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Ours || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 1,088

Summary - The one where people throw rocks at things that shine.

Late to work, again.

You parked your car hastily and ran into your office building, only narrowly managing to miss stepping in the giant puddle next to your car. Once in the doors, you flashed your ID to the security guard who was so accustom to seeing you late, he simply waved you on by. You jumped into the elevator just before it closed on your heel.

You pushed the button for the 10th floor where you worked and watched the numbers slowly light up. You always hated elevator silence. If it wasn’t for the three inch heels you wore to work, you’d gladly take the stairs. But, you were used to this by now. It seemed like you were even beginning to recognize the people you shared the elevator with every morning. You casually looked to the left where the man usually eating a banana for breakfast always stood, and then to the right to the office assistant who was always listening to music blasting through her headphones, bopping her head to the beat. No one dared to look at each other, all of their eyes fixated on the doors in front of them, counting how many floors until they opened.

You couldn’t help but smile and look at your feet as that thought came to your mind. You and Jack always laughed when you got off an elevator with strangers. Why was everyone so awkward? You remembered one particular day Jack was feeling exceptionally hyper so he tried to strike up a conversation with every person on the elevator. It was only a three floor ride so it wasn’t much, but it still had you doubled over laughing as you walked into his flat.

The doors dinged open and you were snapped out of your thoughts by people pushing past you. Right. No time to zone. Your time was their’s.

You got to your cubical and fired up your computer, already mentally counting down the hours until your shift was done. Just as you were taking a bite of your granola bar and staring lovingly at your framed picture of you and Jack on your desk, one of your snobby coworkers, Mary, came over and perched herself on the edge of your desk. “Still out of town, hmm?” she said, fake sympathy laced in her voice.

“He’s coming home soon,” you said, bringing your attention back to your desktop. She always had a way of prying. For some reason the topic of your relationship with Jack was gossip all over the office, probably because one of your coworkers found his YouTube channel once and decided to share it with every employee. Now, this Mary made it a point to ask any questions she could just to pester you every morning. Yes, Jack had been gone, travelling for YouTube for almost two months now. It was the longest he had ever been away. She knew that, but she still managed to check in every morning to see if he, in fact, was still gone.

“Don’t understand why you put up with it dear,” she sighed, standing up and turning to walk to her cubicle. “Seems like too much effort for too little in return.”

Instead of saying anything, you just went to working on your computer. The words Jack always said to you played through in your head. People throw rocks at things that shine. You had a habit of complaining to him about your coworkers and how they spoke about you and Jack, and his response was always the same. This love is ours, not their’s.

You spent the whole day with your eyes on the computer just as much as they were on the clock. You did your best to ignore Mary’s very audible whispers to other coworkers the whole day. Her cubicle was right across from yours so you could hear every conversation she had. “Oh yes, still out of town,” she sighed to someone. “Such a pity the girl can’t even spot a cheater right in front of her own nose.” Her words would always be followed with one of her sticky, lip gloss smiles. You ignored.

This love is ours.

5:00 finally came and you rushed out of the office, always eager to be anywhere but there. It wasn’t Mary’s place to speculate if your relationship was toxic. Everyday you found a way to fight her doubt and have faith in Jack. You trusted him with your whole heart. Her words hardly left a dent in your armor. If anything, her constant prying about him just made you miss him more.

You missed the way his hands felt rough in yours but always made you feel like you were home. You missed the dimples when he smiled and the stupid songs he sang around the house. You even missed the snide remarks your father made about his tattoos whenever you posted a picture with him online. Oh how deeply you missed him.

You walked into your flat with your heels in your hand, blowing some hair out of your face. You threw your shoes on the ground and put your purse on the table, going to the sink to get some water. When you put the glass in the sink and turned around, you jumped and put your hand on your heart. Your shock recovered quickly when reality set in.

Leaning against the wall in the kitchen was Jack. “I’m home,” he said, a smile on his face. You ran up to him immediately and jumped into his arms. He lifted you up and spun your around until your feet met the floor again. You held his head in your hands and just looked at him, tears running down your cheeks. “Why’re you crying?” he laughed lightly.

“I just really missed you is all,” you said, lamely wiping the tears from your eyes. “And I’m just really surprised.”

“We got done with everything in America a little early,” he explained. “I thought I’d surprise you instead of letting you know.” You wrapped your arms around his torso and laid your head on his chest, holding him tightly, He held you back, rubbing his hand on your back. “You okay?” he asked quietly. You just nodded against his chest.

“I’ve really missed you,” you mumbled. “Life can make our love look hard.”

“I know,” he said, laying his chin on the top of your head. “Just gotta remember what I always say. Don’t worry about anything or anyone else. This love is ours.”


Request: “So, I love the soft boi, the blueberry bean, the Ethan Nestor™. And I know that he has been wanting to get a tattoo. And I hope to become a tattoo artist. Maybe a tattoo artist reader and Ethan? Helping him though sketching and talking about silly things during the sessions? Thank you so much, and sorry if it’s not enough to go off of.”

Warning: tattoos? Possible swearing? like idk man.

Sidenote: I’ve never gotten a tattoo so I’m not 100% sure how the fuck they work? forgive me? if someone wants to properly educate me on the tattoo process that’d be wonderful.

Sidenote 2: I literally suck at dialogue I’m so sorry.


You sat with Ethan at the dining table, coffee barely in your system when he blurts out to you that he wants a tattoo. Pausing, you glance up at him, trying to register what he had said. 

“A tattoo, hmm?” You ask finally, taking a sip from your coffee. You had known that Ethan had wanted a tattoo since the day you met him and he gawked over the sleeve of tattoos you had. Ethan nods and smiles apologetically, knowing that you hadn’t properly woken up yet. “Well, what kind of tattoo?” Ethan bristles visibly with excitement and begins to give you a detailed description of a Studio Ghibli character. 

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"I love every inch of your body." (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “Can you please write one about y/n having body confidence problems but Ethan makes her feel better and it gets a little dirty.”


“Hey baby. How was your day?” Ethan asked as you walked in the front door of your apartment.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” You whined as you stormed upstairs. You threw your bags on the floor and turned on the shower. You sat on the floor of the shower and just cried.

You had been struggling with being more confident in yourself, and the events of the day made all your progress go down the drain.

You sat in the shower for about 45 minutes before you hears Ethan’s voice on the other side of the door.

“(Y/N), answer me. You’ve been in there forever and I need to know that you’re okay.” He said.

“Ethan, I’m fine.” You said. You dried off, got dressed, and stepped out into the bedroom. “I promise.” You added, with a small kiss to Ethan’s cheek. You walked over to the bed and laid down, Ethan getting in next to you and pulling you into his arms.

“Are you gonna tell me why you were so upset when you got home?” He asked.

“Fine.” You sighed. “So, you know I’ve been going to the gym every day after work, just to work on toning up and getting in better shape.” Ethan nodded. “Well, I had just started to feel better about myself, and today, I was walking around the locker room, just in my sports bra and shorts, and I heard this laughing coming from the opposite end of the bench, and I looked up to see this group of girls laughing at me. And that just made me upset, to think that I’ve been working so hard and trying to be more confident, just to know that it’s not even making a difference.” You explained.

“Baby, you need to stop doing that. Stop letting what other people think of you influence how you look at yourself. Your opinion of yourself is the only important one. You are a beautiful girl, and I love every inch of your body. You’re perfect, from the bottom to the top, and everything in between.” Ethan explained.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” You said.

“No I’m not. I meant every single word.” He said as he rolled you over. He was now hovering over you and smiling down at you. “I love your lips.” He said kissing you. “And your nose.” He said, with another kiss. “And your cheeks.” Another kiss. “Your forehead.” Kiss. He began listing other parts of your body, and planting kisses to those parts. His lips trailed down your arms, down your torso and all over your thighs.

“There’s something else I love about you as well.” He said, his head in between your legs, looking up at you with an eyebrow raised.

“Oh yeah?” You asked, knowing what he meant.

His lips made their way back up to your hips as he worked your shorts off, followed by your panties. His lips began planting kisses on your inner thighs, inching closer and closer to your entrance.

“Shit (Y/N). You’re fucking dripping already.” He said. Just then, he got to work.

“Oh my god, Ethan.” You gasped as he stuck his tongue inside of you.

You were a moaning mess by the time he was done with you. Once you climaxed, you laid there, your legs shaking, and you were out of breathe. Ethan had crawled up next to you, a sly smirk on his face.

“I love you (Y/N). So fucking much.” Ethan said.

“I love you more.” You said, kissing him softly.

You rolled over on top of him and straddled him, grinding on his already hard dick. Your lips parted from his and you made your way down his neck, pulling at the hem of his shirt, signaling for him to take it off. He swiftly took off his shirt, and yours, and then his pants, and you were soon both naked. He took your legs and wrapped them around your waist and laid you back down on the bed, him hovering over you again.

“I like where this is heading.” He said sarcastically.

“Shut up and fuck me.” You laughed.

“Gladly.” He said.

* * *

“Fuck (Y/N).” Ethan said out of breath after you both climaxed. “Twice in one night? That’s new.” Ethan laughed.

“What can I say, you know what you’re doing.” You said with a smile. He pulled you into his arms and kissed you on the forehead.

“I love you so much baby girl. Don’t your forget it.” He said.

“I love you too Ethan.” You said. You nuzzled into his chest and you laid in bed and cuddled until you both fell asleep.

request- don’t cry, craft! || d.h

Request: Could you do a Dan x reader where Dan loves the reader to pieces but she has a tendency to ALWAYS be really emotional, and he always has to make some joke like ‘Don’t cry, craft!’ to make her calm down?

Word Count: 722

a/n: The title LISTEN I KNOW OKAY. anyways this one is very short but I think its cute and fluffy and sometimes we need that in our lives???? lmao hope everyone enjoys

˗ˏˋ masterlist ˎˊ˗

“But.. But look at the kittens, they’re so lonely. What if they don’t have a mom? Let’s take them home, please” The tears were already building up in her eyes. He couldn’t help but smile. If Dan didn’t know any better, he would have been worried and slightly terrified of how many times her emotions threaten to spill just in the last hour, but this was just (y/n) being (y/n), and he loved her everything about her.

“I’m sorry love, but we can’t. Phil is allergic to cats, and you might cry yourself to death every time you look at them, and that’s a risk I’m not willing to take.” She smiled through her tears, he never failed to make things better. She stepped closer and wrapped her arms around his torso tightly. 

“Just for the record, I don’t cry that much” though she and everyone that ever laid eyes on her knew that wasn’t necessarily true, a little denying never hurt anybody.

 “What about the time we watched Titanic?

“If she…she just sat like a normal human being and not lay there like a fucking princess” She screamed and cried at the same time, it was all quite the mess. “Then maybe they could’ve both fit on the raft.”

“Jesus christ (y/n), are you actually crying?” Dan couldn’t help but laugh at his overly emotional girlfriend. The way her nose scrunched up slightly, and her mouth pouted as she tried to mumble her thoughts was too adorable and Dan surely noticed it. He couldn’t help but look at her in awe, she was perfect to him, even when she was crying her beauty never ceased to amaze him. “Come here baby” he opened his arms welcoming her into his embrace. She laid her head on his chest, burying her face into his black jumper, small sobs still coming out of her. 

“I just wish Jack was still alive, you know?” He stroked her hair lightly, a smile forming on his lips. “Well, you know what they say don’t cry, craft!” Her small laugh filled his ears with joy and warmth. 

“Listen, no amount of square-flakes will ever take me out of my misery” though the smile on her face said otherwise. 

“Okay, but that was a very reasonable reason to cry” she assured him.

“Right, what about the time went to the zoo.” 

“Where do you think they have the li… oh my fucking God, look pandas!” (y/n) grabbed Dan’s hands and dragged the brown haired boy the fence where the animals were placed, Phil following close behind.  

“It says here that the Pandas are no longer an endangered species! oh my God Phil your wish came true!” However, the big smile of her of her face was soon replaced with a cold stare at the ground.

“Hey, are you okay love?” There was a slight sign of concern in Dan’s voice. “I can’t help it, I’m so…happy.” Dan chuckled. He grabbed her chin softly and tilted her head so that she was looking at him. Her eyes were already red, and the tears were streaming down her face. He placed his lips on her forehead and hugged her. “You’re the most adorable human being on this world. Too pure.”

She couldn’t help but smile, “shut up, you dork.” She said after kissing his cheek quickly. The rest of their stay on the zoo was quite nice. With some emotional moments from (y/n) and even Phil (who lost it when he was able to feed a Giraffe)  and the sporadic jokes from Dan (which consisted of a lot “What do you call a fish with no eye? a FSH!”” and  “What do you call a sheep with no legs? A cloud!”). Nothing could make that day better. 

“Or the time you..” 

“Okay, okay, you have made your point!” (y/n) quickly interrupted. “I’ll admit that I can be slightly over emotional” She looked down at the floor to hide the small blush that had from after her boyfriend had exposed her melodramatic tendencies. Dan placed his arm around her shoulder and she tilted her head so it was supported by his body. “Come on, let’s go home,” 

“Alright, but If the kittens die, I’ll make you personally responsible for murder”

“Are you trying to manipulate me?”

“Take it as you will Howell”

Toxines - BangDae

@zainbap - Here it is, I did my best on writing some angsty stuff. But it turned into meaningless and needy sex instead.

Originally posted by yongguk-hell-chyeah

Bang Yongguk and Jung Daehyun are good people in their own respect, both of them. But when they are together, they spin out of control. They are toxic to each other. They keep each other in a spiral of self destructive behaviour. But they can’t stay away from each other.

They don’t need a reason, just a place.

The dorms, the school’s bathroom, the Gym’s changing room and even the bleachers outside, at midnight.

Yongguk can’t stay away from Daehyun. There is so much about the younger boy that completely mystifies him. He finds everything about Daehyun attractive, from his slight body frame, to his tanned skin and from his sweet brown eyes to his full sensual lips. Those lips, they are a sin and like nothing else Yongguk has every experienced. Daehyun is very skilled with them. Daehyun is every man’s wet dream. Obedient, eager to please and with moans to rival a homemade video on pornhub.

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What’s Inside of You

Summary: You’ve been feeling self-conscious about your body recently, and Mark ends up comforting you and proving to you that you are perfect just the way you are.

Genre: Smut/fluff

Length: 1348

Requested HERE

You stood in front of the mirror in just your bra and underwear, looking at your body. You hadn’t really gained that much weight, but when you looked in front of the mirror, all you could see was that extra fat on your stomach. You had tried exercising and dieting, but it was so hard to keep it up, and no matter what you did, the fat didn’t seem to go away. It was like an evil plague that haunted your life. You held a dress in front of your body, hiding your torso, so you could focus on your face. You liked your face. You thought the red in your black bangs looked pretty and unique, and you liked your facial structure. It was just your body that you wished you could make disappear.

You heard the door to your bedroom open up, and your boyfriend, Mark, walked in. “Rylee, are you in here?”

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Drabble game request:  Yoongi + “You’re quiet today.” + from Undo series (read the original story here) | for anon(s)

Character / Genre: Yoongi x reader | angst, a bunch of cheesiness | 1,022 words

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Familial Love

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

Father! Bucky Barnes x Daughter! Reader

A/n: So, this was just something I thought up. One of those spur-of-the-moment things, ya know?

Also, I do apologize that I haven’t filled out any requests. Today just really really sucked.

Genre: Family, Humor

Rated: Everyone

Warning: FLUFFY

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

I smiled as I looked at him. He was perfect. He was everything someone would want a father to be. Protective, loving, caring, generous. He was kind. He was gentle. James Buchanan Barnes was a force to be reckoned with and I was so proud of him. I was proud of my father. When Steve had found me in the cryofreezer all those years ago, I had been confused, but only for a minute. I knew why I was in that freezer, why I had been asleep for 73 years, why I was still 16. 

When I first saw him there, my chest tightened, and I cried. He had been confused and didn’t remember me. I didn’t blame him. After what HYDRA did to him, who was I to blame him, someone who had been helpless to stop it all? I was angry, hurt, confused, and most of all, I was relieved. At least he was here, at Avengers Initiative, safe and sound. That’s what mattered the most, right?

James Barnes was my favorite person in the whole world, and he still is. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he makes me feel safe. No one can ever touch the bond of a father and a daughter, and everyone knew that. My father and I were inseparable. Not even Steve could compare to me, my fathers words exactly. But it scares me sometimes just how far and just how much my father would do to ensure my protection.

I didn’t mind. I didn’t mind at all.

I understood why he was protective. I understood why he was so loving and caring and gentle. I understood why he was so kind to me. I was his flesh and blood. I was his kin. I was his daughter. God be damned if anything happened to the one he helped give life to. 

As I sat here, tucked safely under his metal arm, reading The Crucible, my father listened to the record player. The soft glow of the lamp gave the apartment a warm feeling as a vanilla and pumpkin spice candle burned. A plate of forgotten cookies, burnt on the bottom, was seated on the old, mahogany table. The TV was off, but a pile of old black and white DVDs sat in front, waiting to be put into the new technology called a DVD player. 

I sighed a bit and my father tightened his hold a bit, his cold, metal thumb rubbing soothing circles on my arm. As I read on, I turned the page and jolted when a sharp sting met my index finger. Looking at my finger, and watching the droplet of blood grow and start to run down, a warm hand gently grasped my hand. Looking up into those cyan eyes that I could spot a mile away, a small smile was on my fathers lips. 

“Be a little more careful, doll, please?”

“It was a small mishap.”

“I know.”

He put pressure around my index finger, stopping the blood flow, and he did so for a couple seconds. Letting go, the annoying sting of the cut still pulsed, but my wound bled no more. I smiled. My father was always there, always there to protect me and to save me. To heal my wounds, to make me smile, to make me feel okay. I knew that I would be lost without him. I knew that if I woke up from my cryofreeze pod and he was not with me, I would be lost. I would have no purpose, to be quite honest. 

As I laid my head against my fathers chest, listening to his heart beat, I smiled more. His heart beat was like a war drum. Beating slowly to the march of his thoughts. I wondered what he was thinking about. 

“What are you thinking about, Father?”

He took a deep breath, a relaxed feeling overcoming both of us as he replied.

“I’m thinking about what I would do if I didn’t have you. Who I would be, what I would be doing right now.”

I looked up and asked him.

“What would you be doing right now?”

My father looked at me and smiled, his eyes crinkling in the corner, the scruff on his cheek making the indents of his laugh lines more prominent. 

“I would be looking for a woman to help me give me you.”

I snorted a bit and asked.

“So, you would bed a woman just so you could get her pregnant…just so she would have me?”

“Well, now that you say it like that…”

We both chuckled and Dad kissed my forehead, saying.

“I would be completely lost if I didn’t have you here with me, Sunshine.”

I sighed a bit and replied, letting my book fall as I wrapped my arms around his torso, hugging him close.

“Me too. But we shouldn’t think about the what if’s, you know. I’m here, you’re here. We’re here. We’re home, even if it’s not our true home.”

He chuckled a bit and replied.

“You’re so wise.”

I snorted once more and replied.

“I guess that’s what happens when you lose everything for the ones you love.”

He was quiet after that. I understood why. 

Such a big statement with such a bigger meaning. He knew. I knew. But if I could lose everything just to be with my father, I would do it all again. I love my father. When I had found out he fell from the train, I had been heartbroken. I had consoled Steve, and Steve had become hostile to anyone who came near me. I was the only thing left to remind him of Bucky, and that was ok with me. When I saw him standing there, 73 years later, I remember how my father’s eyes lit up so brightly. The shock on his face had me in tears. I was with my father again. 

A father/daughter bond is a strong thing. It is stronger than any bond in the world. And I would do anything to protect that bond, even lose everything I knew to time travel 73 years in the future, where I knew I would find my best friend; my father.

Familial love is such a special thing.

And I’ll never forget it.


Notorious | pt.11

Warning: Smut, Swearing, Fluff, Emotions 

Type: Gang!5sos

Word Count: 6,984

A/N: So! This is kinda long, but I wanted to add as much into it as possible. I’ve tried to go more into about Y/N’s past and how her dad comes into it all. The next part will be more dramatic and even a little sad, so prepare yourselves. 

Hope you like it! 

Micky = Dad // Laura = Mum 

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four

Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven // Part Eight

Part Nine // Part Ten // Part Twelve 

There wasn’t enough time for you to gather all of your belongings together before Trevor caught you. It was decided that you and Calum would leave without telling anyone, especially Luke or Michael. If either of them found out, they would only try to stop the both of you.

You threw some clothes into a bag, double checking your bedroom to make sure you don’t leave anything important behind. Calum was stood outside of your bedroom door, a tight grip on his own bag as he waited for you to finish up before either of you are caught.

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Loki Laufeyson

Loki can’t believe what he has heard a few seconds ago. The love of his life can’t be betrothed to someone else. Especially not to his own brother Thor. “Wait! No! I mean… (Y/N), I never told you the truth, but…”, suddenly his braveness is gone. Should he really confess his love in front of everyone?
Surprised you look at him with your big (e/c) eyes, “What truth?” A sigh escapes his mouth thinking about his decision. Softly you grab his hand to support him. He should know that you are by his side no matter what’s going to happen. “Please, tell me.”
A slight smile appears on Loki’s face when he lies his eyes on you. “I never told you how much I love you - the most important person in my life. Your smile, your laugh, your eyes, your hair. Everything is just perfect. I just wasn’t brave enough to tell you how I feel”, the god of mischief and lies admits his feelings.
Your heart skips a beat as you wrap your arms around his torso. To be honest you are glad he confessed his love, because you don’t want to marry Thor. He is your friend, but not the person you love. “I love you too”, you mumble happy. Maybe it sounds cheesy, but Loki is the happiest men right now. He doesn’t even care what Odin and Frigga think about your confessions as long as he can be by your side.

Hope you enjoyed it :)


A/N: So, a long time ago a very lovely anon requested a story and since I am back in track (or trying, at least), I have gotten over my laziness and decided to honor said anon! And can I just say that this anon was spot on with the song choice! I mean, I already knew this song before this request was made, but I had never listened to it and relating it to Bucky… AND DAMN DOES IT FIT LIKE A GLOVE!

Request: Hellu cutie :D First, I really love your writing!<3 I was wondering if u could do a Bucky x    reader based on the song Mr. Lonely by Bobby Vinton? That song kinda reaminds me of Bucky tbh.. idk why, but yea <3 xx

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Loneliness, lots of angst (it gets better, I promise!), kissing, possibly triggering thoughts, but lots of fluff in the end I promise!

Masterlist Prompt List

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

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Welcome Home, Shawn

Requested by anonymous: Hey! I’m new to your blog and just wanted to say that I love your writing!! I was wondering if I could request one where he comes home from tour and it’s all super cute and fluffy with cuddling and such!! Xx❤️



It had been about a month since you last saw Shawn, in person.

School was keeping you busy while shows, fans and interviews kept him extremely busy. However, whenever you two had as little as two minutes, you would receive a text asking if you were free to FaceTime or call. Sometimes, it would be inconvenient for you and you would have to hold off for a bit, before saying you were free; the only problem then, was him saying he was about to go on stage, or he was doing some press stuff.

You had to admit, it got extremely lonely without being able to hear his voice all the time - raspy and rough in the morning, sleepy on the planes, high energy after a show etc.

You definitely missed that.

You missed his smile and his jokes, but most of all you missed his presence. When the both of you were too tired to form any words into a sentence, you two would just sit next to each other and not say anything. That of course, usually entailed a touch or a couple here and there; but now that you haven’t seen him in so long, your skin was practically itching for him to touch you in some way.

The great thing though, was that he was scheduled to come home in a couple of days. Karen called you, telling you how excited she was and inviting you to her big roast dinner she was making when he came home. You obviously accepted, it becoming somewhat of a tradition between you and the Mendes family.

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SUMMER/BEACH/VACATION [Sterek Support Package]

What better theme for the Sterek Support Network’s July rec package than summer? Here are some of our members’ favorite fics and fanart that deal with the beach, vacation, and other summer themes. Enjoy!


The Newlywed Game [M] [19,569] Captain_Loki

Stiles is (still) single when the pack’s getaway to the Caribbean comes by (oh misplaced optimism); lucky for him Derek is committed to being uncommitted and even after all these years is still powerless against Stiles’ unique forms of persuasion.

Cue a romantic getaway for two: sun, sand, and sarcasm abound…and the two roped into competing in the Resort’s version of the Newlywed game. Only it’s completely obvious it’s going to end in disaster. Probably homicide.

Most probably homicide.

Plot twist: It doesn’t.

I love this fic so much, it’s kind of my headcanon that Stiles and Derek know the ins and outs of each other. Also it has some pack feels and silliness all around. :) - rooming-with-a-narwhal

So this fic is one of my absolute favorites!! I mean derek and stiles are competing against married couples while in a fake relationship to play the game and they just work so well together no matter what and I love it… what I am saying is it is its cute and funny and if you havent you should read it - rocketshipposey

Derek Hale’s Very Bad, No Good (Nice) Summer [T] [37622] stilinskisparkles

“I’m going to kill you,” Derek says to his brother sourly.

“Darling, please, no death threats when you’re off to camp.”

“At camp?”

Talia smirks, “Keep them quiet, at least.”

I love stilinskisparkles fics a ton and I seem to rec them all the time, but seriously they are all amazing!! This one casts the entire hale family (+scott) as addams family esque characters and derek is forced to go to summer camp with stiles made-of-sunshine stilinski and so its all super funny!! my favorite part of this fic is how ALL of the characters interact with each other! - rocketshipposey

Past The Breakers [E] [40729] by thepsychicclam

fanart by Takkun

Stiles and Scott get summer jobs at the exclusive Seawolf Beach Resort, and the last thing Stiles expects is to start taking surf lessons from the hot lifeguard. 

A gorgeous summer fic. The setting and characters are beautiful, the angst and fluff is wonderful and the smut delicious. Plus, naked surfing Derek? Yes please! - stilinskiandthewolf

First of all it is hand-drawn?! Which is so awesome, it is so pretty and the style is amazing. It starts with a gorgeous drawing of the ocean and ends with cute sterek all cuddled up. I love it! - rooming-with-a-narwhal

Move a Mountain [E] [69006] ZainClaw

Stiles goes camping with his friends in New Mexico after graduation where they befriend a biker gang led by Derek: a guy whom Stiles can’t decide if he will be either relieved or devastated to never see again once their week is up.

This fic is actual perfection I absolutely adore everything about it. It’s got everything you need in a fic; fluff, smut, angst and a wonderful ending. - stilinskiandthewolf

God, I love this fic so much. It’s always on my read list whenever I go on vacation. - @kilaem

I adore everything about this fic! It has biker!Derek, post-graduation camping, and a dog named Yoda. There’s also a soundtrack and associated art to make this a well-rounded experience. - prettygirlbpd

To Navigate Your Seas [E] [26010] alisvolatpropiis

Derek is a beach bum/surfer; Stiles is his new neighbor. Feels ensue.

Beautifully written AU. I love the characterisation of Stiles and Derek and the setting is amazing. I can’t get enough of beach bum/surfer Derek! - stilinskiandthewolf

Mermaider [M] [15517] nothing_left_sacred

“So what you’re saying is; you’re a mermaid princess.” Erica concluded.

“Yes, clearly. That is what I am saying. Thank you for putting it so concisely.” Stiles sassed, frowning at her. He wasn’t fucking Ariel; this was so far from being a Disney movie it wasn’t even funny.

Or the one where a perfectly normal Beach Vacation escalates way too quickly, because this is Stiles’ life.

Hysterically funny with a perfect touch of angst and feels! - stilesbansheequeen

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Ruined date

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Type: Drabble.

Word count: 930

Notes/summary: Imagine Dean thinking of ways to keep you from dating other guys, because he’s in love with you.

„So…“, I looked at Dean when I entered the room. „How do I look?“

He was sitting at a table, just eating his sandwich and typing on his laptop. But, when he heard me, his head shot up and he turned his attention to me fully. I was ready to go out, wearing my new, dark red dress which hugged my waist and exposed my cleavage just enough for it to be considered daring, but not slutty. It reached above my knees and I was fairly satisfied with how it looked with my usual heels and my matching clutch.

„I…“, Dean breathed out, staring and observing me from head to toe.

He coughed nervously and looked into my eyes. „You look stunning.“

„I was aiming for that kind of reaction.“, I chuckled and went over to sit across from him. „Thank you, Dean.“

I had some time left, since I started getting ready pretty early today.

„So, what’s the occasion?“ he asked, scrunching his eyebrows.

„I’m going on a date.“, I smiled.

A lot of time passed since my last date and naturally, I was excited and somewhat content I was going somewhere nice. The guy I was going with wasn’t anything special, but I figured I could have a good time even if I don’t see any kind of future with him.

„A date?“ Dean questioned, letting go off his sandwich and slapping his laptop down a bit more harder than usual.

„Why do you seem surprised?“ I leaned in my chair and watched him intently.

„I, uh…“, he looked around, avoiding my stern gaze. „I just thought that you didn’t want to date anyone…“

„Who said anything about dating?“ I grinned and winked at his confused face.

His plump lips were in the shape of an ‘O’ as he connected all the dots. He looked down and pushed his plate away.

„Am I smelling double standards, Winchester?“ rising my eyebrow, I folded my arms beneath my chest. „What? You can sleep around, but I can’t?“

„No, it’s not that.“, he shook his head and continued mumbling. „I just wanted…“

„What?“ I moved my body forward, trying to hear him better.

„Well, I found a case today and, uhm… I thought we were going to check it out.“, he spoke clearly now.

„What case? Sam and I didn’t find anything this morning.“

„But, I, uh… I found some weird murder not far from here, but we’ll have to get going…“, speedily getting up, he avoided my gaze once again.

„Can I see it?“ I remained seated.

„See what?“

„Well, where did you find the article? Show me so I could see what’s it about.“, I said and reached to his laptop on the table.

He snatched the laptop away. „It didn’t say much, really… Just some guy who… Uhm…“

Standing still and thinking, he kinda looked frozen in place.

I sighed. „Alright, what are you trying to pull here, Dean? Why are you acting so weird today?“

„Nothing, I-“

„Stop it.“, I stood up and went around the table to him. „What’s wrong?“

„Everything’s fine. Forget it.“, he said a bit harshly and turned around, walking away with his laptop tucked under his arm.

„No!“ I yelled after him, my heels clinking against the floor as I chased him. „You come back here and tell me what the hell is up with you!“

„Just go!“ he answered not turning around. „You’ll be late.“

„Not until you tell me what’s wrong.“, I caught him right when he was about to open the doors of his bedroom.

I stood in front of the doors, blocking his way in.


„So, are you going to tell me?“ I asked since he didn’t continue talking.

„No.“, his tone was serious.

I studied his face expression a few seconds more and he seemed annoyed.

„Fine.“, I rolled my eyes. „Sulk here. We’ll talk when I get back.“

Walking down the hallway, my heels were even louder now because I was angry.

„Wait.“, I heard him.

Turning around, I raised my eyebrow. I was on the far opposite end of the hallway, looking at him.


Dean exhaled heavily. „I don’t want you to go.“

„Why not?“ I took a step forward.

„I’m worried.“, even from this distance, I could see him clenching his jaw.

„I can take care of myself.“

„I know you can.“, he paused, then took a few steps forward and came in front of me, rising his head up to look at me. „I’m worried he won’t treat you right.“

He hesitated about speaking further, so I waited. His green orbs were so mesmerizing and I found myself staring.

His voice was quiet, but still strong and low as usual. „I’m worried he wouldn’t treat you the way I would.“

Taken back, I opened my mouth to talk, but I didn’t know what to say.

Dean sighed. „Because I would give you everything. I would make you feel like a queen, because you’re nothing less than a queen. And I would love every little thing about you.“

I bit my lip, smiling. „You know, you kinda ruined my date now.“

„I did?“ he scrunched his eyebrows, still a bit uneasy because I didn’t respond to anything he just said.

„Yea, you did.“, I took a step forward and wrapped my arms around the back of his neck, feeling his strong torso against mine and his hands immediately resting on my waist.

Then, I leaned closer and whispered to him. „Because I can’t imagine being a queen if you’re not my king.“

Happy Birthday (ReaderxDean)

Prompt: It’s Y/N’s birthday and Dean gives her whatever she wants

Warnings: smut, dirty talk, smut, slight sub!dean

Words: 2301

Note: This is my birthday present to myself and a thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and everyone who follows me. <3

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Leather Seats (stoner!michael smut)

you and michael are high and horny
words: 2115
rating: r/x
warnings: drug use / driving stoned

“Guess what I’ve got,” your boyfriend Michael said as you walked onto the tall hill outside of town. His car had been parked on some gravel lot twenty feet away and you had shuffled, arms full with a blanket and snacks, onto the grass.
“What this time?” you asked, laughing. Every time you went on a trip to the hill, he brought something you wouldn’t have ever thought of.  The time before this is was two cans of silly string and a vodka-sprite, and the time before that was a bottle of cheap wine and a water color palette.

Instead of a vocal answer, he pulled a white paper bag from behind his back and you had instantly known what it was. With a grin on his face, he set the bag down  and helped you to roll out the thick blanket onto the grass.

Once you two were all set up, he pulled the bag in front of him. You brought it from it’s place on the ground and looked into it, seeing two already rolled joints. You put it to your nose, inhaling the earthy scent you had gotten used to and had even started to love.
You handed the bag back to him and he pulled out one of them.
“How’s this for a Saturday night?” he asked playfully.
“Not too bad,” you laughed. 

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anonymous asked:

67 & 81 Jerome. Love him and I love your writing

oh my god thank you so much aaa !!!


words: 473

warnings: none !


Everything about the moment was so serene. Sunlight shone through the curtains, slowly lulling you back to sleep. He was laying beside you, his face a portrait of peace. He breathed steadily, eyelashes fluttering against his freckled cheeks. White sheets covered his torso, and his hair fanned out across the pillow messily. You had never seen him look so beautiful.

Just as you let your eyes shut again, you heard him inhale deeply and he shifted closer, a hand touching your temple. He slid his fingers over your cheek, humming lightly. He was so gentle with you, it was hard to imagine him being any other way.

You opened your eyes to meet his, a small smile on his lips. It widened upon seeing you awake, and you couldn’t help but mimic it. He let his hand drag down your neck and arm, fingers ghosting over your bare hip. His touch was warm-he was warm. The sun illuminated him in a way that made him seem so ethereal. He rested before you, bathed in an early morning, golden glow, and you were almost afraid to touch him.

“Morning gorgeous.” He mumbled, his voice gravelly and rough.

“Morning…” You whispered back, finally bringing yourself to look away and sit up, scanning the room for something nearby you could wear.

You leaned over and snatched up your underwear, quickly pulling them on. Still without a shirt, you got to your feet and searched the rest of the floor. Jerome’s shirt from the previous night ended up being your choice, and you pulled it over your head, turning to him. He remained laying in the bed, on his back now with an arm resting behind his head.

“Toss me my underwear?” He raised an eyebrow, and you rolled your eyes, grabbing them off the floor and throwing them at him.

You ventured to the dresser and turned on the radio, adjusting it until the static disappeared. You found a station the played music, and proceeded to pick up yours and Jerome’s discarded clothes from the night before.

“My clothes look really good on you.” Jerome stated from his spot on the bed, his eyes following you around the room.

You threw a smirk over your shoulder and tossed all the clothes in the hamper. You couldn’t help but move along with the music, making Jerome laugh. That only encouraged you to dance even more. He watched you spin around and skip, before flopping onto the bed.

“You’re too good for this world…” He chuckled, crawling over next to you, before dropping down beside you.

“You’re a little too bad for this world.” You shook your head, looking to him.

He shrugged. “You make a valid point.” A smile graced his face suddenly. “How did we end up together?”

You hummed and laced your fingers together, your faces inches apart. “Opposites attract, babe.”

anonymous asked:

Junkrat with a s/o that is 5'1 (that is my curse I swear)

Yooo I’m 5'1 as well so join the club!! 👉🏻😎👉🏻

- sometimes he gets giddy at how small they are in comparison to him and just want to hug and squeeze them!

- he likes to bend over them and drape his arms on their shoulders/around their neck while he nuzzles into them

- when relaxing together he likes to pull them into is lap and just engulf them with his long torso and arms holding them close to him

- he likes to compare hand sizes and everything and laughs loving everything about his s/o and how they are small, small lips, small hands, small fingers, just anything and everything even if some features aren’t small he loves them

- will pick them up like a rag doll just carrying them around either on his back, shoulder, arms, even just lugging them around under one of his arms because he is strong💫

- but since they are so short he is a bit more protective of them “Oi come on now I just worry love? What if a big guy like Reinhardt doesn’t see ya mate you would be toast!” And if his s/o were to argue that Torbjörn who is shorter then they are or lucio who is around the same height are all fine and also Roadhog is a pretty big guy and he has never really even bumped into them but he would brush it all off “yeah yeah well That short stack is hard to miss trust me but anyone could bump into ya mate! Also Roadie may be a big lug but he keeps to himself! Reinhardt is always swiggin that friggin metal hammer around and what if he hit ya with it!” It would be a never ending battle with him so trust me it’s a wasted effort arguing

- if he felt like anyone was going to hurt them or bump into them and knock them over he would shout “Oi watch it!” Before placing his hands on his s/o’s shoulders pulling them away giving the person a look

- he absolutely loves giving them some of his clothes to wear he can’t handle how his shirts are like a dress on them he just gets so goofy piling them up on his lap hugging them not being able to deal with how much he loves them

Dead Girl Walking

Can I have a story based off the song ‘Dead Girl Walking’ from the Heathers musical? Like she has thirty hours to live because she made a deal with a crossroads demon and her time is almost up. Smut with Dean. Sorry I mean I just had to. I mean happy ending or death ending either one I would be happy with goodness I sound morbid.

Author: Lexi

A/N: I  really love this request, but I’ve been super tired lately so I feel like I did bad…

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut, language, physical fighting, mention of cancer, and mention of car accident.

Song: Dead Girl Walking-Heathers musical

30 hours

In the beginning you moped around, sat in your parents old cabin and watched all the movies and listened to all the music that had ever meant anything to you. Your hands were bloodied from punching wooden walls, and breaking picture frames. It was hopeless, shouldn’t have been so stupid. But it was for love, that justifies it, right?

You screamed and cried and thought of everything you should have done different.

26 hours, 4 min

You woke up in a sweaty, shaking mess of glass and puked up alcohol. This was embarrassing, death is death, you weren’t going to go out like this.

25 hours, 31 minutes

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anonymous asked:

I am a terrible person, so I dare ask (if it's okay with you, if not no probs don't worry my chocofriend!) for your take on Reader and their chocobros on a "this could be our last night alive" situation, most likely inside Insomnia on chapter 14.


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