i just love harry's legs

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Just One Word June Book Photo Challenge || Day 24: Bright

“Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.”

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Do you think Harry would have a stiletto kink type thing? Like, when he sees you wearing stilettos he just wants to fuck you and he makes you wear then DURING sex?

ok but can we please talk about this though. i really do think that harry could have a kink for this you know?? he’s a tall guy and whatever i guess that’s irrelevant, but i can just imagine harry loving the fact that the stilettos make your legs look longer and the little click sound they would make when you would stride in them was just a yes from him. he would definitely love to see your legs in the air with those heels on as he took you in every way that he could because it would just be such a turn on for him. also lets not forget the fact that when you’d wrap your legs around him, they would dig into his back a little bit and just yes add a little bit of pain to so much pleasure- this needs to be a thing aSaP  

If You Can't Stand the Heat

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, a Harry Styles one shot.

A/N: This is my response for all the too hot requests. Hope you like it ;)

Contains (very) mature content (NC-17)

Word Count: 2032

You can’t keep your hands off me, can you?

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louis tomlinson would fight a whole army just to be with harry styles

Curves. (One shot)

A/n: quick Harry action. Also, this is for the “curvier” girls in this fandom.

Now I love my “skinny” or “fit” babes, but the thicker ladies need love too.

Warning: MATURE but not as bad as my other work.

Description: Harry notices how fragile and afraid you are to show off your body. He decides to show some serious love for it. (;

Harry was in bed, flipping through channels, from cartoons to boring infomercials.

You’d think with how rich he was he’d have this all figured out.

He flipped to channel where a couple were having vigorous sex, and stopped.

His eyes widen. Of course, he’d seen porn, had sex and all that good stuff.

But he hadn’t had ANY in the last few weeks.

He was gonna go crazy if he didn’t get his hands on you.

The girl on the screen reminded him of the way your back curved perfectly, or the way your tummy looked so soft and the curve of your bre-

Harry’s hard on was evident now. This time he wasn’t going to hold out.

“Y/n! Are you almost done?”

He switched the tv off, his yell came off as more of a moan but you were showering, you didn’t notice.

“Yes! Sorry babe! I’ll be out soon.”

Harry bit his lip at the sound of your voice…if only you could see him now, he was shirtless, the only clothing he had on was boxers, his green eyes rolled in the back of his head at the thought of your body in the shower, warm…no clothes..

He leaned against the pillows. Counting the seconds in his head till you were out so he could ‘go to town’.

His eyes shut. Just then, you enter the bedroom, only in a velvet towel, your hair was up in a nice, damp bun.

“Hmm, he’s sleeping. Well at least I can change out here…I forgot to bring my clothes in the b-”

“Where baby?”

You can feel Harry’s hand tugging on the back of your towel.

“Uhh..nothing. I thought you were sleeping?”

You turn to see your boyfriend, laying his head against the creamy colored pillows, the soft candle light that the lamps gave off, made Harry look even more inseparable.

“I was just thinking..why don’t you ever show me your body y/n? You know I think you’re beautiful.”

This again..great.

“Harry, you know how I feel. Please dont.”

Harry sighed and sat up, gently pulling you down next to him.

“Y/n. There’s nothing to hide. I want you. I don’t care about your tummy, arms or legs. I just want you against me, in love.”

Harry says, messing with a damp lock of your hair.

You gave in.

Before you know it, Harry has you two locked in the '69’ position.

It was one of your all time fantasies.

“Agh, Harry..I’m-”

You whine against his throbbing dick, he slaps your ass for making noise and you continue, sliding your tongue over the head, trying desperately to fit it all inside your mouth.

Harry was going at it. Licking you from top to bottom, sucking and massaging your wet body.

“You ready y/n?”

Harry moans, you knew exactly what that meant. You brace yourself, holding onto his strong thighs as he brings you against his tongue completely, lavishing it with his fingers and tongue.

“H-h-Harry! I’m so- agh..”

You rub your self against his tongue, he grabs your thighs and squeezes them
as you cum.

“Y/n? Are you okay?”

Harry smirked as he watched you breath heavily, surprising him when you moved to face him.

“You think I’m not going to give you what you want?”

Harry bit his lip and cried out as you rode him.

He grabbed your ass for support, his greens eyes glared into yours, he gritted his teeth, every one and again he’d say 'faster’ , 'harder’ or 'good girl’.

Once he came, you fell limp against him. His heart was pounding against your ear.

“You’re beautiful, y/n.”

But you were asleep.