i just love every single character in these books

I’m an observer. I stay quiet, lowkey, taking in everything I can. Stolen glances, facial expressions, the way our eyes can light up, or as if there’s a whole universe imbedded in them. I pay attention when you think no one is looking, that’s when you learn the most about someone. The little mannerisms that make everyone so unique. I’m fascinated by the way people interact with each other. How someone looks at the person they love when their talking about their day. How completely focused and consumed a person is when reading a good book. The way you can tell how much hardship the world has put someone through when they talk about pain. How trusting someone is by how much they share about themselves because they’ve never been hurt. I feel disconnected from most people I come across, and I’m a very good judge of character because of this. Every conversation I engage myself in you may think it’s just a normal talk, but I analyze every single aspect of it. I notice the little things that mean so much to me.

But get this: I just really love Twilight. Everything about it. The good, the bad, the movies, cast, soundtrack, every single book, the very state of Washington, major characters, minor characters, the atmosphere, the vampires, werewolves, humans, the vehicles, the directors, the headcanons, fanfictions, fancasts, Stephenie Meyers website, the love triangle, all the backstories, every ship (canon or not) even if I don’t ship it, the crazy fans from 2009, the cheesy merchandise, the love triangle, the obsessiveness on a whole other level, I didn’t even have any feelings about rain, but now I love it…like try me…I love it all.


favorite character memeepisodes [1/5]

This book. This is Dad’s single most valuable possession, everything he knows about every evil thing is in here. And he’s passed it on to us. I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, saving people, hunting things. The family business.

RFA+V+SAERAN: If they’re a doodler or a writer

Spoilers: Maybe slight NSFW-ish mention? Again (and most likely always), name reveal! Also, some after story spoilers!

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           -IT’S EVERYWHERE

           -His homework? DOODLES! School book? DOODLES! Letter that MC is making him write to his mother? DOODLES!

           -He’ll doodle his LOLOL character, him and MC, or just some random cute animal faces!

           -You know, every single piece of paper he’s ever come across has a star on it somewhere

           -His signature has a star incorporated into it!

           -Takes this habit with him when he graduates and gets a job as a vet

           -“Yoosung, you can’t keep drawing dogs on the patients charts.” “Why not! I work with animals all day!! It works out!” “This chart’s for a bird, not a dog”



           -He works with stories all the time as an actor! It’s only natural to want to make a few of his own!

           -Despite dropping out of school and all, he isn’t half bad

           - Never finished writing an actual story in his life

           -He’s the type to start a story, but lose interest in it fairly quickly

           -You’ll find all the stories and vague ideas written nicely in a notebook or two

           -“ONCE UPON A TIME-” “Zen, please, that line’s so overused.” “But princess :(”

           -Even tries to write his own play a few different times!

           - No, Zen, you can’t play every character


           -As much as she loves Zen’s plays and good literature…

           -DOODLER! (bitch you thoUGHT)

           -She’s always having to rewrite reports for Jumin because she mindlessly doodles all over them when she’s trying to think

           -Another boring presentation done by Jumin, another dozen reports have doodles on them

           -She’ll doodle simple things, like coffee cups, flowers, that water bottle in front of her…

           -She’d rather be dead than doodle little kitties though (Damn Elizabeth)

           -Never keeps the doodles though, so if you see one, you’re very lucky

           -It’s probably when you decide to help her with her ridiculous work load every now and then and organize her papers for her



           -He reads enough romance novels, might as well write his own, too

           -“He trapped her against the wall, carefully tying the silk tie around her wrists as his tongue paid careful attention to her-” “JUMIN PLEASE CAN YOU NOT READ WHAT YOU WRITE OUT LOUD?!”

           -He puts work before his writing though, so he makes sure everything is done before switching gears to write

           -Sometimes he’s in his home office for hours, and you assume he’s just working very hard for an upcoming project

           -You make him some tea, and come in to find he’s typing away on his laptop like no tomorrow

           -“Oh wow, you’re working really hard! What is the project on this ti- Jumin, that’s not work” “Ah, yes, MC, I’m very aware. Would you like to proofread it? Or perhaps reenact the scene?”



           -He’s writing code all day long, why would he want to write MORE?

           -Therefore, DOODLER!

           -You can find pages and post-it notes all around the house with doodles on them

           -Doodles stars, space ships, and kitties!

           -You found a dickbutt on the milk carton once and threatened to throw it at him and all he did was snicker in response

           -“Saeyoung, care to explain why I walked around today with a sticky note with a diCK DRAWN ON IT STUCK TO MY JACKET?” “I was letting people know that your jacket was riDICKulous!” “Get away from me”

           -One time, you gathered all of his doodles of stars and spaceships, and spent the day sticking them all over the ceiling of your shared bedroom

           -He didn’t notice until he came in way after you had fallen asleep waiting for him

           -You know this lil tomato shed a few happy tears once he saw that you had spelt “I love you” in the stars



           -Hello, “a picture is worth a thousand words”????

           -He likes to write little stories for each one of his photographs

           -Usually, he makes a story out of the events that happened on that day

           -Rreeaallllyy good at description words, and can paint a picture in your mind of how everything looked, felt, sounded, he had it ALL

           -If you request it, he’ll take a favourite photograph of yours and make up a story for it on the spot

           -“V, can you add dinosaurs into the story?” “If that’s what you want, sure sweetheart” (help me this is my sunshine)

           -If you’re having a bad day, he’ll pull out some of the stories and help you relive a happy moment with him

           -Sometimes he makes it into a game- He’ll read the description and you have to guess what the picture is of!


           -Okay, this little baby has to be a doodler

           -He’s not very good at expressing his emotions with words, so he finds that doodling helps him to get it out

           -Like Saeyoung, you’ll find doodles in random places, but you’ll realize that from time to time, it’s a game of hide and seek

           -He’ll leave these doodles as clues to where he is, or what he wants

           -Sometimes he’ll just stick a post-it note on your forehead with a face on it to show how he’s feeling

           -Most of the time he just likes to stick the post-it notes on your face to watch you pout at him afterwards

           -A lot of doodles of ice cream cones

           -*Dumps a purse-full of post-it’s with ice creams drawn on them onto the floor* “Saeran?” “Hm?” “Do you….do you want to go get ice cream?” “Well since you’re offering, yes, yes I do.”


so i have started reading the grisha triogy by leigh bardugo after reading six of crows. for some reason i thought its Impossible for me to like it as much as i liked six of crows. that was a severe error of judgement of course because im halfway through book three and i have loved every single moment in the series.

i highly recommend for anyone who likes fantasy, romance and interesting world building.

i havent been able to stop reading GDI

now to talk about this the darkling becausE I HAVE TO ADDRESS THIS MATTER: I HAVE VERY STRONG AND VERY CONFLICTING FEELINGS ABOUT HIM and so does alina maybe

on one hand i despise him for literally all the things hes done on the other though i would still definitely kiss him at least once or twice or more and that is Terrible!!!!

alright ive said my piece haha


I just finished The King’s Men in the All For the Game series. Oh my god, this was one of the best book series I have ever read. I loved every single moment of it. I loved that the ending was fierce and strong and they all made it through. I love the characters more than anything I have encountered in books thus far. Neil, Andrew, Matt, Nicky, Dan, they all bring me so much joy. I’m going to reread this soon, just to revisit them, to walk along side them all over again. God, I wish Exy was real, it sounds incredible. It’s everything I love of basketball and water polo but raised to a beautiful level. I just really loved these books, in case you cannot tell.

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gimme at least 5 reasons why your favorite book is your fav

ooO okay!!! my favorite book is milkweed by jerry spinelli !!!!

  • it changed my perspective on the fragility and importance of life, and how easily it can come and go which is a very powerful thing
  • it provides an incredibly unique perspective on a time period that is both devastating and interesting to me
  • i adore the way it is written, some might see it as choppy but i think it gives off a very captivating tone
  • i fell in love with every single character and wanted the book to go on just to learn more about them
  • i’ve read it in bad times and it has made me feel very lucky and happy to be alive

aaah hello i am hanna and probably the most confused member of this group but honestly im just super happy to be in it!!

name: hanna
url: neilswesninski / waldensbeck
pronouns: she/her
country: canada :)
birthday: feb 23rd
sexuality: bisexual or pansexual (trying to figure out which im more comfortable with)
fave skam character: how do i choose?? i love all my kids
when did you join the skam fandom?: when daf forced me to watch it im not sure exactly when (maybe november)
other fandoms: tfc, voltron and skam are my current faves but honestly i love every single book and tv show and singer or anything out there

message from another member that totally made my day: hanna is one of the kindest and funniest people i follow. her tags are so fun to read, and they always put a smile on my face. she is such a kind soul and her passion for the things she loves makes me so happy:) she is an amazing person deserving of so much love and happiness, i’m so glad to be apart of the same family as such a wonderful person!💗💗

honestly im just super happy to be in this net?? i was kinda missing for a while but i’ll be back full swing but honestly everyone has been so nice and sweet and funny i love everyone here. also thanks to everyone who follows and checks out this net i love you all :)

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EXPANSE SEASON 2 miller continues to be a disaster garbage fire

So I’m finally getting around to watching season 2 (my first week post-op I just rewatched the Great British Bake Off, because I needed Good Wholesome Programming™ I could zone out to), and I love that Miller has seriously just HARDCORE embraced what a garbageboy disaster he is, like full-on unshaven crazy-eyed nihilism and all.

My favorite self-destructive dumpster fire.  <3

Other things:

  • TV!Holden continues to be an endless improvement over his hopelessly bland book counterpart (henceforth known as Oatmeal!Holden), although he’s still way less interesting than literally every single other character on the Roci
  • me, prior to starting S2: hmm, I wonder if I still ship Naomi/Amos?
  • me, literally ten minutes into the first episode: YYYYYYYYYUP SURE DO!!!!!!
  • then again, I sorta ship Amos with everyone, really, up to and including Miller (because BOY HOWDY do I like ships where they converse primarily by decking each other in the face, DO I EVER)
  • it’s been long enough since I read the books that I really like how they’ve changed things up wrt Bobbie and her introduction into the story
  • oh my god Miller please take a shower and put on an entire shirt, you utterly disgusting greaseball
  • (ugh I’m so into his whole entire gross aesthetic, it’s SO FUCKING EMBARRASSING)
  • I’m not kidding about wanting Bobbie to carry me around, though, I LOVE HER I LOVE HER SO MUCH
  • and then there’s Chrisjen, who continues to give Lord Vetinari a run for his money when it comes to carefully manipulating  e v e r y t h i n g, because she’s the goddamn queen
  • I’m so glad this show is back

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I really like your iasp fanart? you have this style when you're not matching the physical appearances of the actors 100% but you capture their likeness and get across their personality just from one drawing. i love that dennis seems to be wearing mascara on the verge of smearing in every single drawing, even in the younger pictures--the young gang pics are all A+ btw, the world needs more young gang. if they ever plan out an official comic of the show you should submit your work, it's so good

Thank you! I do have a preference for, uh, cartoonification over likeness (I’m not very good at likenesses, and also it’s just more fun this way?) And with Sunny, the tone of the show just begs for the characters to be exaggerated. 

Man, that IASIP comic book sounds like a dream though.

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every single page was like “someone please give this boy a hug. he deserves one” like I’ve never read a book with main characters I just LIKED so much. I’d never want to live in that world but I would read a hundred books of just Maia And His Friends Doing Stuff. especially if it included Csethiro being awesome (THE LETTER. THE OFFERING TO DUEL PEOPLE. i love her)

10 Favourite Characters

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(And I have WAY more than 10 favourite characters and it’s soooo hard to choose…so LEMME JUST GO WITH THESE ONES FOR NOW.)

1. Every Single Raven Boy ~ The Raven Cycle (shhh I know I’m cheating)
2. Katniss Everdeen ~ The Hunger Games
3. Theodore Finch ~ All The Bright Places
4. Finn ~ Bone Gap
5. Jon Snow ~ A Song of Ice and Fire
6. A.I.D.A.N ~ Illuminae
7. Nathan ~ Half Bad
8. Nikolai ~ The Grisha Trilogy
9. Mark Blackthorn ~ Lady Midnight
10. Cath ~ Fangirl

I just read Aristotle and Dante for the 4th time and I still cry every single time. I found it in my school library and picked it up bc the cover was pretty little did I know this book would change me in so many ways. Reading it I never once thought this book is stupid or this part is boring. I read it cover to cover and every single time I do I fall more deeply in love with it and all the characters.

Help me

Help, I started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender a few weeks ago.

It started out pretty good, just a normal, cute, kids’ show, nothing to get obsessed over, right?


By the end of Book 1 (Water), I was on the edge of my seat. I have fallen in love with every. Single. Character.

Book 2 (Earth) was just as amazing. I laughed and I cried. (mostly laughed)

I just recently began Book 3 (Fire) and now I just want to cry. A feeling of dread has set in…it’s almost over!!?!?!? This is it!!!!!?????


There are no episodes that I dislike. I have never, ever felt this attached to a show like this before (Sorry, Doctor Who). I’ve never shipped characters this hard before.

So. Freaking. CUTE.

My heart….the feels are too much.

Please, Avatar fandom, if you can hear me…help me…

How do I bring the happy feeling I had when I first began back?

And yes, I know about the Legend of Korra, but what I really want is just more of these specific characters and their stories right now.


Here’s one of the official Dragon Quest IV official guide books from 1990. It’s full of a lot of lovely art I had never seen before for the most minor of characters and items. Here are some of my favorite highlights.

First, we have my favorite page in the book, because Alena looks sweet in her toga-dress, Maya looks wonderful in her 80s workout outfit, and Borya is just hilarious. Next, it’s cool to see Ragnar in other armors befitting a royal knight.

I’m amazed that pretty much every single character of minor importance gets a little blurb. Cynthia on the right there makes sense, but I have no clue who Jill is to the left of her. I can read their Japanese names, but I’m more familiar with minor characters’ English names.

I don’t remember an important dog. I can’t believe he warrants a place here haha. The next page has some old men who, despite having the same sprites, have different art, which I appreciate.

I adore Lucia’s art. She’s adorable. The last thing of note is just how amusing some of the transliterations are. “Rollins” is clearly supposed to be Laurence, but due to the limitations of Japanese when writing foreign names, Rollins is technically correct too. Other fun names include Lyon instead of Ryan (Ragnar) and Arena instead of Alena.

you know what makes me so angry?

i told a male friend that i was a marvel fan, and his immediate response was to laugh in my face. because, as he oh-so-eloquently stated, “i bet you just love the avengers because the actors are sexy and hot. i mean, c’mon, you’re a girl. what do you honestly know about marvel? i bet you just say that and then swoon over chris evans and his shirtless scenes.”

okay, so maybe i don’t know everything about every super hero character in the marvel universe. i’m new to the fandom. i haven’t read every single comic book. and, yes, i do find much of the cast attractive, but, can you blame me? do you know how amazing scarlett johansson is?

i admit to all of these things.

but that doesn’t give you the right to say that i am not a fan because i am a girl. not knowing every single thing does not make you any less of a fan. also, another important thing: superheroes and comics are not only for males to enjoy.

don’t ever assume that a girl only likes a certain tv show/movie/book (character) because of looks.

stop trying to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed for being a female.

Confession:  I don’t think the Voice Actors get nearly enough credit for how incredible they are! They nailed just about every single line the writers gave them and I know how much it made us fall in love with the characters. It really gives me hope that one day Voice Acting and Video Gaming will be considered as valid a form of art as films and books. So to them I say: thank you!

When I started to read Cinder in beginning of this month I didn’t expect much. I have heard a lot of good things about these book, but still thought I wouldn’t  enjoy them as much as everyone else seems to do. 

But ooh how wrong was I?! I ended up loving this series. The characters is just out of this world and I adore every single one of them. I gave all the books 5/5 stars, and I cannot wait for Winter to come out. Is it weird I want November to be here now?

i. god, it was the way she really hated spy books. she liked the characters enough when they were likeable, but action bored her. she put up with it, though - she read every single spy book i owned. just so she could start a conversation with me the next day in math class, asking to borrow the next one.

ii. god, it was the way she sang for me every opportunity she got. and she tried so hard to impress me. if there was a coffeehouse she practiced on her guitar every night for a week, and every time before she performed she’d say a few words on why she loved me. and then she winked and twisted her index and thumb into a little heart and sang her heart out.

iii. god, it was the way she smiled. especially in the summer. in the summer, she only wore dresses and left her hair long and down. it’s wavy and dark red and the prettiest hair. when she smiled, her green eyes crinkled with little lines, and sometimes i counted her summertime freckles before i kissed her.

iv. god, it was the way she was always there for me. she never failed to laugh at my jokes no matter how terrible they were, and i could always count on her to text me back. i’d call her at three and she’d come to school the next day with a tray of chocolate chip muffins. they were always a little burnt, and a little salty, but they tasted a lot like love.

v. oh dear god, it was the way she looked at me. with a lot of love and a little hunger. like i was her favourite thing in the world. there was so much love in her gaze. that much love makes you trust a person. although i guess i wasn’t her favourite thing after all, because even with all that, she left without a word.

—  Excerpt from a book I might write #1 // lily rose.