i just love eren a lot

  • wit studio: *animates a flashback scene*
  • the entire snk fandom: yes, eren's mother is dead, we know, she has passed on, she's been gone since episode 1, you love showing this so much, you're showing us her death AGAIN, we KNOW, his mom is dead, she was fucking killed, ok we know, we get it, EREN'S MOTHER IS DEAD. WE GET IT.
SNK Chapter 90 In A Nutshell
  • Soldier: So obviously we shouldn't tell the public about, you know. *Gestures at the basement*
  • Pixis: If we keep secret from the public doesn't that make us as bad as the guys we just overthrew?
  • Historia: Baldy's right. We're going public.
  • -----------------------
  • Newspaper guy: So basically we're the descendants of a minority race who can turn into titans and outside of the walls is a giant military that wants us all dead.
  • Levi: Hit the nail on the head. So how are people taking it?
  • Newspaper guy: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Citizen 1: Well hey this is pretty interesting. It explains a lot.
  • Citizen 2: HA! You expect me to believe this?
  • Citizen 3: The government is spreading lies about an upcoming war so they can put us all in labor camps and fuck our wives while we're away.
  • Newspaper guy: Mixed reception.
  • ------------------
  • Hitch: Sup bitches, heard Marlow died a hero's death.
  • Flock: Yeah he ruled. When Erwin went down, he led the charge that let us take down the beast titan.
  • Flock: But in his dying moments, I'm pretty sure all he felt was regret.
  • Jean: Dude what the fuck.
  • Flock: Hey man I'm just spitting facts.
  • Flock: I still think the commander should've survived, not Armin. You know who else thinks that?
  • Flock: Literally everyone but Eren, Mikasa, and Levi. You know, the fucking assholes who put their emotions above common sense?
  • Eren: I will fight yo-
  • Flock: Oh shut the fuck up, Eren. I get that you're the main character and shit, but more matters than just what YOU feel. You should've given up and sopped pestering Levi, like Mikasa did.
  • Mikasa: *Shame*
  • Jean: We get it Flock, you have a small penis. Just let it go, alright?
  • Flock: Jean, Connie, Sasha, none of you stopped Levi or Eren and Mikasa from fucking us all up the ass. You just stood there like a bunch of people with smaller penises than me.
  • Flock: Come on, I signed up to save humanity. If that's not what you're about, let people know before they join this organization.
  • Armin: ...Yeah, Flock's right. Commander Erwin should've lived.
  • Eren: You don't know that, Armin! Come on, we still know nothing about the world out there! You still haven't seen the ocean, right? There's so much to learn about the world, you can't give up! If we just go beyond the walls-
  • Eren: *Flashback to what happened to Faye when she went beyond the walls*
  • Eren: Fu-
  • ----------------------------
  • *Ceremony where Historia gives out rewards commences*
  • Eren, in his thoughts: I know that our situation is bleak, and if I can change I'd be willing to sacrifice my life. And yet, I can't bring myself to sacrifice Historia.
  • Note: This is a reference to how Eren know that, when he activated the coordinate, he was touching a titanized royal (Dina), so they might be able to activate it by titanizing Historia. But he didn't tell anyone.
  • Eren: *Kisses Historia's hand*
  • --------Memory is awakened in Eren----------
  • *Back when Grisha was confronting Freida, before he ended up killing them all*
  • Grisha: Come on guys just use your powers to kill everyone trying to kill the people I love so the people I love don't have to die.
  • Freida: *Glares at Grisha*
  • ---------------------
  • Narration: Anyways so the guillotines pretty much got rid of all the titans and they retook wall Maria. And there's almost no titans left on the island.
  • Narration: So I guess all the titans are killed. One thing off Eren's bucket list.
  • Narration: SO a lot of months passed and they set off to find the ocean.
  • Survey Corps: *Reaches Ocean*
  • Narrator: Another one off the bucket list. Productive day.
  • Everyone: *FLIPS THE FUCK OUT*
  • Eren: *Somewhat sullen, contemplative*
  • Eren: So... on the other side of that ocean, there's people who are going to try to kill us.
  • Eren: We aren't free yet. Is killing the people who oppose us what it takes to finally be free?
  • Fandom: Dude chill.
  • Fandom: Also who does your hair it's fabulous
  • ------------------
  • Sorry this wasn't as funny. hopefully it's easy to understand, at least.
Dating Reiner Braun Would Include... ❤️

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+ He’s very territorial over you.
+ Frequent piggy back rides around HQ.
+ During training Captain Levi makes sure you can never be paired with Reiner because 1.) He goes way too easy on you. And 2.) He always tries to be lovey dovey with you.
+ He gets jealous quickly.
+ Reiner always likes to touch you, whether it be holding your hand or kissing you.
+ He gives the best hugs because he’s so buff.
+ Him looking intimidating to others but to you he’s a big teddy bear.
+ People wondering how he doesn’t break you because you’re so tiny compared to him.
+ His favorite kind of kiss is any kind of kiss from you. But you often find him kissing your forehead a lot.
+ When you’re upset he usually holds you and tells you to cry it all out.
+ It hurts him seeing you upset.
+ You two usually don’t fight but you do get into petty arguments because of his jealousy.
+ They usually end in kisses because you can’t stay mad at him.
+ Squishing his cheeks together when he’s angry.
+ “Aw, why are you so upset?”
+ “No, don’t do this face thing– and you’re doing the face thing”
+ “you’re just so cute when you’re angry”
+ You guys play fight literally all the time.
+ Reiner is actually really ticklish.
+ He never lets you out of your sight on trips outside the wall.

// Feels ahead. Read at your own risk. //

+ Finding out he was the armored titan completely destroyed you.
+ The worst part about it was you had to find out in the worst possible way – In front of everyone as Reiner and Bertholdt transformed.
+ They took you along with Eren and Ymir.
+ You just remember lots of crying and trying to hurt him with your weak punches to his chest.
+ They didn’t effect him one bit. He just stood there and took it.
+ “Was everything a lie, Reiner?!”
+ Silence.
+ “Answer me, dammit!”
+ “No!”
+ “Y-You lied to me! All those nights we spent together and  I poured my heart out to you! What were you thinking?!”
+ After all the tears and yelling you stood in silence looking at the man you once loved.
+ “You’re a monster…”

why do I continue to hurt myself like this

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so cute indeed!!

there are so many things that I loved, seeing Mikasa dozing off and looking out for Eren, and in the same time Eren noticing how she’s tired and telling her to rest
it’s not out of nowhere, we’ve seen Eren in chapter 51 being the one fussing over her health when she needed that, the wording implies very close attention too
they both look out and care about each other a lot obviously.

I also loved how he told her “I’ll get you a new one”, he didn’t tell her to just throw it away and get herself a new one, while Eren still doesn’t understand the significance of the scarf itself to her, at least he feels that he gave it to her the first time and he should be the one who to give her a new one if she needs.

I mean it’s obvious this scene is a set up to ch50, put at the very first episode to give us a sense that we’ll go full circle, and they’re already kind of hinting to what it’s about

I also loved Eren’s tone when he said that, reminded me of his tone in episode 6 when he gave Mikasa the scarf the first time, a little soft and tsundere-ish (Kaji yuki described it this way)

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What are your favorite ereri moments? ( I'm a manga reader so this includes manga moments too). And don't be afraid to give me a shit ton of moments like I know there are a lot but I am really craving some ereri and would love to see the moments you like best and just cry over how much in love them lmao

Thank you for the ask, I love talking about my OTP.  So, pull up a chair, Anon, because I’m going to ramble a bit. I had this half written out and then this laptop decided to update and I lost it all. I’ve had a tantrum and swore a lot, but I’m going to do it again because I have pictures and everything. These are of course, just my opinions, and some goofy fangirling. 

I’m going to start with the angstiest of EreRi moments. Something some might not consider and EreRi moment, but I do. Chapter 83 and 84.

It’s angsty and sad and makes me just fucking cry, but look at this:

This is after Levi has told Eren he’s going to save Erwin. Notice in the bottom panel how they’ve moved closer, and Levi is sort of pressing his forehead against Eren’s face? And Levi looks solemn. He’s about to do something that he knows is going to hurt Eren. And he doesn’t want to hurt his husband Eren. Fuck, I head-canon so much shit about this whole thing. I’ve written a lot about the aftermath of it, some published, some unpublished. My one-shot, ‘Desperation’ was all about the aftermath of this scenario on the rooftop. I can’t even read these two chapters without crying.

Here Eren doesn’t fight him, and I don’t think it’s because he physically can’t, because they’re both all fucked up at this point. He’s trying to appeal to Levi’s caring side, all the stuff he knows is under that harder quieter exterior. Eren starts telling Levi about something that’s special to him, a dream that has been important to him for years.

Look how sad Levi looks here, especially in the first panel. And he’s listening to Eren, he’s not arguing with him or telling him to shut up. Because what kind of guy is going to tell his lover that he loves more than anything to shut up? Levi’s still looking and being quiet as Eren’s about to be dragged away. Deciding his husband’s Eren’s best friend has to die is fucking rough.

Eren’s crying, Levi looks sad af because bae Eren is crying. 

Onto something less sad…

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I don't know why you you can't just enjoy your own ships and let others enjoy theirs in peace. I guess *most* ewruris just love being shit stirrers :).

Tea time for anon. Prompt: salty mother fucker

“Can you believe this?” Levi says. His feet are propped up on Erwin’s legs, a magazine opened in his lap.

Erwin does nothing else but hum. Levi tends to find a lot of things unbelievable, like houses with more than three bedrooms, life on other planets, and kale. Levi kicks his legs, demands him to answer him, and that’s when Erwin groans out, dropping his e-reader to rest on Levi’s knee. “What’s so unbelievable, darling?”

“This article is asking when I’ll be paired up with Eren in ‘Advancing Titans’.” Levi stares at him, face blank, dead eyes and quite, well, unbelieving.

“What?” Erwin offers him a side glance, and he’ll admit, he can’t believe it either.

“Yeah, listen to this,” he clears his throat, “'The relationship between Levi and Eren is so believable on screen, the fans have been waiting all season to see if the writers will be brave enough to take things a step further.’” His hand tightens around the magazine, glares up at Erwin, then continues reading. “'We ourselves enjoyed the scene where Levi gave Eren a bit of “tough love” in front of everybody in court.’“

“Oh my god.” Erwin mutters. He can’t feign the eye roll on his voice.

“Do these guys understand characterization at all?”

“I suppose not.”

“Oh my god… No! It goes on!”


“'And we are looking forward to the scene next season when Levi offers Eren a handkerchief when he has a bloody–’”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It’s gross…”

“It’s part of being a celebrity, darling.”

“Yeah but…”

Erwin smiles at him, squeezes Levi’s knee and leans over and places a soft kiss on Levi’s lips. “Everything is all right, because at least we’re canon.”

Levi presses his forehead to Erwin’s, nods shallowly as he returns a minute smile. “Yeah.”

Am I the only one who’s really tired of the feminization of Armin?

He’s not girly, just a soft boyish. He literally has an 8 pack lol. Like the fandom stereotype is that Armin is a baby pink cotton candy princess who’s mega gay for Eren, and Eren is just an angry kid who screams a lot, but if you ask me, if anyone is head-over-heels in love its Eren. Not that Armin doesn’t love him back, but Eren has always been the one to make it obvious that he was in love. Gay doesn’t equal feminine. Not all gay couples have one “butch” and one “femme”. Armin doesn’t need to be feminized in order for Eremin to work. Armin may be a bit softer, but they’re both boyish. Not super masculine or super feminine. I’m just really tired of seeing official art of Armin in dresses and bunny suits and shit.

SO. The new Eren and Levi smartpass AU was translated by the lovely @aurieackerman here and I wanted to discuss some important things because holy fukcing shit I have been literally crying about this for the past hour and a half:

  • As Levi goes into the dungeon, he remarks that it’s abandoned and pretty much empty. “However, there was someone of value there.” This immediately tells us that Levi regards Eren as someone who is extremely important. Like in the VN, Levi values Eren not only for his titan powers but also because of his spirit, his monster like strength, and his willpower that allows him to carry on.
  • ““I shouldn’t cause unnecessary distress for the squads that distrust my ‘Titan power’…” This shows us that Levi trusts Eren. Whilst most of the other squads find Eren reckless or untrustworthy, Levi takes the time to go to the castle which held him inside. He could’ve gone elsewhere to take shelter, but he went to see Eren.
  • One small detail I liked was this line - “Eren was still in his rain gear. He looked like a puppy abandoned on the side of the road.” Levi called Eren a puppy. Adorable.
  • Possibly the most important quote is found here: ““For goodness’s sake… He looks like a damn beggar from the Underground City. He’s no longer who he used to be, he’s lost a lot and now he’s just dragging himself to wherever he’s told to go. Guess being called ‘humanity’s hope’ is taking a toll on him.” This is extremely crucial, because it tells us that Levi understands. He gets Eren. He knows that having a burden is hard, and he notices details about him that others may not ever pick up. Levi is worried about Eren, and it is evident that he cares quite a lot about him.
  • “Take off that drenched raincoat and hand it over. I’ll set it to dry by the fire upstairs.” Levi taking care of Eren is just, to be honest, a really sweet thing. 
  • “Eren’s cold, trembling hand didn’t go unnoticed.” As stated before, Levi does know a lot about Eren. He is very attentive and picks up on his behaviour much faster than others would. 
  • “…I can’t let him in the pits of despair like this.” “Petra! Take Oluo and come keep an eye on Eren.” Another example of Levi being caring towards Eren. It is really lovely to see this soft side of him, which perhaps we do not see this often.
  • “Come on, quit moping around. The weather’s depressing enough.”… As he was climbing up the stairs Levi turned around and took in Eren’s slightly more relaxed expression.” A really beautiful end. Levi, using his typical way with words, attempts to cheer Eren up the only way he knows how. He has seen as lot, and experienced many things with Eren, although he would never voice things aloud. Levi took in Eren’s expression. He genuinely looked at Eren, and connected with him. They shared a second of admiration, something I doubt Levi has often due to his entire nature or even the way in which his world works. Levi really grows to understand this person, the one who cannot be pushed down, the one with an unwavering spirit, a boy who simply fascinates Levi, and perhaps draws them closer in this short text. 

I hope to see more instances of Levi’s caring, attentive, calm side. It really made me wonder about how much Levi really does, not only for Eren, but for his squad, for his comrades, his friends.

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Do you ever think Eren will look at Mikasa as something other than a sister and a mother figure? I'm sad about her unrequited feeling and mad how Eren obsessed she is. I mean I hate how devoted her to Eren I mean I really like her and I don't like that her strength is only driven because of Eren. I wanted her to act on her own will, not "if Eren jumps over a bridge, I will follow him" bullshit. She is too good for that. :(

To understand how Eren sees Mikasa I think we should look at why she’s “Eren obsessed”. Her devotion to Eren didn’t start when she realized she had romantic feelings for him, but rather as a child. After her parents were murdered she had no one, which is where Eren comes. She and him murdered the people that killed her parents and after that Mikasa is visibly changed and so are her surroundings as she starts living with the Jaegers. Because she is his accomplice in murder she obviously trusts him a lot, meaning that spending more time with him only strengthens their bond. After that we can see Mikasa doing her very best to protect Eren with the strength she has gained ever since the death of her parents. Eren tends to act impulsively and makes rash decisions which is why she always comes to the rescue, and in my opinion had Eren not been as hot headed and quick to make (bad) decisions Mikasa wouldn’t be as attached as she is, she would still follow him into the Survey Corps and jump in to save him but wouldn’t hang around him 24/7. And yes while Eren is the main factor for her joining the Survey Corps, it’s not because she loves him it’s because he needs her. As I stated earlier he is quick to jump into danger without thinking, and that can result in him dying, something Mikasa wants to prevent. He is the closest thing she has to family left. Also it’s plainly obvious (well not as plainly in the anime as in the manga) that she also cares for others as well, her strength is not only driven by Eren. And she does act on her own will, no one is forcing her to look out for Eren or to save him constantly, she chooses to do so. Also i dont think he sees her as a sister, where most people get that idea is since they lived together for so long he has to think of her as a sister, but just because he doesn’t see her as a love interest doesn’t mean he sees her as a sister. Also about that “If Eren jumps over a bridge, I will follow him” if you saw someone you cared about “jumping off a bridge” aka putting themselves in danger would you try to help them or be like “damnn that’s unfortunate, oh well goodbye”. While she is forcused on Eren a lot, he is not the reason she lives and breathes. Hope this answered your question anon!

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What would the vets/104th think of the movie Big Hero 6? What do you think of it, if you've seen it? I love you sm btw 💜💜

Oh god you’re gonna hate me but I didn’t really like it. Like it was a great idea and all but the execution was just kinda meh to me. It just didn’t get to me, idk. But maybe that’s also because Tumblr praised it as THE movie of all times and I had my hopes up too high. 

Mikasa: Kinda liked it
Reiner: Loved it
Bertholdt: Bought the DVD the day it came out
Annie: Thought it was okay
Eren: Intense identification with Hiro
Jean: Casually enjoyed it
Marco: Thought it was very cute and great
Sasha: Loved it!!!!
Connie: LOVED IT!!!
Historia: Liked it a lot, but wasn’t hyped
Armin: Thought it dealt great with many topics
Ymir: Didn’t like it
Levi: Thinks it’s a good children’s movie
Hanji: Thinks it’s great to encourage kids for science
Erwin: Nice
Nanaba: Cried twelve times
Mike: Really liked it
Moblit: Liked it

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I wish the opening for S3 had something with Eren and Levi in it, like if they just simply stand side by side together or somethin lol

Ohhh I would love that too! And it would make sense because Eren and Levi have a lot of focus on the next arc. Lots of ereri moments are coming!

God it’s just been announced and I already can’t wait, I’m so excited :P

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Top Erejean/Jeanere fics you recommend? :)

There’s so many good ones out there, like it’s actually unbelievable how many amazing works that have been written with these two major dickheads. 

I encourage you to check with the tags and author’s notes to be sure you’re comfortable with the theme. Most of these will probably contain nsfw content at different levels, but I promise you, every single one of these fics took me completely aback. Most of them made me read it all in one go, they made me laugh and really enjoy reading them. The one, consistent trait, they share, is that I’ve read them more than once and I’ve never really forgotten any of them.

None of them are listed in any particular order because I honestly can’t choose between them. 

(1) Candid (One-shot)

This is one of my absolute favorites. The language is so strong and beautiful. It’s laced with humor and the portrayal of the characters - the blowjob - is on point. 

Author’s summary: Jean is a pretentious Instagram photographer who Eren loves to mock, but being the subject of Jean’s art has him rethinking things.

(2) Breathe in. Breathe out. (One-shot)

The language in this one, the word-play, hell the entirety of this work is enough to make the cut. It’s one of those fics where you won’t really understand what happened after you finish it. It needs to sink in for a few hours. Then it dawns upon you. It’s really good.

Author’s summary: Jean indulges in a post-coital cigarette and Eren shares it.

(3) Nothing Alike (One-shot)

Who doesn’t love a nice make-out session? Especially if one is dressed as the other and with tons of swearing?

Author’s summary: Jean and Eren make out while Jean is dressed as Eren.

(4) To The Ocean (One-shot)

Do you need to cry? Would you like to cry? You won’t get through this without. It’s heartbreaking and fucking sad in so many ways. But as horrible as it is, it’s also really well-written and tragically beautiful.

The author’s summary is a bit long, but here’s a hint: Jean carries Eren towards the ocean, but Eren doesn’t have much time left.  

(5) kissing the lipless (One-shot)

Lipless, what? Yeah. This is not a fanfic that’s driven by dialogue. This is driven by the author’s abilty to create a story that contains so little action and yet leaves you out of breath and wanting more. I loved the idea of it and it just really deserves a lot of love.

Author’s summary: Jean keeps Eren company through the tedious process of regrowing his limbs.

(6) you got a black heart (Long one-shot)

This is so, so creative, funny and incredibly sweet! Meet the idiots who are filled to the brim with tension as they work at a horror park. I also love coming back to this because it is worth it every time. 

Author’s summary: Eren is a performer at the Shiganshina Horror Park. Jean is the strung-out costume/makeup artist who hates him. Maybe. Eren’s a little unsure about that last part.

(7) Good morning, asshole (Long one-shot)

This is one of the best au fanfics I’ve ever read. Eren and Jean. Fighting. Arguing. Hating each other. But through a screen? WIth a tumblr? It’s incredibly funny, heart-warming (especially the sequel) and made me bubble with joy every time I read this. 

Author’s summary: Internet personalities Eren Yeager and Jean Kirschtein meet, clash, hate each other, become friends, and fall in love. Fun times are had by all.

(8) on repeat (Multi-chaptered + complete) 

Levi owns a pizzaria. This is one of those build-up fics that makes you so addicted. They hate each other, but there’s always this pull between them, right? You’ll love this one. 

Author’s summary: Eren and Jean are angry pizza delivery boys. They fall in love.

(9) Jean’s Little Problem (Multi-chaptered + complete)

This was recommended to me by Claudia not long ago and honestly this had me hooked from the first chapter. To be fair, it’s not one I would’ve found myself, but I haven’t been able to really let it go yet. 
It’s sweet, fluffy, adorable, and humored me all the way through. Who would’ve thought tiny child Eren and Jean could bring such a tightness in your chest? It deserves so much attention, so please give it a go.

Author’s summary: Jean doesn’t understand why mini Jaeger is so obsessed with him.

(10) Traffic colors (Multi-chaptered + incomplete)

Very, very nsfw. But very, very good and with some of the best sex-scenes I’ve ever read. I know the author of this fic did a lot of research for this one and it’s very clear when you read it. It’s so good and despite the heavy amount of smut, you still get the idea of a plot going on. 

Author’s summary: Jean and Eren start a D/S relationship after being matched up by a mutual friend in the community. However, the line between their friendship and their arrangement begins to blur, rules are broken, and hearts are bound together.

I hope this was okay for you. It’s my top 10 more or less (smut erejean fics are something completely different though ;-) ). Thank you for asking really <3. I’m flattered someone would turn to me for erejean recommendations. 

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At first, i actually disliked Hanji. She, at the time seemed like an annoying character. But when i saw Levihan (and your blog), i started digging deeper to Hanji's character and pay more attention to her. And after a few weeks, my point of view changed dramatically. I love Hanji since!!!!!! _Guess i could say that shipping changed me_ AND it happens a lot -also with Levi- cause i tend to judge the characters on their first appearance. Idk, just thought that i would share my story to you.

Awww… this is so sweet of you. And no! I really like reading someone else’s story a lot on how they discovered the ship! And this is so precious. *sheds a tear* 

Mostly, everyone disliked Hanji at first! (But, no, I LOVE HANJI THE MOMENT I SAW HER ASDFGHJKL) and I have read those things many times now, especially here on Tumblr! and I think they didn’t like Hanji’s attitude towards Eren and its because she totes love Titans!

Originally posted by aishitetsuro

and this doesn’t stop there. She’s also reckless at some point! No! Reckless at EVERYTHING! You can actually refer it on when she was almost eaten by Bean.

Originally posted by dithe-r

And she’s really annoying TBH

Originally posted by museconfused

But, no LeviHan shipper will ever get bored looking and watching this iconic Levihan moment! The Hair Grabbing Scene!

Originally posted by lyricalstep

I wish someone would make a 1 hour edit of this scene. ;-;

And wow, thinking about someone knowing this blog and telling me they shipped LeviHan bcoz of it makes me cry so hard! I can’t! 


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Hi, Do you have any ereri\rireni fic suggestions? or a link to any?

Hello anon! I definitely can recommend you some! Sorry this took a while, I was very busy yesterday.

I went to check the bookmarks on my other browser (I really have to update my new AO3 account already and add all my favorite fics to bookmarks in there, but I always forget to do it, I’m such a mess ;_;) and I’m listing some for you.

You didn’t specify any genre or preferences so there’s a bit of everything in here. All of these are personal favorites of mine, and are very special for me for different reasons, so I hope you like them!

Don’t Speak Against the Sun, by appleapple.
If I had to choose a favorite fic from this author, I probably wouldn’t be able to. Everything they write is spectacular. I’ve always had a preference for canonverse fics, so when I first found their works, it was like christmas came early for me. Still, I’m choosing this story, because it made my chest hurt in all the best ways, and everyone who likes canonverse should read it at least once, you will love it.

Fireside, by twisting_vine_x. [ @twisting-vine-x ]
I always loved this author’s writing style, because it’s the kind that gets you squealing, jumping, covering your face with your hands and making silly sounds at every minimal interaction, and builds anticipation masterfully to the point that gets you trembling with them just as much as holding hands. It has such an effect on me, it’s so embarrassing lol. Fireside is one of my favorites, I love the fact that these two just can’t help falling in love with each other no matter the circumstances, even if they just met and are stuck together in a house in the middle of a snow storm.

A Learned Misbehavior, by sciencefictioness. [ @sciencefictioness ]
One of the best takes at a student/teacher relationship I have ever read. Student/teacher usually isn’t one of my favorite things to read about, I find there’s always something all these kind of stories lack for me, so I don’t really read that many.  But then I found this story and it was like FINALLY, this is exactly what I was looking for all this time. It doesn’t ignore all the complications a relationship like this would have, the struggle in the mind of someone who suddenly feels a strong attraction for someone he shouldn’t, the consequences of acting on their desires. It touches every single thing realistically and that just makes this story even more beautiful, their love more intense, their connection stronger, their commitment even more meaningful. It’s one of my top favorites and I strongly recommend you to read it!

Eight Times the Fun, by ryuusea. [ @ryuusea ]
So, how do you feel about tentacles anon? (´ヮ`) This is definitely one of the best smut fics on this fandom, a must read. It’s very original, hot, and funny (especially the end, oh my god). I do not want to say much more because I don’t want to spoil anything, but trust me, you need to read this asap because it’s amazing!

Leave Your Lover, by SailorHeichou. [ @sailorheichou ]
The way this author uses music, descriptions, and pictures to tell their stories is fantastic. It allows you to get fully immersed in their world, and visualize every single detail, and I love that so much. (I even have a playlist collecting all the songs from their fics and I go back to listen to it sometimes lol). All of their fics are really good but this one has a very special place in my heart. You will daydream about Eren singing for weeks after reading this, trust me!

Lips like Sugar, by TheSpazzBot. [ @fuzzyporcupine ]
I honestly could fill another whole list of faves just with fics from this author (I just can’t help it, I love bottom Levi too much), but I’m choosing this one because it gives me everything I’ve ever wanted, it seriously has every single one of my favorite things I would want to see on a story and combines them together to form my dream fic. Older, rich, and caring sugar daddy Eren, taking care of a younger, inexperienced and adorable Levi, who has a heart of gold, and makes sure that even stray cats get to eat even if he barely can feed himself. And on top of that it’s also so well written, it’s just perfect, I just adore this fic.

Inanimatum Quoddam Sidus, by Miku.
This fic is the one that will make you cry hysterically. It has a major character death warning, but please, trust me and don’t let that discourage you from reading it. I usually avoid sad fics, because I get very emotional very fast. But I gave this story a chance and I am so glad I did. It will break your heart but it will do it so beautifully that you will be fine with it, believe me!

Flight (When None Pursueth), by mongoose_bite. [ @mongoose-bite ]
When days and even weeks since you have read a story have passed, and you still find yourself thinking about it almost everyday, you know it was really good. This happened to me with this story. I read it in one sitting (to be honest I could not stop once I had already started) and I was obsessed with it for weeks. This story touches so many things I wanted to see on a reincarnation fic, especially the repercussions that remembering another life, full of painful memories, could have and how that would affect someone trying to live their new life while dealing with all that.

Fever, by noero. [ @lancefanclub ]
From all the amazing works this author has, I’ve come to dig up the oldest! But I really can’t help it, because I love it a lot and it’s one of my favorites. I have terrible memory, and I’ve read lots of smutty one shots, and I’ve forgotten most of them, but this one caused an impression on me and it comes back to my mind often. What can I say, It’s just really fucking hot. The continuation made it even better so don’t forget checking out that one too!

Eight Months, by elliewritesthings. [ @crying-abt-fictional-people ]
Of course I could not finish this list without mentioning Ellie ♡. Eight Months is such a sweet and heartwarming story. The cutest, most adorable Eren, doing his best to please Levi, loving him so much with such a pure heart. The most gentle Levi, trying to do what’s best for Eren, but wanting him so much at the same time, taking care of him, loving him back with equal intensity. If I ever have a bad day, reading anything by this author always makes me feel better. Her stories are filled with love and happiness, and it definitely reaches you. Please give it a chance I promise you won’t regret it.

Honestly this is only a small part of so many good stories and writers we have on the fandom, we are really lucky we have so much talented people that give us so much. I had to leave many out of this list but the post is already super long and I wanted to keep it at only 10 recs or so. I’ve also added their tumblr urls on the post in case you want to follow them here (except appleapple’s and Miku’s, I don’t know their url or if they have an account here, sorry about that u.u).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these, anon! Also, with this you gave me an excuse to go back and reread most of these fics again, so thank you for that ♡ .

anonymous asked:

And what would you think if Isayama makes Eren have sex with Armin for 45 pages?



That’s a lot of pages.

I would prefer he released that as supplemental material 😂

Ok but real talk, snk doesn’t need sex or romance, even if it was healthy…loving sex between two people who are meant to be.

I would liiiike a really canon eremin moment but it doesn’t need to be 45 pages, lmao, and it doesn’t need to be graphic or really exaggerated.

I just need a squeezed hand.

In a panel.

Maybe Eren and Armin leaning against one another.

Pressing their foreheads together.

Peck on the nose.

That’s all I want.

It’s all I want.

Isayama, I’ve been good, I mean I’ve been discoursing so maybe I’ve been naughty, but I promise I’ll be a better man if you do it. Please.

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I was so excited for SnK s2 and all the jearmin goodness that would come with it, but now that it's turned out it's only going to be a one-cour series instead of the expected 25 episodes, I'm starting to wonder how much of the jearmin material they'll manage to cover. Which jearmin scenes do you think we can safely expect to be adapted within those 12 episodes?

It’s tough, Jearmin got a lot of attention as a ship during the Uprising arc, and Jean is rather absent for the first half of the Clash of the Titans arc as it is. though considering we have already had that added scene between Eren and Mikasa in S2E1, he could have some extra screen-time somewhere.

As for jearmin, as long as they stay faithful to the manga then we can expect this banger of a moment from chapter 50…

I’ll be extremely upset if this scene is removed from the anime. I think it speaks great volumes for both characters, and not just in regards to their relationship to each other. But either way fingers-crossed for lots of lovely Jearmin!!