i just love her and her acting career

just a thing that’s been on my mind: i thought it was really, really cool that hillary clinton abandoned her really made up and polished look for her speech yesterday

when bill clinton was the governor of arkansas, hillary got so much hate for not looking or acting like a traditional politician’s wife that she basically had to physically transform herself completely in order to salvage bill’s career. she had to dye her hair and start wearing makeup and get rid of her glasses and change her clothing style and lose weight. i watched a segment from that “the choice 2016″ special where a commentator said something along the lines of: she had to completely forfeit her own physical identity.

and i just love the idea that now that the pressure is finally off her, she doesn’t have to do that anymore

and i know people are going to be all “oh, she looks so tired! oh, she’s broken! oh, she must be sick or maybe dying!”


and i just hate how women aren’t allowed to even show their own faces in public without being told they’re somehow broken for doing it.

like, i never wear any makeup in my daily life and haven’t for years because i find it physically uncomfortable, and i like having the freedom that comes along with that in terms of time, money, etc, but there is also this massive guilt that comes with it, mostly because we almost never see women who aren’t perfectly made up in our popular culture. like, sometimes i’ll be all, “wow, i really relate to rory gilmore!” and then the little patriarchy voice in my head will hiss, “uh, you will never be like rory gilmore because she’s a dorky book nerd who’s gorgeous and you’re a dorky book nerd who’s plain as hell. rory gilmore wouldn’t even talk to you!” i mean, obviously rory gilmore won’t talk to me because she is not real, but there’s that weird feeling like you don’t even belong among the ranks of the female characters who represent our gender on tv and in movies.

and when i woke up on november 9 and got ready for work and saw my blotchy devastated face in the mirror, i thought, “man, everyone out in the world is going to think i’m so ugly, how can i inflict this upon them?” and then i thought, “you know who would rate my value completely on how i look? donald trump. you know who didn’t  give a shit about looking like america’s perfect standard of beauty until she was forced to? HILLARY GODDAMN RODHAM CLINTON.”

and it was like, that decided it for me. i just feel better now. i hope that if i ever have the supreme misfortune to meet ol’ donald, he looks at me and thinks, “blechhhhh! what a 4!”. because feeling guilty for not catering to patriarchal demands on women’s looks (and has the patriarchy found its truest human embodiment in donald trump or what?) just feels so offensive after what has happened and how misogyny has been reaffirmed by the results of this campaign season and election.

and so i am thankful to hillary for making the decision to not get all dolled up for that event and to instead just look like herself.

maybe she will start wearing her rad glasses again next. YAAAAAAAS.

I am so fucking sick of Demi Lovato getting relentlessly bullied on social media. Y'all act like social justice warriors yet you don’t give a fuck about the fact that she has now been bullied out of her career, her passion, the thing she loves most. Demi was homeschooled because she was bullied so badly in school and it’s honestly disgusting that people still do it now. Yes, sometimes she says shit which y'all may not agree with but her intentions are good and tbh everyone knows that, it’s just cool to hate on Demi Lovato. I see everyone preaching about mental illness and supporting it except when Demi shows a symptom of hers. She’s fucking bipolar. Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she isn’t human. Y'all also preach about eating disorders yet i don’t see anyone defending her when she gets thousands of people calling her fat and whale every single day. Y'all say ‘she’s a celebrity, she needs to handle it’ but she shouldn’t have to handle it. It’s so triggering for her to see these comments. The worst is when people tell her kill herself or to self harm when everybody fucking knows she’s dealt with these issues since childhood. Seriously y'all are fucking sick. And now she may never make music again. Anyone who knows Demi knows that music is her life, she’s said countless times that music saved her life and saves other with it, and now that is gone. How is that fair on her? Seriously y'all can choke because you have bullied a woman, a young woman who had her whole career ahead of her, out of doing what she loves most. It’s no question that she has one of the best voices in the industry and she makes good quality music, now we’re left with shitty songs like ‘Work’ and 'Panda’. I hope y'all are proud of yourselves for what you’ve fucking done. She is a human being, like you. Imagine getting that amount of hate every single day. I’m literally so sad for her.

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Omg, I totally forgot about her work with mental health kids. Like you said tho, she's young and in the prime of her career so SHOULD capitalise on every opportunity. I honestly just see Natasha working at the channel as a way to stay creative whilst she focuses on what she's always said is her real love: acting. I guess it's the same with Elise. I may not love the songs (well, Evan's parts lol) but I love her passion. And at least neither of them have to waitress anymore to pay the bills

Wait this suddenly made me emo LMAO.  They both work so hard and are passionate about their work. 😭  It makes me want to work harder and better myself rather than just sitting on my ass at home.  They’re such good role models!!!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: jenna marbles never fails to make me cry because she's such a great person who you can tell is so accepting and loving of all types of people and she has never cared about anything other than being happy and that's so admirable and beautiful and i would love to grow up and be like her. she gets a lot of shit for the way she looks and acts in her videos but she is never hurting anybody and if she does on accident she's always so quick to apologize and learn from it. her relationship with julien is so real and pure and you can see how happy they make each other. she never thought her youtube career would go anywhere but now she can do literally whatever she wants in life because she's hilarious and is 100% herself all the time and people love her for it. i just really wanna be like jenna marbles because she has never had the world all figured out and she knows she never will and she doesn't just accept that, she embraces it and is so honest with herself and other people. she's not a perfect person obviously but i think she's one of the main role models in my life at this moment in time

I feel really nostalgic about G7. Yuri is no longer the daughter-in-law of the nation, just another TaeTiSeo backup dancer, Sunny is no longer that cheerful and I just hope that she is OK, Kara disolved and we don’t really know what will become of Hara’s Career, Hyuna is no longer a whinny kid, she is now a sex symbol; Sunhwa has the acting career she longed for, but Secret seems long forgotten; Narsha doesn’t need fortune telling for her love life anymore and I’m happy for her; Hyomin finally has a name of her own, but the Hwayoung scandal had sunk it; Victoria is successful despite struggles; Jooyeon graduated, but that really didn’t make any difference, she has always been overshadowed by Nana and Uee… And Sori, poor Sori, her only ‘successful’ single reached attention because she was sexy and not because her powerful performances… It’s so sad that that generation of kpop is ending

Throughout his career, McQueen would rail angrily against women hating accusations, eventually telling a personal story that he hoped would silence his critics. As an eight year old boy, he explained, he had witnessed a terrifying act of domestic violence, directed at one of his older sisters by her husband. “I was this young boy and I saw this man with his hands round my sisters neck” he described. “I was just standing there with her two children beside me… I’ve seen a woman get nearly beaten to death by her husband. I know what misogyny is. Everything I’ve done since then was for the purpose of making women look stronger, not naive… I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.”
—  Chloe Fox on Alexander McQueen, Vogue On

I do have people who are like, “Yo, I think someone hacked into your Twitter account to talk about census forms.” I’m like, “No, that’s me”… Thank you for liking Sin City. I can completely understand if you watch that movie and then I talk about single-use plastic bags and you’re a little confused, maybe put off: “You should be talking about machine guns! In a sexy way!” I’m sorry, that’s not me.

Super random, but I was just trolling along on YouTube looking for clips of young Lana early in her career. And I mean not just before Once Upon a Time, but also pre-Miami Medical, pre-Swingtown (shows that get more Tumblr love). I  watched some Spin City, some Boomtown, and something truly terrible called “Fallen Stars”? 

But I just have to say is, I know Lana has discussed how long and extensively she studied voice before, but I didn’t appreciate it appropriately before now. Baby Lana had such the Brooklyn accent! Now I think some of it is being put on as a character choice, by the time she was starting her acting career she had already lived in Cali for like 5 years? So I think she’s using it in part to help code her roles when necessary as Latina, but it was still striking!

Also, baby Lana reaaaaaaallly read as Latina on camera! There were a lot of codes in her demeanor. I have other thoughts about that, and what has changed in the last 10+ years, some of which I suspect are too controversial for public tumblr forums (even if I know in my heart as a woc and as someone who studies media to be true). But I just want to say that it was a lot of fun for me to see Lana a bit more “raw” and without the eventual Hollywood polishing. And seeing Lana, with obviously blown out curls and big hoops and waxed a bit too thin eyebrows, and that Nuyorican accent on blast just made me feel connected to her in a way that I don’t always get from who she has grown to be now. 

Do not allow me to misunderstood, I bow to the Queen exactly as she is. I love her exactly as she is and however she comes. But this baby Lana? She was my primas that I grew up with. It gave me a connection to her that I didn’t have before.

So, Excuse this post, having some Latina fan girling happening over here in the corner. No need to respond. I’ll excuse myself out :)

the way alycia brightens up when she talks about being insanely busy with her work and the way she rambles on about it just makes me fall in love so much more i mean you can literally see the passion in her eyes and it’s so rare someone loves what they do so much and has the courage and strength to pursue their dreams i mean she left home and everyone, and went across half the globe all by herself to further her acting career and it breaks my heart when she talked about how lonely and hard it was and how she had no friends and had to make friends of friends of friends and still she pushed through and continue to fight for her dreams even till this very day when she’s already achieved it her passion still burns so bright she’s honestly too good too pure for this world she doesn’t deserve all this shit that has happened to her

I get we’re all trying to look for answers but blaming Calvin as if we know everything just isn’t right. I’m certain he loved her as much as she did but after the one year mark, he noticed that with their careers their relationship wasn’t going anywhere. He was being more realistic than Taylor but had to let her go nicely bc i’m sure he didn’t want to break her heart bc from the way he defended her on twitter in feuds, he definately dos care for her.

I’m sure he’s hurting as much as she is and us blaming him isn’t helping. Lets not act as the media is towards Taylor. We don’t know much about Calvin, his health, his personal life, anything - because he likes to keep it private for a reason. So lets not blame him and make him the ‘bad guy’ bc i’m sure he’s just as stressed and upset as we all believe Taylor is.

fuck anybody who thinks my problem with this hiddleswift mess is taylor. idc about her life choices, i don’t slut shame her, i just don’t give a fuck about her personal life at all (though i love her songs btw).

my problem is tom, only him. i’ve been his fan, i’ve followed his life and career, it’s him who behaves completely ooc now, not taylor! she has always been like that, loved publicity, lived her life on the pages of gossip rags. it’s not good or bad, just her way. and she hasn’t done anything to disappoint her fans. but tom has been different! or appeared to be, it seems… he has always given the impression of being more interested in acting, new projects, private life being private, etc. he’s like a new person now, posing for staged photos in gossip rags, making his private life public, pr-stunting… did he want fame so much? has he always been like that? was i totally mistaken about him?

“The Hedy whom we know is not the Hedy you know. You know something which the MGM publicity department has, in all its cunning, dreamed up. There is no such Hedy. They have long ago decided that, in order to give her sufficient sex appeal, they will make her faintly stupid. But Hedy is very very bright. Compared to most Hollywood actresses we know, Hedy is an intellectual giant. I know I’m crabbing the MGM publicity department’s act, but it’s true. Hedy is not much interested in acting, in an actress career. She is a good actress, but she is just not intersted. She is, like ourselves, a dreamer. She is also a sensitive, wonderful human person, one whom we love very much, as you would too if you really knew her!” — George Antheil on his friend Hedy Lamarr.

S5 Theory - Allison

So, I’ve been thinking (yes that’s scary) and I saw a picture of a promo for season 5 in Times Square and a hand was covered in a tar/goo thing we’ve been seeing in promos and the trailer. It made me remember the title sequence and how the body (which was Crystal) had the tar/goo covering her body and it made me question something, is all these theories about Crystal coming back true?

I love Crystal to pieces and her leaving the show to continue her acting career left me heartbroken but supportive. But when you think about it, she hasn’t really done much since leaving. It has me wondering if maybe she misses Teen Wolf. Just look at Paleyfest, she attended it and it was like she was right back in the mix of things. They were promoting S5, so why was someone who was no longer a cast member in it? No hate here for Crystal at all, I really really really want her to come back hence why I am stating this before I continue with my theory.

Doctors are people that fix and help and in Teen Wolf, we’ve seen them help countless times. Well, maybe just one or two and that person wasn’t even a doctor it was Mama McCall, but still. A doctor is someone you may take, lets say a stabbing victim, to and hope and pray they heal, correct? And since this season’s tagline is “The Doctors Will See You Now” it has me thinking, who will they see? Sure, they’re probably going to be evil doctors but lets take a moment to forget about that. 

We never got an Allison funeral which broke all of our hearts so where is Allison? Chris and Isaac left as soon as we can tell after the nogitsune drama was over so it’s questionable. Maybe there was a funeral or maybe there wasn’t one because there aren’t a lot of Argent’s around anymore. Or perhaps Chris took her to a doctor? 

So here’s my theory based on what you just read, what if Chris took Allison to a doctor that does more than basic medical healing and that’s why we haven’t gotten a funeral. We can infer Crystal may be returning and the tar/goo that we’ve been seeing can just add onto that. I have a theory we will see the return of Allison in S5, and I am praying it really happens.