i just love flower crowns ok


I just wanted to draw crowns and it all went wildly out of my control -sobs-. I love consort!Bilbo au’s almost as much as Thorin in the Shire au’s (Although nothing beats parentshield but that’s another story). So Bilbo with a flower crown because “originality™” and a new crown design for Thorin because I had major feels. There’s a method to my madness, and meaning to the crowns if you want to know, it’s under the read more. 

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teenage-bookw0rm  asked:

Lexa spoiling those children on their birthdays (shhh let's pretend they keep track of dates) with them waking up to gifts on their bedside tables and it's their favourite food all day

ok but imagine Lexa makes the birthday boy/girl a crown out of flowers and leaves and then that kid just gets treated like cute lil royalty for the day

this is such an adorable hc I love it

anonymous asked:

ok hear me out -- Fushimi giving Munakata a flower crown .

Moving this one up in the line a little because I wanted to write some Reisaru for Munakata’s birthday and this seemed like a good prompt for it :)

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hey guys i thought of the cutest rusame au-

ok, so alfred and ivan are both eight, and ivan loves flowers, ok. he presses them and puts them in his book of flowers, he learns all the names and what they mean, he has pockets full of flowers and wears flower crowns, and he’s just totally into them- but, he’s super shy and gets teased a lot for being “feminine” or liking “feminine” things ok

but then alfred comes along, and he’s space geek 2.0- like the same with ivan, has a book of space things, wants to be an astronaut, has a little telescope or whatever- and he makes friends with ivan, saying that he thought how ivan liked flowers was cool and stuff, and viola! they are best pals and they try to teach each other about their interests and stuff, like ivan will teach al the names of flowers and al teaches ivan the names of stars and constellations and the like! ahh