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Y’all let’s talk about WINGS album solo songs. No, specifically, let’s talk about Kim Seokjin’s solo song for the WINGS album okay. I’ll be using this source because I didn’t translate the lyrics myself and as an International ARMY I’ll use English translations. I’ll also use these sources here for various references used in this analysis: x x

OKAY, so, we know that Jin wrote his own lyrics (with a helping hand from a few members and other staffs) as well as had a hand in composing his own song this time around. (he explained that it was his first time helping compose and that he was nervous and it was difficult). Jin has done writing on lyrics from many other BTS songs in the past, and has always expressed very anxiously and excitedly that he enjoys writing lyrics.

So, we know that BTS wrote their lyrics for their songs or at least had a hand in writing the lyrics. So, this leads to: Jungkook’s song being about his love for his Hyungs and how they helped him to grow and ‘become himself’, Yoongi’s song being about music. Hoseok’s track being @/to his mother, etc.

These songs are all dedications and their deep personal feelings. They were given a chance to do a solo track and have a hand writing lyrics and composing. The concept is about growing up and fighting hardships at it’s core, when broken down to the simplest concept. So, their solo songs really say alot about who they are and how they feel.

Let me tell you this. This will be a long breakdown, very long. Jin is someone who is routinely put on the back-shelf as a singer and musician within Bangtan. Most of his lines within the distribution of BTS is harmonizing and bridges. He is without a doubt the least appreciated/popular/recognized member within BTS by both Bighit and the fans as well. Not because he isn’t just as talented but that’s just the way it is. Why??? idk it’s a mystery. So, what did he do with his moment of truth, his moment to shine, his solo song he had a hand not just writing but producing, where he can make a declaration that he wants as long as it doesn’t conflict with the concept??

믿는 게 아냐
버텨보는 거야
할 수 있는 게
다 이것뿐이라서 

It’s not that I believe (it)
(But that) I want to try holding out
Because this is
All that I can do 

Jin is a member who is repeatedly treated as the ‘extra’ member of BTS. He’s the hyung, has a beautiful, literally ANGELIC voice, but the least popularity in rankings and the least vocal distribution in songs.

Yeah it’s my truth
It’s my truth
온통 상처투성이겠지
But it’s my fate
It’s my fate
그래도 발버둥치고 싶어

Maybe I I can never fly
저기 저 꽃잎들처럼
날갤 단 것처럼은 안 돼
Maybe I I can’t touch the sky
그래도 손 뻗고 싶어
달려보고 싶어 조금 더

Yeah it’s my truth
It’s my truth
I will be covered with wounds all over
But it’s my fate
It’s my fate
Still, I want to struggle (and fight)

Maybe I, I can never fly
I can’t (fly) like the flower petals over there
Or as though I have wings
Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky
Still, I want to stretch my hand out
I want to run, just a bit more

Yes, I recognize that this song fits in with the main character and concept of the BTS HYYH and beyond, concept. But please, recognize that this is Jin pouring his fucking heart out okay.

A man who is coNSTANTLY the underdog of this group, the one who is always overlooked, singing a song about how it’s possibly that he will never be able to reach the level he wants to, and yet he will continue fighting anyways.

Maybe I, I can never fly
I can’t (fly) like the flower petals over there

Did this literally fuck anyone else up? (BTW this is the voice of a TRUE fucking ANGEL).

Listen, don’t tell me that Jin isn’t unappreciated because he’s criminally underappreciated. Tell me that this song isn’t literally the most symbolic, beautiful thing.

People want to label him as only the handsome guy, or the house ‘mom’ and laugh at him, occasionally swerve into his lane when he looks good, etc. But let he fucking tell you what, Kim Seokjin is a fucking MIRACLE.

This is a man who once said that he hates dance more than anything, and yet literally never complains when dancing—works hard, memorizes every single dance without fail, performs them better than any cover dances I’ve ever seen, performs them day in and day out—performs them even when he’s in pain, even when he doesn’t feel he’s a good dancer. This is a man that people make fun of relentlessly for his dancing when all he does is work veryv ery very hard at it. 

This is a man who trained in acting, who trains his vocals and they improve so much every single year. Even though his voice is barely utilized to it’s full potential he still improves so much and practices so much.

This is a man who only ever puts on a brave face and jokes and smiles with ARMYs even though he knows he’s ranked the lowest among fans (particularly in SoKo fanpolls). Always takes care of Bangtan like the good Hyung/eldest that he is even though he was the youngest in his family. Who is the first one to notice that the other members are upset and run to their side, who feeds them, supports them, praises them. Supports and loves and showers ARMY with attention. All the while covering up any awkwardness or insecurities he might feel by joking around or making ‘handsome Jin’ comments.

And he poured his heart into this song. Not to be dramatic but this Solo song practically has more lines than Jin has recieved within BTS in the last 2 whole albums tbh. I mean, not literally but who the hell is counting? Jin stans are because they can’t catch a break.

I’m just saying, please stop, take a second, listen to the fucking PASSION he sings with, listen to the lyrics, read the lyrics, take in the lyrics. Recognize the parallels between the concept and what he represents there, and what he as a person and idol deals with every single day.

Because Kim Seokjin is a blessing to this Earth and it’s time we stop boxing him into the goofy handsome house mom stereotype and occasionally being like ‘everyone pay more attention to Jin’ and then everyone goes back on their way without fucking actually doing it. I’m guilty of this too, SO many ARMY sleep on Jin. We should stop this. He really honestly doesn’t deserve it.

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i must say that after listening to harry's album, he didn't really establish who he is as a solo artist. it was not indicative of himself and more of the type of music he likes to listen to. what will the next album sound like? we don't know because this one was so different track to track. i think he tried to do too many things right off the bat

i’ve only listened to the full album once so far, but i can definitely relate to what you’re saying. rambling, as always, under the cut: 

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There are two thousand five hundred tumblr dashes getting this message when I post it. Two. Thousand. Five. Hundred. Holy fucking grandpas that’s a mindboggling lot of you!

I’m gonna get to posting the celebratory art soon, but first, I’m gonna leave a sappy rant about what this blog means to me under the cut. 

TL;DR? I love my Followers! I love this fandom! I love gross old men! I love making art! THANK YOU for enjoying the art I make! Cheers!

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It doesn't matter how different our language or culture is, 
or how far we are from each other. An smile or the sound
of a laugh means and shares a same warm feeling. It's
contagious, because suddenly you are smiling and
sharing the moment with them.

U-KISS is love, a family that isn't because of the blood
in their bodies but a big bond that only a true friendship
can do. And not only between them, because they also
have the ability to make bonds with their fans. Kissme
meets another Kissme and this beautiful family grows
up more and more. And it's so cute how they give a
nice welcome to new people. Old and new times...
they are all precious and have a lot of meaning
for them and for me.

I only have 3 years being a Kissme, but I feel like
if I followed them since the beginning. They give
me strength and courage, something that I couldn't find in
myself until I saw them showing it. I didn't know the
meaning of hard work before them. They also gave
me self-steem, especially my bias. I know a lot of
people who was changed and helped by them and
even when it's weird, you won't know about it until
that happens to you. I get teary everytime I think
deeply about them, because I feel pretty, I'm
happier and I like myself more because of
U-KISS. They are my rainbow, my sunshine,
the light that bright for me when everything it's
dark. I met amazing people because of them too.

I would like to share everything with you, but I
can't express my feelings so easily without cry
or be cheesy haha. You guys are more just than
only a group of idols who sing and dance. That's
why somethimes I don't think I'm just a fan.
I also would like to meet them, seeing them
smiling in person and breath the same air that
them. But even when I'm only another little
person in the Earth, I'll be happy only seeing
them being happy. 'Cause I cry with them,
I laugh with them, I share my life with them.

The one that warms my heart is you, U-KISS ♥
Thank you so much for every single moment that
you gave me, for everything. I love every single
one of you, my 10 beautiful little stars. Let's
share more adventures together! I'll be with
you until the very end~

U-KISS; Alexander, Soohyun, Kibum, Kiseop,
Eli, AJ, Hoon, Kevin, Dongho and Jun.
Happy 6th anniversary. I love you with
all my heart!! ♥ FIGHTING!

- Gabby ~