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i work at a movie theater where u can order food (rhymes with Balamo Brafthouse) and oh my god .. we had to threaten to kick a guy out of beauty and the beast because he kept saying "faggot" louder and louder every time lefou came on screen. like come on, dude, get the fuck over it. if you knew he was gay /why did you come see the movie/ u asshat, it's not like it's Painfully Obvious in the movie

Either he got dragged by a spouse(hopefully not his kid, yikes) or he went specifically to ruin everyone else’s experience. I’m guessing the latter because that behavior just screams “I’m a douche that loves fucking up everything”. -Abby

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I really think Liam's situation seems different then Louis because THEY want us to think it's different! To me they are fixing everything that was "wrong" with BG 1.0. There is just too many inconsistencies still with everything surrounding Chiam for me to believe it's his kid yet! And I mean... if he was so loved up with Cheryl why wouldn't he say my girlfriend in that caption? No,he said the babies mother... just weird to me and the sun still being all over it? I'm not on board just yet!

Yeah, it’s like so weird lol I’m frying my brain trying to make sense of it all 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Chiam is actually believable to me. In the beginning it was kinda shady but it does kinda make sense. But BG is fucking insanely crazy.

That’s me 

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dont worry sweety the text is speaking from itself JR loves tragedy romance,you saw that bedroom yes i know i know there some people who think nothing its gonna happn but that its not what the text is saying how i said Rotenberg love this he is gonna give us full canon kiss sex confession and then And then he's going to take everything away separating them until next season, but its happening this season.

Yall see this right???? Right?? Good, because this is the new standard I’m holding to anons (i mean not really, you can still come to me with anything, but this one is just the pinnacle of “how to do anons the right way”)

Thank you sweet sweet anon! I needed this reassurance tonight. I’m still 99.99% sure that bellarke is gonna be canon on both sides by the end of this season with at least a kiss if not more, but the 00.01% was creepin to the front of my brain earlier. 

Bless you anon. keep doin what you’re doin

something that always confused me about fai is how his revealed emotional goal was to not grow close to the family, yet he was still so absolutely kind to them.

part of that, i suppose, is his innate kindness. he is by nature, intrinsically, and to a fault, kind. he had to be re-traumatized to withdraw into a cold persona.

another part of it is him assuming that lying about nearly everything about himself would keep his companions at arm’s length. they can’t learn anything about him, can’t grow attached… but of course, actions speak louder than all the evading words he tried to say, and his actions couldn’t help but be kind.

but i think the main reason he because he believes that he is not at all lovable, nor deserving of love. that people wouldn’t grow to love him just by being with him. that he is so cursed and terrible that of course they wouldn’t really care about him, who would?


I decided to become an artist when I was about your age. I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go to bed. And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn’t draw anything. Everything I drew, I didn’t like. I realized that my art up to then was a copy of someone else, things I had seen somewhere. I decided I had to discover my own style. It’s still difficult. But then, the results… They seem to be a little better than before. It’s nice to be a witch, isn’t it? I like the idea - to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker… It’s an energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right? Though thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times.


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

Okay, but what I love most about this scene is how Victor’s reaction has only one interpretation. It is unambiguous and agreed upon by 99.9% of the fandom.

Victor doesn’t say anything in the scene but just by his expression, his blush and his gasp we all understand what is happening within him.

Because the only thing that he can be experiencing at that moment is love. Whether it is infatuation or attraction or a crush or just an incredible awareness of Yuuri’s cuteness, there is love involved.

And literally nothing else makes sense here.

Some people can deny many things in this show but this one scene, this emotion that appears in Victor’s face is real and undeniable.

That’s what I love most about that scene. It shows something so profound and true in under five seconds and it is clear to the viewer without any additional explanations.

And that is not only beautiful. That shows mastery in the art of direction.


demyx + battle quotes


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”


Jensen Hiatus Love: Jensen & Cons  

↳ “When we first saw you in Supernatural we thought
“Oh well, he’s really handsome. But then we found out that there was more than that,
that you have so much more to offer.
We think that a good actor can take you to a different place and is able not to only make you forget that you are watching an actor but who also makes you care about the journey of a character.
And you really make people who watch you care about you and your characters
and not just because you have a pretty face. You handle both, tragedy and comedy,
with equal ability and your face and eyes speak a thousand words, even when you are saying nothing at all. So, when Supernatural will end, don’t think about it as a conclusion but as a stepping stone which will lead you towards a bright future, because you are Oscar material.” - a lovely fan at JIBCon 2011 [x]

The thing I love about Isak is that Isak has game

It is shown time and time again in episodes that he IS a great liar, he has a silver tongue and a way with words and can talk himself out of anything. He thinks fast, reacts and can pretty much con anyone. 

 Then along comes Even and all of a sudden he is this blushing, tongue-tied idoit that can’t think of anything to say. Can’t even string two words together. 


Because it matters. He wants it so bad. Everything else is just a game…fake. 

Even , for him, is real.

And he does not want to fuck it up. so he finds himself overthinking what he’s going to say, ends up sputtering and stammering and blushing cause WHERE DID ALL HIS COOL GO??? LOL 

 I think everyone has been Isak at one point.

Bucky makes jokes all the time and they leave Steve somewhere between exasperation and endearment like they’re visiting a hospital and a kid asks him what happened to his arm? he says “Steve and I went to buy a coffee machine and he said everything now costs an arm and a leg, but I’ve always loved a bargain and got us it at half price” and Steve just stares at him like “…who are you why do I like you so much”

i’m just saying that i love him more than i should and it makes me queasy but it makes me happy like one of those carnival rides you tried when you were seven and whenever you think about you get this weird sad punch of nostalgia about spinning lights and a warm night where everything actually felt good. i’m just saying that a lot of people have said they love me and i’ve said the same but it wasn’t until he drove three hours out of his way just to bring me chicken noodle soup that i realized love is less about the words and more about the actions of three a.m. when you’re both drunk and honest. what i’m saying is that love looks different from the inside. like i had no idea how to read and he showed up with an entire story.

ok but i love sjmaas books bc they appeal to my love for excessive drama

like aelin is the most dramatic character ever, she takes nothing in stride and is always exploding in anger or making grand gestures and being really excessively snarky or wearing some ridiculous outfit. like shes even dramatic when walking out of endovier and first meeting chaol like?? i love it.

and Rhysand is basically as dramatic as a theater kid in high school, like he’d always so emotionally charged and ready to perform and he’s highkey into romantic gestures and says things like “i want you splayed out on a table like a feast” and i just like…love it? like i dont want boring washed out characters i *need* everything to be as dramatic as an episode of drag race 

and every scene in sarahs books is like *charged* w drama and emotion and fear and anger and even death and im just like YAAAAS BITCHES GIVE IT TO ME THIS IS BETTER THAN A REAL HOUSEWIVES DINNER PARTY.

like even manon blackbeak who is supposed to be a ruthless killer is so fucking dramatic like with elide “belonging” to the witches etc etc and her death threats at everyone like omg manon calm down except DONT EVER BC I LOVE IT 

I feel like some people in the YOI fandom may worry about episode 9 and how it may “not have any Victuri moments” now that Victor’s gone back to Japan.

And sure, we will certainly see less physical Victuri moments. But let’s instead think about the potential positive aspects of the situation: more emotional Victuri moments.

Because, to be fair, we’ve gotten to see a lot of their physical affection already - hugs, hand holding, forehead touches, kisses - you name it. And while I love it and I think it’s important, I think it might just be their thoughts and feelings that really make everything so special.

And this is the perfect opportunity to present the emotional aspect of their relationship. Yuuri has internal monologues about Victor and love all the damn time, and Victor looks so enamored in his Japanese boyfriend that it feels like he could kneel and propose at any given moment, and just imagine how being so physically apart from each other could only heighten and amplify those feelings.

Some people might say that this will be a test for their relationship, but I don’t think so. The fight in the parking lot in episode 7 was more of a test. Now they know that they can trust each other to perform well/give proper support respectively. The lack of Victor’s immediate presence will certainly be relevant and will shake Yuuri, but it won’t be because he’s afraid that Victor might leave him. He himself encouraged him to go back to Japan. Yuuri knows he won’t leave him, knows that he has no reason to be afraid. (And coming from a person who did everything to keep Victor by his side at all times? That’s big.) He trusts Victor enough to let him go back to Japan despite facing his Free Skate the next day. His issues during the second day event of the Rostelecom Cup will most likely only stem from the physical lack of Victor, but not from his emotional insecurity in their relationship. Because by now they’re secure. Even if Victor is thousands of kilometers away, he’s not gone and he’s not leaving him.

And remember that old proverb? If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they will be yours forever. I think it might just fit this situation in a way. Yuuri is letting Victor go, not entirely of course, but he is letting him go for the time being, despite it being a time when he might just need him most. Perhaps he doesn’t realize it, but in a way, it’s a gamble. The thing is that Victor isn’t going anywhere. He promised to take Yuuri to the Grand Prix Final, and he will. Which means he is coming back. And I think we all know what that means in regards to the proverb?

Also, the entire situation could be interesting from Victor’s perspective. Assuming that he watches the livestream, he will certainly be overcome with some sort of feelings. Except that until now, he released them as soon as they came - through hugging Yuuri or kissing him or similar outbursts of closeness. He won’t be able to do that now. Which means that instead of dealing with the feelings physically, he will have to consider them emotionally and his emotions are clear to anyone who’s seen him around Yuuri. Am I the only one seeing the potential development here?

In any case, I am expecting Yuuri to find strength in his bond with Victor (which will support him during his performance) even without his physical presence and at least a small realization on Victor’s side. Or just Victor being extremely proud and happy with Yuuri, I’m also perfectly fine with that. (And I just really want even more emotional monologues on love please please please)

Even without the physical attention, I think episode 9 could be a breakthrough for Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. I’m sure that the anime could pull it off.

Also I can totally sense a sweet and fluffy ‘reunited at the airport’ scene which would further reaffirm their connection (and give us the beautiful hug/kiss we all secretly want more of).

So yes. Fear not. Episode 9 carries a lot of really strong potential for the development of Victuri. Have faith.

To some people who think Victor and Yuuri aren’t in love because they didn’t outright say ‘I love you’, think again. 

So basically, re-watching the episode for the nth time (with my dad this time because he loves this show now) and he points something out. 

Y’all remember that moment where Yuuri has this inner monologue at the end of the show while he’s running with Makkachin?

“We call everything on the ice love”. 

What’s the title of this show? 
Yuri!!! on Ice. 
What’s or Who’s on the ice? 
Yuuri Katsuki. 
Who said this name?
Victor Nikiforov. 
They’re in love. End of discussion. 


Ok nobody is talking about this and I have to say something cause I literally lost my shit at this scene. When I got engaged about a year ago, you want to know what I was doing the entire first day? THIS! I was literally holding up my hand and admiring my ring and everything it meant about my past and my future. So when Viktor was standing on the beach, by himself staring at the ring the man he loves just gave him it broke me. It is so special. Yuri on Ice is so special.

When Michael posted that on Instagram everyone broke down into tears including me and I didn’t really know why but I think I’ve just realized why. He finally has everything I’ve been wishing for him to have in life. He’s achieved happiness with himself, he’s gained confidence in himself, he’s obtained good health, he’s who he wants to be and he’s with someone that he loves that loves him and he’s surrounding himself with positive people that support him and love him and I’m just so overwhelmed by it. I don’t know if this goes for anyone else but it was just like a slap in the face that everything I’ve been saying I want for Michael in life, he finally has, and he’s realizing it and he’s so unbelievably kind and humble about it. He’s stayed grounded and he’s stayed the incredibly positive person I’ve known him to be and he deserves everything that he has. He finally has what he deserves in life and I am so incredibly happy for him. Congratulations Michael. I love you.