i just love her hair so much

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So I saw how you said you like talking about Steven Universe and I was just wondering if you had any cute Amedot headcanons

Heck yes!

1. I subscribe to the fan theory that their fusion is Fluorite, and she glows in the dark.

2. They regularly get together to binge watch their favorite shows. So far their record is 8 days straight.

3. Peridot always thinks Amethyst looks pretty, but even more so when her hair is pushed back from her eyes.

4. Amethyst thinks Peridot is adorable and loves to listen to her talk. (Although let’s face it, this one is pretty much canon, right? 😉)

5. Amethyst struggles sometimes with being romantic because she’s never been in a relationship before and doesn’t always know what to do. But, for Valentine’s Day, Amethyst got the idea from Camp Pining Hearts to make Peridot a green and purple friendship bracelet. It’s now Peridot’s most prized possession, and she never takes it off.

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"Elena didn’t even have to be the last person he sees before he died, but she was and he chose to stroke her face and chose to grasp her hair, and chose to whisper to her, so they tried." THIS is why I don't believe that Stefan was whispering how much he loved Caroline, because the body language in that scene clearly spoke another tune. like you tried, but I'm not buying it.

i am SAYING. i mean there’s a moment where stefan has a “realization” expression, it’s like right after he closes his eyes when he hugs Elena and sort of nestles into her hair, and then he says “there’s something i need to say” so i feel like he forgot and then he just remembered like “right. my wife.” you were not thinking about her, stefan.

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//hah unpopular opinion thing please for Jul, aND I LOVE YOUR BLOG OKAY?!? ITS AMAZING//

this just applies to regular Nyo!Prussia cause I love my followers too much and all you’re muses are just so perf I can’t

Her outfit is one of my absolute favorites, but I also just fucking hate it so much because of how impractical it is compared to everyone else. Her incredibly long hair and extravagant jacket, while fucking beautiful, would get her killed on the battlefield. And I know that there are a few other Nyos who have this problem, but it makes sense for them since it’s obvious if they did fight they wouldn’t use those clothes. But like Nyo!Prussia is just fucking ready to go into battle in a goddamn miniskirt (prepare to get an axe to your “vital regions”) 

but like don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change her for the world she’s drop-dead-fucking-GORGEOUS <3

ok but ??? women are the best thing on earth. i saw a girl today and i loved her hair colour sm that i asked her how she got it and she showed me all of the products she used but one was on sale and she had the last two ones and smiled at me and said “here, so u can have one and me too so we can both look pretty” and i just.. want to thank every woman for being so kind and not seeing other girls as rivals u all are the real mvps out and deserve so much more attention

She wanted so to be tranquil, to be someone who took walks in the late-afternoon sun, listening to the birds and crickets and feeling the whole world breathe. Instead, she lived in her head like a madwoman locked in a tower, hearing the wind howling through her hair and waiting for someone to come and rescue her from feeling things so deeply that her bones burned. She had plenty of evidence that she had a good life. She just couldn’t feel the life she had. It was as though she had cancer of the perspective.
—  Carrie Fisher, Postcards From the Edge

For me, being a dark-skinned black woman with natural hair, getting to be this center of this love story — Growing up, I didn’t get to see that very often…I think that artists and people in entertainment, we have such an incredible power to remind people of their worth and to help people dream big. So it’s exciting to get to be a part of that.

Denée Benton Is Taking Broadway by Storm (x)

“I just can’t wait to forget how much it hurts,” she said. My little sister, 17 and naive and so in love, had woken me up at 2am, crying because her boyfriend had broken up with her. “I never want to remember what I’m feeling right now.”

I pet her hair back as her head laid in my lap. “But you will remember it,” I told her. “You always will. Even ten years from now, when three other boys have come and gone since him, you will remember it. Because this is the only time you will have believed every word he said. This is the only time your whole heart will get involved. This is the only time you will be blindsided.” I swallowed the lump in my throat. “You’ll remember this pain for the rest of your life. But pain is natural. It’s how we protect ourselves.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #133

smoke in the snow

she asks me where i’m going
it’s three in the morning and
out the window it’s snowing

i just need to smoke because
i just woke up with dried tears
from another nightmare again

just give me a moment i want to
feel the snow in my face until my
mind clears and before you know
it i’ll be right here again

my dear you know how much i care
and don’t worry about what i fear
when i hide tears i told you that
in a moment i’ll be right here

sometimes i feel like fuck the world
unwind but my mind’s stuck in a whirl
pondering if i’m really in love with this girl
pull her back in my arms holding her soul
with the cold on my skin i’m soaking her warmth
stroking her hair, skin so soft and delicate and yet
so sharp and intelligent, smart and feminine and
we’re more than just friends with benefits –

but i don’t want to set a precedent i just want to
let our resonance be our element as evidenced by
our experience that you’re my medicine and you
can be my everything it’s just my past commitments
have lead to detriment and that’s why i’m hesitant
even though you’re excellent


okay but how LONG yall wanna bet alex has been DYING to touch maggie’s hair, brush it away from her face, and lean in and kiss her and have maggie KISS HER BACK this time and like there’s so much yearning in the way alex takes maggie’s face and kisses her and once their lips touch it’s just, everything in the world slows down and it’s just maggie’s lips on hers and it feels like heaven


I’ve just discovered this video of a bug flying into Jade’s hair during a performance and it’s my favourite for so many reasons.

1. Leigh just screaming and running away on those heels
2. Jesy cackling 
3. Leigh trying to get the guy to come remove the bug
4. Jade literally just running around the stage
5. Perrie hitting Jade’s hair with her shoe
6. All the screaming
7. Leigh only coming back when the bug was gone
8. The fact they kept singing the entire time?!

i love allura so much so here’s a list of things i love about her
  • she likes sparkly things
  • she swears
  • she can crush a man with her bare hands
  • she believes in peace first
  • she’s sneaky
  • she’s smart
  • she’s a strategist and a diplomat
  • she has beautiful hair
  • she’s allowed to have moments of weakness
  • she’s girly
  • she’s strong
  • she misses her father
  • she’s compassionate
  • she gets angry
  • she bickers
  • she’s flawed
  • she’s resilient
  • she always takes shiro’s input into account
  • she loves shiro
  • she has little space mice that sleep on her pillow!!
  • she’s a leader
  • she’s a princess
  • she’s a Queen

“How would you describe him?” They ask me.

“He’s perfect,” I say.

“No one is perfect.”

“Perfect is the only way to describe him. He isn’t nice, he’s so much more than that. He isn’t handsome, handsome doesn’t describe his boyish smile or his dreamy tall frame or his adoring black hair. He isn’t just a good listener, because I loved to hear him tell his own stories too. And he doesn’t just have a nice voice, that doesn’t describe his fruity laugh or the way he speaks when he talks about what he loves. I could go on forever, but when I think of perfect, my mind goes straight to him.”

—  a.a.
yet because he’s truly not perfect, I love him even more… m.k.j.

My Padma and Parvati for this week’s Harry Potter Design Challenge! When I looked up their book descriptions pretty much all you get is they were called the prettiest girls in their grade, they wore their hair in braids, and apparently they wore silver “P” necklaces (I don’t particularly remember this part but Oh well). You never hear much about Padma but Parvati always came off as a giggly fun loving girl to me. Although they were identical twins I didn’t want to just essentially make them the same person as twins are often portrayed as in media. I figured since they were sorted into different houses they must have very different distinct personalities. So I decided to make Padma a bit more serious and preppy than her sister. Hope you enjoy!! :D (PS since I went with book descriptions for characters I also went with the book version of the ravenclaw colors: blue and bronze instead of blue and silver like the movies.)


“To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys.”
Rhys clinked his glass against mine. “To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered.“

So, I got these pictures of my Feyre Cosplay a while ago and I’m in love. I enjoy just being her SO much, she’s probably my favorite character to do. ❤️
The wig is not how I imagined her hair, but I didn’t have time to get a new one and I thought it was fitting. I’m going to get a new one soon!
You can’t imagine how much I miss my tattoo arm. I want it back 😭

Enough of my thoughts, it’s credit time!
Pictures were taken by Miclast (Facebook) and the lovely costume design is from @taratjah .
I asked her before starting the costume if I could use her artwork and she allowed me to do so. Which is awesome and I’m forever grateful <3
(That’s actually a very important point. Always ask the artist before just redoing their art and respect their choice!)


“Come with me,” she said. “Come meet them.”
Kaz nodded as if steeling himself, flexed his fingers once more.
“Wait,” he said. The burn of his voice was rougher than usual. “Is my tie straight?”
Inej laughed, her hood falling back from her hair.
“That’s the laugh,” he murmured, but she was already setting off down the quay, her feet barely touching the ground.
“Mama!” she called out. “Papa!” Inej saw them turn, saw her mother grip her father’s arm. They were running toward her.
Her heart was a river that carried her to the sea.

So we see a lot of Drarry scenes take place in potions class, but how about a Pansmione potions scene. Just imagine:

  • Snape puts students in Slytherin/Gryffindor partnerships to piss everyone off (cuz really, what else would you expect from Snape)
  • Pansy and Hermione get partnered together and complain like crazy
  • “Merlin, don’t put me with Granger. Her hair’s so big I won’t even be able to see the cauldron.”
  • (But secretly Pansy loves the way Hermione’s hair gets frizzy from the heat)
  • “I can’t be with Parkinson! She probably spent so much time doing her makeup that she didn’t even do the reading!”
  • (But secretly Hermione finally understands the appeal of makeup because if it can make Pansy look that good…well…)
  • Turns out Hermione was right and Pansy hasn’t done the reading
  • Not because she was doing her makeup but because Snape wouldn’t take points from Slytherin even if she blew up the classroom. It’s about priorities, honestly
  • “Stop bossing me around, Granger. I don’t take orders from Gryffindors.”
  • “Well, maybe if you knew what you were doing I wouldn’t have to.”
  • “Sod off. I know what I’m doing.”
  • “Whatever, Parkinson.”
  • They fall into a simple rhythm, with Hermione reading off the next step and Pansy completing it
  • Their hands brush when they reach for an ingredient at the same time and both gasp and jerk apart
  • When class ends, Hermione opens her mouth to say something, but Pansy’s already left
  • When Snape pairs his students with their own houses the next class, Pansy and Hermione exhale in relief like the rest of the students, but their eyes stray towards each other
  • In that moment of eye contact, they see their own desire reflected back at them
  • Suddenly Pansy raises her hand and asks to be excused to use the restroom
  • (To which Snape easily agrees)
  • Hermione raises her hand a minute later and asks if she can go see Madam Pomfrey
  • (To which Snape only reluctantly acquiesces) 
  • Pansy is waiting for her when she gets outside
  • “Granger, I’m surprised you’re so willing to miss class. Aren’t you worried you’ll miss something important?”
  • “That’s why I came. I was worried I’d miss something important.”
  • Hermione presses her lips to Pansy’s before the other girl can reply
  • “Granger…that was…brilliant.”
  • “My hair wasn’t in the way?” Hermione teases with a smile
  • Pansy grins back “Actually, it was incredibly sexy. I can’t imagine how I didn’t see it before”
  • This time Pansy’s the one to go in for the kiss
  • Neither girl goes back to class for a long while

just a thing that’s been on my mind: i thought it was really, really cool that hillary clinton abandoned her really made up and polished look for her speech yesterday

when bill clinton was the governor of arkansas, hillary got so much hate for not looking or acting like a traditional politician’s wife that she basically had to physically transform herself completely in order to salvage bill’s career. she had to dye her hair and start wearing makeup and get rid of her glasses and change her clothing style and lose weight. i watched a segment from that “the choice 2016″ special where a commentator said something along the lines of: she had to completely forfeit her own physical identity.

and i just love the idea that now that the pressure is finally off her, she doesn’t have to do that anymore

and i know people are going to be all “oh, she looks so tired! oh, she’s broken! oh, she must be sick or maybe dying!”


and i just hate how women aren’t allowed to even show their own faces in public without being told they’re somehow broken for doing it.

like, i never wear any makeup in my daily life and haven’t for years because i find it physically uncomfortable, and i like having the freedom that comes along with that in terms of time, money, etc, but there is also this massive guilt that comes with it, mostly because we almost never see women who aren’t perfectly made up in our popular culture. like, sometimes i’ll be all, “wow, i really relate to rory gilmore!” and then the little patriarchy voice in my head will hiss, “uh, you will never be like rory gilmore because she’s a dorky book nerd who’s gorgeous and you’re a dorky book nerd who’s plain as hell. rory gilmore wouldn’t even talk to you!” i mean, obviously rory gilmore won’t talk to me because she is not real, but there’s that weird feeling like you don’t even belong among the ranks of the female characters who represent our gender on tv and in movies.

and when i woke up on november 9 and got ready for work and saw my blotchy devastated face in the mirror, i thought, “man, everyone out in the world is going to think i’m so ugly, how can i inflict this upon them?” and then i thought, “you know who would rate my value completely on how i look? donald trump. you know who didn’t  give a shit about looking like america’s perfect standard of beauty until she was forced to? HILLARY GODDAMN RODHAM CLINTON.”

and it was like, that decided it for me. i just feel better now. i hope that if i ever have the supreme misfortune to meet ol’ donald, he looks at me and thinks, “blechhhhh! what a 4!”. because feeling guilty for not catering to patriarchal demands on women’s looks (and has the patriarchy found its truest human embodiment in donald trump or what?) just feels so offensive after what has happened and how misogyny has been reaffirmed by the results of this campaign season and election.

and so i am thankful to hillary for making the decision to not get all dolled up for that event and to instead just look like herself.

maybe she will start wearing her rad glasses again next. YAAAAAAAS.

Lover Man
Billie Holiday
Lover Man

“My mind was filled with that great song “Lover Man” as Billie Holiday sings it; I had my own concert in the bushes. “Someday we’ll meet, and you’ll dry my tears, and whisper sweet, little things in my ear, hugging and a-kissing, oh what we’ve been missing, Lover Man, oh where can you be…” It’s not the words so much as the great harmonic tune and the way Billie sings it, like a woman stroking her man’s hair in soft lamp-light.” – Jack Kerouac, On The Road.