i just love fan arts so much i wanna post them

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Ok, it's great how there's so many people who write and create of fan art of Rusame and for that I have to appreciate the creators but we always forget one more important addition to the fanbase. The people who create the MMD of Rusame are highly underappreciated. I just wanna say that there's so many good MMD of Rusame and those who put in time to make them are awesome. Ex: Killer Lady, Donut Hole, Gishinanki and Heart Democracy by Erina, Mad Head Love & so much more. Give the creators some luv

Now that I think about it, that’s true, MMD is rarely found in this fandom.. Thanks for bringing this to attention!

Unfortunately, with the few free time I got, I doubt I could ask for permission to the MMD RusAme maker to post their video here… (Nowadays I barely have time too to ask for permission for Pixiv Artists)

If there’s anyone else who got free time to :

1. Ask for permission to RusAme MMD Maker and post it on Tumblr after got the maker’s permission, or

2. Make few gifs/screencaps of the MMD and linked it to the Video link (this is acceptable to do without asking for permission since it’s like a small preview and we need to see the original video for full version of it), or

3. Post nice comments on the MMD Video (can be Japanese/English)

 it’ll be very appreciated! Let’s appreciate MMD Maker of this fandom more! :)