i just love eren a lot

I love how Mikasa’s opinion of Levi went from I’ll make that shortie pay for what he did to Eren through I’m going to defeat the Female Titan in his stead because it’s my fault he was hurt to We need to trust his leadership. And it may have been a slow build but I find that progression quite beautiful.

On a related note, while it is less noticeable, Levi seems to start relying on Mikasa quite a lot. At the beginning of the Clash of the Titans arc, he explicitly tells her to use her every ability to protect Eren while keeping her head in the game.  Now remember that Levi is the one originally charged with keeping an eye on Eren and in the situation where he was unable to do so, he delegates that duty to Mikasa. In the latest arc, it’s practically shoved in our faces just how closely they work together and how much trust Levi must have in Mikasa’s abilities.

Bottom line: I love RivaMika because of the trust that have developed between the two of them and I hope to see more of it.

Fanart Height Differences (and reality)

Eremin Fanart: Normal difference. For once. 7cm and it actually looks like 7cm.
Eremin Reality: Nothing to complain about. Awesome job there, thanks.

Eruri Fanart: Like … 20m of height difference???
Eruri Reality: Like … 20m of height difference??? Haha, joke. It’s just.. a lot but hey, same goes for you. It actually looks like those 28cm of difference.

Erejean Fanart: Jean is so much taller than Eren. Maybe to show that Eren is totally a bottom here?
Erejean Reality: 5cm guys… Not much. I mean… not that much.

Jeanmarco Fanart: Now Jean is smaller and Marco is like a tower at the airport.
Jeanmarco Reality: Even less of a difference here! 3cm!! Come on guys!!

Jearmin Fanart: Same as with Ereri. Armin looks like a child and Jean has his normal height. But not as extreme as with some Ereri Fanarts.
Jearmin Reality: 12cm are noticable like those 10cm between Eren and Levi but still not that noticable…

Eremika Fanart: I haven’t seen that much but what I’ve seen was veeeery close to perfect.
Eremika Reality: They’re the same height. Sometimes Eren is a little taller but that’s okay. Maybe you guys did the best job here?

Ereri Fanart: Levi looks like a child and Eren has his normal height… What happened there?
Ereri Reality: The difference between them is 10cm. They could totally look each other in the eyes. That’s not so much (a friend is 1,60m and I’m 1,70m so I know what I’m talking about x.x)

I know a lot of fans really love Armin. And I love Armin too, probably more than the next person. But I love Eren Jaeger too? Like just as much?

He’s not as strong as Mikasa. He’s not as brilliant as Armin. He has an ability that was thrust upon him without his consent. Expected to be the hope of humanity - such a responsibility rests on his shoulders. Compared to those in his surroundings, he could be considered average. Nothing spectacular. Nothing to think twice about. So he wonders how anyone can expect so much from someone so… Normal?

Yet, he still doesn’t give up despite the fact that he has no special talents. Despite the fact that he’s not the cream of the crop. He has grit and ambition instead. The push to do something great even though he’s personally not that great.

Even better, he loves and protects his friends with his life. Especially Armin. Eren knows Armin isn’t physically as strong. Does he ridicule him and make him feel like this lesser? No, he compensates with his own body and his own abilities so Armin doesn’t have to. He’s Armin’s designated protector who doesn’t think he’s weak. He’s emotionally keen enough to realize that strength doesn’t have to be physical. Armin is his not as masculine opposite and he still loves him.

I love Eren for unconditionally loving Armin. It further strengthens his character and proves that he can accept those that differ from him.

Now, Eren understands and struggles with the fact that he may not be the most incredible among them but he can still be of use. He can still have a goal. He can still have dreams. He can still be a decent person. Even if he lacks the confidence to do it.

I think that’s just as relateable, if not more than Armin and his struggle.

It’s actually beautiful.

He may not be considered “special” but he doesn’t need to be. No one needs to considered special to be important.

It’s okay to just be okay.

And that’s why I love Eren Jaeger.

5ft-a-bitch  asked:

Yoyoyo so I've been looking for this fic (were i cant remember where i read it) but it's great and basically it features a Bigender levi and basically eren falls in love with both boy levi and girl levi and doesn't realise that they are different Thanks b

Heyheyhey! I am positive this is the fic! It hasn’t been updated since July 2016 though, welp. I’ll delete this in a few days. 

Double Trouble
Summary: Eren’s job at the coffee shop was boring and dull until an interesting customer catches his eye. Make that two interesting customers. And by interesting, he means unbelievably hot. Work just got a lot more entertaining.


To all my fellow snk shippers out there!

Eruri: This was a wild ride, guys. But I believe the most beautiful aspect of our ship has always been it’s mature and realistic side; the inevitable angst, the dynamic of two tired, lonely men finding a little joy in that horrifying world and facing it’s cruelties together. Which they did, until the end. Just because Erwin is dead, doesn’t mean that Levi’s love for him died. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about Erwin in the Manga. And just because they didn’t get a happy end this time, doesn’t mean they can’t be happy later on. Until then, there’s always AUs to dull the pain.

Ereri: Both Levi and Eren are strong people who care deeply about their friends. And while Armin is clearly one of the most important people to Eren, he doesn’t mean as much to Levi as Erwin does. Friendship is a different kind of love that runs just as deep as romantic love and can be just as scarring if it is ripped from someone as suddenly as in this chapter. Just because Levi chose to defend Erwin’s chance to live against Eren, doesn’t mean that every bond those two shared is now gone. Eren would have done the same for Armin, he looked like he was about to. Hell, I’d punch my S/O to save my best friend. Doesn’t mean I’ve all of a sudden stopped feeling anything for them.  We’re fine guys, they just need some time to get over everything. 

Eremin: Congrats. 

Winmin: Same boat as Eruri and a few following ships I’m afraid. But both Erwin and Armin would have readily sacrificed themselves for each other. Armin will continue to look up to his true Commander and I highly doubt that he will be thrilled about Erwin’s sacrifice, but it will surely make him more determined than ever to lead the remaining survey corps to humanity’s victory. Also, there are AUs. 

JeanMarco: Y'all got one-third of your revenge! Congrats (Unless your Bertl fans).

Reibert: He went down fighting like the brave warrior that he is. Reiner is proud of him and I’m quite sure that he’ll tell him that, whether Bertl is around or not. 

Beruani: I know, it’s okay. Annie will know, one day she’ll know.

Springles: They’ll be alright. Connie’s got our girl and she’ll be fine and they’ll get out of there. If we’re lucky maybe we’ll even get a scene of Connie feeding her and tugging her in and taking care of her like she deserves. 

Eruhan: They were with him till the end guys. Hanji will take his place until they get to meet him again. My heart hurts too, look at that sad fondness in her eyes…  Hanji will keep his legacy going, will keep a piece of him wither her even if it only is the bolo tie. 

Rivamike: Keep holding on guys. I am.

Erumike: We did it, guys. We can rest now. Our huge babies are finally at peace and together, drinking pina colada and playing mini golf together with their old mates and their youngest recruits.

Rivarmin: Congrats guys, our smol one saved our slightly taller one!

Levihan: They’re alive! Both! I mean phew, close call. They’ll get through this shit together.

Aruani: New chance, guys! Just you wait until they’re back in the inner walls.

Rivamika: Both hotheaded little shits that will protect their loved ones at all costs. Even from each other. But that’s just natural. Again, it doesn’t mean they’ve lost their connection. Just that they’re even more alike. 

Yumikuri: Patience. 

Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone (which I likely have) feel free to add but please no ship hate, that’s the last thing we need right now.

Cue HSM Music * We’re all in this together *

rossanca  asked:

Gosh, I love so much your work :D I think I'm gonna kidnapp you, so You'll make a lot of ereri fanfic for me *devil laught* Well, just for curiosity, when did start to ship ereri ?

Oh my goodness! Kidnap me? I’m not that good 😂😂 But thank you for your kind words!!! And for reading my works :)

Let’s see. I started shipping Levi and Eren together back when I was in ninth grade I believe. After I had watched the whole entire series twice, I had caught on to their relationship and began doing some intense research on their characters which consisted of me finding Fanart and cosplays. I wasn’t really into reading or writing fanfics until I was in tenth grade. I don’t know what I’d do without this fandom.

Probably get a good night’s sleep 😐

I really wish people would stop immediately jumping from “I love Levi” to “I hate Levi”, like guys seriously this man has been through a hell of a lot and just to see everything and everyone around him disappear again breaks my heart. I honestly don’t understand what people are hating him for anyway? just because he wanted to give the syrum to Erwin instead because Erwin is his closest and dearest friend who he only has left now and not to mention Erwin plays an important role as the Commander of the Survey corps, he will lead them to victory, he plans  to make this happen. Yes I know that Mikasa and Eren are hurting right now because their friend Armin is hurt but guys honestly take it from Levi’s point of view, if your friend was on the verge of death and you had to choose whether to save them or save another you would immediately go to you friend right? because they are the only one who cares for you and that you owe your life to right? I think people should stop jumping to conclusions when a character makes a decision that might effect other people around them. Just seriously remember that Erwin was the one who helped Levi when Isabel and Farlan died, he took him into the survey corps under his supervision and took care of Levi. 

What I don't understand
  • Me: "So.. What ship do you like?"
  • Person: "ERERI!"
  • Me: "Why? I'm not hating but just why Levi?"
  • Person: "Levi kicked Eren in the face!"
  • Me: "That's.. that's why you ship it?"
  • Person: "Yup! Also, Levi gave Eren a tissue when he had a bloody nose, he also yells at him a lot and calls him names! Ahh.. they're so in love!"
  • Me: "And Eremin is a bad ship... why?"
  • Me: "So Eren deserves somebody who calls him names?"
  • Person: "Well duh"
  • Me: "Well okay then.. Just saying Armin and Eren have a deeper bond-"
  • Me "Well damn"

Eren is a selfless, emotional and strong willed protagonist who has gone through a lot of development and has shown multiple signs that he is mentally ill. He reacts to situations he is placed in and the truama he has been through like any normal person would which is something you don’t normally see in media. Yet, he still gets shit for apparently being a ‘sucky protagonist’ in favour of the same dull characters with copy and pasted personalities that you can find in pretty much any book/film/show

and it just makes my head hurt because ???

Eren is such a good character ??? I love him I just lov

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I know you're rewriting NOY but honestly i dont know how you can make it any more perfect than it already is... and there's so many parts of the fic that I'm already in love with, especially the party scene with drunk Ymir calling Mikasa mufasa and sugar tits and eren the papaya fucker. Is there anything in particular you're going to explicitly change in your re-write??

Omg I completely forgot about drunk ymir calling Mikasa mufasa and eren being dubbed the papaya fucker lmao. Good times, good times. And honestly, I’m not looking to change anything too major, just mostly some prose and how certain things went down, since I first wrote the fic at the start of my writing days and I feel like a lot of it could be more concise and to the point. It honestly dragged on and on in some parts and I think perhaps it was because I didn’t understand the concept as much as I do now? Like, sometimes in writing you have to SHOW not TELL, and in parts of the fic I did a little too much telling. My writing style has changed, and I think this is what the fic should have been written like.

i-am-no-man-bitch  asked:

So I finally had time to sit down and read Busker Dus and Donts which has been in my marked for later section since October and it's honestly one of my favorite things I've ever read!!!! I love your writing style, I love how realistically Eren and Levi's relationship develops, and I LOVE ARMIN AND MIKASA SERIOUSLY I SHIP THEM SO HARD AND NO ONE WRITES THEM TOGETHER so yeah I just felt the need to come scream in your Tumblr inbox briefly because everything about it was FUCKING GOOD

:’) thank you friendo!!! buskerdu is a very personal fic about growth and love. and i couldn’t resist adding surprise Mikasa/Armin. everyone writes Armin as either weepy moe crybaby or pure innocent blossom, when i don’t think he’s either (sure he cries a lot but i mean if i lived in the snk-verse i would too). i like showing that there are highs and lows in a relationship, even after that moment when they finally get together. thanks for reading friendo~~~

And this one is from @shippingduck !!! 😍♥♥ (I can’t believe that she got me an Eren’s figure for my birthday—! Istg, I don’t deserve her! 😨✨)

I mean… It still looks like a dream! *keeps making reality checks… just to be sure* 😂

I love him A LOT, and with the 2nd season almost here, I can’t stop being even more anxious about it! aghhhh— I want to see more of Eren! It’s been so long…! 💜

Thanks for everything you have made for me today, Jio. You’re my best friend & the best sister ever! Im going to gift you with something special in your birthday too— just wait for it~! 😉⭐

tbqh, i am frustrated about a lot of things

  • bertolt not getting to tell his side of the story, to demonstrate how he was just a pawn in all of this like everyone else is; how he wouldn’t see annie anymore; how the last he saw of reiner was him almost dying; how he won’t get to have the chance to explain his own fears as a teenage soldier and show that as shifters they are still part human as well
  • marlowe not surviving his first expedition; how he was depicted as someone who was also likely to make a change (if i remember correctly, annie once said he was a lot like eren) yet not getting the chance to; how hitch would not see him among the people who would return home
  • levi who had lived in the dark his whole life, who also got robbed of the people he loved most, is once again fucked by the universe; remember how he went out of line and threatened to temporary cripple erwin, technically his superior, just to ensure his safety; how he had to witness erwin’s plans falling apart and hearing him say he must sacrifice his life and his dreams to ensure even the slightest chance of victory; how he fucking yelled ‘i promised him’ as he rushed into the horde of titans; how he had hesitated in giving the serum until he saw erwin’s body; how he’s made up his mind to save him, only for erwin to refuse to be saved in the end
  • erwin who lived most of his life blaming himself for the death of his father and chasing a dream he would not be able to fucking reach anymore; how he wasn’t able to see his dear friend and comrade mike or whatever was left of him after the attack within the walls; how erwin’s death had been dragged on for too long; how he probably hates himself more than people could actually hate him; how this is how it ends for him, levi’s name being the last words hanging on his lips, the basement close yet out of reach; how he’d die still probably hating himself and thinking he deserves it for all the lives he had sacrificed for the sake of their goal

i swear to god, all of them, even those who weren’t mentioned in this post, they all deserve far better



(okay, she just really surprised him.)


(the world is ending, everyone is dying, and they freaking kiss in the middle of the apocalypse.)


(levi is passionate. petra is passionate. there is a lot of sexual tension and sweet love.)


(omg, he doesn’t even realized what he had just done! and she neither.)


(smiles smiles smiles even when they kiss!)


(historia likes running into ymir’s arms to kiss her.)


(…what? they have to restraint themselves all day!)


(bertholdt had waited his all life for that.)


(i’m sure reiner is about to do something dangerous, and historia is worried or/and angry at him.)


(i’m pretty sure that eren surprised levi, but in the end, it’s good.)

and i think that’s all. i’m sorry if i didn’t do one, i just did the main pairings.

[Fic] 森男 Forest Boy

Rating: M
Tags: Post-Canon, Masturbation, Outdoor Sex, Self-Indulgent Porn, Implied M/M relationship, Eren-centric

Eren loves the outdoors, but he does not quite remember when he developed this habit. There is something wonderful about touching himself out in the open like this that really gets him off.

A/N: This is a post-canonverse story, supposedly after they have defeated all the Titans. Eren is older, somewhere in his twenties. Really, this is just self-indulgent trash with lots of Eren love and appreciation. ;)

Read below or on Ao3

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Just wtf.

“You like SebaCiel/Ereri, so you support pedophilia and child pornography”

Omg, you all are so right. I have lots of children tied up at home to take pictures of them and to sell them. Yay, yummy.

So… if you like Bobobo, you support people who cut others’ hair. Also, you support a guy hitting everyone, even his best friends.

If you like Naruto, you actually like children exploitation because we don’t even care about the era/context. Of course.

If you like Shingeki no Kyojin, you like the previous one, but even worse because they’re sent to DIE. That’s it. That’s the plan. You like seeing teens dying in a horrible way.

If you like Elfen Lied… ok, I don’t even have the need to explain this one. Just. You like killing. Naked. With horns and that stuff. 

If you like Evangelion, you like children being all depressed and with that urge to die and to kill.

If you like Peter Pan, you like children being kidnapped.

If you like Sleeping Beauty, you support rape. That kiss went without consent.


Yeah, I could keep on writing because that’s such a stupid argument. I laughed my ass off because of that. Haters can be funny. Just because I love Ciel with Sebastian, I support pedophilia and child pornography… like… nope. Before, ages, centuries ago, Ciel was considered mature and an adult, that’s just a thing you have to take into account, my precious haters. Then… our parents… our grandparents… Oh. 15 years gap. 20 years gap. And our mothers/grandmothers/whatever were minors, lots of them. 

Secondly… just… what. I don’t have to write anything else to make myself clear and to be right. If Sebastian raped Ciel, well, I would understand your anger. But you’re all bored people. Let shippers live. Hakuna Matata, people.

Also, I still find incredibly horrible that you say to shippers to go die. That’s so fucking… non human.

erminlover21  asked:

Hello i just wanted to thank you since i found snk i have been a lot happier the characters and plot is amazing and as you see by my url i'm a huge eremin fan i love the special bond these two boys have has eren ever cared for a sick armin before?

Yes, he did, together with Mikasa admittedly, but still


like i adore armin, but i’ve always loved that armin and mikasa are like gender inverted?

like normally you get the cool-headed ace character in a shonen…and it’s a guy. 

and you get a sensitive, smart female/love interest…. who is of course female. 

so if Armin is dead…. like, you have a MALE character dying for another male character’s development. 

And although I don’t WANT it, I do appreciate that it wasn’t a female character being fridged. 


I really like that though Mikasa is sort of being sidelined, so is EREN. 

Like Eren’s not this chosen, destined one who’s going to save the world. 

HE’s just the son of the guy who started all this fuckery. 

he just HAPPENED to be the guy who’s got a lot of shit going on for him. 

It’s not because he’s chosen. 

Like every other goddamn male protag and his fawning tsundere female love interest and his super smart, cool-headed ace friend/rival. 


Eren gets kidnapped a lot. 

Not Mikasa. Christa gets kidnapped too, but by TITAN SHIFTERS, and WITH Eren, so it’s definitely not a damsel in distress thing. 

I dig that too. 

In general, Mikasa defying gender roles with her rock hard abs, stoicism, not being kidnapped, and not dying for Eren’s development?

I’m down. 


Can Armin like… not die, please? 

He was a lovely defiance of gender roles too. 


Where Levi goes one night to a famous bar of the town where people do mechanical bull rodeo competitions, and the moment he enters to the bar he sees a piece of hot ass doing a really hard rodeo on the mecanical bull, with booty shorts and boots. His name is Eren and he is really famous in that zone of the city because he never falls out of the bull, no matter how hard they put the control of the bull. Levi just sees that ass bouncing and he can’t wait to go and talk to the grinning cutie (And more if the cutie wants). And then after a lot of talking that night levi whispers on eren’s ear “You wanna try and ride me?”

Idk why I thought about this but I fucking love it I swear. Someone write this pls I’m squealing