i just love everything about all of this

This episode has been amazing in so many ways for so many reasons:

  • “I’m just happy”
  • Aaron and Robert eating breaky together and Aaron wanting to engrave the coin
  • Aaron talking to Finn and being all lovely and just a wonderful human
  • Aaron looking all cute in that jumper and the HAIR OH MY
  • Aarons ‘surprise motherfucker’ thing making a show 
  • “Look how far I’ve come” Okay… but this was so important
  • Taking off the wedding ring broke me
  • Seeing Aaron drinking to deal with the pain on the pub wall and acting like his old self really hit me hard 
  • Robert and Aaron talking things out
  • Robert still wanting to marry Aaron and as soon as possible

news just in: TFP as John’s Garridebs hallucination is still messing me up because…. of course, he would give Sherlock a happy ending? Of course everything would be about Sherlock? Like his mind dreams up all this intense stuff with Eurus but at the end he reconciles them, and everything is focused on Sherlock and his family? And John still doesn’t understand Sherlock just wants to be with him (hence the I love you to Molly), so he dreams them up back at Baker Street, with all these cases, because he thinks that’s what Sherlock wants.

And as John thinks he’s slipping away, all he hears is the soaring notes of Sherlock’s violin…

This is my fandom phase

  1. innocent, I love everyone, everyone’s so nice, everything’s new and great
  2. genuinely enjoying it, knowledgeable about all aspects of the fandom 
  3. discourse, complains about everything, petty, bitter, needs to relax, threatens to go on hiatus every week
  4. acceptance, starts to chill out and ignore shit, laughs at discourse posts bc it’s old news
  5. relaxed, misses the way I felt when I just joined, reminisces about the “old days” most of the time
  6. still in the fandom but ignores almost everyone, genuinely feels “what ever idec anymore,” enjoys content easier now instead of finding things to complain about
Random thoughts about tonights TBBT

-Penny and I have a love of pink wine and pizza bagels.
-Being an old married woman I am going to vouch for Lenny. This is real married life. Its hard, not all of it is lovely and magical. But you love each other and you make it work.
-Girls night! I loved how happy Amy was to play host.
-I loved all of Amy’s sass here.
-After seeing Sheldon in his undies so many times we could pick out his knees.
-Sheldon seemed… Uncomfortable? In his old place…
-Loved seeing them playing games again.
-Howardette plot was cute! I love Halleys nursery. Girls love space too.
-Shamy are just in such an amazing place! Sheldon is Working on his relationship. Really working on it and its a joy to watch.
-that kiss was everything! If thats the PDA just think about what goes on privately?? They are soooo in love.
-Lenny eh? Lets hope this is building to something.
-the spa, Amy you adorable moon child.
-I need to see Sheldon Godzilla getting drunk playing in the shower.
-Sheldon being asked to write the Lenny RA was like giving him two christmases.
-Loved the episode! In my new top ten!

He was seated at a table [during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on 20 January 1988], and there was a buzz of people around him. He’d had so much success, but it was happening all over again - this time in the MTV age, with videos and everything. It was thrilling. As a fan, you just love to watch your heroes get to ride the shooting star again. I walked up to him and said, ‘How’s it feel to be the hottest guy in showbiz?’ And he said, ‘It’s a bloody nuisance!’
—  John Fogerty on George Harrison, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002

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how do you feel about Avril Lavigne making a new album

You know what…love my sis and I say this with complete love and affection…she’s over. Completely done. It’s been a long time since she created the best song of all time, I’m With You, and everything just hasn’t compared to that since then. I see her teasing these new nursery rhyme verses on her Instagram and I can’t help but laugh a bit. At least my flop faves grow artistically with each album….Avril just gets more and more cringeworthy as time passes. It’s like some sort of temporal discontinuity where she is trapped on an alternate timeline in the 2000s. She’s great for a throwback. I was interested in her 2013 album but even that hasn’t aged well (the few gems are Give You What You Like, Bad Girl, Rock N Roll, and Hello Heartache). I wish her the best and will support the new album when it comes out but I mean…she needs a COMPLETE image, music, attitude etc. reset. Acting bratty in your 30s isn’t cute in my opinion. This is my official stan withdrawal letter. Thank you for everything through the years, Avril!

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Can you write a really angsty Spencer x reader? (No happy ending is preferred but you can decide)

Originally posted by spencerreiddaily

Not In That Way

Contains: HEAVY ANGST. don’t read this if you hate unrequited love

Warnings: Depression, Anxiety, Insecurities, Hating one-self

Note: This is not in any way, shape or form even remotely true about any of you. I didn’t write these words to make you feel bad about yourself or to offend anyone. This is truly just something I’ve been struggling with at times, so please, please love yourself and know you all are so amazing. Okay? :)


You gazed longingly over at the Adonis you were blessed to work with everyday. He was the spitting image of perfect. No other word could describe him. His voice as he rambled, the genius, just…everything about him. The fact that he was very easy on the eyes also helped a bit.

His shoulders, broad and manly, had carried the weight of so much. His jaw and cheekbones, so sharp you could cut your hand if you dare slap his face. His dark chocolate eyes seemed to captivate you, as if secrets he kept could be known if you only tried to look harder. His hair framed his face in an exemplary way, even if he was often teased that he never brushed it.

And I hate to say I love you
When it’s so hard for me
And I hate to say I want you
When you make it so clear
You don’t want me

“Y/n and I are just friends. I’m married to my job, etc.” Each word seemed like a different form of punishment. As if loving him was a sin and God couldn’t stand to have you be happy.

You just don’t throw the word love around often. There’s obsession, attraction, or enjoyment from someone’s company maybe, but you couldn’t describe it any other way. You loved Spencer Reid, and oh what a scornful curse it was.

You didn’t ask to feel this way. You didn’t ask to feel like shit day in and day out. You didn’t ask for this crippling self-depression or painful anxiety. Who would want this? What is so alluring about love that it’s written about in books or sung about in songs or the focus of just about every movie?

What is so addictive be about loving someone who barely even notices you? Why is self-misery so desired? Why do we, foolish mortals, beg and plead for someone who is our everything only to be their nothing?

I’d never ask you ‘cause deep down I’m certain I know what you’d say
You’d say, “I’m sorry, believe me, I love you but not in that way.”

You could picture the rejection so vividly it was as if it already happened. A fresh memory that made you ache like a newly gotten wound. A mixture of a heinous burn or a deep cut, maybe even a hole from a bullet.

You would walk up to him after another case was completed, and he would probably be surrounded by Morgan or JJ. You would wait until he was alone to speak privately with him. You knew that he would see your behavior and understand you were nervous.

You would chuckle at your stupidity, rushing through the speech that you had tried to make quintessential so that he would maybe try to understand a smidge of what you felt for him. As you finished, your eyes would lock with those blazing cinnamon ones, too hopeful for his response.

“Oh…” The tone of his voice had a note of pity and you could feel yourself cracking like glass. As Spencer launched into a probably well-rehearsed speech of 'I don’t think we could go out, I don’t look at you that way, etc.’ You would have to fight tears that threatened to coat your cheeks.

What would happen from then on? The friendship you had worked so hard to maintain will crumble and your day will be filled with nothing but awkwardness. Maybe you’ll quit your job…but then what would your co-workers say? They knew nothing of your desires, nor would they understand. Nobody could, you could barely understand it yourself.

And I hate to say I need you
I’m so reliant
I’m so dependent
I’m such a fool

You were nothing like the girls he had liked. You seemed to be made up of all the unused parts from (briefly) JJ, Lila, Austin, Seaver or Meave. You weren’t witty, you weren’t funny, you definitely weren’t glamourous, you weren’t even attractive.

When you looked at yourself in the mirror all you noticed were you imperfections. Your hair never seemed shiny or fixed in a nice way, your dead ends painfully obvious. Your nose resembled the part of flour that stuck up when a baker slammed his rolling pin on it before smoothing. Your lips were too chapped and dark, the size bothering you to no end. Your skin wasn’t smooth and had many blemishes that never seemed to go away even with concealer or foundation.

Your weight made you feel ashamed. Why couldn’t you look like the models in the magazines? How could they take something as important as beauty and make everyone feel stupid for not possessing the impeccable features that they had. Like it was as easy as 2+2 to be born faultless.

When you’re not there,
I find myself singing the blues.
Can’t bear,
Can’t face the truth

He would never look at you the way you looked at him. His face would never light up at seeing you, and he would never waste nights thinking about what you were doing. He would never lose sleep over worrying about you, and he would never love you for the way you were.

Spencer would never look at you without make-up and tell you that you still shame Aphrodite. He would never laugh over your quirky habits, or feel butterflies in his stomach. He would never look at you like it was the first time you met, and he would never love you.

You will never know that feeling
You will never see through these eyes

You’d never know what it was like to be the only one he would confide in. You would never know the warm and fuzzy feeling of being wrapped up in his arms, or the snug space between each of his fingers that your own would feel. You would never get to complain about him ordering too much take-out or leaving clothes on the floor. You would never get to stop the rambles with your lips against his.

Kissing him…would be a dream. A dream you would make right before dying. His thick lips against yours, smooth and tasting of coffee. The way his perfectly calloused hands would cup your cheek as he deepened the action.

You would never get to grow old with him, or start a family with him. Getting married seemed about as possible as discovering that mermaids and unicorns exist. If you opened that door in your mind, your depression would never end, so you safely, or just about as safely as you could get in this situation, kept it locked away in the back of your mind.

You will never see through these eyes

He was so beautiful… like a masterpiece in a museum. Something to look at but never touch. He was so elegant and breath-taking it seemed to slap you in the face. You wished you were even a tad attractive to grab his attention, even for just a moment. But you were plain. You were boring, like a wall. And who ever looks at the wall the masterpiece hangs upon?

I’d never ask you 'cause deep down I’m certain I know what you’d say
You’d say, “I’m sorry, believe me, I love you but not in that way.”

“Y/n?” His flawless voice spoke your name in such an alluring way. It took you a few seconds to realize that he was, in fact, talking to you and that this wasn’t just a dream. “Are you okay?” He gave you a soft smile, eyes questioning your far-off demeanor.

“I’m-I’m fine.” You lied, and he seemed satisfied with you answer and asked if you were going to be joining everyone else as the went out for dinner. You politely shook your head, not wanting to stutter for the second time. You already were so unappealing without it.

“I’ll see you later then…” He nodded and you bit your lip harshly, pretending to turn your attention back to your paperwork. You couldn’t tell him. He would never care anyway. He would never tell you that he yearned for you the same way that you pined for him.

You’d say, “I’m sorry, believe me, I love you but not in that way.”

Been thinking about some things lately, so I just want to take a minute to say I’m sorry. If I’ve ever trashed the character you love, if I’ve ever been negative about your ship, if I’ve ever pissed on your favorite aspects of the story, I’m sorry. I try to be respectful in my criticisms. We all have them. But I know I’ve slipped before and made mistakes. And I hope it’s never made any of you feel shitty in any way because I know how miserable that feels. If it has, I’m sorry and I hope that you get everything you want and more in ACOWAR for the parts of the story you are invested in. You guys mean a lot to me, so feel free to call me out on my shit if/when I go too far. In the meantime, I’ll continue working on how I express myself. xx

Dear Jealousy,

Why are you here with me? You shouldn’t be in my mind, but there you are.

They’re just friends… but every time I see him look at her, I wonder if he’d be happier with her and not me. And it’s all because of you. Because of you I over exaggerate everything. Because you I can only see and think about this; how he’s always seems to be smiling around her, and laughing, and how they do practically everything together. You make my heart hurt. You make my love cower. You make me feel like I’m not good enough. Have you been talking with insecurity lately? Because you both tell me that she’s prettier, she’s smarter, she’s nicer, funnier, sweeter, cooler, better, and that she would probably would make him happier.

But she’s my friend to.

Which makes me feel worse.

For the love of god, go away. And take everything else that’s negative with you.


For those scared about tomorrow

Everything is gonna be ok. We just have to band together and remember we are stronger than them and can love eachother and protect eachother no matter who we are who or what we love and what we look like. As the crewniverse would say" is there anything thats worth more than peace and love on the planet earth" “so take a moment to think of just flexibility love and trust” i love you all stay safe and im here in anyway possible

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I legit freaked out when I saw the picture of Seb in costume with the 'stache. He looks so much like my dad and now everything is weird. I still love him to bits though!

I bet that was weird for you. I think the thing for me that caught me off guard was the jeans. I didnt expect them to be so mom jeans jeans, if that makes any sense. But yes I still love him cuz he’s just doing what the directors and producers want for the part and if he wasnt such a great actor he wouldn’t be able to pull it off like he is. thx for your ask!

Im so happy to be getting all this positive feedback about the stache. 

I’ve just decided I hate positivity posts. That’s where I’m at.

They are always vaguely shaming like “OMG how could you not love everything ever?!?”

They are always slightly holier than thou.

And they never make me appreciate the thing more they just make me like the poster less.

best things about wearing gas masks:


the very satisfying sound breathing makes

petting your nice dolphiny warm cheeks and flat plastic fly eyes

being shuttered makes me stop being anxious love that!

the feeling of having cheeks squeezed is like someone loves you and is holding your face

looks cool., goes with everything

dont have to wear makeup

can wear wigs

all songs sound like shoegaze

worst thing about wearing gas masks:

when the lenses foggy when u dont breathe exactly right

matybe can give u zits

“miss we got a call are you all right” “yeah officer i just…i like to wear gas masks…..”

alll songs sound like shoegaze

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I've been seeing a lot of fantastic trans people on here say how people see them as straight female and it makes me so sad, partly cause I know how it feels. Its even worse when you're a feminine gay guy :/ (1/? cause im running outta characters)

But I don’t want y'all to give up hope okay! Someday someone will see you as who you are, even if you’re pre everything! Trust me, I believed nobody would treat me as who i am but then i found the best boyfriend ever who does!  And I love him so much and all you wonderful people deserve to feel that love too! If any of you wanna vent to me about this topic my ask box is always open yo. I may not be the best at advice but i have a lot of cute animal pictures! Stay strong 💕

wonderful things do happen, boys, there’s proof. it just needs time

i just remember one thing from seeing troye live and it was how at home i felt, and how he sang exactly about what i was feeling, and how he’s struggled so much and is now so proudly open about everything and how reassuring that is for everyone to see, for his fans who went through the same, for anyone stumbling upon this song by accident, all those things. it was so rreal and raw and open.

and now this video is exactly all that combined into one music video. he’s not skirting around it, he’s just loud and open and it. is. so. beautiful.

god christ i love troye sivan so much

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I know that a lot of us like, collectively unstanned Dinah a while ago, and I'm not saying I'm a D girl again, but honestly how freakin cute is she! Liking all of these h4rmony post and being so pumped up and posting about her and her girls on all of her accounts. She posted more about 5h tonight then C did the entire time she was in the group lmao. Idk I just love this era!!! I love Fifth H4rmony!!! I love everything

same anon!!


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Are you anti gay? Do you really love all?

I am against same sex marriage, but I am not against people who experience same sex attraction. We are all sinners, we all have crosses to bear, and we are all children of God. We must encourage each other to fight temptation and sin and strive for sainthood. (Just to clarify, same sex attraction itself is not a sin, but acting on those desires is.)

I believe in everything that the Church teaches regarding this. People who experience same sex attraction should live chaste lives. They should be treated with compassion and defended against people who bully them.

You don’t have to agree with everything that a person believes and does in order to love and care about them.

A side note, one of my best friends is gay. He knows my beliefs and everything. For one of his college essays, the prompt was “Talk about a time you encountered someone with differing views”. He decided to write about me. It was a really beautiful essay about how we’re great friends despite major differences in our beliefs.

So yes, I love everyone. I don’t care who you are, what you do, what you have done, what you say, what you have said, or even what you think of me. I will still love you, care about you, and defend you.

Pax et Bonum,

María de Fátima

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All I can think about is that part in freddieismyqueen crack8 : "all I do is win" YES LOUIS YOU ARE WINNING EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW and I am so proud to be here and see him be relieved. I can't wait for all of it to be over, and as much as I love it would be great if I could just disappear and come back on red carpets with Harry for Dunkirk promo :)