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“I don’t remember falling in love with you. I just remember holding your hand and realizing how much it was going to hurt when I would have to let go.”

Summary: You’re Kai’s best friend and you’ve been invited to stay with them for a little while they are on tour. You expect just normal visit where you spend some time with your best friend that your grew up with.. But little do you know, feelings get developed from someone in the group…

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D.O Point of View

“What do you think of Y/N?” BaekHyun asks looking at me and I looked at him.

“She’s cool I guess..” I said trying to hide the fact that here i am slowly liking the girl and I just met her..

“You guess?”


Baekhyun continues to stare at me and a huge smile spread across his face.


“You like her don’t you?”


Baekhyung continues smirking and i continued to look back at him.

Don’t crack. Don’t crack.. i kept repeating to myself but eventually I gave in. I’m a terrible liar.




“Why don’t you ask her out?” Baekhyung suggest and I sighed.

“We don’t even know each other..”

“Then get to know her! Then as soon as you guys get comfortable around each other.. BOOM! Ask her out.”

I sighed and glanced at Y/N and kai talking and laughing..

Trying doesn’t hurt right?


Your Point of View 

You looked at the Guitar that was standing there just looking back at you.

When you were younger, you had a secret talent of playing guitar but it’s been a while. 

“You like guitars?” you hear a voice behind you and you looked up.

“Chanyeol right?” You asked him making sure you knew the correct name to the correct person. He nodded and smiled.

“I used to play when I was younger. But it’s been a while.” You said looking back at the guitar and a whole rush of memories began to replay in your head.

“You can grab it, if you want to.” 

You smiled at him and grabbed the guitar that was right in front of you. You smiled looking at it as it’s on your hands.

You started to play something you remember when you were younger and your whole childhood was all coming back to you.

“Still have the magic touch I see,” you hear and you see Kai and D.O walking in.

“Surprisingly I do,”

“How long have you’ve been playing?” D.O asks you and you looked at him.

“Since I was 10..”

“She used to write songs about everything,” Kai tells D.O and you gave him a glare.

“Not true.”

“One time we were walking to a corner store and she brought her guitar and made a small song about walking.”

You couldn’t help but to laugh and your cheeks heat up.

“Yes put me on the spot now.” You giggled and you see Chanyeol and D.O laughing.

“It’s okay… It’s cute.” D.O says and you couldn’t help but to blush even more.. 

When you heard the word cute you couldn’t help but to randomly feel butterflies in your stomach.. No. No no… you came here for one reason only.. and that is to be with your best friend.

“I’m sure you guys have embarrassing Kai stories you have to tell me about.” You said setting down the guitar. 

You glanced at D.O and just as he was about to open his mouth Kai gave him a glare and D.O smiles and closes his mouth.

“Much better.” Kai says smirking and you rolled your eyes.

“Ah whatever. I will find out later eventually.” You winked at Kai and his eyes widen.

You heard laughter coming from their living room and you looked at the boys in front of you confused.

“What’s going on?” You asked them and they shrugged.

You followed the sound the sound of the laughter and as you stepped in you see Baekhyun with what seems to be a star war light up sword, whatever those are called. He began to sway it side to side and you smiled.

“OO! Let me try!” You said jumping up like a little girl and he hands you the sword.

“Can we replace Kai with her?” Baekhyun asks and Kai gives him a glare making you giggle. You walked up to Kai and began to do weird movement swaying the sword side to side and then pretended to stab him. 

He stayed standing and you looked at him.

‘Now play dead.” 


“boo!” you heard from you, Baekhyun and D.O.


You laid down on kai’s bed and looked at the ceiling. 

“How does it feeling living with 11 guys?” You asked D.O as he was laying down on his bed.

“I’ve gotten used to it.”

“That’s it?”


“Don’t you want to say more. Like it’s fun! It’s terrible. It’s i don’t know something besides I’ve gotten used to it?” You asked sitting up and D.O smiles.

“It’s not bad.. but.”

“But what?” You asked him and he sits up as well looking at you.

“At times I do get homesick.” he says looking down and you couldn’t help but have a warm feeling rush through you. 

You always been good friends with guys, but you never seen there sensitive side if that makes sense. They always made it seem like they had to be tough around you to have an image. But there no reason to act like someone your not.

“Well I mean who can blame you, you are constantly traveling and performing.” You said looking at D.O and he looks at you and smiles.

So far you’ve been getting along with the guys perfectly fine. 


“Don’t move,”

“What are you doing?”

“I said don’t move!” you said looking down at your phone as you pointed the camera at Kai. He stood still as you commanded and you took a picture of Kai with the sad face filter on snapchat.

“Why so sad?” You asked smirking as you showed Kai the picture.


“Yes really party pooper.”

“Can I ask you guys something?” Kris says sitting next to you and you looked at him slowly and seriously.


“How did you become best friends?”

“Why do you ask?” You asked him and he smiles.

“You two are completely different. Kai here is the s-”

“Party pooper and I’m the fun child yes I know.”

Kris begins to laugh and you laughed along with him. You never took life seriously even though you should. Well you did but you also learn to enjoy the moment and live life.

“What do you buys do before a show?” You asked them as you continued to look at your phone.

“Relax while we can.”

“Well that’s a bit boring.” You commented and all the boys looked at you.

“Did you have something in mind?” Chen asks you and you smiled.

“Well you boys are known for the complex dancing, so why not show me what you guys are made of?” you said getting up and they all stared at you.

“Uh.” you heard and you rolled your eyes.

You walked up to a near speaker they owned a plugged your phone and had random music playing. 

“Who shall be my first victim?”

“D.O!” Baekhyun coughs and you glanced at Baekhyun and then at D.O was giving him a death glare.

“D.O it is” You said walking up to him and his eyes widen.

“Um no thanks.”

“Too late.” You said grabbing his hands and he was now standing up and standing right in front of you. 

The song was playing and you were patiently waiting for D.O to make a dance move.

“D.O! D.O! D.O!” the boys all said cheering him on and he begins to blush and laugh fisting his hand and putting it over his hand.

“You have fans, come on,” you smiled and he continued to laugh.

“If it makes you feel better I will dance with you.” you said and he nods.

At last as the beat drops you both began to do a dance move together. At first D.O seemed to be shy about it but eventually he started to feel more comfortable.

You two began to laugh and the rest of the boys eventually got up and began to dance along with you. 

Everything was good till you hear the music stop. 

Everyone looked you and you see your phone ringing. 

You walked over to your phone and looked at the call but didn’t have a name or anything.

“I should take this,” You said and at the boys and they all nodded their head.

 You pulled out your phone from the speakers and walked your way to the hall. 


“Incoming call from Seoul Jail facility.. Would you like to accept the request?”

Who would be calling your from Jail?”


As soon as you said that it went silent.


You heart dropped… Why was he calling?


To Be Continued


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He was standing in line for tickets when saw them. Maya with some dude who looked straight out of a catalog. He didn’t realize he was staring until his friend, Andrew, waved his hand in front of his face. “Dude, did you just zone out or something?” he asks, following Josh’s gaze over to Maya. “Isn’t that chick the girl who admitted she loved your at that party?”

“Uh yeah, that’s her,” Josh replies, looking away when Maya throws her head back laughing at something her date said. He should be over there making her laugh.

“Wow, do I guess she moved on. That’s good right? That’s what you wanted?” Andrew asks, as they move forward in the line.

Not really. “Yeah,” Josh practically snaps. He shakes his head, he needed to get Maya out of his head. They would have their someday. Their someday just wasn’t today.

After paying for his ticket and some popcorn him and Andrew went into the theater and found some seats. He was munching on his popcorn and watching the previews when he noticed and certain blonde sitting a couple rows in front of them. Great.

He tried to pay attention to the movie, he really did but he just couldn’t when every joke he could hear Mayas laugh. Sometimes during the scary scenes he would see her move closer to her date. Since when was she scared of movies? She must really like this guy.

The next thing Josh knew the movie was over and he had no idea what happened. “That movie was amazing!” Andrew says, as the lights come on.

Not wanting to tell his friend he was staring at his nieces best friend the whole time he just nods in agreement.

“What was your favorite part? Mine was when the clown came out of no where and drove the bus into a house,” Andrew says. “What was yours?”

Josh furrows his brows while Andrew described his favorite part a little confused as to what this movie was actually about. “That was uh mine too,” he replies, since he couldn’t think of any scene.

“Dude I made that up,” Andrew says, catching Josh’s lie. “I saw you staring at her the whole movie. Why don’t you go tell her?”

Josh sighs and thinks for a minute, “Because we’ll have our someday and I am not going to let her sit around and wait for me. I gotta let her live her life until its our time and then I can swoop in.”

                                                    THE END

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“Paruru, come here.” She said in a kind yet serious tone.

“What is it?” Said Haruka, reaching over Yui was. The Kyoto girl lied on the floor as a signal to her friend. “Just come” she said, resting her body over the carpet and closing her eyes, switching into a more comfortable position. 

Haruka lied beside her, placing her stare over Yui’s resting body. “You know, I’ve been thinking about something for a while” said Yui who finally gave up on her original position and just plainly lied on her back, staring at the ceiling. Her face looked calm, her stare was somehow reflexive, as if something inside her heart was silently struggling to come out from her lips about to tell Haruka the biggest of her secrets. Haruka just kept watching Yui before the older girl turned to see her, feeling her closer than she thought they would be. Now there was no way to go back.

“I think… I might be in love with you.”