i just love her and this movie and i just watched it and sigh

So my mom isn’t too keen on gay folk due to her religious beliefs or something, so she ends up being in a state of denial every time something gay happens. 

So today we’re watching a random movie while we finish our laundry and it’s premise is basically how a wife has to struggle to bring up her adoptive son after her husband decided that maybe parenthood just wasn’t for him, soon after adopting the little baby.

And in the course of the movie you see how her very obvious lesbian best friend pitches in to help her raise the kid. And as the movie goes in, I keep getting uncomfortable because you see these two longtime friends bonding and slowly falling in love, and I’m aware that my mother disagrees with all that is gay.

As soon as the movie is over, after they exchange promise rings and vows under the mistletoe the camera pans as they’re about to kiss, the credits roll in and I hear my mom sigh and she just goes “Wasn’t it nice how that movie dealt with the power of friendship?”




…I have witnessed the gal pal labeling process

okay but please can we talk about how adorable sleepy stiles is? like one day in the future when lydia and stiles share an apartment together and it’s really cold outside and stiles is out late and comes home when lydia’s already in her pyjamas in the livingroom watching a movie and he’s so tired and so glad to be with her again so he just flops on the couch and snuggles to her, his limbs tangling everywhere completely entrapping her and she starts to protest bc he’s cold form the outside and dirty from the whole day but he just buries his face into her neck and mumbles something about how warm and comfy she is and then his lips brush her collarbone when he sighs happily and lydia can’t help but smile because her dumb boyfriend is so damn adorable and she loves him so much and even though the position they’re in will get really uncomfortable real soon she doesn’t care a bit so she just strokes his hair as he falls asleep and idk okay i have a lot of emotions rn okay good night

Fluff starter: “don’t get up – i’ll do it.”

Rating: K+

Word count: 778

Warnings: fluff, gruvia, lil bit of angst, but flUFF

Requested by anonymous. Thanks for the prompt!!

“Don’t get up – I’ll do it.”

Gray urged Juvia back onto the couch when she dropped her feet to the soft carpet and went to stand. She allowed herself to sink into the plush cushions and watched as he put a small pillow in his spot, propping her sore feet on it. With her blanket tucked snuggly around her, Juvia was comfortable enough to fall asleep.

But that was the last thing she wanted to do on movie night.

“Juvia can get up and walk around just fine, Gray-sama. The doctor said so,” Juvia said as he started for their kitchenette.

He stopped at the foot of the couch and heaved a sigh. “I know, I know. Just…humor me, okay?” he muttered, dropping one hand to her feet and squeezing. He managed a tired smile. “Let me do things for you every once in a while for my own goddamn sanity. Besides, didn’t you say your ankles were swelling up again?”

The pregnancy was driving him near crazy.

But, Juvia supposed, she couldn’t really blame him. She was worried too. The past seven months had been rocky, her pregnancy turbulent, and they were constantly waiting for something horrible to happen at any given time. It had been practically impossible to get pregnant in the first place – and afterwards it hadn’t occurred to either of them that staying pregnant would be a problem too.

They’d already had too many scares than they cared to remember.

She was on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy, but her doctor had encouraged small amounts of walking. If nothing more than to keep her from going too stir crazy.

Juvia was determined to be as active as she could, to stay positive for both herself and Gray. But Gray… If she so much as sat up, he was pushing her back down and running her errands for her.

After their second trip to the hospital, at four in the morning, he’d made it his mission to see to her every whim. He helped her with everything and took over all of her share of the household chores – he’d even started doing the laundry. And if Juvia so much as tried to lift her pinky, he would scowl, sit her on something soft, and give her a glass of juice and a movie.

It was almost smothering. But Juvia would be lying to herself if she said she didn’t enjoy the attention.

Still…she couldn’t help but feel bad at times.

“That’s true…” Juvia murmured as she glanced down at her ankles. They were twice their normal size. She bit her lip as she looked back up at Gray. “Juvia just doesn’t want to be a burden, that’s all.”

That was her only fear.

She liked taking care of other people, Gray in particular, but she wasn’t used to people taking care of her for extended periods of time. The last thing Juvia wanted was to be troublesome.

“A burden?” Gray blinked at her, a line denting his forehead as he frowned. “Juvia, you’re never a burden. It’s my privilege to take care of you. Something like that was in our wedding vows, remember?” he said, his voice soft and vulnerable in a way that made everything in Juvia’s chest ache sweetly.

That voice came out very rarely.

Far too often he “played it cool”, choosing to hide his true feelings with snark or sarcasm or blatant lies. He only ever used that soft voice after all of his shields shattered, when he was overcome with emotion. But lately he’d been using it a lot – when he helped her bathe, rubbed her feet and her back, indulged in her emotional outbursts.

And Juvia soaked it up like a freshly-watered flower.

“Juvia remembers,” she whispered as a smile tugged on her lips.

“Good.” Gray straightened and coughed, nodding his head and rubbing the back of his neck. “So what was it you wanted? Vanilla or mint chocolate chip?” He gestured to the fridge as he walked backwards to the kitchen, keeping his dark eyes on her.

“Mint chocolate chip,” said Juvia as she rubbed her hand over her stomach. “With strawberries.”

She’d been craving strawberries all day.

“Strawberries. Got it,” he said and spun on his bare heel.

When he reemerged a few minutes later, two bowls of mint chocolate chip ice cream with diced strawberries in hand, he was rid of his shirt and pants. He handed her a bowl before plopping onto the couch and settling her feet in his lap and digging into his dessert.

Juvia spooned some into her own mouth with a smile.

She loved movie night.

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The Ultimate Double Date

Request: Hey can I request something where you’re Josh Dun’s girlfriend and he introduces you to Tyler and Jenna and in the end you all just crash at Josh’s house and watch movies until you fall asleep in Josh’s arms (lots of fluffiness <3) thanks :)

A/n- Sorry this took so long! I needed to take a break from everything for a little bit. Also, all I know about Jenna is that everyone loves her so I just wrote her as a cinnamon roll.

“Do you think they’ll like me?” You bit your lip, straightening out your shirt.

“They’ll love you! Seriously, y/n, you have nothing to worry about,” Josh reassured you.

“But Tyler is your best friend so what if he doesn’t?”

Just as Josh opened his mouth to reply, the doorbell rang. He sighed, exasperated, before going to answer the door. You hung back a few steps, awkwardly clasping and unclasping your hands.

Josh opened to door only to immediately be pulled into the trademark Twenty One Pilots handshake with Tyler, who appeared to have just drunk a few Five Hour Energys. Jenna rolled her eyes in mock annoyance, giving Josh a quick hug after the snap.

With the boys lost in their own conversation, Jenna was the first one to spot you. You gave a curt wave and shaky smile, unsure of how to greet her. She, having sensed your obvious apprehension, gave you a warm, comforting hug. In that moment, you knew Jenna was a goddess.

“Hi, I’m Jenna. You must be y/n. Josh has told us so much about you! I’m so glad we’re all finally getting together!” Something about Jenna’s demeanor instantly put you at ease, and you found yourself smoothly entering a conversation with her while you watched Josh and Tyler hopping up and down out of the corner of your eye.

“Do they always do that?” you giggled, gesturing toward the boys.

“Oh, gosh!” she laughed. “They’re always doing weird things when they’re together. They usually make me put it on Vine.”

Noticing the snickering, Tyler glanced over at you, only to remember he was here to meet you in the first place.

“Hey! I’m Tyler,” he extended a hand to you. You shook hands, neither party having anything more than a limp grip, before releasing each other from the strange “adult” manner of introduction.

“I’m y/n,” you told him rather unnecessarily.

“Why don’t we all move this party to the kitchen? It’s kinda crowded in here,” Josh said, leading the group out of the front hall.

You hadn’t really made solid plans apart from everyone meeting at Josh’s house. Now that the first and only part was fulfilled, the group had to figure out where the double date should take place.

“What should we do tonight, then? Movie? Dinner?” Jenna inquired, setting her purse down on the counter with a gentle thump.

“The new Star Wars movie looks good,” Josh suggested.

“I doubt we’d be able to get seats, though. Everyone is going to see Star Wars,” you answered.

Tyler amended the idea. “We could see something else. We’d probably have the theater to ourselves.”

“Is there anything else playing that’s worth seeing?” Jenna raised her eyebrows.

Everyone agreed that it would be easier and overall more fun, so Tyler and Jenna brought up Netflix while you and Josh got started on cooking.

“Hey, Josh? Can you grab the big pot from above the stove? I can’t reach.” You pointed to the cabinet that your fingers could barely even graze.

Josh was able to reach with ease, though when he got the pot, he held it over his head. “Do I get a kiss for this hard work?” he grinned.

You leaned in as if to oblige only to bop him on the nose.

In response, he gave his best puppy dog eyes, frowning. “Babe.”

“Alright,” you chuckled, leaning in again. This time, Josh bopped you on the nose. “Oh, bring it on!” you said, going into a fighter stance.

Josh mimicked you, first setting the pot down on the burner. You two began to circle each other as best you could for what the space allowed.

“What are you two doing in there?” Tyler called.

You turned to answer him. Josh took that as his chance, and suddenly he had you slung over his shoulder and was parading you out in the living room.

You tried to ask him to put you down but you were laughing too hard.

“Hey, Tyler, Jenna, have you met my girlfriend?” he turned around so they could see your face instead of your butt. You waved and smiled as if this were a normal situation.

“She’s the cutest. And she also has a nice but,” he turned back.

“Josh!” you smacked him lightly on the back.

As he walked back to the kitchen still carrying you, he made his offer. “I’ll put you down for a kiss.”

“Okay. Fine.”

He set you down carefully and let you take a breath before pulling you in for a kiss. It was short and sweet and totally worth being carried around like a sack of flour for.

By the time the popcorn was done, Tyler and Jenna had narrowed it down to two movies and left it up to you and Josh to decide. Between Clueless and Rocky, you and Josh both voted Clueless. It’s a classic.

You passed out bowls of popcorn to everyone as the opening credits rolled before taking a seat next to Josh. On Josh would be a better description, since you were curled up against him with his arm was around you.

Throughout the entirety of the movie, you and Jenna shared knowing looks regardless as to whether or not you could relate to the situation. When you reached the scene where Tai burned everything that reminded her of that guy she liked but was never really with, you whispered “Same.”

“Been there,” Jenna agreed.

The guys looks at their respective partner, then at each other.

You winked at Jenna. She winked back.

As the film was winding down, so were you. The little comments and shared looks between you and Jenna were fewer and farther between. You snuggled into Josh and closed your eyes, knowing you were definably going to fall asleep in that moment. He readjusted his position, wrapping both arms around you protectively and giving a content little sigh.

“Awwww. They’re so cute,” you heard Jenna murmur.

“They’re perfect for each other,” Tyler approved, voice soft.

You drifted off to sleep that night feeling very safe and very loved. You really hadn’t had anything to worry about.

Take my hand

“I can’t believe this.” Iris sighs and sits on the floor next to Barry, probably the most comfortable position in this situation.
Barry manoeuvres his hand to around the metal table leg to make it easier for Iris, “You’re the one breaking into a crime scene.”
“And you came along.”
“I’m the CSI, I’m allowed to be here.” If he was being honest, he came to help Iris.

The policeman could be seen through the window talking on his phone, “He doesn’t seem to believe you,” she reminds him, trying not to smile at the absurdity of this whole thing.

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Would have come

“C'mon babe, it’ll be fun!” You turn away from your boyfriend and shake your head no, grabbing a water bottle out of the refrigerator.

“Luke I just don’t feel like it right now, I’d rather stay in and watch movies with you.” Luke pouts and mutters under his breath. “Aleisha would have come.”

You’re very taken aback by what he just said. You’ve always had a feeling that he still had something for her and you already know that she was his first love. You’ll never be as good as her because you’ll always have your first love in your heart and he just mentioned her even though the two of you have been together for practically two years.

You take a sip of your water before clearing your throat and exiting the kitchen. “I’m just not in the mood right now Luke. Take someone else.”

He lets out a sigh, still not even recognizing what he did wrong. You plop down on the couch and he sits down next to you. “No I don’t want to go with anyone else babe.”

“Well that sucks for you then.” You lean back into the cushion and he gives you a confused look. “Are you okay?”

You bite down on your bottom lip hard, taking a deep breath before answering. “I’m fine.”

“Did I do something? Is that why you’re upset.”

“I’m not upset.”

“Then why are you being so dry with me?”

“Because you’re bothering me now.”

“But what did I do in the first place?”

“You didn’t do anything Luke, can you just leave me alone?”

He gives you an upset look before kissing your forehead and making his way upstairs into the bedroom. It’s already late so he decides to just go to bed.

He wakes up in the middle of the night and reaches over to you, panicking when you’re not there. He sits up quickly and runs his hands through his hair.

Did you leave? Was it because he pestered you about going out? Was it becau- he compared you to his ex. He finally realizes it and he knows he fucked up big time.

He’s always known that you were insecure but he wasn’t really thinking about it when he said it. He loves you. He’s in love with you. He wants to grow old with you and he just potentially screwed that up.

He grabs a sweatshirt from the closet before walking downstairs and grabbing the keys out of the bowl by the door, eager to find you.

Right before he grabs the handle, he hears a quiet noise which he walks toward. It’s you, shifting in your sleep, causing the blanket to rub against the leather couch, making a soft sound.

He lets out a quiet sigh and slowly walks over to you, moving some hair out of your face before laying down in front of the couch next to you.


When you wake up you notice Luke laying in front of you and you let out a quiet yawn. You stretch your arms and step over him, making your way to the bathroom.

After you’re finished brushing your teeth and washing your face, you walk back into the living room where Luke is now standing.

You avoid eye contact with him, still upset and frustrated. As you move to walk by him to get food, he grabs your hips, pulling you to him.

“Leave me alone.” He shakes his head, his hair scraping against your neck. “Sorry babe, no can do.”

“Lucas let go of me.” He pulls you to the couch, dropping you under him before pinning both of your arms above your head with one hand.

“Nope. I won’t. I love you to much to let go of you.” He presses a quick peck to your lips before running his free hand down your stomach, tickling you.

You let out a gasp and squirm. “Luke stop!” He shakes his head no, still above you grinning.

“Luke please.” He grabs at your sides as you burst into a fit of unwanted laughter, trying to pull your wrists out of his hold.

“Only if you say you forgive me.” He leans down to blow raspberries into your neck, never stopping his movements.

“No!” You squirm even more than you were and you finally get your hands free, trying to grab his hand.

He peppers your face in kisses as he repeats the phrase. You kick slightly but he doesn’t give in, your face now turning red.

“Fine, I forgive you.” He doesn’t stop, but slows down slightly.

“Gimme a kiss.” You lean up, which is hard to do in the state that your in and you press your lips to his, causing the both of you to smile.