reads her bedtime stories, and Beast is like 'I am the luckiest mom in the world'. (Can someone please draw this??{her bangs are Ranmao style}) Thank you for your amazing blog!

It would be awesome if someone draw this!

Anybody? Anybody? It doesn’t have to be perfect, just surprise me people. Pleaaase?

Ohh I love it. And Dagger would totally fight for that spot like: I’m also the father of this girl! Sort of! And he would get jeolous when the child is more closer to Joker. Ohh, family fluff is so cute! (Thanks for the compliments :D).

do you ever just suddenly remember out of the blue how amazing delenn is 

Ugh the spoilers pissed me off ugh

Okay look, Juvia is my favourite Fairy Tail character at the moment–next to Erza, but she’s still missing so

I hated how Mashima treated Juvia. Why? Dammit, for six months she was completely stagnant and this in itself makes her seem worthless! Gray leaving was an acceptable reason–but The fact that he left without telling her just because he was going to infiltrate an agency with ERZA and JELLAL of all people–God, this pisses me off so much. I would’ve accepted him being evil. Seriously.

I really really would have.

Because it would have given Juvia a reason to change him back or shit like that.

But nah, things don’t always work that way.

Now, Juvia just looks like a depressed lover and a worthless fighter. She is a strong, beautiful and courageous woman who fights for the one she loves, why the fuck would Gray and Erza not even consider maybe asking her to join them, or perhaps warning her or something.

If the spoilers are true, then the way Gray treated her was extremely horrible. This woman, who loves you and gives everything to be with you–who fed you and picked up your clothes and stayed with you for six goddamn months–how in the hell can you leave her just so you could play spy and wear hair gel for the rest of the year?

I don’t agree to this. This makes Gray seem like a heartless jerk and Juvia a weak girl. This isn’t the way i view them.

Okay, maybe Gray was guilty for leaving Juvia. Okay, maybe he was tired of losing so many people in his life that he didn’t want to include her in the list. I completely understand that.

But to leave her in the dark completely disregards her abilities ((which are S-class, at that)) and her feelings. He could have at least given her a little warning.

And there’s Juvia’s mysterious sickness. I actually have a weird theory there, lol

I read somewhere in tumblr that since Mary is rumoured to be a poison user, she may be causing Juvia’s sickness
Plus, Jerome’s information about her is next to none. If you truly investigated someone, you would have at least found out who said person you were investigating was living with another, right? Either Jerome’s a really bad investigator or they just leave that certain detail out.

Why leave it out?


Remember, they’re suspecting a mole in the council, and to think about it, they must be suspecting Gray. The true mole is Levy Mcgarden, however.

In other to keep Gray captive or something, they have to keep Juvia in their control, if he ever turns on them. Since Mary could be a poison user whose power spreads through the air and can be absorbed through skin, without her having to initiate physical contact with people–then this may be the true cause of Juvia’s incurable sickness.

Come on guys, she’s called the mother fucking rain woman. Why the actual fuck would she get sick from all that rainwater that’s basically her very being?

If my theory is correct, then when the big four (Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza) face off with Avatar, the cult has something against them: The life of their member.

Anyway this just makes Juvia look like a fucking damsel in distress and my own theory pisses me off because I really see Juvia as independent and doesn’t need saving.

But anyway if i look at the bright side, Jerza’s back yay

I think I finally figured it all out. Maybe you never really cared about me to begin with. Maybe I was just your temporary pain reliever. A distraction, the entire time you were with me you probably pictured her. Maybe I made this whole thing seem like so much more than it really was. Look at you your not even fighting for me. Maybe I should just stop trying.

I always eye roll whenever I watch Klamille scenes and fight the urge to click the fast forward button. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not against it because it threatens my love for Klayley but it’s just that for a psychiatrist, Camille comes off as a lovestruck teenager when she’s with Klaus. She reminds me so much of the way Bella Swan is with Edward Cullen (in the books). The fact that he doesn’t fall in love (besides with his child) makes her want him even more. She also likes the fact that he makes her feel special, that she is the only one who can get through to him but the thing is that, she is human. And she is the only human that he keeps around. That should make her feel super special but the fact that she is human, is the only reason why he keeps her around.

Her humanity keeps him grounded, reminds him of a time before he became a vampire. (In his own way, he’s trying to keep his humanity, for his daughter’s sake.) But she will never truly understand him because firstly, she’s human. She wouldn’t know what it’s like to be a werewolf or a vampire or a hybrid or an Original. Secondly, it’s been made known before that the reason why he created hybrids was that he wanted to not feel alone. He was alone in the Mikaelson family and being a hybrid, he did not belong to a pack either. Hayley, I see is the only one who could truly understand him, as she read him so easily when they were in the bayou, when she called him the threat to Hope.

The relationship that I see with Klamille is a patient and psychiatrist one. Klaus went to her every time he had an issue with/involving Hayley. Klaus knows that she likes him (I mean, he’s lived a thousand years and she doesn’t hide the fact that she likes him – i.e., the moment at the bar when he leaned in and she thought that he was going to kiss her) and he plays into that. There is a stark contrast with how he is with Hayley and Camille whereby with Hayley, he doesn’t know if she likes him at all seeing as they’re always so guarded around each other.

The way I see it, Klaus would rather confide in Camille than Hayley because he cares too much about Hayley and her opinion. He is afraid of her judgement and how she would perceive him (i.e. the memoirs he made Camille write so that someone Hayley would see his side of things) even though we know that she won’t judge him — she’d even support him but he can’t be sure of that. She keeps her guard up in front of him and each time she didn’t judge him, it surprised him (like when he asked her what Mikael said about him and when she asked him about Esther). He also wants to hear what he wants to hear and with Camille, he knows what she’s going to say but with Hayley, he doesn’t. Camille would say that he is a good guy but Hayley wouldn’t. The Klamille scene in the final parts of the last episode showed just that. Camille sees him as a tortured guy which is exactly what Klaus wants her to see but Hayley doesn’t. She knows that he’s had it rough but so has she and she accepts him for who he is.

Look at Klaus in the two scenes above. He’s looking at Hayley, but he’s not reading her expression nor is he looking for her reaction while he tells her that he trusts her, what she wanted to her. He follows her eyes, trying to show how honest he’s being. But he knows thinks that her guard will go up and she’ll pull away so he snaps her neck before she gets a chance to. See, he can’t be sure that Hayley will kiss him even though that was what we were hoping for but he doesn’t want to get his hopes up as he’s seen firsthand her feelings for Elijah and Jackson. In the second, he’s looking at Cami, reading the expression on her face and her reaction while he tells her her fantasy and his reaction after, it’s as if he’s personally satisfied that he’s said exactly what she’s hoping which is why he pulls away and says he’s not that man. It seems to me that he’s stringing Camille along the way he is acting. It feels like how he was with Genevieve and we know that he was just using her. He knew how Genevieve felt about him so surely he must know how Camille feels about him.

I don’t mind that they’re actually building more walls in between each other because that means that they’ll eventually crumble. They need to have all these tug-of-wars because it would serve to make their relationship so much stronger in the end.


Barris, who is of noble birth, teaching Nirah to dance just before The Winter Palace. Going with her because she’s terrified. Watching him play The Game like he was born to do. Taking her from the balcony and dancing with her in front of everyone because the world deserves to know that she dances beautifully. Taking her to his father’s estate because of how much he loves her…

Is anybody else just so fucking fascinated by Karen from Daredevil? I mean, I just want to know everything about her back story. She’s already a complex, well written female character, who has proven herself capable of being a badass as well ass incredibly emotionally strong. But she isn’t just a ‘strong female character’, she’s loving, intelligent, wonderfully curious, and capable of being vulnerable and showing her pain to the people she loves. After all, being able to reach out for help and comfort is its own form of strength that shouldn’t be diminished. As much as her past intrigues me, I see so much potential for development. The places they could take this character are limitless. And I will fight anybody who tries to say that she isn’t as interesting as the male leads. We’ve seen what can happen to people who underestimate her, after all.

30 Days of Call the Midwife

Day 29–Who Would You Pair Yourself With?


I’ve written this before, but I really don’t get into swooning over fictional characters or famous people anymore. I used to have more celebrity/fictional character crushes when I was younger, but now that I’m older and been married for so long, it’s just not something I really think about too much (except for a few residual nostalgic ones from my younger years–like Han Solo!). There are some very lovely men on CtM (especially Patrick and Tom), but I’ll let the rest of you fight over them (especially Patrick, I know)! :)

Also, a major part of Patrick’s appeal as a character for me is how much he loves Shelagh and is devoted to her, so in my mind he belongs to her and nobody else. Even if I wanted to pair myself with him, I wouldn’t for that reason. 


Okay, I finally read the chapeters. And I gotta say I am so freaking happy that the spoilers were trash. And before I go on, yes I do take back what I said in my previous post about how “love rival senses” is what brought Juvia into the fight. I actually thought about it a lot after I posted it but I came to accept because hello me! the random comedy in fairy tail is another factor of why I love it so much. So in all I am very happy it was written this way. And I am glad that the spoilers were wrong about Gray being the one confessing his love to that girl (sorry I don’t remember how her name is spelt) but yes I am glad that it was her who confessed her love to Gray, because it just makes so much more sense for it to be that way and that being the reason Juvias “love rival senses” go off.

Now. For my favorite parts.

I absolutely love how much stronger Lucy has gotten. When I first got into Fairy Tail I kind of didn’t like Lucy because I took her as a damsel in distress, but I am so glad she has improved so much over the series it’s awesome.
I love that “Lucy Punch”

And now… For my OTP “GRUVIA REUNION” I freaking love it! Juvia appears behind Gray and she is pissed. GRAY SENSE HER AND IS ALL LIKE “OH SHIIIIITTTTTTT”

But most of all… He wonders why she is there, I kind of get a concerened vibe you know. But than… BUT THAN!
HE SAYS “I’M SORRY”!!! Gray said it! Yes! And so sweet he says he will explain later and they do their thing and fight beside each other I freaking love it my babies are reunited!

But for the most part, Juvia has a little fan girl moment and Gray doesn’t freak out like usual. I guess things have mellowed out for them over the time they spent living together.

I am also glad that is was Wendy’s magic that got Juvia better. Thank goodness.

And I think Grays stripping habit has rubbed on to Juvia. Did you guys notice that, and remember in Juvias flash back they were training in their under wear. Maybe it’s now their thing and helps them to get super serious in battle.

Any way. I wonder what the next chapters have in store.

I officially have the greatest mother ever

my school just came out with a ridiculously strict and sexist dress code and my mom said that if I ever get in trouble for not following it and/or yelling at teachers that try to enforce it, she’ll come pick me up from school wearing short shorts and a crop top (both of which are against the dress code) and yell at the principal for making the rules. I love her so much.

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I would like yumikuri way more if I understood Ymir better. She's a mystery to me.I have so much love for Historia due to the recent chapters and I'm awaiting for her lover's return.

My love for Historia has just. Taken over. Like. Wow! haha

I do love Ymir too. I enjoy the mystery surrounding her but that’s probably because I get a lot out of speculating and theorizing and seeing if I’m ultimately wrong or right. lol I really, really want to see how she’ll take to our beautifully developed Historia! 

spoiler: she’s going to get a massive lady boner fight me on this

I think that reading some of ghostmartyr‘s stuff might help you get a better grasp on Ymir’s character. There’s also this lovely meta by queensato surrounding the relationship between yumikuri. :)

Drawing and I are having a fight so heres a sketch.

I wanted to finish this, but while I was working on it I went eeh.  I hate that so much, when you just love the sketch but when you start to finish it it’s just like NAH.  It makes me super sad when it happens.

This is Mrs. Momma Kitsune with her six kids in a anthro form while her kids rattle off presents they want on top of the list they gave her.  She told them all one present each and..they have her a list of 934058304543095493.  She’s the same Kitsune from this picture ( http://singingrabbitskull.tumblr.com/post/80798497684/this-picture-wanted-to-end-me-and-it-probably ). Her long ears that I give her and her kids are my favorite :v.


Mrs. Kitsune and her kids reside with me..fear her very sketchy children

My mom bought this bracelet when she was in the Dominican Republic. I couldn’t help but tear up because we fight SOO much and when she gave it to me she was already crying and said “I know we fight so much but i still love you”. I don’t think she realizes how much I just wanted to hear that from her.

was feeling so awful a couple hours ago and i just felt like really hurting myself and i told my mom and she sat with me on the couch, and stroked my hair and massaged my head and cuddled with me while i bawled my eyes out onto her chest. it was the first time i’ve felt truly calm in so long. i love my mom so much, even when i say i can’t stand her when we fight, and idk what i’m gonna do when i lose her. i would be fucking dead right now if it weren’t for my mom. she’s my biggest supporter and i love her so damn much.
i hope you guys have someone like this in your life. and i hope you appreciate them.

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Wanna talk about the Sumia supports and what you're liking about them? Spread some more Sumia love around?

EVERYTHING even though she doesnt have that many?? but i just adore how she tries her best to help people and do things for them even if she isn’t very good at it, and it breaks my heart with how she doesn’t think much of herself when she’s so amazing and sensitive and kind wow. she’s also just so passionate about everything gosh i love her 

i want anyone who calls sumia boring or plain to fight me tbh like wow sorry you cant appreciate this fantastic female character gee i wonder why 

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If you were my girlfriend, I'd probably show you off to all my friends and be like "this is my girlfriend and I love her very much, i'm taking her star gazing later 2night bc thats cool", and i'd just give you flowers stuff whenever i have money. but i'm poor af, so that won't happen for like maybe a long time, but i'd probably steal some for you, most likely. i'll fight anyone who tries to stop me (sorry, i just really like you and your blog)


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Why do me and my girlfriend fight. I seem to pick her up on the smallest things and so does she I really love her but sometimes for a guy like me its way too much and I give up and just lye and ignore everyone. Help if you can?!

Maybe you just need to talk to her about this x