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Alright, so this announcement is a little delayed because I’ve been busy with boring old real life but I’m here now! Obviously, I love Throbb, and Theon and Robb as individuals, and I know there are others who love these two very much, so I thought, why don’t I make a special week just for Throbb?

(I’d like so say now that all types of fan work are acceptable; fanfic, graphics, edits, fanmixes, videos, artwork and everything else you can think of! Also, book and show canon are both allowed!)

Throbb Week will go on from the 11th of September to the 17th of September - the week after season seven of the show finishes.

These are the prompts and dates:

DAY ONE - (11th) favourite moment
DAY TWO - (12th) favourite quote
DAY THREE - (13th) modern universe
DAY FOUR - (14th) fic rec(s)
DAY FIVE - (15th) alternate universe
DAY SIX - (16th) role reversal
DAY SEVEN - (17th) free choice

Do feel free to ask me anything if you’re curious :)

(Be sure to tag your works as ‘throbbweek17’ so I can reblog it!)

emilbees  asked:

Hello! Wondering if you know where all the fred/veta fanworks are hanging out. or, is it just a rarepair to begin with?

heyo! Very, very unfortunately, Fred and Veta are about as much of a rarepair as you can get when it comes to finding content for them, but there are a few hidden gems scattered around the internet:

*I know these aren’t all fanworks necessarily, but they’ve inspired some great discussion at the very least and more content for the pairing at best.

  • @equivalencept wrote some super lovely fics, which you can find here and here
  • @alak-cool made a really cool fanmix for them, which you can find here!
  • @onlyastorminateacup made awesome fanart for a couple of my fics!! (here and here)
  • @the-chronothaur also made some really lovely art for them (here, here and here)
  • @dendritic-trees has an absolutely gorgeous discussion tag (#screaming about last light) liveblogging her reactions to Halo: Last Light that I go back and read through every once and a while (it’s not all fred and veta centered, but she has a lot of really lovely commentary about them and the book that I highly recommend you read)
  • A very wholesome discussion thread about them found here
  • I have a tag that I keep all relevant conversations, shitposts, and writing about fred and veta under #the sled chronicles (and sometimes #fred x lopis because i do love being inconsistent) that you can feel free to stalk through!
  • finally, I’ve written a bunch of fics myself for them, which you can mostly easily find going through the fred/veta tag on ao3 or ff.net (whichever one you prefer - ao3′s tag is a little more populated, but only by the fics I’ve already linked above). I’ll also link my profile directly for ease of access here (ao3 + ff.net)

That’s… pretty much all I’ve managed to find of them on the internet, barring a few random reddit comment threads about them (r/HaloStory has a good discussion thread of Last Light here, and three big threads about Retribution here, here, and here). Hope that helps!


REDEMPTION/AMBITION : A James Norrington fanmix.

“My story is the same as yours, only one chapter behind.

A mix for a man who loved and lost, sought redemption, fell to ambition, and was always just trying to do the right thing.

This gets very depressing very quickly I’m sorry not really

Listen [here]

@dying-suffering-french-stalkers do come cry with me about our mutual problematic fave.

must’ve been the way you kissed me : a(nother) jake/amy fanmix

“You’re not allowed to fall in love with me.” || “You do know me.”

i’m only me when i’m with you : taylor swift :: don’t wanna fly if you’re still on the ground
morningside : sara bareilles :: i’m not as sure as i seem, this much i know

“Are you wearing lipstick?” || “I kinda wish something could happen between us.”

down river : the temper trap :: i’ll take a chance on something
city lights cry : armistice :: it’s not you that gets hurt tonight

“Missed you all so very much.” || “I’m with someone and nothing’s gonna happen.”

christmas tv : slow club :: just come on home
squealing pigs : admiral fallow :: will you still know me in a year?

“I thought I was over Amy, but clearly I’m not.” || “I was confused.”

do i wanna know : hozier :: too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
postcard from paris : the band perry :: the meanest thing you ever did was come around

“Everything with you and me is in the past.” || “We’re a great team.”

winter song : the head and the heart :: we don’t know how we feel
between the lines : sara bareilles :: leave unsaid unspoken, eyes wide shut unopened

“He makes me laugh.” || “A lot of change around here, huh?”

today was a fairytale : taylor swift :: must have been the way you kissed me
little romance : ingrid michaelson :: if it’s the only chance i get

“We’re gonna stay with the package-” “And each other, forever.”

love me tender : norah jones and adam levy :: my darling, i love you and i always will
wonderful unknown : ingrid michaelson :: let us go, let us go

[ listen ]