i just love everything he says

Watch how he treats waiters and speaks to his sister and acts when you win your third round of spit. Does he untangle the christmas lights with care? Fuck this. Hold that. Make sure you listen. When you’re late –overtired and dead in the eyes– watch him. Does he draw you close and talk you into slow dancing around your shoebox bedroom? Tell him a joke and wait for his lungs to bleed laughter. If they don’t, you should leave. Or stay and watch him cook dinner and fold laundry. Flip pancakes. Touch your underwear and sigh. Oh! Kids and dogs, too. Puppies, preferably. These are good indicators. Does he dip low to greet them? Small things might scare him, and if they do, you should leave. Or don’t. Or tiptoe around him until the tension erupts. Storm Warning. Code Red. Listen to him sing in the shower. Billy Joel. Elton John. Elvis, but only around Christmas time. Forgive, but don’t forget. And fuck. All the time. Don’t ever call it making love. That's idiotic, and you know it. Do it in your childhood bed after your parents fall asleep. Just once and only for the adrenalin. A quickie. A never have I ever completed. Afterwards, tell him about the time you lost your virginity to James Nelson in the backseat of his mom’s mini van. Tell him you think you were too young, but mean you wish you could take it back, and let him see you bare for a moment.  Let him kiss you hard like he’s trying to tell you something, but don’t make any assumptions. He could be too drunk, after all. He’s always too drunk. Have the kids talk, the marriage talk, the my side of the bed talk. If you survive all of this, you should stay. Unless you say, “We need to talk,” and he squirms. This is cruel, but ultimately effective. Or maybe try, “I love you.” This, I warn you, is even crueler. When he says it back, ask why, and listen as he hands you pebble after pebble of ego. Don’t be fooled. You can still leave. That’s still an option. Clothes thrown haphazardly into a suitcase- his or yours, you honestly can’t remember. You say you want more, and he asks of what. It’s ok not to know, but even if you do know, don’t you dare clue him in. For once in your life play hard to get. Watch him watch you half-way through the threshold of something brand new. Does he cry? Not now, necessarily, just ever. If he didn’t cry when you watched The Titanic, you should leave. Unless he’s crying now. Which he is. Holy shit. Unpack your bag slowly, sock by sock, and let yourself wonder if you’re making the right decision. Let your heart break a little for the other side of the coin. Does he care about people? Not just you, but people. Humanity. Peace on earth. But then, okay, does he care about you? Enough, I mean. Does he care about you enough? He’s here now, and he says your name like a prayer, like a curse, like a thing he thought he’d lost in the fire. And then he’s mad as hell. Wait for him to clench his fists and practice patience. Push his buttons if you like, but don’t expect him to play nice. Sleep on the couch, just for a night, and hold on tight when he carries you back to your bed, his bed,  in the middle of the night. Don’t bring it up in the morning. He’ll just blame it on your sleepwalking, and that’ll spark another fight about nothing. And by nothing I mean everything. Watch him pour your coffee a week later and add two sugars and a cream, just how you like it. Does he still pray under his breath right before bed? Listen to the way he says, “Amen,” and compare it to the way he traces your brow when he thinks you’re still asleep. He’s too proud to act that way in front of his parents. Or anyone else, for that matter. Look through his drawers, top to bottom, and swallow the thrill that arises when you find the crumpled love note you once left on his desk at the job that he quit last year. Remember the way he used to call you darling. Mourn for a moment, only a moment, the way he used to be. And watch him that night, stroking the cat you couldn’t leave at the shelter, and let yourself wonder what life might be like without him. If the answer scares you or excites you or makes you tuck your feet up under your legs, stop. Breathe. He’s staring at you, waiting for answers. Scoot a little closer. You know what to do.
—  on falling in love and falling apart 

Some Stuff ™ that stuck out to me in DEH (11/21)

Not everything here is time specific but anyways here it is

  • Firstly Noah Galvin….is Really good. He’s good at stuttering and rubbing his hands over things. He doesn’t hunch or lose his volume control as much as Ben but I Loved his performance and his voice is stunning
  • Heidi is so cute when she flexes
  • Zoe does the Leg Bounce all throughout breakfast (especially while talking abt Connor) and always talks while looking at the floor
  • Larry never looks up from his phone (newspaper?) during breakfast
  • In fact none of them rlly look at eachother at breakfast except Cynthia
  • Evan and Heidi have a lot of symbolism in looking towards and away from eachother in the entirety of the show- I won’t go through every time but it was fantastic
  • in the computer lab when Connors talking to Evan you can really tell Connors trying to be nice, like he doesn’t want to be mean all the time but doesn’t know how to stop (mike faist is so good)
  • We all know this but Jared’s hilarious and he always pops up when it gets too sad. also how his rude comments to Evan are almost entirely instigated by his own insecurity
  • It just always kills me in for forever when you can see Evan convince himself Connor’s “come to get [him]” after he “fell” and that’s when Evan starts to believe his own lies to cope
  • Evan has different color schemes when he’s with different people- orange with Connor, purple with Zoe, and blue by himself and with his mom. In waving through a window and in the part where he’s alone at the end of words fail three spotlights of these colors go into him projecting his shadow on these colors surrounding him. Very interesting parallel of the different versions Evan shows of himself to the different versions of Connor ppl remember. I just rlly lov this motif of different versions of ourselves in deh
  • Speaking of colors the lighting in the back of if I could tell her melted from purple into the Bi flag ….in this house we love canon bi Zoe and Evan
  • Also in iicth Zoe played with the edge of the bed and did the leg bounce again. The girl has anxiety/possible ptsd. Probably also doesn’t want to tell her parents since they handled Connors mental health so badly
  • Laura really cries at the end of requiem…like she gets super choked up I could see it from one of the back rows and you can hear her gasping
  • In dissapear Evan falls down and Connor picks him up and throws him into the convo abt the Connor project….Evan just really wanted someone to notice he “fell” please help him oh my god
  • Also when they say no one deserves to dissapear the orange lights spread out to the whole crowd
  • When Evan falls down during his speech in ywbf he spends so long on the ground and it’s completely silent. he tries to get up but he can’t and he shakes so much it hurt to watch
  • When everyone runs around the stage looking at Evans speech projected Heidi runs noticeably faster than the others and is so confused and scared
  • God I forgot when this was but at one point everyone’s looking at projections of Connor and Larry falls to the ground and it actually looks like he’s dying. Please give Michael park credit the mans a good actor
  • Before tbiag Larry says “heh, women am I right? “ and Evan just “…. ʰᵃ… ʸᵉᵃ”
  • Good for you is a really good parallel of waving through a window- so much similar choreography but this time everyone’s spending to much attention to Evan instead of too little
  • Also Heidi Alana and Jared are lit with green lighting- I’m not entirely sure what to make of this but maybe bc green is complementary to red/orange (Connor’s colors) pointing out that Evan is selfish and this is not abt Connor
  • Also I know Heidi’s distraught but she looks like a rock star I love her
  • In Evan and Connors convo where Evan faces the fact that he tried to kill himself the BG is just a huge projection of one of the letters (black with white text) with no props on set. This made it so apparent that Connor was a dark piece of Evans imagination, compared to the other times he’s imagined Connor to cope- now it has more of an evil(?) vibe
  • I’m so big so small when Heidi cradles Evan and sings “so big” they look at eachother then laugh bc he’s hanging almost entirely off the couch I love them so so much
  • Last orchard scene also lo key has the bi flag in the BG
  • Evans last speech to the crowd is A Lot I rlly lost it
  • Also RBJ kept putting her arm around Noah during the curtain call and Noah cried a bit

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How about a short fluff prompt to get the muse working: Mulder giving Scully a foot massage after she wore her high heels to chase a monster.

Ha, thank you! Though it’s not the lack of prompts that stifles me. It’s just plain old me. However, I decided I’m tired enough to not think and just write. This word vomit is the result. 

Every step Scully takes is accompanied by a groan. At first Mulder thinks it is an isolated incident; just a noise. They are, after all, not the youngest anymore and little aches and pains are common – he knows all too well. Of course Scully likes to remind him that she is in fact three years his junior, in excellent health and form. Yeah, right. Another step, another groan and Mulder wonders if she’s trying to tell him something, somehow with these primal noises.

“Are we there yet?” A groan with words is new. Mulder, not in the mood to voice his own exhaustion, shakes his head.

“Where is the car, Mulder?”

“Right where we left it.” He grumbles picking up the pace. It’s unfair, he knows it, but part of him wants to hear Scully and pant and groan in shorter intervals. If Scully knew, or even guessed at his thoughts, she’d kick his ass, pain or not, and kick it good.

“Mulder, can we just…” She trails off but Mulder doesn’t stop walking as he doesn’t expect her to do it either. What does she want anyway? This is their job. Again. Just because they’re in their 50s now doesn’t mean anything has changed. Except that sometimes the criminals are faster. So much faster. If it hadn’t been for the young police officer coming to help them…

“Can’t be that far, Scully. I think-” It’s then that he notices the absence of her footsteps, of her groans; of her. He stops, his eyes searching in confusion, until he sees her in the distance sitting on a log, holding one of her feet. “What happened?” He asks once he reaches her.

“Do you know what it’s like to chase monsters in the forest, Mulder, when you’re wearing high heels?”

“Uhm…” It wasn’t even a monster, he almost reminds her; just a messed up kid.

“Exactly. My feet hurt and I need a break. I’m not…” She trails off again as she massages her foot. 

“Not young anymore?” Mulder offers and her head shoots up like a rocket, her eyes shooting daggers. 

“Not used to it anymore.” After two decades together Mulder knows this look she’s giving him. Dutifully, he sits down next to her and motions for her to give him her feet. She slips out of her second high heel and it falls to the muddy ground as she puts her feet into Mulder’s lap.

“You’re so good at this.” Scully moans and Mulder decides he likes this noise much, much more than her earlier groans. They used to do this all the time back in the day. Back when they were still more than whatever they are now. Never in a forest, though. A smile creeps up on him; there’s a first time for everything, even now.

“You could stop wearing high heels, you know.”

“And get a stiff neck looking up at you? No, thank you. I just need to get used to it again.” He nods in understanding and they fall quiet with only the gentle sounds and rhythms of the forest surrounding them. Scully’s eyes drift close and he knows what that means, too. 

“Hey,” he says, tickling her, “we need to get to the car. Get back to the hotel, write the report.” To his greatest joy, Scully pouts; even if she won’t admit it now, she loves when he massages her feet. Or at least she used to. 

“I know.” She says, misery in her voice.

“I have an idea.” Mulder lets go of her feet and helps her get back into her shoes. There’s that groan again and Mulder chuckles.

“It’s not funny.” She tells him and he almost leans forward to kiss her. They’re almost there, he thinks, but not quite yet. And not here. Instead, he offers her his hand, pulls her up into a standing position. 

“Get on my back.” He tells her.

“Excuse me?”

“Come on. I’ll carry you.” He crouches down so that she can hop on. “Scully, come on. My joints don’t appreciate this position.”

“Then get up. You’re not giving me a piggy-back ride!”

“Scully,” he turns to her, “I will carry you to the car one way or another. Either you hop on or I’ll think of something else.” She thinks about it for a moment, must realize that he’s serious, and finally gives in with a sigh.

“See? That wasn’t too bad, was it?” Scully, despite her tiny form, feels heavy on his back and he swallows his own groan. Tomorrow, he thinks as he puts on foot in front of the other, she’ll have to give him a back massage in return. He can’t wait.

Love (Stan Uris x Reader)

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Request: Can you do 5, 70 and 6 with Stan Uris or Richie Tozier? I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING BTW KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO YOU’RE AMAZING

5.”Don’t you love me?”

6.”You make everyday worth living.”

70.After everything we’ve been through, you still don’t think that i love you?”

Authors note: I changed the prompt a little for it to make more sense!! I hope you like it!! Feedback is appreciated and requests are open!!

You don’t love me.” His voice is stern, eyes locked onto yours.

You heart breaks, did he really think that? You scoff at him, frustrated that he would even say something like that.

After everything we’ve been through, you still don’t think that I love you?” You hands fly around you, trying to prove your point.

Stan just looks at you, not saying anything. The only sound you could hear was that of your heart beating in your ears.

“No one really loves me Y/N and you know it.” He looks away from you now, arms folded across his chest. You could see the rise and fall of his chest, and hear the soft sniffles coming from him.

You walk over to him, taking his hands into your own.

“Stanley, you make everyday worth living, you are loved. I love you.” Your voice is soft and comforting. He looks up at you, cheeks wet with tears.

You place your hand on the side of his face, using your thumb to wipe away his tears. The look in his eyes completely shattered your heart. You wanted to hold him, show him how much he’s loved. You slowing wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug.

“I love you, Stanley.” You mumble sweet, comforting words into his neck as he cries on your shoulder.

His hold on you is tight, but you don’t mind. You let some tears fall down your cheeks, holding him tighter.

You stay like this for a while, continuing to tell him how much you love him while running your hands through his hair or rubbing his back.

You back away from him a little, arms still around his neck. You give him a sad smile and a soft kiss to his lips. You move your hands to grab Stanley’s, pulling him to your bed. You lay down behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist. You could feel his hand holding onto yours, pulling it up to his lips.

“Thank you, Y/N/N…” His voice is quiet and raspy. You nod into his back, kissing his shoulder. Stan smiles at your gesture, falling asleep feeling at home.

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fake dating au with Diggs but the part where they confess that they are actually in love with each other for real?

After everything I’d still choose you in a fake dating au?

Decided to combine two requests together. Hope y’all enjoy!

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“With me?!” Daveed looked at you incredulously. “I was defending you! You didn’t hear the shit he was saying about you, Y/N, and I just- I- he didn’t have the right.”

“I don’t need your protection, Diggs, I can take care of myself. You’re not my ‘boyfriend’, we’re not dating for real. You’re not obligated to get us kicked out of a bar just because my ex was being an ignorant asshole!”

Your last statement created a hard pang in Daveed’s chest, causing him to deflate. The truth hurt. He wasn’t your real boyfriend…but he wanted to be. He wanted it so bad.

“You’re right, I’m sorry, I had no right to do what I did back there. That was my bad, but he deserved it. You don’t understand, I couldn’t stand hearing him speak about you like that. Y/N, I-” His voice was soft before he took a deep breath. He needed to tell you how he felt. It was the only way to defend his actions. He shook his head as he looked at you, his next words coming out a bit shaky. “Y/N, I have to tell you something.”

Your eyebrows furrowed in concern as you noticed the shift in his tone of voice. “D…”

“Shh, just hear me out, okay? Please.” Daveed pleaded. You nodded hesitantly.

“When you called me two weeks ago, asking for me to be your fake boyfriend, I was beyond happy…more happy than I should have been. Part of me wanted to decline, knowing that I’d be going in too deep, but I ignored it and said yes anyway. I don’t know if that was a mistake or not, I’d like to think that wasn’t, but others would probably disagree. Over the course of last week, I was the happiest I had been in…well, forever. I ended up diving right into the deep end…and I didn’t notice. Everything was perfect and it felt so…real. It felt so real that it hurt. It had me thinking that maybe, just maybe, you felt the same way I did towards you. And, Y/N, that last day before your sister left…”


“Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if she didn’t end up interrupting us.”

Me too.

Your silence caused him to tear his eyes away from yours and turn his head to the side. You saw a flash of him blinking away tears before he spoke again. “Look, I know you don’t feel the same way, and I know what I’m about to say is going to ruin our friendship forever, but-”

“D, stop.” You said, grabbing his face and turning him to look down at you. “Stop this. Don’t do this to yourself; stop thinking like this-”

“I’m sor-”

“Daveed, just listen to m-”

“Y/N, I need you to know that-”

“I’m in love with you.” You both said simultaneously.

A couple of beats passed in complete silence.

“Wait, what?” Daveed blinked.

“Daveed, I love you.” You said, caressing his cheek and turning his head down to yours. “After everything that happened this week - even though you were my fake boyfriend - I’d still choose you. I love you.”

That moment between you two was so raw, so emotional. Nobody could take it away from you if they tried.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that.” Daveed laughed, a bit teary eyed. “I’m in love with you, Y/N.”

“I know, D.” You laughed before you slowly leaned up to softly press your lips to his. That was the first real kiss you both had shared with nobody else watching. Nothing fake behind it, nothing was forced or meant to put up a show. The only thing that fueled the kiss was pure, genuine love. “Trust me, I know.”

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Has it been explained why river changed his will and left family members out?

Not really. There’s no explanation as to why he updated it but this excerpt from “In Search of River Phoenix,” tries to make sense of why he left certain people out:

Strangely, River’s will leaves out both his brother and father as beneficiaries. Only his mother and sisters are in the document. It seems so atypical that he would do that, say many of his close friends, although others believe that River would just sign any paper given to him by his mother. Numerous friends think John was excluded because of his alcoholism and the fact that he had all he needed in Costa Rica. Matt Ebert offers this further analysis: “I think he left his brother out of his will to protect him. He loved Joaquin; his brother was a working actor, starting a career of his own. Leaving (everything) to his mom, he knew she would know the right thing to do, and she would take care of Joaquin. I know River would think, ‘Okay, I’m gonna leave this money to my mom who’s the executor of my will. She’ll know how to take care of Joaquin, my dad, and all these other people; she’ll take care of everybody’”


I decided to become an artist when I was about your age. I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go to bed. And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn’t draw anything. Everything I drew, I didn’t like. I realized that my art up to then was a copy of someone else, things I had seen somewhere. I decided I had to discover my own style. It’s still difficult. But then, the results… They seem to be a little better than before. It’s nice to be a witch, isn’t it? I like the idea - to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker… It’s an energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right? Though thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times.


taehyung eating a burger while giving life advices and being an all-around goodball (aka the 45 minute vlive that made me feel hungry and sentimental at the same time) pt. 1


Jensen Hiatus Love: Jensen & Cons  

↳ “When we first saw you in Supernatural we thought
“Oh well, he’s really handsome. But then we found out that there was more than that,
that you have so much more to offer.
We think that a good actor can take you to a different place and is able not to only make you forget that you are watching an actor but who also makes you care about the journey of a character.
And you really make people who watch you care about you and your characters
and not just because you have a pretty face. You handle both, tragedy and comedy,
with equal ability and your face and eyes speak a thousand words, even when you are saying nothing at all. So, when Supernatural will end, don’t think about it as a conclusion but as a stepping stone which will lead you towards a bright future, because you are Oscar material.” - a lovely fan at JIBCon 2011 [x]

Thoughts about JM & JK’s trip:

Jimin’s edit showed how much he prized sharing simple things with Jungkook. They are always followed by bodyguards, managers, and fans so something as plain as walking in the streets or spending the night at an amusement park was very precious to start with but living it with someone he liked and lives the same circumstances as him, makes it more valuable. His edit made us recall how some people & circumstances can turn even the most basic things into the best situations in life just by charing them with us. Just by understanding our preferences and what we seek. 

His editing was very blurry and amateurish. Yet, he captured the happiness and fun they had better than many pros. But, you know why? because it was genuine. This is something Jimin wished to happen and it did. Again no one can win over Jimin’s strong ambition to achieve what he wants in life.

Meanwhile, Jungkook’s edit looked like he loved that trip only because Jimin was part of it. It seemed as if everything meaningfully existed just so Jimin will go there, be there, eat there. He was most of the times behind guarding or waiting for him. Indeed, His focus was centered around another person. Not even once he intended to show himself. Like saying: I had fun because Jimin had fun. The food tasted better because Jimin ate deliciously. This childish ride I would usually not pick was so amusing because Jimin’s expressions and reactions were priceless …  His edit made us recall how we can still find happiness in a dear one’s smile

His editing contrary to Jimin was skilfully made and precise. He thought about everything from the storyline, to the angles, not even forgetting about the song that will marry the clips together. Contrary to many who think Jungkook do not care. This short video undoubtedly became the proof no one can deny that he is not uncomfortable with his Hyung. He used to call himself selfish but looking at him today, this boy is more caring and kind than he thinks himself. 

 Jimin’s video HERE Jungkook’s video HERE

because you’re a different person.
because you don’t feel the same way anymore.
because we’re growing apart more every day.
because i’m scared to tell you how i feel.
because i think you’re only staying since it’d be easier than leaving because you tell me you love me but i don’t feel the same want and warmth now.
because i cried and begged and poured my heart out– left everything out on the table and you ignored all of it so easily.
because i think i’m being crazy and insecure and imagining things, but am i?

how did we go from laying in bed with my face buried in the nook of your arm, crying while you held me and told me things would be different this time. that it would be hard but you wanted me and us and a future together. that you loved me and we were partners and we would grow through life.

now i’m laying here wondering why i even told you what was bothering me. you brushed it off, made me feel like i was overreacting or being the crazy girlfriend. we didn’t even talk today. we don’t talk much anymore. maybe it is my fault. i didn’t see it happen, things were good and slowly we just stopped having things to say to each other.

how else do you react when you feel like you’re losing someone that’s supposed to be your person? i fought for him and our relationship– so he stayed. except i keep thinking back on everything i said and the silence i got in return. and it hurts and it scares me that he feels distant now. so i tell myself i am overreacting, i’m asking for too much. but he used to love that, he used to tell me he loved it when i texted him constantly, tell me sweet things throughout the day. i loved it. i miss it.

the moment i begin to feel insecure and doubt the other persons’ feelings, that’s when all hell breaks loose. thoughts race in my mind, jumping from conclusion to conclusion without a break.

i never had to question it before, that’s why i’m so terrified now. i thought telling him would make me feel better, but his reaction wasn’t what i’d expected.

he used to want to know what was going on in my mind, reassure me of my doubts. things aren’t the same anymore. i’m scared that it won’t be again. i’m not sure how to fix this. i love him more than anything and as much as i can’t stay with someone who doesn’t love me, i can’t bear to leave.

—  aftertheam 

Angus McDonald normally wears his hair buzzed down pretty close to his scalp. It’s easier to manage that way. But in recent months he’s been very busy, with school and new cases and making sure to spend as much time as he can with all of his new family, and now it’s much longer.

Lup told him yesterday that she liked his little ‘fro, but Angus can’t shake the feeling that this particular hairstyle is not conduscive to inconspicuous detective work. He’s with Taako and Kravitz for the week, and is just about to buzz the whole thing off, when he hears the familiar tearing noise that means Kravitz is back, and gets another idea.

“There you are Angus, Taako told me you’d be here, I’m sorry I wasn’t around to welcome you home last night,” Kravitz says when Angus walks into the living room downstairs.

“It’s alright sir! But, umm, actually I was wondering if you could help me something? It’s alright if you can’t or don’t want to I imagine it takes a long time and lots of work and I know you’re probably tired and-“

“Angus,” Kravitz interrupts, “of course I’ll help you. What is it?”

“Um,” Angus tugs at his curls for a second or so before answering. “I was wondering if you could help me do my hair… so that it’s like yours…”

Kravitz blinks, and then smiles.

When Taako gets home he finds the pair of them in the living room, Kravitz is sitting on the couch with Angus between his knees on a little cushion. While Kravitz is carefully parting and twisting together Angus’ much shorter locs, Angus reads aloud from the newest Caleb Cleveland novel, squinting a bit without his glasses. It looks like they’re about halfway done. In the doorway of their little house, Taako’s heart swells (twice over, actually, when he spies the little pile of enchanted silver beads Kravitz is picking from every now and again).

They haven’t noticed him yet, and so Taako loudly clears his throat, and says, “I suppose this means you haven’t started dinner yet?”

They both look up and give almost identical sheepish grins and Taako is nearly floored by the domesticity of it all.

“Sorry Love,” Kravitz answers. “He asked for my help.”

“No, no it’s fine, I’ll just do everything around here like always,” Taako replies, strolling towards the kitchen to make those little personal pizzas that are Angus’ favorite, that he’d already been planning on making anyway.

Kravitz is a section away from being done with Angus’ hair by the time dinner is ready. When he’s finished, Angus darts up the stairs to the bathroom mirror and comes back down a minute later wearing a smile so big it looks like his face might split in two.

“Thank you so much Mr. Kravitz sir! I love it!”

omg i loved thor ragnarok

i’ve literally just seen thor ragnarok and i need to talk about it right now while it’s fresh in my mind.


-first of all I loved this film. It was funny and incredible and amazing.

-all the jokes were actually hilarious. Personally I thought this was funnier than Guardians 2 maybe not the first Guardians.

-the fight scene at the beginning was incredible. When the camera was following Mjolnir looked so amazing.

-also Loki’s play was so good. It was funny and Matt Damon omg. It took me a while to realise it was actually him so I couldn’t believe it was him at first.

-also Loki’s “shit” when Thor turned up killed me.

-Loki falling through doctor strange’s portal for 30 MINUTES omg

-the whole interaction between Thor and dr strange was hilarious as well

-Hela’s entrance holy shit. It was so badass. The whole character was so badass

-everything that happened on Sakaar killed me. It was so funny

-I’m actually in love with Korg. His little voice and just the tone he says things in, he sounds like a flight attendant. It’s great

-I’m gonna skip to the fight on the bifrost.

-Thor was a fucking badass. The lighting was so cool.

-the fact that the fighting was to the immigrant song made me so fucking happy.

-basically I loved this film

-also I fucking loved Loki in this film. If there’s any imagines/one shots/fan fiction of Loki specifically in ragnarok pls tag me in it

-there’s so much more I could talk about but I can’t be bothered to write anymore

Dating Steve Harrington would include 🥀🖤


• picking you up and random times to surprise you

• he loves you but not enough to let you mess the hair up

• walking with arms wrapped around eachother

• so much cuddles

• he’s really clingy but you don’t mind

• king and queen of school

• he probably would use all your hairspray if he was at your house and you were going out

• he’s just so affectionate

• making out in his car

• protective and possessive sometimes

• saying “I love you” after every kiss and when you leave

• buying him hair care products for his birthday and Christmas as a joke but he takes it seriously and loves it

• everyone loves you two together

•gets jealous easily

• compliments all the time

• encourages you

• always touching eachother in some way

• carrying a lighter in case he looses his

•worships the ground you walk on

• would do anything and everything for you

I don’t think Darkiplier was trying to trick us in ADWM.

“Shoot him. Shoot him now, please. You do not have time. He needs to die. He is dark. He’s a bad influence. He takes over everything you’ve ever loved. Please shoot him RIGHT NOW. Don’t listen to him. He’s a liar. Please shoot him. He’s a bad man and does bad things to good people. You have to trust me.”

This is the exact text of what Darkiplier says to us at the end of “FREEDOM!” in ADWM.

You know what I noticed about this?

Not once does he claim to be Mark.

Also, there’s a reason the word “dark” isn’t capitalized. This is not Dark trying to trick us into thinking Mark is really Dark– this is him telling us what Mark’s really done.

And now we know what Mark has done, thanks to WKM.

“He needs to die” = Dark recognizing that he CAN die now that he’s out of the house.

“He takes over everything you’ve ever loved” = Mark taking over Damien’s body and life.

“Don’t listen to him, he’s a liar” = Dark warning us about Mark calling us ‘a close and trusted friend’.

“He’s a bad man and does bad things to good people” = the fact that Celine and Damien were torn apart, (Y/N) was pushed out and left behind, and the Colonel was subjected to madness, all because of Mark’s sinister plot.

This was not Dark trying to trick us.

This was Dark trying to stop Mark from making things worse.

This was Dark actually needing our help.

And you know what kills me the most about this?

The fact that Mark totally discredits any potential for goodness left inside of Dark… and we believe every word of it.

To Jungkook you’re just a girlfriend. - pt.2

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The more I thought about him, the more I couldn’t stop my tears from falling. But at the same time, the more I thought about this whole situation, the more I feel as though I was overreacting. He was right, I’m only his girlfriend - we’re not tied down to one another and he can hang with whoever he wants to hang out with. But her. She’s always liked Jungkook even though we’ve been together for this long, she never gave up on him and he knows what feelings she has for him. Do you blame me for being insecure? For being scared of the fact that I might end up losing the man I see my future with because of her? But it’s all too late now, there’s no use in being scared, or insecure because it all happened. Everything he ever assured you of, that they’ll only ever remain as friends, that he won’t do anything to lead her on, that he won’t hurt you like that, all those things he said, they meant nothing because those are all the things he did. 

I hear a knock on my door and I dreaded who stood behind it, but to my pleasant surprise I guess it wasn’t Jungkook.

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i feel like a lot of u forget that jungkook’s said before that he’s insecure and introverted ? he worries abt how he’s perceived ? like, he tries his best at everything, he loves his members with his whole heart as well as their fans, he gave up a big portion of his teenage years to do all of this but yall think it’s funny to hate him? like, not even saying that any of you actually hate him, but it’s the “funny thing” to make him into a joke. his begin choreo is a good example lmao… ever since his first solo stage majority of yall clowned him ? yall made fun of it without a second thought bc it looked funny to u…. okay . he practiced his ass off and said he felt like his legs were gonna explode but all that’s just disregarded.. anyways can we maybe stop with this bullying jungkook concept it’s all kinds of awful

CASTIEL AND HIS SACRED OATH - 12x10, 12x12, 12x23

This scene here. This split second glance is so so important. I don’t know why people aren’t talking about it (I couldn’t even find any gifs of it and had to take pictures coz I’m computerly incompitent). But I wanted to give my own analytical response to this millisecond glance, because I think it demonstrates properly why Cas has never done anything about his feelings for Dean. 

First, some context from my behalf: I always assumed Cas had never admitted his love for Dean for one of two reasons, 1) he was an angel, therefore not quite understanding his feelings himself - perhaps confusing them with familial love, Dean style. Or 2) he was afraid his love may not be reciprocated. But after watching 12x10, 12x12 and 12x23, I can thoroughly rule out reason 1. 

Now, I’ll be talking a lot about 12x10 as that ENTIRE EPISODE and THIS LOOK are so closely correlated. 

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Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue