i just love every character so much

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AH! I love your Actor!AU for part 4! I was thinking about something similar a while back but for the entire anime cast. Ex: Young Dio being the biggest dog lover, playing with Danny during breaks every chance he could get before they finished filming episode 1. Oldseph is just as much of a prankster/trickster on set as his in-show character. The cast loves to joke around, but he is THE undefeated champion of silly on-set shenanigans. And Jotaro is warm and easy-going, and gives great hugs.

I honestly just am in love with everyone being so warm and nice off the camera, I want them all to get along and be great off-set and then turn into UTTER ASSHOLES in front of the camera, THIS IS GOOD STUFF

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Why can't Caitlin and Julian just be platonic bff's like her and Cisco. Honestly she just needs a relationship free season for once, give her some time for personal growth. Also isn't Julian supposed to have that girlfriend he mentioned in episode 6 or was that just something he made up. Uh flash writers stop doing this to me. (Haha still trash for this show tho)

Honestly, I never understood the appeal of romantic relationships on tv shows (unless they’re gay haha), and the Flash is overkilling it rn. I’m not watching the Flash to see who gets paired with whom but somehow the romance seems to be at the center of it all, the driving force that propels the plot forward, which is completely unnecessary in my opinion.

The Flash has so much more to offer than the repetitive love stories between the ‘heterosexual’ characters, but it somehow brings the focus back to romance after every crazy, fun adventure, again ‘unnecessary’. Just take 3x13 for example, they went to Gorilla City for fuck’s sake, it was crazy, adventurous, awesome and totally what I came here to watch, but how did they wrap up the episode? By bringing every available STRAIGHT character together: wally/Jessie, Caitlin/Julian (omg no, JUST NO) and barry/iris. I mean, sure love is important, but this is starting to feel too much like some cheesy soap opera. Do we really need this? Argh.

Oh and Julian’s gf? Totally made-up. He only brought up that excuse to ward off suspicions that he’s gay but we know better, even if the show itself tries to force that lovely gay child into a het relationship to appease the majority of viewers (」><)」

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Favorite stydia scene in every season... good luck ;)


s1- “i’m pretty sure i’m the only person who knows how smart you really are” will always get me bc HE KNEW FOR SO LONG AND IGJISAIGAIG (molotov cocktail and what the hell is a stiles are honorable mentions)
s2- “death doesn’t happen to you lydia, it happens to everyone around you” i just love this quote and moment so much in general but it is also really telling of both lydia and stiles and where their characters are at this point in the show
s3b- galvanize red string scene FOREVERNALWAYZZZ
s4- TURN IT OFFFFFF also the 4x06 hug is an honorable mention
s6a- i didn’t say it back…you don’t have to…i’m still sobbing idek

send me “what’s your favorite…” asks :)

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lets discuss

#1 Sam Drake

Sam is a cinnamon roll that needs to be protected. He is everything right in this world, and he loves his baby brother so much, and I (and a lot of others in this fandom) will protect him until I die. Totally fuckable 10/10

#2 Nathan Drake

Nate is a lil ball of sunshine that also deserves everything right in this world. He is a smol bean just trying to make it through the world and deserves no more suffering. 

#3 The Game

Alright, this game is god damn BEAUTIFUL. Every aspect about it is amazing, from the details to the scenery to the CHARACTERS. UGH ITS SO PERFECT

when you finish i need you to let me know your reaction. i want to know your thoughts. i want to know what you’re feeling.

be prepared for the endless nights of thinking about the sam and nate and the game

i welcome you into the fandom 

i wish you the best of luck


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Hey! I love ur art! I wanted to ask you about your style. It's really unique. Did you have any inspiration or did you just draw something and like the style you used?

Thank you so much! And thank you for this ask!

When I was a kid I tried really hard to imitate the style of Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon. I had no eye for art so it was super crappy doodles. And I drew every character I liked on all of my TV shows and video games. (I still have a ton of them. I never throw anything away. I’m 26 and still have art from seventh grade ooops). I drew fanart for everything I watched or played. I drew a ton of Digimon (I drew a Mimi I was super proud of in fifth grade and I think that’s when I got serious about drawing all the time), Legend of Zelda, Inuyasha, Naruto, and Final Fantasy (which I still draw for all the time). Its always been shoujo manga that I tried to imitate though. In high school, I tried to imitate Shugo Chara. I never colored anything, btw. It was all sketches. I didn’t start attempting to even color anything until college. I got a job at a craft store and used my discount to collect copics and prismacolors. 

My art kind of just kind of grew into what it is now. Its basically if I like it or not. If I see something that I think I can learn from, I try it out. When I first started drawing digitally, I watched a speedpaint or tutorial every time I drew a new piece. I don’t watch that many any more because I feel confident in the style I’ve developed. I kind of combined what I liked and ignored what didn’t work for me. I didn’t even think I had a consistent style until a year ago. Honestly, I’m so stuck in the way I draw I don’t think I could draw other people’s styles at all.   

Thank you so much for this ask and the compliment again. I actually ended up sitting and going through all of my old artwork because of this ask. It meant a lot.

as a gay person i can’t even begin to express how much yoi has done for me and every episode just continue to build the healthiest, most pure relationship I’ve ever seen and the fact that they’re lgtb is honestly changing my life

I will never be able to properly express my gratitude to these characters and the creators of this show im in shock that someone took a gay relationship and presented it as it always should have been presented; as a deep bond between two people that just happens to be of the same sex

I’m in tears thank you so much yuri on ice for showing me that my love is also valuable and worth writing about


What I really love about Feyre and Rhys’s love story is that it wasn’t a cheap shot. It wasn’t a “choose who you love more” love triangle.

Even right down to their first meeting was intentional and had a story behind it. It wasn’t a “Oh yes, I met you by chance and now I’m in love you” love story.

Rhys has loved Feyre for 3 years, even if she didn’t return the feelings at first. They got to actually know each other and become friends before mating. Rhys gave Feyre the safety and peace she needed to heal before they were officially together.

Feysand is honestly just the most awesome YA power couple that I’ve had the pleasure of reading about. There was always an explanation behind every one of their stories. Sarah didn’t write it as “I am the author, so what I say goes.” No, she actually explained their relationship and made it believable with back stories and character development.

I just love it so much.

phil has blue eyes and black hair and he’s tall, shy and nerdy. he is the main character of every book and every movie, the one who has a soft personality and wild eyes, the one who’s freckles make constallations and the one who rarely laughs, but when he does its like music to our ears. his mind is a labyrinth and his thoughts seldom spoken out loud, making him a mystery

The Artemis Fowl books advocate for the environment, deal with misogyny in the workplace and the need for feminism, and has some of the best character development arcs like ever over the span of eight books. Also, there’s magic and fairies with guns and time travel and a whole lot of sarcasm and really no downside to reading them

noah fence but i literally can’t get over the fact that isak at the beginning of the season couldn’t even objectively tell eskild if a guy was attractive or not and now at the end of the season he’s telling his boyf how hot he thinks he is…,,, i just love isak & his immense character development so much I could cri

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top five reasons why you ship kagehina??

This gonna be hella long so I apologize in advance. It seems that when it comest to Kagehina I can’t stop rambling…I just love them so fucking much

1. Because they are soulmates. Ask every single Haikyuu character about Kagehina, they would all say the same thing: they’re a match made in volleyball heaven. Their electricity, their sync, and their power is undeniable, so much that basically everyone inside and outside Karasuno openly recognize it. Oikawa even treats them as an actual couple. Or better, as Hinata himself said, partners. They are so different and yet so similar, they understand each other like no one else, they’re insanely passionate about volleyball, about improving themselves, about winning. They can canonically communicate telepathically (how extra is that), they are at the same time each other’s biggest rival and supporter. Kageyama is the partner Hinata always dreamed of, while Hinata is the sun that gave Kageyama the colors of the world back.

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By the time they reach their 3rd year I have no doubt they’ll be the greatest power couple that the world has ever seen, even beating their royal predecessors Oikawa and Iwaizumi.

2. Because they are growing together. Even if the core of their relationship probably never changed, if you look back at the start of season 1, now they’re already two completely different people. But still, as deep as it already is, they’re just in the early stage of their relationship and they have plenty of room for further development, especially when it comes to communicate with each other. Kageyama was emotionally scarred, Hinata had nothing but his physical abilities to offer. They started from the very bottom, in what was the shortest “enemies to lovers” arc ever, and never stopped discovering and learning about each other since then. The growth as technical players is crystal clear, but what they changed the most about the other is the approach to life in general.

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3. Because they naturally gravitate towards the other. The famous “As long as I’m here you’re invincible” sums the concept up really well. There’s a force that drives them to always be together, to always choose each other, a force they both don’t even understand. To his much displease, Hinata can even make Kageyama act a certain way on court just by influencing him with his aura. They are linked and committed to bring out the best of each other, of being the best setter/spiker for the other first, and just then for the team. They belong to each other and, together, they made a simple volleyball team feel like home. 

4. Because you can’t keep them apart. Their fight was as devastating for us and for the team as it was for them. It’s a breaking point in their relationship. But still, in their painful time apart, every single action was directed towards the other. Kageyama even went to Oikawa asking for advices on how to deal with Hinata (let the enormity of that sink in). During the summer training camp they worked their asses off, always keeping the other in mind…remember that Kageyama could make the-toss-that-stops work only when he started imagining Hinata spiking the ball. Not to mention the geniuses training camp, the first time they were forced to be apart against their will…It’s their mutual constant support that can make them play at the top of their game, so not having the other beside them affected them both to the point that Kageyama was unable to watch another guy play without comparing him to Hinata and honestly? what the fuck

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p.s. it’s stated in the manga that the whole team is affected when they’re not in good terms with each other. Kiyoko even said that she felt “a sense of peace and tranquillity” when they were finally reunited.

5. Because they act their age. Hinata and Kageyama are just 16, they are basically still kids. In a show where the characters are often requited to act way more mature than they are, it’s so refreshing to see them behave exactly like the young boys they are. Around Hinata, Kageyama breaks his collected form and lets out his hidden immaturity. We see them have fun together, go on their own little adventures, constantly and playfully bickering, they’re messy dorks together, they fail their tests together, they are loud, extra and completely childish together. They let each other shine bright in the perfect carefreeness of youth, and that’s beautiful.

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Thank you for your message, if you need me, you could find me sobbing in the corner. 

Ask me my top 5 things!

yoi is all about yuri, his professional development, ups and downs, thoughts and feelings etc. obviously. but the thing is that every character in this show has their own backstories. yuri, yurio, minako, phichit, kenjiro, guang-hong, georgi, leo, christophe. their dreams, motives and reasons, they are so bright and different, and i honestly just ADORE every character in this show

but then there is victor, one of the main characters and yuri’s love of his life

the scene where victor watches yuri’s copy of his performance on youtube is the one and only glance into his personal life we got so far, so let’s see what can we get from it

it’s a small and minimalistic apartment which fits victor perfectly. some magazines beside sofa for one or two people, his coat hanging on that strange chair-hanger thing, some kind of cactus that doesn’t need that much time for caring of, no family photos, skating prizes, dog toys, maccachin plushies or whatever would make his home HIS. it looks lonely and empty

he’s the best of the best, has breathtaking visuals and was labeled as the hottest bachelor in the universe. literally everyone has heart eyes on his face and fame, but not HIM, and i think it kinda annoys victor and what if after years of searching he just gave up on trying to find he right person. what if yuri is THAT person. what if victor found not only his inspiration, but his REAL home in yuri

victor has very bright and cheerful personality and i’m not saying that he’s faking it, but i believe there is so much more behind that mask. turning back to the scene is victor’s apartment, his expression is deadly serious and pensive, he sighs as if he made a difficult decision

and we finally get some explanations that doesn’t really explain anything

like he decided to give himself another chance, because he felt something in yuri? 

we do know literally nothing about victor’s past and like 0,5% about what’s going on in his mind, and this makes me more curious about the story of this beautiful, golden hearted and lonely man

Just finished the second season of Fuller House and OH MY GOD. Way better than the first. Here’s the highlight.

S P O I L E R S   A H E A D   I F   Y O U   H A V E N T   S E E N   I T

  • Jackson puberty moment
  • Matt and Steve becoming bffs
  • They bringing up “One Kid can change the World” in pretty much every episode and bringing awareness on things we (or kids) can do to help the world
  • Max was gold in every single episode
  • Lola and Jackson was too adorable for this world too
  • Relatable episode about first kiss/crush and getting your heart broken
  • Max being adorable with Ramona
  • Max being furious because of broken hearted Ramona
  • “I just spent the last 25 minutes picking out the perfect outfit for Ramona’s date with you. And then I walk into THIS”
  • #protectiveMax2016
  • DJ flirting with a gay guy
  • The girls initiating Ramona on the She-Wolf pack
  • Max’s respectful polite kind of mean friend, Taylor
  • Great costumes for the Halloween Party
  • Kimmy and Fernando
  • Jackson dressing up as a bear to make DJ happy
  • “Middle” life crisis Danny
  • Joey, his wife and FOUR kids that no one likes
  • Jesse and Becky baby fighting
  • Jesse thinking he won the fight
  • DJ and Gia still not hitting it off
  • Fernando being kind of a father figure to little Max
  • Kimmy making Ramona feeling better and actually giving good advice
  • Episode of awareness for man (boys actually) that when someone says no, they don’t have any right to be a bully
  • Jackson going against his best friend to defend Ramona
  • (by the way, the started to make a good job on this scene but I hated that Popko next line after this was comic relief. They should’ve continued to be serious on the matter)
  • #awkwardJackson
  • DJ vs Taylor’s dad
  • DJ being horrible at insulting Taylor’s dad
  • Kimmy helping Stephanie on her music video
  • Matt being there to Jackson, Tommy and Max in a father way
  • (i mean, I was never a fan, but I likes some of their songs and their participation was amazing)
  • They being afraid of Kimmy
  • Steve really thoughtful gift for DJ’s birthday
  • Steve really thoughtful act to make Matt better
  • Sweet episode of making Jackson feeling better for not being good at something like Ramona and Max
  • (i love this so much because I’m glad they did a kid that just wants to be good at something but hasn’t find his thing yet. this is so relatable in so many levels)
  • (also important because they showed a boy crying for being insecure. that doesn’t happen that often)
  • kind of
  • Kimmy showing that it doesn’t matter how weird you are, you should just embrace it
  • (whatever)
  • #SteveandDJ’smoment
  • Max’s first crush
  • Max being way more smoother with girls than Jackson
  • Stephanie opening up more to love and to share personal stuff
  • DJ proposing
  • The midnight kisses (all adorable)
  • Jesse and Becky adopting a little black baby girl

The fact that there are people out there in the universe that don’t know about the greatness that is Root and Shaw is just…. my heart is truly heavy for you.

They weren’t even planned and yet ended up being my favorite ship of all time (not just out of f/f ships but m/f ones also). I will never stop screaming about them.

They were so unique. Interracial, both neurodivergent and just special in every way. I honestly have never seen another ship like them and even outside of their relationship, they were both just such amazing characters. That’s probably my favorite thing about them. They were their own women with their own arcs and they never needed the other to make them interesting or to prop them up. I actually love the fact that we got to learn about them separately first before they ever fell for each other, made them becoming canon that much more rich tbh. They were individually intriguing characters and then together they were just a force.

Despite how they ended, they’ll always be one of the best femslash couples that graced TV and if you know about their amazingness then you are living life right.

Thank you for your time. This has been a PSA.

Let’s talk about Mordo

You know what I love about Mordo? You know, besides his wonderful arc in Doctor Strange, besides the fact that Chiwetel Ejiofor played him wonderfully. Besides the fact that I now have another black character to stan for.

It’s the fact that Mordo, by simply existing as a black man within this new narrative, pretty much destroys the MCU’s favorite excuse for not giving love to Black characters (and really, every fandom is guilty of this). 

How many times have people said, “Well, I don’t look at the main characters because the villains are SO much more interesting”? Even though the “heroes” are given plenty of love in fandom spaces…but only if they’re white. People love Thor, and Captain America and Iron Man, but that same love is NEVER extended towards Falcon, or Heimdall, or War Machine. And when these characters (specifically black characters) are brought up, people always have the SAME excuses.

“They’re just not that interesting”

Despite Phil Coulson and Clint Barton (two characters who had very little to do in their respective roles besides dying/being mind controlled) having a huge fandom following post-Avengers. 

We’ve had black villains/antagonists in the MCU (see Raina, Mike Peterson, and  Korath the accuser) but those characters NEVER get the same love as Killgrave, or Loki. And when this issue is brought up people always have the same excuses:

“Korath was a one and done villain, no need to invest in him.”

“Mike and Raina were on TV shows, if they were on big budget films then it would be different” (despite Killgrave being on Netflix, and still receiving more love than either of them).

But now, we have Mordo. A black character/antagonist who is not only well acted, well-written, and interesting, but he’s also poised to be an important part of the MCU mythos moving forward. He has all the makings of a three-dimensional character (his views are well defined, and he has a code that he sticks to.)

And people are straight up ignoring him. He’s essesntially become the fandom’s new Rhodey (a wonderful black character who is ignored in favor of everything else…in the case of Doctor Strange, that “everything else” would be a sentient piece of cloth. 

And no, the excuse of Mordo being “badly written” (which I disagree with wholeheartedly) is not a sufficient excuse either. Not when fandom goes out of its way to assign intricate backstories to random characters (take Darcy Lewis, for example)

So, thank you Mordo. Thank you for providing another wonderful example of the MCU fandom’s fuckery, and providing a perfect retort to their tired old “Villains are just more interesting.” 

Well, if that were true, why am I not swimming in Mordo love? 

Why is Mordo either ignored within fan spaces, OR completely stripped of his nuance and character traits in order to easily vilify him?

Oh…yeah. That’s right.

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  • White Fangirls: I love when the male lead ends up with the girl next door or his childhood bff
  • *Girl is Black*
  • White Fangirls: um ... the girl next door thing is so cliched.
  • White Fangirls: I love when the male lead pines over the girl and she's oblivious
  • *Girl is Black*
  • White Fangirls: She's so CRUEL. Why doesn't she see he's in love with her? She's a bitch.
  • White Fangirls: I love when they go from partners to lovers. It's my favorite trope.
  • *Girl is Black*
  • White Fangirls: Why can't they just stay friends. Not every relationship is romantic. Ugh!
  • White Fangirls: I love when the female lead is more than just a love interest. I love when she has her own storyline and can kick ass.
  • *Girl is Black*
  • White Fangirls: Why do they focus on her so much? [Other white character] is so much more interesting.
  • White Fangirls: I don't understand why there aren't more strong female leads.
  • Me: *looks at all the strong Black female leads on TV*
  • Me: What about -
  • White Fangirls: There's just no strong, three-dimensional women on TV to root for. Sigh.

i just realized the darkling literally adds ‘alina’ to every goddamn sentence he makes (”i sought morozova’s amplifiers for you, alina”, “what have you come here for, alina”, “i am ancient, alina”, etc. etc.) and that’s just so extra i can’t even fathom it like we get it, you love alina, you love saying alina’s name, alina’s the light of your miserable emo life, alina is so!!!!!! alina alina alina.  black heretic my ass, all i see is a lovesick emo boy who’s the embodiment of the [thousands of pictures spill out from pockets] meme and just can’t w/ him

Can I just say how unbelievably happy I am with all the canon lgbta+ representation in podcasts? Almost every podcast I can think of has at least one lgbta+ person, and they’re main characters.
To all the podcast creaters: thank you. It means so much to me.

Space dad pls don't die
  • Space dad pls don't die
  • Tane
  • Lame Ukulele Songs

I just love Shiro so much I wrote a song about him also I was sad

Why do I care so much
for a fictional character
his anime hair
and his goddamn eyeliner
you’re a freaking drawing
and I don’t know to feel
I just wish that men like you were real

Shiro you’re my hero
I hope you’re doing okay
leading Voltron is stressful
but you still do it every day
I’m sorry Slav is annoying
and the Galra won’t leave you alone

You’re still my number one space dad
and if you die I’ll be so very sad

Space dad
I hope you’re somewhere chillin’
just like that
space dad
drinking space martini
on some nice deserted planet
with a good view of the sky
so when your team comes back for you
they won’t pass you by
they won’t pass you by

space dad please don’t die… 

10 characters I wished were real so I could date them. Part One

10) Age of Youth: Park Jae-Wan: Every single drama I’ve seen Yoon Park in I’ve hated him lol. But this is the first time he has played a decent character for me. I loved him in this. I have no idea what he is saying in this gif.

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8) Healer: Seo Jung-Hoo: I literally picked him because of this scene. He kept cuddling with her and I was like “oh my gawd!” I want one! I honestly like Bong-soo too.

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7) Descendants of the Sun: Yoo Shi- Jin: No list is complete without him lol. He was perfect….just perfect. I fangirled so much watching this drama. Should I apologize or confess? JESUS! That nearly kicked the wind out of me. lol

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6) Uncontrollably Fond: Shin Joon- Young: UGH! I loved this character so freaking much. OMG! That confession scene was AMAZING! He said some pretty amazing things as well. Chiillleeee he honestly could be number one the more I think about it. I mean KIM FUCKING WOO-BIN!

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5) Cheese In the Trap: Baek In-Ho: I didn’t read the web-toon so I can’t share the anger for the show being all about him. However, by the end of it I stopped shipping him with Seol and started shipping him with myself lol.

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